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Diner Dialogue
Date of Scene: 25 August 2020
Location: Mel's Roadside Diner
Synopsis: Remy and Rogue share a smoke, make a joke
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
A red sports-utility vehicle stops at a red light in front of Mel's Roadside Diner and, when it disappears, a lanky Cajun dressed in a trench coat and dark fatigues appears.

He jaywalks across the street, and his hand goes into his pocket to pull out a softpack of cigarettes. Rather than enter the diner proper, he takes a seat at one of the picnic tables outside. Or rather, he sits atop one of the tables with his feet planted on the seat.

He doesn't head in to bother Rogue--he figures he'll just wait until she has the time to come see him. With everything being as busy is it is, this is one place where he is sure to find her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was one of the young women employed by the diner to operating the car hop service. She got the job over the summer to give her an influx of spending cash, and a way to get her out of the Mansion now that her classes were over there. She'd wanted to embark on college, but it had turned out to be a little too expensive for her -- and she wasn't about to ask for money from anyone -- so here she is.

Someone inside makes a quip about Gambit approaching, because they know he and Rogue's relationship. This gets Anna-Marie's attention, naturally, so she glances out the window from inside. She has to finish up what she's doing,but she tells her manager she's taking a break...

A handful of moments later and the diner door opens, and she comes skating on out. She'd never worn a pair of roller skates in her life, until this job, but her 'flight power' made it an easy thing for her to fake until she got comfortable on them...

Now, in her pink and white waitress uniform, Rogue skates on over to the table that Remy is at and drops down into the seat across from him on the table. She puts her forearms on the edge of he table, leans on them, and smiles at him. "Heya, Stranger." She says in her southern-hued voice, her white bangs waving aruond the sides of her face, while the darker hair is tied up in a bun o nthe crown of her head.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Girl, you lookin' as sweet as sundae," Remy says with a grin as wide as he can muster. He repositions himself and holds out the soft pack to her in case she would like a cigarette during her break.

"Decided to come on out to see if ole Remy could take yer mind off de work for a moment." His own hair is a chaotic mess with long bangs that string down almost halfway to his chin.

"Fixin' to come talk to you about pleasure, but also business."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's wearing a pair of white gloves that go up to her elbows. They have a few pieces of 'work flare' on them, like pink ribbons and some pens that are slipped into little loops. It makes it less weird looking to be wearing gloves in the summer, if she's got a bunch of stuff on them like that...

She reaches her gloved right hand up to pluck out of the cigarettes, while grinning at his compliment to her. She raises the cigarette up to her lips, then leans forward tolet him light it in that special way he does. She'll lean back then and take a puff, then exhale it out to the direction of the wind, then look back at him.

"Pleasure'n business, my two favorite subjects." She replies in her husky voice. "In that order, no less." another little grin is shown before her green eyes look back up at his red. "Whatch ya got goin' on now, Mysterious'n Handsome?" She asks of him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, de first question dat leapt into de mind was t'ask you what you might be doin' for dinner dis evenin'" he asks as he reaches out to light her cigarette with a zippo lighter with a lightning quick flick that lights hers and his. And just like that, it's gone again.

"And, ah'll get to de second question once I hear de answer to de first."

He takes a deep drag from his smoke and speaks through his exhale. "Orda of operations and all dat."

Rogue has posed:
As they chat, Rogue enjoys the cigarette, whilst letting her roller skated feet roll forward and backward lightly under the table, on the back wheels with the little glittery sparkling wheels glinting in the ambient light around them.

"It's afte'ah five now?" She asks, though she already knows. "I'm off at seven." She shakes her head. "Got no plans for dinnah, yet." she grins at him again. "I'd be down for anythin' you'd like. In Salem, or somewhere else?" She has the car, the Porsche, it's parked just over in the distance near the little tree on the edge of the lot, for shade purposes.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah was tinkin' gumbo back at home. Makin' you sometin real nice, or at least as nice as Remy can do." Remy chuckles a bit as he ashes away from her, careful not to get any caught in the breeze.

"De second ting, well, dat a lil more complex." He sighs lightly and looks out onto the parking lot and the road behind it. "Lissen, all dis stuff about islands and moons. Seem like dere is a war comin' up. Was talkin' to Lorna bout everyting dat transpire and it got me tinkin."

"Ah want to be dealt in."

"Dis half in-half out business aint gonna do nobody no good when de bad stuff hit de fan. Tinkin' Remy better start gettin' trained proper.

Rogue has posed:
That first bit about the dinner makes her smile as she glances down to the ash tray built into the table's center. She taps her cigarette on its edge, then looks back up at him. "Sounds like a plan, Mistah." She quietly replies to him before he moves on to the next subject.

It's no secret that Rogue's been working on her own independent heroics, trying to show up to places in need of a super powered person who can make a difference. That's been bolstered by the X-Men, and their rigorous training sessions. She attends five of them a week herself.

"Ya gonna wanna get in on the trainin' stuff? Talk to Scott, maybe?" She asks him then. "I'd be happy t'have ya there involved in it." She pauses then and puffs on the cigarette once more. "Lorna's Magneto's kid. Not sure I trust her that much, somethin' about her gives me the ... well, yeah. Like her dad." Rogue smirks for a second then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Trustin' her aint my issue or concern. Ah don't know her from Adam or from Eve, but all dis about Magneto and de moon, You know anyting about Papa Metal?" He nods as he thinks back to her words regarding Scott. "Summers prolly be de best person t'talk to, you right chere. Wanted t'run d'idea by you and get your thoughts."

"How's de shift goin? Tinkin' we should have you on rolla skates round de mansion. Good look on ya."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins across the table at the Cajun and raises her left foot up to run the wheels up his shin toward his knee, then back down again. Not rough mind you, just a playful little display of roller-affection. "I barely even use the flight stuff t'stay up on my feet now. I've gotten good at'em. Thinkin' about joinin' one'a those roller derby teams." She grins a bit more broadly, takes a puff of the cigarette and looks out across the lot as a truck leaves the auto-shops garage next lot over. "Probably would go bad though, on accounta me, bein' me an' all."

She looks back at him and smirks at her own self deprecating jab. She then tips her chin up a little. "I met Mags when I was like... fourteen?" She explains. "Mystique took me t'Genosha. First time I'd ever traveled outta the country. She wanted to put o na little show, t'show him my powers. He... he seemed coldly impressed. Mystique was real proud'a me that day. Was a good day, even if I look back on it now and.. blah, whatever."

She nods once to him then. "I'm all for you gettin' more involved, if'n you think you're up for it. The stuff you can do? You could be a big impact, pun intended."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Only if one of dose girls decided t'try and mess wit ya. And den, you'd be given em what dey deserve." Remy takes one last drag from his cigarette and begins to stamp it out in the tray.

"You tink we can beat him if it come down to it?" he asks, still looking at the ashray. "Who all does he got wit'im?" he adds as an afterthought.

"Up for it?" Remy turns back and pretends to look hurt. "Schedule all clear, chere. Ahm up for it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at the comment about the girls. "I'd stream roll their pansie butts." She quietly replies before watching him finish off his cigarette and then she's soon to follow. She places hers beside his in the tray, then sits up straighter and reaches down to her apron around her waist. She fishes two mints out of the pocket, wrapped up in plastic, and offers him one, the little red and white swirled kind.

"Mystique was the one that was already surrounding herself with folks. Mags was always more... of a loner. He'd pick people specific for missions, if he thought he needed help, but usually he just did everything himself." She pauses then as she unwrapped the candy and raises it up to put it in her mouth. "Ya know I brought him to the Mansion right? Not sure where he went after that, or what he said t'anyone there."

She smiles at him then. "Prepare for early mornin' exercisin' then, Cajun. Cause Scott'll put ya t'the test hard at first."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy takes the offered mint into his hands and presses on the packaging hard enough that it pops into his mouth. "Sound like a guy ah got least one ting in common wit. Or used to anyways."

"Early mornin' exercisin gonna be difficult wit de hours Remy like to keep." He steps down from the picnic table to face her more fully, slightly invading her personal space bubble and almost coming nose to nose.

"Gonna get to fixin' supper. You have y'self a good end to de shift, non?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are down on her gloves as she picks at some of the stuff on them, her expression showing a soft smile while she listens to him. "Yeah, well, there's evening trainin' too, so don't fret none. Scott is a regimented man, never stops trainin'." When he steps down toward her, is when she looks up and she lingers her face close to his, her smile growing wider as her white hair waves gently in the summer winds against the sides of her face.

"Sounds good." She tells him. "I'll be home soon as the shift is over." She then teasingly bites at him, snapping her teeth lightly and playfully.

She moves to stand up then, and tosses him the keys for the car. "I can fly home." She says as she's on her skates again, and turning back to the diner. "Drive saaaafe." She says with a wave as she rolls on back toward the doors.