3026/Matters of Verdant Royalty

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Matters of Verdant Royalty
Date of Scene: 21 August 2020
Location: Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: Lorna and Doom meet to discuss Genosha. Doom promises his assistance.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Lorna Dane

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor had a number of reservations about what role Magneto was going to play in his future plans, but he had obligations of his own to Lorna and the people of Genosha. Upon hearing that she had returned, he had sent out messages to arrange a meeting. Now was the time of that meeting and an invitation had been issued for the Queen of Genosha to come to the Latverian Embassy.

The Embassy has been set up to receive a guest of Lorna's stature. Doombots have been stationed as guards and greeters, with one in particular who has been kitted out in a fancy green suit leading her into a large room where Victor has seated himself at a large table.

"Queen Lorna, please, have a seat. Would you care for some refreshment?" He gestures to a chair opposite of him, his tone pleasant and welcoming.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna had been thankful for the message from Latveria, particularly after her father's choices after his release from Brainiac's bottles. There was yet again a crisis of supplies in Genosha, and while Atlantis had been generous.. there were nearly one hundred thousand people and limited supplies to go around. Mutant powers had helped, true, but nothing would make up for the lack of simple necessities in whole.

She'd donned a green outfit not entirely dissimilar to her X-men uniform, but without the metal plating and with a more loosely fitted blouse of a silky material. The sleeves were slashed out and hung off her shoulders, and she wore a long, draping over-vest of a green so dark it was almost black. That matched her heeled boots that lightly clicked as she walked.

A smile crossed her features as she was escorted into the rather large room where Doom sat, and she took the offered seat with ease. "Tea would be lovely, thank you. And thank you for arranging this meeting. I had hoped to have a chance to sit down and chat."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor gives the fancily-dressed Doombot a nod, and it heads off to go and bring tea for Lorna. He then settles his gaze upon her and nods. "You and I have made arrangements in the past for the betterment of Genosha, and I will reiterate to you here and now that Doom is a man of his word. I still wish to help you and your people in what ways that I can, even though that may create conflict with your father." He shrugs.

The Doombot returns and places a cup of hot tea down in front of Lorna, along with a small tray that has a cup of sugar cubes and a small pitcher of milk. It then retreats to the wall and stands at attention.

Victor leans forward slightly. "So, Queen Lorna, what are -your- plans? As far as I'm concerned you are still the rightful ruler of Genosha as you have not abandoned your people once during this entire crisis."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smiled, even if perhaps it was a bit tense in the corners and edges as she sat, her hands folding carefully on her lap as she waited for the tea. "I am glad to hear it, and I for one, appreciate it. Even if my father does not." She glanced up as the tea was set before her and she helped herself to a spoonful of sugar and with a flick of her wrist, and twirl of her finger stirred the tea using her powers.

"My father has told me he means to attempt an empire. He is not content with ruling Genosha alone. Something everyone in the UN was worried about previously." She sighed heavily, and directed the spoon to be set aside and took hold of the cup to take a sip.

"In his orders he told me to clear out the people of Genosha and find them new homes. I am not interested in seeing my country torn apart because of his desires. Never mind that few places are willing or capable of taking in near one hundred thousand refugees. Much less mutant ones. However, I also realize that not all of them want to struggle with life there. Or face the danger that comes with remaining." She set the cup back down with a soft click.

"There are families of humans and mutants, ones that didn't come from another country, but rather were born and raised in Genosha. Leaving presenting an obstacle for them. Atlantis has offered me full military support, and infrastructure if.. I agree to Genosha becoming a protectorate of their empire.. Which I am not entirely inclined to support either."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom steeples his hands before him and makes a slight sound of displeasure. "In truth, Doom is not entirely unsympathetic to Magneto's feelings on the matter. Ten years ago, well, I could maybe see a few of his points but now? With everything that the Earth has encountered over the past ten years? Mutants and humans should be standing hand-in-hand as Chilldren of Earth." He shrugs and shakes his head.

"I would offer space in Latveria for some mutants, but yes, a hundred thousand is far too many for my nation to take in. I suppose I could take over a neighboring state, but I doubt the UN would view that kindly as well." The last is said in a tone that implies humor but with Doom who can say.

"Ah, Atlantis. I suppose they do have the military capable of defending Genosha." He pauses for a moment and considers options, then he leans forward. "Is your intention to rebuild Genosha into it's own nationstate once again, independent of Magneto's rule and answerable only to yourself?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sighed heavily, and took up her tea cup again to sip at it. She smiled briefly and inclined her head again in Doom's direction. "I would feel grateful if those that seek to leave Genosha went to a place where mutants are not being killed or rounded up in ghettos. Latveria being of the few nations that treat mutants equally." She mused, and at his question regarding her own intents she shifted her grip on the tea cup before lowering it down once more.

"My intentions are bound by my people. If they wish leave I will not stop them. If they wish stay, and rebuild, I must do what I can to support them. But my intentions are to shift power away from myself. I see the damage my father has done to our people and their faith. Such power shouldn't be in the hands of one person. But rather many. I hope to have free elections by the end of the year. And give my people their choice." She grimaced and looked down at the tea in her cup, her lips pursing together.

"But it will go against my father's wishes and his plans. Genosha remains broken right now. And cannot fight off him or those that follow him if he chose to act against us. I am trapped in the unenviable situation between my people and my duty to them and my family."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"A counterpoint, if you will." Doom raises a single hand and gestures towards the windows. "Look at this land. Ruled by three hundred million people." He lowers his hand and stares at Lorna. "And it is very possible that the three hundred million elect an anti-mutant bigot to be their next President." Victor leans forward. "If you intend to help your people, lead them. I hope that you will permit me a moment of brutal honesty with you, Queen Lorna. It is not your lack of leadership, who your father is, or what your father has done that is Genosha's biggest problem right now."

He lets his gaze bore into hers, "No, it is your lack of commitment. There is no situation between your people and your duty to your family. You are Queen. Your sole duty is to your people. I care quite a bit about Valeria Richards, my Goddaughter, but if Latveria was under threat, I would choose Latveria each and every time. As ruler, you must steel yourself for this hard and brutal fact. Your family isn't your blood. You are a mother to a hundred thousand children. And the people are children, Queen Lorna. Even the three hundred million fools in this nation are merely children who cry out for strong leadership every four years."

He stands up and goes to the window. "Give us law and order. Give us a strong military so we can feel safe. Give us jobs. Every election cycle is the same thing. People want safety, and they want economic security. Doom has given Latverians that and more, and I am willing to do that for Genosha, but in return I want you to throw off the shackles of the past and take a firm grip on your future and the future of your people."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna tilted her head as she listened, her eyebrows furrowing together as she watched Doom as he gestured at the windows. She exhaled a breath, but didn't interrupt him as he explained why she should remain as Queen of Genosha. He made a good argument. One that had been made to her before. "I love my father, but if it was between him and Genosha, I would mourn for him first." She said quietly. "But I also do not want to become the tool used to destroy my people if I fall." She looked down at her tea and again slowly picked it up to take a sip.

"I am mortal. And there's no promise of how long I will spend on this Earth. I want Genosha to be able to survive beyond me. A parliament or council must be part of the our system of government. One with which the people can speak. And I see no reason why a monarch cannot work with them. Many countries have proven that system to be sustainable." She exhaled a soft breath.

"I want my people to be safe, but I will not always be there. And there's no promise that any heirs I might have would be as capable. I am thinking beyond my rule, and for Genosha's future too."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"I can empathize with that. I cared for my mother and father, and that's one of several reasons why I conquered Latveria." Doom says with a nod. He moves back over to his seat and sits back down, once again steepling his fingers before him. "I am a human being myself, one born in 1965. Part of being a ruler is recognizing the fact that death is lingering out there in some shape or form. It may take longer to reach for some of us than others, but... heirs are necessary."

"Create a Council or Parliament to offer advice, if you wish, but if you are worried about a time that may be eighty years off, well, you -do- have time to prepare for that. You don't even need to have a child if you don't want to. Find someone capable of maintaining your vision and name them your heir." He shrugs. "As for Genosha itself, again, I will offer whatever assistance you need but there will be few things I think we should agree upon:"

He holds up a finger. "First. An alliance of sorts. If Genosha is attacked, Latveria will offer military support. In exchange, Genosha will remain neutral should Latveria engage in any offensive wars and as far as defensive wars go, well, Doom has no intention of losing to anyone."

A second finger is raised. "Second. A mutal exchange of embassies, a minor thing really."

A third finger is raised. "Third. I would like for you to consider approaching my Goddaughter, Valeria Richards, to be something of an advisor from time to time. She is a very intelligent young woman, but she is still very young and I would like to see her expand her horizons."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna tilted her head in consideration. "I have my siblings as my current heirs, but neither one wishes it very much. My problem remains that while I might live a long time," She waved her hand back and forth, "If you count my father's lifespan... I also spend a great deal of my time fighting battles that could very well mean my death." She grimaced and sighed. "I fully realize the chances of my survival long term aren't exactly good." She picked up her tea again, sipping slowly and thoughtfully.

As she considered Doom's terms for an alliance her lips twitched. "I see no issues with your three requirements. Genosha could hardly afford to get involved in anything beyond our borders. And I have already agreed to an Atlantean embassy. I don't see why Latveria should be counted out on that measure. Granted, we are rebuilding.. again. So it might very well take time." She mused, her lips tugging into a smile as he mentioned his goddaughter. "The young lady that was present for the people being resized? Blonde? I have no issue with welcoming her to Genosha again.. Hopefully under better circumstances.."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Have more confidence in your abilities, Queen Lorna, your abilities are quite powerful in their own right and can help protect and defend Genoshans when need be. As for the rest?" Doom shrugs. "Sometimes knowing when not to fight is as important as actually engaging in the fight." He leans back in his chair and nods at her general acceptance of the terms.

"Excellent, and yes that is her. And do not worry about having to do anything like become a protectorate or some such thing. Our nations will stand side-by-side as the best of what the Earth can do." Tapping his fingers together in slight clinking sounds as armor meets armor he finally asks, "Now then, is there a plan that you would like to get started on for reconstruction? Or are you still in the process of gathering additional resources?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smile slightly as she looked down at her tea cup between her hands and she took another careful sip from the fragile porcelain. "I do find it a struggle sometimes there. If diplomacy is better than acting with force. It's a struggle. I've only been Queen for a few months, and I recognize it to be a hard balance to strike." She mused and set the cup back down.

"As far rebuilding? I can't say for sure. Utilities first I think. The sewers are mostly intact, but we still have to rework all the electrical units. Reinstall new solar panels again. And establish new buildings and water supplies. My father ripped all of that out when he took the refugee camp to space." She pursed her lips together, clearly irritated. "We have moved away from the sea side of Hammer Bay and more inland, and due to the influx of those with stronger mutant powers, we've cleared far more land of rubble and the alike than we had previously. Right now getting those things people need to survive is my priority. Then it will be moving those that wish to leave about, and seeing them off safely. Then we will have to judge what to do." She exhaled a rough breath.

"The X-men have already promised their support against my father if he moves against Genosha. But my worries remain not solely with him. We have Magistrates, and many countries that dislike mutants. I many concerns. A not enough hours in the day to deal with them all."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"So basic infrastructure then." Doom nods. "Very well, I will begin to develop plans for a new power plant that a rebuilt Genosha will need, the plant will use similar green technology that we use in Latveria to keep the air and water clean. This should, hopefully, win you some environmentalist support in your quest to quell some of the anti-mutant sentiment." He places his arms on the rests of his chair. "We can consider that a starting point, Queen Lorna. Once power has been restored, that will help make other jobs easier and help make the land more habitable."

The Doombot along the wall makes a quick series of beeps and Victor looks up from Lorna to nod at the Doombot. "Well, it seems I have a few matters of state of my own to take care of, but if you need anything further, please reach out. Remember, steel yourself. It will not be an easy road forward but if you can muster the will to stay strong, you can."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smiled faintly, finishing off the contents of her tea cup. "We used hydroelectric and geothermal before. Genosha has access to the dormant volcano on the island. It provided energy before. So we can start there. And with some desalination technology we will have plenty of clean water for one. I can have the old plans sent over for what we once used and see where it might support your technology." She offered and set the empty cup down.

As the Doombot approached and Doom spoke of deparing to handle other matters she nodded politely and made to rise. "I know. My reign so far has been anything but 'easy' by most measures." She mused.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor nods, "Very well, I will be glad to look over the plans and make whatever adjustments may be needed, though it seems like working in desalinization plants to go with the power are a priority." He nods and as she rises, he too rises. "Maybe it hasn't been easy, but leading a rebellion all those years ago wasn't easy either. It was worth doing and it needed to be done, and at thirty or forty years from now, you too may look back upon this time and think how difficult it was, but it was all worth it in the end. Take care, Queen Lorna, and I look forward to meeting with you again soon."