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LexFlix and Chill
Date of Scene: 05 September 2020
Location: Living Quarters - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Jason Todd, Susan Richards, Reed Richards

Valeria Richards has posed:
Friday evenings are nice. The work and school weeks are over. Drink specials at most bars. Not many reasons to dislike a Friday evening.

This Friday evening is not like most in Four Freedoms. For one, Valeria is actually out of her room. For another, the screen in the living room is on and playing some sort of... suspense? movie? TV show? It's not very clear what it is, except there are teenagers on the screen and maybe some sort of abyss monsters that are never really shown directly. The lights in the living room are low, though not off, and the distinct smell of popcorn fills the air. There is a huge bowl of it in Valeria's lap where she is lounging on the couch... using Jason's shoulder as a pillow as they watch whatever brain cell melting flashy pictures are passing for entertainment.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason's coat and boots are off as he lounges on the couch with Valeria leaning against him, his arm draped over the other raiding the popcorn bowl between checking what looks like apartment listings on his phone

Glancing up at the screen, he leans over to steal a kiss from Val before saying, "That guy is so going to die," he says nodding at the swoopy haired teen on the screen. "They might as well put a big neon sign out to let us know."

Susan Richards has posed:
    Ever just feel like you have a sixth sense for things?
    Susan Storm-Richards went from zero to wide awake within the space of a few seconds, driven by a sneaking sense of suspicion. Her kids have been pure mischief since day one. It's an instinct that's served her well. So a robe is pulled on, and visibility goes OFF as she creeps out to the living room, and ends up observing the scene in front of her with... a bit of a crooked look on her face.
    This will not do.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val glances over at his phone, pointing slightly at one of the listings. "That one doesn't look awful," she states before squinting at the likely soon to be dead character. "His hair is so dumb. Who even wears their hair like that? On purpose?" She snuggles against Jason, grinning at the stolen kiss. She's in lightweight yoga pants and a baby tee, no socks or shoes, feet pulled up and tucked on the couch mostly underneath her.

At the moment at least hands are visible, no one is un or under dressed, and there's nothing untoward happening. Except that Jason is here, and Val may have not exactly told anyone he was coming.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason glances at the listing. "Yeah, like that one, good view of Colgate Park and Little Italy, lets me feel like I'm keeping an eye on Falcone that way," he jokes lightly before looking back at the screen again. "Right? Really it's sort of karma that the monsters are going to get him."

And sure enough they do just as the swoopy haired kid was showing off with some pull ups too.

Jason for his part is in a t-shirt and jeans, and other than kissing Valeria again, a little bit more deeply this time, definitely not doing anything too bad. Right?

Susan Richards has posed:
    "The characters were much better in the original."
    Suddenly Susan is just THERE behind the couch, with her elbows on the back of the couch, and her head propped up on her hands, her normally immaculate hair mussed up, and her expression... unimpressed.

Valeria Richards has posed:
One moment Val is kissing Jay back, and the next her Mom's voice is literally Right There. She almost drops the bowl of popcorn in surprise. "Ah! MOM." Her cheeks actually turn a bright red. "I thought you had gone to sleep early." She forces an innocent look. "Did we wake you up? I didn't think we had it up loud."

Jason Todd has posed:
Even Jason, a couple beers into his belated birthday celebration before he headed to New York doesn't hear Sue sneaking up on them. He doesn't so much jump at the noise than his hand darts for the small of his back and he begins to rise. Though it gets no further than that when he realizes who it is and that he's in an entirely other sort of danger than he's used to. "Hi, Sue," he greets, hand moving back to rest on the arm of the couch.

Susan Richards has posed:
    "Hello, Jason." Susan says very blandly, before looking to Valeria. The innocent face used to work much better when Valeria was a kid. Doubly so when when Susan hadn't seen where that face had been moments before. "Honey..." Susan sighs heavily, "... There's no safe minimum volume when you sneak boys into my home late at night."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I didn't sneak him in." This time. "We used the front door." Valeria gives her mother a put-upon look.

Reed Richards has posed:
Suddenly, the little light that indicates that Reed is in his lab and that 'deep thinking is in progress' flashes red. A muffled alarm klaxon sounds, and for a moment all the electronics in the building shudder and flicker before resuming their normal routine. A few moments later, Reed steps into the living area in a lab coat that is especially scuffed and stained with all manner of strange things.

"Dimension EN-2114 is a no-go. It's mostly comprised of some sort of ... fish thing."

He glances towards the sofa and Jason, giving him the sort of nod a benevolent adult gives a kid because he's just tryin' his darndest, y'know: "Hey, sport. How's your pop?"

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason gives a nod. "Yep, came up the elevator and everything," he confirms in support of Val knowing that's not the point.

He glances around as the electronics flicker, wow he had not missed that part of living here. When Reed emerges he replies. "About the same. You?"

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan squints at Valeria, and opens her mouth to speak, only to have her attention taken by the arrival of Reed. Between the casual absurdity of what he's saying, and the ease with which he takes a living dead boy hanging out with his daughter late at night, Susan fixes him with a look that can only be described as 'long-suffering adoration' with a sigh. "Darling, please help me assert that when you bring a boy home, it's sneaking if your parents don't know about it first."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria rolls her eyes, huffing slightly. She didn't even sneak him in the balcony this time! And she was... largely... trying to behave tonight. "Mom, we are just watching a movie. See? And if I were sneaking I'd have disabled all the sensors and the logs."

Reed Richards has posed:
"Expanding the realms of human thought and understanding," Reed announces grandly, spreading his arms wide - maybe a bit too wide as they stretch unconsciously in both directions, "Just a regular old Friday night."

"Hi, sweetie," he says to Sue, leaning to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"And hello princess," he adds to Valeria, neck stretching several feet so he can maneuver to kiss on her forehead from behind without actually having to move or lean anywhere.

"What's this?" Reed's head asks, now leaning over the couch on his extended neck between Valeria and Jason, "Oh, I think we went to the premier for this, didn't we? Gosh, that must've been ... thirty years ago? Did they remaster it or something?"

When Sue speaks, he clears his throat and looks towards Valeria: "You really should let us know. What if Jason doesn't like extradimensional fish monsters? Also, I think Ben is molting again. But thanks for not disabling the sensors. A pigeon got in last time."

Jason Todd has posed:
"Just like always," Jason remarks to Reed with a bit of a smile. He might not have been the best student but he had liked Reed's enthusiasm when he was younger. The stretching neck thing however took a bit more time to get used to again.

"Oh fish monsters are a lot better than what we've got in Gotham these days, so that's fine. And really? Did the swoopy hair kid wear his hair like that to the premier? I'm dying to know," he says happy to direct the conversation elsewhere, especially when Reed mentions 'last time' the alarms were disabled.

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan tilts her head, swept up - as she often is - in her husband's enthusiasm and winding trains of thought. "I think it's a remake. Or a sequel? They keep showing that *wiggly tail* and it's *kinda* the same." Susan ponders this for a moment and shrugs.
    She eyes Jason. "No- no, hair was... people had different ideas about hair in the 90s. It was... an innocent time."
    Susan looks distant for a moment.
    "... What's *worse* in Gotham?!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val shoots Jay a look. She HAD gone down to Gotham recently (though she had noticed Jason's texts of late were definitely steering her away from repeating that) so wew. Momsplosion inbound, likely. "Its nothing Mom. Just the usual crazies. Only maybe zombies this time." She smooths it over, or tries to.

She gives her Dad a grin. "Finnneee Dad. I will... I dunno, text you both next time." Because of course that is a solution.

Reed Richards has posed:
"They've got that clay fellow," Reed opines, still peering critically at the screen and the movie thereon, "I'd love to get a closer look at him. Sentient mud. Imagine that! Do you think you could get me a sample next time you run into him, Jason? Not to be a bear, but there must be all sorts of practical applications beyond mere shapeshifting."

Then he turns to look at Valeria with a very, incredibly critical stare: "Zombies? Interesting. Mole Man is going to be devastated that you've outgrown him. I remember when you used to throw together robots to fight his Moloids - oh! Jason, you should've seen. This one, no taller than your knee, standing with her hands on her hips and saying how /mad/ she was going to be if the silly bald monsters didn't leave /right away/."

He laughs and sighs, shaking his head: "Ah, precious. Remember, Sue? When the old Baxter Building got sucked down into Subterranea?"

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason considers things for a moment "I think we have a sample somewhere in the Cave, I'll ask Tim or Bruce about it, they're the keepers of that stuff." He tells Reed before nodding to Sue about the 90's. "Pants too those Jnco things?" he says having seen some on TV one time.

As for Gotham? He says, "Yeah, we're dealing with them but they're annoying, needed a break which is why I came up here. I hope that's okay?" he asks, deflecting. "Oh and Bruce said dinner is on if you guys can make it."

Reed's tale about Val gets a grin, "I can believe it," he says. "There's a lot of that in her now too."

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan smiles softly at Valeria and says "That would be an improvement, honey, I'd appreciate it."
    Susan seems oddly energized by the rush of old memory, bapping her palm with the side of her fist and saying "That's *right!* He broke ALL the fine china in the transfer, brought a horde of tunnel monsters, and there's Val like "You're in BIG trouble, mister!" Ha! Aaaaaaa. We could *not* keep that building in one place.
    There's a beat.
    "Zombies?! Don't let them bite you! *Zombies?!*" Susan shakes her head, "Val stay out of Gotham until they fix that!"
    IS dinner on?!

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria actually snuggles back up to Jason, frowning. Cute kid Valeria stories are sooo embarrassing. "I think dinner will be fun." She gives no promises about staying out of Gotham. In fact... "Jason is apartment hunting. I thought I might go down to help him look at a few places once he has narrowed them down."

Reed Richards has posed:

That's the first Reed has heard of it. Actually, it probably isn't, but he put it out of his mind in favor of some new theory in transdimensional physics that he'd been working on. Still, he retracts back into a less noodly form to retrieve his phone from the holster on his hip (dad style), holding it at first close to his face and then far away and then a little closer as he peers critically down his nose at it. Satisfied, he clears his throat.

"HERBIE? Set reminder for 'dinner with Waynes'."

The phone beeps before responding: < Okay, I've set a reminder to glimmer at Shane. >

Reed sighs, shrugs, and tucks the phone away again.

"Oh, uh, yes. Stay away from those zombies, young lady. And Jason, we've got apartments to rent here in the Plaz - "

A glance at Sue.

"Pla-aaace we own down by the pier. If you like the East River for a view."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason's eyes glint with amusement about the dinner scheduling. "It's on the 11th, most of the family should be there," he explains, before giving a mischievous look towards Val. "So what happened next with the tunnel monsters?" he asks Sue.

"Also, not sure they're those sort of zombies, more like Frankenstien? The movie not the book. Animated corpses, less biting more swords," but still dangerous though he tries to keep his concen out of his voice.

"Thanks but I should probably stay in Gotham, lot of late nights, good to have a quick commute home in the morning."

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan fixes Reed with a look that could peel paint until he corrects course, prompting a small smile. "If you can tear yourself away from Gotham, anyway." She knows that's an issue with the spooky folk. She might be more frightfully concerned if she knew anything about the Talons - what's she's hearing is bad enough - but... it's not like any place has been safe or sane since space aliens and gods started showing up.
    "That sounds *way* worse than zombies. Most zombies. There's a few kinds. Uh." Susan shakes her head. "... I'm... not... awake enough for this. You kids behave. The eleventh?" Susan nods, "The eleventh. Reed, are you coming to bed?"