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An Equal and Opposite Reaction
Date of Scene: 06 March 2020
Location: Staten Island
Synopsis: A gigantic monster surfaces in the bay, endangering ferrygoers and everyone else nearby. Fortunately, some heroes are on hand to set things right!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Caitlin Fairchild, Isabel Kane, Bart Allen, Kate Bishop, Achilles, Clark Kent

Thor has posed:
    No more snow touches the ground, the balmy temperatures have given the city its first true hint of Spring with the season drifting closer and closer. No clouds in the sky, bright and blue and brilliant with a subtle haze off to the West speaking of a lovely sunset that's due in an hour or so. In the river there are still small chunks of ice drifting, however, and small blinking buoys that have been attached to several large ones give some audible insight into their location as they drift slowly down the river.
    On either side of the river today there are tourists enjoying the view. The one from Staten Island is beautiful with the Manhattan skyline dominating the North, and the one toward St. George park in Staten Island is blessed with the silhouette of the large New York Ferris Wheel that draws the eye of many a tourist as well as all of the ferries that go past, traversing the cold river as they convey their passengers.
    Though, abruptly, out in the water near that Ferris Wheel, one of the ferries suddenly jolt and jostles sharply, sending several cars roughly over the side and into the water, causing people to scream and hollar. A large number of bubbles burble forth from the ocean there in the middle of the river, surging and churning for the moment.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Oh crabapples!"

The sound is one more of alarm than panic, coming from Caitlin's mouth, and it's quite lost in the sea of gasps and cries of fear from the surging crowd around her. The cocoa in her hands is dropped and empties itself into a gutter to make a path towards the drain.

The redhead casts around for the nearest semi-respectable looking person; it's a mother with two kids in a stroller. "Hold this!" Her purse is thrust into the woman's hands and Caitlin jams her loose red hair back with a scrunchie from her wrist.

Clothes go fling as Caitlin swiftly disrobes-- coat, jeans, boots get piled haphazardly on the ground. It leaves her barefoot in knee-length green tights and a green athletic top that leaves just an inch of skin exposed above her hipbones.

The redhead jogs backwards, bulling a path behind her, and drops into a runner's crouch.

"Move!" she bellows, with a voice like a gunshot, and explodes into motion with enough force to leave bare-toed footprints in the asphalt. A tremendous leap launches her a solid hundred yards into the river in a perfect, arching bow into the water. The redhead resurfaces another thirty yards along with a violent churning plume behind her kicking feet, driving towards the stranded commuters like a speedboat.

Isabel Kane has posed:
Among the throng of tourists out on Staten Island is a somewhat unassuming young woman dressed in well-worn work clothes: blue jeans, flannel shirt, big heavy boots, that sort of thing. Although the weather is warming up, the wind can still cut, so she has a gray woolen scarf looped around her neck a couple of times for just-in-case warmth. She's very much an out-of-towner, not making much effort to hide her gawking at this and that -- to be fair, there's quite a bit to gawk at.

She doesn't notice right away when the ferry begins to encounter trouble -- she's looking at something more compelling -- but the crowds nearby quickly take note, and she follows suit, shading her eyes with one hand and peering out into the water. That ain't good. And people may be trapped in those sunken cars. The brunette unwraps her scarf once, twice, and pulls on the pair of goggles she has concealed underneath them. A moment later they're wrapped around her head, her work clothes are replaced with a white uniform, and she's in the air, speeding toward the stopped ferry. She flies low over the swimmer who's on her way there, low enough to yell: "Want a ride?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Kid Flash was on the patrol! A blur of red and yellow moves through the city, but imagine his surprise when he manages to be right by a certain ferris wheel when a certain ferry seems to rock to and frow in a violent manner.

"Oh man oh man oh man! that doesn't look good, not good at all. So not crash!" But, with an applying of his goggles, Bart is running across the water, the liquid practically splitting in his aftermath before he ends up on the ferry itself.

"Okay, okay, come on KF, figure out whats happening...oooooo if this is like that Godzilla movie, we're seriously about to be moded." He rubs his temples a tad before he looks at people. "But, don't worry civilians! Kid Flash will help you evacuate." Apparently the young man is one of multiple heroes arriving to try and save the day.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate's foot snaps out sharply and she braces her leg to keep her motorcycle balanced as the ferry she is on lurches. "Holycrap.. the hell?" as she starts starts to wheel her bike out of the way of two cars sliding into each other there.

She was on the way to Staten Island when all hell just broke loose, intending to scope out Happy Harbor some more and see if she could ocnfirm her suspicions or not.. ut alas it was not to be...

Parking her bike a bit more secure she against more jostles as best she can, grabbing the bow from the satchel on the bike and also the quiver she runs to one of the rails of the ferry as the water buggles and surge around the boat now. Leaving the bike and helmet behind. "What... the hell is this..."

Things are bound to get even worse.

Thor has posed:
    The crowd around Caitlin surges, people spinning to look at her, to look at the river, back to her at various points of her disrobing. A cellphone comes out, but then she lashes the crowd with that sharp snap of a tone, creating a corridor of people that abruptly spread and give way to the redheaded amazon as she makes that leap and plunges into the surge of the waters. A small bit of ice debris floats past her as she surges forth...
    In time to see the huge curved back of a large pock-marked shelled monstrosity rising out of the water, catching the lip of that ferry and sending the boat twisting to the side as part of it just sliiiiides off the side of the creature, like it were riding down a rivulet and back into the ocean where it /splashes/ roughly, more cars hurtling off as people scream. Some of the passengers can be seen clinging onto the lines hanging off the side of the vessel as the ferry endures the tumult. Near to Kate several civilians all rush to try and get a hand out to the people who have fallen, to those who are dangling, as one older man loses his grip and falls into the water, screaming something that is lost as his head dips under the waves with the impact, then resurfaces.
    Twin giant claws rise up, twisted and misshapen seeming to have paired pincers on one part of the claw, while a wickedly edged grasper is on the other. It lowers those claws into the water, perhaps from fifty feet high as it /suuurges/ forward apparently leaving the ferry behind, a great barbed tail with what look like a series of stingers splashes into the water to start to propel it forward.
    Yet what might be most concerning is that on its back those pustules start to burst with a staccato of sickly /PLURP-Plurp-PLURP!/ sending a dozen smaller creatures into the air as the great beast hisses a loud roar that sounds like half rasp and half gargle.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"No!" Caitlin yells up at the flier. She spits a nasty mouthful of the river out of her mouth with an expression of disgust and rolls onto her back to talk. "Get the civilians out first, I'll--"

Caitlin disappears under the waves just like everyone else as the chthonic beast surfaces and sends crashing waves of displaced water cascading around the area.

Seconds later she explodes upwards out of the water with enough velocity to escape the clutches of the churning bay. Her reflexes are good; she grabs barnacled protrusions for leverage points and scrambles along the beast's spine towards the critter's nose. Face? Whatever passes for 'front'. One of those oozing pustules *pops* just ahead of her and Caitlin leaps into the air like a pro volleyball player to spike it back to earth with enough force to drive one of those pier pylons into the ground.

Isabel Kane has posed:
Oh, wow. This is definitely not the kind of thing you see in Iowa every day. Really, there aren't too many places where you *would*, and sensible people avoid those they know about.

But there's time for this sentiment later on. Right now there are things to be done. Isabel swoops past the towering monstrosity, red laser energy from her goggles lancing out toward a handful of the flyers as opportunities present themselves. That's not her focus, though. Leaving the monster behind, she arcs around to the far side of the ferry and braces herself up against its hull, trying to steady the craft in the wake of the sudden high waves.

She certainly isn't going to try to pick it up. Is she?

Bart Allen has posed:
Kid Flash whistles as he sees the claws come right on out of the water, like that of a crab or something, and then it surges forward with its barbed tail in tow. "Wooooaaaaahh-" Bart is cut off by the mass of water that is about to hit him in the face, but he zooms out of the way, instead carrying about three people to the shore's temporary safety. "That thing is so CRASH!" Bart lifts his hands in the air like he's so enchanted by its sheer awesomeness...its like one of those cool japanese monster flicks!

"Time to take it down." He punches his palm...but then of course, there's Caitlin Leeroy Jenkins-ing at the creature while Isabel seems to do the same.

"Man, where's someone who can punch a building down when you need one. Like Thor or that dude in the metal suit everybody's raving about. Eh, whatever, its Crash. I just need a few seconds!" Kid Flash then proceeds to literally SPRINT towards the creature, running across the water and attempting to run up the creature itself JUST for the purpose of poking it in the eye. Attemptedly, anyway.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Yup things definitely got worse.

Kate manages to get a hand out onto the rail and then balances without going flying into the ocean. Thank goodness for excellent balance and very strong grip strength. "Woah... that... is not good." captain understatement bird archer is a go.

After gawking for a moment as monsters starting popping off the thing like some Miskatonic Doctor Pimple Popper Episode ... Hawkeye springs into action and runs over to grab one of the emergency life wings off the wall and tosses it with a whole lot of accuracy to the old man that is at risk of drowning. She ties the rope off on the ferry's rail "Help them get back on!" she shouts to the various civilians and then pivots drawing an arrow for the first time and taking aim before firing the bodkin arrow right at one of of the disgusting smaller pimple monsters then a second arrow at another.

She leaves fighting the Kaiju to the flying and laser heroes right now. It is a target rich enviroment.

Thor has posed:
    The back of the monstrosity under Caitlin's feet /squelches/ as it lumbers forward with ebbs and surges, its armored back covered in what looks like ancient ichor and mud, some of it gelatinous, some of it grimy, all of it disgusting. Several more pustules? Egg-sacks? Burst forth and Caitlin's leaping _spike_ cuts short the life of one of its hurtling young before it is even aware. The other ones filter into the water, spattering, plopping, their egg-sack remains slithering free as they start to swim towards the distant park and its scenic Ferris Wheel, perhaps something about the giant silhouette disturbing or reminiscent.
    Large 'feelers' twitch on the 'face' of the creature, flicking back and forth, and when Caitlin gets close enough they start to slash in her direction like barbed whips.
    Crimson beams start to lash out across the skyline as Smasher in her advanced suit fires flashes of light, skewering several of the spawn in their flight path, causing them to burst from their shells with resonant pops. Then she blurs across the distance and plants herself against the hull of the jostling ferry, helping to stabilize it as she strains with whatever energy that suit can muster as leverage. Those on the ship will notice an abrupt ease and stability as that near row of cars stops threatening to go over. Several of the civilians are able to try and haul some of the fallen back on board.
    There's a rush of water kicked up, looking as if someone had somehow fired a supersonic torpedo _above_ the water that as soon as it intersects with the creature rolls up and over and along the line of it back. Caitlin likely feels the rush of the other hero's passage and Bart can easily flip around past those feelers and in front of the creature's face for a /BOP!/
    Which causes it to blink slowly. Armored eyeballs with slithering nicitating membranes as thick as bulletproof vests? Unfair.
    Around Kate, spurred by her words hurled authoritatively, people respond. Sometimes all it takes is a stern voice and people will act, needing and wanting something to do while their brain processes the insanity around them. Some people start to pull on the lines, helping the others, another group of three start to form a human chain to try and get some of the people that have escaped their vehicles. And that old man catches Hawkeye's life-preserver, grabbing onto it desperately. Beside Kate a young woman grabs her shoulder and points, "Look out!"
    As one of the tiny spawn has crawled up the side of the ship, feelers twitching, claws clacking as it seems to look one way, and then the other.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin is fairly nimble for how statuesque she is. The redhead does a batter's slide under the first feeler, and when the second comes up with a follow-up swing she jumps into a lateral position to get ahead of it. It's some pretty interesting gymnastics and a few seconds of free tumbling before she manages to get a point of leverage that lets her handle it. It wraps around her midsection twice and Caitlin twists up like an aerial silk dancer and simply rips the protruberance apart with a set and twist from her shoulders.

When the beast starts to keel over Caitlin breaks into a sprint and vaults off of it again, using those massive armored plates as a launching pad, and lands hevily on a nearby pier with a pell-mell of her feet. Red hair is whipped out of her face and she turns to analyze the situation as quickly as she can.

"That is one big calamari," Caitlin mumbles under her breath.

Isabel Kane has posed:
With the ferry temporarily steadied, and people no longer in imminent danger of plunging into the water, Isabel can take a moment -- though only a moment -- to assess the situation. The monster might still be problematic, but there're two enthusiastic attackers already busy with it. The little critters are a definite threat, and she pauses for a moment to vaporize one in the air with Penta-Vision (tm).

But the real problem is the sunken cars and anyone stuck within them. Good thing there's someone who can be strong *and* fly on hand. With a last glance toward the intense combat, she vanishes under the waves to grab a car with each hand and haul them back toward the surface. Lives to be saved!

Bart Allen has posed:
"Oh come ooooonnn, thats so not fair!"

Bart cries out when he realizes this monster's eyeball has some kind of armor on it that he can't punch through. Literally, he lights that thing UP and it doesn't do jack shit. But, however, he does get the need to get scarce and decides to go help out that bow chick handle things on the ground. So, Bart looks back in the things eye and says "Byebye!" and just like that, he's gone.

Assuming this thing isn't stupid fast or anything like that.

That tiny spawn? Might get clocked by Bart on the way over.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Hey, someone has to be in charge and a crisis and give orders with authory and thankfully Kate is a bit of a natural. She indicates the old man with the life-prevserver and the rope that ties it to the ferry "Pull him up quick those things are in the water!" looking around "Hustle people!"

When someone draws her attention to the hatchling climbing up onto the ship she blinks and draws a trick arrow since she isn't actually sure how thick the chiten on those things are. She honestly isn't trying to be nonlethal or nice to it ... it just seems to have a shell of some sort right.

The arrow is let loose flying with precision and if it hits it will explode and ignite a chemical reaction to cover it in rapidly hardening foam to encase it.

She has no idea if this will work but here goes nothing. Also she hopefully doesn't hit Bart.

Thor has posed:
    There is a low rumble and crackle of thunder as the monstrosity roars, slime gushing from the wound caused by the rending and tearing of one of its feelers. It can be injured, it can be broken. That much is assured. Around Caitlin on that side of the river, some of the smaller beasts start to make landfall, awkwardly climbing up the cement embankment, clawing into the walls, pulling themselves up. Yet it isn't until one gets over the side that the crowd screams and starts to break for it.
    Beyond and behind the creature the ferry seems to be mostly out of the worst of the danger, though there are still people recovering, being pulled on board, being brought to safety. A small handful of the spawn seem to clamber aboard, one already menacing the people there.
    Yet it is under the water where the desperate are truly to be found. Several cars float down... down down. Toward the bottom of the river, the lights on in the cabin as the compartments quickly fill with water. It's there that Isabel will likely see from that ways off, the pounding of hands and feet against doors and windows that suddenly seem as if they were layered with unbreakable steel simply from the water pressure. The sports car seems to be filling faster than the other, though it is the closer, while the SUV almost floats peacefully down. She rushes into action.
    Meanwhile, on the boat. That spawn nearest to Kate starts to advance on her and the others near her, its claws click-clacking as it moves forward. One moment it seems about to taste its very first meal, its most delicious food of all as it surges forward...
    Only for the arrow and Bart's punch to connect cleanly with it almost in the exact same moment. The punch /smacks/ its head to the side, sending it reeling into a small gyre of a spin, almost a pirouette, setting it up perfectly for Kate's arrow to explode and coat the creature in that hardening foam, attacking it to part of the wall and the floor where a small part of its shell crackles.
    "Oh god, thank you!" The young woman says, then she blinks, "There are more of them!" Two more, at the least. She gestures sharply even as a large ominous shadow falls across her.
    Across the ship.
    Across the island and the ferris wheel.
    Another rumble, and then a lightning bolt /Slashes/ across the sky to dance into the large monstrosity, crackling up and down its arched back, leaping down and along the shell, exploding small pustules until the roll of thunder suddenly roils past.

Achilles has posed:
    Seriously, is everything in New York? It's a good thing Achilles established an office here. He may as well use it as a superhero embassy. He was just out and about, on board the ferry when things went all to hell. Of course, in his custom tailored business suit, he wasn't dressed for battle. But... that wouldn't stop the immortal warrior. What does stop him is when the embattled ferry shakes and the car he was in, a company car of course, rolls right over the edge into the water before he can react and get out. It's a good thing he can't die. This may not be the River Styx, it -is- a dirty, and more importantly, COLD river.
    The worst thing is, he can see some of the headlights, and knows there are victims down there. So instead of trying to get himself out of the water, he rides his car down... down... ignoring the dicomfort of drowning... which just makes him hurt, but not die. HE does his best to get to the other cars, and once down there he summons his sword and shatters the window of the car before dismissing it and starting to move to the other cars. He's not really got super strength or water breathing, but he's doing what he can to get folks out. Even people who have just drowned might be able to be revived. To hell with battle.. lives need saving. So he stays down there doing that to the best of his ability... grabbing a few people and only then surging upwards towards the surface.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's cheer of victory is lost in the thunderclap of lightning dancing across the harbor. There's no mistaking how that electrical arc moves like a living thing, driven by a willpower that overrides mere physical properties of electricity. It's out to cause harm.

Caitlin can live with that.

Pragmatism drives her decisions. There are people underwater in need; Isabel seems to be tending them handily. Kate and Bart are rapidly relocating civilians and more than handling the little hatchlings trundling around.

"Thor!" Caitlin screams up into the void. The redhead grabs a nearby pylon, a solid ton or more of heavy steel, and with a twist of her hips rips the ten-foot pole out of the ground.

"THOR!" she bellows again, and backs up with a fast trot for another running start. "I'm gonna need some leverage here in a sec!"

Once more Caitlin explodes into motion with bewildering acceleration. It shatters plates in the concrete pier in her wake and she leaps skywards in a tremendous overhead jump, holding that pylon in both hands and preparing to piledrive it down at the big ugly monstrosity churning up the water below. Physics owes Caitlin no favors, and there is a finite limit to how hard she can throw such a mass.

Without some immovable object to kick off of, anyway.

Bart Allen has posed:
"You good here? Because uh...I'm about to go punch a giant monster in the eyeball. Laters!" Bart says to Kate before he ever so possibly rudely starts sprinting. Within a few minutes, Bart is on the other side of the city. "Okay Bart, you know what to do. Just do what Barry does, run REALLY fast and punch it as hard as you possibly can and hope they're not as tough as Superman. Sounds like a plan to me. Man, I'm about to punch Godzilla's little brother, its so crash!"

He gets into a solid running position, he breathes, and then he's running as fast as he can...which is clocking in about Mach 10.

It literally looks like a blur followed by a massive dust cloud, for he intends to once again run up the creature, lightning arched around it and all from some thunder god or another, to specifically try and punch it in the face....which, if science of momentum is to be followed...well, sonic boom is gonna have a fun meaning after this Superspeed megapunch.

Chances of Bart breaking his hand? About 60/40, Bart's favor.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Woah.. who are you" alarmed at Bart's sudden appearance because wow superspeed is <fast!> Then there is more yelling and gesturing.

Kate does her best to ignore the looming shadow as she pivots and draws another of the same style arrows firing it down the deck, between two panicked passengers, and hopefully dead into one of the newly ferry boarded critters. "Can you yeet that other one stat!" she yells at Bart.

Of course he is already gone ... wow speedsters are ridiculous Kate thinks to herself and really hopes she does have it. Concetrating as best she can on the wobbly ferry she turns and draws another arrow, this one a tazer arrow since she can only carry so many of each kind, launching it and a couple hundred thousand volts hopefully into the second baby monster.

Thor has posed:
    In the depths it is dark, just small lantern lights of those fading cars in the ichor of the depths. Achilles and Isabel make a good team as they focus on helping those who most seem lost. A pick up truck is opened with Achilles' blade, and he is able to draw forth the terrified young woman within, her attempt to voice some small element of her gratitude lost as the water rushes in, she screams, but is then carried to safety.
    While above there's the silhouette of a figure slicing down through the clouds that had suddenly appeared, a blurring brilliant shock of lightning wraps around the hammer in his hand as he lets it fly free straight into the face of the monstrosity. Energy lashes out at the point of impact and the creature /reeels/ back, its large talons splashing into the water even as the hammer leaps back into Thor's hand with a /whoam/.
    Caitlin's beckons do not go unheard as he seems to spin in the air, hammer whirling in one hand. Then she is _leaping_ across the distance with that makeshift bludgeon. "Lady Fairchild!" A voice loud and carrying is heard, then there's a whirl and he sends the hammer flying roughly her way... to intersect with her flight.
    Then just as Caitlin is about to strike, there is a blur of motion, a rushing invisible force that simply flashes past, crawls up over the spine of the creature, races to the front and then as if out of nowhere the eyeball of the monstrosity splatters apart, showering the area around it in such disgusting viscera that it might churn the stomach of suitably under-aged individuals. The crab-like creature reeeels, turning its head in agony to the side... likely just as Caitlin arrives.
    A pair of the young have gained the deck near to Kate even as she's nocking and drawing. The arrow slices across the distance into one of the monsters. The one that has its claw raised to a fallen child, electrical power lancing and leaping over its body as it is knocked straight off the side of the ship. Yet that leaves another which /rushes/ toward Kate, skittering across the deck and then leaping at her as it comes close.

Achilles has posed:
    After some time under the water, Achilles drags as many folks as he could pull up to the surface. He's not superhumanly strong, so he can only get two or three in one trip. And let's face it. One trip is all he's going to get. Unless someone far better suited to it gets those people, a lot of them will die.
    But finally, he breaks the surface.. his passengers gasping for breath as he coughs and vomits up the contents of his lungs. AKA: NEW YORK RIVER WATER! EW!...
    Finally, he calls out in a ragged voice, "HELP! NEED HELP! PEOPLE WHO WILL SOON DROWN NEED HELP!"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
There's a lot of implicit faith in Caitlin's request. That Thor's listening. That he can even help her. That he trusts his aid will deliver the sort of hit Caitlin's aiming for.

But she vaults into the air fearlessly and aligns her mental sights on the wallowing monster below. Brows furrow in concentration.

Bart's hit makes the big monster roll sideways and offers up that annihilated eye socket. Caitlin's eyes go wide and she adjusts her aim. Even giant monstrous kaiju have brains. Even they have optic nerves.

And even they have soft spots.

There's a familiar whipping sound of Mjolnir hurtling through the air. Caitlin watches and at the apex of her leap stretches her legs out and *kicks* off of the flying hammer with as much force as she can muster. Her trajectory realigns like a pool ball bouncing from a trick shot and she hurtles earthbound.

A massive grunt of effort flings Caitlin fifty feet back into the sky and adds every bit of extra power she can muster. The pylon flings to earth, a solid ton of mass moving as fast as a bullet train, and ploughs into the kaiju's eye socket with enough force to pin the skull to the slow-moving mass of the muddy riverbed below.

Caitlin whoops in triumph and falls back to Earth, arms and legs pinwheeling to try and get her feet under her in mid-air.

Bart Allen has posed:

Bart is next seen indeed, taking care of that other one that Kate Bishop had mentioned, running over to it in order to try and shoulder-check it back into the water. "WHEW! that was a great time! I got covered in a bunch of brain-goo though, it was seriously, seriously,seriously,seriously gross! I felt moded for a little bit, but I crashed the mode, no sweat there." He turns his head over to the giant monster....that seems to be falling. He appears unaware of anybody still stuck in the water...not that he could do really anything about it, but ah well.

Then of course, there's Achilles. "Oh boy. Uhm...science question! Can I run fast enough to push the water away from the vacuum to give that guy some time?" He ponders, before he's getting ready to run again.

Clark Kent has posed:
Far above, there's a crack of sound that heralds yet another on the scene, as another speeding hero makes an arrival. It's far overhead, and the hero doesn't pause; the path is a sharp arc drawn across the deck of the ferry, and then flying straight down. A lance of laser vision passes downwards from the new arrival on his way past: a lash of intense heat sent across the gathering foes closing on Kate to give her, hopefully, a bit of space to work without being overwhelmed.

And then he's gone, the dark blur, down into the water, to where the cars sank, where Achilles is working, and called for aid.

Aid HAS come: in the form of one of the trucks that fell overboard, with a large open bed in the back, rising up from underwater on the back of the hero that has arrived to assist. Someone big and fast, but currently without cape, and barely visible in the water underneath the truck that is being brought to surface like a strange life-raft, from underneath...

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate screams a bit startled there as she pivots and puts her bow like a staff weapon in between her and the hatchling leaping with open maw at her ending up on her ass. She manages to get the bow in the things mouth preventing it from chomping her. Right about then the thing gets superspeed shoulder checked the monster's young off her bow and sailing off into the water there. "gah" so fast of course a moment later the lance of red heat vision lances out of the sky and clears some space around her and Bart "Wait... who was that!?" as she sits there stunned for a moment before scrambling back to her feet.

Thor has posed:
    Around Achilles the weakened people gasp and hold onto him for dear life, some spitting up water, some so close to unconsciousness. One woman slowly loses her grip on him, almost drifting away but she forces herself back awake to cling to him forcefully with renewed fear. His shouts draw attention, people gesturing from the nearby ship as some of the civilians try to hurl life preservers in his direction while others shout. One young man leaps into the water and starts to try to swim out in Achilles' direction.
    Yet above this tableau the gigantic monstrosity tries to recover, its remaining long feeler snatching at the air as it tries to feel where this pain is coming from. It turns its head only for that single moment to line up perfectly with the leap and ricochet of Caitlin Fairchild as she drops in and /impales/ the beast through the eye socket, through the back of its head bursting forth, then straight back into its hunchback and thrusting through to explode somewhere beneath the water. What life there was in its sickly insect-like eyes seems to fade as it just rocks backward slooooowly, waves of water rushing outwards followed by loud bubbles and cavitation from below. Then it starts to slowly sink.
    And yet Caitlin is falling. The water rushing up, faster, and faster. Mjolnir flies right past her, over her shoulder with that /whom/ near her ear. Then there's an arm around her waist and she's no longer falling, instead hurtling through the air in a rush toward the ferris wheel and the people there.
    "Come, Caitlin. Your aid is still required." And as quick as that they're flying in that direction, then landing with a /whumpf./
    Onboard the ship the speedster recovers almost instantly, cutting the distance short across the water, leaping back up on the boat as that one clawed creature tries to leap toward Hawkeye... Only for Bart's shoulder to snap its direction of flight instantly from one way to the opposite, hurtling it back into the ocean with a sploosh of water parting before its bulk. For now the deck is safe, no more visible creatures on the ship itself...
    Yet then there's a lash of brilliant crimson beams that slice through the water as a figure descends, splitting and slicing the young of the monster while the lone flying man rushes past in that blur of speed. Parts of the creatures surface as other parts descend, sliced asunder with that almost casual glance from the newly arrived hero who is there in one moment, then gone underwater the next.
    Only to arise with that soaked and formerly submerged vehicle, water sluicing off the sides and falling through the gaps in the construction. Though now it offers a place of refuge for those so exhausted and Achilles.

Achilles has posed:
    Oh, the folks Achilles was helping are not the only ones exhausted. Achilles is immortal, not inexhaustible... is that even a word? Either way, Achilles rests in the bed of the truck and doesn't care if it is the big bad wolf carrying him and his fellow drownees with him. He keeps coughing up water all the way to shore... while observing the battle going on. "By Ares." he mutters softly.
    By the time he's set down, he has his bearings and his breath back. He inclines his head and watches how folks are acting. Then... he activates a bracer and summons a celestial bronze spear. "Anyone need something magical and pointy?!" he yells at the top of his lungs. "I can't get there, but.. feel free to borrow this thing!"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
*Thumpf*! Right in Thor's arms. "Wow! Nice catch!" Caitlin says, a little breathlessly, and pats Thor's forearm in gratitude. She twists and looks down at the scenario unfolding below and wriggles loose, dangling from his wrist with little apparent concern or discomfort.

"This is my stop! Baaai~" she says, and with a whoop and a laugh, plunges to Earth once more to slam into the water with an absolutely meteoric belly flop. It looks absolutely graceless but it prevents the 300+ pound redhead from spearing into the water and getting buried in the sludge and muck. Her swimming technique is more 'kick hard' than 'swim well' but it gets the job done; ten seconds later she emerges near a pier and unceremoniously chucks two people up onto it, into the waiting hands of rescuers.

Caitlin takes another deep gulp of air and dives once more, bare feet a blurry, kicking mess. There's so much silt and sludge thrown up from the dead kaiju that she's forced to crawl along from car to car, checking them each in turn as she goes from vehicle to vehicle in search of the injured.

Her eyes narrow at a flash of red light superheating the water into bubbling steam, and she starts swiftly paddling towards the source of that strange illumination...

Bart Allen has posed:

Bart cralws back on the ship and stretches himself out. "Ow...what are those things -made of-." After coming to a stop near Kate, Bart notices the red beam of heat vision that strikes a few of the monsters, though he also possesses that perception that allows him to perceive certain...things. Such as a man wearing jeans and a black hoodie. Ball cap as well. He fits the description for the Man of Steel...but...isn't that guy supposed to be six feet under after Doomsday?

Doesn't make sense, but Bart doubts he can catch up to such a figure without the use of the Speed Force...something that Bart is...well, still working on tapping into. "Well, whoever that is, I really want to talk with him." He looks and notices the other heroes, but alas, he seems to look over at Kate.

"Anyway, you good? No scratches, nothing explodey?" He talks like a mile a minute, if only his player typed a mile a minute too, this would go much faster!

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks over the edge of the boat now, back on her feet and feeling a bit shaken by the whole course of the events. Mostly though she is full of adrenaline aka chemical heroism. She looks around for something to shoot a sharp pointy object in but the field is pretty clear and honesty the monster looks to be on it's last legs.. tendrels.. claws... pinchers... whatever the thing is actually on.

"You would think monsters wouldn't attack New York what with the sheer hero to citizen per capita..." she pauses in her oration and looks over to Bart. "I... think we are just about good... who are you?" he looks about the right age for a young quicksilver stand in to confuse the media...

Clark Kent has posed:
The truck can't be manhandled at super-speed, because that would negate the whole purpose of it: all the people would get flung off. So the truck is brought out of the water, and lurches just a bit as the drenched hero lifting it darts from underneath it to one end: the shift of grip was the slight lurch, then he can set it down on the dock. Anyone looking will see a very big hero, but in dark street clothes - hooded with cap, soaked. Entirely calm; no eager new hero vibe. He's done this before. It was just ...years ago...

"Protect them," is what Kal-El's voice firmly asks of Achilles, instead of taking his weapon away. Protect the drowned from additional creeping monsters.

Funny how everything just comes back in the moment. It's like he'd never left.

Kal-El doesn't take time to think about it right now, though, he's busy. The big group tended, he orients to what's left of the creature in death throes. Okay. He's off towards the big beast, into the inky darkness clotted with the oozey blood of the monster, to seek a good grip. The plan? To haul the thing out to sea before it does more damage in death. But if it's squishy, he may end up tearing it up by hauling it: hopefully not that. That's a problem with extreme strength; but either way, the monster is not going to go /towards/ the city, and if any more little enemies continue to appear from inside the huge one, they can be intercepted.

Thor has posed:
    On the shoreline Thor lands amongst the remaining spawn there who seem to be surging over the confections, knocking over the popcorn and hotdog carts, menacing a few of the slower people who seem intent on trying to capture video images of the monsters. It is all a venue of chaos as the Thunderer lands amongst them, hammer in hand and lightly thumping in the open palm of his free one.
    "Creatures, if there is some semblance of intelligence in your bestial minds then I say unto thee to retreat. For you face the Mighty Thor." He looks between the half-dozen or so of them.
    The crab creatures look at each other, then back at him.
    And then one emits a spew of brackish disgusting sea water at Thor which seems to paralyze him in mid gesture simply from the grossness of it. He scowls, looking down at his grimy and bespoiled armor, grimaces.
    "Very well then."
    Meanwhile back on the ship, things are calming down though there seems to be an electrical storm near the ferris wheel. Though it is, thankfully short-lived.
    Under the water the creature is well and truly on its way to death, spasming, twisting, spewing contagion and slime. But under the ministrations of the man of mystery, it is brought forth out of the river and toward the sea, leaving a trail in the water where that surge of motion appears on the surface like a long V of ripples.

Achilles has posed:
    Okay. Protect them. Achilles nods his head. "Okay." he says simply, and in a flicker of pseudomotion, he is covered in shiny celestial bronze armored breastplate, skirt, helmet, greaves, bracers, and a bigass Grecian style shield. He stands guard over the bystanders for a few more minutes until he is absolutely certain everyone is safe.
    Then he lowers the butt end of his spear to the ground and just stands stoically... mind you, there is still water dripping out from under the armor. What? He got wet. Duh.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Once she's reasonable sure all the vehicles have been examined, Caitlin pops up out of the water and clambers up a pier. She spits a mouthful of grimy water out with an expression of profound disgust, and heaves to her feet.

"Golly that is gross. Are you ok?" she asks Achilles. He's a fighter; even without the armor, that ready stance and the set to his eyes conveys that notion easily enough. Caitlin recognizes it. Her motion slows only to a quick sidestep, enough to evaluate if he's injured or not.

"I need to check on Thor, but holler if you need help!"

She breaks into a jog, then a run that carries her to Thor's position. She's far from as fleet as Impulse, but the redhead has so much sheer momentum and strength that it's easy to just vault over obstacles or push them aside than negotiate otherwise treacherous terrain.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart smiles at Kate then. "Crash. I was worried you accidentally got clawed or something or other. But then again, you have a bow and arrow while everything and all that is going on." He points at all the madness that happened with the sea creature.

Oh! someone asked who he was! Finally! "Oh, I'm Kid Flash! TADAA!" he superhero poses, arms outstretched and everything like he's the most glorious thing ever foretold. He then looks at her. "But erm...pardon my frankness, but uh...who are you?" He points at her then. "Because uh, history books didn't mention-" he covers his mouth then. "Woops, hahah, spoiler alert KF, rockin' the scene again."

He notices Thor being....Thor.

"Hah, he's great." he also notices the superman-like figure off in the distance, but he quickly loses sight of him. "Man, that dude was so crash." he whispers mainly to himself. He looks then at Achilles and Caitlinn. "aaaaaand no clue who those two are. The guy kinda looks familiar though..."

Thor has posed:
    On Staten Island, the crowds having long left, Thor stands there frowning as he tries to wipe away the stain of whatever it was that the creature spit up on him. Though around him it is a scene of mayhem and carnage. He grimaces and hooks the hammer to his hip, walking around and then turning to call out, "It is well for now, the creatures have been dispatched!" In case any mortals might still be around lingering. Though now the armor fades from the Thunderer, a silvery-white flame licking over the black and silver and crimson garments, converting them away from his Asgardian likeness and more to his Midgard guise.
    "That..." He says to himself, "Is much better." Now in his jeans and workboots, and that grey denim jacket over the hoodie. But mainly... he's not covered in nastiness now. A moment is taken to tie back his hair as he turns to look out across the river, taking the lay of the land. And only then does he see Caitlin's approach. She is greeted with a raised hand of a wave coupled with a half-smile long before she makes landfall.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I'm Hawkeye." might as well embrace being passed the name from the First and still current Hawkeye. Way to be totes confusing Hawkeyes. Still it is much better than Hawkingbird or Purple Archer.

"Kid Flash... okay that is cool like the JLA hero. Not bad. If you were Kid Quicksilver you could be in the Teen Avengers.... hmm young avengers... still concepting this one actually but I have an Iron Heart." she notes amused.

"Thor is pretty great... and yeah I just have a bow." she looks sidelong then there is an arrow in the bow and fired at one last Monster Baby ... thud... dead...

"Still it seems to work for me."

Clark Kent has posed:
The mystery man that arrived late to the assault has now towed the giant monster corpse well away from the shoreline, and has begun to drag it under, down into a watery grave well out of range to do more harm, with the ichor-blood. Once the creature is taken well out of the area, he returns, staying underwater, to check for any remaining spawned creatures - and crunch them into pulp -- and to do a last pass for survivors under the water, staying out of sight. There's a few bursts of frothy movement from those duties, before the mysterious assist bursts out of the water, off in the deeper waters, shot like a rocket into the sky.

His assistance is complete.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin makes a sour face at Thor when she jogs to a stop. "Well, wanted to make sure you were OK, but I guess you don't need any more help," she tells him. Eyes flicker enviously at his clean clothes, and Caitlin looks down at her soggy, dripping-wet self-- reeking of algae and the silt and muck from the bottom of the riverbed.

"You're as bad as Carol," she chivvies the thunder god. "You could at least stay mucky a bit longer. You know. Hero solidarity and stuff." Caitlin leans sideways and starts wringing out her hair.

Kid Flash and Kate are spotted across the way; Caitlin waves hello at both of them and turns it into a gesture of invitation.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart nods. "Nice to meet ya Hawkeye. Though uh, I thought Hawkeye was a guy? Not trying to be that guy...yeah, I forgot sometimes heroes share names...which isn't confusing at all." Kid Flash shakes his head a little bit. "Young Avengers? Whats that, like microavengers? Whattyamean, Kid Quicksilver? I'm waaaayyy faster than Quicksilver." Or so Bart enjoys believing.

He watches as she practically one shots another weird monster creature. "Well, don't fix what ain't broke!"

He watches the mystery man blast off into the sky. Either way, he looks back to Kate. "But! you handled yourself really awesome out there. Wouldn't mind workin' with ya again."

Achilles has posed:
    Okay, so everything is over. Quiet and stoic soldier in gleaming bronze armor who.. didn't contribute to the fight at all, just lets it all fade away. He smiles a bit to himself with.. well, some private knowledge that he thinks he learned. Otherwise, he just turns to try to wander off without anyone catching on.

Thor has posed:
    Thor's eyebrow quirks at Caitlin's mild admonishment and his smile is easily given in return as he replies simply with, "But why?" Though he, of course, knows why. The same reason he continues to wear that oh so similar ensemble that the good Ms. Van Dyne had chided him for. Each time it appears in social media assuredly a source of tumult in the mansion.
    When her attention slips to the side the Thunderer notices her waving and though he recognizes the others naught he lifts a hand to wave as well, though hefting his umbrella a little to do so. Then he asks sidelong to the tall redhead, "Who are they?" Though that does not stop him from enthusiastically waving. And he espies the man in armor and lifts a hand to him directly, "Come, fine worthies! It is time to reflect in repose!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods to Bart "Yeah I know.. but that Hawkeye told the world I am going by Hawkeye as well. Which is much better than Hawkingbird which is what Twitter tried to tag me on account of the escrima batons... I swear twitter is a cesspit."

"The press tagged myself and Iron Heart since she has power armor as young avengers.. was just riffing on that. Mostly I am just fighting crime so anytime you want to team up sure." god teenagers, so eager and optimistic.

She notices the wave across the way there. "Uh.. can you get us across the water speedy without dropping me.. it looks like Thor and the powerful chick over there want to chat."

Yes she is excited to meet Thor. Clint will probably roll his eyes too.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Ahh.." Caitlin squints a little. Her vision is pretty phenomenal; it's not hard to pick out the archer and the speedster. "I'm pretty sure that's Hawkeye. Girl Hawkeye, not the old guy Hawkeye," she tells Thor. "And the one in yellow is Kid Flash. I've never met him before, though. *No* idea who the dude in the armor is," Caitlin adds, and turns to look down at Achilles slipping into the crowd. She catches that facemask pivoting towards her position on the quay next to Thor; he's waved over invitingly. "He must be pretty new to the scene."

The redhead glances back at Thor. "Seriously, someday I *will* invent self-cleaning clothes," she informs him. "At least I'm drying out fast. The new hydrophobic treatment is working." Quite true; her outfit is already almost completely dried out.

"Has anyone seen my purse?" Caitlin says, raising her voice and looking around.

Achilles has posed:
    Stopping when he is yelled to by Thor, Achilles takes a breath. He looks down at the ground... and by stupidly overdramatic coincidence, there's a purse there. He shrugs, crouches and picks it up before re-armoring and turning to approach, "Would this be your purse ma'am?" he asks, his voice holding just the hint of an English accent.

Thor has posed:
    "Girl Hawkeye?" Thor says with a touch of incredulity but then he just shrugs and goes with it, for Thor is that type of fellow. He continues to wave for a little bit longer, "And Kid Flash. Interesting." He leans back against the railing, his back now to the river for the most part, arms folded over his chest with his umbrella tucked under one. "Well the armored man placed himself in harm's way, and that is enough to gain respect in such trying times is it not?"
    That decided the tall man nods then takes a moment to consider Caitlin's garb and the way it wicks away the water. His lip twists as he comments to her, "Have you ever considered getting a magical hammer?" And as he says that he flips the umbrella into the air, /WHOM/ and catches it by the haft.
    When Achilles approaches, "I bid you greetings, fine fellow, worthy warrior."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart raises a brow. "Yeah, welll I know you just wanna meet the guy wit hthe hammer and stare at his muscles or something." Calling Kate out, much? But he does chuckle. "Relax, I'm kidding. Sure sure, I can carry you over right as rain." In fact, he tries to scoop Kate quite literally off her feet. "Hold on tight now, or you'll get whiplash." No, he doesn't give her much time to actually ask questions.

Only time to prepare.

"The young avengers gig sounds neat though." and without another word, he'll sprint her across the water and stop next to Thor and Caitlin. "aaaaand TADAA! Thank you for riding Kid Flash Automation. Try to give us a five star rating, now." he puts Kate down.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Okay well Kate adops a death grip on the bow with one hand and loops her arm around Bart's neck as fast as she can.

Of course by the time she is doen looping she is actually on land with Bart and Thor Caitlin Achilles "Fuuuu...." she doesn't finish the expression though she almost urps up her lunch. She takes a very deep breath and tries to find her equilibrium there. Damn that was. That was Jarring.

"Young.. avengers.. is a net.. gig..." she wobbles a little and well tries to stay on her feet. Okay being jetted around at super speed may take practice honestly. Still she needs to look super professional for the older heroes. "Hi there"

Thor has posed:
    Thanks to Caitlin, Thor can give the illusion of being familiar with them as Bart rushes across the distance with Kate in his arms. He turns and advances on the new arrivals, though Achilles will get the warrior's handshake first, forearm grasping forearm. "You fought well, good heroes." A firm grip, but not aggressive, three short pumps of a shake and then done.
    Next is to Kate where he does not hesitate for the same clasp of arms, and still without strong pressure though that hand is firm. "Lady Hawkeye, you do your namesake honor. I shall tell him of this day when Thor Odinson met a warrior as selfless as he."
    Then to Bart, "Kid Flash, you struck a mighty blow. Worthy of a tale in its own right." The handshake, thwak, into the youth's hand and to him it might seem immense and all encompassing with the size difference in hands. But still not too hard as he then stands back, "A great battle, and victory brought together from our efforts. It will be long remembered."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin turns and brightens at Achilles words, and glances at the purse in his hands. She swiftly opens it up and examines the contents. Most are waterlogged; it seems to be an eventuality Caitlin's prepared for. Her phone looks quite rugged and waterproof, the latest high-tech design from Stark Industries.

"Oh golly, thank you!" she tells Achilles. "I'm always worried someone's going to make off with it. I lost a month's rent money that way once," she frets.

"Thanks a bunch for grabbing it. I'm Caitlin Fairchild," she tells the man, and offers him a gentle and quite properly genteel handshake. "This is Thor Odinson, of Asgard. And Kid Flash and Hawkeye," she says, introducing the other two heroes on the scene.

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding his head, Achilles looks to Thor and then Caitlin, "Well, I didn't fight anyone, worthy or not. I just almost drowned, and then tried not to let those folks sink until someone moving so fast I couldn't -really- get a good look at him used a pickup truck as a giant shovel and got us all to safety. Then I failed to get anyone to use my spear." he intones with a chuckle, "But.. I am just glad that lives were saved by anyone and everyone. Isn't that the goal?"
    That said, he turns to regard Caitlin.. and then comes to a decision. To stop faking it. To stop pretending to be nobody.
    He nods and offers her a hand, "My name is Achilles of Pithia." he says, waiting for someone to laugh or whatnot.

Kate Bishop has posed:
No wobbles no wobbles no wobbles stop. She is way to young to know about the noid but she picked up some pop culture reference and it is going through her head as she accepts the clasp of arms and praise. The verbal acceptance is a little shakier "Thanks, and it is just Hawkeye.. I know super confusing.. his fault." she grins though kinda dorky for a moment. "Good to meet you Thor." yeah big time heroing now all you doubters on twitter.

Which totally reminds her. "Can we get a selfie?" she grins at him then looks at Caitlin and Achilles.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart smiles happily to Kate. "Uh oh, you okay? You're just feeling the mode, it'll pass in about five seconds or so." He then looks at Thor who -compliments- the speedster in his actions! "Well, gee Thor, thanks! Oh man, I just got thanked by Thor. That's one for the memories! He shakes the thunder god's hand before he shrugs softly. "But it was all of us and it was a great grand time."

He checks the time on his watch.

He looks at Caitlin though, then Achilles. "Nice to meet ya! Didn't think I'd meet more than two people who were big time in the history books. Three is always crash though. Speakin' of, I better head back before I become history myself." He gives a little wave. "Try not to do anything fun without me! See ya all real soon!"

just like that, Bart is gone in a Flash.

Thor has posed:
    "Achilles," That name seizes Thor by the scruff and draws his attention. The glance is given again noting the armor and the weaponry perhaps, his head easing back. "Thought dead these long years? Or take you his name to honor the past?" If not the legacy. But then he stops himself and raises a hand, "Though you would minimize your effort it assuredly meant the world to those you saved. Well-met."
    That said another hand shake is given accompanied by a thump-thump-thump on the shoulder of appreciation.
    Then to Kate the Avenger nods once, "Of course. Make yourself ready and I shall do likewise." That said he gestures for the others to come over suitably close enough as he ducks down beside Kate's shoulder and throws up the peace sign when the time's right.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Yassou," Caitlin bids Achilles, and doesn't so much as blink as a handclasp is exchanged with the legendary warrior.

What? One of her best friends is an immortal Amazon, after all. One gets used to such things.

"You saved lives. I'll be sure to tell Supergirl she appreciates it," Caitlin says. After all, it was almost definitely Supergirl swimming around in the muck. Or Isabel. Or someone else with that set of abilities. "But you did very well. I know some folks are alive today because of you." She beckons him into the selfie and settles in with Thor, hunkering down a bit so the two of them are on the same level as Kate and the immortal Greek. "C'mon, let's get the selfie in before the news crews mob us," she suggests, and aims a beaming smile at the camera.

Achilles has posed:
    "Well.." begins Achilles to Thor, "As the American author Samuel Clemens once said... the reports of my death are -greatly- exaggerated." But he doesn't go into more detail on the subject just yet. He steps in and smirks under his Grecian helmet. He dismisses the shield and spear and gets into the selfie, "But, I could not have gone public with better allies. Perhaps there is something to this team idea. You wouldn't know anyone looking for a three thousand year old soldier, would you?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate totally digs out her starkphone and her fingers fly like only a sixteen years can. This up close she does look pretty young to be fighting Cthulhumaria there with a bow.
5rstill in no time she has her phone up and ready and waits for Achilles to get into the photo with the others before holding it out as far as she can and taking a quick photo of the team with her grinning a bit too goofy.

then again who can blame her.