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Descent of the Warrior Queen
Date of Scene: 20 August 2020
Location: Downtown - New Troy
Synopsis: Maxima arrives on Earth disrupting traffic and is greeted by a contingent of the World's Finest, also Doom.
Cast of Characters: Maxima, Adam Brashear, Rachel Summers, Victor Von Doom, Artemis, Hal Jordan, Kara Danvers

Maxima has posed:
It is a beautiful summer day in Metropolis. The sun is shining, birds are singing. The sounds of midday traffic permeate the air and pedestrians crowd the sidewalks as the people of this bustling city go about their business.

When up in the sky there is a twinkle of light, like a star appearing in the daytime, only it gets brighter and larger until it seems for a moment like there are two suns.

The energy pod continues hurtling downward until it collides with the middle of the busy street, bursting in a bright flash of light. Several drivers are blinded and the sounds of cars skidding to a halt along with tail gating fender benders can be heard.

When the light clears, there amidst it all is a beautiful statuesque red headed woman, in what appears to be a bikini forged out of green metal, with gold thigh highs and a yellow cape.

Adam Brashear has posed:
Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel, hasn't been seen active in the skies over any city since the 1960's. In truth, he was thought dead after heroically repelling an alien invasion on the edge of the solar system all those long decades ago. The reality of it is less glamorous, but that's a story to share later.

What matters is that he has recently rejoined the cadre of super-beings protecting the Earth. He was condo shopping in New York when a device on his wrist warned him of the unexpected entry into the atmosphere. Shedding his civilian clothes, he streaks across the sky, followed by a billowing cape of white. It felt good to respond again.

Mid-flight, he checks the readings and determines a ground zero in Metropolis. Close-by and lacking any way to coordinate with other heroes, he commits to his course of action. He keeps his speed in check to avoid collateral damage. Though, he arrives on the scene only a few moments after Maxima's flashy entrance.

Grim determination on his features, he quickly scans the various fender benders to make sure no one is hurt then slowly descends to land on asphalt. "Welcome to Earth. Can we help you?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Whereas Rachel is mostly just trying to avoid being lumped in as 'just another mutant'. She's been trying to find a way to help folks that doesn't involve soapboxes or all mutant teams. In an effort to get some fresh air.. or at least air that isn't part of New York, she made her way south on the hyperloop.
    Look, the fact that she can fly pretty stupid fast isn't the point here. She would rather just be... one of the people instead of that flying flaming bird aura girl up there. But she stepped out of the station and then squeaked with surprise and shock as the bright light went off only fifty or so yards ahead of her. She jumped back a half pace too before remembering.. oh yeah. She's basically invulnerable when she wants to be.
    So she keeps up her face-hiding trick psionically and peeks around the doorframe she was sheltering behind before stepping out and beginning to creep (courageously!) closer.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor von Doom was seated in his secret underground lair in New York City, having spend some time recently with his Goddaughter and his old friends with the Fantastic Four. Busy with plotting world domination, he is interrupted by notifications that something was headed to earth. Checking the readings, he scowls, throws a bit of a rage and punches the head in of the nearest Doombot.

Unfortunately his fit of anger has displaced his hood. Reaching up with both hands, he settles it back over his armored hood and then checks his computer. Calculating it's trajectory, he gets an idea of where it's going to land/crash and tipping into the mystical side of the world, he vanishes.

And reappears in the sky above Metropolis, kicking in his jetboots to come to a hover above the strange craft and this red-haired alien.

"More aliens on Doom's planet. RIII-" His voice cuts off as he turns the voice emitter from his armor off to yell into an internal communications device. He crosses his arms as he begins a 'dialogue', but makes no other move.

Artemis has posed:
Unlike many in the city, Artemis is not some long jumper or fast runner or flyer or anything like that. She's just a highly skilled and tough woman. So, she only got here as fast as she did because she was in the area. The sight of so many arriving in one spot was something she really wanted to know what was going on. She doesn't know any of them thus far really. Well, other than Rachel. She sorta knows her. She was more concerned by the gathering than anything else. When she does arrive, others have already spoken. So, instead she walks over to stand next to Rachel and lean over to her.

"Why are you all gathering here?" She asks and looks toward Maxima, then at Adam and finally at Doom. She looks back to Rachel again, "Is this some kind of normal meeting of heroes or something in the city of Metropolis?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern wasn't naturally in the area...he was actually pretty far away. But then his ring detected an alien ship, which the ring identified as 'Almerac.' ...Almerac was not an adjacent space sector. It wasn't even close. Hal tried to contact the Lantern local to Almerac, but his 'call' didn't go through, for whatever reason. Well, guess he's on his own then. At the least, he can hope Almerac recognizes the Lantern symbol when they see one.

So, when the Lantern appears in the sky, glowing green as Lanterns are wont to do.

Fortunately, he's also got a universal translator on his ring, and...even though his ring is attuned to his own space sector, it was rapidly trying to download Almerac customs so he could deal with the incomer appropriately.

"...Welcome to Earth, sector 2814. You're...quite a few space sectors away from home. What can we do for you?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
The moon is a great place to do homework. You can take a deep breath, step outside the force field and listen to lecture notes on your head phones as you bounce around in the low gravity. It does though put her in proximity of being a responsible Kryptonian when the Watchtower detects an incoming vessel which quickly places itself in orbit around Earth.

Kara flies back in to the Watchtower and to the command center, "What's going on?," she asks and looks at the trajectories, "Is that Almeracian? Did it just shoot something at Metropolis? ...I'm on it!" She flies back out the airlock, her hair bouncing in the change to lower gravity, then pushes off the moon and propels herself immensely fast back to Earth. She breaks through stratosphere and flies above the landing site of the alien visitor.

She folds her hands under her chest and looks down at the yellow cape and green top. Then she checks on the people in the car fenders. Some whip lash, but no one in serious pain, though she hears a conversation about insurance and 'making someone pay for this' from one of the cars. Delightful. Hal has made it, she hangs back for now.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima stands there in the middle of the road looking regal, the energy pod that contained her having dispersed, now stopping traffic in both directions. There is an arrogance to her very posture.

Blue Marvel's descent from the sky doesn't particularly seem to surprise her overly, "Perhaps, this planet is in far better condition than I was expecting given it should have come under attack by the one called Brainiac. Can you tell me what has become of him? Or if you've seen a woman who likes like," she gestures to herself, "Me. That would be helpful as well."

A glance is spared to Doom's arrival by mysterious means, before noting the arrival of a Lantern, though her regard for the 'space cop' seems to mirror the wary sentiments many humans on Earth hold for the police. "Perhaps you know the answers to my questions Lantern?" Though her gaze drifts to the Kryptonian as well raising a brow, "Quite the gathering to find on a backwater rimworld."

Adam Brashear has posed:
Adam Brashear raises an eyebrow gazing upwards toward Doom, then over to Kara Danvers as she sips around the various vehicles. He rubs the back of his head, hand finding short black with some gray hair. He murmurs, "Lot more people in the skies these days."

There's a fleeting moment of imposter syndrome. Having been out of the game for so long, he's taken back by Hal Jordan's arrival and proclamation. He commits the sector number to memory. Instead of retreating, he stands tall and proud. These meetings have to happen eventually.

He responds plainly to Maxima, "He was defeated by the heroes of Earth. Would you mind if..." He glances around her to the stalled traffic, "if you and the Lantern take the conversation to what we call the 'Side Walk'?"

Gesturing toward the patch of asphalt that is not the street, he steps away and begins conducting traffic. Lacking the context of the Lantern and other less 'dusty' heroes, he focuses on making himself useful.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom stares at the alien woman as she speaks, his arms crossed, his scowl behind the mask deepening. He flicks back on the external communicator in his armor and asks, "Green Lampman, what does this woman want with Doom's planet?"

Not that he is going to listen to Brashear, but sensing civilians point at him annoys him enough that he lowers himself to the ground with a solid *thunk*. His jetboots deactivating and he assumes an imperious stance by slightly spreading his legs and clasping his hands together behind his back.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Having been basically moving forward slowly, and doing her best to -not- draw attention, Rachel squeaks again when she is spoken to. She whips her eyes about towards Artemis, the eyes going wide before she remembers the woman. "Oh. Hi. Beats me. I was trying to get away from all this by leaving New York for the day." she adds with a shrug.
    But then her senses get... piqued. She inclines her head and closes her eyes. Then she nods her head, "New arrival is in possession of psionic abilities. She radiates pure power. If she proves violent, I might have to tap into the power I'm not fully in control of to lock her down." she tells Artemis.

Artemis has posed:
Listening to the conversation, she hmms as she hears the words about a woman. She glances between Maxima, Hal, and Adam before Victor chimes in. She hmms and looks over at Rachel as she hears her, "New arrival? I will take your words for it. All of these people seem new to me." She nods her head before looking then to the gathered group and hmms, "Psionic power?" Artemis is not familiar with that kind of thing though she has seen it in action. She puts her hands on her hips before saying, "If it comes to that, I'll do what I can."

Hal Jordan has posed:
"Brainiac? ...Yes, he was here. He put a city in a bottle, and a country in a bottle. We've since restored both to their original size. Unfortunately, Brainiac appears to have survived. ...And no, this is not your first visit to earth, your Highness. ...or so it would seem. Did a clone escape or somethin?"

Come to think of it, it is odd she's arriving for the 'first time' twice. The Ring did beep somethin at him about eugenics, way too much eugenics to be healthy, at least from a human point of view.

"Also, he's right, let's converse over here on the sidewalk. I'd rather not interrupt the flow of traffic down here."

He doesn't reply to Doom, mostly because antagonizing Doom about 'his planet' while interacting with an alien visitor is stretching him too thin if thins go south.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl touches down next to Hal and smiles to Maxima, "This is Earth. Not as much of a backwater as you might have been lead to believe." Her eyes scan over Maxima, because she remembers from class that her people would sometimes us Simulacroms instead of themselves when traveling. It becomes obvious to her that she's the real person. This must be important to her. Her ears pick up the conversation about psionic abilities.. oh great, well here's hoping that doesn't become a problem.

Kara offers her hand to Maxima, "I'm Supergirl. Welcome to Earth. The Green Lantern speaks the truth, he and I were both there when Earth's mightiest fought Brainiac and won. His ship crashed to the ocean but later disappeared." The hand shake is a bit of a ploy, to both welcome her but also, in the handshake, to start moving to the side walk. There is an internal twitch at the mention of clones, so much discussion about clones lately.

Kara lifts an eyebrow at Doom's comment of 'his planet' too.. the last time she met him he seemed so reasonable, but she does misjudge people a lot, always assuming the best and then being sadly disappointed time and again.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima gives a small nod of her head to Blue Marvel, "Maxima will allow this." she agrees following him out of the street and over to the area designated 'Sidewalk' "I see, you have established a designated walking area so that these primitive vehicles might pass unimpeded."

She looks between Blue Marvel, the Green Lantern, and Supergirl as she is told Brainiac was defeated, but escaped. "Defeated how? Escaped to where? Maxima would hear the tale of this battle and the warriors who fought it." A nod of acknowledgement is given to Supergirl when she introduces herself, "That insolent pig Brainiac thought to attack the Almeracian Imperial Core System and managed to take a city from the fifth world before he was forcefully repelled. Such an affront against one of the Imperial Worlds at the very heart of the Almeracian Empire cannot go unanswered. I dispatched my Simulacrum to track him across space, which lead to this planet only to have my psychic link to it severed. I would have my Empire's city and there is a high chance that Simulacrum could be malfunctioning and possibly dangerous.

A glance is spared in Rachel's direction, "Be careful girl. Threaten Maxima with Force and you will be answered."

Rachel Summers has posed:
    For those who -can- sense psionic energy, Rachel... who thought that being thirty yards away meant she could mutter safely without being overheard, and yet. . . who has no idea about super-hearing.. there is a surge that has -almost- nothing to do with her... directly. Adrenaline spikes in her.. a mild fear response. And this triggers that entity deep within her. The that is bonded to her, and which draw upon the embodiment of all psionic energy in the universe. Sure, draws on does not mean it -is- all of that energy, or has access to it all. After all, this is a baby, immature Phoenix force. And yet... flames begin to lick from her eyes, and over her hair and shoulders as he begins to manifest in an effort to prepare to defend her.
    But she grits her teeth and then lifts her hands. "I think that if you analyze my words, you will realize that I merely said that perhaps I would have to contain the power if -you- proved violent." she says, speaking up finally as she fights the power back -down-. She does seem bold at least.... as she now strides forward.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor von Doom looks to Supergirl as she speaks, narrows his eyes, then speaks: "I believe if anyone should be calling themselves Superlative-Girl, it would be my Goddaughter." There's the slightest hint of of amusement pouring through his voice at the comment. Still, he does nod to Supergirl, an indication that he has no desire to spar with her and instead focuses on Maxima, who's words cause him to narrow.

He steps forward then. "I am Doctor Victor von Doom, Ruler of the Kingdom of Latveria. You will not harm a human being while Doom is present." He glances towards Rachel, spots what is happening and then gestures towards her. "Doom will assist you should things get violent, but let things play out first."

Artemis has posed:
A look at the woman as she speaks up in such a way and then at Rachel and Artemis hmms. Either a psychic thing or a hearing thing. Either way, this woman obviously has some power. She looks toward Maxima and nods to Doom in agreement, "I'm no member of this country but I will not allow Rachel to be harmed without a fight. You sound like you don't want a fight but if you do..." She tilts her head a little before shrugging and looking over at the others. She then idly crosses her arms and stands behind Rachel. She's something of a big woman. Far more fitting her strength than many of the super powered types that run around.

Hal Jordan has posed:
The Lantern chuckles, "No one being defeated Brainiac. Instead, everyone on Earth came together. Just because this tiny blue and green ball looks primitive doesn't mean it is. There's so many powerful warriors here...enough warriors, in fact, to fight Brainiac and drive him off. Let me tell you, I couldn't have done it alone. Other Lanterns couldn't do it alone either...though plenty of them tried and died as a consequence. It's every type of race and people coming together here that defeated him. Sometimes...variety is more powerful than even the greatest of space empires, because teamwork and options matter."

"If you think about, Brainiac attacked hundreds of planets. The number that survived him? ...You already know that answer."

The Lantern nods, "Simulacrum? Right. We'll put out a search for it...what do you need done with it, exactly, if you're here to pick it up?"

"Also, there's a chance we have your bottled city. We haven't restored all of them yet."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl narrows her eyes a little at Doom's dad joke and then raises her hands up between the people and Maxima, "Whoa whoa no one needs to be talking about fighting. This Maxima has traveled a long way to Earth to find answers about her stolen people. We would do the same. Be the welcoming wonderful humanity I know and love."

She smiles warmly to Rachel who seems.. to be reacting badly to the situation, and her supportive friend Artemis. Then she frowns at Doom, who seems to be also ready for a throw down. That \S/ on her chest carries some weight with it at least thanks to the years of service Superman has put in so far.

"The Green Lantern and I were at the battle against Brainiac. I would be happy to walk you through how we did it, and his final attempts at escape. And it is true, we have liberated many bottle cities. May be part of your journey will be solved quickly. There are also organisations well suited to tracking down your simulacrum Maxima. From the Justice League, to the Avengers, the Titans, even SHIELD and other enforcement agencies. Earth is filled with fascinating and giving people. It would be a shame to disregard them too casually."

Adam Brashear has posed:
Blue Marvel seems relieved when the request to relocate to the sidewalk is honored. He goes through the motions of getting cars unblocked, demonstrates some strength by lifting one overhead and neatly placing it back on the road. There's a moment when a much older couple call out to him, an elderly gentleman leaning out of the window. They exchange some pleasantries, for those with super hearing, the name 'Blue Marvel' is mentioned. Adam grins and shakes the man's hand then guides him back onto the road.

After a few move waves through, traffic is moving calmly through the area again, minus the slow-down and rubber-necking to look at the heroes. He approaches the others once more, resting his hands on his hips. "Well, it sounds you two have ambassador duty handled. When I can steal a moment, I'd love to make some introductions, but obvious the woman's people take precedence."

He offers a warm smile and waits patiently.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima actually smiles Rachel's boldness, "Any who wishes to challenge Maxima may do so, however Maxima is not here to fight or take this planet." She glances in Hal's direction for a moment, "Though the presence of individuals with the strength to repel Brainiac is intriguing."

Doom's introduction earns an appraising look from Maxima, "Are you the ruler of this planet, then? Fear not King Doom, I have not come for War unless it is sought. But you should teach your subjects some... decorum."

Maxima's attention then shifts back to Supergirl and the Lantern again, Supergirl earning a smile for her efforts to defuse things, "Thank you, Supergirl."

Hal and Kara's mention of the bottles certainly piques her interest, "I would examine these bottles to see if my Almeracian City is among them. As for the Simulacrum, it is malfunctioning and should be destroyed."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Yes." Doctor Doom says rather matter-of-factly. "Though many have yet to acknowledge my proper place, even though I wish to clean the air, the water, give them all jobs, provide them with housing and excellent healthcare. The human race is a contentious species, but it is Doom's species, and the human spirit is unbreakable."

He folds his arms together and glances towards Supergirl and Green Lantern. "Please continue to aid her in her quest to find her people. Doom approves of her and her mission." He looks back to Maxima. "You may find me in New York City should you wish to discuss spending further time upon Earth."

He pauses.

"I would stay longer, but Richards is taking too damn long in Words With Friends, and I must get an answer as to why."

He steps forwards and teleports himself away.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern feels compelled to clarify, "Doom is the ruler of one specific area on the planet. The planet is divided up into hundreds of countries, each with its own system of rulership. They range from Monarchies to democracies. The longer you stay on Earth, the more you'll realize variety is king here....if you fly a couple hundred miles in any direction, you're likely to run into something vastly different than this area here."

But more important is the bottled cities. "Certainly. If your city is among those we saved, we will certainly give it back. ...Actually restoring the city to full size is something else again. Earth's scientists have suceeded in making some cities full size again, but the process was more than a little chaotic, and the devices used had a tendency to explode after one use. The process is still being perfected."

Artemis has posed:
"What the green guy said." She gestures over to Hal and then Artemis nods her head, "I am no subject of any man on this world." She nods her head, "And if there's no fight here, then I don't need to be here either." She nods to Rachel once and then looks back to the new arrival, "Good luck in finding what you seek." She then looks at the others gathered and just shakes her head briefly before just heading back the way she came.

Man's world is still strange.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl rolls her eyes at Doom again and folds her arms tighter in annoyance. She listens to Hal's explanation and recognises the look on Maxima's face, one she herself probably wore when Kal explained it to her the first time. "It's a young planet and they are still figuring out who they are. There are numerous civilisations that have disparate historical identities that they cling to. One day they will hopefully unite fully. But for now, each nation experiments with its own concoction of governance and ethics in what I'd call a grand experiment. They also have lots and lots of different written and spoken languages, styles of art, music, fashions, varying levels of technology. It's fascinating."

Adam Brashear has posed:
Blue Marvel stands by the way side and rubs the back of his head once more. He grimaces slightly and shakes his head. He knew getting back into the sway of things wasn't going to be the most natural thing. He'd retired (forcibly disappeared) decades before this new generation of saviors arrived.

He occupies himself by tapping the device on his wrist and making a scan of some of the residual effects of the energy pod landing. An eyebrow raises in curiosity, and the ability to lose himself in a touch of field science serves as a satisfactory balm to the awkwardness of the moment.

Following the conversation enough, he does quip, "That's a very optimistic spin on things. Reality is, most of us are still a bunch of animals who haven't learned to stop competing for resources by blowing each other up. You'd have hoped that the realization of civilizations beyond our own might have brought us together. Nope, not human-kind. Not yet."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima does indeed wear a confused expression at this notion of a planet carved up into smaller competing civilizations with no overarching authority, "How... primitive. Typically the best solution for that is conquest. Either they come together to remain free or unity can be imposed. This world remains far off from even the borders of the Frontier Blood Houses though." she shrugs as if these are just the most casual of assessments.

Maxima gives a grim nod when Hal describes the situation of restoring the cities, "Well, perhaps Almeracian technology can assist with that, first however, my city must be located. Show me to these bottles."