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Hellooo People!
Date of Scene: 29 August 2020
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Carol and Rogue, meet Starfire and Angelica! Tea is drank, muffins are had and hugs are shared. It's a feel good kind of thing.
Cast of Characters: Angelica Jones, Rogue, Carol Danvers, Koriand'r

Angelica Jones has posed:
A sound from outside the front door is audible from the interior of the front hallway. It sounds like an old friend, possibly Jennifer Stavros? Roulette, then, her voice penetrating as it tends to do. "See you soon, Princess!" she says, nice and loud so she can be heard.

"Princess?" another voice says, sounding as if it is right up against the door. Then a snort, and suddenly the door opens without warning. And a redhead with incredibly messed-up hair, a fiercely flushing-red face, and really mediocre outfit comes through the door as if pushed!

She actually ends up upside-down and backwards as she enters the mansion, the door spilling her inside. Oh she's gonna fit in GREAT.

She looks immensely confused, looking up at whomever might be there, and blinks. "What?"

Angelica Jones has entered the building.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in the foyer when the girl came crashing through the open doorway. Shed' been coming down the stairs at a leisurely pace, wearing a light gray hoodie over a black tank top and some blue jeans with mesh netting over otherwise exposed knees beneath it. She rushes toward the red head that poured into the house and stares down at her.

"You okay?" She asks, offering a gloved hand to her.

"I'd say that that was a hell of an entrance, and it might've been, but I'm guessin' that's not the kind ya wanted t'make."

Rogue grins to the girl, standing above her, her southern accented voice friendly and chipper in the moment.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol was walking and talking to Rogue, totally dressed down and not in uniform. You know, beat up jeans, stompy boots, faded Metallica concert T-shirt that would fetch a mint if mint, and a flight jacket. You know. Street clothes.

It would be easy to assume it isn't Captain Marvel, also considering the history with Rogue why would it be Captain Marvle right.

When Angelica makes her entrance Carol pauses and squints a little bit watching the fairly epic entrance. She doesn't walk any closer when Rogue moves to offer help there. "That definitely was one hell of an entrance." she remarks with amusement. "I take it that isn't at all unusual around here Anna-Marie?"

Koriand'r has posed:
    Then, Starfire, descending from the sky like the world's slowest and most purple-clad shooting star, her flaming hair a darker red contrail behind her skin's golden glow as she touches down, left foot first (her right leg is cocked during the landing process; she doesn't know why, but that seems to be the custom among humans who can fly) in the courtyard of Xavier's School for the Gifted. Her eyes glow a green bright enough to make her irises and pupils indistinguishable, and her outfit is a purple latex monokini with mantle and long boots, all decked with green gems the size of hen eggs. Typical Thursday at Xavier's.
    Starfire drifts up the stairs to the front door rather than walk them, lands again, and pushes the door open with a cheerful and inquisitive but not to say bright smile on her face.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Jennifer's voice outside is heard laughing, the mean girl of the graduate team happily heading out the gate. She is, of course, gone and unable to be called on whatever she may have done.

She manages to get at least onto her side, then she notices the hand being offered to her; combat training level, nil, apparently. But she takes Rogue's hand without the slightest hesitation and lets herself be helped to her feet with a smile!

"I'm ...wait, I have to say that I cried twice on the way up but she absolutely isn't really that mean, I promise!" She's defending Roulette, so she's obviously insane as well as clumsy.

"I mean, I'm good!" She pauses, freeing her hand to check her head. "No blood. I think my head still works." Sigh. All signs point to no.

She looks up at who she's talking to, then catches sight of flaming hair behind her and yelps, leaping to one side...into Carol, which is probably the safest and most dangerous place to try to fall.

"I'm sorry!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up at Carol and grins at her, shaking her head at the question. "Hell no. This is tame for this place." She says, whilst helping Angelica back up to her feet. Rogue isn't too familiar with Roulette, but there's a number of students -- new and old -- that she hasn't had a chance to get to know well.

So with Starfire's suddenly dramatic arrival, Rogue jumps to the conclusion.

"Wow. did she push you inside?" She asks with a grin. "You two make quite an entrance." She nods to Starfire. "That's a hellava costume. You're gonna make some'a the kids around here blush wearin' that around."

Between the two Fiery haired girls, Rogue looks. "Ya'll comin' here t'meet the staff?" She asks, since she doesn't know either of them.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol has amazing reflexes and quite easily has her arms up to catch the startled yelping girl as she leaps right into her. She clears her throat then laughs at the girl in her arms. "Hi there, names Carol. Did someone actually toss you through the front door?" she settles Angelica more on her feet, with utter ease, and then looks past her at Kori.

"I am... mmm ninety percent certain that Kori didn't toss the new girl through the door Rogue..." she wiggles her fingers hello to Kori and in her own language <<Good to see you Koriand'r, how have you been since we last spoke?>>

Honestly Carol seems pretty at ease.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire lifts her arms and examines them, slightly surprised by Rogue's assessment, before dropping them with a smile. "This is no costume," she explains. "It is quite a common mode of dress among my people! Though the textiles must be made thicker for me because of my glow." She drops it there, and offers a hand to Rogue to shake. "Hello! I am Starfire. I am present for meeting Ororo Munroe, who is also being Storm. Do you know her company?"
    Starfire beams at Carol and says something back in a language that is quite lyrical if you can get used to all the glottal stops. It's not exciting, though, just an admission that she's been alright and is looking for new opportunities. You didn't miss anything important if you left the subtitles off.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Eyes moving back and forth between questions and answers and conversation, the simple redhead (compared to Kori, everyone's simple looking!) opens her mouth to try and explain! "No, I was out there with the other lady! The flying lady didn't push me," she says rather quickly.

Then as Kori talks, she amends. "Starfire. Carol." She squeezes Carol's arms for a moment, then stands on her own two feet. "Anna-Marie, did I catch that right?" Oh wait, this is an alien meeting moment. She steps back and glances to Starfire, hard to miss, and puts her hands behind her back. "I'll wait." She proceeds to hush up, clearly content to let Carol, Starfire, and Rogue have important talks.

Which doesn't answer any of anyone's questions.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyed gaze goes back to Carol, whose clearly understanding of who Kori is makes her believe that she wasn't the Pusher. "Huh, well, good." She watches the two exchange words in a flowery alien language and it just makes her grin. "Course you know each other. Carol knows everybody, so it seems." She grins to the blond before offering a gloved hand to Angelica.

"Anna-Marie, or Marie, or just Rogue. Most call me Rogue. Less you're a news reporter, than apparently I'm 'Mighty Woman' now." She grumbles a bit after saying that last part, clearly not a fan of that!

At Kori, Rogue nods once. "Storm's down the hall, finishing her last class of the day. So it seems you're early." She looks to Angelica again then. "You okay? Need an ice pack or anything?" She turns halfway toward the Foyer's center. "Ya'll wanna wait in the kitchen? Get some drinks or snacks, or somethin? Was headed there with Carol anyway..."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol adjusts her jacket and smirks. "I don't know everyone, I do know a lot of the aliens though that are currently in residence on earth." light shrug...

There is a chuckle at Rogue "Wait what.. Mighty Woman... how did an analyst not flag those headlines for me.. that is ... fan..tastic... Mighty Woman..." okay yeah she has to tease Rogue. Honestly it is contractual at this point or something.

"Snacks.. come on ya'll" there is a bit of a southern twang .. mild.. but there.. then she starts to walk towards the kitchen snickering a little bit. "Mighty Woman..."

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire's curious eyes spot the retreating Angelica. They mark her as Rogue explains that Starfire is early; to that worthy, she nods and makes her apology. "Yes, I am instructed that in matters of punctuality, it is best to be late if the other person is a supplicant to you, but early if you are the supplicant. Am I too early, do you think?" she inquires. She lifts off the ground while at the same time bending her knees and dropping, so her gaze is closer to eye level for the comparatively shorter humans. She cocks her head curiously at the 'Mighty Woman' thing, but lets it pass as she drifts over to Angelica and offers her a hand turned palm up for gripping rather than sideways for shaking. "Will you accompany us?" she invites, smiling brightly (literally and figuratively). "Such would please us ever."

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica, if that is in fact her name, touches the top of her head again as she's asked about the ice pack. "Not sure if it'd help," she answers cryptically, but then she looks up again and says to Rogue, "I mean, I'd like that. Thank you Ma'am." Yikes, manners.
    She smiles just a tiny bit at the Mighty Woman interaction, but it looks almost sympathetic instead of amused. You know, almost.
    She does blink in what seems like surprise when Starfire offers her a hand. She looks a it, then up at Starfire's face, and then a smile returns to her face where it belongs. "I'm Angelica. It's very nice to meet you all, and no, not press. Just a student, which means I'm talking way too much and should get making snacks. I'm on it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's stare goes back to Carol, who now gets a mini-glare too! "Ha ha." She replies. "Very funny! I'm gonna have t'wear a nametag on my suit now, or somethin', when I go out inta public..." She adds with a smirk. As she turns and leads the others further into the school she adjusts course and heads to the west hallway that'll lead to the kitchen.

There's a few other students in the halls, moving between rooms, and a couple disappearing around a corner at the far end. "Well, you're probably here to s'ee Ororo too then, since she's in-charge'a new arrivals., or new students."

It's only a few passing doors before they reach the entrance to the kitchen, and it's a big fancy affair. As she slips in to the kitchen she leans toward Carol "What's a supplicant?" She asks before separating and heading toward the fridge.

"Ya'll want some tea, or juice, or soda? We got it all, less the kids have eaten it..."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Well... usually supplicant refers to religion but it can also mean a petitioner.. some really stuffy colleges use that term when people are working on degrees... I think." she shrugs a little bit and moves over to one of the counters then turns and hops up to sit on it watching the room.

Towards Angelica "New kid doesn't have to make snacks for people.. let the old person do it." which is rich considering how old Carol is really. She also doesn't seem to be moving to help. "I'll have whatever is easy Anna-Marie."

Finally Caorl looks over to Kori. "Why are you here meeting with staff Kori as a supplicant?" curious really. Curious. Though she doesn't offer up why she is here either, which isn't where most would expect her to be.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire cocks her head curiously as she keeps pace with Angelica on the way to the kitchen. "Making snacks? Is it your role to be a servant?" she asks openly, without judgment.
    Then the linguistics talk starts. God help them all.
    "A supplicant is a humble petitioner beseeching in earnest of the deity you know as God. In more recent use it has been made less specific, referring to anyone who seeks favor or help from one in a position of power over others. It is an official term in use at the University of Oxford to describe students who are qualified but have not been formally admitted, so it seems symbolically appropriate to use the term to describe myself!" she agrees to Carol, beaming happily as she helps herself to a glass of water, drinking from it like that was a totally normal speech she just rattled off machine gun-fast.
    Throat properly wetted, she asks, "And what is the nature of your presence at this school, Rogue? Are you also a student?"

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica, the student (apparently) nods when addresed, but mostly lets the conversation go past her. She seems pretty happy to ignore Carol's suggestion to not pitch in, and starts immediately looking for ways to be useful.

She hums a little, a nice tune that's from...some opera? Oh lord, a classical music lover. She turns on hot water for whatever might be needed, letting Rogue do what she chooses. Bit of a domestic, even if she is some form of mutant. In fact, it feels...warm? around her?

Yes, it's definitely warmer near her. "Everyone is a servant at some point in their lives, ma'am," she says toward Starfire without looking. No, she's looking at Carol when she says it. So...maybe a bit ambiguous. "I don't mind helping."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pulls out a couple things from the fridge, including a vegetable sampler. "We had a birthday party here earlier today, so there's quite a lotta stuff left, turns out." She takes that over to the center bar in the kitchen and sets it down, then sets a plate of blueberry muffins down beside it before she goes over to the sink to fill up a tea pot.

"So a supplicant is not one'a those things from that Blade Eunner movie with that sexy Ryan Gosling then? She asks. "Got it." No, that's a Replicant, Rogue!

"Well, you both seem like a hell of a fun time, so I'm eager for ya both to be students here." She grins over at them, nodding to Kori. "You got a smile that is as vibrant as the rest've ya too, we need more'a those around here. Smiles are infectious, ya know."

As she gets the tea on the stove she turns then to look at the three of them. "I still wanna know who pushed ya though." She says to Angelica. "I'll push'em back if ya want me too. I'm Mighty, ya know..." She raises her right arm up and flexes, deceptively strong, her arms....

"And nah, I'm not a student." Rogue says as she drops her hand down to her side again. "I was, but I graduated. I don't have a family, or nothin', so this is the only place I can go. They're lettin' me stay here, for now anyhow. If they get sick'a me, that might change, who knows!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is mostly just sassing Anna-Marie not really encouraging anyone to not find their joy in helping people with things.

"Suppose that is true Angelica, I'm in the military so would be glass houses and all." about everyone being a servant at some point their lives. "You do have pretty good manners." she notes with all the ma'ams.

"Wait.. whose birthday did I miss?" curious, not that she knows everyone here but ... sometimes lately it feels like she does. "oo.. dibs on a blueberry muffin." she hops off the counter and steps, moving fast suddenly to swipe one and then back to the counter. Yes there was a faint glow. Yes she cheated.

"I doubt they will be shuffling you out on your ass Rogue. If they do though I can probably get you a job." she probably could too, not that Rogue may want to be in that line of work. Hard to say.

"I keep forgetting school is starting despite all the new faces here.. it was pretty quiet over the summer."

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire's gaze follows Angelica's to Carol, and an 'oh' expression dawns on her face. "Yes! That is true. And of that topic, I must now speak with Rogue. Who is over there. Perhaps while I occupy her with conversation, you could the same to Carol as not to allow her to feel excluded." She leans in and whispers rapidly, "Her interests include exolinguistics and stellar phenomena!" As she drifts over toward Rogue, beaming, her hip fires to the side seemingly by accident, nudging Angelica toward Carol.
    No, really, Starfire's pretty sure she's slick. Like, she believes it in her heart.
    To Rogue, Starfire asks, "Is it unusual to have the fun in this school? If so, I will pledge my most sincere efforts to increase ambient fun levels by at least fifteen percent by the end of a month," she pledges solemnly, eyes twinkling. "I am full of certainty they will not evict you. You are charming and kind." She nods firmly. "And you are strong as well? Will you tell me, is it necessary for you to exercise your muscles? I no longer require such activity and have discovered I mourn its loss."

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica looks at Rogue, then says, "Nobody pushed me? I don't think anyway. I have literally fallen through a lot of doors before this, I'm a complete klutz." She admits it finally, looking at everyone for a moment. Then she almost drops a glass, catching it out of the air.


She smiles at Carol's compliment, then proceeds to look for the blueberry muffins. "Coming right up...ma'am," she says, saluting...and dropping the glass again, this time not catching it so well.

She looks completely flustered then, which is fair. It's a new life and she wanted to make a good impression. Somehow her messy hair is still messy, and it looks alright on her anyway. But that's secondary. Falling glass!

Rogue has posed:
At the question of whose birthday it was, Rogue motions toward the hallway. "Ah, Emmy Valentine. She's one of the new younger kids. Not even high school level. Cute as a button, really. She wanted a Wonder Woman cake, there might be some'a that left, in the dining hall probably."

Rogue ten grins at Carol. "I got a job, ya know?" She says to her friend. "I roller skate food out t'people's cars, down at the diner over near Harry's. It was a quiet summer, 'round here anyhow, so I wanted somethin' t'do that was... ya know, a bit'a income for me. Without takin' in handouts, yeah? Honest work. It's... all right. I'm gettin' mildly sick'a it, but we'll see how long I last there. Plenty'a tips comin' my way from it though." She adds with a grin.

When the water is ready, she takes the tea pot off and finishes prepping it to pour them each a glass as Kori comes over. Kori's eccentric way of speaking has the Southern Belle grinning. "Oh there's plenty'a fun around here, Sugah. Though we could always use a fifteen percent bonus to it, no doubt." She replies, offering Kori her cup of tea then. "I like t'jog, but that's all I do for exercise these days. I don't gotta do much, thanks t'her." She motions toward Carol. It's an awkward subject still, but the two of them have come to terms with it at least!

She takes Carol and Angel their glasses as well, smiling to Angel. "I think you'll like it here, this place is ... I mean, it's wild sometimes, but this is the most beautiful part of the country, least in my opinion, and lotsa great people here too."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I know you have a job, just saying you could probably hook up with SHIELD or the Avengers with your skills." not really sassing at this point, she means it. "If the school and rollerskating ever falls through." okay there she is teasing. Mostly because she knows what they do on the side around here at this point.

Carol looks at Angelica and assesses. Lots of nerves and wanting to make a good impression is understandable, so she offers her friendliest smile. The one she has to break out in public relations situations and all that. "So what is your power Angelica?" honestly curious but also in her experience at least a lot of people like to talk about it. Hopefully not a land mine topic but she takes the risk.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire, who's been watching Angelica and Carol VERY VERY SUBTLY YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE out of the corner of her eye, grins like an idiot at the pair of them hitting it off. She dials the smile back a bit when her flighty focus returns to Rogue, though her hair brightens at the pet name, which probably signifies something. "Thank you, Strawberry."
    She's just trying it on, okay? Just roll past it, it's fine.
    She sips the tea offered and makes a pleased expression before continuing, taking a hint from Carol, "May I ask of you the nature of your powers, please, Anne-Marie Rogue?"

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica happily takes the tea, her hands clasping it as if it were ...well, it is warm, so that works. She says, "Thank you," almost as a habit, then looks for someplace she can lean against. She sips, clearly not having expected the taste from her face's reaction, but she schools it very quickly. "Nice! I've never tried this one!" And a diplomatic answer, too!

She looks up at Carol, not having noticed Starfire studying her it's totally true, and says, "Well, Jenny says that it's okay to talk about...you know, powers? I mean, to talk about them here, so..." She pauses, one hand rising to rub the back of her neck in a super-obvious nervous gesture, then says, "Dr Richards says that I'm emitting microwaves. Most of the time, actually. I don't think it's enough to hurt anyone, so...I think you're safe. He said...um..."

She stops, then looks at the group. "Should I have led with that?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go from Starfire over to Carol as she now leans over the center counter/bar on her forearms, holding her own cup of tea between her gloved hands. "That would be a dream come true, workin' for either'a those groups. I dig what SHIELD's goal is, but Avengers is like... well... I used t'rant about them a lot when I was with Mystique, she told they weren't as noble as they make out to be, but I think she disliked that side'a me, ya know the side that liked justice and 'good'."

She grins then back at Koriand'r. "Strawberry, even that I'd approve'a more than Mighty Woman." After a sip is taken of her tea, she nods once to Starfire. "I'm a mutant, my skin absorbs other people's ... everything. If I touch ya, skin on skin, I'll take your mind, and your genetic code in a lot'a ways too." She motions then to Carol. "I... attacked her, awhile back, I was ordered t'do so, by that Mystique person. She raised me when I ran away from home, so I felt obligated t'do as she told me to. But it was by doin' that, that I decided Mystique was full'a shit, so I ran away from her. Only... yeah, it's complicated." She smirks lightly then.

"Microwaves?" She asks Angelica. "That mean you're gonna be poppin' all the movie night popcorn for us around here?" She asks the young woman with a grin for her.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol glances over at Rogue and smiles "Well they are annoying sometimes but they do tend to be pretty noble, justicy, and good." is justicy a word. Maybe. "Still Hank and Tony can be pain to have to talk to about engineering... like they are the only ones with a degree in science..." eye roll.

She glances back to Angelica "Ah that explains why I got a little bit of a buzz when I caught you." and no her power isn't like Rogue's just explained power. Nope her deal is a bit more complicated than just absorbing their everything like that.

She glances back to Rogue. "Very complicated, luckily I got better and Anna-Marie is running with a much better crowd these days. That still reminds me I need to kick Mystique into the sun one of these times..." she is.. probably kidding. Then again she is Captain Marvel. She may be able to do it or may mean it. Hard to say.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire's eyes widen with astonishment, and she grips Rogue's shoulders with both hands, excited. "How wonderful! I am similar in the extreme! That is, I am not known to absorb genetic code," she amends, "but physical contact allows my people to cause the establishment of minor telepathic links with subjects, and due to my mutation I process energy into my body with high puissance. I am curious, does your mutation affect aliens? I have never learned how genetically compatible my people are with your own, which is to say nothing at all of someone as unique as me."

Angelica Jones has posed:
The fact that nobody in the room seems worried about being irradiated causes Angelica to pause. Then, slowly, to calm down. She'd been holding in that little bit of stress for quite a while, and the warmth around her suddenly goes away. She stops emitting, which is actually physically noticeable now, when she stops -panicking- internally. Good to know.

"I was told to heat people's drinks, to bleed off excess. So I could pop popcorn, sure?" She seems a little confused, but at least she's not terrifing anyone. What could she have done to be so scared? Still, she's home now.

She warms her tea quietly, just a soft heat through her fingertips. So there is some control.

She settles in, finding a chair now that she can relax enough to sit (she hid it fairly well, all told?) and listens to the others talk, her smile slowly returning to her pretty little face.

And there's a twig in her hair. :)

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head at Carol and smirks. "I can't imagine bein' around a couple'a big brains like them. I think they'd probably dislike me, in fact. Smart people seem t'usually, I dunno, dislike my charms." She grins then before sipping her tea again. "She's around here, lurking, Mystique that is. Always lurkin'. She stopped by my work the other day, just to tell me it was a stupid job and that I was wastin' my life. Nice mothe'ah figur---"

Kori's hands are on her shoulders now and she pauses her talking to just suddenly laugh softly. "I think they'd probably work on ya. Way I was told? They'd suck the life right outta anyone who had human-equivalent skin and minds. Like, I can touch a kitty cat, but you or... Superman? Probably wouldn't go so well for ya." She glances over to Kori and smiles at her. "Your people sound pretty wild, I'd love t'see where ya came from someday."

At Angelica, Rogue nods once. "I don't fear the microwaves, some'a the other kids might though. Some'a them steer wide and clear'a me, cause'a my mutation too. Especially if I get inta the pool when they're in it." She has a slight grin then as she reaches out for a muffin.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol looks over, concerned for a moment when Kori takes ahold of Rogue like that, but then Rogue is careful and all. "I would definitely not recommend the experience." she notes very sincerely. "Trust me."

She glances back to Angelica and nods to what Rogue said to her though, taking a bite of the blueberry muffin. "I'm sure they will help you get it under control here though and most of the kids won't be concerned." she lifts her free hand and cascading golden cosmic energy sheaths her fist for a moment then vanishes. "I absorb all forms of energy.. sort of like Kori over there so you aren't a risk for me. I just turn it into cosmic energy as far as anyone can tell."

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire glances at her hands, blushes ochre, and withdraws them. "I apologize. Among my people, touch is much more common than among yours. My excitement causes me to forget these things at times." She tucks her hands politely behind her back, crossing at the wrists and swiveling in the air to face to Angelica. "Microwaves are a form of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, yes? Are those harmful to humans? You seem..." She gets distracted as she notices the twig, and drifts over to gently remove it. "You seem to be be quite well," she resumes, smiling.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica says something then, and it's...sad. "I really hope so," she says, breaking down a little. She's suddenly soft, almost crying from her expression. The shift in mood is intense, as what she's got inside comes out. When she's told, that it'll be alright. That the people here won't be afraid.

And then she's wrapping her arms around herself, looking at Starfire. "I'm not well, I'm scared and my father hates me and can I please have a hug?" She may be asking the perfect person, but well, she did say that she was okay with touch.

As tears leak down Angelica Jones' face, and she reminds them all that this is all new to her. And she's been very, very alone.

Rogue has posed:
At Carol and Kori, Rogue looks between them and shakes her head. "I don't mind the touch. I miss bein' able t'touch people, really. I miss it more than words can express... if we're bein' honest here. It's just... the part I left out is the coma." She motions to Carol. "She was left in a coma for over a year. I don't like puttin' good people inta that kinda place." She says with a quick smile for Kori.

Rogue's eyes are on Angelica's face as she sees the mood shift in the girl, she could see it swelling up inside of her as it started. When she sees it, she abandons her tea and muffin to straighten up and walk toward her. "I probably can't offer hugs, but here." She says, pulling a triangle-folded handkerchief out of her hoodie pocket. "You're in a good place here, Missy. I swear it. I was all kinds'a messed up when I got here. The people here helped me get right on course."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol notes helpfully "Also kidnapped by the Kree because I was in a coma, kidnapped again. Fucking Kree." she just mutters that part darkly. Lot of complicated, or maybe just really really simple emotions when it comes to the Kree.

She also defers the hugs to Kori who is a hugger, she knows it first hand. "This is a really good place Angelica honest and people here will understand you and what you are going through." she can't really talk to the whole dad hating her or anything, that could be honest facts with all the anti-mutant hate out there in the world. This place though, definitely good people as far as Carol is concerned.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire's body is feverishly hot, but not as painfully warm as the name would imply. Tenderly (exaggeratedly so, perhaps; Starfire notices how fragile humans are compared to Tamaraneans), her arms slide Angelica's shoulders, parallel to the ground rather than upright: Starfire does not do politely halfway hugs. She hugs like she means it, torso to torso, chin to shoulder. The latex or whatever it is her outfit is made of crinkles slightly, sounding oddly more like tin foil than rubber, with the frankness of her press against Angelica. Anyone who can see her face sees that she nearly looks like she's overacting, her face contorted with sympathetic tragedy. Apparently hugs are the only thing she doesn't do by halves.

Angelica Jones has posed:
The kerchief finds its way into Angelica's hand. She hears the words, all of them. But she really, really needed the hug, and it's instantly obvious that she and Starfire are not only hair-sisters, but also in hugs. She squeezes the alien woman so tightly, her own broken heart lending her strength. And even though she has no power to harm, she hugs the Mighty Starfire to a standstill.

With a lovely kerchief clutched in her hand, and people who will be friends nearby.
    She hugs herself out, then slowly starts to release. Her face is streaked, her hair is messy, but free of twigs. And she looks...soft, warm, and far too cute. Damnit. She's one of THOSE.

"I'm sorry. Thank you. All of you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands off to the side with her hands on her hips as she watches the hug. "That's a fine quality hugger right there." She notes in good humor for all, smirking over them at Carol. "You weren't lyin'." She flashes a grin then before she looks back to Angelica and Starfire. "Ya'll wanna go see if Storm is ready? She might be down in the staff area now. They got a big meetin' room with all their desks in it."

As she speaks she moves back to the counter to gather up her tea cup. "Otherwise, we'll stay here and see how many other ways we can figure out how to make each other cry." She jests with a sly grin.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Sleeve beeps, yup the sleeve of her jacket beeps lightly and she twists it around and a holographic display pops up and she surveys it. "Damnit." she mutters lightyl and then just slams her tea before slipping off the counter to her feet once more.

"You are going to do great here and Kori .. I guess you too?" I mean, Kori is an alien. She isn't sure about Xavier's policy on Aliens but it isn't her place to really speak up about that.

"I need to get back to work... buzz me if you need anything Anna-Marie." she finishs the las bit of muffin. "Or if you see Mystique and she needs a slap." always on offer, always.

Koriand'r has posed:
    As she retracts herself from Angelica's embrace, Starfire's face falls at Carol's retreat. She'd just noticed Carol and Angelica weren't hitting it off like she'd hoped and was about to talk to her! Oh well. "I will do my best," she promises Carol, flies over to her for another quick, wistful hug (god humans are so damn touch-averse she can barely stand it), and backs away toward the remaining three. She nods at Rogue and promises, "It was most enjoyable to acquaint with you, friend Anne-Marie, and you, friend Angelica. I shall take this hint to Ororo Munroe now." Smiling slyly, or at least what she thinks is slyly, Starfire drifts out of the kitchen and down toward
    Wait, where are Munroe's offices, anyway?

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica pulls back from Starfire and laughs, finally wiping her face with that loaned kerchief. She laughs with a warmth, like she's used to laughing more than crying, and says "I...would prefer that," as she calms enough to do so.

Then she smiles that wonderful smile to Carol, offering her a hand to squeeze. Not to shake, she's not that kind of person. But touch...that's important to her too, as much as it is apparently to Starfire's people.

"I will be. There are people like you three here, after all. Good luck ...Carol." Not 'ma'am'. It's past that.

She looks at Kori, tilting her head. Then looks to Rogue, who -clearly- knows everything. Yes, everything.

Rogue has posed:
At Carol, Rogue smiles and cups her tea cup in her gloved hands. "Be safe, Darlin'. Don't forget t'call if'n ya need some big time back up. I'll be there in a jiff. Wherever 'there' is." She grins then before she looks to the visitors and starts to walk toward the exit again. "Come on, ya'll. Grab your tea'n'muffins. Lets go find us an African Queen."

Rogue grins then as she starts out into the hallway, with them with her hopefully! She'll lead them back through the foyer eastward to the Staff Meeting Hall, explaining things about the school along the way!