3040/Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition

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Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition
Date of Scene: 22 August 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Some of the Titans talk about the implications of a new 'Dove' rejoining them.
Cast of Characters: Caitlin Fairchild, Donna Troy, Siobhan Smythe, Kate Bishop, Kian

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
(mmediately follows Scene #3034) The arrival of Dawn Granger-- the newly minted 'Dove'-- tugs some heartstrings among the Titans. It's a lot to process, given the death of Don Hall during the siege of Doomsday. But the Titans present push through, and when she retires to the guest rooms, it leaves a few people mulling over possibilities.

Caitlin Fairchild had been in the monitor room on duty for the bulk of Dawn's visit; a passing 'hello' was all she got before Dawn left. The redhead almost automatically heads for the kitchen after Dawn leaves. It's not as if she has anything to do in there, because food's been brought already. In fact, when she gets there, the redhead sort of stalls in place when her brain stalls for want of a task that needs doing.

Donna catches her eye, and Caitlin nods jerkily at the Amazon. "I'm fine," she says, once she's sure Dawn's out of earshot. Her eyes aren't quite wet, but she blinks twice and prods the heel of her hand under her eye as if trying to push some emotions away. "Y'all handled that well. Took me a while to get myself together and come down here."

She forces a smile at the others, hugging her stomach with an unconscious expression of defensiveness. "Does anyone need, um..." she casts around. "Coffee, or something?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna looks down at the coffee in her hands, a cup of Raven's special brew. She'd forgotten it was there until Caitlin had brought up the concept of caffeine. "I'm good Cait," she says, before taking a sip. It hasn't cooled down too much, yet.

    Possibly Raven would never forgive her if she'd let it cool down too much. It is very good coffee.

    "I'm not sure I handled it all that well," Donna confesses. "I thought I was... I've said my goodbyes to Don. Having it... having it all come back like that just kind of took me by surprise.

    She looks down into her coffee. "You know honestly... for a moment I thought... I don't know." Donna shakes her head. "That she was mocking us. Or someone set her up for it. Or... something. Just for a fraction of a second I wanted to hit her. But I knew she was telling the truth. She /is/ the new Dove. And a Dove wouldn't do that."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
"My pa used to say, that if you seek out the negative, that's all you'll find." Siobhan states as she stands at the entrance to the kitchen area. She smiles to Caitlin and nods to her, "Coffee sounds good." She then looks back at Donna and tilts her head, "Donna, ye can't let da negative come after ye. I mean, for some of us, doing dat can be damned dangerous." She shrugs and nods her head, "Sometimes ye just gotta accept that tings change, dey bring back bad memories sometimes, and dat sometimes dat isn't anyone's fault."

Siobhan pushes away from the wall and lets out a sigh, "I know it isn't easy. I know better dan most but ye gotta just..." She shrugs, "Accept what can't be changed."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is feeling better, in the relatve sense, after the giant ice dragon tail slapped her across a gynmasium and through a set of bleachers. She is still taking it very easy since she definitely has broken ribs which is at least four more weeks to heal probably. Based on age estimation of the cornacopia of bruises she is at the week point of a two week heal on those.

Honestly they need someone on the team with magical healing powers or nanites or some sort of bullshit to make walking these setbacks off easier.

So yeah no field work, lots of careful yoga and excercise to not put any strain on her ribs, and a distinct dislike of dragons and ice magic.

She comes blearly out of the residential area peering at her phone and typing rapidly like a teenager, wearing a loose oversized Hawthorne Academy t-shirt and a pair of tight black yoga pants, barefoot "Hey all.. what food do I smell?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
It's a mark of how rattled Caitlin is that she actually starts pulling out fixing for coffee before she realizes there's already a pot brewed. Her brain engages into gear and with a mute, exasperated headshake, Caitlin pours Siobhan a cup before getting one for herself. "Hey Kate," Caitlin tells the archer. She pours a cup for Hawkeye also and slides it across the counter.

"I think everyone handled it pretty well," Caitlin tells Donna. "I would have just started crying probably. I don't know what Hank's gonna do. We should probably call him up and break the news to him ourselves."

Caitlin pours a cup for herself and adds some coconut oil, then some sugar and cream. It's a milky brown by the time she's done and she curls her hands around the mug as if trying to warm chilled fingers. She uplifts her chin at Siobhan. "How're you getting settled in?" she asks, politely./

Donna Troy has posed:
    "You think he'd even answer the phone?" Donna replies to Caitlin, one eyebrow arched dubiously. She walks over to where Caitlin stands in the kitchen, gives her arm a squeeze and then hops up to sit on the big oak table with her coffee. "I pretty much did start crying," she confesses. "I wonder... maybe he already knows. The thing between them... him and Do... the first Dove. Who knows. Maybe he felt something. Maybe he already knows and that's why he won't talk to anyone, why he's... you know."

    Donna takes a deeper drink of her coffee, and passes a hand over her face, rubbing her eyes. "Sio... thanks. It's just a little tough. There's a... quite a bit of guilt floating around about how the first Dove died, so it's just a bit hard on us. Kind of a shock to the system having it all come out the way it did. What happened to Dove and Kole, that's what broke this team in the first place. It's taken most of us three years to get our acts together and come back to the tower. None of us would have come back in the first place if we didn't agree with what you're saying. If this was... if Dawn had been introduced to us in a more... if she'd known, then this wouldn't have happened. It's just a shock thing."

    Kate gets a wave of greeting, and Donna looks back down at the table. Most of the food surrounding her is uneaten as things got a bit tense for a while when the meal had only just started. "Tex-Mex," she says. "Heather brought it. Help yourself."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate accepts the coffee from Caitlin with a grateful smile and tucks her phone away so she can get the Tex-Mex offerings that have been brought upon the Titans. She is listening very closely as she dishes up food now, definitely interested in trying Taco Tuesday on a Friday as it were.

"I feel like I just missed something. I know about .. what happend to Dove.. I know who Kole is.. I do not know who Heather is or why everyone feels likee they are about to just.. cry again I guess?" she looks to Donna and then back to Caitlin. "What happened tonight?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin follows Donna back to the table and sits next to her so she can borrow Donna's shoulder to lean against for a few moments. "Heather?" Caitlin repeats at Kate. "You know. Tall blonde, pretty? Calls herself Knockout?" She gestures vaguely with one hand.

It's a safer topic than Dawn, but that only buys Caitlin a few moments. "Kate, it's... the first Dove, he was a friend of ours. Don Hall," she explains. "He got, um..." She swallows. "Killed. By Doomsday. Being 'Dove' is a job. This new girl, Dawn, she's the new Dove. I guess," she amends. "Rae probably understands it better than me. But it just brought a bunch of... old feelings up when she arrived. It's not her fault. She seems nice," Caitlin volunteers helpfully. "We're just kinda struggling with the weight that name carries."

She blinks, then laughs with a dry amusement. "Hah. I just realized even their names are the same. Dawn, and Don. How about that?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna snorts slightly at the Dawn/Don comment. "Yeah, you're right, pretty similar. Maybe it's a qualification," she says. "Probably lucky it didn't happen to me then, 'cos that could have been awkward. Still, it's probably different enough. I don't think anyone's likely to mistake Dawn for me."

    Not that there was much chance of anyone mistaking Don for Donna either, although the similarity of their names had caused occasional confusion in the past. Especially when anyone attempted to shorten Donna's name, or call either of them 'Donnie'.

    "Dove and Kole... losing them is why we broke apart, Kate." Donna sips her coffee, and browses idly through the remains of the food to find something to nibble on. "They're the reason us older Titans get a bit - ah well, I'll be honest. Get a bit oversensitive about the dangers that we're all facing as Titans. It hit the whole team really hard. You got to see the consequences of all that, Kate. We hadn't really worked through those issues fully even by the time Gar started pulling us back to the tower. Heather stopped a robbery with this new Dove's help, and brought her to the tower. She didn't know that we'd known her... the first Dove. It was a bit of a shock to the system, is all."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate stops getting food sorted out and rubs her face with her hands. "That Heather.. god damnit all..." she titls her head back cracking her neck. "Sorry little foggy with the pain meds I think..." she sounds frustrated. Then she picks up the plate and settles in with it at the table and then just sighs.

"I... right I know what happened with Doomsday and ... right." she peers for a long moment. I had no idea that being Dove or Hawk was like a job. Is that like Green Lantern or Thor" she pauses not trying to make light. "Sorry not sure Thor is even a job. I.. didn't know." she frowns and then pokes at a quesadilla she snagged. "Is.. yeah I can totally see how that would be shocking. Did you guys all know it was a job and there was a new Dove out there?" she finally picks it up to take a bite. "Is it bad she is here... is she nice?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"No she seems really nice," Caitlin assures Kate, hastily. "I don't-- she didn't know what the situation was. It was three years ago. A lottas people got hurt or killed during the Doomsday attack. She couldn't have known," she repeats, and nods at Donna supportively.

"I don't really know how the mantle of Dove works. I know Hank hasn't wanted to put his boots on since Don died. It hurt him worst of all of us, losing his brother. I don't know if he's ready to come back. If he ever will be," she clarifies. "But Dawn's here, now, and if the powers-that-be think she's worthy to succeed Don, then..." She takes a breath. "Then we should support her."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "First it even occurred to me it would be a job was when Dawn described what she could do," Donna says. "Hawk and Dove have it easy in the costume stakes. Had. They transformed when they said their names, became their alter egos. Dawn was telling us a little about herself, and she said... what she said made it kinda clear. The date it happened, too. The same day he died."

    Donna sighs, downs the rest of her coffee and follows Kate's lead in grabbing herself a quesedilla. She glances at Caitlin a little sadly, and shakes her head. "I kind of wish she didn't seem so nice. I feel like... that was Don's thing. It's just... nobody can replace Don. She shouldn't... she can't be him. But she can... well. Maybe being nice is a requirement for being Dove. That kinda makes sense, to be honest."

    Donna's lost in a reverie for a few moments, then gives a short, gently laugh. "I wonder how like Don her attitudes to fighting will be. Kian may have a new friend there. Don was... well, he didn't mind fighting when he really had to, but he'd generally take a few good punches to the face before he finally gave in and punched back."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate studies Caitlin and her reaction there then nods. She takes another bite of the cheesy delicious food. She pivots to look at Donna now. "I admit I haven't looked back at a lot of the old footage or training or anything with them. I didn't think I would need to study that much onto it. I don't know much about them or their powers. I will need to rectify that though."

She reaches for her coffee. "So was Dove a pacifist.. like litterally Hawk and Dove then... more than just a name?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin looks at Donna and exchanges a smile when Kate asks her question. "They had kind of a double act thing going," Caitlin says, and nods agreement with Kate's question. "I never got a straight answer if it was 'cause of their powers or they got their powers because of it. Hank was pretty hotheaded, tended to crack skulls first and ask questions after. Don always wanted to find a diplomatic solution. Talk things through. He could clean Hank's clock nine times out of ten when you got him to the point where he was *ready* to fight," she clarifies. "But he hated violence."

Kian has posed:
    "I haf a new frien'?" Kían asks, touching down gently.  He had absented himself from the more problematic part of the conversation; he would have only been a distraction. He was still only partly aware of the history of the team, and he avoided the memorial off of the main conference room on general principles.  He found it depressing.  But he had gathered that the newcomer presented... difficulties... for his teammates who had been around then.
    More purple Kool-Ade.  Earth is weird, but at least there's that.
    He leans on a counter, slowly flexing and folding his wings.  "Las' time I was tol' there was someone who coul' be my frien', they were talkin' about Gar.  An' that was a good thin' an' they were right.  So maybe you will be right too."

Donna Troy has posed:
"They were meant to balance each other out I guess," Donna says. "It really was more than just names. Hawk was angry. Dove was... I dunno. Nothing seemed to bother him. He was always so calm. Hawk used to... he had a temper. When he got mad at something, Dove... Don was the only one who could get him to calm down."

    "He wasn't exactly a pacifist. Not to the degree Kian is. But he always looked for a peaceful solution, and he was really /good/ at it. People listened to him. I don't know how much of that was Don, and how much of that was Dove. I hope this new one can... if she can be half the hero Don was..."

    Donna sighs slowly and shakes her head again. She looks up to Kian with a soft smile, and gives him a shrug. "It's just an expression. I mean that if this new... if Dawn is anything like the previous Dove, you and she will have that in common. Hating violence."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Well it is an expression but also maybe true. May be a really good new friend Birdy Buddy." Kate is curious about how this new Dove will fit in, especially when it shakes up the older Titan's so much. It is probably mostly a system shock. but some things may linger to make things a touch ackward after all.

"They sound really cool. I hope this new Dawn... aka Dove not Don the Hawk... is half as cool." she smiles and then eats one of the tacos she snagged. She is taking even eating pretty slow at this point. Shouting or laughing are right out. At least the topic is a bit fraught... odd thing to be thankful for. Silver linings?

Kian has posed:
    Kían returns the smile.  "Iss no reason she can not be my frien' any-way," he says, then adds with a bit of a smirk, "Even if she iss usin' a bird name with-out hafin' win's like mine."  He shakes his head.  "Eart' iss weird."