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Epicenter: Agents of SuperSHIELD
Date of Scene: 25 August 2020
Location: Lyndonville Air Force Station, North Concord, Vermont, USA
Synopsis: Agents Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons have been taken by HYDRA. They were taken from Toshiro Mori's estate in Japan, who is known to have been working for HYDRA and specifically Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall has been running his ridiculous 'SuperSHIELD' and Bobbi was investigating it.

Now the small teams Bobbi has been sending out to find SuperSHIELD have come back with something concrete. A secret base of operations. The mission: Infiltrate SuperSHIELD, Disrupt their operations, Rescue Bobbi and Jemma, take down Whitehall, take down Toshiro Mori.

NOTE: Some of the Agents of SuperSHIELD are unaware that SuperSHIELD is actually a HYDRA operation. They are working under the pretence that they really are Agents of SHIELD's super-powered division. They have been helping SuperSHIELD find Inhumans, Mutants, and Metahumans unaware that Whitehall has been using them for genetic experimentation.

WARNING: Agents of SuperSHIELD and HYDRA agents within their ranks are equiped with a new piece of technology, a watch that lets them select stolen Inhuman abilities and give them a small dose of it for a brief period of time. They should all be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Daisy Johnson, Peggy Carter, Mary Jane Watson, Achilles, Jessica Drew, Gothic Lolita
Tinyplot: Epicenter

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Daniel Whitehall's so called "SuperSHIELD" has been in operation for nearly a month now. They have been recruiting university students thinking they are working for SHIELD. They have been sending out teams to find Inhumans, Metahumans, and Mutants and abducting them for Whitehall to experiment on. They must be stopped.

    The ?Lyndonville Air Force Station in North Concord has been decommissioned since 1963. For a long time it was a popular site for conspiracy theorists to visit, and there was a long time burgeoning UFO conspiracy theorist community claiming to see all kinds of crash in the sky above the base. Lesser known was the top secret missile silo beneath the base.

    The hangers have mostly collapsed, the runway is overgrown, the radar tower at the top of the mountain is in disrepair. Yet, the roads in and out have seen heavy traffic recently. The base is no long dead, but alive with the activity of SuperSHIELD.

    There are five entrances in to the silo: The main hanger doors, the missile silo doors which haven't opened since the base was decommissioned, a secret entrance/exit from the defunct administrative offices of the airforce base, and an emergency exit hatch from the power plant, and a secret entrance at the radio towers. The under ground facility is separated in to three different zones connected by tunnels:

    The underground silo where a missile used to be contained, the power plant, and the control center. It's safe to assume the control center is where the majority of SuperSHIELD is bunking and operating from. The power plant is probably active once more, and if there were prisoners they'd likely be at the bottom of silo.

    This fake arm of SHIELD has gone to the effort of rebranding the main hanger door entrance way to the underground facility with a giant SHIELD eagle perched upon the initials SS surrounded by a circle. This, presumably, is yet another big 'fuck you' to SHIELD from Werner Reinhardt. The hanger doors are half open and vehicles have been coming and going for days now, since SHIELD starts surveilling the location. Outside the doors is a fleet of vehicles that have been branded with the same insulting logo. The uniforms the Agents of SuperSHIELD wear are black, armored, very much like a typical HYDRA muscle, but with the SuperSHIELD logo on their shoulder patch instead of the HYDRA octopus. As if to pour salt on the in wound, surveillance teams have ascertained that HYDRA is calling this base the 'Panskelion'.

    The surrounding area is thick forest, great for coverage prior to engagement against the base, but also where the secret emergency exit hatch surfaces. The surveillance team has managed to identify several New York and Vermont State university students who have been recruited by SuperSHIELD, but also several known HYDRA agents and assets. The group is apparently trying to keep their operation somewhat secret, as they have been using anti-satellite netting over their vehicles.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Before they have fully reached the base and left the vehicles they used to get here behind, Phil Coulson looks around at the assembled team for this mission. He ttakes a bit of a breath, and speaks up a bit louder. "Okay, objectives. Our abducted agents, we should recover them. The other main objective will be to capture Werner Reinhardt, Daniel Whitehall, or whatever he's calling himself these days, or if we can't capture him, eliminate him." There's a brief pause as he looks around at the others. "If we find any captives there, free them. Taking down the othger HYDRA assets if we can, as well as obtaining intelligence about their other operations is also good, but getting our people, Reinhardt and rescue captives is the most important objectives." Nodding as he looks around the people assembled, he continues, "We split up in two teams, one looking for our people, the other for Reinhardt. Since we don't know exactly how many of them there are, the longer we can do this stealthily, the better. And remember, some of those poeple they have recruited might not know who they are working for, so if you can take them down without killing them, do that."

Nick Fury has posed:
Coulson may not have expected the 'big boss' to come into the communication channel with aggression: but he's getting it. Nick Fury is in a state similar to a catapult - ready to launch into something that is rather /personal/.

How dare these HYDRA take an enormous </redacted> on SHIELD in this way? It's to get a reaction. It's a trap. It's many things.

But SHIELD has a response. Fury doesn't speak up at first, he fumes silently, in his deadly way, listening to his mission parameters given, but then, well....

"Coulson, have Agents Carter and Johnson each pick and lead a subteam - Reinhardt and Captive rescue, respectively. They should know who is best for each objective."

Everything is a test.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy has been with that perpetual frown on the way here, checking and re-checking her gauntlets, tapping a foot on the jeep while waiting ... Every second counted. And there were her friends to rescue.. So when they are finally here she jumps out of the vehicle, eager to get on going. She listens to Coulson's assessment, offering a sharp nod and obviously chooses to..

"I will lead the rescue team." she then speaks up. A look is given to those that are here, thoughtful, then makes her choice. "GL and Agent Tampaboulos with me." she says. Two "tanks" to get in the way of the hostages.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Yes, sir." Peggy clips off over the comm unit, not quite a thing she'd gotten used to calling Fury yet, but from the tone of her voice it's said in full respect. She then looks across the agents in the vehicle which has gotten them all there. It's a quiet few moments as Peggy mentally goes over the files she's had in front of her before and she finally nods, "...Agent Watson, Drew... With me, heads down, quite and fast. Reinhardt is slippery as they come. It took us half a decade to get him the first time and he still slid out eventually." From the tone of her voice, she does NOT intend to let it happen this time.

Dark eyes then go back down to the specs, considering the entry points witha deeper frown. She does a few more calculations in her mind, "...We'll take the emergency exit hatch. Chances are that's one of his main ways out if things go wrong. Hopefully it's the only one. He's not going to be in the pen with them all, but up somewhere in CIC or a private office. Or labs."

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Agent Watson nods over at Carter, "Yes ma'am, understood." She's got her long red hair tied back behind her, and is dressed in standard issue SHIELD body armor fatigues, complete with an ICER and her photonic sword-hilt. She nods, "Makes sense, when the rats try to ditch the sinking ship..." She claps her hands together, then glances over towards Lolita.

"Good luck out there."

Achilles has posed:
    In his armored bodysuit, Angelo is the picture of a soldier prepared for war. His only -really- unusual feature are the bronze bracers on each forearm. HE has an ICER holstered for a cross draw on his left front hip, and a needle pistol on his right. Loaded with two hundred rounds of semi-armor piercing hypervelocity needles. Over his back is a plasma rifle that functions much like a bazooka. It's a two shot HERE I AM gun that does insane amounts of damage. But only twice. It's not reloadable either. It burns itself out in those two shots.
    On his head is a headset with a monacle for things like target designation, passive nightvision, and a boom mic for comms. All of the rest of his weapons are cleverly concealed by those bracers. Hephaestus is so awesome. Nobody can disagree there!
    "Understood." he says to Daisy as he steps out into the night air. "Am I starting loud or quiet?" he asks.

Jessica Drew has posed:
All the agents have their pre-op tics, some more blatant than others. Drew checks and re-checks her guns though they are not her first choice in a close fight, preferring to depend on a venom blast in tight quarters. ICER and a Walther with deadly rounds in them, tear gas and flash bangs in her belt, there is nothing to do but frown in unison with Daisy and nod at the assignment - going after the worst of the worst.

With a finger tap to her com bead, "Copy that. Ready to move."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Gothic Lolita is resting comfortably, the very picture of ease as she waits patiently for the orders to be given. At Daisy's directive, she stands and walks over to her SHIELD mentor without argument, waiting beside her. She's already checked the paired ICERs she wears, along with the standard SHIELD issue assault rifle slung over her shoulder. Mind, she's much better up close. But it pays to have options, and it's not like she's in danger of overencumbering herself, despite her petite size. "Acknowledged." she says cheerfully, stopping by Daisy.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson nods as he hears Fury's words over the comms, "Yes, sir," he replies, before he nods again as he hears the team leaders picking their teams. "Good." There's a biref grin offered to them all, only for a few seconds. "Let's get this done. Good luck, everyone."

Nick Fury has posed:
Fury is content to leave things in Coulson's hands but sometimes you can't resist a line when it pops into your head. "And remember everyone, I've got my eye on you."

Then Fury steps back to let the teams get on with the show, while he keeps eyes and ears on the status updates.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The emergency hatch is hasn't seen much in the way of foot traffic recently. The hatch itself is overgrown with creepers. A few chops of a machete or similar can free it. It's designed to open from the inside, but there are tools for opening stubborn doors. This one is not in the least bit digital. It'd be safe to say that this exit may have been forgotten by time.

    Once through it though, a long staircase leads down in to a damp tunnel. It seems to have not been used in a long time either. There are distant echos of people talking, but this has joined an older tunnel connecting the three different sections of the base via secret entrances and exits. The group can make it to CIC, Silo, or power plant easily from here. They remain undetected for now.

    The radar station on top of the hill has seen better days. It's literally falling apart. This makes it easy to find the hatch entrance in the main office. This one just needs a bit of elbow grease to open. Its card reader is long since dead. The stairs leading down meet a sloped tunnel that heads in to the same secret entrances and exits of the three parts of the base.

    HYDRA may control this base right now, but they didn't build it. This was a US Airforce facility and all the information about its layout is in the SHIELD files. At some point they may find these tunnels, but it seems that today is not that day.

    Approaching the various doorways, the one in to CIC opens in to an old archivist room. Dust everywhere, no lights. A filing cabinet opens up as the secret doorway. The sound of voices grows closer when the team infiltrates.

    The door to the missile silo is similarly camouflaged, though a fake server rack with a vertical tape drive opens up on the mid-floor server room. Outside they can hear grinding and voices. They are working on something out there in the silo.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"We will move in quietly at first. The priority is to discover the hostages and not alert them so they don't have time to hurt our Agents in captivity." Daisy answers Angelo, finishing to get her own gear checked and ready and gestures. "Alright, move out. We will take the secret entrance through the radio towers that leads down to the underground silo, it's the most likely position for them to be holding hostages."

And so they begin to move out, she gesturing. "GL, keep an 'eye' out for heat signatures." a look to Angelo, "Take point in case we get attacked." nothing like putting the immortal Agent to take one for the team!

At the voices heard on the other side of that fake server rack she makes a motion for them to go quiet.. It was time for some stealth.

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding, Angelo holsters all of the SHIELD issue weapons he was issued. He rolls his neck and extends his left hand. Only to have a bronze-metallic looking composite bow materialize in that hand, a quiver of arrows at his right hip. "Silent." he remarks with a nod as he begins moving, "I'm no Hawkeye, but I have had a -bit- of practice over the years." he admits as he moves. He is good at moving quietly. No superhuman powers to enhance that really. But just... moving along with his nightvision monacle helping out. "On point. Aye ma'am." he says in his -barely- accented voice.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peggy is in SHIELD, standard issue blacks right now. The close fitting body armor that seems too thin to protect, but it's saved her life before. ICER, a more heavy gun, lock picking tools, a standard medical kit, and a few other tricks up her sleeve, but she's packed light. If anyone was worried that Peggy's grown rusty in her thawed-out old age, she's not showing it tonight. She nods towards Daisy's words, "You heard the lady." One last, firm look to her team, and off they go.

She spills out of the convoy and into the grass, keeping in a low crouch as she starts towards the hatch. She moves slow enough as to give her a chance to catch any motion sensors ahead of them, lazers or scanners, hopefully before the team trips them. She's also checking steady and silent the women are behind her, but she trusts they are as trained as she. Down into the hatch they go. As they delve into darkness, Peggy slips the set of infared glasses on, since she's got no ability for enhanced vision otherwise. She nods towards the old archivists room and subvocals over her comm unit, "If we can get photos of those files, it's worth it. Get one over all, we'll try to come back for more." She motions them in and closer, trying to pick up on the voices. "If either of you have sharper ears than I do, can you tell what they're saying?"

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ wasn't that much of a thief, but Sonja's robbed more than a few wizards and overly pompous merchants in her day, so she helps guide the trainee's steps. She uses similar equipment to Agent Carter, since she murmurs, "No sharper than yours, I'm afraid, ma'am." She glances back towards Agent Drew, then looks ahead, "So we going for quiet or loud, here?"

Jessica Drew has posed:
SHIELD training takes over, pre-op nerves forgotten as soon as her feet are on the ground. Breaking into the secret entrance poses no problems for them. Jessica adjusts the fit of her glasses augmenting her sight. Slipping her ultra powerful camera from the toolkit around her waist, she videos the room at Agent Carter's behest, each footstep stirring a cloud of dust.

Holding up her hand, the spider-woman nods, pointing to herself and then to her ears, over coms, she sub-vocalizes, <"Two people. Man and woman. Man: 'Come on let's find a quiet room.' Woman: 'Oh is this like that scene we did last week at improv?' That's it?"> She shrugs, eyebrows hiked high in a question.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita nods, the mecha shifting her gaze into thermal view as she starts scanning ahead as Johnson's group breaks off towards the secret entrance. She keeps her assault rifle shouldered, as the ICERs will be quieter for ranged fighting if it happens. Or she can just get up close and personal to choke out an unwary guard. She follows after Angelo so she can alert him if she spots something with her scanning that he might miss and can stop him from trigger an alarm. Speaking of which, she also starts flicking through infrared for signs of any tripwires or lasers along the route.

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ blinks at Jessica's recitation, murmuring softly, "Okay, those must be two of the new recruits, I bet. Improv, so acting classes or a group, which likely means students." She glances over at Peggy, "Least, that's what it sounds like to me, so probably some 'volunteers' looking to tumble in the hay." Her lips quirk a bit at that.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Outside of the server room is a tall vertical underground silo. It once contained a nuclear missile ready at all times to fire on the enemies of the united states. Since it was decommissioned, it hasn't seen the likes of such a missile since HYDRA moved in. Now there are missile panels set out around the walkways. There are workers with welding masks on constructing the missile in-situe. It does not look like a weapons missile, but a payload missile. Many floors down at the bottom, the engines are being worked on.

    There are a lot of guards down there with guns. The sporadic worker here and there, building the fuselage don't seem to be paying much attention to their surroundings though. There's a lot of noise at here, making it easy to cover the sounds of the infiltrating SHIELD team. The best bet on finding captives is down in the heat ways below the missile floor. Flashes of thermal vision appear each time a worker welds another piece of the missile together.

    The archive room is filled with classified and blacked out US Air Force reports. Certainly nothing that HYDRA would have touched or been interested in. SHIELD probably has the unredacted versions on their servers. As the two voices get closer the young couple rattle the handle of the door but don't open it, "Locked," says the young woman. "This'll do anyway babe," says the man and the sounds of the two making out can be heard.

    The room beyond the archive is a forgotten long hall way office with rows of desks, one of which now occupies the couple of SuperSHIELD agents. The strangest part is, Jessica can recognise that man's voice. He was at the fake SHIELD rally at Rochester University handing out t-shirts and invitation cards. He was one of the university students she met on that mission.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Stealth is the name of the game for their team now, so with the use of the loud sounds and using some of their own training Daisy gestures in a silent, 'Move quiet. Disable only if needed.' For disabling this missile wasn't exactly their priority just yet. Hostages first!

Daisy moves along with her team, from cover to cover, moving around the guards. Pauses from time to time to use her own powers to detect other threats around (with the use of her vibrations) and glancing to the other members of the team.

It's time to get all that training to use for the trainees now! And as they approach those heat ways she motions. Time to move on and under the missile.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The very distracted couple, especially being new recruits, immediately gets put into the 'people who need quietly saved' category in Peggy's head. She looks back to the two women behind her. <<"I'm going to get this door open and it's your jobs to make certain they stay quiet. We're still going in on silent. Either we get them on board with us, or unconscious, fast. Bodies can be hidden in here for collection later, I've got zip ties if you need them.">> Peggy subvocalizes to her team, clearly strict about keeping this whole thing quiet.

Then, she's just gotta trust her team is as trained in espionage as she thinks. She's damn good with the door, even if it's locked from the otherside, the older agent has picked locks like this before. If it's not, she's ever so careful to get it open as quiet as possible, but also quick. The goal is to get to the distracted couple and before they can report in there are intruders.

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ nods, drawing out her photonic sword, though she doesn't light it up just yet, "Noted. I've got some zip ties of my own, boss." She smiles a little, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Might be able to talk them out of this, hopefully... especially if they don't know what's really going on." She tenses, ready to move the instant the door gets flung open.

Achilles has posed:
    Yep. Bow is no longer needed. Close confined in there make a spear less useful. But a Xiphos.. Angelo grins and his bow and quiver vanish. They were out just in case. They aren't his best weapons truth be told. But a two and a half foot sword is in his hand as Angelo drops down onto the first catwalk, moving quietly.
    He creeps to the edge and levers himself down to the next level. And then he drops off of that catwalk. In his experience, most guards have trouble looking -up-. Two dimensions are easier to watch than three. His plan is to drop onto the rearmost of the guards. The one who can see everyone else, but whom is not very visible himself.
    The tip of his sword enters the top of one shoulder, angled to slide right into the chest cavity. It's.. a merciful stroke that the target will likely not even feel as the life fades out like air from a popped balloon... and his plan is to land -behind- that guy, letting the sagging body give him cover as he catches it to prevent the THUD of its falling over. But any attention on him, is -not- on his following comrades. And his landing wasn't silent. Just... surprising. But he managed to reach the -guards- before they spotted him so there is that.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita, meanwhile, silently scans for cameras in the area, marking them on her teammates' HUDs if they have them, before steathily , shifting to the side, then actually spidering along the wall silently as she clings to it, marking a guard as he moves out of range of the cameras or his companions. The moment he does, she carefully flips, her hands still clinging, her legs snapping down and around his throat as she smoothily lifts him up towards the catwalk, choking him out as she manuvers him near to Angelo to finish, effortlessly keeping him still as she does. Provided he's just a human, of course.

Jessica Drew has posed:
With a tap to her forehead and a wry shake of her head, Jessica recognizes the voice. Chase, handsome and enthusiastic, and real sure of himself with the ladies. Certainly misguided in his search for someplace to belong, a stereotype of a frat kid attracted to power he hadn't earned and ready to use it.

<"Copy that. I've seen the kid before. No time to talk them around to us. ICE them, tie them.">

Jessica slips ahead of Agent Carter when the door is jimmied open under the agent's expert fingers.

"Chase!" she greets with bonhomie, a forced smile, and the ICER she's drawn from her holster. It pffts twice, leaving the happy couple to crumple to the floor.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson keeps his attention on what's on the comms and such, briefly checking his own equipment just in case. That there's no huge noise coming is a good sign, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The heat ways are charred black from test fires of the nuclear missiles that never had to launch. Set up down there as guards patrol are several medical beds with IVs connected to the people laying on them. They are in a medically induced sleep. There's a doctor in a white lab coat moving from person to person. One of the people has blue skin. These are likely the prisoners. The guards don't seem too terribly worried about anyone sneaking all the way down here. Who would do that?

    Staying one step ahead of the guards is a piece of cake for the agents, trainees or not. The heat vision some of them have brought along make the task just that much simpler. They did pass may be a dozen guards on their way down to the bottom depths of the silo though. Mostly it was workers welding away who were easy to sneak up behind and ICER or choke to unconsciousness. No one seems to be checking on the workers. Angelo takes the a more final approach with some of the guards, cutting them down with his sword. Gothic goes for the neck snaps. Each of the workers and felled agents are wearing a strange watch on their wrist that doesn't tell the time.

    Getting out with all these unconscious people could be tricky though. A scan of the architecture and heat signatures reveals no one else hidden away. If Morse and Simmons are at this base, they are not with the captured gifted.

    Back in the offices, the pair of agents peripherally become aware that they are not alone. They scramble to their feet. The female agent has her jumpsuit opened revealing a Nickel Back t-shirt underneath. They both immediately touch the strange watches on their wrists. The attempts to ICER them fail as they phase out and move apart, the ICER shots passing right through them. "Uh oh! Stay where you are! Identify yourself," says the young woman as she phases back in. The man holds up a panic button.

    Chase stares at Jessica a moment and then recognition comes on his face, "Hey I know you. You were at the rally." His eyes look over her uniform, and those of the other two. "Wait, you're SHIELD too? But, what?" Confused, he phases back in as well still holding the alarm button. "Heather I know her." Heather frowns with annoyance and touches her watch again, "How did you get in here? you don't have clearance for this facility."

Peggy Carter has posed:
Well, as the ICER plan doesn't pan out quite as expected, Peggy's eyes dropping to that strange wrist watch that, if everyone has them, is going to make this far more complicated, Peggy opts for the second possibility. She pulls her glasses off so her full face is visible, banking hope on hope that the kid knows his SHIELD history. Her British accent is clear and clipped, though words come whispered low, meant only for the little group of five in the hallway now.

"We're all SHIELD agents. If you know SHIELD history, I am one of it's founders. The group you've aligned yourselves with are using the SHIELD name as a false flag." She motions to Jessica and MJ, "Badges." While pulling out her own, very quickly, to flash some solid proof to the necking students. She still has one hand near her weapon, but hasn't drawn it. She's trusting Jess and Mary to be the combat back up here if it's needed. "If you want to work with SHIELD, *actual* SHIELD, we could use your help. They have two of our people prisoner and a lot more innocents captured."

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
At Peggy's prompting, MJ reveals her badge, lowering the ICER she had in her hand, "Agent Watson, though you can call me Sonja if you prefer." She smiles a little crookedly, "Hate to interrupt, but what Agent Carter said is correct. I'm afraid this is a front for something that is definitely /not/ SHIELD, and we can use all the help we can get, if you're willing." She smiles, adding her own persuasiveness to Peggy's pitch in an effort to help things along.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Smiling sheepishly, Jessica lowers her gun, spreading her hands in a gesture of apology. She flips out the badge to flash at the two, still smiling. "I remember you from the rally, Chase. And this is 'the' Peggy Carter. Fight with the real SHIELD. We need your help!" Her gaze wavers between the two, concentrating more on the girl since she seems more likely to go for backup. Carefully, she puts her badge away, then holsters the ICER.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Angelo and GL handling the guards that get on their way Daisy instead keeps an eye out for trouble, making sure they are not disturbed as they take out the guards, a subtle manipulation of her own powers to snuffle any yelps or POWs that may occur that could alert other guards to what is going on..

Yet when they get down to the charred passgeways and they are far enough from other guards she says through comms. <<Spotted a large group apparently assembling a new missile in this facility. We have taken out most of the guards.>> then her eyes going to those watches... She frowns. "GL, can you examine one of those?" she asks.

And once they find the prisoners down there she frowns, <<We have found the prisoners. No signs of Jemma or Bobbi here." a faint hint of worry on her tone.

"Angelo, can you help check their conditions?" she asks, moving to one of the beds to see the overall condition of the prisoners..., and how to wake them.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    <<Acknowledged.>> is Lolita's response as she moves to one of the downed guards, carefully looking over the watch without removing it from their arm, just in case there's some sort of genetic lock on them. If possible, she'll plug into it with a small cord she extrudes from her wirst, crouching next to one of the bodies in question. <<If they can be woken up, it will be much easier to get them back out, but they seem heavily sedated.>> She doesn't have a medical ability to tell much other than that, other than basic first aid.

Achilles has posed:
    "Copy." states the stoic soldier of a bygone era. He moves from bed to bed, checking vitals of patients. IF there are readouts, he'll look over those too. He's no medic but he's done a lot of odd jobs over the centuries. "I don't want to wake anyone until I know the conditions of -all- of them. Also, if any of them happen to be medics, that'll help too but... no, I don't see -our- people." he admits, the sword vanishing into its divine storage as he searches. He moves with haste, his his touches are gentle and careful. He's seen many downed and wounded soldiers in the past, and he will not make it worse for these people if he has -any- choice.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Chase and Heather look at each other and pull out their own identification badges with the SuperSHIELD logo on them. Heather softens a touch, "Oh my gosh I love your accent. It's adorables." But, not actually being part of SHIELD they have no idea who Peggy Carter is. Chase though frowns a moment, "What do you mean, a false flag? we're the super powered arm of SHIELD. It's right there in the name, SuperSHIELD. We help people with super powers, the gifted people. Give them a safe haven and may be even recruit them."

    Heather huffs, "Yeah you're going to have to do better than that. I'm going to call this in if you don't explain yourself. I'm only giving you a chance because of your accent, and because you.. kinda look like you are SHIELD. But, training warned us there are fake SHIELD agents who will try and infiltrate our base." Her eyes look to Mary Jane Watson and says, "I'm Agent Wheeler and he's Agent Gathers."

    In the silo, the strange watch appears to be an upgrade on the previous technology by Toshiro Mori for Daniel Whitehall. The technology that gives regular human beings the powers of the gifted. It has a dial to select between numerous powers - speed, strength, quaking, electricity, phasing. Not only does it give regular human beings powers, it also gives them an assured life ending heart attack.

    Angelo's investigation of the prisoners reveals them all to have steady but slow heart beats. Whatever sedative they're using, they appear to be in a kind of REM sleep. Their eyes flit from side to side under their eyelids.

    It is unfortunate that at this time one of the dead bodies is found by another guard doing their round. A siren erupts through the facility and from above those down below can see numerous more heat signatures, though these ones are on high alert. The sounds from way above echo down, "Fan out, stay in groups, search every room." along with "Another body over here sir." with a reply "Release the manhacks. If it's the damn prisoners again, kill them all." the group above in unison says, "Hail HYDRA!."

    The sounds of whirring blades in the air as two armoured drones begin to descend down, circling around the missile chassis as they go. They both feature a large buzz saw at their center. One of the HYDRA agents above is wearing a special head set and is controlling them through VR.

    The siren reaches the ears of Heather and Chase as well and Chase's hands begin to crackle with electricity, "Okay intruders, you best talk good and talk fast. What do you mean by 'real' SHIELD?"

Phil Coulson has posed:
Letting out a breath as he hears about the missile, Coulson frowns. "What kind of a missile?" he says, before he lets out a bit of a breath at the report about the prisoners. "Are they in a condition to be moved? And we need to find..." It's about that time he can hear that siren, which makes the frown deepen. "What's going on there? Report!"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Alright, let's start waking them up carefully and quietly.." Daisy says, beginning to do just that to the patient she was observing, disconnecting the IV and then giving a tap on the face of the first one .. Time to go to the second and ---

The alarm starts blaring. A frown appears on Daisy's expression. <<We are in the process of waking up the prisoners. We will begin extraction ASAP.>> she warns.

"GL, Angelo. Lets get this done fast." And uh .., manhacks? She doesn't like that at -all-. "GL, take point on those." she says, while hopefully she and Angelo can get those prisoners up and moving.

"We are SHIELD, the real one. Here to rescue you!" She tells to the first few that begin to wake up.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The reports of bodies, and searching agents, is hard to hear over the comm units. But Peggy's got to try it, picking up bits and pieces from other agents in other areas of the building. She reaches to her earpiece, switching her comm unit to broadcasting aloud on speaker, instead of directly into her eart. She does it just in time for the last little bit. Something about 'damn prisoners again, kill them all,' and then a far louder, 'Hail HYDRA!' The last piece is sharply clear. Maybe one of the pair would recognize the voices from the first piece, if they could hear well.

"*That*. That is what we are talking about. That is your people. They are talking about killing prisoners and definitely NOT SHIELD. Daniel Whitehall, if you know that man, has been loyal to HYDRA his whole life. He's tricking you. We can give you the records and the proof later. You don't have to believe us now, but please don't try to stop us." Peggy pleads, her heart in her throat. She nods to the other two agents to start moving, her hand going for her own ICER, but she keeps it pointed at the floor. She just knows they can't waste more time.

Then, her comm still broadcasting loudly, Daisy's voice cuts across into the dusty hall way, 'We are SHIELD, the real one! Here to rescue you!' Just further back up to the story. Maybe it's enough.

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding to Daisy, Angelo inclines his head and places one of those watches in a pocket, just in case. I mean a heart attack won't -kill- him. It'd hurt, but it might be worth it for a single shot use of some power to save the others.
    Either way, he does as Daisy commands and begins moving faster, waking folks up and yet keeping an eye on the door. After a few patients are revived, he says, "I think I should guard the door so we don't get interrupted." and draws a plasma weapon in his hands... gesturing towards said door as his brows lift in Daisy's direction.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"We have to go. Come with us, Chase. Heather. Please believe us for your sake. For your lives. Please." Jessica's voice is low and earnest as she pleads with the two young 'agents'.

"Agent Carter, we have to move. I want them with us, too." The alarm cuts across her words. She gestures down the hall, not saying the obvious.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
R    "The watches appear to be a version of the devices created by Dr. Mori for Daniel Whitehall, with settings for strength, speed, electricity, or your vibrational powers." Lolita reports to Daisy. "Nothing seems changed, so presumably still fatal if overused. If all the guards are carrying these, we are going to be facing an entire unit of powered individuals shortly.

    As she's directed to buy time, she simply nods. "Acknowledged." The pulchritudinous mecha promptly moves towards the oncoming drones at speed, meaning to give Daisy and Angelo the time they need to get the prisoners moving away from the oncoming guard reinforcements and their buzzsaw-carrying minion drones. She crouches gracefully, waiting until the lower one of the two drones appears, before she leaps, the ground denting under her as she leads with a right hook, trying to smash the drone hard to the side as her other hand brings up her assault rifle, opening fires on the oncoming guards mostly for supression, to get them to dive for cover. Though if she can snap a shot off at the obvious VR guy, she will totally put a shot through his gear at the least. Or the head behind it. They DID say lethal force was authorized, after all.

Nick Fury has posed:
Five minutes. Five minutes of sleep was all Gayle asked for, but apparently that was too much. The sirens sound in the silo commander's quarters as they do all over the base as Gayle Trushot rises from her bed adjusting her eye patch. She hammers her fist into the comms and says, "Report, now."

"We've found dead guards inside the facility," comes the reply. "We're sweeping for those responsible now."

Gayle frowns a moment. "Do so. Maximum armament authorized," she pauses a moment, head cocked. "I will make an announcement."

The comms are switched off and the intercom comes in its place. "Attention all SuperSHIELD personnel, the day we have trained for has come, Hydra is here, and we must fight! Give them no mercy as they will give you none in return. Fight hard and SHIELD will prevail. Leave no intruder alive. Do not surrender. This is an order from Field Director Trushot, authorization Zeta-9-2-2-9."

With the orders given Trushot pulls on her guns, and phases through the wall.

Let the games begin.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The prisoners begin to stir. They're groggy and confused. They look temporarily concerned about hearing SHIELD once again. Certainly, they are afraid of that name. The alarms going off have a few sitting up faster than the others. It's clear these people are setting them free though. One lady reaches out a hand and says, "I.. can't feel my power." She stands up and winces. There are bandages up and down her legs where samples had been roughly taken. The others begin to rouse further and rise up off of theirs bed. "I had the strangest nightmare." Another sits up and rubs his temples, "My head aches. What did they do to us?" Another man rests a hand on Angelo's shoulder and he utters with a weak voice, "Thank you. They said they were going to help me.. they lied."

    The drones swirl around toward the team and Gothic gets her mighty punch in. The things are armoured well, but not too much so as to remain light. It crumples under her blow, the blades glancing off of her at their very high RPMs. With the HYDRA agents slowly working their way down the cat walks, the first guy doesn't react in time to the sudden fire from an assault rifle. His torso is peppered with holes and he drops to the grated walk way. The next target responds faster, phasing out and the bullets pass right through him. The rifle finds its next target, the VR head set.. and the head in it. The second drone starts to fly wildly bumping in to a wall and cutting up the cement as it loses telemetry.

    "They're down the bottom!," one of the HYDRA agents yells.

    Chase and Heather stare at each other in confusion and horror. They lower their hands and step next to each other. In hushed whispering tones they begin to deliberate on what they've just learned. They don't get in the way of the SHIELD agents. Then, over the intercom they hear the announcement. 'HYDRA is here'.. Heather blurts out, "Well no shit! Fuck, that'd mean Director Trushot is ... HYDRA?" Chase nods his head gravely, "We have to convince the others. They'll listen to us." Heather returns the nods in agreement. "Agent Carter.. Agent Drew, Agent Watson. You don't know what you're walking in to. Please, let us lead."

    They don't wait for an answer, but instead rush out of the offices. In the hallway they meet up with a group of three of their colleagues. "Guys! GUYS! Stop," Heather pleads and Chase says, "It's us.. I mean, them, I mean.. us is HYDRA. We're HYDRA. We've been duped. There are REAL SHIELD agents rescuing all the gifted we brought in. We heard it over the comms." Two of the three look confused for a moment and are about to raise concerns and doubts about their fellow colleagues when the fourth says, "Ahh well fuck this shit." His hands crackle with energy as he touches the backs of his two colleague's necks and they begin to fry where they stand. "Hail HYDRA," he says with a smirk as he lets go and the two drop to the floor dead.

Phil Coulson has posed:
As he hears what's said over the comms, there might be some curse words muttered by Coulson. Going back to listening carefully for now, he once more checks his equipment. "Everyone okay in there?" he says into the comms.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peggy relaxes just an inch as the words out of her comm seem to convince Heather and Chase of their earnesty. They had allies, and allies that knew the inside of this building. Peggy nods immediately to them, "Lead the way. If you can get us to Whitehall, all the better. We need to take him in." Normally she'd be paranoid, but they didn't have the time.

She rushes after the pair in the hall, keeping eyes on everything, weapon out to help defend them, but there's no reason to fire until she knows some of the other agents aren't to be convinced. When that other just fries the two they were talking to, she mentally swears. Hopefully Jess or Mary Jane already have their weapons targetting and fire on him *while* he's shocking the people, so he has no time to phase out. If all three of the other agents are down, Peggy orders, "Get their watches. We could use the same advantage." And she'll slap one of those on her wrist...if her teammates kill the traitor in time.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the prisoners starting to get roused up to mobility Daisy looks relieved, a faint smile coming to her lips. "Right now we need to focus on getting you to safety. The powers will come later." she says, her tone gentle, perhaps trying to keep them calm...

Though when she speaks towards GL and Angelo her tone gets firmer. "Time to show why you were picked for the rescue. Take point. Open us a way out. I will stay back and get stragglers."

She will make sure to get the group up and ready to go, close together and will wait for the two trainees to go in front, hands ready and prepared to block any incoming attacks with her vibrational shields. Saving lives is the priority!

<<We are moving now, going to take the exit through the secret passage if we can reach it.>> she says.

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Sonja doesn't hesitate, ICER in her other hand as she aims and fires right at Mister "HAIL Hydra." And she might shoot him a few extra times for good measure. Can't be too careful after all.

She then glances over towards Chase and Heather, "How many of your other 'friends' might flip, you think?" She frowns, not liking the fact that one of those to be 'rescued' ended up liking the idea of HYDRA.

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding to Daisy, Angelo hefts the plasma Bazooka. "Yes ma'am." he says before turning and rushing out the door. It's not long before his voice comes back over the comms, <<Engaging.>> And that plasma cannon can be heard discharging in the hallway. It's not a beam weapon so much as a super grenade launcher. So the plasma heat washes over the hallway and down past the door out of the prisoner room.
    Action happening off camera can be fun. But as the camera pans out into the hallway, Angelo is down on one knee, cannon aimed down the hallway and guards are toppled like tenpins.
    He fires the second round downrange and drops the weapon... surging to his feet as the thermal bloom washes over him. When it clears, he is in his bronze armor, not just the SHIELD issue stuff, a needler in one hand and his sword in the other as he charges an enemy formation.
    Over comms, he says, <<Out the door, seven meters down the corridor is an exit route to your left Quake.>> he says, <<I saw stairs up there. GL, maybe you could take point up there. I have a small army of troops down here.>> he says as he fires into a group of them and charges into melee.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    <<Alert. All guards have the same watches used earlier, providing strength, lightning, speed, and quake powers. I have observed one using phasing powers as well. Any guard with these watches can use these abilities at will though sustained use will kill them.>> She leans into the buzzsaw as it strikes off her supertough skin ins a shower of sparks, cleaving through her uniform easily before it goes spinning away as she leaps up, charging the oncoming HYDRA troops. She ignores the now driverless drone, leaping off to aim for the wall the enemy troops are now starting to try and use for cover as she just goes right through it and starts swinging, striking with brutal force to drop as many as she can before they can think to phase as well. <<Agent Johnson, one phased, he may go for you past me.>>

Nick Fury has posed:
A smooth almost amused voice calls out behind Daisy, "Oof, whatever your friend is up to down there sounds painful," it says as Gayle Trushot phases into being behind the superpowered SHIELD agent. "Glad you sent him ahead."

The room seems to thrum with sudden vibrations then Trushot raises both hands and lets fly with a vibrational pulse rending stretches and medical equipment on its journey towards Daisy, and the prisoners.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Chase and Heather stare in horror as their friends are killed by someone they trusted. But somehow, he was HYDRA. Their hands instinctively come together and hold. It takes them a moment to snap out of it when the guy is dropped with the ICER. "Th.. ah.. holy shit," Heather says. Chase replies, "Holy shit for real Heather."

    They turn to face the SHIELD agents, their faces burning with terror. They have never faced this kind of violence before. Unlike real SHIELD agents, they haven't exactly been trained for this. "Whitehall? I have no idea who that is. But.. there's Director Trushot, she's in charge of this place. Epicenter, he was the senior agent here.. though he's been missing for weeks now. And there's the Supreme Director, Eric Standgood, but he hasn't visited us in weeks either. We see him on the screens from time to time? The operations center is this way though, ..I I don't know who else will be in our way," Heather says and Chase adds, "I thought Donovan was my friend.. but he was HYDRA and a murderer.. oh gosh. I don't know who to trust any more." Heather steels herself, making fists of her hands. She sets her watch to strength and points, "This way."

    The HYDRA agents rushing forward weren't ready to be washed out of existence by a plasma wave. The agents behind them are quick to phase out - and remain phased out like ghosts. Four of them materialise in to flesh once more by Angelo and begin assault in proper. One is super fast, the other hits super hard, one begins to blast him with a quake shockwave while the last shoots electricity from their hands at him.

    Two HYDRA agents that Gothic Lolita has engaged begin to phase in and out while taking kicks. These ones are adeptly changing the setting on their watch from phasing to strength as they kick and punch at the android. But, her superior sensor sweat can pick up the sudden pique of heart activity, racing, the beads of sweat on their foreheads. They're next to impossible to hit and pack a strong punch to boot, but the fatal flaw of the powered serum is kicking in rapidly.

    As Gayle Trushot re-phases in behind Quake the group if prisoners hoping to become escapees shuffle against the wall so as not to be a target in this battle.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Good shot, Agent Watson." While the watches are a known danger, if it means getting Whitehall or Trushot, or not, Peggy isn't opposed to using them. She hesitates just half a second before pulling one off one of the dead agent's wrist and onto her own. She passes another to Jess, though let's MJ take hers off of her successful knock out. "Tie him, take the watch if you want, let's keep moving. Careful on the watches. They've had fatal side effects including heart attacks on unpowered agents. Just... Just careful."

Peggy's then standing, nodding to Jessica and Chase, "Tell us where, point out Trushot when you can. Describe Standgood to us as we're moving, but stay back then. We're trained for this and we want you on our sides..." She looks to Jessica a moment. Maybe the woman is better at giving reassurances? She vaguely knew the man, at least. But there wasn't much time for reassurance. She keeps up a light jog down the hall, following their new allies.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
<<Copy that.>> Daisy replies to both Angelo and GL, a gesture. "Take the left exit." she says to the group with her as they are rushing out, a finger pointing towards the intended escape route.. Yet GL's warning that a phased Agent could be zoning in on the group makes her be wary for ambushes, which is exactly what saves her from getting hit in the head by Trushot's attack, hands extending quickly and diverting the attack up, making the equipment clatter harmlessly against a wall..

"Maybe you shouldn't be that glad." She says, her demeanor turning quite serious, darker. These people are harvesting powers out of Inhumans, her people. "Because you are using a power that doesn't belong to you, bitch. Lets see how you do against the original."

Those years of training with her powers come to the fore, focusing and sending a shockwave towards Trushot, vibration against vibration as they hold there for a moment, powers against powers.

Phil Coulson has posed:
As he hears that they are working on getting the prisoners out of there, Coulson nods. "Good job," he offers back over the comms. Otherwise simply listening carefully to what's being said. After all, it sounds like they are all rather occupied down there for now. No need to distract them right now.

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Sonja wrinkles her nose, "I will /not/ use that vile sorcery... ma'am." She shakes her head as Peggy takes the watch, but ties up the downed Donovan with her zipties, then she falls into step with the others.

Agent Watson then looks at the two they found, "And look, you guys are /my/ age... that's why HYDRA recruited you, they preyed on your idealism. But you know, it's not impossible to join SHIELD for real, though we don't have a whole lot of powers. Well, some of us do, but a lot of people just have good training and a dedication to doing what's /right/. That's really all it takes." She pauses, then adds ruefully, "Oh, and paperwork. There's a lot of paperwork." Then she grins and gives the two a wink, "But in the few months I've been with SHIELD? Has been really great."

Jessica Drew has posed:
After taking the watch from Agent Carter, Jessica straps it to her hand. Looking up, concern darkening her eyes for the two innocents, she says, "Stay behind us. Shout out who you know, and we'll do our best to take care of you. You heard about what this thing," she holds up her wrist to them, "does to you." She breaks into a jog glancing over her shoulder once. "They don't care how many people they go through. Let's go!"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita fights back, bringing up her arms and legs in blocks as the superpowered punches slam into her, knocking her back steadily as she's forced to go on the defensive. She tries to time for when they have to come out of phase and hit her for a block strike combo, grabbing for the wrist with the watch if possible to simply crush it, yanking the person forward as she brings up a knee in their stomach. She could just keep their attention after all...if they have a fatal heart attack trying to kill her, that's one way of ensuring they're no longer an issue.

    But then, the other agents might need her assistance, so instead she waits until one phases, then punches down into the catwalk to rip away the floor underneath them. She's fairly sure they don't have a lot of experience phasing...and gravity seems to still affect them.

Achilles has posed:
    Out in the hallway, Angelo is up against overwhelming numbers. Something he is used to. While he is taking hits and shots that are dangerously pwoerful and lethal, he keeps going. He just doesn't know how to quit. He glances over his shoulder and watches as the civilians flee for the exit. They are not going to make it. He can't keep all of these attackers from getting past him. Not by himself.
    If GL has gone upstairs to secure the exit, he needs to hold them here.... His sword lashes out and stabs into the torso of another of the attackers as he twists and whirls, emptying the last twenty rounds from his needler into another of his attackers. Only nine left.
    He materealizes his shield on his left wrist, drops the pistol and pulls out his spear instead of his sword. Time to play roadblock. <<Quake. Can you evac?>> he asks, his voice a bit labored. He is growing tired as anyone will when engaged in nonstop combat. He takes a punch to the shield, the impact jarring his whole body. Undying does not mean un-hurting. He grimaces his teeth as his shoulder dislocates... and he slams himself into a wall to pop it back into place. <<Evac. Now. Go. I'll be right behind you.>> he says. He has a plan.

Nick Fury has posed:
Trushot stands her ground as the shockwaves meet sending beds and medical equipment flying all around them as the energy bleeds outwards. Slowly though, Daisy's training and experience begins to show and Trushot slides backwards towards the wall. "Bye!" she says and stops letting Quake's blast throw her backwards as she phases away through the wall. For the moment Daisy and the prisoners are alone.

For the moment.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Chase exclaims, "Heart attacks? they never told us anything about heart attacks!?" Heather looks back at Peggy with wide eyed concern. Between the two of them they vaguely describe Eric Goodstand as most certainly being Daniel Whitehall. When they realise that Goodstand is Whitehall, they go silent. As they round a corner in to a more modernised operations room, there are agents of SuperSHIELD everywhere.

    Powers start to intensify, tremors and electricity, a shimmer from someone moving slightly faster than usual. Heather and Chase quickly step in front of the trio as someone says, "It's HYDRA." Chase yells out, "It's not! They're SHIELD. They're the REAL SHIELD. We've been duped. Lied to! We've been working for HYDRA. Instead of helping the gifted, they've imprisoned them.. somewhere on this base!" Heather chips in, these two do have good standing amongst the agents, "Goodstand is really called Whitehall, he's been in HYDRA for ever. He's been pulling the strings."

    Discussion amongst people breaks out and several of the agents start to look agitated and one of them says, "Hey you heard the director, Zeta-9-2-2-9, you know what that means." The sudden explosion of powers in the room is a confusing blood bath. It's impossible to tell who is on what side as HYDRA and duped Agents of SuperSHIELD begin to battle. Strength, speed, phasing in and out, electricity flying everywhere, the room shaking and objects going flying, people going flying too. Amongst it all, Heather ducks down and points, "Director Trushot's office is that one over there."

    The prisoners edge their way along the wall and rush out through the left exit. There they see the fake computer wall and rush through it in to the darkened tunnels that lead up and out of this facility.

    Gothic Lolita can see one of the agents clenching their left hand, a heart attack setting in. It gives her enough time to grab that watch and crush it, along with bones beneath it. They cry out in pain and crumple before being knocked out. That second agent fighting her though, phases at just the wrong time for the floor to be taken out from underneath them. They begin to fall and instinctively try to grab for the catwalk, though their hands pass right through it. Their body passes right through the next floor below too and then suddenly they un-phase, half way through that fall, with the metal catwalk embedded inside their torso. They cough up blood as their final act on this Earth.

    The HYDRA agents grin feeling victory is at hand against Angelo. He seems superhumanly tough, but it wouldn't cross their mind that they can't actually kill him. If it did, they might consider decapitation. They have formed a strategy, one becomes the target of his blade, phases, while the others take easy pot shots. When he hits the wall one of them extends their hands and hits him with a tremor blast and the other hits him with a near bolt of electricity. They are intent on taking their pound of flesh off the bronze amored SHIELD agent.

    The silo walls are starting to shake, chunks of concrete falling off, sections of catwalk tumbling down. The combined double quaking has set in motion a tremor that is ripping apart this 80 year old facility.

    As Trushot phases out of the room and speeds back to her office, there is a shadow in that directors offices perforated window. It's hard for Trushot to miss the mayhem happening just outside her door. Things have gone full Z9229. There's a beeping on the communicator panel, the large holographic projector at the far end of her room blinks a red light indicating she's getting a call from Whitehall. Evidently, he was made aware that the alarms had sounded at his most precious 'Panskelion' project.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy grits her teeth as she fights off against Trushot, growling her frustration when she escapes. "Coward!", then immediately speaking up to comms. <<The Agent attacking me fled through the wall. Careful.>> She warns. But no time to waste now.. She begins walking up through that exit that leads to the outside. At least until she spots Angelo getting overwhelmed..<<Duck.>> Is all she offers in warning, one hand extending up and she sending a shockblast trailing down that corridor Angelo is fighting at. Perhaps it will offer a moment to breathe, or not. But it's all she can do now.

<<We are moving up and out of the facility now.>> she picks up her pace to keep up with the prisoners.

<<Agent Coulson, do we have backup in standby?>>

Peggy Carter has posed:
Chaos is something Peggy is used to, but it's been a very long time since she's been in the complete throes of it, especially in a very outnumbered fight. She's got a goal -- get to Trushot and, if they are lucky, Goodstand. As the two they've connected to confirm her suspicions, she calls over the comm units to the rest of the team, "Whitehall is probably NOT here. He's now going by the alias of Eric Standgood. He hasn't been here in weeks. Someone named Trushot is in charge of this operation. Trying to get to them now." That way, if the whole team in this room is taken down, at least the information is out there.

Peggy swings out a violent kick at one of the agents rising up against them but, without super powers, it's more a game of highly dangerous dodgeball than whak-a-SuperSHIELD agent. Peg's ICER is out, trying to make a few carefully timed shots to get other agents unconscious when they are mid-focusing on someone else. When Heather points out the office, she knows her goal.

"We gotta get THERE. Help clear a path. I'm going in. I'd love back up." And then she watches the other agents go to action. The moment she sees a clear path, door open, that's where she's running full tilt. Inside office, Trushot down. Those are her goals, lofty as they might be. She's still got her ICER out and ready, no matter how tempting it is to pull the more lethal weapon.

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ looks over at Agent Carter, "Let me take the lead, I'll clear a path to that door." With that, she lights up her photonic sword, and undoes the scrunchie holding her hair back. With that, she leaps into the chaos, using her blade with surgical precision as she ducks and weaves through the periphery of the chaos, stunning and knocking out random SuperSHIELD recruits along the way. She has a few close calls, but the recruits seem to be focused on each other in the chaos, giving her a chance to forge a path through to the door.

And once she gets there, she decides to forego subtlety in favor of just kicking the door open, then sidestepping to allow Peggy and Jessica the chance to breach.

Phil Coulson has posed:
He may have listened to some radio dramas throughout the years, but this is far more dramatic to listen to. Letting out thast breath he didn't know he held back, Coulson nods as he hears the question over the comms. "Backup is standby for whenever you need it," he replies to Daisy's question. "Just let me know where and when you want them."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Before all hell breaks loose, brave, young (though not much younger than Jessica), Chase and Heather try to reason with their colleagues. War between the believers and unbelievers splatters blood up the walls as they battle each other. Bio-electric energy arcs from Jessica's hands, taking down an agent that picked up a desk to throw. Spinning in place, her foot arcs out to snap another agent's neck. She ducks a blow, shooting the woman with her ICER before backing up toward Agent Carter and Mary Jane.

"Ready?" She puts her shoulder to the door and turns the knob to let them into the office. "After you," she says after a quick glance behind them.

Achilles has posed:
    The vibro-shock gives Angelo a second to breathe for sure. He dismisses the dented and damaged shield, and dismisses the spear as well. He steps over into the middle of the hallway. He reaches his hand into his pocket and pulls the watch out. His helmet is dented and dinged and... seems to be repairing itself. Then the helmet itself vanishes also, <<Get out. I'll hold them. You guys get them out. You know I'll make it. Everyone go.>> he suggests as he straps the watch on his left wrist and twists the dial to find electrical powers....
    His teeth grit and pain wracks his body. But pain is something he's not unfamiliar with. His whole body tenses up, muscles straining before it settles in... and his hands spread out to his sides... power arcing off of his fingertips. "So.." he mutters, "This is what my Great Grandfather felt like huh?" he asks before he pours power into his attackers.. letting it all out without any restraint.

Nick Fury has posed:
Back at the Triskelion, Fury looks at the reports coming in from the mission, he hits the comms. "Coulson, time to send in the tac team reinforcements to secure this 'Panskelion'," there's no end of scorn in how he says the name. "And get our people and the prisoners out of there. You have my full authority."

Nick Fury has posed:
Trushot makes it back to her office, face pale and sweating, she takes a breath and pops a pair of pills dry swallowing them as she pulls up the Panskelion's surveillance footage. She needed to plan her next ambush of the SHIELD agents, especially Quake. That was one scalp she definitely wanted for her wall; Doctor Whitehall would be glad to see her taken care of.

That's when the light begins to blink. "Speak of the devil," she says, pressing the button as she stretches a hand for the door, just in case the agents the cameras show milling by her office make a move. When the image of Whitehall appears she says, "Hail Hydra, Doctor, SHIELD has found the Panskelion, what are your orders?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    With the immediate threat vanquished, Lolita tilts her head, scanning for Daisy and Angelo, then notes the high level of thermal signatures around Angelo as she simply steps off the catwalk, clinging to the wall as she starts making her way down as lightning burns through the entire group of HYDRA troopers. When the electrical storm below finally ends, she drops down, daintily stepping over any smoldering corpses. "SHIELD protocols frown on leaving people behind. Beside that, I /am/ the tank, and meant for absorbing damage as needed to shield others."

    She glances around. "Not that this seems necessarily, but perhaps we should catch up to Agent Johnson in case she needs assistance?

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The prisoners, now escapees, emerge from the emergency exit hatch and are alarmed to be greeted by a group of SHIELD agents. These ones though reveal their faces and hold up their hands welcomingly, with bottles of water and blankets, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this way, this way. We're going to get you out of here and to real safety. We have phones in the truck if you wish to call your loved ones, or family. That was a joke," says the agent in charge of looking after the rescued gifted. He stage whispers to Daisy, even though she looks a little worn out from the fight, "Tough crowd, am I right?"

    The hologram activates and standing in the corner of the room looking calm as ever is Daniel Whitehall. He's wearing a dove gray suit and small round rimmed glasses. There's a handkerchief in his suit pocket made of silk. Whitehall frowns a touch as he gets the update from his most trusted agent. "How... unfortunate. You are to evacuate immediately, we will learn from our mistakes and build a better institution for acquiring the Inhumans. I've had my fun, I suppose, Super SHIELD was never meant to last."

    Jessica is quite equiped to handle these agents. Even though it's hard to tell who is HYDRA and who is fighting for their lives right now, she doesn't need some special watch to give her electrical powers. The duo with Mary Jane gets them through the door in to the office. The hologram of Daniel Whitehall turns to look over to Peggy Carter and Jessica. "Director Carter. It's been so long. I'd invite you over to suffer in a prison for 40 years but you know, I just don't feel like listening to your righteous blathering every day. Trushot, Kill her, then meet me on the island. Hail HYDRA, Peggy." The hologram disappears.

    The corpses remain sizzling at Angelo's feet as Gothic Lolita joins him. Parts of the roof begin to cave in, their window to escape is closing rapidly. The whole silo section of the facility is caving in on itself. The large metal and concrete silo doors at the very top start to twist and angle toward falling in to the big hole too.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There's relief on Daisy's expression when they are greeted by a team of SHIELD, the real ones, she only groaning at the attempt of a joke from the other Agent .. "Just glad they are out safe.. But we still got Agents in there." she says, turning back to the entrance. To Coulson she says, <<Thank you, Sir. I believe we got every prisoner out. Now just need to get the Agents.>> a pause and she speaks again, <<GL, Angelo. Do you copy? Get out, the structure won't hold..>> she says, already 'reading' it by the vibrations being created by the whole thing. Nope, not long to go..

She dashes to the entrance to aid if needed, touching the walls so as to absorb the vibrations, a small band-aid to keep the silo stable for a bit longer. Sweat starts to accumulate on her brow at the effort.

Peggy Carter has posed:
When Peggy has the time for it, she's going to be writing a very nice report about Mary Jane's sword work, because it's impressive as hell to watch. Right now is not the time, or the moment for witty banter. She keeps low, out of the line of most fire, watching Mary and Jessica really cut clear a swath for them to get into that office. When they are in the office, however, Peggy goes stiff and deadly still for one second. The sight of Standgood. Whitehall. *Reinhardt.* on that screen is enough to make the generally calm Brit genuinely angry. Hopefully, Jessica can use the time to open fire, or eletricity, on Trugood, while Peggy takes a moment with her old nemesis.

"We're getting closer, Reinhardt. You'll be back with us soon enough, and this time I won't make the mistake of letting you rot in prison." Oh yes, that's a death threat. Peggy is spitting mad. She's also trying to keep him on screen long enough to see the background of where he is. Office? What's the view outside? Any other identifying remarks? A calender or clock on the wall to see the timezone. She's probably not lucky enough to have the call traced, but she's trying to keep him around long enough to get information.

Achilles has posed:
    Breathing heavily now, Angelo puts hands on his knees and bends over. "Okay." he mutters, taking two breaths before he adds, "Time.... to go." And he turns to start jogging towards the exit. "Though. I think you might need to carry me." he mutters to Gothic Lolita, He is taking stairs three at a time before he stutters, and stiffens. "You mentioned heart attack. Never had one before. It hurts ... a lot." he mutters as he stops running....

Phil Coulson has posed:
Was that a hint of a smile from Coulson as he hears Fury's words. "With pleasure, sir," he replies, before he turns to those tac team reinforcements, signaling for them to move in. "Reinforcements incoming now," he calls out over the comms to the teams inside. "And good job getting the prisoners out of there."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Each, 'Hail, HYDRA' digs its way deeper under Jessica's skin. Likely, Peggy Carter and Phil Coulson know the whole truth about her captivity and conditioning, the years spent under HYDRA's lies. Time and therapy, a will to free herself of their influence, have attenuated its worst.

She freezes at the sight of Whitehall, and shudders as 'Hail, HYDRA' slithers from his lips, losing a precious second of time. Snapping out of it, the woman created by HYDRA and her parent's gullibility, raises her palms as though in praise and releases a venomous burst of bio-electricity at Trugood. The HYDRA agent stiffens surrounded in an orb of blue electricity.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita's eyes widen slightly as she jogs behind Angelo as he suddenly stops, swaying, her HUD cataloguing evidence of an ongoing heart attack, before she simply scoops him up in a fireman carry then kicks off, accelerating rapidly as she dodges between falling pieces of debris. "SHIELD protocols are very lax about dying on the job, but I highly do not approve, Agent Tampambulos!" she says calmly, leaping over part of a falling catwalk as she lunges through the door just ahead of most of the ceiling as it crumbles then out the door to where the other SHIELD agents are just ahead of a cloud of dust. She immediately goes to the SHIELD team, setting down Angelo on the ground. "He's having a heart attack. I am not equipped to assist him." <<Agent Johnson's team, clear.>> she reports, smiling faintly at Daisy as she sees her working to keep the structure together.

Nick Fury has posed:
As Whitehall has Peggy's attention, Trushot goes for the kill a hand darting for the one of the guns at her hip so fast it's all but impossible for the eye to track. She just feels her hand close about the beveled grip and the thrill of the knowledge she was about to kill one of the founders of SHIELD, when suddenly Jessica appears in the doorway and Trushots nerves suddenly feel like they're on fire

The room goes blurry, the weapon drops from her hand and a moment later she falls to the floor, barely conscious. Just as quickly her healing takes over, fixing synapses, restarting muscles, she still can't move, indee the only thing firing in her brain is a single command to her body, /phase/ as she sinks through the floor.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The very last few ticking moments of Whitehall's holographic call take on an eerie moment in time as Daniel notices the way that Jessica responds to his Hail Hydra. A look of interest flashes across his face. But as he studies Jessica in those last few moments before winking out of existence, so too does Peggy study him. Behind him, a large glass window looking out of a cliff face across an angry sea whipping about, the sky dark gray and cloudy. The island.

    Medical teams are already on standby helping out the rescued gifted humans. When Gothic Lolita deposits Angelo they rush to his side and begin treatment for cardiac arrhythmia.

    By Coulson's command, the small army of black armoured, helmeted level 2 and 3 agents draw their ICER rifles and advance on the front entrance. It doesn't take them long to dendrotoxin their way through the front security. The majority of their forces have been drawn this way and that. Once inside, the battle is more fierce. One agent makes his way to their ops section and sees the battle inside. Unsure of who is who, he tosses in a stun grenade. The pulse rattles the office windows as the remaining who are still alive drop unconscious.

    The SHIELD agents battle their way through the entire base, checking every room one by one. The cavalry that isn't Agent May or Gothic Lolita has arrived. They enter the office where Peggy, Drew, and Watson are and salute.

    Over comms Coulson and Fury get the message, <<The base is secure, all agents accounted for.>>

Achilles has posed:
    By the time the medics got to him, Angelo is moving a bit. "Seriously. I'm fine." he says as he is being packed up and loaded into a vehicle on a gurney. He's not going to -fight- them, but his color has returned and he is objecting verbally at least. "Agent Johnson! Tell them I'm..." he starts, and then the doors shut, cutting his words off as he is med-evac'ed.