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Dance, Dance, HYDRA-lution
Date of Scene: 09 September 2020
Location: Nightclub, Lower East Side, NYC
Synopsis: The SHIELD team goes hunting for information on another third-generation suspected HYDRA agent. They find several kinds of a dance, a few drugs, and some new enemies.
Cast of Characters: Peggy Carter, Daisy Johnson, Achilles, Phil Coulson

Peggy Carter has posed:
One of the files Peggy uncovered from the missing digital records pointed at a name which had grown prominent in finance and entertainment in the last twenty years. The HYDRA scientist worked local to New York much of his life, squirreling away money while giving the US government as many secrets as possible. His grandson? Wall Street financier, club owner, and a bit of a playboy. So, chances are that it's a dead end. There was no traitorious reason that his grandfather's records never made it into SHIELD digital file. But, just in case, Peggy's got a team together to check out the grand son.

The dance club is loud, dark, modern, and slightly smoke filled. The music inside is on the edge of electronic or techno, but mainly made to grind with. There are burgundy, black, and royal blue velvet lined booths against most of the walls where bottle service is give by waitresses in thigh high boots that cover more than the rest of their outfits. Peggy is dressed in the closest thing she could figure as 'modern club wear' and feels somehow naked walking into the room. "... This is... truly what is considered...fashionable nowadays?" She mutters to the agents at her side.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Wooo, dance club time! Which means Daisy gets to go casual. Not -too- casual though, as dresses would make for lousy maneuverability, so she comes in a pair of designer jeans, sneakers along with a black top that leaves her midriff exposed. Hair is up on a ponytail and generous applications of dark eyeliner have been done. It's back to being Skye! The only downside? No gauntlets, so her powers would be a tad more limited. But sacrifices had to be made.

"Well, and you are on the more conservative side of modern." she says about Peggy's clothing. A mischievous little grin comes to her expression. "I have pictures I can show you later." but now, focus on the mission!

She looks around the bar and asks. "How do you want to approach this?"

Achilles has posed:
    Nightclub scene. Angelo has seen hundreds if not thousands of similar scenes in his time. Granted, some were a bit different in musical taste, decor, and well, everything.. but the idea of congregating to listen to music, socialize with some friends and some strangers, and drinking to excess ... is not new.
    "Not precisely." he offers to Peggy with that ghost of a hint of an English accent to his voice. "Look at -her-." he says. He himself is dressed simply in a teeshirt with the name of some rock band upon it, and blue jeans. His shoes however, betray that he is used to wearing designer suits. They are black and polished to within an inch of their lives.
    The young woman he is pointing at is wearing basically ink poured down her legs, and a bra. That is it. He shakes his head, "I do wish there was less... overtness these days."

Phil Coulson has posed:
Looking around briefly, Coulson shakes his head a bit at the talk about the fashion, but doesn't make a comment on that. There's a few more moments of silence before he looks back to the others again, nodding a bit at Daisy's question. "Yes, what's the best way to get this done?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
The dress Peggy's wearing is maybe a little too fancy for a simple night of grinding it on the floor, but it's certainly modern and certain in style. Red fabric hugging her body like a second skin, keyhole cleavage at the top, it's well tailored enough to hide her weapons but not much else. She still blinks at the woman in basically nothing but a bra, giving a slow shake of her head. "I... have a lot of questions about fashion. Later. Now..." She crosses a bit further into the room, surveying the place.

"Jackson Becker owns this place and, from the intel, it's his preferred spot to go. He wines and dines more business here than anywhere else in the world, showing off his famous 'bottle service' and private 'bottle girls'. If we can figure which booth is his and get close...or even drop a bug near, it'd be a good start." Everyone's seen the file. The face of the middle aged, smiling financier who got voted in the top 50 bachelors of Manhattan the last few years. He is also the grand son of HYDRA scientist Elias Becker, pardoned for war crimes on October 17, 1946. New York native since.

Achilles has posed:
    "Well..." offers Angelo as he rolls his neck. "Two guys, two ladies. Best way I can think of to blend in is to pair up on the dance floor. Unless either of you have a better idea." he offers as he steps away and offers a hand out generally to both women so as not to insult either by -not- offering it to them. It is their choice to accept it or not, and which of them does, if any. "I promise to be a perfect gentleman. We are after all, on duty." he adds with a lopsided grin on his face, and his green eyes dancing with mischief.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Well, with his background he'll most likely have a flock of women hovering near him. Might not be hard to find." Yay for bachelors! Daisy checks her earcomms while pretending she brushes her hand through her hair, a nod given at the instructions and the hunt begins!

It was time to amble about the place to discover this elusive man. As for the choice in pairs? Well, she leaves that to either the senior officer or Peggy.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Oh, dance floor. There's a brief look to the dance floor, as he listens to the others. "A man with such a background would have some kind of a flock of people around him, and especially the women, that's true," Coulson says, nodding a bit slowly as he glances around again, to see if any such group of people happens to be nearby. For the part about pairing up on the dance floor, he lets out a bit of a breath. "Ladies' choice of the pairings. I must say I'm probably not the best dancer here, though," he offers.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Oh, tosh... the lot of you. You'd think you've never seen a dance floor before. You know, at one point, I did manage to get the whole of the Howlers onto one? If those boys can..." Peggy's mostly teasing there, this not exactly her kind of dancing, but she's a good follow. She reaches for Angelo's hand, since he made the first motion, and lets him lead her out there. "...I'm a halfway decent lead. I'm an excellent follow. Only in dancing. Do your worst." She's mostly teasing the other far-older-than-he-looks agent. Meanwhile, she'll let her body follow his lead, as her eyes scan the room.

The place is hard to navigate at first. It's going to take a few rounds of dancing and either putting off, or accepting, the offerings from the shot girls who flank the dance floors, trying to get couples who don't quite seem soused enough closer to tipsy. They are really *quite* insistent, and the motions in the club are those already of a group of people pretty drunk, despite the early time of the evening. And, sure enough, there is a pack of women dressed just a social class level higher, and three men, crossing towards a booth in the far corner of the room. As they go, at least one of the men's head turns, staring at something on the dance floor strangely close to the team.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Alright, seems it's you and me A.C." Daisy says to the senior officer with a touch of a grin, hand given to Coulson so he can lead the way. It's daaaance time! While on-duty. Hey, there's perks to being a shield agent sometimes! Yet with being on duty she is keeping it to zero tolerance for alcohol. At least unless it becomes too suspicious.. She does want to blend in afterall..

Yet she speaks to the comms. "What's with these girls being so insistent?" she murmurs into the comms while doing a dance-off with Coulson if he so obliges. She asks him then.

"So, if I win our dance-off, do I get to drive LOLA?" asking the real questions here!

Though her eyes keep sharp, seeking their target then following the man's gaze to whatever may be close to them!

Achilles has posed:
    Smiling widely to Peggy, Angelo nods to the others. "So, shall we do our best to dance out way towards the target? Or shall we be the diversion to let -them- get closer? I have a feeling they will blend better." he suggests before he turns to lead Peggy out onto the floor.
    And since he has done -some- homework, he begins to lead into a dance that hasn't really been seen in clubs like this for decades. It's... a Fox Trot. Difficult with the current beat, but not impossible. Mostly just accelerated in its pace. But hey, he is having fun with it, moving with a flourish and showing that he has done this many times before at the very least.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"It's just been... a while since I was actually on a dance floor," Coulson replies to Peggy, not saying exactly how long 'a while' is. He offers a brief grin to Daisy at her words. "So it seems," he offers, leading the way out onto the dance floor. Still keeping a bit of his attention on the rest of the room as he moves to the rythm of the music, probably a bit more rustily than the younger crowd on the floor. "That is a good question," he offers to the part about those girls with the shots being quite insistent. As for the part about driving LOLA, he shakes his head a little. "I'll think about it," he says. Probably another way of saying a no to that particular question, isn't it?

Peggy Carter has posed:
The fact that Angelo actually knows how to dance and is bothering to adapt it to the floor? Peggy looks suitably impressed. She follows his steps quite expertly, even with her eyes more on the room than on him. "...You'll have to remind me to take missions with you more often, you've got a few talents that aren't of the martial variety." From Peggy? That's pretty high praise. "Let's clear a way for them, especially dancing like this. People are already starting to look." And that's not wrong. There's a few drunk girls who are suitably impressed and trying to form a little circle to watch the old folks home (not that they look it) show off. Someone screams in the back 'Like dancing with the *staaars!*' And, well, the two have an audience.

As Daisy mentions the girls being insistent, it's almost more noticable. People are being handed test tube shot glasses without even credit cards being taken. A pair of shot girls slips past Daisy and Phil, grinning wide as they try to hand them two glasses. "Boss is in tonight... First round of shots on the house... Help your old man loosen up!" Though the second girl seems more than happy to dance past/against Phil somewhat suggestively.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Look at those show offs!" Daisy murmurs over to Coulson when she notes the pair going old-school with their dancing. A brief roll of her eyes. "Typical..." but she takes their cue, specially as attention is being called in their direction making it so their approach is more inconspicuous. And nope, she doesn't even try to match that kind of dancing! It's time for some Daisy subtlety.. Which means dancing as if she had two left feet. Forgettable! But just as she wants to.

"Hey, hands off the merchandise!" She says over to the girl trying to dance closer to Coulson. She takes one of the glasses as it's offered, but doesn't yet drink from it.

But dance step by dance step they are getting closer to that booth. One hand gets into a pocket casually, wrapping about the listening bug, prepared to plant it if she can.

"Here I am saving you from these girls and I don't even get considered to drive LOLA." A disapproving tsk escaping her lips. But well, she is joking. Mostly!

Achilles has posed:
    Hey, dancing with a pretty woman is fun in and of itself. Angelo takes his joy where he can find it. But the whole point is to stand out as weird and observable. But the confirmation that they have an audience sends Angelo into full on Star-dance mode. He gives Peggy a twirl outward, and then pulls her back in tight against him before bouncing back out and turning it into a flurry of showmanship. But then to twist things up, he murmurs as he passes Peggy. "You take the lead. Give'em a show!"

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson smiles a little as he glances over to Peggy and Angelo and their dancing. "Seems everyone's eyes will be on them, doesn't it?" he remarks, also trying to keep his dancing rather forgettable for most people. He pauses momentarily at the two girls moving to hand them shots. "Loosen up?" he comments a bit quietly, but simply shakes his head a bit. Taking one of the offered glasses, he doesn't take a sip. Movements taking him slightly away from the one that tried dancing closer to him. There's a grin offered to Daisy. "Hey, I didn't say you wouldn't get considered to drive, just that... you know..." It's offered with a light shrug, and a bit lightly. Glancing to that glass he took. "Wonder why they're trying to make everyone drink this," he offers, quietly.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The disappearances are very tiny at first. A few people from the back of the room, already seeming drunk, just carefully secreted off the dance floor into a dark, back hallway. But the 'free shots' keep coming, the girls a little more insistent about it. When someone nearby Daisy says she doesn't drink, the girl smiles too understandingly and quickly offers a non-alcoholic option. "Everyone's supposed to party tonight. Come on..." She coos at the girl. It's all a little... Off feeling. And, sure enough, Becker and his crew have settled into the far back booth, though one of the women haven't sat yet. She's looking in the direction of the very noticably dancing pair on the floor, and she doesn't look happy. She leans over to mutter something quickly to Becker.

Peggy's trying to focus on doing her job right now -- the job of distraction. It also happens to be a very fun job, especially as Angelo starts genuinely showing off. She spins out and in, laughing a bit at his request but smoothly shifting through hand holds and tugging him into a jive. It's faster steps, but faster music is what they are surrounded by. "Your funeral. Keep up." She's having enough fun she doesn't seem to notice they are gaining some not-great attention from the host.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Hey, heads up." Daisy says into the comms. "People are being taken off the dance floor. Think we may have just got into some kind of kidnapping scam." She says this while dancing closer to Coulson so no pesky girl can get in-between. And *definitely* not going to drink those shots now..

She sets the glass on a nearby table as they pass by, subtly making a bit of her drink spill to the ground so as to make it seem as if she has drank it. "Uff, this alcohol gets right to my head." she comments a bit louder, smiling just so and moving on.

Then again to the comms. "The host is looking your way, think you may be getting into a dance-off soon.." maybe! "Hopefully you weren't recognized." she leads the dance closer to Becker and his escort, sliding the bug over to Coulson. "Going to provide a small distraction while you get that planted." and then she tumbles over the booth as if she was drunk.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" She apologizes by lifting her hands and drifting away.

Achilles has posed:
    Oh who cares about negative attention. Attention is drawn from Daisy and Phil. It is dance fever, Saturday night fever? Soul train? Okay, it's just a Jive, and Angelo has done this, but not for a LOOOONG time.
    He laughs and does his best to remember the steps. It takes him a few moments, but the muscle memory does come back to him. He actually enjoys -being- led here, but he is getting to the point where situational awareness is becoming more important than accuracy of the moves. He just needs to be sure that if anyone tries anything, that he is the target here. So he plans for that, intending to step in the way of any scary shit that might head Peggy's way. Not out of some demeaning chivalry, but out of the knowledge that he can't die.

Phil Coulson has posed:
In a similar way, some of the liquid in Coulson's glass spill down to the floor during the dancing, before the glass gets discarded at one of the tables they pass as well. Taking the bug as it's slid over to him, hearing the words about the distraction. As Daisy goes tumbling over the booth, he steps to the side, as if simply trying to get out of the way, but seeming to stumble straight into that woman that hasn't sat down yet. As he does, while his hands are moving up to try steadying himself, he tries slipping that bug into her purse or a pocket, or something like that. "Sorry..." he mutters, as he takes a quick stgep back. "I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to this dancing," he offers, along with a brief smile in apology, as he steps back, moving to head away from the booth again now.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Daisy's smooth move, or not so smooth as it looks, is perfectly effective. Becker and his entourage all stiffen, looking immediately in her direction, as one of the women and one of the men jerk forward to grab and upright her a little too fast. They have the motions of trained body guards, and the muscle tone to match it. No one's attacking her yet, but the whole party is wary as hell and she's being given a quick pat down for any weapons. "Ma'am... maybe you should come into the back with us..." Either she's been made, or they just want her out of the front. But Phil has time. And is just as smooth at being awkward. The woman gives him a cold smile, "Don't touch me," drawing back quickly, bug in place however. She tosses a look over her shoulder towards Becker, the smallest of gestures. Phil isn't stopped. Yet.

Since Angelo is taking time to watch the room, Peggy's even more focused on pushing him around and getting him to follow the slightly too fast movement of their feet. It's a grand show of trust on her part, truthfully. Knowing that every other agent on this mission is as sharp as she is and she can trust them to pick up what she misses. And it's good that Angelo watches, because there is another one of those dance girls. And, instead of a shot glass, this time she just has a shot, coming up behind Peggy with a lethally thin syringe. And one behind him as well. If he moves fast enough, he can take both of them, but that's a lot of tranquilizer in a very little bit of time suddenly pouring into his system.

The bug in the purse, closer and more honed than Daisy or Phil's words, picks up a few muttered words from Becker to his other trusted colleague. 'Carter... SHIELD age... removal...-HYDRA.' Not just a kidnapping operation, it seems.

Achilles has posed:
    Indeed, Angelo is smiling the whole time. But he leans back and lets the woman behind him stab him just before he whips about... he tears the syringe out of her grip before she can depress the plunger... and ends up between the -other- anesthesiologist and Peggy, taking the second needle. This one -does- depress the plunger. The first needle didn't really get deep... falling out before he reached the second attacker.
    That second one.. met some resistance, but the thin needle might as well be armor piercing, and it jabs into the meat of his back and injects the sedative into his bloodstream.
    "I think you may need to taker the lead another way for a few moments." he says casually to Peggy. "I am about to feel the injection of drugs they just gave me..." and his last few words are slurred... even as he slumps to his knees. Not out cold, not on his back. Just to his knees, as his supernaturally augmented body fights off the effects. The Ambrosia and mystical river imbued immortality fight off the drugs... but it's going to take time.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Hey, woah, keep your hands to yourselves! I am not *that* drunk! Well.., sort of.." Daisy offers a very faint smile and tries to step back before they pat her for too long. "I will keep out of the way, sorry. Think I need another drink. Come on." She even puts in a very nervous smile in her lips. Noone likes being frisked by security officers!

If they are able to get out of the way she will quickly speak up to the comms. "You have been made.., might need to --" She pauses mid-sentence when apparently a fight starts over near Peggy and Angelo.

She lets out a sigh and casts a look at Coulson. "Well, time to 'dance' for real it seems, Sir." she turns back to look at Becker and his guards and check if any attempts to move in on Carter or Angelo, ready to intervene if needed.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson simply offers another "So sorry," to the woman he bumped into, stepping back. As he gets a bit further away from the booth, he lets out a breath as he hears what's said over the comms. Nodding to the part about dancing for real, he offers a brief shrug. "Somehow, I think I'm more familiar with this kind of dance, though." Also turning to be able to intervene if there's need for it.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Oh *hell*.." Peggy hisses, having caught sight of something weird between him and the woman behind, but his meaty back hid most of the motion. As he slumps forward to the floor, both those women are trying to come forward now, to drag his 'drunk self' off to the back. A third is now approaching Peggy, her smile sugar sweet and left hand hidden. "We've definitely been made." Peggy's voice clips over the comm unit. Her hand seizes forward, grabbing and twisting at the woman's concealed wrist to pull her into a lock, the needle facing away* from Peggy's body, as the British agent hisses a whisper, "You can walk away now and we can let things be with your employer, or their will be a loud enough fight it'll be all over the papers tomorrow."

Unfortunately, or maybe fortuantely for everyone's blood pressure, Daisy and Phil seem to have made the decision that dance time has begun. The whole room is now momentary chaos. The two body guards near Becker swing out, one delivering a violent kick towards Daisy and the other going for Phil's neck with a meaty, unforgiving arm. The third in the booth is quickly trying to usher Becker back. The women on Angelo are now not being gentle about dragging him away and Peggy's taking an uppercut at her would be drugger. The dance floor? It's turn into chaos as drunk and drugged civilians begin to scream, scattering away from the fight.

Achilles has posed:
    The funny thing. Angelo is conscious, aware and just sluggish. He allows himself to be dragged away for now, observing and getting the lay of the land. Also, waiting for the room to stop spinning. He is limp as he goes with the flow. But he mutters softly, "Gonna see where they take me. Don't wait up." over comms. "I hate letting all of -you- have all the fun." he adds as he is carried away. Almost, but not quite swept off of his feet. Those feet are dragging on the dance floor... but at least the shoes are still polished all shiny.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Peggy having been recognized, along with the danger in which Angelo is it's time to get some SHIELD action goin'. Good thing it's not Murder on the Dancefloor playing tonight though, she hoping they will be able to avoid any such murderizing, no matter how hard their adversaries are trying to take them down..

When the kick comes in her direction she tries to jump back but takes the tip of the man's foot on her belly, it making her stagger to a side..

But it works on making her upset. She squints her eyes and dashes in, a feint and she goes down, trying to leg sweep her opponent.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson ducks down a bit as that arm comes swinging for his neck, his own arm coming up to attempt blocking it, while he tries a kick for the other man's legs, attempting to knock him off balance. Focused on getting that guy off his feet and out of this fight as quickly as possible.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The news from Angelo gets him a momentarily worried look, Peggy's dark eyes jerking up from the woman she's fighting, but she's got to trust the agent to know his own body. The two women quickly drag him to a tiny hallway hidden at the side of the dance floor. It wraps around and into a back room. There's the sound of at least one other person being drug in this direction farther down the hall. This is a preplanned operation.

Peggy, meanwhile, is warding off two of her own attackers, trying to get that needle in her neck, or anywhere to put the red dressed agent down. She fights somewhat better than she dances, and she dances quite well. In a second of breathing room, she grabs the small ICER that's been hidden at her thigh, dragging it up to at least put one of the women on her six unconscious.

Phil and Daisy both have more company. Becker is booking it out the back hallway, accompanied by two others. The only upside? The woman does not seem to have noticed that she's taking the bug with her. Over the comm units, some other muffled discussions echo. 'Clear out... Take ...room. Five min...'

The woman Daisy feints is good in a fight, but not as good as the other woman. She was here for business, not for this kind of work, so the feint works. She goes down in a tumble of limbs and high heels. Phil's guy takes a bit longer, having a little more weight on the man, but Phil's got years of experience and determination. Eventually, the field director slams him into the glass table of the booth, and he's down. But there's nother coming at Phil's back.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With their opponents down Daisy is ready to pursue. "They are wanting to make a run for it. Pursue?" they did plant the bug so .., she defers to the choice of what they wish to do to senior officers. Chain of command and all that. Its a rarity when Daisy just doesn't impulsively go with her gut. So appreciate it!

But no way she will stay put when she notes a new guy trying to cheap shot Coulson. She doesn't even hesitate. One hand comes up and she points it at the ill-intended man, sending a localized shockwave burst in his direction..

The objective? To send him sprawling over a few tables.. "I can handle these guys here if you wish to pursue." this said to both Peggy and Coulson.

Achilles has posed:
    In the hallway, Angelo waits just a bit. Long enough for him to assume that they think he is just an inert bag of organs with limbs attached. He lies there a five count longer than that. And then when he feels the last lingering effects of the drug fade away... gotta love ambrosia... that is when he moves.
    He quietly rises to his feet and rolls his neck. "I say. What got into her?" he asks, pointing at another party guest to make the draggers suddenly look his way, a bit surprised. . . and he takes ruthless advantage of that surprise to surge forward. Once more, to him, this is more than just a hallway. I mean if he were Daredevil he couldn't lose. He's in a hallway. But he's not Daredevil. He is a man going to war. And 'war' is the one skill that he is best at.
    He feints towards one with a fist, and then reverses to strike at the other with his opposite fist, even while lifting the knee on the feinting side towards the midsection of the first. The thing is, as his left fist reaches towards the woman in a backhand motion.. a heavy bronze shield appears on that arm. Forming out of the bracer he wears there. Yes, an old Aspis shield which can be a more effective bludgeon (and musical gong at the same time!) as some medieval maces.

Phil Coulson has posed:
His focus is mostly still on the man he sent into the table, but as he realizes Daisy is working on getting rid of someone who tried to come for his back, he turns in that direction. "Thanks," he offers, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "Sure that you can handle them?" As for the part about pursuing, he glances around. "I don't know how long the bug will be close to Becker, since I had to plant it on that woman." A glance over in the general direction of Peggy, to hear if she thinks they should pursue.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The women actually drag Angelo into a back room. There's four other beds -- medical beds -- and two stations of various vials. Some locked up needles, some restraints. This looks like a drag'em him, process them, and get them out place. The two women in the room are quickly handling a few other doses and trying to get those captured restrained. They were NOT ready for him to wake up. "F*ck. F*CK." One of them hisses. And then they just start to book it. They aren't here for a fight.

Peggy's alone on the dance floor now and surrounded. She's keeping her opponents busy, but doesn't have enough back up to make headway against them, "I'm a little busy here not getting drugged off my ass!" She hisses. She shoots another with that ICER. At least that gives her some breathing room, but she's not gonna be able to pursue.

Phil, however, can. Another two guards are engaging Daisy as Phil tries to make his way into those back halls. Becker's got a good head start, a lot of bodies, and a lot of chaos between him and the pursuing agents. The uncomfortable realization, also, that it's not just the room Angelo is in. There's at least two others (and an empty one) with people who were pulled off the dance floor, slowly starting to come around. Whatever was back there is clearing out fast. The SHIELD agents can probably snag a few of the assistants. But there are a lot of civilians that need their help, and Becker is good at disappearing.

Achilles has posed:
    Huh. He was ready to go to war, and the enemy army withdrew. Angelo retracts his shield back into the bracer and shakes his head. He lets them go and moves about, checking on the 'patients / victims' in the beds. Into his comms he says, "So, Clear back here. But I have four victims sedated. Not sure what the cocktail is, so I am not sure I Want to just yank them off of the feed. I'm not a medic. Maybe someone can call that genius girl back at base about the chemicals here?" he asks. "Assuming you guys aren't all occupied here." he says as he moves to stand guard at the door and make sure nobody else comes to get these people. "I am not sure if there are other rooms or not also."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I got this, Sir." Daisy says with a sharp nod. She -has- been training her powers aferall. And even without gloves... Well.. She is a menace. "I will meet up with you soon." she says on comms to Peggy, moving in against the two men.. She delivers a punch on one of the men's gut, followed by an uppercut powered a little by those vibrational powers which makes the man lift up on the air a bit before falling heavily on a table..

The other lands a good shot on her chin, drawing a bit of blood but soon receives a vicious kick on a knee, elbow to the head. And that's a wrap for those guards.. Swift and efficient, just like May and Bobbi taught her!

"Got a few guards here.." and then she wanders over to help Peggy in securing the rest of the assailants.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"Good," Coulson offers to Daisy as he moves over in the direction of where Becker left, only to realize very soon that the man has got too much of a head start. As he hears Angelo's report from the back room, he nods, letting out a brief breath. "Becker's got too far ahead. We'll have to trust that the bug can help, or that some of those we took down here can give us a clue about what they planned, or where they are. We'll call in some medics to take care of the drugged ones. At least we saved them from being taken." Turning to check that the rest of the assailants are well in hand, before calling for some medics and reinforcements to help get things in order.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"*Thank you*..." Peggy breathes out to Daisy, as the woman finishes up her mess and comes to help Peggy with the last two. The older agent was getting winded, though without powers and in a set of heels, she had quite held her own on the dance floor. Zip ties are pulled out of pockets, prisoners are quickly organized.

Phil and Angelo are left with the civilians in the back. 10 in total, though there are some empty beds and a loading dock open but empty by the time they get there. The rest of the night is taken up with medical for those they rescued, getting the prisoners to SHIELD, and putting a trace on every one of Jackson Becker's businesses and associates. Maybe they weren't all HYDRA, but there was another head. And they had the proof.