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Date of Scene: 15 August 2020
Location: Inner Sanctum
Synopsis: Magneto outlines the true nature of his return to Lorna.
Cast of Characters: Erik Lensherr, Lorna Dane

Erik Lensherr has posed:
The space station has come together astonishingly fast, the raw materials forming and reforming themselves to match complex designs envisioned by the Master of Magnetism's vaulted genius. Much of it is still raw earth and rock rich with minerals that can be extracted and used, though a great city of spires and colorful lights stretches out from within. Down below, the military have already designated it 'Asteroid M' but for Magneto it is his Utopia, his Avalon.

The Inner Sanctum is the most private and secluded place on the station. There are no doors, only a sphere of solid metal that surrounds them in a dome. There is no furniture save what has been formed from the walls and floor, including the dais upon which the unconscious Lorna Dane has been laid.

Nearby, Magneto sits cross-legged and hovering in mid-air. His eyes are closed, his senses stretched out across the electromagnetic field that encompasses the whole of the Earth.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Exhaustion had worn her down until she had dropped in the center of the chunk of floating rock that formed under her and about as soon as the mass had reached orbit. She had gone well past her normal usage of her powers, charging and guiding the energy used to resize the thousands of Genoshans trapped within the six bottles Brainiac had stolen. And then to be used as a power conduit by Magneto? It had been the breaking point.

It took a while for her to stir awake, her head pounding as she slowly sat up with a muffled groan, her hands going to her forehead and massaging the ache there. A grimaced twisted at her lips as she slowly blinked the dryness from her eyes, and slowly came to realize she wasn't where she'd remembered being last. Slowly, her focus adjusted to spot her father floating none too far away, and she pushed herself up from off the raised metal dias.

She didn't speak not yet, not while she tried to orient herself and her connection to the magnetic fields .. that were beneath her.. not over her as they should be. She staggered slightly as she caught herself, cursing under her breath softly as a result.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"You're in orbit," Magneto says without turning, as though reading those very thoughts, "Aboard my mutant utopia. The seat from which we will conquer rather than cower contented with what morsel the fearful and the wretched choose to give."

His legs extend and he slowly sets down upon the floor, turning and taking steps towards the edge of the dais. He seats himself on it, reaching out to try and take his daughter's hand gently.

"Genosha is no more. Those who will fight for my vision are here with us, the others I will send to new lands. I will force the blind and ignorant governments of the world to know our kind. We will no longer be a distant threat and fear. We will become a clear and present danger."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna exhaled a shaky breath, her eyes closing as she found herself in the magnetic fields once more, and found her father's presence like a lodestar to her senses. Her hand closed reflexively around his, even as she bit her lower lip and slowly twisted about to turn her gaze to her father. Her features flickering through a field of emotions, of loss, and sadness. The horrors of the fires that had swept over Genosha were burned in her gaze and in her memory. The haunted look that Magneto himself had likely known in his younger years. She had suffered in the long months of his absence, but just as quickly as it appeared a harder look followed.

She rolled her shoulders back, and made to withdraw her hand. There was steel in her spine now that hadn't been there before. "You have a responsibility to the mutants you left behind. They are //your// people. You have a duty to them. To put them first. I have spent the last several months working to rebuild everything that was destroyed. To lead our people and do what I thought you'd want. And after the lengths I went to see you and everyone restored.. you .... you destroyed it all." Her voice shook at the last part, and she seemed to struggle with her words. Particularly as her hands curled into a reflexive fist on her lap.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"You know that sometimes the old must be swept away to make way for progress," Magneto answers, not moving to keep hold of her hand but his gaze grows a little colder, "My responsibility to my people has not changed. I am charged with defending them from the human oppressor, lifting them up to their rightful place as the dominant form of life on this planet. I am dutybound to consign humanity to the evolutionary past, and I will do it. But your vision is limited."

He rises to his full height, standing incredibly tall - an ominous and imposing presence despite his age. The helmet he wears lifts from his head, revealing his face in full to her for the first time since his return. His silver hair has grown long in his incarceration.

"My people are not Hammer Bay citizens. My people are not Genoshans. Not some scant hundred thousand trembling in camps begging for Wakandan and Latverian scraps. My people are the mutant race. Homo Sapiens Superior. All mutants, across the globe. As long as our attentions are focused solely on Genosha, the vast majority of my people are ignored and discarded. Left to suffer under the yoke of bigotry and persecution. No longer, daughter. No longer."

"A nation can be destroyed," he adds, "You have seen this yourself. We must instead become an idea. A fire of revolution. Imperishable and uncompromising."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna stared upward at her father, noting the way the coldness bloomed through his expression and down throughout his person as he stood and towered over her figure on the metal slab. She felt a shiver crawl up her spine, a brief spike of fear pooled in her stomach and she saw what others did for the briefest of moments.

But she'd spent the past few years learning, and growing at his side... and that too shaped how she saw the man in front of her. At the end of the day he was her father. And his words hurt more than her vague feelings of betrayal. That he'd destroyed and mocked everything she had worked for in the past few months. It hurt.

Which meant she reacted with her own measure of anger, a defensive and poor coping mechanism to cover up her feelings even as tears pooled at the corners of her eyes and her teeth gritted together. She stood, her heart pounding in her ears. "Our people deserve the right to live within this world! You can't ignore the humans that helped us, that reached out to support us in our darkest hours! We are //part// of this world. And what I was building was more than just a camp for the forgotten or the abused! Genosha was going to be more than an isolated island in the middle of the ocean! I was building a kingdom for our people the world over. And you destroyed it without care. You abandoned those people on the island just like you abandon everything in your life!" She was shouting by the end, her own powers wafting out around her as she lashed out with all the hurt and pain that had pooled into her stomach.

She loved her father, and by that right.. his actions and words hurt far more than anyone else could. That he'd abandoned her once long ago.. went unsaid. But the implication hung there.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"O gente umana, per volar su nata," Magneto intones, lifting one hand and casting his eyes upward as he completes the quotation in medieval Italian - the Divine Comedy; Purgatorio, "Perche a poco vento cosi cadi?"

"Those humans who aided you, do you think they did it out of a love for our kind? These are the same humans, I remind you, that allowed the Magistrates to rule Genosha for years. Allowed mutants to be slaves. They are the same humans who preach tolerance while allowing a cretin like Robert Kelly to seek public office. They may seek to soar with us, but when the wind changes? They will sink as low as all the others."

He waves a hand at her, and the not-insignificant threat of his power can be felt momentarily shuddering through the metal armor that she wears.

"Your petulance is unbecoming. I have not abandoned my people. I have begun the crusade which I alone must lead."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna stood there unable to follow her father's Italian.. she was a hopeless American and frankly only knew a smattering of German and Hebrew thanks to his tutoring. Her Yiddish was nonexistent. And what little Latin she'd picked up had been along the journey of her geophysics degree. Her expression twisted as she glared up at him, her teeth gritting together as he spoke. Not that he hadn't spoken truly in regards to the Magistrates.. but he hadn't seen her fling their ships into the ocean either.

The stretch of his powers against her armor earned a sharp inhale of breath and her powers flexed sharply back at him. Green lighting up her hands, but it may as well have been for show. He could feel how tired she was. Could feel her through their shared ties to the magnetic fields below. He could overwhelm her powers at any moment if he chose.

"You leave everyone for your damned war." She bit out. "But I won't. You named me heir, and in your absence I did right by our people. And even if you don't, I still will." Her voice had stopped shouting, lowering to a sharp mutter.

"I had hoped you would be proud of me." She shook her head.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"You do not need my pride, Lorna," Magneto answers, his voice softening and that flex of electromagnetic influence receding back into him, "None of what you do is done out of deference to me. You defend our people because you believe it is the right thing to do. Because you have seen the horrors the humans - these screaming, bloodthirsty apes - inflict upon us. I know you will do right by them. That is why you are named my heir. But you will not do it with Genosha."

"You will be an envoy. You will show the compassionate side of our imperium. You will do the work you have done in my absence, aiding these refugees and finding them new homes. You will show them that while I will go to war to ensure our continued safety, that it will be done out of an abiding love for our species."

A pause, and then he sits down upon the dais again. Once more he reaches for her hand.

"You do not need my pride, Lorna," he repeats, "But you have it, nonetheless. You have kept the candle burning."

Lorna Dane has posed:
He had moved her along like a pawn oh so brilliantly, and it wasn't until he was sitting down across from her and reaching out a hand did she see it. She'd been so very distracted by her feelings, her emotions had stung so brightly that she'd walked right into his plans for her and found she couldn't disagree with him once again. She saw it all stretched out like a line in front of her. If she refused to help the Genoshan people left on the island out of spite, she'd be failing in her own morals that she'd lectured him on. Yet if she didn't? She played right into his hand. Right into the role he held out in offer to her.

She felt her stomach flip and sink, and she swallowed against the dryness in the back of her throat.

Magneto was always in control. Even when being yelled at by his youngest daughter.

And she'd been a fool to forget it.

Her expression twisted with her realizations as she stared at the hand he held out to her. Her lips twisted and she grimaced. "I'm not doing it for your dreams of grandeur." She managed finally, inhaling slowly and exhaling. Her green eyed gaze lifted from his outstretched hand to his of ice blue. She had her mother's eyes, for all that she bore so many of his traits. Her lower lip trembled faintly, as she inched forward and finally closed the distance to take his hand.

She inhaled and exhaled slowly, blinking hard against the moisture that collected there. He was still her father... and for months she'd thought he was dead. And now he wasn't.. and .. at the end of it all she had truly missed him.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"It doesn't matter why you do it," Magneto tells her, running his thumb over her knuckles and giving her hand a light squeeze, "As long as it is done. Life is, after all, not a product of morality."

That said, he raises up to his feet. As he does, the helmet that was floating in the air nearby hovers to place itself nimbly upon his head. The cape he wears continues to flutter despite the air being entirely still.

"When you're ready, you can return. The preparations have already been made."

There is a wave of his hand, and the seamless metal wall parts like a curtain revealing a gleaming hallway.