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Ethics In Superheroing
Date of Scene: 22 August 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Advice is precious. Advice is valuable. And sometimes Bruce Monkeywrench breaks you.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kian, Donna Troy, Gar Logan, Heather Danielson

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It's a sunny Saturday, and as it would be expected the Main Room is seeing very little use today- a good number of people preferring to take in the sunlight and wekened activities, to glory in the remainder of the summer before it's gone. On-duty Titans are, of course, splitting their time between Monitor Duty and other things.

Terry is currently idle, but in a decidedly troubled mood.

He glances out at the cityscape from the glass wall occupying the northern wall, hands clasped behind his back. To any observer, he could be mistaken for one more decoration in the room, as he remains decidedly motionless in body, while his mind moves from point to point, considering all and unable to decide on anything.

Kian has posed:
    "It iss a nice view from here.  Almos' as good as from the roof."  There is the gentle fluttering of large wings.  "Nnh.  Sor-ry.  Hyu haf ask me not to sneak up on hyu, and I haf forgot hyu can not sense me."  Kían, of course.
    The birdman walks up to the window as well, looking more up into the sky than out at the city.  "Hyu are quiet.  Hyu are not of-ten quiet.  It iss still awk-war' for me to not know--"  He taps his temple.  "--if that is a good quiet or a bad quiet."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Nothing really beats the roof," Donna's voice calls out across the main room as she descends the staircase from the dorm corridor. "But there's something different about seeing it from inside. It wouldn't be the same without such large windows, in some ways the world outside seems somehow /bigger/ when you see it from inside a closed space."

    Donna crosses over to the kitchen area and opens the fridge, peering inside. "My money is on bad quiet. Terry does not normally do quiet. In this instance I would consider using the word 'brooding'. " She pulls out a bottle of beer and some purple kool-aid for Kian. "Something to drink, Terry? And would you like to talk about it?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry jumps, but only a little, upon hearing the voice of Kian over his shoulder. He relaxes as the winged man comes up to the window, hands unclench. If he had been in feline shape, he probably /would/ have jumped. Gar has had way too much fun with the inherent jumpiness of cats, so much so that it prompted Terry to say a few choice quips about cucumbers and that was that.

"It's a nice view, the roof's too sunny right now..." Terry answers quietly. He then points to an arm, "On this planet, people with very pale skin and red hair like me are hurt by too much sunlight. My people came from places where the sun doesn't shine /that/ much. Of course, if you believe some of the folklore, it's because my people's ancestors, the Milesians, drove the Tuatha de Dannan- the gods of the land- underground, and in vengeance we were cursed to shun the sun like those we drove underground. But it's just myth..." he pauses, as Donna, LITERALLY A WOMAN OUT OF MYTH, steps into the Main Room, so he adds "... unverified myth."

He glances at Donna, and then at Kian. His brief useless factoid explosion aside, he can't deny that he is unusually quiet. "If you've got a soda, I'll have it. I guess brooding is a word..." he shrugs, "I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm being torn in different directions and have absolutely no idea what to do..."

He waits for a second before he says ,"I told Lois."

Kian has posed:
    Coppery-skinned Kían registers 'too sunny' as words he knows, but that don't make sense put together that way.  Instead, he says, "All myth iss un-veri-fied.  If it was verified, it woul' be his-tory, yis?"
    He greets Donna with a smile and a nod, and actually waves off the Koo-=Ade, pointing at the beer.  "That smells like /páva/; I woul' rather haf that, please."
    And then Kían asks one of those questions that only Kían can ask: "Who... or hwat?... iss 'Ló-iss'?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    A soda. That's unhelpfully generic. Still, if Kian wants a beer, that makes it easy. She pulls a second beer out and walks back from the kitchen area, handing Terry the kool-ade. It's aprospos. He's been drinking it already. She holds out one of the beers to Kian, then with a second thought withdraws it, yanks the cap off, and then hands it to him. Her own bottle gets the same treatment, and she sits down comfortably on the sofa with it.

    "Told her who you are beyond being Terry, you mean?" Donna asks. "Because of the article you have been working on for months? Ah. Journalistic ethics. And who's name is going on the article?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Lois is my boss, Kian." Terry answers the bird man with a slight smile, "You know I am a... I write reports about the important things that happen. We call it journalism. And Lois is one of the best there is, she's won the most prestigious award for the quality of her reporting, and her investigations. When I landed the position as her intern, I was over the moon..." he waves his hands "It was before all of this happened to me. I was ordinary. No powers. I was an observer, not /involved/."

He looks at Donna, and nods as she launche sher guess. "Well... dating Gar means I have to disclose that relationship. I've shown you guys what I've written, no more and no less than you're comfortable revealing... but I had a meeting with Lois and Clark and it was determined it was imperative that I disclose my relationship to Gar, as I'm writing about him. When I started all of this we weren't dating. I didn't think he /would/ date me."

He sighs and then plops himself down on the couch. "So ... I talked to Gar, and he naturally is uncomfortable outing himself to the world in the article and not under his own terms. So we're thinking about that... and then of course there's the other problem. The fact that I /wasn't/ a Cheshire Cat when I started reporting..."

Gar Logan has posed:
Speak his name, and he shall arrive.

Clad in his costume with a towel draped over his shoulders and a large bottle of water in hand, Beast Boy enters and stops such that, at least to one person in here who is now seated, a bright light illuminates him and the beads of sweat along his brow, the perfect chaos of his hair, and..well, he just happened to halt with one of the overhead lights just beyond his head. He's no angel, that's for sure.

"Yo, dudes. My ears were burning. Sudden chat group? We figuring out what to do for dinner?" He arches a brow toward Donna, Kian, and finally Terry. "S'up."

Kian has posed:
    Kían sips his beer, finds it good, and takes another sip.  "Not as sweet or as... nnh.  Power-ful?  But iss good.  Almos' /páva/," he remarks.
    He perches on the end of the couch, and regards Terry with a tilt of the head, unpacking the unfamiliar personal problems as best he can.  "Iss.. hyu are now part of his-tory, not jus' writin' it down, that iss part of prob-lem?  I do not know what outin' iss, and I do not under-stan' what dif-ference it makes that hyu two are /tenár'yw/, if hwat hyu write iss true."
    He looks up at the new voice, and raises his bottle in greeting.  "/Kié/, Gar.  Iss jus' talkin' about hyu."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Hmm. Sounds like two overlapping issues to me," Donna says. She looks thoughtfully at Terry, sipping her beer. . I mean suppose you weren't a journalist, you weren't writing this article. The thing with Gar? You'd have to...

    That's it. Terry had said Gar's name twice, and she just said it again. Say his name three times and he will appear. She gestures a greeting to him with her bottle. "Hey Gar. Singed tips, at the very least. Terry was brooding about journalistic ethics."

    "He's telling the story, but he's also /part/ of the story, Kian." Her eyes go back to Terry, and she grins in amusement, recally the first time she had met him, when he'd been playing the over-eager junior reporter, fiercely protective of his big scoop. "So his readers need to be told that he is not an unbiased reporter. Need to be made aware that he might be making things sound better than they are. And he's not sure how to do that without revealing his relationship with Gar, which... which is actually a wholly different question if you think about it."

    Donna tilts her head thoughtfully. "Terry, Gar... forget the story for the moment. Imagine Terry's not a journalist and this wouldn't be an issue. Who exactly would Gar be dating? Because the Titans are not exactly low-profile. Terry, if you intend on keeping a secret identity, that would mean not being seen to be too close to Gar in one form or the other, right? Maybe you need to resolve that before you can figure out the answer to this."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Heeey," Terry smiles when he sees Gar, and wilts a little, "Yeah... I've been ..." and Donna thankfully serves as exposition so he doesn't have to explain twice. He gestures to the Amazon with a 'what she said' expression.

"It's more than that, though, but that's a good start. See... I'm supposed to be reporting on the truth. And I'm supposed to try to be unbiased, right? But look at me. I go out with you guys, and now I'm fighting alongside you. So... with every article I write upon that features superheroes, am I not being a gigantic, big fat liar? Like... I dunno, an art critic who also happens to own a gallery, but he keeps his ownership of it on the down low. Suppose he writes an article about an artist that is being shown at his gallery- even if it's a good artist, doesn't that still create a conflict of interest? Like, how can I somehow say it's ok for me but not someboy else?"

He exhales, "Lois told me she's not going to reveal my secret. She didn't even look surprised. But she said that I've got to choose between two options. One is to keep the article as it is, with the disclosure, and publish as Terry and keep mum... but ... you know what I'm thinking about that. The other one is to go full disclosure. But then she said I'd probably not be allowed to stay at the Planet because it's too much risk for the office. So either I'm a big fat liar that conceals half the truth, or be honest and get booted."

He leans back on his seat and exhales, "I'm starting to wish this hadn't happened to me."

He pauses, and quickly looks at Gar, "The Cattening. Not you. Never you."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Oh. Right. That," Gar says, suddenly standing before them as an elephant. In the room, naturally. "We, uh, talked about this, because I hadn't really let anyone know we were a thing except for what you guys might have figured out, and people would start wondering if they saw me hanging out with both Terry /and/ Vorpal, so..."

He makes a human-like gesture to spread his arms, or at least try to in lifting his front legs before they thud back to the floor and he drops the look, returning to normal. His normal. Good thing it's a big room.

"I really didn't want the world to find out through a story that I was dating him, but I kind of haven't figured out how I want to announce it. I didn't think I'd have to, and when we talked about it Terry decided he needed to let Lois know the truth because it might change the story more," he adds, now looking over Terry's way with a brow uplifted. "I'm not gonna lie. There's a conflict of interest there if you're writing about all this but you're also a part of it and you don't let people know the truth. And I'm not trying to make anyone give away a secret identity, but it's totally normal for someone covering us to fall in love with me because I'm just that cute, and you know I'd like you with or without your kitty side, even if I like you even more because of it, and...are you drinking beer, Kian?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían listens, but these aren't 'First World Problems', these are 'Other World Problems'.  "I do not see the prob-lem, if hwat hyu write iss true," the birdman says.  "Is that not the goal, to documen' correc'ly?"
    He takes another swig of his beer.  "Wishin' hyu did not haf hyu powers, /c'Rhys'yw/, I under-stan' that.  But I tol' hyu before, iss good hyu haf them.  Iss easier for hyu to be aroun' here, an' iss safer because it gets very very weird aroun' here and hyu can protec' hyuself."
    He grins.  "Or out-weird hwatever iss hap-penin'."
    He glances at Gar.  "Bir, is that hwat this is called?"  He takes another sip.  "Yis, I am."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "When I came to America," Donna begins, leaning forwards and holding her beer between both hands. "I was told I needed two names. Having only one name would raise questions. So I had to have a secret identity. But really I had two. When I reached the mainland I was met by one of our agents. An Italian woman. She called me 'lady Troia.' In Italian, that's 'donna Troia.' So I adopted that as my identity in America. Donna Troy."

    She smirks a little. "That caused a little confusion at first, when I was living with my sister who was going by 'Diana Prince'. But 'Troia Prince' would have sounded strange. Anyway. When the other Titans told me that they had secret identities... superhero names... it was obvious what mine would be. Troia. My actual name. So my codename was secretly my actual name, and my secret identity was secretly my code name." She smiles and leans back again, gesturing towards Terry with her bottle. "You don't need to have only one secret identity. Perhaps Terry O'Neil should write the article in collaboration with Vorpal. That way the source of the information is clear, and you are announcing the authorial interest"

    Donna gives Gar a little nod. "That doesn't really resolve the issue of who you're dating, though. If someone's going to have a secret identity, they pretty much have to keep that secret /all/ the time. Maybe the pair of you should just follow Kian's lead and drink until the problem goes away." Sip. "Please don't do that."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry stares at Donna for a few seconds, mapping out the name shenanigans. "I know you're from the land Ancient Greece and all, but did you really need to make a Gordian knot out of your name?" he smiles a little. He hmms and passes the Kool-Aide from one hand to the other. He still hasn't sipped it yet.

"The question is one of integrity, Kian. It means that by not disclosing an important element in this, I am setting myself up for having the truthfulness and reliability of everything I ever wrote be brought into question if my secret identity is ever discovered. And it'd be a pretty big scandal for the Planet, as well..." he trails off.

"You know... that's not a bad suggestion, I am telling the truth, just not specifying exactly what my relationship to Vorpal is... that's brilliant!" But the look of relief fades a little, replaced by worry, "Provided that Lois goes for it, of course, I'll have to ask her..."

He turns to look at Gar, and says "If that part is solved just like that, the last thing is... well. Us. I really didn't mean for this to break into your private life like that..."

He remembers that Kian is a little confused, so he says, "The 'outing' that I mentioned is based on an idiomatic expression where something is brought to light from a hiding place. I think I've told you about how here, same-sex relationships are still an issue to some people in some areas, although things are better than they were. Gar here... has never really dated a guy before me, and nobody in his life really knows about it. So he'd rather find a way to come out publicly about us before a high profile article does..."

He sits up and sips his Kool-Aid. "I'm fine with being seen with Gar as Terry. I mean, I'm already a potential target for being sort of the journalist mascot of the group, right?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan squints at Kian. "Are you even old enough to drink?" He asks of the others, "Is he old enough to drink? Does it even matter for an alien? These are important questions here!"

He listens to Donna's explanation of secret identities and says, "I know it's different for me because, you know, all green all the time, not to mention moving up into People's list of the Top 10,000 Most Popular Celebrities, so..I mean, secret identities are important. You gotta think about others you know who could be in danger, because there are bad dudes out there who would hurt people close to you just to get at you."

There's more listening as Terry covers the integrity part of being a journalist who's embedded a little too far into the story itself. "Good reporters are able to keep themselves out of the stories they write, but isn't Lois kind of being a little hypocritical? She writes about Superman all the time, right? And he's saved her a bunch of times too, right? I mean, I'm not saying she's hiding that, and he's like the ultimate Boy Scout, so it's not like there's anything bad going on there, but if she's worried about people knowing Terry equals Vorpal being a danger to the Daily Planet while people know /she's/ like pals with Supes and all that...you know what I mean?"

Out go the arms again while Terry gets to the nuts and bolts of Gar's own conundrum. "And yeah, that. I gotta learn to put the people close to me before some random fans or people who just follow me on social media, and I know there's more acceptance in the world than there used to be, but telling everyone you have a boyfriend is still kinda major news. Celebrity gossip is a whole different animal, and I know it shouldn't matter, but in some ways it does and it'd be kinda weird to be having to think about whether or not I can be, like, affectionate toward Terry or Vorpal if others see."

Lots and lots of words, no definitive course of action figured out yet.

Kian has posed:
    Kían considers Donna's idea, in light of everything else that's been explained.  "It make sense to write it as both human-Téri an' cat-Téri," he says, thinking aloud, "since hyu haf done thin's here as both.  An' hyour mind iss dif-feren' hwen hyu are cat-Téri.  Iss almos' like hyu were a dif-feren' person.  Same... but dif-feren'.  An' if hyu wan' to keep human-Téri an' cat-Téri separate, iss maybe bes' way to do it."
    He tries to aborb Terry's explanation, but it's clearly not landing.  "Iss no one's business who hyu /tenár/ iss.  And it makes no dif-ference if hyu have a /k'tenár/ or /q'tenár/--"  Yes, there is a subtle difference in pronunciation.  "-- or even many /c'tenár'yw/.  Problem iss not with hyu an' Gar.  Problem iss with people who have a problem wit' hyu an' Gar.  I am sure Vik woul' haf the right word for those people, but I haf been tol' not to repeat some wor's I hear Vik say."
    He fixes Gar with a somewhat displeased look.  "I know I am small, an' I am still not good at ex-press my-self.  But I am no un-fledged chil'.  I haf passed my /I'takár/ seven year ago.  I do not know how many year that iss here."
    Defiant sip of beer.

Donna Troy has posed:
"Terry," Donna says with a broad grin. "I came up with my name a day into my first experience of a world outside Themyscira. My English was pretty reasonable at the time, but my grasp of... well, anything outside Themysciran experience, was not. It's lucky I didn't call myself 'Bruce Monkeywrench', honestly. Alexa did tell me 'Donna Troy' sounded like a believable name, and maybe she would have talked me out of Bruce Monkeywrench. But I didn't know any better."

    "Kian, Vic's language is a little... excitable," Donna explains. "But in the case of people who try to tell others whether they should have a /k'tenar/ or a /q'tenar/..." - she manages the differentiation, though her vowel sounds aren't really there. "... Honestly? Feel free."

    Donna takes a swig of her beer and looks thoughtfully at Gar. "I guess I'm lucky really. I mean it's not like someone I arrest is going to threaten my sister. But the celebrity thing? Gar, maybe you need to talk to Terry about this. I mean we're Titans. We're all celebrities. " She glances in Terry's direction, but keeps smiling at Gar. "I mean do you think he even knows he has a Wikipedia page, and fan sites? You know, maybe you could help out the newer Titans with how to handle that stuff, Gar. "

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry smirks, "Yeah, when it comes to busybodies like that, Kian, feel free to issue as many Victorisms as your little heart desires. But Gar, there's a difference- Lois gets saved by Superman a lot," Yes, a lot, "But it's not like he's working at the Planet... I mean, sure, some dorks might decide that targeting Lois there is a good way to draw Superman out, but /most/ villains have the common sense NOT to do it because a calm Superman is bad enough. Make him angry because you put his good friend in jeopardy?"

He glances at Donna, and raises an eyebrow, "Bruce Monkeywrench... heh. Heh. Hehehehe. That sounds like that a name that that Gotham Billionaire would choose as his" hands raised, finger quotes "'Bedroom Name' if you know what I mean!"

He acts a little relieved, as a measure of weight has been lifted off his shoulders, should Lois agree to his idea. But then his glee is short-lived and Donna gets vindication as his eyes go wide.

"Wait. Who has a wikipedia page? What are you talking about? Who'd waste time on a fansite for me?" he gives Donna a look that is half skepticism, half panic, "You are pulling my leg, Amazon."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan merely tilts his head toward Kian. "I guess we'll see how well you handle it, then," he replies with a slight grin. He's not old enough for alcohol, whether he likes it or not.

"And look..I know what you guys are saying, and we /have/ been talking about it. I've just kinda got different things going on. Like, I'm always on my social media accounts, because I like talking to my fans and letting them know what I'm up to, but when it comes to relationships I've never been into the people who just act like the whole world needs to know every little detail about that stuff. A relationship is for us, not them," he explains, gesturing toward Terry in the process after he's given his perspective on the Lois/Superman thing.

The greenest Titan adds, "That's why I haven't really said anything, because I didn't think everyone needed to know. But I guess they do if that's gonna be part of the story. I don't know the right answer about what you should do about your identity, though. I don't want you to lose your job just because of that." Yes, he looks appropriately serious. So serious that he doesn't even touch on Vic's colorful and enthusiastic ways of speaking sometimes.

Almost as an afterthought, he adds, "You don't just figure out Wiki in one day. Besides, most of them just have the code copied over and changed from other pages. And you're not supposed to update your own."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Stepping out of the elevator with a burger in hand. Two patties, bacon, bleu cheese, BBQ sauce. Big burger. Heather has a bite taken out of it as she steps into the room. But she pauses, swallows and then raises a hand, "I have a wikepedia site." She says before taking another bite and shrugging her shoulders.
    Then she inclines her head, "Did I miss something?" She adds.

Kian has posed:
    "I... will keep that in min' about usin' Vik's lan-guage," Kían says dubiously.  He turns around to greet Heather with a wave, and then he asks another one of those 'only Kian' questions: "Hwat iss wi-ki-pe-dia?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. And I'm pulling nobody's leg, Cat." Donna rolls her eyes and tilts her head towards Gar, but doesn't attempt to hide the amused grin that comes with it. "See what I mean? He has no idea."

    She turns back to Terry, giving a slight shake of her head. "Remember when we first met? And when the penny dropped, you were all 'Oh Em Gee, you're her?' I'm kinda betting it was the same with Gar too, right? Suddenly there in front of you, members of the /actual/ Titans. Those people you'd seen on TV, on posters on your friend's walls, right? If you'd seen us a few years ago, maybe you'd have been one of the kids asking for an autograph."

     "Well I have news for you, Cat. You're a Titan too, now. You are one of those guys people see on TV, on posters on their friend's walls. When Brainiac invaded, you helped to save the /world/, Terry. You seriously think a member of the Titans doesn't have a wikipedia page? Doesn't have bootleg posters of them being sold on ebay? You're a celebrity too now, Cat. You hang out with other celebrities. Superman and Wonder Woman know your name. You're going to have to get used to it. If you take my advice though? Spend a little time getting used to it before you Google the word 'Vorpal'.

    Speech delivered, Donna settles back into the couch, gives Heather a wave and says "Nothing dramatic Heather. Just discussing ethics. Eat that burger quick, Gar is hungry." She takes a swig of her drink, using the bottle to hide her grin.

    "You know Gar," Donna says. "If Lois is good with the co-authorship angle, you're off the hook. If Vorpal's name is on the article, people will know what they are getting without Terry having to reveal any intimate details. "

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Eep. Heather glances about, looking for Gar. "Isn't he a vege... you know, never mind." She says as she stuffs the burger into her mouth for another large bite... giving her chipmunk cheeks.
    But she chews quickly and swallows as she heads over towards the fridge to grab a drink.
    "Far too many young boys have -my- posters on their walls." She mutters as she shakes her head, "Heya Ter. I'd be happy to help coach you on the 'living with celeb status' class if you wanted."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry stares, and waves at Heather in a bit of a daze. "Autographs.... //posters//?" He is clearly struggling to fit that square peg into the round hole that is his life.? "N... nah. You're pulling my leg. Come on, people barely know I exist. I'll believe it when I see it." And then he swiftly maneuvers back to the original topic, "Actually Donna... even if I do the split authorship, Lois did make it firmly known that the article would not be published without that disclosure. So whether we decide Gar is dating me or is dating Vorpal, it's got to be there somewhere because /one/ of the authors is dating the loveable hunk 'o green."

He pauses, "Even when both authors are the same person. Is everybody else's life as confusing as mine is?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah, dude. Pretty soon someone will be staring at a poster of Vorpal on their bedroom ceiling," Gar informs Terry, crossing his arms for the moment.

He looks over at the mention of food before rolling his eyes toward Donna. "Oh, come on. I don't just swipe other people's food right in front of them. I'd at least wait until they're not looking and pretend it was someone else."

To Kian, regarding Wikipedia, "We'll explain later. Just drink your beer, bird." And a wink.

He considers Heather, noting, "I've got experience as a celebrity, so yeah. I've got that covered, thanks." He says this a little /too/ quickly, a little /too/ defensively, then he adds for Terry, "Just, you know, let me know which way you decide to handle it. I'll try to make it work for us."

Kian has posed:
    The more Kían hears about 'celebrity', the less he likes the sound of it.  "I do not wan' at-ten-tion.  I had enough at home an' I did not like it then... at leas' there are laws there to protec' my privacy.  I do not know if you haf them here.  I was hope since there are so many here wit' powers, maybe I am not noticed."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives Terry a grin, and shakes her head. She takes another swig of her beer and raises her head. "Wendy?" She calls out. "Wikipedia Vorpal, please."

    A pleasant female voice fills the air through the room's PA. "Certainly, Donna. Vorpal bracket disambiguation close bracket. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vorpal hyperlink is a nonsense word from the 1872 poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Vorpal or vorpal sword may also refer to: bullet VORPAL hyperlink, a computational plasma framework bullet Vorpal bracket hero close bracket hyperlink, a member of the superhero team The Titans bullet vorpal sword hyperlink, a phrase from..."

    "That'll do thank you Wendy," Donna says, giving Terry an apologetic what-can-you-do shrug. "Anyway, try talking to Lois. She may change her mind with the split authorship thing. In fact you could do a bit of a rewrite, make it a POV piece, with the interviews interspersed. Human interest. What it's like to become a superhero. There has been plenty of reportage on the super scene. Yeah you have the inside scoop on this team, but who's ever written about the experience of being one? That's something new, something that will sell - and something that sidesteps a whole lot of the impartiality issues."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry, still pretty much on the willful side of disbelief, laughs at Gar's suggestion "A poster of me over their beds. Gar, the moment /I/ become somebody's gay awakening, this world is going to be in troub..."

And that's when Donna calls upon the voice of hell itself to slam some serious reality down on his head. As Donna shrugs, he stares ahead for a few seconds because this is information he is not sure how to parse.

Gar bails him out, though, and he blinks back to reality. Being on other people's walls should be something Spider-Man would be concerned with, not him. "-let's go with you dating me, then," he says, still a little dazed. "And we can handle the thing however you want... as long as I don't get you disowned by Dayton- are you sure he's not going to disown you?" You never knew.

He glances at Gar and briefly recalls how defensive he got with Heather, and for a moment thinks about teasing him with suggesting that maybe he could take some media classes with her- but it would be mean to poke fun at the guy when he was, basically, putting him in the tough situation of having to be very public with very private things.

He stands up and walks up to Garfield, reaching over to ruffle his hair-

"Oh ew, you're still sweaty!" Terry laughs, wiping his hand on Gar's towel. "Listen. Why don't you go shower off and I'll take you out to dinner later? I'll be here in the meanwhile and finish this delicious..." he looks down at the can, "purple Kool-Ade with the crew."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Right, because nobody has posters of someone of the opposite..you know, forget I said that," Gar answers, hand-waving the reaction away with a smirk as the Wikipedia info is shared. "Dayton? Man, I'm not gonna know until something either happens or it doesn't. But as weird as some of the Doom Patrol has been, this hardly even rates."

The messing of his already disheveled look is accepted, then comes another smirk at the reaction to him being sweaty. He even refrains from saying something racy in front of the rest. "Yeah, that sounds good. It sounds like we still have some stuff to talk about depending on how you end up telling the story after all this. Later, guys."

He departs back to the elevator, en route to his room. This matter is still not solved, still very complicated.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head, Heather sets her burger down on a napkin and then bends over to grab a bottle of water out of the fridge. She twists it open and turns back to face Terry, "I'd put you on -my- ceiling kittycat." she says with a smirk before she chugs down half of the bottle, lowers it.. and belches.. OH SO LADYLIKE.

Kian has posed:
    Kían finishes his beer; if the alcohol has hit him, it doesn't show.  Maybe it doesn't affect him the same way it does Terrans.  Maybe he's got an even scarier metabolism than anyone previously thought.  Or maybe he's really good at maintaining the appearance of sobriety.  "I thin' it soun's like your firs' prob-lems are figure out, Téri," he says, watching his friend's reaction to Wendy's announcement about his Wiki-existence, "but now haf a new one?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna watches Kian finish off his beer with a secretive smile. She observes that lack of impact. Perhaps he's used to alcohol - he did liken it to an Akiar drink after all. Or perhaps he does indeed have a monstrous metabolism. Maybe an experiment can be done with some Themysciran brandy at a later date, under strictly controlled circumstances.

    "Heather," Donna says with an eyebrow raised. "He's the chaos cat, not the ceiling cat. Different meme altogether." It gets worse. Not only a wikipedia page, but he's being accused of being a meme now.

    "Talk it over with Lois again Terry," Donna advises. "Discuss your options with the dual authorship angle, and the POV idea. There are different ways around the problem, and she may be more flexible when you bring up more ideas. Some day Terry, if you'd like, I'll tell you what it feels like trying to be a photojournalist in a very complicated war zone when you can pick up tanks."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal stares at Heather for a second or two until Donna intervenes. Ceiling cat. He had forgotten about that. He lets out an small groan as he realizes there may be memes of him on the internet. Now it would no longer be just Tigra who monopolized all the appropriated cat memes.

"I think I need to sit down. I don't know how I feel about having my freakish likeness plastered across someone's wall. But you're right, Donna. I'll talk to Lois."

He sits down next to Kian and, in answer to his question, he whips out his cell phone and says, "What am I going to do? I'm going to look at the damage and see..." he wikisearches for Vorpal, and soon his page comes up. "... WHAT? That's not my height. I'm taller than Robi- did any of you edit this?" he says, looking from Donna to Kian (of course he wouldn't) to Heather to...

"Okay, I'm going to get an account and set some things straight here..."