3066/Metropolis Date Day two, Titans Tower

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Metropolis Date Day two, Titans Tower
Date of Scene: 23 August 2020
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: A fun trip to the Titans Tower, complete with Robin ragequit!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Kyle Rayner, Victor Stone

Valeria Richards has posed:
It's afternoon, so even Bats are up and awake, which is good, because Valeria has //things to see// while not directly under Mom's thumb of overprotective doom. Also not under Doom's thumb-bots of even more overprotective Doom.


After breakfast that was also lunch, Valeria had INSISTED on going to see the Titan's Tower up close, because she could. Also she knew some folks there. And also also, it would be a good stop before dinner at Planet Herowood.

Valeria had texted Cyborg to let him know she was stopping by to potentially geek a bit. Because of the Herowood outing later, she's in her unstable molecule suit with the crisp white 4 on the chest, but over it she has a slightly oversized and well-beaten-up leather jacket, which actually kind of looks cute in combination, even if a little disparate in style. With her, she's got one Jason Todd.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason looks up at the giant 'T' looming ahead of them and shakes his head. "Really think we should have brought eggs," he comments and not for the first time. "Can't believe we're visiting these nerds."

Though most of his complaining is for show, he is a little curious about what's inside Dick's little clubhouse for the Second Rate Sidekick Society. Jason is dressed like well, Jason, just sans the leather jacket, just jeans and a t-shirt, the t-shirt that he picked up once he knew where they were going, reads: Luthor 2020: For a Better Tomorrow.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     It was Robin's turn for monitor duty. Which meant he's here for two days while getting his duties taken care of.

  Monitor duty was probably the least eventful thing he gets to do, but when things go down, it helps being the one in the chair.

  By far, the most reclusive member of the Titans apart from Raven, Robin has little time for social calls. Enjoying his time alone, he sat at the vast array of monitors and police scanners, holding a saucer and cup of his favorite oolong tea.

  That was until the perimeter alarms alerted the entire tower of approaching people. "Looks like civilians." he quickly said on the tower's PA system. After silencing the yellow alert, he held his cup in one hand, sipping, and taking his other hand to zoom in on the visitors to the tower. The images become steadily clearer until the youngest Robin's eyelets flare wide open as he spits out his tea. "Oh you -have- to be fucking kidding me." He says, once the two become clear as day. Jason Todd was walking up to the tower, with Valeria in tow.

Kyle Rayner has posed:
Kyle had been chillin' in his room playing some video games but now he kinda felt the need to do some drawin' and get his snack on. But the main room felt too... above everything for the kind of mood he was in. Wearing a blue shirt with the (4) logo of the Fantastic Four on the front, a pair of jeans, worn sneakers and a Batman hat that he bought from some shady guy at a convention once, he rides the elevator down and down.

And while he does, Robin's voice comes over the PA. Blinking a few times, he shrugs and pats his sketchbook and pencils he's carrying with him.

"Meh." He mumbles to himself, stepping off the elevator and strolling right over to a seat where he plops himself down and begins tapping a pencil to paper, his mind already forgetting about the announcement and already thinking about what he might like to draw today.

Victor Stone has posed:
'Geek out' is almost as broad a term in Vic Stone's world as it is in Valeria's, so as he awaits his visitors in the Titans lobby, he has gotten himself ready for just about anything. Which, in his case, mostly means he brought snacks -- it's not like he needs to carry computer equipment. He's munching away at a bag of chips when the priority sensors ping and Robin's voice calls out the newcomers. "They're with me," he answers over the T-Com as he strides to the doors and throws them open.

"Welcome to my humble science palace, Valeria!" he calls out. He spots Jason a moment later, and his red artificial eye glows as he does a quick scan of him. "And... other guy?" He had expected someone else FF-adjacent, to tell the truth, but Vic is too friendly to stand there nonplussed for long. "Vic Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg. Give you three guesses why," he introduces himself, extending a metal hand and a friendly smile.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Science place with some questionable engineering," Valeria responds teasing, but that's mostly referring to a previous conversation. "But it's good to see you, Vic!" She gives him a brief hug if he lets her, and gestures towards Jay. "Oh. This is Jason Todd. He's one of the Waynes out of Gotham-- //those// Waynes. My dad tutored him in science for a little bit, but you couldn't tell talking to him." She delivers that lightly, winking at Jason and bumping him slightly with her hip. "We were in Met for a concert last night, and I figured might stop by here before grabbing dinner."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason seems unfazed by meeting a guy that's mostly metal, and when given those three guesses about the name he says, "Big fan of Van Damme movies?" he says with a bit of a smirk before he offers a hand. "Good to meet you Vic," he says, before giving glancing over at Val with a laugh.

"I do too, know big science words," he says. "I just don't use them because I'm not a nerd."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     From the monitor room, Robin starts to make his way to the lobby. His hood lifted, obscuring his face to allow the white eyelets to glow slightly.

  He jumped through the open shaft adjacent to the elevator. Usually the fliers used this instead of the elevator, but Robin often used them to get about by grappling as well.

  Current passes through his gloves to his cape, slowing his descent enough to land softly. He rose from the landing, cape draping around himself like Batman's. Had his own cape been as long as Batman's normally is, he would appear to glide on the ground, feet obscured by the cape, but alas, the fluid motions of his boots could be seen as he approached the group. "Cyborg, you did not put your visitors on the log." He commented, looking to each and all of the visitors. "Next time, inform the monitor on duty."

Kyle Rayner has posed:
"It may be your science palace, but my room is an art dojo and I won't hear any word against it, Cyborg. Not until you beat me in Guilty Gear Xrd anyway!" Kyle calls lazily over as Vic greets people who seem to be his guests. Shuffling around in his seat some he takes a position that lets his legs dangle over the arm of the chair, showing off his cool Superman socks, little red capes and all.

"Oh, remind me to tell you more about that girl I ran into at the uh, Demonfire Club? I think that's the name of the place. One of those names a real edgelord would come up with to sound dangerous, like in a JRPG. Like INFERNAL CASTLE or THE DEPTHS OF MEMENTOS. Damn you Persona 5, why did you have to be so good but have such an annoying final dungeon." He shakes his head, and then goes back to looking at his sketchpad.

Deciding on the black pencil to start with, he begins to make a few lines on his sketchpad, using careful and precise movements, he starts to outline a few different small people. Humming a little tune from some anime or another.

When Robin makes his dramatic entrance he looks up and blinks. "What if they're like surprise visitors dude? Please don't beat my mom up if she comes by one day to give us some cookies."

Victor Stone has posed:
One of Vic's eyebrows rises. "The Waynes, huh? Yeah, I've heard of them." One of his best friends is one, although he certainly isn't going to bring /that/ up. Even if he hadn't heard of the family, though, his quick face scan of Jason, plus a reverse Google search, pulls up all sorts of scandalous internet gossip about the black sheep of Gotham's first family.

Still, Vic's not really one to let that kind of talk influence how he treats someone, and he grins as he continues, "Nice to meet you, Jason. I'm not going to pretend I'm not a nerd, but I do try to talk like a normal person most of the time. Jargon's for the lab. Or, full disclosure, if you get me drunk."

As Robin comes up from behind to challenge his procedures, Cyborg turns to give him a slighly offended look. "First of all, let's not bicker in front of our guests," he says, with a touch of amusement at taking the team mom role. "Second, maybe give the log another look." Vic helpfully extends a hand, projecting a holographic wall of text that scrolls down to a specific highlighted line: 'Cyborg, expecting guest: Valeria Richards.' Timestamp: half an hour ago. Vic doesn't seem too worried about it, but he did, in fact, log the visit.

Then he snaps his fingers -- it makes a little 'clank' noise -- and points at Kyle. "Yeah, I'll rename the lab. DEPTHS OF SCIENTIOS. Make a little neon sign and set it up so it flickers. Nice."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives Robin an amused look, sliding up against Jason's side and slipping an arm around his waist. "It's okay, Vic. I'll be easy on Jay and not ask for a tour of the DEPTH OF SCIENTIOS this time, but the neon sign would be a good addition. Also, probably turrets, and a little red X on the floor in front of the door with artfully nicked and burned bits around it." She pauses. "The turrets COULD be just for looks, I mean. Unless you want them not to be." She grins a bit. "If not, I advise glitter."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason eyes the capes on the socks whoever it is drawing in the corner is wearing. He shakes his head, his own internal monologue readable on his face: neeeerds so many neeerds. As for the rumours about Jason Todd, they were the usual mix of bad boy stuff, fights, minor crime and of course being sent off to reform school either upstate or in Europe for the last five years.

"Hope so," Jason says of hearing about the Waynes, "Or Bruce would have to fire his publicist and she's kind of hot. And glad that whole rig still lets you get drunk, if Bruce had one made for me he'd make sure it had a whole high-tech dialysis machine built into it to filter out the fun stuff before it got to my brain."

Robin's arrival marks a complete change in Jason's demeanor, from disinterested and rude to an almost predatory amusement. He gives a look at the shorter hooded figure with the glowing eyes and asks Cyborg, "So is the Jawa your boss or something?"

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's hood turns to look at Kyle. "Is your mother prone to showing up bearing gifts of baked goods?"

  Damian takes down his hood while looking at the log that Vic shows him. His eyes flare open again, looking at where it clearly says visitors and Valeria Richards.

  His olive skin grows red, out of embarrassment and anger. He looks up to both of the visitors and says. "Welcome." In a slightly begrudging tone. That was, until Jason started digging in on him. "What the hell is a Jawa?" He asks, his brows furrowed, he knows that Jason knows he has to keep like he doesn't know Jason at all. Only two members of the Titans had been privy to his true identity, neither of them were here. It was an awkward game if pretending to not know Jason. "Is that a skunk on your head?" He asks, looking more closely at the head of hair his older brother in front of him.

Kyle Rayner has posed:
"No, not really, but I was just asking." Kyle says to Robin before looking back to Vic and saying, "Ugh, but I just said the Depths of Mementos were lame!" He then peers from around his sketchpad to take in Vic and the little group around him. "But you're cool, so maybe you can make it cool." His eyes catch onto Valeria and he blinks. Once. Twice. Thrice.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" He literally falls out of his chair and crashes onto the ground, spilling pencils of all sorts of colors all over the place, though he hops to his feet. "OhmygodVicdoyouknowwhothatisandwhydidntyoutellmebecauseImwearingmyoldshirtandnotthenewshirtIjustpickedupinNewYork." (translation: Oh my god Vic, do you know who that is and why didn't you tell me? Because I'm wearing my old shirt and not the new shirt I just picked up in New York.) The words come rushing out of his mouth one after the other without a breath in between.

He takes a few steps in their direction and just shakes his head. "Wow, this is -so- cool. Valeria Richards in Metropolis? Man, the only way I could ever have a cooler day is if Superman himself gave me a high five. Which would be super-dope. But then I'd probably go and make it weird by trying to hug him because he's literally the most awesome guy on the planet. Ugh. Why -did- I wear my old shirt for a day like this?"

He tries to calm himself a bit. "Hi! My name is Kyle, not that it matters because I'm just a useless art nerd, but your family is really awesome and I really looked up to them growing up, and Superman, oh and Batman too." He then notices Jason's presence, and asks, "Hello, do you like anime or manga? I ask because your hair kinda reminds me of a few anime and manga characters. You should do some cosplay."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic snorts with amusement as Valeria immediately starts elaborating on the evil science lair concept. "Glitter turrets, huh?" he says, settling his chin into the crook between his thumb and forefinger and knowingly tapping the finger against his jaw. "I seem to recall reading something in the news recently about a glitter cannon. And I thought, I ~wonnnder~ who ~thaaaat~ might have been."

"There are a lot of limitations to the cyborg parts, but they actually reduce the amount of bodymass for alcohol to --" Cyborg stops, realizes that he's about to start on exactly the kind of nerdy tangent he just said he avoids, and laughs. "I'm a lightweight in exactly one sense," he says instead. As for the 'Jawa'? Vic also has to tamp down on a bit of secret knowledge, here: he knows at least one Robin -- Dick -- was Jason's own adoptive brother! "C'mon, man, you're from Gotham. That's Robin. He is not a desert creature. He /is/ constantly stealing bits of tech, though." This last is offered more as a teasing jibe than an actual complaint; Vic's gadgets are there to be used, after all.

Kyle's ridiculous burst of fanboying has Vic's hand rising from his jaw to cover his face. "We're trying to housebreak him on the 'meeting superheroes' thing," he tells Valeria dryly. Calling over his shoulder with a roll of his eyes, he adds in a loud enough voice to carry, "Because as a Green Lantern, he /is/ a superhero, remember?" He elects not to mention how he knows Valeria, because if there is one fact sure to make Kyle's reaction more embarrassing, that's the one.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria doesn't seem taken aback at all about the sudden fanboying, though for a second a hint of tension crosses her expression. It's immediately smoothed away with the beatific expression usually seen on her mother at public appearances. "Hi, yes, I'm Valeria. Nice to meet you, Kyle." She gives him a bright grin. "Green Lantern, huh? That's pretty neat." She very much has reverted for the moment into the public facing training her parents (mother, specifically) has ingrained in her.

Jason Todd has posed:
"You are, most likely," Jason retorts to Robin with a bright grin. Though when Vic corrects him and he looks unconvinced. "No way," he says, holding a hand flat above Robin's head. "Too short, and I thought Robin was better looking too," he says before adding. "The attitude checks out. I heard Robin can be a jerk sometimes." At least Robins two and four were, not that they really let the world know about the revolving door on that role.

Val's earlier mention of taking mercy on him is responded to then, "If you want to science with Vic here, babe, go ahead, I can hang out and keep Kyle and Robin company," at least until the latter puts Jason in a shallow grave anyhow.

As for Kyle's question, Jay looks up at his forelock and blinks, before looking back to Kyle. "What's manga and anime?"

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin's face was red with anger still, before he decided on what to do. Damian's concealed hand reached into his belt, palming a smoke pellet. Before he made his move, tossing it down with a crack on the floor.

  Quickly, the area around Robin becomes thick with smoke, it was a formulation designed to dissipate quickly. But as the smoke cleared, Robin was nowhere to be found. The Robin version of a rage quit.

Kyle Rayner has posed:
Kyle at least has the decency to look a little abashed at his outburst. "Uh." He reaches up and scratches the back of his head. "Sorry, but you know how I am dude. I can't help myself sometimes. I should probably never meet Superman, huh?" He lets out a nervous laugh and shrugs. "I'm not really what I call a hero though, Vic. I'm still just trying to figure things out, though I -am- glad for the friends I've met around here."

He glances back at Valeria and nods, "Yeah, it is! Hey guess what Vic? I was thinking that I might try to think up one of the Magitech armors from Final Fantasy 6." He walks back over to where he spilled his pencils, and bends down to start picking them up and putting them back into a case. "What is anime and manga? Oh man, well, anime are animated stories that range from serious stories of fantasy and science fiction to sillier stories meant for simple entertainment. Manga is much the same but it is a printed format."

Finishing up his little clean-up job, he rises and puts pencils and sketchpad down on the chair and stance once more turning to Jason. "You kinda look like a dude who would wade through fuedal Japan with two swords and whenever you got in a fight with someone you'd say 'Omae wa mou shindeiru'. Which basically means 'You are already dead'."

When Damian pulls his little disappearing act, Kyle blinks and shakes his head. "Aw man, one day he's going to set off fire alarms doing something like that and then everyone else is going to get wet and stuff."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic winces at Valeria's near-instant code switch, but there's nothing to be done about it now, other than introduce Kyle to as many A-list superheroes as possible so that he'll get it out of his system.

He's about to give this Jason guy, who is obviously completely clueless about the Robin legacy, a bit of a testy primer on the mantle-passing between Batman's protégés, when it occurs to him that it might not be something public enough that he can be loose-lipped about it. He might even give away Dick's secret identity if he explains too much of it to someone so close to him.

He settles instead for testily crossing his arms and making a face. It bugs him not to be able to defend the decency of one of his closest friends, who is tall and also handsome and also a really great guy! And then the current Robin ragequits, leaving Vic coughing and fanning away the smoke billowing through the lobby, and the idea of arguing that some Robins are really great friends seems ill-timed, at best.

Once he can breathe easily again, Vic sidles over to Kyle, helps him straighten up his art supplies, and says encouragingly, "You gonna sketch it all out first, maybe do your own variation? I could always use more friends on tank duty." When Kyle starts in on his deep dive, Vic makes a face at Jason from behind him, and activates his holographic projector again. This time, the image that pops up behind Kyle is likely to give him a much more succinct answer to his question about anime and manga.

It's a body pillow.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The sudden burst of smoke has Valeria letting out a slightly startled noise, but she quickly realizes what it was and looks a little more relaxed. "He's charming," she replies politely. "He left before I could pinch his little cheeks."

Though then Vic helps explain to Jay what the nerdy kid is talking about. The floating holographic body pillow behind Kyle is enough to break her controlled expression, and she begins //laughing//. "Half my followers probably have those," she manages after a few moments, assuming Vic will shut off the hologram pretty quickly. "Speaking of..." she pulls out her phone and checks it, looking amused for a moment. "But if you're //sure//, Jay, I'll leave you with Kyle and the smoke bomb and go peek at the labs."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason blinks when Robin suddenly disappears. "Huh, was it something I said?" he says through a bit of coughing.

The anime and manga description is met with a perplexed look, "Sooo, comics and cartoons?" however his expression softens somewhat at Kyle's description, hls lips shaping into a grin. "Okay, /that/ I like."

The body pillow earns a snort from Jay as he shakes his head, and he nods to Val. "Sure, just not all day, if I get too much hungrier I'm going to find and eat Robin," also, he's not sure how much Kyle he can take. Though Val checking her phone has Jason checking his, he grins and shows her something on the screen. More nerd rage on Twitter.

"Anyhow, seriously, go science, I'll be fine up here with Kyle."

Kyle Rayner has posed:
"Aww man, you know that I would totally be complaining that you are broadcasting the worst parts of frandom, but I diiiid try to buy the Garrus body pillow that BioWare put on sale once. I missed out on it by this much." Kyle holds his index finger and thumb really close together. "Anyway, thanks for the help Vic and don't be telling people that I'm about the body pillow life. It's about the art man. THE ART!"

He then turns towards Valeria and Jason and shrugs, "Art is what everything's about you know? Anyway, um, have fun with visiting the labs! If you stick around for a while, maybe I can have you autograph my vintage Fantastic Four versus Doctor Doom & the Flying Fortress lego set?" He asks Valeria, a little hopefully. Then to poor Jason: "Hey, want me to draw you as a sword-wielding samurai?"

Victor Stone has posed:
"He's... something," Vic answers Val, the corners of his mouth turning in an expression of perplexity. Truth be told, he can't decide quite what to make of the new Robin himself. The contrast against the one he knew is pretty stark. "He just does that sometimes," he offers Jason, as an explanation for Robin's disappearance. "Not really sociable."

His projection of the body pillow disappears quickly, but not quickly enough to evade Kyle's notice -- there are reflective surfaces all around in here, after all. He sets a metal hand on Kyle's shoulder, giving him a sympathetic look. "Yeah, man. It's all about the art. Art you can hug. Which is, I guess, what that ring is all about..."

Once he's confident that Jason will neither go feral and eat Robin or go completely nuts left to Kyle's nerdy mercies, he does get Valeria a visitor pass and lead her up the elevator to the science labs to show her around.