3152/Recreating Goblet of Fire at the Lake

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Recreating Goblet of Fire at the Lake
Date of Scene: 29 August 2020
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Lorna tests out a potion to breath underwater. Gabby cheerleads.
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Gabby Kinney, Logan Howlett

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was standing on the edge of the lake, wearing a single black swimsuit and a little glass bottle in her hand. She shifted her weight on the sand, pursing her lips as she looked out over the lake and then exhaled a breath. "I really dunno about this. Seems better than jumping out of middle of Atlantis.. but.. oh.." She groaned, and looked back at the pile of towels, cooler, and various snacks laid out on the small beach that circled this side of the lake.

Her nose wrinkled and she hefted the little bottle into the sunlight and turned it this way and that curiously. "It's gonna tasty nasty." She was stalling pretty badly.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was in her own swimwear sitting near the cooler as she was purveying the array of snacks. For future reference. Not at all because she was considering indulging before going in the water even though there was that whole 'don't swim until a half hour after you eat' thing she'd been told by someone before. The swimwear she wore was a bit more tomboy-like in that it was shorts and a criss-crossed biker top type top. It *was* swimwear though and so getting wet in it would be fine.

At Lorna's continued hesitation she looks up with a shrug. "If you're afraid of trying it, I could try it first for you. If it's magic it shouldn't really affect my healing factor. And besides," she adds with another shrug as her hand steals toward a KitKat. "If I end up swallowing a ton of water it won't really do much. So long as I get pulled out into the air again at least."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan is working on his own project near the lake. An old timey ice cream machine. He mumbles to himself as he fiddles with some gears attached to a small hand-crank. Beechwood blades are splayed out next to him on a towel. A bucket of pine is also nearby, sanded and restained in recent days. Evidently, Logan decided he wanted to do some restoration work.

More importantly, there is a cooler neighbor with ingredient for the desert if he can manage to get the device back in working order. He's dressed for a warm afternoon, wearing a pair of shorts showing off his hairy legs and a tank-top showing off his equally hairy forearms. Squinting, he reaches over for a can of dd40 and sprays a portion of the hand crank.

Logan gazes up toward Gabby, "Try not to rely on your healin' factor so much and never underestimate magic. Damn stuff is unpredictable, hell might even turn off your healin' factor for all we know."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced back over her shoulder at Gabby. "No, I'll talk to Wanda about getting more made if we have to go and fight whatever it is down in the ocean making problems.. But right now I think this one is made for me. I dunno. It's magic, and Wanda threatened to try to teach me it. I ... I am a science kid. So this is a bit freaky. But I don't want to get stuck fighting lurkers or some siren again and get a breathing mask ripped off either." She carefully avoided whatever other uses she might find and enjoy regarding the potion, but for now, it was time to test it out.

She popped off the cork that sealed it, and a strong smell of seaweed and something else wafted up. A glance was spared toward Logan as he chided Gabby and she blinked repeatedly.

"Yeah lets not.." She drawled, and took the half dose marked out for her. She grimaced, making a gagging noise at the back of her throat and quickly recorked the magic potion.

"Oh damn, this is nasty! Gabby get me a soda." She flapped her hand, and felt the contents of whatever made up the potion stick to the back of her throat. She coughed, shaking her head repeatedly as she started to rub at her throat.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances over at Logan and that doohickey he's working with only to nod thoughtfully. "Ideally yeah I try not to get hurt in the first place, but this is kinda sorta a controled environment. Sorta." Okay maybe not quite. She'd already snapped open the KitKat and was about to pop a peice into her mouth when Lorna chugs down the potion and requests a soda.

Plucking one up she hops to her feet to carry it over to her offering it out while regarding her with a thoughtful look. "How exactly is it going to make you breath under water? Cuz the only way I know how things really breath underwater is to... you know..." She lifts a hand gesturing to her own neck since Lorna was rubbing at hers. "Gills. Or technically there's this deep sea diving ultra-oxygenated liquid you can breath too but it's a pain in the ass to get ahold of."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna grabbed the soda as Gabby brought it over, and she made another gagging noise at the back of her throat as she popped it open and chugged a gulp. As she did so though.. Just as Gabby had so pointed out, little bits of gills seemed to rip open on the side of her throat she'd been rubbing just before.

It hurt. Magic for all that it was literal magic, it seemed still demanded something in return. Even a so called 'easy' thing like this, or so Wanda had claimed.

She coughed, dropping the soda and resealed potion bottle on the sand as her hands rapidly developed some kind of a membrane between them, and she made a surprised sound to go with the shock coloring her features. As she started to gasp for breath, Lorna turned and quickly jumped for the lake's water, and dove in. She resurfaced a moment later, her head bobbing out of the water as she pushed her hair back from her face and she seemed to inhale and exhale slowly.

"Okay. I'm okay.." She called, keeping her throat mostly submerged in the water.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney instinctively reaches out to try and catch the soda. It's fumbled and she gives up as Lorna makes her mad dash into the water where she watches cautiously until the OK is given. A breath is let out and she shakes her head a bit in wonderment at it. "Okay so this is like that movie with the wizards, I think. Did Wanda watch that? Maybe it gave her the idea." Hey, she might not know all the details but she did make use of movie night in the rec room frequently.

Reaching up she scratches at her chin a bit. "I was just going to practice how long I could hold my breath in case my rebreather falls out so I have time to get a new one or get help from one of the Atlanteans. Not quite as helpful as gills, but it I'm working with what I've got."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna dove under again, seeming to test breathing under water entirely, and she popped up again in another spot of the lake side. "Yeah it is like the movie with the wizards, it's called Harry Potter, and Wanda out right said it was like that." She made a face. "Said it would last a few hours based on how much of the potion I had." She arched a brow as Gabby spoke of holding her breath and testing to see how it would work in Atlantis.

"You know about water pressure right? You're going to be crushed and healing that damage constantly that deep down. The average depth of the Atlantic ocean's floor is like 20 thousand something feet. I think with this potion I should be good, but I'm not so sure about free diving with a mask." She wrinkled her nose.

"I know Namor has other tech and Hank mentioned working on the wet suits to manage that. So in theory, we have a work around beyond my older sister's magic potions." She added, and dove down again, a little longer this time as she seemed to explore the lake bottom some and she returned to the surface.

"This is freaking wild, I found a golf ball already, and like five beer cans."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Oh, I know. I'm not worried about the pressure. I won't feel the pain," Gabby explains as she kicks off her flipflops and starts to walk out on the wooden pier that stretches out over part of the water. "And my healing factor is gonna be really key in staying alive. That's kind of the thing though: We need air at least. So..." She shrugs again. "It might be a waste of time, but it might not. Even if I can hold my breath like, ten seconds, it might be enough time to get my butt saved if I need. It's like, basics. We were always told don't forget the basics. Even if you have a gun it can run out of bullets. You won't always have a knife. A good punch will help you out, or a kick, or even biting if needed."

She pauses at the end of the pier with a little wrinkle of her nose. "Who the hell plays golf?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna snickered as she dove under the water again, coming up closer to the dock and holding aloft said golf ball. She flashed Gabby a grin as she tossed it onto the wooden pier and swam back again as she listened to Gabby speak of the reason behind practicing. "Well most humans can hold their breath at least a minute. So I think you can get that far. I am a bit concerned that you might push that too far and black out though.. So be careful?" She drawled, and dove back under the water again. It seemed she was either a fast swimmer.. or was definitely cheating through usage of her magnetic powers beneath the water because she surfaced in a deeper area again, this time with water logged and rotted sneaker.

"I dunno, why is there an old car out in the middle of the lake?" She drawled, tilting her head as she dropped the shoe again. "There's some crazy stuff down there that I never really saw before. Also it's still murky, and still dark. Not that it stings or anything.. So I guess Wanda's potion must have done something there too."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney crouches down on the end to roll the golf ball further down the pier. It was a bit slimy with underwater muck even if it had mostly rinsed off when it was carried up. "Maybe membranes over the eyes? I can see underwater without goggles but only so far. It's all kind of fuzzy even in the pool," she explains. Having no pain sensation really did allow her to do a fair amount others might not.

"A car? ... Dunno. I was keeping my guns out here in a waterproof lock box but Jean suggested I turn them in to the armoroy for safe keeping." She shrugs again only to push herself off the pier into the water with a splash. Not quite a cannonball. She was too near the water for that. When she surfaces she pushes her hair out of her face while treading water now wearing a grin. "I'm kind of excited about it though. I mean, I know we'll be fighting stuff but Atlantis? That's gotta be awesome."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna lightly bobbed in the water, arching a brow as Gabby spoke of keeping a thing of guns in the water. She shook her head, and dove down once more before she resurfaced. "Maybe there's some membrane? I can't tell entirely. But given that my hands literally got all webby, and my throat just sprouted out gills? I'll assume some things." She grinned.

As Gabby spoke of being excited regarding Atlantis, she shrugged. "I mean, sure.. we're going to be fighting an ancient evil that wiped the floor with Atlantis a few thousand years ago and required Neptune to come help.. But I mean.. they didn't have mutants like us kicking around either. I mean.. maybe they did and just called them heroes or demigods, but I dunno." She shrugged once.

"Here's hoping we do a better job.."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins reassuringly at Lorna in spite of the apparent odds against them. "Yeah, it'll be dangerous, and we'll have our work cut out for us. What else would we do though? Sit back and let them run rampant and kill everyone?" Her head tips to the side a little bit. "We can fight so let's fight. We'll do our best. If it's not enough..." Here she grows serious a moment. Even she had her moments. "We've at least done all we could then. Better than hiding in fear or letting others die without trying first."

Then her grin resumes, "But! I mean *BEFORE* the fight? I totally want to see Atlantis. Not many people get to, right? So that'll be cool. It's the moments in between that are worth fighting for."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shrugged and dove into the depths of the lake again, she took some time again, and returned some what closer to Gabby so they didn't have to shout over the surface of the water either. "I mean, obviously we have to. These things could do some serious damage. It's not a matter of hiding out in the middle of the Sahara and noping out." She laughed softly, and leaned back in the water.

"But yeah Atlantis is pretty cool. They're definitely not big on surface dwellers.. humans.. mutants.. it's all the same to them regardless. I keep telling Namor that and he doesn't care." She smirked and glanced back at Gabby.

"But if you really want to see Atlantis sometime I'm sure I can bring you as a member of my retinue some time. I am technically still a Queen.. ish.. Maybe? I dunno. Hard to say. I never had a coronation. So maybe I'm not."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins broadly at the suggestion of visiting though when Lorna starts to doubt herself she sticks her tongue out. "You're a Queen. You stepped up when your dad was gone to help your people. You worked together with other heads of state or countries to see to their benefit. Just because your dad returned and noped out doesn't mean you changed. You don't always have to BE there to be a Queen."

"And yeah I know it was hard. You could have passed on it though. You could have found a way out... you didn't. So you're a Queen." With a firm nod she then takes a deep breath and submerges herself swimming down to the bottom of the lake.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smiled slightly as she glanced back at Gabby, still floating on her back as she lazed on the lake's surface, only dipping down beneath the water now and then. "Thanks. And... I guess you're right on some level." She mused, sighing softly as she rolled back into the water and then popped up once more.

"For using a potion to breathe under water I'm spending an awful lot of time above it. I'm gonna go out and see how deep this thing goes.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney pops back up with a gasp of breath. Though not overly tired this really wasn't one of her training scenarios that she'd had grilled into her. All the more reason to practice. "Yeah! I'll go under too. Though maybe not as deep," she reasons with another quick drawn breath, DEEP, and she splashes under less gracefully than Lorna.