3261/New Friends And Old Friends

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New Friends And Old Friends
Date of Scene: 06 September 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: The Titans hold a meeting on getting organized and what to do about their missing team members, and end up gaining a new ally in Sarah Rainmaker.
Cast of Characters: America Chavez, Sarah Rainmaker, Cassie Sandsmark, Dick Grayson, Kate Bishop, Siobhan Smythe, Kian, Kara Danvers

America Chavez has posed:
Some have had time to rest, and recooperate from the ardorous fight. Some have had time to grieve. Or, research. Or, deal with the loss in their own personal way. Whatever the case may be, the Titans Tower had for the last little while been a much, much quieter place than usual and it wasn't just because a few of their members had not come back.

America had fallen into the former category - she'd gone further in that fight than she'd thought she ever would, and had taken quite a bit of damage from the various fire, and the physical brawl. But now that such time had passed, she was not the type to sit idle. America didn't like being bored. Or, sitting on her ass.

The message had come across all Titans channels that America was calling a meeting to be held in the main room. Whoever could attend should.

And with the help of the computer system, there was now a rather spendid buffet of mexican food available from burritos, mexican street corn, tamales, empanadas, and other goods. Even glass bottle sodas, iced teas, and just icewater.

Of course, nothing public had gone out yet about the missing group. And, the Titans Tower still had open doors, and America was down to the front to get the last of the food, churros, from the delivery guy.

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    Outside the tower, there's a faint rumble from clouds overhead, the wind picking up as it swirls past the towering T, the first leaves of autumn sent swirling into the air, before a young woman touchs down outside, gracefully coming to a stop as her booted foot touches the ground, the wind fading as she lets it disappate quietly, looking up at the iconic structure.
    Sarah takes a deep breath, then lets it out, before walking towards the glass doors. She's not dressed to stand out necessarily...a saffron top that hugs her chest snuggly and leaves her belly bared, a pair of comfortable capris. Short boots with a Western fringe to them, her hair swept back in a loose plait held in place with a oval clip at the base, a small feathered earring danglign from her right ear. Her thin belt is more decorative tahn anything else, braided leather with an silver oval set with a piece of polish turquoise.

    She heads up to the front doors, pausing, then presses the button for the door bell. Then waits, sliding her hands in her pockets to keep herself from fidgeting.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
A lot is happening everywhere, and another pair of Titans show up on their own, although conveniently right as things are being organized. Kate Bishop and Cassie Sandsmark arrive on the former's bike, the latter apparently happy to -not- take the trip under her own power, and get some rest while hanging on Kate's back. Is magical flight tiring? Maybe! Or maybe, like her friend, she's just worn down in general, taxed both physically and perhaps even moreso emotionally by the battle and the subsequent events.

After they've rolled into the garage, they take the elevator up (and maybe end up sharing the car with Sarah?), before it dings open to reveal the pair of them to the main floor. Neither looks great. Although in Cassie's case, exhaustion seems to balance precariously with anxious energy. She doesn't look as sleepy as her friend, but she does look frayed. Agitated. She's still in 'costume,' as much as her sportswear has ever counted, having at least left the Amazon breastplate back at the camp. However, her arrival in the tower's main room does come with one redeeming moment:

"Oh thank the goddesses, there's food. I'm f- I'm starving." Yes, more than America herself, Cassie focuses on the amazing spread that America has laid out for them. She kinda just bellies up to the table and starts piling things on a plate.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Despites troubles in Gotham, Nightwing has made a note to rotate to the Tower a bit more to help provide a stabilizing influence, as one of the old guard. He has recently gotten a bottle of pop for himself and nods to America as she goes out to the front door to meet with the delivery guy the door bell notification goes off on his wrist.

<<America, can you see about the guest while you are down there?>> He grabs a plate of some of the food available, namely some empanadas and a burrito and takes a seat. He waves to Cassie and Kate as they arrive.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate was happy to drive the motorcycle and happy for Cassie's company. Worst case someone could poke her if she started to veer out of her lane or something on the ride back from the outskirts of Metropolis. Luckily it isn't needed though, riding the bike is almost muscle memory for Kate at this point since she has practiced a lot with taking it into combat and not wanting any slipups.

The elevator ride has her leaning against the wall and resting her eyes for a moment. When the doors ding open and Cassie exclaims about food she perks up and opens her eyes. "That smells amazing..." she mutters half to herself. She stretches popping her back and neck as she steps out after Cassie into the main room. Returning Dick's wave and yawning a bit as she doesn't head to the spread but rather to the kitchen and roots around in the fridge before coming up with a Stark branded Energy Drink.... how many of those has she had since the flight back from space.

No really the stock is low.

Also she seriously looks like she has maybe not slept .. she is at least burning it at both ends right now.

Regardless she shotguns about half the energy drink. "Who are we expecting Nightwing?" because honestly it is an odd time to have guests.

America Chavez has posed:
America moves to answer the door, thinking it's the churros guy - who is, ironically right behind Sarah, when Nightwing lets her know there's a guest. << On it. >> When she sees -who- it is though, a strange expression comes over her, something of joy at seeing the girl but a soberness that Sarah's not seen on America before. She moves to answer the door, "Hey, you," she says, quietly. "You certainly have some timing on you." Wry, her smile and tone. She takes the bags of churros from the delivery guy and assures him his tip will be generous before looking back to Sarah.

Her brow furrows, thoughtfully, "Now's not the best --," she pauses, her jaw sets, "You know what? Come on in." And, by America's expression, Sarah had better not be having second thoughts, even given America's immediate change of mind. Something the Titans are about to learn if they haven't about America, she sometimes lets her actions be led by her emotions. And right now, she's got a hell of a lot of them.

She carries up the orders, guiding Sarah up to the Main Room, telling her, "We're about to have a meeting. But, you can meet the team. And, ... maybe you can help."

As she arrives into the room with her +1 she tells those gathered, "Alright. We're ready to start. But before we do, I want to introduce everyone to Sarah Rainmaker. She's a friend of mine. Sarah, this is Nightwing, Wonder Girl, and Hawkeye.. She either has really good, or really bad timing. Either way - I think we can use her help here. She was outside, so I invited her up," America explains to her team as each Titan is introduced in their own right. For whatever reason, America is vetting for Sarah to be here, now. And the determined look she's carrying in her eyes suggest she's set on this. Or, maybe it's just the topic of the meeting.

"Help yourselves to the food if you haven't alreay. So. I called this meeting so we could go over what happened. What we know. And, what we can do. Because I will tell you one thing. Caitlin, Cyborg, Troia, and Vorpal are out there. I won't believe they're dead until we either see their bodies or have exhausted all other avenues. Speaking as someone who has been to more dimensions than you can count there is - a lot of strange things that happen. Unexplainable things. I'm not a science-type. You all know that. What I do know," and she pounds her heart with her fist, "Is that they're out there. And I - we - are to track them down. Even if it means visiting a thousand different dimensions."

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    Sarah looks unsure about the hesitation on America's face, shifting from foot to foot, then explaining. "I'm sorry, I saw the news, and...Caitlin's not responding to texts or anything. So...I figured I"d come by, maybe....her phone got smashed, or..." She trails off as America invites her up, then nods slightly, stepping aboard after her. "Okay." she says, letting out a faint huff of air, then quieting again.

    From America's reaction...she can feel her stomach churning a bit. She didn't say anything about Caitlin specifically but....she knows from the news some Titans are...missing. Or, well...gone.

    As she steps off, she steps tot he side, lingering back a bit as America starts to speak. "So...so they're alive? Just...out in space? Or something like that?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
While she lifts a hand to wave hello back at Dick, Cassie's attention really seems focused ahead of her on the spread, although even in that case, her food-gathering is kind of mechanical. And that theme of somewhat detached obliviousness continues on, of someone who's kind of operating on various drives that are not clear, logical thought:

"There's a meeting?" she wonders, burrito in hand (well, half in hand, half in her mouth, with not enough manners not to talk while it's in there!), as America arrives with her friend to announce things. "Yeah... K-" Oops, mixed company, jeez, "Hawkeye came to the Amazon encampent to tell me and Diana." Her voice is decidedly glum. But she still nods back at America's declaration. "Diana said the same thing. She's going to get in touch with the League, Avengers, some of those types, start pulling in whatever resources she can. Captain Marvel and the Lanterns, maybe, since Hawkeye said it was some kind of uh, like a wormhole or something?"

For all that she loves watching Gar's old reruns, Cassie is NOT a science person!

"How do your powers work for that kind of stuff, exactly?" she then wonders at America more directly. "Like, how you know where you're going or whatever?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Honestly? I don't know, but while we may be down, we are not out and need to keep the lights on," Nightwing says sadly to Kate and Cassie, "But we have a duty, and keeping busy is good for us, trust me on this." He has seen enough loss in his life, both personal and professional. He takes a sip and a seat until America and Sarah arrive.

With that, Nightwing sets his food down and walks over and extends a hand, "Nightwing, I hoep you are doing all right?" The eldest Robin nods to America, "Sensible. Best we get the ball rolling, and if there's anything we can do, we had best get to it quickly."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Nightwing not knowing who the guest is has Kate narrowing her eyes at him and then turning to see who comes in with America. She slips those Hawkeye purple sunglasses on, which aren't really sunglasses, or at least not just sunglasses. When it turns out to be a stranger who needs introductions doesn't really have Kate not narrowing her eyes right now either, but at least her eyes are obscured.

Though... it is true they can use all the help they can get.

Hence enthusiastically accepting the help that Cassie is talking about from the League and Avengers and such.

Kate takes another drink from her energy drink and lifts a hand to wave to Sarah. "Hawkeye like she said."

Finally heading over to check the spread. "Mmm tamales..." she starts to fix herself up a plate enthusiastically, thanks to that extra jolt of caffiene. "I've told Supergirl as well, she is up on the moon or something right now. Nadia is tinkering with the T-Jet engines.. something about a FTL drive and a lot of science I do not grok."

With her full plate she walks over to the circular couch and settles in grabbing a tablet and bringing up on the big screen her session.

The screen fills with data from the T-Jet, the video recording of the Wormhole/Explosions, the Titan GrubDash account order history, and other windows all arranged neatly.

"BB flew off ... the other night .. last night.. not sure" she rubs her eyes briefly. "After we landed and turned off all his social media.. he is ordering food though so I know where to find him when someone wants to go hunt him down and talk to him.... like I said in my comm we need to pull together and really hit the magic and science angles and find them."

She waves the tablet at America "Like she says .. we are going to presume they are alive and lost."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Coming in from the rooftop, Siobhan looks over at the assembled group with a blink. Her eyes go to Sarah and then to the others again before she sucks in a breath and lets it out slowly. She isn't sure if she should be in 'costume' or not right now. Sure, it hides her identity but it also runs the risk of her acting out. Not to mention, who really knows who Siobhan Smythe is anyway. She just errs on the side of not screaming too much.

As she approaches the group, she looks somewhat crestfallen but otherwise trying to keep her spirits up. She spots the food and smiles, "Oh, dat looks good." Her Irish Brogue pretty clear right from the start before she looks to America and then to Sarah again.

"I heard dere was a meetin' but wasn't sure we'd be expectin' a guest." She nods to Sarah with a grin and then takes up a bit of food for herself. She caught the tail end of what Kate said and was somewhat avoiding the subject even as she takes a seat and smiles to Sarah, "I'm Siobhan, by da way." She gives a small up nod before taking a bite of a tamale and then looking to America, "So, based on what I just heard, I'm assumin' we are talkin' some on next steps?" She frowns somewhat.

Even as she bites, her eyes seem to wander into the distance. Still annoyed that her power doesn't come with some kind of death sense or some way to communicate with the dead or anything like that. Something useful in this situation other than destruction and death.

America Chavez has posed:
America nods to Sarah, "We don't know where. They were swallowed up by some kind of wormhole. And then disappaered on us while we were getting ready to make our getaway. If you feel comfortable in telling the rest of my team what you can do, now's the time to do it, Sarah." Respectful, here. America isn't about to 'out' her friend without her consent. "But, yes. And this is the first time we're talking about it, at all." She grimaces, and moves to pick up a burrito for herself, before sitting down, and gesturing for Sarah to sit in the spot next to her.

"Alright. So, to kind of put it into terms you can understand? I have, what one of my mothers calls 'Cosmic Awareness'. Basically what it boils down to is - well, Earth has a lot of theories about who, or what created it, right? Well. I lived /with/ my creator, in Utopia. The Demiurge. And, because of that," she taps her head, "Basically I have a dimenional GPS in my head. If that makes sense. And, additionally, in a single dimension as long as I know where a place is? I can go there, too. Like Fast Travel in video games."

A pause, "Hey," she greets Siobhan. "Sarah, Silver Banshee. Silver Banshee, Sarah Rainmaker. She's here because I asked her to be. Help yourself to some food, if you want," she tells Sio, gesturing to thes spread.

She nods, though, when the news is shared about how Diana is going to help. "Good. Diana will deinifitely be able to get working with people who we might have a tougher time of getting to help," she agrees, seeming to embrace the assist from others outside the Titans as well.

"I don't know Beast Boy that well," she admits. "Someone who does should probably go 'deliver' his food if he doesn't return in the next few days. But, he may need some time?" She's guessing. "I'm still new. But I think our science minds should all work together, and keep each other in check. I'll send some of this food over to the lab for Nadia, and maybe Dick? You could check in on her and help? Along with Kara?" Not deciding, or demanding, but throwing ideas out there, because someone has to. And America is going to make sure that all her friends are okay, both those that are here, and those that aren't.

"Meanwhile, I'm going to study star charts, and work with the others to show the world that the Titans are still here. And staying busy. And I can lead a few trips to other dimensions that might be able to supply some information on wormholes."

She looks over at Sarah, "Think you could help with that? Step up, and be an ally with us for a little while?"

Then, she's munching on her burrito to start. America is pretty damn hungry too.

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    The Apache woman reaches out to take the offered hand from Nightwing, shaking it. "Sarah Rainmaker. Or, ah...Rainmaker, I guess." she says after a moment of thought. Yes, she didn't work hard on her codename, though she doesn't seem overly bothered by people knowing her name. "And about as well as I could be, with...this." she says, her smile brief and quiet. "Sorry if I'm intruding, but I didn't know any other way to find out what happened."

    There's a faint hesistation. "And I wanted to offer to help. If you needed it. I was going to come by anyway, I mean...I didn't want Caitlin or America, um, to feel pressured by asking them for an invite."

    She nods to America, folding her arms over her chest as she leans back againt the wall behind her a bit. "Sure. I control weather. Well, water, air, temperature, and lightning too. But all together, weather. Can fly or take people flying with me." She nods firmly to America. "And sure, if I can help, I will."

She nods to Siobhan as she arrives too, not having moved for the food as of yet. Perhaps she's waiting for all the actual residents to get their food first?

Kian has posed:
    There is a definite sag to the birdman's wings, has been since returning to the tower from... from whatever all that was.  So many contradictory feelings.  Satisfied that he has used his /rhy'thar/ in a way that did not entail harm.  A little guilty over the bit of himself that kind of enjoyed using them.  Happy to be back in one piece.  Unhappy that some of his friends... *no*.  That not everyone is back yet, and completely unwilling to let go of that 'yet'.  And the whole concept of 'war' still eludes him.
    It's the scent of unfamiliar food that gets his attention first.  He's not hungry, but it's something he hasn't smelled before, so on top of all the other conflicting emotions, add a little curiosity to the mix.
    He stops before entering the main room -- he doesn't know everyone here, and those he does, he doesn't really know well.
    He bows slightly, greeting the gathering with an uncertain "/Kié/."
    After a moment, he adds a hesitant, "Iss there news?  About... about our frien's?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
There is a bit of blank staring as America explains her powers, because it gets into some weird terminology and other realities and creation schemes and whatnot. Cassie has enough trouble sorting out a few of the rules of this one, plus her own personal mythology and the wider pantheon it connects to. But she listens, chews a mouthful of burrito and eventually swallows before talking again (how polite!).

"Well, OK, so... this GPS, it tells you where you are, but does it help you know where they are?" she wonders, tilting her head, although there's a bit of a sense of her knowing the answer already, because if it was that easy, would they even be having this conversation? "And if you knew where they were, could you easily go there, if it -wasn't- in this dimension?"

She sounds a bit glum, still.

"So I kind of figure that right now, finding anything about what happened is kind of the priority. Because if this was anything in our normal realm of understanding, our friends wouldn't be lost. I can't really help with any of the science stuff, and I guess that's where the answers might be, but..." And the fact that she /can't/ seems to weigh very heavily on her words, "... well, I am going to do what I can in the meantime. Diana said there was a lot of technology and wreckage still scattered around from the battle, and she's concerned with securing it. Probably it's just weaponry and not really going to help, but if there's a chance it could help understand Warworld's systems, I guess it would be handy. And in the meantime, no asshole criminals will be shooting people with it, right? So, I'm gonna grab anyone who isn't busy with the other stuff and do some recovery." She pauses.

"And pray." Which is a weird thing for her to say, since she's still grappling with lifelong atheism->finding out you're a demigoddess. "I don't know if they'll listen, but maybe the Patrons can help us. Donna's one of theirs, part of their family. Probably they're not going to hand out any solutions, but, I don't know, maybe they can give me something, anything, to use."

As for Sarah, she offers, without much resistance, "I don't see why we'd turn any help away."

Kate Bishop has posed:
To Kara's eyes and ears it is definitely clear Kate still hasn't really slept. Maybe she power napped or something a little bit but she really needs to just go to bed for at least eight hours at this point. She is curled up this time on the couch with delicious mexican food, another energy drink, and the tablet for the big display screen which is showing much the same data and views as the last time it was open with Kate on the couch.

"America's powers for transport will be really handy if we can pinpoint somehow where the team is... she can just punch our way to them and get them out... if I am tracking right through either space or dimensions?" she hopes she is tracking right. "I'm not about to tell Nadia not to add a FTL Drive to the T-Jet.. is seems to be keeping her focused... unless we have a science project that involves locating instead of locamotion for them... but I'll be leaving that to the science team to figure out the best course. Which is probably Supergirl.. Nadia .. and anyone else who feels like they can help there."

Mmm Tamale .. also.. now burrito! Nom!

"Also.. yeah what Cass said, not turning away any help at all.. Avengers.. League.. you Rainmaker... or the Patrons I guess... I mean if one of them.. " she pauses "Isn't at least one of them the Patron of Oracles ... couldn't they help maybe locate them even if we need to perform the epic quest or test of the gods to recover them... or earn the location or whatever..." yes she has been reading up on Greek Myths since she started living with Amazons and getting bow parts.

"Ur...also America and Cass are right. We need to keep being Titans and protecting the city and world in the meantime... which includes making sure a lot of Warworld tech doesn't fall into badguy hands."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing shakes Sarah's hand and says, "Rainmaker, it is," and gives a nod before he goes back to his plate so he can stand and eat. America gets a nod, "That can work. I can work with both of them. Also probably need to check on Beast Boy. I want to see to it that he's doing all right."

The elder Titan listens as America explains her abilities, though he had seen her file, it is still interesting to hear. "That can be useful. Let's get what information we have because there is still hope they are out there. Best to keep doing our best while we are here, and endeavor to get our friends back. It is a lot of plates to spin, so if you need help, ask for it."

Siobhan and Kian get nods as they arrive, no wave as his hands are full at the moment. He does say to Cassie, "I have full faith that everyone will have a chance to contribute to this. Just as we always have. Everybody has merit and if you can get more of that tech, that'd be great, and at least keep it away from people who shouldn't have it."

"But yes, we have our duties," Nightwing says with a nod, "Keep focusing on them, and do not give up hope. That last part is essential. It will get harder before it gets easier, but know that if you need anything, please let me know, or anyone else know. /We/ are in this together."

America Chavez has posed:
"Alright. So, to break it down, we've got a few essential duties on our plates. First, and foremost? Find our missing friends," America lists after pushing the last of the burrito into her mouth and finishing chewing it. She, too, reaches for a tamale. And then another plate, and a tamale. This second plate she sets dutifully in front of Sarah. "This includes figuring out things from a science end, where Nadia and Supergirl," a pause, and she looks to Sarah, "Kara, Kara Zor-El," she clarifies, "And Nightwing can help the most. From what Wonder Girl and Hawkey have said we're going to get some outside help with this, so let's make use of that as much and as best we can."

"Second, keep doing what we're doing. Maintain our presence, let people know we're still here to help. And, keep a foundation for the team as a whole, and as an image of perserverance to the world at large. Third, salvage our previous battlefield for tech and scrap to keep it out of the wrong hands."

She exhales, "We're going to be busy."

Then, she glances over to Cassie, "I know where I'm going. I can sense, sometimes, when things are going really wrong in a dimension, yes. But, I can't find people. Or places. But, I'll never get us lost," she assures, confidentally.

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    Sarah notes gratefully to America as she passes her a plate, starting to nibble on the tamale as she falls into listening quietly. She's new here...and she doesn't really know anything about wormholes or alien tech. She could probably vaccumn it up with a tornado, buuuuut probably not great for actually keeping the tech intact afterwards.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara lands in a classic kneel on the roof top. Her arrival is sudden and abrupt. She has been flying everywhere at full speed. As she floats down the elevator she is chatting on a phone. "Yes Sir I underst... no sir but... I'm not goin... Sir plea- if you'll just liste..." she sighs and steps in to the main room.

She pauses a moment to look around the assemblage of people and her eyes widen a touch. She presses the phone to her shoulder and says, "So sorry. I am late for the meeting." Her eyes focus in on Kate for an extended period of time, noting how her friend is pushing herself too hard.

It hadn't occurred to her that may be some of the best help she could provide would be care. Her shoulders slump a moment and she lifts up the phone again, "As I was trying to s...," her eyes roll once more and she presses the phone back to her shoulder.

It is then that Kara notices Sarah Rainmaker. She gives her a small smile and then walks over to Nightwing, "What did I miss?," she whispers and then holds up the phone to her ear once more, "But I don't wa... no you're not hear... this tactic sir it is most infuriating, please dec--" She grimaces a touch.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
"I'm not sure how much help I'll be but nice to meet ya, Rainmaker." She nods her had, "All da same." She looks to America and then nods to her, "Glad to hear ya might have some kind of solution. I'm no good where dere isn't any sound. At least, not for dis. I'm strong and fast and even tough. Just not really able to do any teleportin' or the like without some kind of ability to manipulate sound."

She takes another bit of food and looks more directly and hmms, "Well, if we are sure dey aren't dead, why don't I go talk to Dr. Strange?" She asks and then looks to America before looking to Kate and Dick, "I mean, isn't he like an expert on all da weird stuff out dere?"

She blinks over at Kara and then smiles brighter for a moment. "Glad ya made it even if late, Kara.' She nods her head before looking then back to the others for a response.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Athena, grey-eyed, is a goddess of wisdom and sight, along with everything else, and among the primary goddesses of the Amazons. The Oracles, that is, the famous ones you read about in class or whatever, like at Delphi, often devoted themselves to Apollo, who represented truth among other things, or, well... to my father," Cassie explains as Kate asks, although she sounds a little shaky in the explanation. "This is actually, well, Donna would know a lot better than me. But I'm willing to try pretty much anything. The Amazons actually have an Oracle of their own, though I don't think she came through with the cavalry, so I'll probably have to go back the Themyscira to talk to her."

She's polished off the fairly impressively-sized burrito by now, and blessedly, doesn't just start jamming down another equally large mouthful, but contents herself to some of the more snackable bits off her plate, tortilla chips and the like.

"So basically you're our ride when we figure out where they are?" Cassie concludes, with America's further explanation. "

However, she does turn what might be a slightly surprising frown toward Nightwing: "Those are nice platitudes, but realistically, no, I know I'm pretty useless. At least when it comes to wormholes. So I have to wait. But in the mean time, yeah, anyone else who doesn't feel like they've got something better to do, you can tag along while we go tech hunting. I'll put some details in the mission computer, and anyone who wants to tag along, just lemme know."

That said, she puts her plate down. "K-" Again... "Hawkeye, I'm gonna, I need to go clear my head. And-" She glances briefly sidelong at Kara, maybe following her sightline, "-You need rest. Don't hurt yourself pushing." She reaches out to give her a shoulder squeeze, and then starts down one of the halls.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is fiddling with the tablet, and adds the three things to the large view screen.

1. Locate Team (Science and Magic sub-points).
2. Maintain presence, support the team, check on Gar
3. Gather up the loose tech for Diana so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

She glances over at Siobhan "Good idea." and adds Siobhan's name under going to talk to Dr. Strange whoever the hell that is. It sounds mystical though so she puts it under Magic. Also noting the other names under science.

"Nightwing do you want to check on Raven and talk to her about spelling the others... also I'll give you the location BB has been ordering food to so you can check on him since you volunteered."

Yup she is keeping super busy.

Finally she looks over to Kara and mouths, saying undetectably without super hearing under her breath "Everything okay Kara?" with worry for whatever that phne call is. Louder "Diana is going to get the League and Avengers to help us Supergirl."
Under magic she also adds Cassie to the magic list with a tag of Talking To the Oracles "Okay and Cassie will talk to the Oracles..."

The shoulder squeezze has her blink and blush just a touch. "I'll... go take a nap after this meeeting." she says with only a touch of grudging tone to it, because yes she badly needs sleep and well things are finally coming together enough for her to feel like maybe she can sleep. "I'll comm you when I wake up Cass."

Then back to the tablet.

Kian has posed:
    Kían's eyes widen when the word 'missing' lands.  "They are foun'?" he asks, flicking into the air and touching down nearer the group.  "They are not--"  Nope, still can't say it.  "They are all right?"
    His wings remain slightly spread, like he's ready to go collect them right *now*.  "Where?" he asks simply, and adds, "an' how may I help?"

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
Sarah nods to Kara, her eyes widening slightly as she recognizes her, then gives her a sympathetic smile as she registers the difficult call, before turning her attention back to the meeting. She watches Cassie go, frowning thoughfully. She's not much good with wormholes or ancient Greek oracles herself. "I can help with maintaining your presence, so you can focus on the other two. I could possibly help moving the alien tech stuff, but someone who's just strong or knows tech would be better." she admits. "Though...don't oracles traditionally require some sort of sacrifice, or they're a little vague?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nods to America, "We've been kicked in the teeth before. We are not out of this." He looks to Kara as she arrives and he says quietly, "New arrival, Rainmaker." He notices her problem and gestures for the phone and then ends the call. "Only way they'll stop talking, sadly. That or buying whatever they're trying to scam you into buying." He give a brief smile.

"They aren't just platitudes. I am not exactly useful on dealing directly with them, but I can help deal with the other problems facing the Titans." He gives her a nod, fully understanding, but next speaks to Siobhan, "Not a bad idea, can't hurt to reach out. At this point, we need all the help we can get, and he's trustworthy enough with the information."

"Sure, I'll take that info," Nightwing says to Kate. "I will try and speak with Raven, as well."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara gives Nightwing a look of utter bewilderment as he simply hangs up the phone, "And.. it's okay to hangup on Trevor Galaxiga from sales in Utah with seven children and a deal I can't refuse?" Having now said that outloud she feels like a right fool, "Okay. Yes, that makes sense. He was obviously never going to hang up was he."

She smiles over to Kate and says, "You need sleep. Things are mostly the same. The Lanterns will be scanning where the warworld attempted its jump. This is all I have to report on so far about our missing friends."

She walks over to Sarah and offers her hand, "Hi. I'm Kara Zor-El, welcome to Titans Tower." She has been flying non-stop since the last meeting, only pausing to talk to Hal and change her uniform to a cleaner one. Three overturned trucks, seven burning buildings, one flooding sewer, one sinking ship and a kitty in a pear tree. She has been busy, much like Kate she can't stop right now. She is doing the exact opposite of what she prescribed herself before Zod turned up.

America Chavez has posed:
"Kian, you can help by - thank you, Hawkeye - choosing one of the items I just went over, and Hawkeye has created a list for." She's glad that someone else is handling that bit of it so she can focus on handling the meeting, and, of course, eating.

She nods as well to Siobhan, "Dr. Strange is a good one to talk to, if you can get ahold of him. Go for it," she also encourages.

She grins to Sarah, nodding, "Read my mind," she says, in the manner in which Rainmaker can help. "Thank you." She reaches over to squeeze Sarah's shoulder, warmly. "A lot."

She looks back to Nightwing as her hand drops down to attend to her tamale. "Best thing to do when you've been kicked in the teeth is to rush back up with a solid uppercut, followed by a left hook, and then a straight jab," she says, soberly, and seriously.

She glances over at Kara, then, makes a punch-in-palm motion and points to Kara's cellphone, gives Supergirl a brief mischevious grin, clearly offering to smash the phone (or person on the other end) to alleivate Supergirl from her frustrations.

"I'm also going to make a video, post it on my site, or our site as you prefer. Just letting people know we're not down, and we're still here. Best attack is one you initiate yourself."

She leans back, then, looking somewhat satisfied. "I don't have anything else to discuss. Anyone else have anything else?"

Pause. "Supergirl, this is Rainmaker. SHe's an old friend of Caitlin's and a friend of mine. I've sort of strong-arm recruited her into helping us through this mess." America grins, unapologetically at Sarah, and then to Kara. She adds for Kara's benefit, "Sure is."

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    Sarah takes Kara's hand when offered, shaking. "Sarah." she says simply, smiling. "Uh, nice to meet you. Big fan. I owe Caitlin a lot and America's helped me get used to being in town here." Mind, she was planning on coming to the tower, preferably on her own, because she didn't want people to feel she was cashing in on knowing Caitlin or America, but...well. The situation seems pretty rough and she'd rather just offer the help regardless at this point.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara is very careful not to grip Sarah's hand much at all in the shake. It's a skill she's still working on, but has made great strides recently thanks to some danger room training Troia made for her. "And I heard you say you control the weather? that's really cool. I'm glad you decided to join us today then. /jor mbysh/" She glances side long to Nightwing still as if he had some incredible superpower to know that he could simply hangup on the aggressive salesman. She eyes the food even as she walks over to Siobhan and carefully wraps her arms around her to give her a hug, "/ehrosh mbem/, is the food for everyone?"

Kian has posed:
    "/c'Rhys'yw tavéi/," Kían breathes.
    He thinks a moment, then offers, "I can help wit' the tech-nology.  My worl' iss ad-vanced.  I may recog-nize some-thin' as close to hwat we haf."  He looks around the group with a wry smile.  "I thin' maybe because I do not yet talk good, hyu for-get I am from space-farin' people, an' haf science education, yis?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
There is a sigh from Kate but a smile to Kara "I'm going to sleep..." she tilts her head a little bit studying Kara in return. "Do Kryptonians need to sleep?" which yes heavily implies that maybe Kara needs to take a breather too. You're own medicine Dr. Supergirl.

"Also ... pro-tip... never answer the phone unless they are in your contact book, also get an unlisted number. If they are someone who should be calling you will recognize it and answer.. otherwise right to voicemail. Also texting is the best."

She looks over to Kían then adds his name to the science team efforts. "Okay Kían is on sciecne work that makes sense... you are definitey more advanced than a lot of the earth sciences..."

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Yup, they lay that story on thick and hope to reel you in," Nightwing nods and give a small smile of reassurance, "It's all good." He looks to America and says, "Yeah, keep fighting back is our best hope at this point. Keep moving, keep making progress." He listens to the others speak for the next moment as he takes a bite of his food.

"Yeah, the food is for everybody, it's a working lunch, as it is. Best to make the best of the situation, and the food is good," Nightwing says to Kara, he gives a nod of understanding, he has dealt with enough of the telescams.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A nod to the others who respond to her idea and she nods again with a smile, "Well, at least I can contribute in some way." She nods her head and then smiles at the hug from Kara, giving her one in return before looking forward to the others here, "As much as I like food, all dis talk about melancholy tings has me wishin' to go sing or play somewhere." She stands up and grabs a burrito to go, "I'll try to get in touch with Strange when I get da opportunity." She then looks over at Kara and gives her arm a squeeze before walking by Kian and saying in his native tongue, <Keep hope alive.> She smiles at him before turning to head to the roof again and giving a wave over her shoulder.

America Chavez has posed:
America looks pleased; the food is being enjoyed, the meeting was productive, and everyone here has a task to do - those that don't will be able to sign up for various tasks to keep themselves busy, and Sarah is going to be at least helping the Titans out and getting a feel for what it is they do.

"Thanks for being here, everyone. Those of you that are getting some rest, sleep well. Feel free to ping me if you need anything. When Rainmaker and I are done eating I'll show her around to all the unrestricted areas until she gets further clearance."

She looks back over to Sarah, comments, "Guess it was really good timing, all things considered. Welcome to the Titans, Rainmaker."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara peers back at Dick as if he's making that up. "So they call you without permission and try to sell you something and don't stop until you're required to hangup for yourself? that's insanity, why would Earth need such a thing?" She starts to gather up a plate of food and then sits down next to the curled up Kate. A gentle pat at the blanket mound and she starts to eat. "The oddest things serve to remind me how alien this world is still."

Sarah Rainmaker has posed:
    "Late stage capitalism." Sarah says dryly from her position at the wall, finishing up her burrito and setting down the empty plate. "They have to sell so many things and they're just given a call list they have to call and try to convince people to buy it." She pauses to clean off her fingers on a napkin, then gets a drink as she nods to America, blinking. "Thank you..." she says, smiling faintly at America, then pops the top of the drink. "I'll help as much as I"m able."

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Exactly, and because people fall for it and give them money or sensitive information," Nightwing says, "It's uncalled for and they are the kind of problem that's nearly impossible to root out." He frowns, "And they rake in substantial cash from it." He nods to America, "Sounds good. Good call putting this together." Nightwing looks to the group, "Remember to take care of yourselves. This is going to be rough, so be kind to yourself and if you need anything, ask. I am going to be a broken record on this, deal with it." He gives a smile and resumes working on his burrito.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara says softly to Kate, "Yes, I do need sleep. I promise I will get some if you get some." Though, right now she is eating and tucks her feet up underneath her. "That's a bizarre system. But okay. Perhaps we could squash this evil though. Hack them or magic them, or as America would put it - punch them in to another dimension." She covers her mouth as she yawns and puts the plate aside, "I admit defeat, sleep has one." She waves to the gathering and wanders to the dorms to get some shuteye.

Kian has posed:
    Kían can't help but chuckle at Kara.  "Eart' iss weird.  I haf foun' that ex-plains every-thin'."
    Finally, he seems to notice the food, and selects the spiciest-smelling burrito he can find, adding another data point to those who are trying to figure out what food on his world must be like.  "Iss a double hopeful projec'," he says, retrieving some of his preferred purple Kool-Ade.  "If we can fin' an' recover our frien's, there iss hope I can be foun' an' go home.  I... I am hopin' my frien's an' family do not thin' I am... nnh.  That they only thin' I am los'.  If we can fin' our frien's, maybe my frien's can fin' me, yis?"
    Keep hope alive, indeed.