3010/It never hurts to ask.

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It never hurts to ask.
Date of Scene: 20 August 2020
Location: Fantastic Four Inc. - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Vivian Vision stops by Four Freedom Plaza to drop off some scientific data for Valeria Richards. Oh and also invites her to do a little international espionage. What could go wrong?
Cast of Characters: Vivian Vision, Valeria Richards

Vivian Vision has posed:
When the re-sizing of Genosha went somewhat awry there was a promise of an exchange of information. Specifically the scientific kind. And while many would take the time to fire off a quick email and be done with it others, like Vivian Vision, prefer a more personal touch. After all you can never be sure an electronic transfer has gone unnoticed. And if there's one thing Ultrons Grand-daughter was taught growing up it's the value of good data security.

Which is why today she's taking the time to personally courier a hard drive over to Four Freedoms Plaza. Even if that does mean flying all the way from Happy Harbor and still wearing what seems to be a school uniform.

She's taken the time to call ahead though. After all she wouldn't want to trigger any alarms by projecting a holograph within one of the most advanced security systems on Earth. Unfortunately this means her reddish skin, golden eyes and green hair class horribly with the school colours.

Thankfully calling ahead means the automated reception system doesn't struggle too much with the synthezoid teenager. So she arrives sooner rather than later. Knocking, ringing or intercom buzzing as appropriate. "Excuse me I am Vivian Vision here to see Miss Richards," she informs the door solemnly, hard drive in a pocket and a large box under her other arm. "I believe she is expecting me."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria, in a standard Fantastic Four uniform of the Fantastic Blue with the white 4 on her chest is... actually able to open the front door to the living quarters and slip out, though her exit is logged and sent to both of her parents. Grounded is still grounded, but she's still on the grounds, so for SCIENCE she's at least been given a slight pass.

She makes her way out of the 'house' portion and into Fantastic Four, Inc, looking fairly chipper, long blonde hair clipped back out of her face. "Hey," she greets Vivian. "Sorry it took a few, a little bit on lockdown right now." She rolls her eyes, annoyance on her face for a moment. "So, what do we have?" she glances towards the box.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Oh this is unrelated to the matter at hand," Vivian holds the box up. "But as you are friends with my Great Aunt this technically also qualified as 'visiting a family friend'. So I obtained what I hope would be a suitable gift." She holds the box out and frowns. "A variety of scented candles for you and your family." There's an awkward shrug and she adds "However I have no metric to gauge how pleasent they smell to... <new> well...people."

"I also have all of the collected information I have regarding the Genosha incident and carried out formatting to make it as user friendly as possible. Along with the raw data if you prefer to work that way."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Data is great. I'll take both formats-- raw for base calculations, of course, and the parse-able for ease of theorizing." Val looks thrilled. She takes the box and opens it, peering at the contents. They smell... actually really nice. She grins at Viv. "You didn't have to, but thank you! I love them, and I bet Mom will too." She reaches behind the receptionist desk and pulls out a small, cube-shaped device set with a crystal. "We can transfer the data into this, if you'd like."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Oh you may keep the drive if you wish. I buy them in bulk," Vivian offers, her attention shifting to look at the device. "But if you are comfortable with me directly sending it I can do that instead. The transfer will be quicker that way." She doesn't actually wait for a response and just narrow band uploads the data if she can sense an open line. There's a remarkable amount of data but then Viv has also included a near complete holograph recreation of the entire event from her arrival to her departure. Minus some personal chatter which she classified as personal in nature.

"I have to admit I initially had some reservations which led me to delay bringing this over." She glances down at her feet. "Between the cape and your interest in the animalistic mutant from the security detail I was concerned you might be..." She coughs in an imitation of Human awkwardness. A bad influence perhaps? Surely not. "Anyway I hope you will accept my apology. I am glad that my initial impression was wrong.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Hm?" Val tilts her head. "Oh, yes. I looked into that Sabretooth guy. He's... interesting." That word is loaded with tone that indicates so many things, mostly of the 'wow, he's super dangerous and wew' variety. "The cape? Oh, I wear those sometimes, mostly when I'm out with Godfather. They are fun, and honestly I think they make me look more intimidating." She isn't intimidating looking most of the time: slender, and while not short, she doesn't really look like someone who can handle herself in a fight.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision considers this and then shrugs "I am unsure if that is the case," she notes, gesturing at her uniform and flashing a brief but wry grin. "I usually defer to Miss van Dyne when it comes to fashion. And rarely find myself with a need to acquire new outfits due to the costs involved. Besides individuals such as myself have more reason to find your mind intimidating. Like an inversion of Uncanny Valley. The look of a scientist who wants to know how you work."

She imitates an involuntary shudder.

"Speaking of your Godfather and looking into things." A painfully forced segue. "I was wondering if I could request a small favor. There is some information I would like and.." She pauses to look around for obvious security and lowers her voice. Knowing full well it likely won't help. "I hoped he might be willing to send it for me. I wish to learn more about the group which had held my Aunt captive to better prepare for any potential attempts to retaliate. And despite clearly needing the help I doubt that SHIELD will be willing to share it..."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria considers. "I mean, I can contact Godfather easily, sure." She hrms. "But he's usually not willing to part with secretive data so easily unless there's a good reason." As in, a good reason for him. "Do you know which group?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"That's okay," Vivian adds brightly. "That was an eventuality I had prepared for. My understanding is they operate under the name of 'The Red Room'." She might be rolling her eyes at the name but with gold eyes and no pupils it's tricky to tell. "Some are more ephemeral than others however. Such as you personally being upset if your friend was kidnapped or killed. But in terms of concrete value terms it actively benefits him for heroes to spend time and effort cleaning up such a group. Not only are they likely to be working against his country but they act as a destabilizing influence on the world as a whole."

"Which I believe he expressed a claim upon."

She bites her lip. "I know this is probably asking a lot of you and there is no guarantee he will say yes.. But I can't ensure my family remain safe without the relevant data."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val nods, and frowns. "I'll ask him. And if he hesitates, I'll see if I can press him as a personal favor. I'd like them not to get ahold of Nadia again, if nothing else." She laughs a bit at the idea of her Godfather conquering the world-- but it's not exactly clear if she finds it ridiculous or inevitable. "I think he'll probably give me what he has, at least, if I do it that way."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"You can also point out that if they attack her while you are socialising it could place you at personal risk," Vivian adds helpfully. "It would be almost implausably unlikely that spies would fail to know the significance of such an act. But people often act in irrational or foolish ways. So I can't account for behavior of outlier individuals."

"Thank you for agreeing to ask. Strictly speaking I had not.. checked with Nadia or Doctor Pym first to obtain permission regarding this so if we could keep the matter between ourselves. Well I would owe you a bigger favor than I already do."

She nods solemnly.

"Anything I can help with at all. Just.. promise you will not ask to dismantle me."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val cocks her head. "Why would I dismantle you? That would be wasteful." She nods to the secrecy. "I won't say anything. Hopefully I'll be able to find something out... one way or another." Because it's not unlike her to dig into things on her own, with potentially spectacular results.

Spectacular could be good or bad here.

"And if you see Nadia, let her know we should all do something. Well, once I'm off house arrest."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I am used to engineers and scientists wondering how I work," Vivian points out with another shrug. "Although it's always refreshing when one doesn't." She gives the suggestion some consideration. "Perhaps we could go shopping for clothes. I do not believe I have ever gone out dress shopping and I can't imagine Nadia has either."

"Anyway it was nice speaking with you and I shall be sure to pass on the message." She waves, then turns to leave. "I hope that your period of incarceration is only brief."