3248/A Night On the Town

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A Night On the Town
Date of Scene: 06 September 2020
Location: Cineplex Theaters
Synopsis: Remy and Rogue enjoy a night out on the town. Pizza is had, a dog is yappy, and a movie with a lot of explosions is watched!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had wandered around the X-Mansion until she'd found the Cajun, she'd been texting him to see if he wanted to head out on the town for a bit of a Saturday night 'goof around'. "Dinner and movie?" She'd asked him, and well, apparently they'd set out to do just that!

Now, exiting the Pizza Joint restaurant, Rogue is holding a cup of tea on-the-go, with a straw sticking out the top of it and her gloved hand holding the plastic cup. She looks over at the cajun, smiling at him, her jacket resting over her forearm on the other hand.

"So I ran in to Thor, /the/ Thor at Coney Island the other night, while i was investigatin' rumors of Vampires undr the boardwalk." She tells him, as they together, step out on to the sidewalk. "I totally beat him in a test'a strength game they had." She states with a big grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You /did/," he replies in that elongated way that southerners tend to with that classic twang. Into the pocket his hand goes as he grabs his soft pack and uses his teeth to pull out a cigarette. The other hand is going to try and hold Rogue's while he fishes for a lighter.

"Do tell, chere? He as dreamy as de tabloids say he is? Look like a fine specimen t'me. No surprise you stronga den dat pretty boy"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins back at him and she shakes her head softly as they turn to the east to walk in the direction of the theater further down that way.

"Well." She starts again. "He did pretty good on his turn, but he also slammed the machine inta the East River, so-- I mean --we can't really tell who won. Mine was less destructive, though, ya see, so I take the win."

She glances back at him and through a grin, raises the drink cup up for another sip from the tea. "And yeah, he's pretty damn dreamy. Admittedly... Don't worry, I resisted myself." She smirks at Remy then. "We walked'n talked for a bit. I wanted t'ask him if the Avengers have an application process, but I told myself t'play it cool."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah aint worried, chere. Ain't nobody walk and talk as good ole Remy." The Cajun takes a drag from the cigarette before offering it up to Rogue, should she wish.

"Avengas?" He whistles. "Be tinkin' you could do quite a bit o' good wit dem, chou. Dey be stupid not to take ya."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does shift her tea to her other hand to take the cigarette and puff on it for a second, the two of them sharing the same little addiction to those rolled tabacco demons. She listens to him reply and just shrugs her shoulders in that loose fit grey tshirt that she's wearing over top of a dark green tanktop to help keep her shoulders covered and not so deadly to those others around them that may or may not bump into the Southern Belle.

"Maybe." She says. "But I was kinda hopin' t'make a bigger name for myself, before I approached them." She offers the cigarette back then and smiles at him, green eyes on his red. "Delusions'a grandeur, imaginin' them comin' to /me/ to recruit me." She states wit a sly grin blossoming on her lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"From erryting dat ah read, dem Avengas is pretty smart. Be tinkin' dey will snap you up right quick, chere. Dats what ole Remy did, and look how dat work out for him." Remy nods as he completely agrees with everything, he himself, is saying. "Darn straight."

"You scared at all, chere?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps ahead of him and turns around to walk backward, her balance being impeccable (because she can cheat), she just eyes him with a mischievous grin whilst moving ahead of him. "I ain't scared'a nothin'." She says in a defiant, youthfully naive, sort've way. She shakes her head side to side then and spins around to hold her arms out on either sides of her as she jumps up on to the fence beside them and just starts to walk along the top of it like it were a tight rope over a giant chasm, and she's not the least be unbalanced upon it.

"The world is my play thing, Remy LeBeau." She says in her sultry voice as she glances back over and down at him, one foot in front of the other as she strides along the fence. "Ya wanna play in it with me?" She asks, clearly in a silly mood!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Girl, ah been wantin ta play in it since I first set eyes on ya," Remy replies. "You know dat. Y'always have."

LeBeau lolls his head to the side as he looks up at her. "Y'make life fun, chere." He looks away for a second, with just a bit of pause. "Jus' be careful when you get accepted to d'Avengers, n'est-ce pas?"

Rogue has posed:
From her right side, a dog on the other side of the fence runs up out of no where and starts barking at the Belle. It makes her gasp and shout in surprise, AND leap off of the fence to stand again in front of Remy! Clearly she's afraid of some things-- JUMP SCARES!

A second later then and she's laughing at herself, and the situation before she looks back at Remy and smiles up at him, exhaling. "Stupid dog. Came outta nowhere, he did." She states, exhaling another little goofy silly laugh.

"I ain't gonna forget ya, if I make it big, Remy LeBeau." She says to him then in a more serious voice. "Don't you be afraid'a that." After a second of a serious look, the dog lunges at the fence and keeps barking, which makes Rogue look over at it and 'barkbark' back at it for a second before she turns and keeps walking.

The little Jack Russel looks very upset that this didn't upset the Belle more, let alone the Cajun.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy LeBeau says, "Ah aint worried bout you forgettin' me, chere. Figure if you evah get to de point where you want sometin else in your life, dat your prerogative," Remy says as he reaches out to try and catch her for a split second, before realizing that, you know, she can float. Silly reflex.

"Jus want ya t'come back t'me in one piece while I gotcha."


Rogue has posed:
Rogue had stepped forward a few paces to dump her tea in to the trash bin along the side of the street, then she makes it back over to him and offers him her now freed-up gloved hand. "Delusions'a Grandeur after all. Maybe they won't even ever want me, and I'll just have t'start my own team'a scrappy super types. We'll just run around the city in our pajamas'n put all our crime-bustin' videos up on Instagram, so there's proof that we're not just a band'a crazy hooligans."

She grins at him then, after a second she switches subjects though. "Did ya talk t'Scott yet, about joinin' the X-Roster official-like?"

Behind them, that little dog gets a few more yappy barks in before it goes quiet.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy smiles softly at the dog before returning to look at Rogue and take her hand. "You know dere gun want you, chere. Ain't no doubt in mah mind."

"Haven't yet. Haven't seen de man, but when I do ahm gun tell him flat out dat I want t'be dealt in. You tink he'll be okay wit dat?"

Rogue has posed:
As the two of them walk side by side, hand in hand, down the street they start to reach the theater and it's many lit-up-signs of movie posters for films playing at the cineplex. Rogue starts to glance at the fancy pictures of super hero movies, dramas and even a couple comedies. But her attention is on what Remy's saying, her eyes dart back tohim, she smirks softly. "He'll be suspicious, I imagine. But he's suspicious of everything. I imagine he gets suspicious when the fridge kicks on even."

A playful grin shows at this statement and she shakes her head. "I think he'll be all for it though. If not, I'll give him the puppy dog eyes." And she tries to do just that with Remy now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, suspicious in his line a work prolly a necessity, non?" Remy reasons. "Could be worse, f'sure."

"Aww, chere, you can't be pullin' dose out everytime. S'not fair." He gives an upwards nod, "Whaddya wanna see? My treat." Well, it was Maxwell Morris' treat, actually, but no one needs to know that.

Rogue has posed:
His reaction to her use of the puppy dog eyes just makes her grin and relent. "Fair'a nough." She replies as they stroll past the movie posters and she points to the one with the action and explosions, the guns and the bro-dudes on the front of it. "That one." She says. "Bruce Willis is d-aged like thirty years, and he's back, t'fight space aliens and a drug cartel at the same time." She laughs like a happy little nerdy laugh. "Ain't no way I don't wanna see that one. 'Death Barrage' is just the greatest name eve'ah."

She looks back up at him and bumps shoulders with him. "On you, no less. Means I'm buyin' the popcorn though, yeah?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"S'pose you'd pound me if I din let ya," Remy replies as he steps up to the ticket counter and purchases. "Lady wants two tickets for de Death Barrage. Onna scale of one to eleven, does it have enough 'splosions?"

"Uh, ... yes sir?" says the attendant.


Remy turns back and nods knowingly to Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
When Remy asks about the 'splosions, Rogue mimes an explosion with her gloved hands and mouths the sound with her cheeks dimpling out. The confused and unsure response from the Movie Theater attendant makes her beam a smile at the employee. "Ain't you a helpful one." She says at the young man behind the glass.

When the tickets are acquired, she even goes so far as to blow the kid a kiss. "Stay safe in that box now, sugah." She says as she and Remy walk on toward the theater. "Ya know." She says now to Remy. "Goin' out like this is some'a the most fun I've had, since, well, forever. This is the kinda stuff I always wanted t'do when I was little. Spend time with a nice fella, like yourself." She lightly hip checks him. "And see a big dumb action movie like this." She glances over at him again.

"Now ya just gotta make me promise not t'kiss ya, an' there-by ruin it all when ya fall into a coma, and a mob a angry rednecks come t'try'n lynch me."

It's almost like she talks from experience.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, chere," Remy says with a bit of a fake forlorn quality, "We all gotta go sometime. I can tink of worse ways den t'go wit my lips locked on yours."

"Hey now," he replies almost as an afterthought. "Who you callin' a nice guy?"

He opens the door for her and holds the tickets out to that ticket guy who stands by the threatening ropes that prevent entrance.