2942/So No Sleet There I was

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So No Sleet There I was
Date of Scene: 16 August 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Kate gives Sio a peptalk. Terry and Kian give Kate firstaid. Heroics were recounted.
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Terry O'Neil, Siobhan Smythe, Kian

Kate Bishop has posed:
The sound of the roof hanger is pretty unmistakable as it rolls open and then there is the sound of the T-Jet going all VTOL and touching down in the hanger. That was definitely a return flight not a take-off so someone must have taken it out and done something with it, probably more interesting than a beer run too.

Not that the pilot or co-pilot of this particular jaunt north are old enough to buy beer. It is super questionable if they are old enought to take the T-Jet. Though as Vic would probably say, at least someone is using it.

Over the comms, tower broadcast <<This is Hawkeye, can someone who knows how to use the firstaid kit meet me in the Main room.>> there is a bit of silence. <<With the first aid kit..>> which may or may not have needed to be said. She says it anyways.

Honestly the worst part of secret identities is she can't just go to the ER and try to deal with the tabloid rags wondering why the daughter of Drake Bishop needs medical care and looks like she fell down a flight of stairs. To many questions.

"You did great." she repeats to Siobhan on the ride in the elevator to the main room from the hanger deck.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And the one to meet them at the Main Room with the First Aid Kit is... Terry. Human shape. "Oh, man," he says as he hurries to meet the group, "I missed something again? I had to be at the planet for my final revision when I heard of the commotion. But they sent someone else to the area so I couldn't just sneak away..."

He peers at Kate, first aid kit in tow. "You kinda look like hell. Let me guess- I should look at the other guy?" he peers at the group, "Everybody more or less in one piece and victorious, though..."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Stepping out of the jet, Siobhan looks to Kate and shakes her head, "I don't feel like I did great..." She states simply enough as she follows her to the main room, "You're hurt and I...you don't know how close it was." She states simply enough efore looking ahead as she walks with her to the main room.

Siobhan looks tired, a little haggard despite showing no actual damage. It's more like she just ran a marathon.

Kian has posed:
    In the main room, Kían is after his favorite: purple Kool-Ade.  One stop along the way -- to wash the ink off his fingers.  He's a good bird and has been studying.
    He glances up at the ceiling at the sound of the T-Jet coming in.  Good time to not be on the roof, then.
    Some time between opening the fridge and putting the Kool-Ade away again, Terry comes running through, and Kían sets his drink aside and follows.  "Hwat has happened?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate smiles, with a very split lip to Siobhan there. "I'm often hurt and you didn't lose control. You did great. I'm not saying get cocky but we beat the bad things, no one good died, it is one for the win column." pep talk time.

Then she looks to Terry. "Thank the gods.. I need painkillers and for you to tell me if I have a concusion... and if I broke any ribs or just bruised all of them." she keeps moving because if she stops moving she might not start moving again right now. Also yes there is a chance she flew the T-Jet with a concussion, what it has an excellent autopilot.

Regardless the archer slumps down onto one of the couchesand peels off her gloves, sunglasses, quiver, sword in sheath, bow, batons, and starts to open up her armored vest. "We fought ice skeletons, snow snakes, and a giant ice dragon.. it tail slapped me into some bleachers and then the bleachers collapsed... wish you were there Kian." mostly because none of the things were alive so he would have just messed them up with a lot of energy application.

Kate does look like she was slapped by a dragon into some bleachers. Bruises on bruises as she reveals a sports bra under the vest, split lip, goose egg on the back of her head, dilated pupils, and maybe more.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at Terry and then at Kian and Siobhan sighs, "Yes, what she said." She then shifts uncomfortably and just looks down, "Just, make sure she's fine. I'm going to my guest room and...getting some sleep." She looks to Kate briefly before heading for the elevator with a shake of her head.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Hurt people, apparently," Terry answers Kian. This is something the bird can see for himself once they meet up with the group. "Pills coming up," he mutters. setting aside painkillers for Kate and starts following the directions.

"Did you experience any nausa while flying the plane back?" he doesn't add 'what are you doing piloting with a potential concussion?' because it's tacit at this point, as he starts running the equipment to check Kate's nogging. He pays attention to her answers to make sure she is not slurring her speech.

He sniffs rather loudly at one point when Kate wishes for Kian to have been there, "Good to know nobody missed my presence, then. Maybe I'll just take up a full time position at the Planet, then." He's playing up the hurt into almost a pantomime, to distract Kate from the pain while he runs tests, "Siobhan, first get yourself hydrated before going to bed, there's a jug of water over there," he gestures to the kitchen, "Take that. Trust me, you don't want to wake up after physical exertion and feel like a dried out strip of jerky. Been there, groaned that."

Kian has posed:
    Kían sounds scandalized.  "There was a thin' that in-to... in-to... I don' even *know* what blea-chers are!  An' I shoul' be there?"  He shakes his head and sighs.  "Eart' iss weird."
    As it happens, he did learn a little first aid when he trained with Imperial Emergency Services, although he's accustomed to much more advanced equipment than this.  Still, a bandage is a bandage, and he starts to help as best he can.  "I do not know your medicine, what to giff and what not to giff," he says quietly to Terry, opening a bottle and wrinkling his nose at the odor.  "Nnf.  Disin-fector, I thin'..."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Terry is wise." she pauses, that sounds wrong to her but he did just give some excllent advice about the water. "I'll be fine Siobhan.... don't worry." she means it too, keeping up the pep talk energy. At least as long as the worried young woman and probie Titan is in the room.

She groans a little at the hamming it up "I wish you were there too Terry... oh America and Kyle were there but they fought an army of ice skeletons .. snow snakes... and a baba yaga ice house while we dealt with the dragon. Siobhan yelled at it a lot.. it was very effective...." she is a little rambly.

She does hold still for the examination, mostly. At least once her vest is on the pile of gear by her and she can breath a bit easier if still painfully. "Yes I did Doctor Cat... and what did you expect me to do have it fly itself back." she blinks slowly "Actually it mostly did that. The autopilot Vic built into it is faaantastic. I really need to compliment him on that." and no there isn't a lot of slurring going on, so it probably isn't too bad a concusion. She is wheezing a little though.

"Kían I'm not wishing you were there to be harmed I was wishing you were there to melt the ice constructs. They weren't alive just powered by evil magic or something.. Loki and Thor were there... and SHIELD..."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look to the jug and Siobhan smiles a little at Terry and nods. "Sure." She then looks to Kate and listens to her a moment. She looks to Kian last and then considers him a moment before smiling and adding, "Bleachers are..." She then thinks and says a word in Kian's native language to him and gestures, "Close to dat anyway." She then sips the drink and looks to the door before looking back to the others, "I'll see all of you later." She then waves a hand and walks away.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I like her, Kate, do try not to traumatize her until she's fully into the team," Terry quips, keeping Kate engaged with banter as the test continues. He stops for a moment to look at what Kian is holding and nods, "Any cuts and bruises, dab some cotton with it and rub it on the wound."

He hmms, "Ice creatures and Loki? Sounds like you had an encounter with the Jotunn- which is a pity because there is a very effective Wonderland measures against those..."

"It doesn't seem you have a futterwack in your gollynoster, so now we can check and see how those ribs are, okay?"
"Any pain when you breathe in?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían stares at Siobhan, then nods.  "Viewin' space, than-kyou, Sha-vón," he says over his shoulder, working on a couple of Kate's cuts and abrasions with, if not expertise, at least some experience.
    He turns a raised eyebrow at Terry.  "Iss a little late to not be trauma... trauma-tizin' aroun' here."  He applies a bandage to a freshly sanitized contusion -- for as easily spooked as the birdman appears to be, this doesn't seem to bother him.  But, he's seen, and had, worse.  Terry's 'seen' the game Kían liked to play at home; it's really easy to get injured in.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"They all did great. I mean Kyle may need to practice singing ... and I think he is flirting heavily with America. He went full blown musical number from Frozen there when dealing with the ice monsters." she winces as Kían dabs a couple of the cuts but otherwise holds still. "You would have loved the singing Terry."

She takes a deep wheeezy breath "Oh yeah hurts like hell Terry.... though I can't tell if they are all bruised or if any are fractured. It doesn't feel like I punctured a lung though so that is good right?" she is way too talkative for a punctured lung anyhow.

Also where did he set he painkillers, she palms the set aside pills and dry swallows them very efficiently. This is not the girl's first rodeo with after action medic stuff.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"He is hitting on /America/?" Terry raises an eyebrow and looks up at Kian, and then back at Kate, "I've yet to meet him but he sounds like he has the survival instincts of a raccoon in a diamond knife factory. Sounds about right for this team," he quips and proceeds to test the area for tenderness. "Hopefully we're talking about bruises and not fractures," gentle prod, check for reaction, and nods to Kian "Good job with the wounds, Kee."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I swear I need Caitlin or Vic or someone to make like ... medical patces that just slap on and remove bruises and pain. Why do we not have slap patches for this sort of shit Terry..." she blinks a little as she leans back and winces leaning back there. "argh... and no Loki wasn't the villain in this one. The Ice Dragon had Thor as a prisoner and there was something about an evil archmage who did something stupid and lost his body but his soul lingers on. Necromncer or something. Kyle adroitly called it a Lich."

Breeeath in and wince.

"Anyhow ... we freed the apprentice and Thor destroyed the dragon but as improbable as it seems Loki was actually helping us fight the bad ice magic creatures.... and free his brother. Surreal."

She peers down at her half exposed midsection and the angry red going purple. "At least classes haven't started yet."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"If you're still bruised by then, just use the excuse that you got mugged and then a ninja came to your rescue. Say you were in Gotham coming out of the opera. They'll believe you," Terry smirks, "Better yet , say Harley rescued you."

He frowns. "I... am pretty sure it's just bruising, but we could try some of the fancy X-ray things in the 'bay that Vic has rigged. I think they're smart enough to highlight fractures and whatnot. Or you could ask Raven to heal you..."

He pauses. "I mean. Theoretically speaking. She might literally slap you and then take the pain away."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate gives Vorpal a very dry look, then smacks him in the shoulder lightly. "Harley rescued me.. do not make me shove you down the laundry chute Terry." then she groans, she shouldn't have smacked him .. well okay she should have but she probaly shouldn't have for her own well being.

"I do not relish bothering Rae because I got slapped into some high school bleachers by a stupid Ice Magic Dragon I couldn't dodge fast enough Terry.... lets go try the stuff in Vic's lab and then I am going to go soak in the hot tub with like a gallon of water to drink so I don't dehydrate. You get the pleasure of sassing me to make sure I don't go asleep until we are sure the concussion won't hurt me... unless the fancy machines say it is fine."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Kian, see if you can go and pour us some more water. And grab the pitcher of ginger tea- it's anti-inflammatory. Meet us in the lab..." the redhead offers his arms to Kate, just to make sure she doesn't harm herself more as they go in transit. "Alright, let's try the fancy stuff just to make sure. As for the sass... I've been working like a dog for a week to get this draft. I've slept very little, seen Gar even less, and I've missed every interesting thing that's happened around here."

He smirks as he starts guiding Kate towards the lab, a glint in his eye, "You're /so/ not ready for my accumulated sass, KayBee."