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Genoshan Survivor Doug
Date of Scene: 19 February 2020
Location: Hammer Bay
Synopsis: Heroes go to Genosha looking for survivors. They find Mr. Sinister trying to revive and modify Doug Ramsey
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Samuel Guthrie, Dick Grayson, Illyana Rasputina, Rogue, Logan Howlett, Rachel Summers, Stephen Strange, John Constantine, Douglas Ramsey

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The news of Genosha had been unexpected, and sudden. It had started with Genosha going dark to communications, something that wasn't newsworthy beyond a tiny item on the Associated Press news feed.

At what point it became newsworthy, few would know. Someone at NORAD had fed a reporter friend word that 'something' was going on on the island. Eventually the reporter got his news chief to send a helicopter when repeated attempts to contact the island had failed.

At that point? It became news. Footage from the helicopter had showed the island of 16 million mutants and humans, with one of the most advanced and thriving economies on Earth, to be a smoking wasteland of rubble and dead bodies.

Even on the TV broadcasts, the bodies of ruined Sentinels could be made out. The Sentinels had fallen out of favor with nation states after their ineffectiveness during Loki's invasion of New York. Most had been shut down and dismantled. Seeing so many in one place was a surprise, likely they represented a sizable portion of the remaining robots on Earth. Worse, a gigantic Sentinel-like form could be seen standing over the remains of the capital, Hammer Bay. Though it has not moved, and by now, it has been confirmed to be dormant.

The X-men's Blackbird has brought a group of heroes to the island, slipping in under cover of darkness and evading the multinational forces sailing and standing guard off the island. It drops off the group and then pilots back out away from the area, circling to await their pickup as they look for survivors or signs of who was behind the Sentinel attack.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie wants to take to the air, but they are trying to keep the presence hidden. So Sam is walking through the area careful where he steps. He will move to places that look like they could have pockets for people to be still alive in and call out. His face showing worry and memories of hunting survivors, but on a much smaller scale.

Dick Grayson has posed:
The Titans may not be as active as they were a few years ago, but a few of their number still try to get out and about. Not that Nightwing had given that much thought as he approached Hammer Bay in one of the Batwings. While the Bat himself may not travel much from home, Nightwing has. Quite often.

Not to mention that the Wayne Foundation is considering making a rather sizable donation to Genosha to help with the rebuilding effort, and there's always the need to check and verify things first. And he just wants to help. It's what he's always wanted to do. Ever since he avenged his parents.

He's seen the destruction spread out below him before. Gotham, after the Earthquake. Metropolis, after Doomsday's attack. It doesn't change. It never changes. But he finds his eyes narrowing as he starts to find a place to put the Batwing down. This wasn't caused by a natural disaster, or an alien. This was caused by humans. Just like him, acting against other humans. And that thought twists like a knot in his stomach as he slides back the canopy to leap from the plane, spreading his wings built into his suit to drift down to the ground and land amongst the rubble near the arriving X-Men.

And seeing as he has no X-Gene himself, he's not exactly sure how well he'll be recieved.

But he has to try.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Someone knows a thing or two about Sentinels. Until the Blackbird lands, she sits strapped into a jumpseat with distinct discomfort, not that it's particularly apparent from sitting ramrod straight and wiggling not an inch. "I could have been faster," Illyana murmurs flatly, taking in the full array of wreckage laid out in front of them with a frozen stare that very well might petrify unfortunate souls. Nothing about that changes when the team hits ground, and she wastes very little time in following after Sam into the wreckage of a once-bustling metropolis. Eyes wide to the sensitive shifts of power drink in the details, scouring for any signs of the weird or the strange -- or the Strange, depending.

Writhing shadows overlap her clinging shirt, attaining a life of their own into a liquescent midnight sheen. Subtle as the effect is, the building nightfall creeps down her shoulder. Only a matter of time before the sword makes its appearance. She doesn't seem to notice, nor care, searching for any signs of movement woven into the ruinous facade folded around them.

"Who activated them? Who stands to gain most by this?" Questions possibly without answers, but they come in a low, dark vestige of inquiry edged enough to cut by listening alone.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is new to Xavier's, she's only been with them a week after her birthday back in January. The Professor had not only vouched for her staying at the school, but also told the others in the X-Men that she'd be joining them in their missions and training - largely due in no small part to the amount of training and powers that Rogue had absorbed from Carol Danvers two years ago.

So on the Blackbird, Rogue was just quietly waiting and watching. In a black and gold X-jumpsuit she stares at various things around the inside of the jet. She... knows more about the Jet than she should know, and some part of her craved to get to sit behind the controls.

But she resisted and kept quiet through the flight. Once they arrived, the young 18 year old with the dark brown and snow white hair, strolls out of the Jet's interior and follows along with the others, listening to them, happy to be on her first out of North America experience...

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan wasn't comfortable working with everyone just yet, but...Rogue'd asked nicely. She was the only member of the group he trusted just yet, and that's because he'd been running with her a little bit before they'd been found by the X-Men. He growls softly to himself as he adjusts the dark brown and yellow cowl on his face, revealing only his stubbled chin and scowl, along with his notably sharp canine teeth. The rest of the outfit is there as well, all reinforced and matching the yellow and brown. He may only be 5'3", but he manages to be one hell of an intimidating figure.

"Sentinels," he snarls, the Canadian pretty much spitting the word out like it was a hot coal.

He glances about at the others gathered, and his nostrils flare a bit. He can smell the smoke. The smoke does not make him bristle as much as the underlying scents beneath it. So much death. It makes his blood boil.

He casts a few sideglances at the weird goth blonde, narrowing his eyes a bit at the shifting shadows. He's about to open his mouth to say something rude when Rogue gets up and makes her way out. He grunts instead, and unfastens himself. He makes his way out to meet her, glancing up at the taller girl. "Want me to sniff out survivors?," he growls. He says it to her, but it's clearly directed at everyone present. He'd given a very brief introduction to those he hadn't met yet. It had consisted of 'Call me Wolverine.' If they meet off-mission, he might offer the other name. Maybe.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    So, the whole way there, Rachel has been quiet. Sitting in a seat with her legs pulled up and her knees against her chest. Her facial markings stand out starkly against her pale skin as she stares into nothingness. But as the announcement that they are arriving soon filters into her brain... she unlimbers and stands quietly.
    Without a word, she strode forward and exited the plane with everyone else. That was when her eyes turned towards the giant in the distance and... recognition reached her brain through her eyes. "no..." comes a softly spoken word from her as she staggers backwards, away from the giant Sentinel up ahead... you see, she wasn't -really- paying attention. She was still acclimating and trying not to freak out too hard. But the sight of that Super-Sentinel for lack of a better word made her lose her cool.
    "no no no no no..." keeps coming from her as she starts to panic, flames licking over her skin.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    The Genoshian soul cry out and ripples across the planet can be felt to those sensitive to such things, and the aftershocks of pride, fear, and everything in between rebound off the atmosphere and back around the globe. Devistation will always find a way.

    Stephen Strange seems to wake up from his meditation and the Orb of Agamotto nearby seems to be glowing over the site of the island nation and Stephen stands with a sigh and a motion towards his cloak to join him atop his shoulders.

    Moments later, in the sky above the capitol a single man with a gently wafting cape steps through an unseen doorway and into the space above Genosha and he frowns before. A quick motion towards his ear and the wizard starts to lower himself towards the rubble, disregarding any fallen robots near by and he seeks out anyone trapped or injured.

John Constantine has posed:
     Even though the destruction and rubble out in the island at large was immense, Essex still had a relatively fresh cadaver to work with. Freshness was the key in the situation. Slowly the world around Doug had started to come into focus, he would be able to hear a scant few things as he soon regained consiousness. "Sentinels...just what we all needed." The imposing pale man in the black outfit had a mayo stand, set with all manner of surgical instruments. He held a bottle up, and was filling a syringe with a hefty amount of fluid.

  "You, my friend...will make an excellent Marauder." From the looks of it, he had been working on making this particular experiment work. The makeshift operating theatre had been damaged, the roof of what was once a large hall was open to the air, and apart from the operating table and various accoutrements, were lousy with rubble. Outside the theater, were some armed Marauders. They had been instructed in the art of tissue sampling, and were collecting as many samples of mutant DNA that they could, their weapons slung behind them, if they needed such armament. The streets looked like a war zone, riddled with rubble and dust, and stray Sentinel scrap.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
<I was off. Now I am on. Data Input. Voice identified, FoeSinister. Danger: Extreme.>

"...Marauder?" Doug says, before he murmurs. <Appropriate Responses: 1: No, thank you sir, I politely decline. 2: Fuck you, asshole. 3: But a lobotomy...>

"But a lobotomy would ruin my hair! ...It's my best feature."

"Or were you talking to the spiky guy on the slab next to me? He seems more the type. Though actually, he was an accountant... wouldn't hurt a fly. Are you responsible for this, Sinister? You... giant... freako pervert? Or are you just a buzzard?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde leaves the plane with the rest. She's been a mess on the flight over. Lockheed is on her shoulder, rubbing against her cheek every few minutes. Most of the team will know her father was living on Genosha. And she's had no word from him. Seeing the near-complete devastation, it's no surprise.

Kitty looks around, knowing where they set down, but not able to make much sense were it not for the mental image of a map in her head. She wants to run off, to his home. Instead she looks around at everyone and says, "Let's see if we can find survivors." She gets on her comms. <<Blackbird, any signs of life as you departed?>> The call comes back from the X-man piloting it. <<Some light. Maybe. Building, it might have been a large hall. Roof's gone. Lots of rubble. Direction 93 degrees, almost due east from your position.>>

Kitty looks to everyone else. "Shall we fan out a bit and head that directon?" That's when she sees Doctor Strange lowering from the sky. She waves towards him. She doesn't seem to see Nightwing yet, but he might have visually noticed the Blackbird's departure even if its stealth equipment kept it off sensors.

Kitty moves over to slip an arm gently around Rachel. "It's ok. These are inactive and... you can do it, Rachel. It'll be ok," she says quietly.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie realizes he does not have his normal team with him, as he tells Illyana "Some of the survivors might not be able to handle a trip out via Limbo, we need the Jet to carry those that can't. He looks around at the people here, and starts issuing orders "Rogue, take to the air, get us a birds eye view, keep us filled in. " He looks over to Wolverine "If you can scent people, then I want you on point. Kitty, Ah want you with Wolverine, if he finds someone you can get to them quickest." He turns to Rachel, and will walk over to her and puts a hand on her shoulder "Ah know it is tough, but we need you here now Rach. We need you to keep us in contact with one another, and see if you can feel any other minds around us and direct us to them. You can do this, your one of us, and we have faith in you. He then turns looking over to Nightwing as Sam thinking about people coming from the sky more than some "If your here to help we can use you." He turns seeing who Kitty is waving to "Both of you."

Dick Grayson has posed:
The soft glow of the Blackbird's engines give it away. Nightwing notices it as it rises into the air, and he makes sure that the Batwing stays out of the plane's sector for now. As he stands on the top of the ruins of what was an office building, he's listening for some sign of life. Though he finds himself getting interrupted by Sam's calling out of orders and the former Robin glances down to the group that's formed.

"Saw some signs of what may have been a man-made fire at the..." he looks down at his gauntlet and the holographic map of Hammer Bay //before// the attack. "...hospital that was a few blocks over. Best guess, what's left of emergency services may be rallying there because they know it best, and they may be hoping to rummage for supplies."

But he stops short of suggesting that's where they should head. It's not his team. He doesn't have a team anymore. Last time he led them, it was into a disaster. Sam seems to have a hold on things, he'll leave it to him, instead, Nightwing pulls the grapple gun from his belt, firing it, and starting the ardorous journey towards the hospiral.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"We have the Blackbird. Other options, like calling in Red Cross." That twinkling of teleportation from on-high disrupts Illyana's overly attuned mystic senses, and she tilts her head back to trace the effect back to the source. No threat of her tripping over Sam or Rogue unless the pair of them do something really unexpected, like clothesline her. Rubble clothes a certain familiar silhouette; the mirthless expression gracing her alabastrine countenance is marginally more animated than a caryatid beneath the Parthenon. "Or the cavalry. The Blue Cross comes." The instructions from Sam go mostly noted, her hand shielding her gaze after resting on her golden brow.

If Doctor Strange makes his appearance, she very well might seem frozen in a position to salute him, of sorts. On the other hand, the seething dust and debris flung up by the state of ruinous affairs requires greater care. Raking fingers through her bangs, she swivels on Kitty's suggestion. "Let's set out. The longer we wait, the more likely they are to die."

Her shoulders tighten as a few more panels slide into place, pauldron locking down and grooving spherical plates around her elbow. Nothing to find odd, not at all. If they don't wait, she's up and on the move.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is walking along with Logan, towering over him because he's so short of course, but still. She glances over, and down to him, and grins softly before she has to avert her gaze to Rachel... needless to say, she'd come to learn that the X-Men were an interesting bunch. There's the girl with the purple dragon on her shoulders, there's the girl with flames on her skin now and seemingly some kind of severe mental condition... There's so many things to learn yet.

When Sam speaks up to her and offers her a direction, Rogue nods her head. "Right." The Belle says then as she steps forward, once twice, once more again and then shoots up into the sky! She's still trying to get used to flying... having avoided it by and large save for emergencies in the past two years she's had the ability.

She sweeps right up into the air and right past Doctor Strange, glancing over at him as she flies past him and offering him a quick flirty smile before going on by. Once up high? She just starts to look around and observe. <"This place is... seen better days, I do think."> What a report.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan looks like he is about to say something when he's told to stick with Kitty, but he bites it back due to the situation. He ends up nodding gruffly, and he glances over towards Kitty. He looks to Rachel and nods. "Not workin'. Get ahold of yourself, kid..." He's not great with feelings, okay?

He sighs and rolls one of his shoulders, before he glances over at Kitty. "Alright, come on..." He begins to stalk off into the ruined environment, expecting the X-Man to follow him. He lifts his head a bit, sniffing. He picks of a kaleidoscope of smells, each more unpleasant then the last, but he seeks specific ones. He is looking for survivors.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Okay, so Kate is here. Rachel closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. As she does so, the flames stop spreading over her skin. But she looks towards the giant Sentinel once more, narrowing her eyes. Then Doug speaks and she nods her head absently, "Gotcha Scrapper." she mutters. "I mean Doug." she adds as her eyes actually -look- at him.
    And then there is Mister Sinister. But the surprise of his appearance makes her see in her mind's eye... Ahab, aka alternate Cable. What? It's complicated. She surges forward and flares with fiery energy about her body. It doesn't actually hurt anyone or anything. It's purely a visual effect as it roils about and flickers along her. "You." she mutters as she actually -sees- who it is... "Who -are- you?" a pause as she glances to the others, "Who is he?"
    And then... she closes her eyes and reaches out telepathically to the minds of those who she knows of as friends and allies, linking them up if they are willing to join the network. <<Sorry for freaking out. This is all so confusing to me.>> she transmits.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen's gray eyes linger onto the southern belle zipping past him with a flirty flirt, but the doctor seems to ignore it as Stephen's feet hit the ground and he begins to walk without a single moment of hesitation, the wizard has work to do. The presense of a powerful mage near by doesn't get a visible response. Stephen is busy, his hands held before himself at the pile of rubble that was once a great mutant built building and the shifting sounds rumble as the Genoshan dust continues to settle, large chunks of rock and building are being lifted off and away, careful to not allow any pieces to fall as Stephen lifts the rubble while searching for signs of life. "By the Vishanti, I am here, I will find you, tarry and worry not!" Stephen remarks, as he seems to be concerned with saving as many lives as he possibly can.

John Constantine has posed:
     Sinister's red eyes look down at Doug on the slab as he starts to respond. "Oh, look who's awake." The syringe is tapped, the excess air being purged from the needle. "But of course, you don't think I would be going through all this trouble to bring yuou back from the icy grip of death without expecting some form of payment. Now...a nice doctor would tell you this will only hurt a scoshe." The needle is then inserted into Doug's neck, without so much as an alcohol swab or a gentle insertion. "Then again, I have never been known for my bedside manner." The plunger is pushed, and the liquid is moved into the young man's circulatory system, the concoction feels cold and quite painful as it works its way through Doug's body.

  Outside, the marauders continue to collect samples, and one Sentinel in particular, has been alerted to the VTOL landing of the Blackbird. It is not in the most prestine condition, but it had programming to fulfill.

  The Sentinel approaches the incoming X-Men and starts to power up its arsenal of energy weapons, shooting and missing the first mark, which hits next to the Blackbird, no damage so far."Halt..M-m-mutants!" It commands, there must be something wrong with it.

  Rachel's mental peering is noticed by the man in black, who looks at her back. "Such power..." Well aware he's being watched now. "And who might YOU be?" He offers, cantering his head as he returns the psychic investigation.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
<Warning: HostileForeignAgent injected into system. Toxic Probability: High>

"...Yeah and your equipment isn't sterilized, either. Sinister, when I get free I'm going to rub my butt on something in this lab. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but I PROMISE you it's something you use regularly."

Doug finally looks down, at the ragged stump where his right arm used to be. "I remember now... I was leading people to the emergency shelters when the Sentinel took my arm off. I thought I was going to die right there. Hfff."

He drops his head back down. "Well, and here I was, worried that I didn't have a leg to stand on... only one arm though. Ha!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Logan's keen nose can pick up the smell of someone coming from beneath some rubble, and his ears detect very faint, ragged breathing from the same area. Likewise, near Doctor Strange he can sense a tapping. Someone below ground it seems, is trying to be heard.

A couple of the Marauders move through the rubble in a crouch, drawing nearer to the team. One of them pops up. He has two antennae on his head. They glow white then a bright spot forms between them, and a plume of fire erupts, flying towards Nightwing and Illyana!

A second Marauder suddenly flashes out of existence, appearing nearer to Rachel Grey. He pulls up a semi-automatic rifle, pointing it towards her and opening fire.

The Sentinel suddenly shows up, stepping around a pile of rubble, one leg limping. Its hand points towards Samuel Guthrie as a bright beam starts to take form, blasting and missing the mutant. A second bright light starts to form again as it readies another shot.

Kitty Pryde rushes forward towards the Sentinel, zig-zagging. The girl who can phase knows she could get hit with a power nullifier at any time, so tries to make it difficult on the Sentinel should it shoot one at her. Lockheed takes into the air, laying down a smoke screen to try to hide some of the team from the Sentinel's sensors.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie starts to say something but as the others appear, he will side step the sentinel. He trusts those he is working with, but he does know a bit about them, and instead of blasting at the sentinel, he is heading towards the teleporter with the machine gun counting on his blast field to protect him and those behind him, as he aims for one hell of a clothes line. He does call out "Shadowcat take it low, Rogue you got high. Magik, Strange blasty boy is yours. He has not called out directions for Rachel or wolverine. The runt is a machine when it comes to fights he has heard, and they need to know how Rachel will react.

Dick Grayson has posed:
When Rachel starts to reach out to probe mentally for friends and allies, she may find the little resistance from the one in the uniform that is flipping and moving with ease amongst the rubble. While he may not have telepathic blockers in place, he's got the same level of training as SEALs and other Black and Special operations at resisting the mental poke at a base level. Someone doesn't like peekers, apparently.

After the initial pushback, though, Nightwing - that's what he thinks his name is - because no sharing his other name with Rachel, gives the mental equivelant of a nod, and was moving on the Marauders, hoping that they were honed in on mutants and not a flatscan like him.

Unfortunately, that doesn't pan out, and as the plume of fire erupts, the acrobatic detective leaps high, before moving into a graceful forward flip to hit the ground in a tuck and roll, a pair of wingdings flung out towards the Marauder. "Hasn't there been enough trouble here tonight, don't really need the carrion corps coming to pick on the dead!" he calls out, a grapple gun fired to yank him skywards and towards Illyana.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Sensing the presence of the others, Rachel Summers shakes her head. "NO!" she cries out as she points her hands at the newly active Sentinel. As she cries out, she sends a surge of power towards the thing. Flames flare up again and her telekinesis is being used in its most potent brute force manner.
    Her body lifts off of the ground as she does so, telekinetic and visually flaming tendrils seeking into the cracks in the Sentinel's armor and body before gripping and pulling in every direction.. intending to pull the Sentinel to pieces while at the same time basically announcing the presence of the PHOENIX FORCE and making her a target. Of course, she already -is- a target, but her force field holds as she is fired upon. Rounds impacting harmlessly, one after another. She turns to face the shooter, eyes narrowing. She just stares at him while transmitting to Kitty (Kate?) an image of Mister Sinister that she got from Doug's eyes and over the network she asks, <<Who is this? Why is he with one of our allies?>> And of course, she says to Doug, <<Help is coming. Buy time.>>
    And then to the allies heading into battle she sends, <Prisoner being experimented on....>> and in their minds, she pulses a fiery beacon over the point where Doug is being experimented upon.

Rogue has posed:
Once up in the sky, up so high, Rogue is able to spy the Sentinel's eyes. A second later and its firing a energy beam back at her new friends. She doesn't take kindly to that kind of behavior - and without any realization that these things have nullification weaponry - Rogue leans forward and sweeps toward the metal beast with her fists balled up inside of the black tight fit gloves encasing her hands. With her hair whipping about behind her shoulders, Rogue aims to fly right into the Sentinel metal monster's head where it meets its shoulder! She's heard about these robot menaces, but this is the first she's seen one in person. Clearly her intention is to try to rip its head from its shoulders though!

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan is about to call to Kitty about the survivor when he sees her take off into the air. He grunts and turns towards the next nearest Marauder. "Picked the wrong day to push me, bub," he snarls. With the sound of metal on metal, his claws slide free. He leaps towards the man like a wildcat, attempting to bury his claws in his chest and pin him down against the rubble, while bringing his adamantium-coated knee up into his crotch. It is a quick, ultra-violent move. Especially when he twists the claw in the man's chest, just to make sure. It slices bone and sinew as if they were air. "Eh, they're all the wrong days." He might not have gotten the X-Men memo on killing just yet...or maybe he just forgot?

Assuming he makes short, brutal work of the villain, he turns to begin carefully slicing at the larger rocks before shoveling them aside, making sure not to cut near where he smells and hears the survivor.

"Got one down here! Get off yer asses and come help!"

He shields his eyes and glances skyward at the girl who just became a ball of fire. "...Huh." He furrows his brow as he makes the mental connection, not liking the feeling of somebody in his head. Still, the situation seems to need it. <Got a survivor here. Gonna deal with that. Also, don't go peekin' about in there, Fireball...>

He turns to go back to clearing rubble.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen turns his waist, hands still held before him and the rubble in the air moves with the motion of the wizard to linger over an empty area of street and Stephen sets the mess down gently before turning his head towards the pile and reaches deeper with his spell this time, sensing the mind beneath the rubble and acting fast. "Protect those within, Shield of the Seraphim!" Stephen calls, and suddenly a sphere of magical energy surrounds the mutant below and severing the chunks of building around them and with a mighty effort, Stephen summons the sphere upwards, errupting the ball of magic energy and the being within skywards before he makes it stop about twenty feet in the air and it sits there for a moment before the rubble is sifted out of the magical sphere and it begins to lower towards the ground with ease to rest before Strange before he pops the magic bubble.

    Turning at the cries of Logan, Stephen looks in that direction and reaches his own senses out to find the survivor talked about by the short stabby mutant and yet the sorcerer is stretching himself trying to save all the souls he can in this horrific moment. "I'll request you refrain such deplorable behavior." Stephen says towards Logan in regards to stabbing people while the Sorcerer Supreme is present and another spell is being cast to rescue the second survivor under the rubble.

John Constantine has posed:
     Sinister's attention is brought back to Doug as he starts to quip. "Oh, rest assured, you did die. But death, is no challenge to me." He looks quite nonplussed at the jokes though. One of the marauders entered the remains of the operating theatre. "Sir, we ha-" Immediately, Sinister rapped the marauder with the back of his hand. "I KNOW, you simpleton! Get out there and delay them while I work, damn you!"

  Sinister walks up to Doug on the table, and continues his work. Doug's body and face had been stitched up, and now his arm was being paid attention to, but not before he leaned in to Doug's face. "Your choice, leave you with a stump, or I can give you a better arm. Now..." His hand reaches to the ragged viscera that was at the end of Doug's arm, and a scalpel is brought in, debriding the damaged tissues that wouldn't heal. No anaesthetic. While the man works, he hums a small tune to himself, the 1812 Overture.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks up, and then narrows his eyes. He grits his teeth, as Sinister cuts into him -- no anasthetic. "Hgggg!" Tears flow from his eyes as he bites down... and then he looks Sinister in the eye and rasps, "Hey. You know, if this is all about getting a pair of Scott's swim trunks, you could just give him twenty bucks..."

As the damaged tissue's cut away, Sinister's scalpel is wet with blood. Sticky... black... wait. That's not blood. Blood doesn't grab hold of a scalpel and throw it across the room, and it doesn't flow out of exposed marrow and ragged muscle... and it certainly doesn't sprout yellow circuitry.

<Beginning regeneration protocol... Lifeglow required.>

Doug looks down at the techno-organic ichor. "...Oh. Hey. Look at that... I wonder if I can..." The black ichor suddenly sprouts golden circuitry spidering down its length, and then it forms into a tendril, before it whips around and slaps at Sinister's face.


Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Sentinel has large chunks of it ripped off by Rachel, while Rogue flies in and smashes it in the head, ripping half of it clean off. <<STOP MUTANT... STOP MUTANT.... STOP MUTANT...>> it keeps repeating as it staggers and then falls to its knees. Kitty Pryde runs forward, phasing and jumps up into its chest. She comes out its back, continuing away from it. Electrical sparks start arcing around it. It raises its remaining good hand, sending a spray of thick laser fire in an arc towards some of the team, targeting sensors damaged so trying to sweep that heavy ray beam across the whole area. Kitty yells to Rogue and Rachel, "Finish him if you can! His nullifier seems out!"

Kitty turns and starts heading for the building marked by Rachel as having a mutant prisoner. "Cannonball! Let's get to the prisoner! Wolverine, you too if you're able!" She's running, but he'll be able to beat her there flying, no doubt. If she sees Cannonball swoop towards her, she reaches up for a ride.

The Marauder with the gun gets hit by Sam Guthrie and knocked into a full 360 degree flip. He staggers back to his feet just in time to go back down under Logan's claws, crying out in pain before he twitches and stops moving entirely. Beneath the rubble then, Doctor Strange is able to find the survivor, a mutant with a lizardlike crest on his head, who was trapped in a basement beneath the rubble. Logan and Doctor Strange can sense a woman buried where Logan is digging.

Nightwing's weapons fly through the air towards the Maurauder shooting fire. He manages to duck one but the other hits him in the face, disrupting the fiery plume for the moment. He staggers and then rights himself, reorienting on Nightwing and clearly about to attack again as his antennae light back up.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will have to talk to Wolverine later about the whole no kill thing. He frowns, but now he has something else he needs to do. He turns and he is heading towards Kitty to pick her up, and then he kicks it into high gear. You know Kitty can go through walls, but so can Sam. The difference is when Sam does it you can drive a truck in after him, and thats what he is doing in a bee line towards said prisioner.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Having released her rage and anger on the Sentinel, Rachel looks about. She closes her eyes and reaches about to -sense- all of the mutants in the area. Those who are not on the team of rescuers are left out as she basically generates a telepathic HUD and points out any surviving mutants with similar flaming beacons.
    She has given release to all of that emotion bubbling up inside her and so she lets Rogue have the honor of finishing the Sentinel off. Oh.. and absently, she swipes at the teleporting shooter with a telekinetic wing of the Phoenix. Then she lifts upwards and begins acting as a network administrator and sensor. She searches for minds as well as mutant powers because not everyone here would be a mutant. Every living being she detects gets a beacon, and she begins moving towards Doug... a menacing bird of power and she says to Kitty, <<Tell me where you need me Kate. Whomever is down there is damaging a friend. We must move quickly." and.. then sensing the pain in Doug's mind, she offers to him, <<Let me block your pain.>> as she does so, trying to basically block out that pain as a form of a telepathic illusion of a -lack- of pain.

Dick Grayson has posed:
The plume of flame from the Marauder comes close to singing Nightwing as he twists behind a slab of collapse concrete that used to be a wall of an office building. On the other side of it, Nightwing looks over and sees a calendar still pinned to the wall with a picture of a young mutant woman posing on the picturesque beach of Genosha. "Another time." he mutters to himself, as he looks around the corner and watches the Marauder as he is sensing out where Nightwing is. "Aha."

That would be his response to seeing those antenna's glow. Getting on his comm, he hopes he can get the attention of the others. "They're using sensory detection, look for an antenna!" Though it could just be his. He doesn't know, he's sharing information as he takes out a small sphere from his belt and tosses it out. The marble rolls along the slanted floor towards the Marauder before exploding in a flash of light and a loud /bang/.

And that's his cue as he comes from behind the wall, a pair of wingdings flung at the Marauder's antenna's as he closes the distance, hoping to overload it's senses and blind it so he can come in for a hard strike and and hopefully stagger him further for a bolo throw for the takedown!

Rogue has posed:
A sweeping arm attack from the Sentinel is dodged and Rogue lunges up into the air to deliver a haymaker to the side of the robot man's face, which rends part of its face right off its metal case! "Take that you big--" She cuts herself off just as she hears Kitty's comment. "Wait. Nullifier?' The Sentinel reaches up to swipe its hand at her again but she senses the danger and sweeps around behind the thing, settling down boots upon its shoulders she tries to get behind it to tear its head upward by placing both of her hands on its metal armor and teeeeeeeearing with all her might! The satisfying ripping and snapping of the Sentinel's parts and insides indicate much success and as she pulls the head free, Rogue sweeps up into the sky... and then THROWS the head out toward the sea!

Logan Howlett has posed:
Wolverine smirks at Strange's command, focusing instead on the task at hand. His muscles strain as he tosses the stones aside. His adamantium skeleton and regeneration add together to allow him to lift more then a normal person, it's clear. He's no Colossus, though! Soon enough he gets to the survivor, and he clears all of the rubble away until she is uncovered. "Got you," he grunts. "We're gonna get you outta here." he carefully scoops her up and turns to carry her towards the jet. He lays her out carefully before he turns and breaks into a sprint. He carries distance quite fast for someone with such short legs. The animal-like leaps might help that.

He's heading right for the building, claws cutting away things getting in his way.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    The team around him seem rather coordinated but that might be the telepath he's been receiving commands and call outs from and been ignoring for the sake of the citizens of Genosha. He's come to help them in their immediate need, not fight their battles for them. The wizard then looks up as Rogue rips a head off a robot, Wolverine goes running past and all the mutants seem to converge upon a single building.

    "Hmmm." Stephen says to himself as he watches them go and work out a personal vendetta while the wizard does something unexpected. He takes a sit.

    Cross legged on the ground, Stephen slowly begins to rise, the flames of the living pushed into his mind by the powerful mutant are used as a guideline, not as truth, but he will make do. A mandala of green energy begins to form beneath him, the floral pattern and the countless fractals forge in neon light as the mandala grows. Larger, and larger and larger the spell's matricies continue to grow and grow as he puts more and more of himself and his powers into the spell.

John Constantine has posed:
     "Cute. No, the Summers boy will have to wait for another day." The pale face of Sinister watches the black substance grasp the scalpel. "Fascinating..."

  SLAP! A sharp turn of his head, and with a second to pause, Sinister whips his head back to Doug. "Fascinating indeed."

  With Sinister's attention payed only to Doug at the moment, the doctor keeps on. But not without another telepathic reaching out by Rachel. <<You again. Who ARE you?>> The good doctor reaches out to Rachel's mind, probing, digging as much information as he can.

  The Marauders failures to keep the X-Men at bay only enrages Sinister even more. The probe is dropped before he can get much information. The black fabric creaks in defiance of Sinister's movement. "Do not mistake this small victory, you WILL be mine." He says to Doug before his form begins to sheen. At this point, the X-Men who've beelined to the hospital have arrived. Mister Sinister steps up, his body in a semi-liquid state. "You're welcome~." He says sing-songingly, waving his hand to the incoming mutants. The man begins to lift upward, and as he does, the hospital starts to rumble and shake, loose pieces of rubble starts to fall all around them.

  A light begins to glow around him, and in a flash, Mister Sinister is gone, hardly a trace of him to be found.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug's mind is weird. His thoughts are a blistering, shifting array of languages that shift from moment to moment and amalgamate with each other... it's a hard mind to read. The Techno-Organic virus is running rampant in his system, and its interface with his brain equateic noise like a digital modem. But the cessasion of pain causes Doug to break through the cold sweat on his brow.

"Thank you." He says, as that techno-organic limb extends and begins to probe at the bonds trying to hold him onto the table, in order to free himself from them.

"That dude is so gross. Sticky. He's *sticky*." He sits up on the table. "And I am *naked*. Hoo boy!" He looks up. "Also I am about to be crushed."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Nightwing manages to stun the Marauder and then wrap him in his Bat bolo and knock the attacker unconscious. Meanwhile Rogue finishes off the Sentinel, skipping the remnants of its head across the waves like Ron Howard throwing a rock at the start of some black and white TV show.

Logan saves another person before heading for the place the prisoner is being kept, converging there with the rest of the X-men. That leaves behind Doctor Strange who begins casting the spell, both large and beautiful to see, though the others except Nightwing and Rachel may be too focused to spot it yet.

Kitty flies in with Cannonball, the young woman phasing instinctively to avoid debris, even if she's safe behind Cannonball's shield. Once inside she lets go and drops down, sinking through the floor and back up again. Her attention is on the retreating villain at first, but she sees she can't stop him.

Then Kitty's eyes go to... "DOUG!!!" Kitty runs forward, eyes huge as she sees him there, alive. Alive and naked. "I've got you," she says, grabbing hold of him and phasing the two of them as the walls cave in about them. The dust is still settling as the pair rise slowly above the pile of rubble. "You're alive, thank God you've alive!" she says.

Dick Grayson has posed:
After taking down the Marauder on him, Nightwing makes his way over to the fallen hunter/collector and grunts as he hefts him up. "Let's get you over with the others to let them figure out what to do with you, hmm?" he asks.

Because this is the way you meet new friends. By you know. Bringing them gifts. Arriving at the hospital, Nightwing drops off the Marauder. "Found this while I was on my way here. Everyone alright?" he asks, his expression friendly, if slightly grim.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes blasting out of the pile of rubble that was where doug was being held. Luckily his blast allows him to come out ok, and he is soon coming to a landing near Kitty and Doug. He will strip his shirt off offering it to his friend.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops out of the sky after throwing the Sentinel Head, and on her way down she shoves the rest of the Sentinel's decapitated body over causing it to lean forward and then tiiiiiiiiiiiiiip down to the ground with a heavy thud!

A few moments later and the Belle is standing on top of its back and placing one of her hands onto her hip. "Don't see what all the fuss is about with these things. Seems t'me they can't keep their heads on straight." Yep.

She drops her hand from her hip and starts to walk up its back to the point between its shoulders and then looks around to the rest of her team. Seeing Logan off doing Logan things she sweeps up into the air and flies over toward him to assist in said things! This Genosha place is crazy! <"We find our friend yet?"> Rogue asks over comms.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    The spell's complex matrix continues to fan out larger and larger, building upon each successive circle of influence until it's covering the city. Terrain or buildings or lack of material to rest on doesn't matter, the spell grows out from the singular spot Strange now floats above, still seated and hovering above the ground as he continues to chant as a bead of sweat rolls down his forehead.

    Suddenly, once it's past the horizon and no longer able to be seen growing or developing, Stephen finishes the ritual with a single word.


    Rachel will feel the minds disappear for a brief moment. The flames indicating lives in everyone's vision will all suddenly vanish for the briefest instant, and like a flickering light they will fade and then reappear. Reappear not where they were but in a great near volcano like bone fire surrounding Strange. Injured and suffering and even dying mutants have all be brought into the open in the space around Stephen and he takes in a deep gasp of air before falling to his backside as the spell has been cast and he can no longer focus by the great ammount of energy he just spent saving these last Genoshan souls.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks... much the worse for wear. He's pale and drawn and his eyes are bloodshot, with several sutured cuts on his body, and raw scrapes -- he looks like death warmed over. And his right arm is... gone, in its place is a tendril of lashing techno-organic matter. Kitty grabs him, and he's tugged behind her, and without his really paying attention to it, that techno-matter crawls back in upon itself and forms itself into an arm, jet black with gold circuitry inlay.

"Yeah. About that." Doug says. "...I'll let you know if I feel a sudden craving for brains. They killed everyone, Kitty. *Everyone*. ...Including me. But there are emergency shelters... I was trying to get people to the shelters, there might be survivors." He looks at Sam's shirt, and then says, "That's a really nice gesture, buddy. I always knew you'd give me the shirt off your back if you needed it." He... takes it and tries to cover himself, before he looks around. "It's... all gone. All of it." His eyes are far away and haunted.

"And Sinister was... picking over the dead like a corpse collector." Tears run down his face. "...I think I'm gonna barf."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty loops an arm around Doug, eyeing his new, techno-organic arm. "Is that..." she says, hesitating. It doesn't look like... well it does, but more like Warlock than the worrisome kind of virus. "We'll get you back home," Kitty says.

She wants to shine her happiness on Doug, but her eyes can't help but look around the fractured landscape for someone else at the mention of people in shelters. And that's when she sees Doctor Strange, and the people gathering about him.

Kitty wants to run over, wants to go and look for her father in the group. But doesn't let go of Doug. "We'll get you back home and..." Kitty says, but she can't bring herself to say everything will be ok. "Sam, hold him?" she asks, and will pass Doug off to Sam if he's willing. She then runs over to the survivors, looking for her father. <<Blackbird, we have...a lot of people here. Let's get Magik to start start shifting people to hospitals. Can you call ahead and make arrangements?>> She heads over through the crowd then, checking on Dr. Strange, though her eyes still search for signs of Carmen Pryde somewhere. "Doctor Strange? Are you ok?" she asks softly.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will hold his friend, arm around him. He is willing to hold the man while he pukes if need be or just hold him up. "We got here as soon as we could bud, brought the crew we had in. Looks like we were able to save a few not enough but a few."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing knows he can't do the things that all of them are doing, but he's watching as Strange pulls out /all/ of the wounded. And what he can do is contact the Red Cross to start to try to get aid to them. He may be here most of the night, but he'll being doing what he can, using his training both as vigilante and detective to try to reuinte who he can.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen is catching his breath as he stands back to his feet showing that it's a sort of struggle. Moving that many people that poor off and with that much around them that he doesn't want to bring with them, that's not an easy feet, nor is it so easy to do so across an entire city.

    "I am okay. Do not worry about transporting these people, most of them cannot survive the trauma or risk of movement." Stephen says as he pushes his hands off his knees to stand up fully though he's still quite winded. "We're going to need shelter, a defensive perimeter, and" Deep breath, "fresh water." Stephen explains to Kitty as she approaches as asks him for help. No, but yes, but after these people are helped. "There's work to do." Stephen says with a snap to his voice, the doctor is about to see his patients.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug doesn't have anything left to throw up, but he does hang over Sam's arm and he dry-heaves for a long time, before he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, and then says "I feel sick, I think it's whatever that stuff was Sinister shot me up with. I need a doctor."

"I need a bunch of different doctors, I think. I'm sorry, Kitty... I don't know where your dad was. I have no idea."

Rachel Summers has posed:
    In the end, we find Rachel standing off to one side. Since the fight is over and the rescue was complete. She holds the skull of the Sentinel before her telekinetically and is staring at it intently. Finally, the head crushes down to baseball size and falls to the ground as she turns her back on it, "What else can we do to help?" she asks.