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Titanic Pyrrhic victory
Date of Scene: 06 September 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Aftermath of War of the Worlds for the Titans at the Tower. Kate got everyone pizza. Newcomers were welcomed aboard after the Trial of Fire on Warworld. Kara was filled in about the missing teammates.
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Angelica Jones, Karolina Dean, Kian, Kara Danvers

Kate Bishop has posed:
The Titans made it back from Space on the T-Jet, somehow Kate managed to pilot it all the wa back to the tower with a jet full of shell shocked heroes. Some people said things like of course we will figure this out, probably Nightwing, and other things. Most people were probably pretty shellshocked.

Someone carried Angelica into one of the spare rooms and tucked her in.

A lot of the team scattered to their rooms to cope and deal with the gravity of the situation. Some split to much farther locations abandoning the Tower entirely like Gar did.

Who knows yet what Raven is up to, Kate isn't about to check in on her yet.

Sunday comes around though and despite the relative silence in the Tower there is life to be found. For instance it smells like someone has ordered a lot of pizzas with the smells drifting from the common room.

Kate is there eating a slice of meat lovers on the semi-circular sofa and staring at the gigantic screen. The screen has a side section right now displaying news of the War of the WarWorld invasion. The middle part though is dominated about information the news doesn't have. Sensor logs from the T-Jet. Video footage from the disappearance of Warworld on a loop. Transcript of the comm chatter from the missing team members.

A tiny little window has a GrubDash account open with recent deliveries listed on it, one in particular not to Titan's Tower.

Kate sighs frustrated and leans back, keyboard in her lap and takes another bite of the pizza.

Angelica Jones has posed:
So, likely half the team is either asleep, or can't no matter how much they try. Part of the sleepy-type had little choice in the deal though, the nearly lifeless form of Angelica Jones exhibiting her snoring skills in a side room. On the up side, she's not a loud sleeper. On the down side, she hasn't moved since her big show.

The soft yawn that comes out of her isn't loud enough to alert the hyper-aware Kate. It might if someone were close by though, and the stretching of limbs is so normal it almost fits a less awful morning.

Eyes popping open, looking around, though? Angelica has no idea where she is.

"He..hello?" She quickly pulls the sheet up over her a bit more, glancing around the room. That, at least, people would notice.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Losing not just one but four new friends in the course of her first real mission with her new group had taken its toll on Karolina. That combined with expending so much energy over the course of it in the longest battle she'd ever been on added on to all of it. Despite her solar-powered recharging, fatigue from being topped off while constantly burning power is a given, running on high as much as she was.

    Still, she'd caught Angelica after the girl's own massive expenditure of energy, and focusing on the girl's well-being after their somber arrival back at Titan Tower was keeping her mind off of things. She'd dropped the girl off in a bed and barely had enough forethought to kick off her shoes before collapsing in a heap in the next bed over.

    Out like a light, but still glowing faintly, it takes a bit to awaken the exhausted alien, but the noise from nearly next to her earns a soft groan. "..oh.. five more minutes, please... classes aren't for another hour..." she exhales a sigh. Then her colorful aura flashes a bit brighter and she sits up, eyes closed. "Classes! I'm late! I'm... .. it's... Sunday..."

    Slowly her eyes blink open and she glances over at Angelica, giving her a sheepish smile, then a sad one. "...hey there, morning glory, glad to see you finally woke up..." she sighs, the prior night's events rushing back to her.

Kian has posed:
    Kían wanders into the main hall from his room.  Not that he has spent a lot of time actually in his room -- mostly he's been flying high above the tower trying to clear his thoughts.
    It hasn't helped.
    He looks a little glaze-eyed, like the light's on, but nobody's really home.
    Halfway to the fridge, he stops, and just stares at the kitchen area blankly.  Then, and only then, does he notice that he's not alone here.  "Oh.  /Kié/," he says a little listlessly.  "Iss there any word from... from... hyu know."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate runs a search through all T-Comm signals and then sighs. All accounted for but for four. She looks up and over at Kían. "Nothing yet. I'm hoping that when Raven is ... awake and has a moment to collect herself that she will be able to do something that our equipment can't do. Our comms don't really have service on the other side of a Wormhole... "

Because yeah Kate isn't really assuming they are DEAD... that would be too much for her to deal with right now. Her coping for the moment at least consciously is that it is just a matter of figuring out how to rescue them. The alternative is too hard to face, even if there are nagging thuoghts about it in her mind.

She is dead set determined though not to let the whole team fall apart like the OG Titans let it fall apart when there were casualties with Doomsday though. Everyone knows the risks and this team is still family and damnit a lot of the people here need each other.

She leans back though and stares at the screens pizza momentarily forgotten.

"Gar flew off, did he talk to you before he left Kían?"

Then there is a pause and she squints at the guest wing, she swears she heard a couple of outbursts. She doesn't have supernatural hearing but she has excellent situational awareness especially if doors are left open. "Come get pizza!" she calls that way.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica yipes, seeing a person there who shouldn't be there and suddenly a pillow gets thrown at the madjesenian from her area of the guest room. She regrets it almost immediately, but a self-defense instinct kicking in is far from the worst response she could have had. Beaning Karo in the face with a pillow however is not going for the offered pizza.

"I'm sorry!" she follows it up with, still in her sheet and Fantastic Four get-up. Which really doesn't look good. Blue, on an autumn?

Then she's squirming out of bed, checking the door (open), the Karolina (probably confused), and calling out.

"I killed her, will be right out!"


Karolina Dean has posed:
    The yelp from Angelica earns a similar yelp from Karolina. She's still half-asleep. Her friendly greeting was met with terror. And a pillow to the face! The sounds coming from the guest wing are definitely odd at best. "Hey! Hey! I helped you! You're safe!" she laughs. It's a far cry from the somber feelings going around, but maybe it's what's needed. Some levity. Some joy. Some laughter.

    Where there is life, there is hope.

    And another tossed pillow. Karolina's awkward overhand swing that comes with her tired state is a clumsy lob. Then she starts to drag herself out of bed, frowning. "..oh... right... my bracelet... and... I really... need to shower.." she says more to herself, still in her clothes from last night. Still glowing brightly. "..but food first, I guess?"

Kian has posed:
    "He did not," Kían says glumly.  "But I am not surprise' he has gone to be alone.  Iss hard to lose a /tenár'h/... if lost Téri iss.
    He flits up and alights on the back of a couch.  "Worm-hole," he repeats, closing his eyes in thought.  "I haf seen this word, iss a fully collapse' star, open to some-where else in the universe.  I do not thin' radio can pass through, not clean.  It iss an ex-treme environmen'.  I am sorry, but I coul' not tell if it was a grafity well or a grafity hole that, that... anyway, I am not able to sense grafity waves.  I am hopin' it was a hole."
    For a brief moment, Kían pales, and looks stricken.  He swallows hard... but adds nothing.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The whistle through the air as Supergirl flies in over Metropolis. She hasn't checked in with the DEO but she doesn't intend to. They can take a chill pill for a while. She just lost the last remnants of her people to a deranged military general. She also just got the snot punched out of her by his right hand.

The air cracks like thunder as she comes to am abrupt stop above Titans Tower, then lowers down through the elevator shaft to the main room. It's not a flattering look for Kara. She has dried blood on her chin, on her uniform, a bit in her blonde hair. It's her blood. She lost.

Her eyes scan the room and she looks to Kian even as she hears voices waking up in the guest room. "Good morning," she says with a small nod of her head, "Where is everybody? What is this about a wormhole?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate points to the fridge. "I made Koolaid for when you finally cmae down Kían, please have some. Need to stay hydrated after everything yesterday also.. plenty of pizza... I think I got what everyone likes and them some for variety." yup, Kate is really trying hard to think of everything right now.

Did she sleep. There is a small stack of Energy Drinks by her pizza plate on the couch there.

She glances at the noises from the guest rooms and narrows her eyes a moment. Okay that is super odd. Still. Well the new peeps are probably not killing each other. Give it an 80/20 no one is dying at least with laughter.

Kara's entrance though makes Kate pale a little. She hasn't gone to the trouble to post about the disappearance yet, mostly because all the Titans but Cassie, Garth, Dove, and .. Kara.. were on the T-Jet and know. She thought it would be better to tell them in person instead of just posting to everyone T-Comms the bad news. Also maybe Raven will be social enough to spellcast a bit and clarify things too.

I mean yes if they didn't come home today Kate does have a comm queued up to send out to the team as a status update.

Kate goes from pale to worried though when she sees the blood, that actually seems to be from Kara. Yeah she had seen her hurt before but that was Kryptonite poisoning. This.. is like blood. "K..rrrr.... Supergirl are you okay?" she drops the keyboard on the couch by her and starts walking to Kara. "Tower - Windows full open no UV Block" and the room gets even brighter with natural sunlight as Kate reaches Kara eyes worried.

I mean yes Kate heard Kara's question but first things first.

Angelica Jones has posed:
In the guest room, it's like another entire situation. Not laughing at all, Angelica is still closer to confused then smiling as Karo's pillow hits her in the thigh. (For those concerned, she didn't die. It was a pillow.) She returns from the doorway, her head looking like it took a shot from the tourist cannon; she's trying to look at -everything-. But mostly Karolina.

"You're the rainbow girl! From the fight! With the flying and things!" Next up on team training: how to do a scene report without causing the stenographer to implode. She pauses, then offers Karo a hand to get up. "Forgive the...you know. Flailing? I think we're being summoned."

Then she leans in closer, assuming the hand is taken, and whispers, "Just asking, but where the heck are we?" She hasn't really freaked out about the still-glowing bit. Not an issue? Not an issue.

"We're coming!" That was to Kate, probably. One might assume.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "Yes, that's me! Karolina. You're the one that did that huge burst of radiation at the end. Firestar! Or was it Angelica? It was amazing. You took out that last tower and pretty much the whole defending army... then you passed out... but we got you! We brought you back to the Titan's tower... we were worried about you and I was so tired... we flew back here in the jet with... everyone..." she rattles off and then slows down.

    She does take the hand, though. And she's warm. Very warm. Her temperature isn't being regulated by her bracelet right now, so she's just running on her ambient power average. "...yeah, we're coming," she replies, softer. She sucks on her lower lip, biting hard for a moment, and she seems to just, stop, for a moment.

    Her hand slips out of Angelica's, and instead she's throwing both arms around the girl and hugging her tight. "...we... didn't all make it back..." she murmurs into the girl's shoulder, the shudder in her body and the hitching of her breath making it obvious she's choking back sobs.

Kian has posed:
    Kían just stares at Kara.  "You are hurt," he says obviously, still staring.
    And then his inner science nerd takes over -- he hasn't got first aid training on Kryptonians, and frankly he doesn't really know what Kryptonians *are* -- and he explains, "It was an even' horizon, but do not know if it was a grafity hole or a grafity well... our frien's may haf been transported, not... not...."
    Well, there's a sentence he can't complete, and he looks down and shudders violently, the feathers on his wings fuffing out and then resettling.  "/c'Rhys'yw/," he says, and shivers again.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara narrows her eyes and then casually checks Kate's temperature and heart rate. She says dismissively, "I am fine." She looks angry more than anything though. She does appreciate the extra sunlight, but it's not like last time. "Call me Kara please," she says and asks Kian, "Was it a naked singularity, artificial or natural? is it still there?". She needs this touch of normalcy. She's not feeling so Super today. She'll change that though, she's going to work harder, train harder, focus all her efforts on being the best darn Supergirl she can be.

Kara walks in to the bathrooms for a moment and stares at herself in the mirror. Her fingers grip the sink on either side and the metal yields as her grip tightens too much. She grimaces at herself and can feel the threat of tears coming once more. She turns on the water and washes her face, trying to get more of the blood off.

From the bathroom Kara shouts, "I take it things went badly, please rip the band off and tell me what it is now, I'm already in a dark place. I can take any news you have for me Hawkeye." She shuts off the water and dries her neck and face, then walks back out in to the main room. Now just blood in her hair and on her uniform.

Kara seems agitated, abrupt, perhaps even a touch snippy today. Either way, this Kara folds her arms. She looks all business. She's making a lot of assumptions today. She was listening though.. Angelica and Karolina, Firestar, lots of new names. She furrows her brow and narrows her eyes again looking to Kate, "What do they mean, not everyone made it back?" Superhearing.

When they do finally enter the main room her eyes shift to Karolina and Angelica and she lifts an eyebrow. "Hello. I am Supergirl." There, that's enough right? everyone knows where they stand with a Superman and Supergirl.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods "Ok Kara." she murmurs and then looks after Kara as she walks into one of the bathrooms and shouts that bit.

"Wormhole, not the science nerd but it was whatever Warworld uses to transit the galaxy. It didn't look like everything went as they planned though."

Right .. right the bandaid. Yank it off. "Call me Kate... everyone here is allowed to know my secret identity, which is not a jab at Kara at all, she just can't really hide it very well living here. Hawkeye is definitely Kate Bishop and if you spend enough time in the tower the simularity between the girl in the tabloids her dad doesn't own and the girl unmasked in the tower is foolishly easy to determine.

"Not everyone made it back. Vorpal went over to the Dreadnought after we got everyone off Warworld to pick up Caitlin, Donna, and Vic. They were going to use it like one last torpedo to really drive home the point to never come back. I'm not sure what went wrong but they didn't rabbit hole back to the T-Jet. Warworld fired up it's wormhole thing and then ... everything was gone. I piloted the T-Jet back here and everyone went to crash or cope or .. split but ..." she frowns at the bathroom now.

"I've got all the footage from the T-Jet on the monitor out here.. I just don't know what I am looking at with the readings or the difference between an Event Horizon or Gravity well.. .or whatever. I need science help... also Raven needs to do a spell but I am letting her sleep it off or Raven it off first." yeah she isn't about to give Raven orders in the mood she is likely in.

Honestly Kate is holding it together pretty well all said. Her eyes are worried/sad though when she meets Kara's eyes when she comes back out of the bathroom though.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Eyes widen quickly. The hug out of nowhere is so primal a need that the fact that she's being clung to by a warm rainbow made corporate doesn't even compare. "No, no, it's okay, it's alright," she's saying into the madjesanian's hair. She knows that right now the girl isn't really hearing what she's saying anyway, so she keeps it simple.

Looking up to Kara in the doorway, the normal-looking redhead looks...okay. Empathetic, involved, but alright. She's got this. "Hey..." she says, kind of in the middle of something. Then her eyebrows rise a little, her face worried for the one who's got ahold of her. Her expression is an apology. Translation: will be right with you?

"It's okay, Karo. Can I call you that? It's going to be alright. Things change, I get that. They'll come back, or not, but it's natural to be worried. Okay? Your friends are here, so you just..take a minute."

She's stroking the kid's hair as she does, sounding like she means it. Might have a future in counseling, this one.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    It's definitely a primal sort of hug. She doesn't register the Kryptonian, or really a lot of what Angelica is telling her, for a few good long moments. She takes that full minute and then some, really, finally pulling back, her colors still pulsing with emotion. Those hands don't leave Angelica's though, just squeezing them gently. "It's fine... they'll be fine... we'll be fine..." she says quickly, biting her lower lip again, and finally registering the shorter blonde. THe rainbow-hued woman blinks, still shaking, streaks still running down her face. Angeilca's suit has some wet spots on that shoulder now.

    "Supergirl! Hi. Hi. Um. Karolina. I'm the new member of the team..." she says quickly, though emphasizes the word 'team' a bit harder than she might have wanted. The Titans are still a team.

    Still, she lingers close to Angelica, and slumps her shoulders, sighing. "I'm a mess... not the best first impression is it." It's like she hasn't even notice the blood on Kara's hair and outfit either.

Kian has posed:
    Kían takes a deep breath.  "Thin's went well enough that Eart' is safe for now," he says, not looking up, "but some frien's haf not come back yet."
    The little birdman shudders again, spreading his wings, and now he's limned in a sky-blue glow.  Some might recognize it as Cerenkov radiation.  Or, maybe not.
    "/C'Rhys'yw/," the birdman says, looking down at the floor.  "Now I rthin' I m knowin' how my frien's an' family feel when I haf disappeared...."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara's hard face softens and her mouth opens up as she hears that they have lost Vorpal, Caitlin, Donna, and Vic. Stirred in to further action, Kara sits down at the screen to watch the playback of what happened. All the readings. She can't watch it in fast forward because human computers skip frames to do that. She has to watch it through at normal speed.

She says, "A naked singularity does not have an event horizon on the outside like a black hole. For advanced civilisations it can be used as a source of energy, or for faster than light travel. Krypton outlawed its use a long time ago because it creates damaging radiation."

Her eyes look up from the screen once it's finished. "If the warworld's jump was interrupted, their trajectory through the singularity may have been disrupted. They could be anywhere," she says with a frown.

"Kian are you familiar with this kind of space travel? Is there a watch to determine where the singularity connected to from the readouts the T-jet took?," she feels a stirring inside of her, like this is a science test back at school, except her friends are on the line this time. This is such an advanced question though, so much more than how to fabricate heavy elements or collapsing the electro-magnetic field with the higgs field.

Kara disappears and reappears with a white board from the labs and sits it against the wall. She draws a funnel with a tube connected to another funnel. The tube has two lines marked in it. She then begins to draw a space-time diagram between normal space and a singularity and draws dotted lines indicating traversal between the two points.

"If I remember my classes, exotic matter is used to stabilise the area between the two internal event horizons, so as not to have a vehicle destroy itself when attempting to cross. The exotic matter should have produced unique radiation patterns both here and its destination. If we can determine its finger print on this side, perhaps we can detect where it opened up on the other side."

Kara writes in both Kryptonian and English on the board as she describes the mechanics of traveling via wormhole. She looks back to the team, though particularly Kian, "Any questions or suggestions?" Though Angelica looks like a somewhat normal person, Karolina is.. glowing. This gets both eyebrows raised. "Wow," is the best she can manage in the moment.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Well. That is abit worrisome because the T-Jet was very close when Warworld went Wormhole like that. FTL Drives with lots of damaging radiation. "Is that dangerous radition in the ship jumping or near where the wormhole occurs?" she has to ask, either way some of the team were exposed to it after all.

She walks back over and settles in on the couch by Kara as she reviews everything, picking up her pizza slice and watching it for the millionth time now. That may be an exageration but she has stayed up watching it a lot. There are lots of other screens too, T-Comm locations, GrubDash, etc, on the main monitor.

She snags and opens another energy drink from her stash by the couch.

"Anywhere... well that means somewhere instead of nowhere though right." she is still fixed on the somewhere really. "So it was a transportation wormhole not just the engine going kaboom then?" this is very good news though. Very good news.

There is a blink as Kara vanishes and reappears so quickly like that. I mean. Superspeed is a thing ya'll. Still this has Kate looking a bit more hopeful not. Becase SCIENCE is happening. This is good. Thsi means they can try to work on the problem. Even if she isn't really following it well. She is a high school student and world's best archer not an astrophycist. Captain Marvel would grok this but not Kate.

Kate glances over at Karolina and Angelica "Oh hey sleepy heads.... we got..." she gets back up to her feet setting her rockstar down. "Call me Kate please.. we have a ton of pizza.. it's still warmish... also other food in the fridge. Drinks." she pauses. Caitlin isn't around to cook. "I can order other stuff if you don't like pizza though." walking closer to the rookies as she talks to them. "Supergirl and Kían are talking space travel .. we need to find the others sooner vs. later really." because they are >fine< just lost. Not dead. Can't think dead.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica is having the oddest moment right now.

An arm slipping around Karolina feels like the most natural thing in the world. She's never better than when she's helping someone sit, calm down, maybe smile again after a horrible emergency. So she does just that, walking the rainbow to a couch. She almost gets her sitting, when Kian glows.

She stops dead where she is, her eyes on him, torn away from Karolina. She actually swears under her breath, then she extends a hand. Kian would notice a small drain; she's actually absorbing a little bit of what he's using! Just enough to be noticeable, she's...eating it? Not so normal after all.

Then, superspeed! And she falls back, her impromptu meal broken off and her face flushed, as she falls to sit beside where Karo was ...intended to be? "Woah," is all that comes out of her. She looks around, a bit lost, and then nods. "Um. Wierd." Understatement.

Then she frowns as Kara writes, and sighs. "Damnit. I stopped at nuclear physics, you're over my head. If you were writing one of those equations I'd be keeping up."

She's a nuclear physics...student? One would hope it's a student, she's way too young to be a full physicist.

Then she leans, everything suddenly normal, and plucks a drink from the pile. "Ew. Dew. Well, alright." Drinks.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    There's a lot happening, and Karolina's not exactly a scientist. Not physics, anyway. "With all this gear and knowledge, they'll turn up sooner than later, and then they'll be home," she nods, voice a little weak, but still optimistic. She hasn't sat down yet, though she, too, is definitely taken aback by Kara's speed, just about the same as the Kryptonian seems to be distracted by her scintillating glow. She blinks at Supergirl, and maybe some of that glow intensifies around her cheeks for a moment.

    She does sit down slowly, finally, and makes a surprised noise when Angelica flops in next to her, too. Though the particulars of the conversation about event horizons and wormholes are over her head, she does pick something out of Kate's chatter. "...I... can offer to cook, if people don't want takeout? It's vegan stuff, since that's my jam, but a good hearty meal is good focused brain food, right?" And it'll help her focus on something else, too. "...I want to help out as much as I can," she pulls her legs up on the couch and hugs her knees, casting a hopeful smile over each of the team in turn.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara twists her lips and says to Kate, "Kate, I'm not going to lie. It may have malfunctioned. But we should work on the assumption that it created a wormhole that lead to somewhere, rather than nowhere and that they are fine, merely lost in space-time." Science geek Kara showing her true colours. It's rare that she gets to be herself, but she recently decided the Titans Tower was home and the Titans were family. And she needs to _be better_ than Zod and Ursa.

The movement of radiation from Kian to Angelica makes Kara's eyebrows raise again and she says, "Well you two are just full of surprises. Welcome to the Tower. And I should properly introduce myself. I am Kara Zor-El. Please call me Kara."

She definitely feels better working the problem, even if working the problem is raising more questions than she can answer. If they could have returned home by now, would Vorpal not have rabbit holed them here? She is unclear on how his powers work and what their limits are. It is magic stuff after all and magic always seems to defy logic.

She pauses listening once more and says, "Are we at all concerned that Nadia is tinkering with the T-jet?" It's a rhetorical question. Nadia is gunna Nadia and she really does know what she's doing. She shrugs and there is the briefest of small smiles for just a moment.

She pauses and folds her arms across her chest. "Yesterday I got a reminder that I'm just an eighteen year old science geek. Dru-Zod and Ursa beat me nearly unconscious," she says flatly, "They took Kandor away from us and left the planet. And on top of all that, four of my good friends have disappeared... yesterday was not a good day. But.. we must focus on the positives.

    As Kian says, Earth is safe, the Warzoons are dealt with. Mongul is on his way to prison. Kandor is still out there, Zod would never harm it or the Kryptonians inside, Ursa is just a woman like me, I can learn to beat her. Zod will make a mistake and we will put him back in the phantom zone where he belongs, his lies and deceit will not be bought by the Kryptonian council, Kandor will be recovered....

    And our friends, they are extremely resourceful and we will find them," she nods and lifts her chin up a little. "We will get through this - together. Because we're not just a team, we're a family. We're the Titans."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate notes with a half hearted smile to Angelica "There are other drinks in the fridge .. koolaid.. juice.. protien shakes... other soda. You are just raiding my energy drink stash." which she doesn't sound upset but the ew is funny.

Then the young woman still in her Hawkeye gear but the bow and sword and batons are piled with the quiver on a side table blinks over at Karolina. "Oh .. I mean we have plenty of stock in there but you don't need to cook for us and isn't pizza technically vegitarian.. or is the milk bad.. is that vegan..." she trails off unsure for a moment. Then it dawns on her that Karo might want to cook, to .. as she says help out and feel useful. Because much like Kate all this science is.. SCIENCE and not entirely her thing either.

She offers the glowing girl on the couch a hand back up from the couch. "If you want I can show you around the kitchen and where we keep things.. I can't cook to save my life but I fetch."

She pauses in the offer to help Karolina up to look over at Kara now and listens very intently. "I'm assuming they are somewhere not nowhere." she affirms. Until they find evidence otherwise, Lost in Space is better than Dead in Space.

"I'm not too concerned about Nadia tinkering.. I think she is hell bent on making the jet more .. space worthy and I think.. and do not hold me to it because she said something about Helical Engines.. and I have not googled it yet... but I think she wants to be able to go after them once we figure out where to look." she then licks her lips and says under her breath but knows Kara can hear it <It also gives her something to focus on and not feel helpless or like we failed them.>

"We definitey got this Kara.. it was a mixed day but we will figure it out." she pauses for effect or thought "We will figure it out together. Titans Together." which is the call sign really. It is offered with a bit more of a sure smile now.

She glances back to Karolina and offers her hand once more.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica Jones, ladies and gentlemen. In over her head.

"Wait, you're Supergirl?" It finally comes out, and she is SO FAR behind in this conversation that she's fully two poses back.

She bites her lower lip, a habit she's had for a while, and nods to Kate. She tries to snag a slice of pizza but her aim is off and she comes up with a handful of air and totally doesn't notice, her brain on too many things at once.

"We were...fighting last night too," she says, something that everyone in the room already knows. "Who's Nadia? Welcome...what? Thank you?"

Everything happening at once is a bit much, and she runs her fingers through her hair, which would have been a catastrophe if she'd actually gotten some pizza. "I'm so sorry everyone. Next time we'll do better." Yep. She's a teammate, not a visitor.

Even if she is DESPERATELY in need of basic training. The video clearly showed her having grav boots issues, and paying for it in humuliation. And lack of blasting time.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "It's good to be a part of a family again..." Karolina says with a genuine smile, her shimmering aura of color pulsing slightly with what might considered a heartbeat. "...and I'm thankful to be a member of the Titans. It's been a warm welcome--and a trial by fire... but... we'll get the others back, and in the meantime... we'll keep working on keeping things going... can't let the tower get cold while they're away, right?" she offers, then exhales a sigh. She's still tired.

    Then she blinks, seeing the offered hand, and lets her legs slip free of her arms. She pauses, giving Angelica a quick hug, before taking Kate's hand and standing up. "Ah, no, most pizza isn't vegan... it's the cheese, yes... and even an egg wash on the dough sometimes. You'd be surprised at what sort of things they've done with vegan cheese these days, though. I'm convinced it's some kind of fell sorcery..." she smiles, definitely moving back into one of her own preferred elements.

    "I'll see if I can put together something to eat, for those who want it... and let the physicists handle the space business... oh my stars, we were in space... it was amazing..." she lets herself cheer up just a bit more, squeezing Kate's hand firmly and laughing quietly. "...food and then a shower." She's glowing brighter. Her spirits are up. And the sun coming through the open windows is giving her radiance an even bigger boost. She's awake.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara can't help but smile just a touch as Angelica realises she's Supergirl. She supposes not everyone figures that out the moment they see the big \S/ on her chest.

She lets out a long breath, "Ordinarily I'd talk to Caitlin, Nadia, and with you Kian about this in the labs, but I think I'm going to need to get some outside help. The Flash, Starlabs, my cousin, ..and a few others I know of who have a solid understanding of this technology."

The unsaid thing here, that Kara is not dealing with the trauma she faced, she's pushing it aside like always. Working the Titans problem is her distraction and she has glommed on to it hard. "..and let's not forget we're still the Titans, the people of the world may need us, even with four of our number down."

She walks over to the pizza and takes a slice, "I'm off to the moon, I will be in touch." She gives a small wave and flies up out of the main room and away from the Titans Tower.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate gives Karolina's hand a squeeze back and smiles "Well you are both quite welcome. You two did great out there yesterday and I couldn't be happier about having you as teammates." she lets go of Karo's hand once she is up awake and stable.

She looks over to Kara and nods. "Okay please stay in touch, I'll update you on what Nadia is up to and also if I can get anything out of Raven." also yeah she knows Kara means the moon, that is odd, will ask later though. "Fly safe." she notes softer.

then she turns back to Karolina and Angelica "Okay lets hit the kitchen and get Angelica here some better drink than Dew and see what Karolina can do?" upbeat tone as she heads to the large open kitchen across the room leading the way.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica smiles. At the hugs and words of Karolina. At the professionalism and heart shown by Kate, it fills her with hope. And at the sudden departure of Supergirl. "Go ahead, I'm gonna wait here a minute."

She pauses, then says where nobody can hear, "That girl is in desperate need of therapy."

But she isn't in range, and her heart is breaking already. And she turns to look around, accidentally stepping on the game control for the machine...

And the Tower is filled with noise, light, and ..you know.

Titans stuff.