3110/Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet

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Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet
Date of Scene: 26 August 2020
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Henry McCoy, Moira MacTaggert, Julio Richter, Bobby Drake, Betsy Braddock, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The opening notes of Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock and Roll' ring out, and at the appropriate moment, Kitty Pryde goes sliding into the kitchen across the smooth floors, wearing socks for sliding, plus shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt with Lisa Simpson on it wearing her own tie-dye. Lockheed rests on her shoulder.

Unfortunately, the music is only playing in the earbuds in Kitty's ear, hooked into her phone remotely. So to anyone else she's just silently sliding across the floor unaccompanied. Until she starts singing that is. "Just take those old records off the shelf!"

Then anyone there TRULY is unfortunate.

Kitty dances her way to the music only she can hear, moving over to the cabinets where the cereal is kept. She opens up a cabinet, pulling out the Crunchberries and flipping the box through the air and catching it behind her back before sliding across the floor to where the bowls are kept.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Even with music in her headphones, Hank can hear it. Those heightened senses and all! He'd been rummaging around in the kitchen, trying to decide on something to eat. Thankfully, or perhaps not for Kitty, he was able to witness her grand entrance. A slight chuckle and a wide smile, he watches as she dances about the kitchen in search of cereal. He closes the fridge, in order to not waste electricity, leaning against the door as she bounces around.

"Good day, I take it?" The Beast offers over, though if she hears him it's unknown.

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
It hasn't taken long for Moira to get reacquainted with the Mansion's old halls - after all, she's been here on and off for a very long time. What she hasn't yet managed to do is get herself a coffee pot set up in her room to make the brew that everyone else around seems to find so objectionable, so she for the second time today she's on her way to the kitchen to replace the half-empty mug of tepid brown liquid she'd forgotten about in the middle of a dozen emails.

And that's when she hears the singing, and smirks. She recognises that voice. And the one that follows it, in fact. Her smirk cracks to a smile as she rounds the doorway. "We certainly do seem to be enjoying ourselves, aye?" she says, raising a conspiratorial eyebrow at Hank.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio is already seated on a barstool at the kitchen island, unwrapping and chowing down on a plate of tamales, when Kitty executes her grand 80s-movie entrance. He does not have the benefits of super-hearing or, honestly, the cultural context to pick up on the reference, so he just pauses with food halfway to his mouth and stares, eyebrows raised. "Karaoke is not for a couple of days," he says quietly. "Is it? Did we move karaoke night?"

It's not unheard of for him to miss news like that, but the kitchen seems like an odd choice of venue. If this is an event, he's not dressed to impress: gray tank top, green shorts, sandals. He'd have put in some effort if he knew he was headed to a concert.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty pulls out a bowl, and dislodges one of the two earbuds to better hear Hank. She flashes a grin over to him. "Not a bad day at least," she agrees as she pours a healthy dose of cereal into the bowl. She plucks out a crunchberry and lobs it through the air Hank-ward, knowing the dexterous mutant should have no problem catching it in his mouth. "How about you?" Another crunchberry is tossed Julio's way, in a looping arc aimed at his head. "Just had the song in my head," she says with a grin.

That's when Kitty hears Moira's voice from behind her. She turns, eyes widening in a happy, excited look. "Moira!" she says. The box is set on the counter and Kitty hurries over, sending Lockheed flapping with the quick motion as Kitty moves to try to give Moira a hug, though gently enough to not cause a coffee spill. "When did you get in!?" she asks with a warm smile for the Scottish woman.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby comes wandering down from upstairs where he had been preparing stuff for the classes that he is teaching this year. He'd been working on getting everything organized, lesson plans in order, like some kind of an adult. An adult who is now juggling super-heroing along with teaching young mutants Mathematics. This requires coffee. His mug is empty as he comes to a stop just inside the doorway, the singing and commotion causing him to grin a little lopsidedly. "Sounds like there's a party going on in here."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The crunchberry is caught in his mouth, and munched on. Beast chuckles a little after that, winking to Kitty. He nods to her, moving to open the fridge and pull out the gallon jug of milk for her. "It's a good song, and it's perfectly acceptable to be having a good day." He comments, before moving towards the counter as well - perching on a stool once he gets there. "Another Karaoke night?" He asks of Julio, smirking. "I enjoyed the last one... though I think I might do better at picking my own songs."

The man grins over to Moira as Kitty hugs her. "Yes, when did you get in? It's been a bit, hasn't it?" He asks. As more people arrive, his relaxation deepens - it is good for him to be around family.

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
Moira's voice is indeed distinctive, drenched deep in Scottish brogue, but she wasn't expecting quite that exuberant a response to it. She saves the half-empty mug, holding it quickly out of the way in a flap of ugly cardigan, and hugs Kitty back, one-armed.

"Ach, it's good to see you too, lassie. And you, good sir," she toasts Hank with the mug. "It has been a while indeed. Long enough for a few changes around here, it seems." Blue people, people missing hands... "I got in Sunday, just in time to find someone bleedin' in the Wellness Office. So evidently some things never change."

Julio Richter has posed:
Incoming crunchberry! Julio's hands are occupied: one with the tamale itself, one with the husk wrapping he's just taken off of it. His only choice is to try to replicate Hank's move with a mouth-catch -- without the advantage of enhanced reflexes, mutant shortcuts, or even any troublemaking siblings he might have practiced this move with as a child.

His body jerks upright and his head snaps back as he tries to judge the angle correctly, but he does it! The festively colored grain puff lands on his tongue. One problem: in his zeal to catch it, he tipped his barstool back, and now it's continuing to tilt backward ominously. His arms flail as he tries to counterbalance, but it's not enough: finally he has to drop the tamale and grab hold of the island countertop's edge to steady himself.

The poor, innocent tamale plummets earthward encased in a pocket of fluffy dough that is certain to be no protection when it meets its messy end on the tile floor.

He doesn't know Moira yet, so he's making a great impression, to be sure. The rest of these folks have at least probably -- in Bobby's case, most definitely -- seen him at more embarrassing moments.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins at Moira. "Yes, it's never a dull day around here," she says. As Bobby comes in, he's offered a little fist dap from Kitty. "Captain of Cold," she says with a grin for Bobby. Kitty sees Julio's catching of the crunchberry went a little worse than she'd expected, "Ack," she says.

But fear not for the falling tamale. Perhaps not wasting food is a primary concern for Lockheed's people. Or more likely, he just sees a chance to scarf down some food. The dragon, already in flight, does a hard powered dive with a flap of his wings, scooping the tamale out of the air right before it hits the ground. He lands on a counter and tosses his head back to begin scarfing the tamale down.

"Ah, sorry Julio," Kitty says with a wince. She looks back to Moira. "So are you going to be staying with us awhile?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby reaches over and daps Kitty in greeting with a little shake of his head. Then he blinks a bit as Julio's attempt to catch the crunchberry almost lands him on the floor. But there's Lockheed with the save, and at least the tamale doesn't go to waste. He pulls away from where he leans near the door when there's a clear spot near the coffee maker, grabbing a cup and then moving to make some more in case anyone else wants some. Then it's a slide over to the fridge to grab some cream to pour into it. "I'm not missing karaoke next time," he declares. Because he'd wanted to go last time but hadn't made it.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Sharp heels rap on wooden floors in the corridor outside the kitchen. Presently, the lanky form of Betsy Braddock is framed in the doorway. Her hair is swept up, her clothes are fashionably business, and there's a white paper bag with a container in it in one hand. Her brows rise at the commotion in the kitchen, but then she smiles as her eyes alight on friends all round.

"What?" she chides, gliding into the kitchen, now, to set her bag on a nearby counter. "No invites sent out for this party? For shame, the lot of you."

Then her eyes alight on Moira and her brows rise a second time and violet eyes dance. "Moira. I didn't know you were here." She's surprised merely because the X-Gossip Train is usually far more efficient than that. "It's so nice to see you again."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A look of concern at the pinwheeling arms of Julio - but then he catches himself. "Good catch, both of them." Henry offers over, leaning against the counter as Lockheed gives a display of the beauty of hunting. David Attenborough would be proud! A glance over to Moira, the man blinking. "Someone bleeding? Did I miss something?" The Beast wonders. "They are all right, I am hoping?"

A slight footscuff and a grin at Betsy's arrival. "Is it a party now?" A glance around. "I was just rummaging for a snack when I got treated to Kitty's song and dance entrance."

Julio Richter has posed:
"No hay problema," Julio answers Kitty, once he's feeling physically stable again. He gives Lockheed an appraising look, but with a little shrug, seems to decide that the space creature has earned his treat. He made plenty more, and judging by the way he nudges the plate away from himself by a couple of centimeters and then waves at it, plenty enough to share, if anyone else wants some.

He tilts his head, peers over at Bobby, and says, "You didn't miss much." Judging from his tone, that's a total lie, covering up yet another awkward mishap. Hank, of course, doesn't have to guess; he was there.

Julio's quick to move on from the topic, though: he catches a name and offers Moira a wave. "Hola, Moira. I'm Julio? I live here." Not just a random indigent raiding the pantry, then.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Both brows go up a little bit at Julio's comment and Bobby looks curious. Is there a story there? What did he miss? He might have to ask about that later. For now, though, he wanders over to where Julio is sitting and leans a little against his side, lifting his coffee to take a sip. "Welcome back, Moira," he says to her with an easy smile. Then he chuckles at Betsy's entrance. "Spontaneous Snack Time is a time honored tradition that brooks no invitations. You either stumble into it or you don't. Very exclusive." He flashes her a grin.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is about ready to head over and douse the cereal in cold milk, when Betsy Braddock's arrival gives the tasty cereal a brief stay before it's milky demise. "Betsy!" Kitty says with a big smile. "I -thought- that was the sound of swooning all over the school. Should have known the cause," she teases the X-man.

"It's been too long. Too long since I saw either of you," Kitty says to include Moira in that. She heads over to reclaim her cereal bowl, a glance to Lockheed as he finishes off the tamale. "I think he enjoyed it, Julio. Sorry about that." Kitty adds the milk and grabs a spoon, then turns back. "Yes, I hadn't heard someone was hurt," she says, adding her comments to those of Hank.

Kitty moves over to lean against the wall next to Bobby. "I'm teaching English Lit next door to you by the way, covering for Scott until he's ready to take it back over."

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
It is, very quickly, busy in the kitchen, with youngsters and dragons flying all over the place, and Moira can't keep a smile off her face at the cheery chaos of it all even as she tries to battle her way through to the sink to empty her cup. "It was Julian," she keeps her sombre tone quiet, knowing that Hank will hear her nonetheless. "I patched him up alright, but I think that laddie's having more trouble than just a little injury."

There's no time for sorrowful concern in the whirlwind of greetings though, and Moira turns back to the room at large with her smile fixed again. "Betsy, Bobby, good to see ye both. And Julio, good to meet ye. I'll be around and about, patchin' people up and the like."

As she finally manages to get to the coffee machine and set her cup in the hallowed place, she overhears Kitty and cocks an eyebrow. "Are ye short on teachin' staff?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy chuckles softly at Hank's footscrub, though she doesn't needle at him. "Good thing I brought my own lunch, then," she says, instead, pulling a small salad container out of the bag. She flashes a grin at Kitty's jest, waggling violet brows briefly. "It's a gift." Though she actually doesn't usually pay attention to that. It's not an over-confidence thing or an arrogance thing. It's a thinking-about-too-many-other-things-to-notice thing.

Her head cants at the news of Julian's injury. "What happened?" she asks -- somewhat generally, since she's not sure who might have the information. She does glance to Moira, "You're playing doctor *here* for a while?" A briefly pensive expression crosses her face. A beat. She smiles. "We should talk."

But later.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio tries to look cagey when Bobby gives him that curious glance. It's not very effective. Distraction, then: after unwrapping his next tamale, he holds it in one hand and reaches back with the other to give him a one-armed hug, just under the arms.

He takes a bite of his food, then, and waves off Kitty's apology, shaking his head. "De verdad, it's nothing," he reiterates around a mouthful. "He earned it. I hope he did enjoy it."

Moira's comments draw out a small frown from him. "Julian has been through a lot lately," he agrees, not quite sure how much to tell Betsy. "Not just losing his hands, either. I thought it might be getting better by now, but I guess not. It is good to meet you, though, Moira. You talk like my friend, Rahne."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast winces, nodding to Moira. "He's... been through a lot. Quite a lot. Essex..." The name is all but spat out, "... he caused lasting injuries to most of us, emotional, physical and mental." A frown. "If I have a chance to get my hands on him." His tone goes dark, darker than normal for the good doctor. It takes a moment for him to shake it off. "Were they new injuries?" He wonders.

At the doctor comment, Hank blinks - coughing into his fist, before moving back to the fridge to rummage for a snack. Or drink. Or anything to cool him off.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's answer to Moira about the need for teachers is given quietly, not wanting what she mentions to bring down the atmosphere in the room. "A number of people are helping the situation in Genosha, so there's some classes that need covering, yes, if you're looking for more to do while you're here," Kitty says at just above a whisper, letting the noise be lost in the other conversation to those who don't have sensitive hearing.

She starts in on her cereal then, making sure to only get the gold bits of cereal and leaving the crunchberries behind for the end, seemingly. She moves back over to lean against a counter, where Lockheed takes advantage of the moment to climb up the back of her shirt and take his place back on her shoulder. "Been a lot going on, that's for sure," Kitty says after hearing about the situation with Julian. "You going to be around the school for awhile, Betsy?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy's eyes reflect the pain and concern she senses from her friends for Julian's sake. She's been through enough of her own -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She can fully empathize. She'd offer to help, even, but... well, she's not known for her bedside manner.

Which means she smirks faintly at Hank's cough. The play on words wasn't actually intentional, but she won't confess that.

Her head cants at Kitty's question. "After a fashion," she replies. "I have plans for Sion I need to work out." It's Grande Opening, for one. Sure, it's been open and active for a couple of months, now, but that's been it's 'beta phase', to steal a concept from the various techheads in the room. But there are plans she has beyond that... which have little to nothing to do with its nightclub business.

Nevertheless, she offers, "But if you need help, and there's something I can do, do let me know." Teaching may not be here strong suit, though... unless you want a history of fashion or British wealth and privilege.

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
"I didnae pry for the details," Moira says gently, not wanting poor Julian to be the topic of an entire conversation behind his back, though she nods in agreement with the sobering news about the troubles he's been through. She reaches for a second towards Hank as something unfamiliar clouds his expression, but draws her hand away instead as he moves off abruptly.

"However I can make myself useful," she replies to Betsy, delicately, sensing that she's stumbled into another slightly fraught topic. "I'd planned to split my time between her and Muir, but I'm sure I'll be where I'm most needed. I had a feelin' folks here would have a good handle on how we could help out in light of... everything."

Julio, at least, manages to draw a laugh from her. "Rahne's my daughter, laddie. Adopted."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Are you?" Bobby asks Kitty with a grin. "Nice. It's been alright so far. Teaching the younger kids was definitely the way to go, though. A little less intimidating for a first time teaching full time instead of just as an aide and tutor."

He leans in to the one-armed hug that Julio gives him, letting one arm slip around his shoulders comfortably, allowing himself to be distracted for the time being. It doesn't mean he won't remember to ask later, but he's not going to press for information now. Instead he just smiles.

There's a slight frown at the mention of Julian and everything he's been through lately. He might not know Julian very well, but he wouldn't wish ill on him by any stretch.

Julio Richter has posed:
"It's not just Sinister, either," Julio informs Hank with a sympathetic wince. He looks like he wants to say more, but is torn on what, exactly. The question about new injuries particularly gives him pause. Finally, he lands on: "It's... family stuff."

Beyond that, he's more than happy to follow Moira's lead and let the topic die down. Besides, there's happier family-related news. "Oh, I didn't know her mamá was visiting!" he says with a grin. This seems to clear things up for him: everybody else knows Moira because she's Rahne's mom, obviously. No further explanation needed.

When Bobby returns his hug, he looks over at him with a smile, and holds up another tamale, still wrapped in its plantain-leaf husk. "Hungry?" he asks, offering it to try. "I made lots."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
More of the Cap'n Crunch cereal bits are consumed, the ratio of crunchberries left in the bowl growing slowly with each spoonful of cereal eaten. Kitty waves that spoon to emphasize her words as she says, "With everything that's gone on, I think school starting back up is going to be a good thing for a lot of the students. Get them back to a bit of a routine and all. Less time to focus on other things."

She takes another bite then looks thoughtful. "I'm sure there's a few places you could help out, Betsy. Maybe run some Danger Room sessions helping people develop their powers? Or training? If you're able to fit it in. Know you're busy," she says.

Kitty asks Moira, "Are you all settled in? If you need any help with equipment in the labs, let me know. Also if you need any help hooking into your systems on Muir," she says, Kitty being one of the school's system administrators when here. Heck, she designed and built a lot of those systems.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Training, Betsy can do! "I'll look into it," she promises Kitty. "There's likely something I can come up with."

She nods, however, to Moira, giving her a small smile. "I've just got a bit of a side project that might benefit from your advice, is all." Nothing serious. Or, at least, that's how she's chosing to play it, right now. She doesn't want to ruin the party.

She spears a bit of salad with a bamboo fork procured from the same bag as the container, finding herself a seat at the table to enjoy it, falling silent as the conversation continues among the others. It's enough to enjoy the camraderie of friends and team mates.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Food. He's picked up a couple of slices of leftover pizza and a bottle of water. Yep! That should keep him for now. Henry moves over to grab a small plate to set the pizza on, before putting it in the microwave for a moment. A smile to Moira. "Sorry, I can be a bit nosey after all." He chuckles, nodding to Julio as there is a bit more information offered over. "Hopefully he'll make it through the trouble. He's been through so much."

There's a slight grin. "I think you're more qualified to teach health and such than I am, Moira." He snickers. "Besides, it'd save the children from my lectures."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Sure," Bobby says when Julio offers him a tamale, slipping his arm back from around his shoulders so that he can use both hands to open up the tamale and reveal its inner tasty goodness. Someone must have warned him that you don't eat the husk -- or he was paying attention earlier. One of the two. Once he gets it open, he takes a bite and sighs. "Man, that's good," he mumbles around a mouthful of food. Very polite, Bobby.

Rogue has posed:
Outside on the patio beyond the double french doors, Rogue lands. Just right out of the sky, she drops like she'd jumped off of a roof. Only she lands on roller skates, and is dressed in a pink and white diner uniform. She roooolls across the patio surface before doing a half spin turn and then skates toward the double doors to grasp hold of their handles and sweep them both open with a rush of air between the indoors and the outdoors!

"Whew!" The southern girl on skates says there-after as she rolls into the kitchen and pulls the doors shut behind her. "Home sweet somethin'!"

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
"Ach, no fear lassie, I remember who to come to if I cannae get the damned computers to talk to one another," Moira replies to Kitty with a chuckle. "Gene seqencing, power containment, meta surgery, no' a problem. Networkin' though..." She widens her eyes in exaggerated despair, playing up her 'old person who's terrible with technology' act far beyond the truth.

It's good to see Hank relaxing a little and she laughs along with him. "Or they'll have to work twice as hard to understand what I'm sayin', which maybe isnae a bad thing if it means they're payin' attention."

Betsy's mention of a project though... that definitely gets her attention. She loves a good project and her instant curiosity is clear in her expression. "I'm happy to help how I can, lass."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio gives a sidelong look to Moira when Kitty starts talking to Betsy about Danger Room sessions. Apparently Rahne's mom has a higher security clearance than he would have thought! But since the topic appears to be fair game, he does offer into that conversation, "Training and powers work would be good. I have already managed to piss off one Brotherhood guy, and he just comes to visit the school whenever he wants, I guess."

He gives Bobby a guilty glance and a little squeeze when he says that. See? He'll /train/ to fight Sabretooth and then all of that running his mouth will be fine! Or, at the very least, he'll make tasty food to make up for acting like kind of a dumb-dumb. Mannerly or not, Bobby's reaction to his cooking leaves Julio grinning. "I can make you some whenever, just ask. My mom had a restaurant and cantina, so I picked up some things in the kitchen as a kid."

Rogue's entrance is pretty attention-getting, but he basically just stares when she rolls in, unsure how to react.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde suddenly stands up straight. "YES! Someone else who understands the utility of roller skates for a superhero costume!" Kitty says. Before realizing maybe that isn't a superhero costume on Rogue. Still, her point stands.

"You get a job as a carhop?" Kitty asks. She checks her bowl of cereal. All of the Cap'n Crunch is gone. Time to feast on a bowl of soggy crunchberries. So good.

The Jewish girl gives a soft chuckle and says, "Hank, your lectures were always the best. Heck, you could just read the dictionary and I'd hang on your every word with that mellifluous voice of yours," she tells the incredibly well-spoken man.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy chuckles at Kitty's praise of Hank. Not that she disagrees with the younger mutant's assessment of his voice, mind. But, it's more amusing to see if the man blushes beneath that blue fur he sports. Her attention is diverted from him, however, by Rogue's entrance. "Wow," she says, brows rising. "You haven't lost your flair for the dramatic, I see." Her voice is warm, tone friendly. "Every girl should know how to make an entrance."

Truer words?

Nevertheless, she adds, "I met that cajun fellow you brought in, Rogue. Interesting guy." Good in a fight. She likes that part about him.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Nope. No one can see you blush when you're covered in fur. People who know Hank, however, can tell by his body posture. "Now you're just flattering." He says to Kitty, with a chuckle. "And Moira, your brouge would be a welcome change to my droning on." The Beast winks. The microwave saves him from more, the man quickly moving over to retrieve his pizza.

The cap on his bottle of water is twisted open, a healthy swallow to follow. A shake of his head, amused at Rogue's arrival.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby glances over at Julio from around another bite of tamale when he mentions Creed, but there's no judgment there. Instead, he smiles a little crookedly around his tamale as he takes another bite. That's one way to keep him from commenting -- feed him. His attention flicks over toward Rogue's impressive landing and he grins a little. Finally finishing the bite in his mouth he says to her, "You get stuck in a 50s diner alternate dimension after breakfast?"

Then he grins at Julio and says, "Be careful. Telling me that you can cook only means that I'm going to try to make you cook for me all the time, now." Not that Bobby can't cook for himself, but that doesn't mean that he won't take advantage of the opportunity.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue rolls her way through the kitchen, with an experienced ease to her strides, right up to the fridge that she pops open to grab a drink out from within. She glances over her shoulder at Kitty and her question, gives her a big smile as she turns around and hip-checks the fridge door shut, then twists the cap off of her drink with one white-gloved ahnd. "Yes I did, Sugahpop." She tells the girl from Deerfield.

As she skates leisurely now over to the sink, she starts to pull her gloves off, then takes a sip from her bottle of tea. At Betsy, Rogue smiles brightly. "A good entrance is everything." She says back. At the mention of Remy, Rogue sets her drink aside and moves to turn the water on to was her hands, with her gloves off to the side.

"Oh, my, oh my.... Il est aussi beau que mystérieux..." Rogue says then in fluent French, on the subject of Gambit, finishing it with a heavy sigh, and then a smile after she shuts the water off. "I hope he was nice t'ya, Betsy. He wants to help out with... everythin' we do now. I told him t'speak t'Scott."

As she turns, drying her hands off with a towel from the counter, she leans back against the counter's edge and smiles over to Bobby and Julio. "All work'n no play, makes Rogue a grumpy goose. Ya'll know what I'm talkin' about, don't pretend otherwise, neither. I seen how Julio moves on that stage." Whatever THAT means!

Rogue offers a big smile to Hank then too. "Heya, Doctor Blue. How's tricks?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"We ended up in Inostraland," (a postage-stamp of a country in Eastern Europe) "breaking up a mutant fight ring while everyone else was dealing with the crisis offshore." Betsy tells Rogue, meaning the recent Atlantean crisis. "He's certainly handy in a fight."

Beyond that? Well, he wasn't a jerk to her, so she'll not malign him any. But she doesn't really think she knows him well enough to say more.

Moira MacTaggert has posed:
Amidst the flurry of activity with Rogue's arrival, Moira's head turns to her pocket. How she heard the beep above the racket is anyone's guess, but she pulls her phone from her pocket and resettles her glasses to frown slightly at a message there. "I will have to love ye an' leave ye, lads an' lasses," she apologises to anyone who happens to be paying attention. "This one's gonnae need some peace an' quiet to reply to. But I'll come and find ye for a wee chat." She catches multiple eyes at that - she's got plenty of catching up to do.

Sliding her phone in her pocket, she finally pays enough attention to her already cooling coffee to give it a sip, and while it isn't quite as close to tar as she generally prefers, it's better than nothing. She nods to the room and carefully edges her way out.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives a soft, "Ooo," at hearing of Rogue's new job. "We're going to have to load up a couple of cars and come through then," she promises. Because that's what everyone wants at work, to have school kids they know come through and heckl- er- greet them. Kitty's eyes sparkle though, making it quite likely she's mostly kidding on that. Or would at least pick wisely who she brings.

The cereal bowl is carried over to the sink and Kitty begins washing it. "Sounds like an adventure," Kitty comments to Psylocke. "I still haven't seen him in action," she says of Remy.

Lockheed is still perched on her shoulder. He's eyeing the plate of tamales, but makes no move for one.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio would comment about the balance issues with roller skates on a superhero costume, but those who nearly fall off of barstools catching crunchberries shouldn't throw stones. Or something. He offers Moira a wave as she departs.

"I like cooking for people," he tells Bobby, giving him a fond look as he works his way through the tamale. "Especially people I like, and even more if they like my food. I'll do it for you any time."

Possibly feeling a little bit self-conscious about being too /boyfriendy/ in front of people, he tries to refocus. Just in time to feel way more self-conscious about something else! He gives Rogue a stricken look as she makes references to his moves up on stage, because that doesn't sound suggestive at all.

He's about to throw out some kind of defensive denial -- it was perfectly innocent! -- when he suddenly has a better idea. "Si, I think I really got the audience's attention with those moves," he says casually, unwrapping another tamale and sliding it across the counter on its husk. Lockheed's hungry glance was noted. "I should probably start doing those performances for money."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You have, huh?" Bobby says to Rogue, a slow grin spreading across his lips as he loooks over at Julio. Then he laughs at the direction that he chooses to go with it. "Dancing for money, huh? I'd pay to watch that show." Shameless. Completely shameless. He just grins as he takes another bite of the tamale and waggles his eyebrows at Julio. He lifts a hand to wave to Moira though as she heads out. "Good to see you again," he calls out once his mouth is empty, trying not to be rude. Then he nods in agreement with Kitty, "Field trip!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles over at Kitty as she joins her at the sink. "I'd enjoy that." She says about others coming to see her at work, clearly she's not put-off by the idea! "Just remember t'be nice, cause I'm the one bringin' your food out." She grins then as her eyes go to the purple dragon perched on Kitty's shoulder, she spies that he's spying a plate of tamales, so she reaches out for one and then raises it up to the dragon to tease him lightly with it, taunting and tempting the shoulder-dragon.

As she does this, she smiles at what Betsy is saying. "Sounds like it was a troublesome experience, but I'm glad it worked out. I think the more'a us he works with, the quicker he'll get comfortable bein' apart of a real team, ya know?"

At Bobby and Julio again, Rogue grins. "I've seen that show, for free no less. But it's definitely worth some money. Just make sure t'invite me, okay?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"No one but the bastards running the show got hurt," Betsy comments, as to her mission with Remy, "and the rest of us got away unscathed. I'd take him on another mission, if it came to it." It sounds like a decent endorsement, though she actually is still reserving judgement. One mission does not a thorough assessment make. "At least I know, now, he can handle himself."

As several people begin taking their leave, however, she tucks her fork away with the last half of her salad and pushes back from the table. Packing up the end of her lunch, she says. "I'd stay and party more with you lot, but I actually have a meeting at the club in a half hour. It will take me at least that long to get there." A beat. She flashes a grin. "Next time, invitations! Seriously."

Except, of course, she's not serious at all. Violet eyes sparkling, she raises a hand in farewell, gathers up her bag and salad, and slips off stage left.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank grins as everyone gets into their discussions, smiling at the camaraderie, and more in the case of a few. "All right, I should step back into my work." He offers to all of them. "See you all about soon, I hope?" He offers, taking his pizza and water bottle off to his quarters.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Always treat the people who prepare and serve your food nice," Bobby opines with a grin as he finishes off his tamale and then takes a sip from his mug of coffee. Then he chuckles at Rogue and says, "Guess that depends on if Julio's willing to put on a repeat performance or not." He glances over at Julio then, both brows raised questioningly.

"Glad to hear that it went alright and that you're both okay," Bobby says to Betsy. Then he lifts his mug to her as she goes to depart, "Have a good meeting! Looking forward to the opening." Then he smiles to Hank as well and says, "Don't work too hard, Hank. Eh?" But the man is off again and he shakes his head just a little bit.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio hasn't got much to say on the topic of Remy's combat-worthiness; all he knows about the man is that he's a great cook. Come to think of it, other than his eyes, he's not sure he even knows what the guy's mutant power is. He gives friendly waves as people head out of the room, then suggests to Rogue with a grin, "You should try one. They're not just for taunting dragons with."

As they carry on the innuendo, he laughs with Bobby and Rogue. "I think Warren wanted to make it a regular thing," he says slyly. "There was a pretty good crowd, after all. Of course everyone's invited -- 'the more the merrier,' I think it goes."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does take a tamale for herself and continues to lounge against the counter with her skates just rolling forward and backward on the floor of the kitchen slowly, almost like she's defying gravity somehow to stay on her feet...

She takes a moment to enjoy the food, and listen to the others before she smiles over at Julio. "Warren had the time of his life, I think. Matter'a fact, that should be the song he sings at the next one." She flashes a grin at them both before she moves to stand up straight on her skates, making her quite tall with the sparkly wheels under the boots.

"Guess I should roll my butt up to my room and get cleaned up, think I might take a walk around the lake t'night before it gets dark."

With a tamale and tea, Rogue rolls toward the doors. "Ya'll stay class, now, ya hear?" She says, smiling to the two as she goes. Once out in the Hallway she very nearly is run into by a couple of young students running past. "Beep beep, comin' through!" The Belle says to the little kids on the way by! Of course, now they're chasing her, asking her if they can skate in the house too! So that's probably gonna be a thing now...