3056/A Metropolis Date Day One, Concert

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A Metropolis Date Day One, Concert
Date of Scene: 23 August 2020
Location: Metro City Music Hall
Synopsis: Jason and Valeria go to a concert and it's surprisingly normal
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Jason Todd

Valeria Richards has posed:
Ungrounded is great. Time to get grounded again, maybe. Or at least that's what Valeria considers if she's risking by taking a couple of days over in Metropolis. Her cover story was a little weak, and she's not completely sure her parents bought it. But after arriving midday, getting checked into her hotel room, and prepping for the concert, Val is in a great mood.

She's dressed in short blue jean shorts with frayed edges and tiny purposefully frayed and damaged bits on the shorts themselves, ballet flats, and a tank top with a very childishly rendered cartoon godzilla eating an equally cartoon building in what is probably? New York but could be Tokyo. Her hair is pulled up in a high ponytail with a large blue elastic, and her makeup is perfectly on point if not a touch wild.

Oh, and over all that is a too-large leather jacket, which actually hangs down at the bottom a little lower than her actual shorts do.

Basically? Perfection for a concert. The press of the crowd to get into Metro City Music Hall is huge and skews female and younger (teens to perhaps mid 30s at most). She has tickets for the floor, which is standing room only but closer to the stage.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason was too old for grounding but he was glad Val had been finally been sprung from the Four Freedoms Penitentiary even if she was jumping right into breaking parole by running off to Met for a couple of days with 'That Todd Boy'. However, he wasn't thinking that far ahead. Right now the point was fun, consequences would come later.

Like Val, had dressed for a show, tossing on white t-shirt with the Audioslave logo in silhouette and RIP Chris 1969-2007 on the front, a pair of black jeans, his combat boots, and that was about it. His guy was working up a new jacket since his last one had mysteriously vanished.

Jason walks along the too-clean Metropolis streets until the venue is in view, though as he gives the crowd a scan he looks to Val. "What the hell kind of show are you taking me to? Disney Princesses on Ice?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Please." Val rolls her eyes. "We're going to Florence and the Machine, actually, and it's going to be soooo awesome." She leans up and steals a quick kiss before pushing her way towards the ticket scanners-- hers is digital, and standing in line is for idiots. There's still a line and a crowd, but it's at least moving quickly to let them into the stadium before the show begins.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Who and the who?" Jason asks getting the same tickle in his spine he felt when he walked into that warehouse in Ethiopia where the Joker had been waiting for him. The sense that this had to be some sort of trap. The kiss is persuasive though, as is the sight of Val in his jacket. He gives, the crowd another scan before he sighs, "Yeah, awesome," he says. "Can't wait." though he follows through the ticket check and waits in line with the others waiting to get inside. "Think if I yelled I was a Wayne it'd move things along? Or does this town only move for old baldy?" he snarks good naturedly.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val snorts. "I don't know if they'd care," she admits. "And I didn't get VIP stuff because I wanted to be in the crowd instead of in a box or a bubble." But they do make it through faster than either of their grumbling would. Slipping her hand into his, she almost drags him towards the concert floor which is already filling up, looking thrilled as she jostles through the crowd. She never gets to be in a crowd like this, EVER.

On the stage, in the back the typical band instruments sit on stands, but they are very much background. The front of the stage has a piano, a violin on a stand, and a harp.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Probably right," Jason admits and simply waits with a skeptical look on his face until explains her thinking, then his expression becomes a bit less grumpy, "I get it," he says. "And being on the floor is kind of fun."

Inside he lets himself be pulled into the venue, before stepping ahead and trying to play snow plow for them, getting the mix of teens, women, hipsters and audiophiles out of the way to get them to where Val wants to go. He's polite about it though, none of these people ping as a threat. Which means there's very little odds of a fight breaking out on the floor, he realizes with disappointment, a disappointment that's compounded by the sight of the harp and the violin. "So, what kind of music do these guys play?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Technically its 'indie rock', but its really a blend of a lot of genres," Valeria replies as Jay scopes the stage. "It's really great. I love listening to them while I'm working on some of my newer prototypes." She slides an arm around his waist and the other arm lifts up her phone, taking a impromptu selfie of them (she does let Jay pose however he wants before pressing the button), which she promptly filters, tags, and uploads. "This is going to be so awesome."

Jason Todd has posed:
"Well that explains the crowd," Jason says, giving them another look. He wasn't a music snob, but he liked his rock hard and pounding which meant he had 'opinions' about Indie Rock. "Are any of those genres metal," he asks, anticipating the answer no. Though when she brings out the phone for a selfie, he grins for the first time since seeing the crowd, matching her arm around his waist with an arm draped lazily over her shoulder, as he tilts his head in something of an upnod, like he was saying sup' to the camera in the douchiest way possible. "Let the nerd rage begin," he says as she posts that pic to the gram.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Nope, not metal," she replies, flicking off the notifications on her phone because she didn't want to feel it vibrating in her purse all night.

The band starts coming out onto the stage, and the crowd begins cheering and clapping before the music starts. The main vocalist is a woman, obviously, as is the one who takes the keyboard. The harpist is a man, and the violinist another woman... and the background instruments are a fairly even mix.

The lights go down, and up, and a fairy-like shimmering light effect dances across the roof of the stadium. After a few words of introduction, the band launches into "You've Got the Love", which garners a roar of appreciation from the audience... which isn't remotely like the type of roar that would be heard at a metal concert, for sure.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Damn, not even hard rock?" Jason asks as he digs his phone out of the pocket of his jeans and turns it off as well. It'd take Val's followers time to find his recently re-activated Twitter account but he had faith in their ability to suss it out.

As the band comes out, Jason scopes them out with a critical eye, "The redhead's Florence? Or is that just a band name thing?" he whispers to Val, having kept his arm on her shoulder.

When the song starts and crowd roars, Jason looks around at them all, shaking his head but at least he's smiling if bemusedly at it all. Then his attention goes back to the stage where the song is kicking up, it's got a definite vibe, and damn the singer could sing.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Mmhmm," Val replies to his question, stealing a kiss and watching (and listening), enraptured. From one song to the next, she seems like she's enjoying being just a normal girl without a literal bubble around her or a hovering flaming, rock, or robot/armored uncle or Godfather looming. The music has a very good flow and the set list is well-chosen... the crowd seems to get more excited as "No Light, No Light" starts, and the crowd begins to sing along... leaving Jay in the dark, most likely.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Good pipes," Jason says of Florence before his voice is fully swept away by the crowd's enthusiasm. That kiss is returned though and while Jay remains lost on lyrics, and this isn't his kind of music, Val is what draws his attention, taking in how much she enjoys simply being a real girl in the crowd.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The crowd is quite enthusiastic, singing along, throwing their hands and fists in the air no less than any hard rock concert. Song after song, fast tempo and slow.

And through it all, Valeria is soaking it in, not just the music, but the press of people around them. It's very much lucky that there aren't many of the sorts that might recognize her--

As the encore final song starts to play (a song from a recent fantasy television show), Val throws her arms around Jay's neck, kissing him firmly...

And suddenly, there's a flash. "It is her! I saw her tag the concert but I didn't think she'd be out here!" a girls voice pipes up. "Hey, aren't you Valeria Richards? Can I get a picture with you?"

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason can get behind the enthusiasm, and even finds his boot tapping along to some of the livelier numbers. As for Val, he stays close but doesn't interfere with her enjoyment, or even mad dog anyone who bumps into her, she just escaped her parents and godfather, she didn't need the Red Hood looming over her like a spectre as well.

Jay actually knows that last song, having heard it somewhere before, and well that kiss is welcomed and returned in kind.

The flash comes as a surprise and his inner attack dog raises its hackles and he reaches for weapons he's not carrying though that only lasts a second, before his brain registers the two girls, and he shakes his head pushing a hand through his hair. Easy Jason.

He gives Val a bit of a smile, "I won't hit these ones, I promise," he leans in to whisper.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives a somewhat wry grin to him before looking back at the girls and taking the selfies with them that they asked for, chatting a bit amicably for a few minutes. After they disappear back into the crowd, Val comes back to Jay's side and leans against him a bit. "Wasn't so bad," she teases. "And we still have the rest of the night to enjoy." She flips out her phone and looks amused. Loads of comments and tags on the latest post... and lots of @ing on Twitter, not only her, but since she had tagged @Jaybird...

"Oh, this is some choice rage," Val giggles. "I hate to see what your DMs look like." She snuggles against him and laughs. "Let's go back to the room," she suggests in a whisper.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jay watches the girls and Val do their thing until the two girls vanish into the crowd. "Dunno, was hoping they'd try something, the brunette with the braids looked like she could put up a fight," he teases, before putting his arm around her an pulling her in for a kiss as she leans against him.

Though he does pull out his phone, suddenly remembering the pic Val posted back before the show, and checking his Twitter DMs. He laughs, "Who or what the fuck is a Chad?" he asks, "Apparently some dude used to respect you before you fell for some Chad bullshit, but now you're just like all the other girls. Oh, and I should just die." His thumb starts typing, "What does death and Val have in common?" he reads aloud as he replies, "Been there, done that." He sends it off and blocks the recipient.

He grins as Val snuggles, close, "Room sounds perfect," he says kissing her on the cheek, before he leads them both back through the crowd.