3322/A Quiet Birthday by the Pool

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A Quiet Birthday by the Pool
Date of Scene: 11 September 2020
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: Bobby's 22nd Birthday is a low-key affair out on the patio by the pool.
Cast of Characters: Bobby Drake, Jubilation Lee, Kitty Pryde, Angelica Jones, Julio Richter

Bobby Drake has posed:
It was Bobby's birthday, and so he'd decided to spend it down by the pool enjoying the last of the lingering warm days before fall decided to settle in. It's not a particularly fancy affair -- there's a grill set up with some burgers, dogs, veggie burgers, and then there's buns and condiments, and drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety on hand. There's swimming in the pool, and Bobby seems to have made a water slide out of ice that spirals down into the pool for giggles.

Jubilation Lee has posed:


At full Jubilation Lee speed.

Towards the pool.

She's wearing a nice red/white pocka dotted bikini with her short black hair tied up above her head! A pair of entirely too big round rimmed glasses on her face, what are about to go flying when she leaps off the edge into the pool. Pulling up her knees to wrap both arms around them! "CANNON BALLLLLL!!!!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby, himself, has on a pair of board shorts in a navy blue and is manning the grill. He may not be a chef, but he can manage to not char a veggie burger. He grins as he sees Jubilee come running in and splooshes into the pool, splashing everywhere and drenching those nearby. Some of the water splashes against the side of the grill and his leg and he shakes his head with a grin. "No. Jubilation Lee, not Cannonball!" he tells her when she surfaces.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee's glasses go flying, as earlierly stated they would, when she hits the water. Causing a massive tidal wave (massive is relative) to wash up along the deck. When she surfaces, she's got a mouthful of water that she squirts towards Bobby at the grill, "Aw man, yeah... I should'a pokemon'd it... Anyways! Happy boifday a'hole!" Wiggling her fingers on both hands at him, which sees her ducking back down beneath the water for a second before waving them around to resurface.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Thanks, JuJuBee," Bobby grins over at her. "You want anything off the grill?" He nods toward where he's preparing food and setting burgers on plates for those couple of kids that are around who smelled the grilling and came down to check out the ice slide and grab some food.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Not if it's that sissy veggie shit, no." Jubes says with a smirk, treading water with her arms swishing back and forth across the surface and legs kicking like a duckling beneath. "How even old are you now? Like 14? You're 14 aren't you?!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"We've got sissy veggie shit and actual real meat," Bobby says as he points to the various options in turn. He reaches over and grabs his bottle of soda and takes a swig from it before asking, "How'd you guess?" with an amused little grin.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Because I know you, Bobert Drake." Jubes says from the pool, where she's treading water in her pocka-dotted bikini. Hands moving back and forth with her feet kicking like a duck beneath the surface to keep her from sinking. "I'll take the biggest, juiciest, cut of meat you got. Thick... juicy... in my mouth. Mmmhmmmm..." She knows what she's doing.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
One of Bobby's packages gets delivered. Air mail. A little purple winged form can be seen zooming over the roof of the school and heading down towards the pool. Lockheed has a box in his paws, wrapped with silver and blue wrapping paper that is adorned with images of icicles, snowflakes, and snowman.

He zooms down and sets the present in a place it isn't likely to get wet. Following soon after, but just walking down the path to the pool, is one Kitty Pryde. She's wearing a bikini with a pair of shorts on covering the bottom. Sunglasses are on her face and there's a bit of a sheen as if she already put on sunscreen.

"I heard there's a birthday boy out here," Kitty says as she approaches the pool area. "Hey Jubes. Happy Birthsday, Bobby."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You want me to put it on a plate or just lob it in there?" Bobby asks Jubilee as he reaches for one of the juicy beef patties from the grill, reaching for a plate to put it on, and sets it on the edge of the grill for her to come collect.

There's a chair behind him that he's been sitting in but by it is a small table his bottle of coke is sitting on. It seems as good a surface as any for Lockheed to put down his payload. He grins over at the little dragon and says, "Hey.. want a hotdog?" He drops one on a plate and sets it down for Lockheed before waving to Kitty, "Hey.. how's it going?" He gestures toward the grill "Take your pick."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Just toss it in here... I'm joking, don't do that." Jubilee doggie paddles towards the edge of the pool, even though she absolutely knows how to swim like a normal person, and climbs out with a grunt. Before moving over to grab her burger there's a bit of wardrobe adjustment that must be done on account of the cannonball into the pool earlier. Dislodged some stuff okay?

"Whoever decided just a tiny bit of fabric was appropriate swimwear was on something." Grinning like an idiot as she joins Kitty and Bobert. "Heya Kitsies and muh'fuggin' Lockheed! Fist bump me!" Her big fist up to the tiny dragon!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty moves over to Bobby and offers him a quick but tight hug suitable for the number of years they have known each other. "It's decent," she says, while Lockheed looks like he DEFINITELY would like a hot dog, prancing back and forth from one side to the other, his wings giving little flaps. He gives Jubilee's fist a headbutt. Once he's given the hot dog, he begins eating it in a little gulps.

Kitty grins at the dragon and looks at what's on the grill. "Oh, a dog sounds great," she says, moving to grab a bun for it. "So you having a nice lazy birthday around the pool? Those are the best kind," she tells him with a grin.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby makes a move as though he might just frisbee the plate and burger wholesale into the pool at her, but then he sets it back down again, giving Jubes a wink. "I mean, you could always go for the retro singlet complete with the shorts and sleeves look. I hear those are coming back in style," he offers to Jubilee with a grin.

He grins at Kitty and gives her a warm squeeze in return. "Thanks," he says, for the offered birthday wishes. Then he reaches over and grabs a dog with a pair of tongs and offers her a plate. "There's buns and stuff on the table. Fix it up the way you like it. If you want me to grill the bun for you, let me know." He shrugs his shoulders and grins, "I figured might as well get the most of the warmth while we've got it, right?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Buh lalala..." Jubilee says post headbutt, wiggling her fingers backwards away from Lockheeds small horned head, "Alright, burger me, Bobert!" Reaching for condiments and accessories to window dress her meal. Lettuce, cheese, a single red onion slice, all the pickles... so many freakin pickles guys, seriously, it's ridic. "Dude, this is going to require two mouths to eat... thankfully I have a big one!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes the hotdog over to the fixings, telling Bobby, "Oh, no need to bother, regular bun is fine." She seems in a good mood as she adds some ketchup and mustard to the hotdog and then grabs a drink. "The burgers look good too. Going to have to see if I have room for one after," she says. "May require another workout session in the Danger Room to burn off the calories."

She removes the shorts, revealing matching bikini bottoms, and moves over to sit down at the edge of the pool, legs dangling in the water as she eats. "We had the new student get hurt. She suddenly realized, maybe she could fly and... ah, yeah you can guess the rest. Has a cast now," she says. "How's she doing Jubes, did you talk to her anymore after that?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I've got faith in you," Bobby says to Jubilee with a grin. "You can do it." With everyone else taken care of, he grabs a burger of his own and adds some cheese, red onion, a couple of pickles, a tiny bit of ketchup, mustard, mayo, and then a slice of lettuce. Then he takes a big old bite and sighs contentedly. Yep, that hits the spot. Just what he wanted.

"Oh yeah?" Bobby winces just a little bit at the mention of the resulting cast. "That's rough." He glances over toward Jubilation Lee when Kitty asks about the student, curious.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Oh, I for sure can! I'm dedicated to my gustation." Jubes assures bobert with a brisk nod, a big grin, and a massive bite that had to hurt the corners of her mouth when she stretches it to accomodate the absurdly large burger she's trying to consume. Squeezing it in both hands, spraying mustard and ketchup all over her mouth. "Thish ish delishush."

Angelica Jones has posed:
Leaning over a nearby hedge, Angelica says, "Yes, how IS she doing, Jubilee?" She's watching from there, a big grin on her face. "Considering your clothing choices I had to re-write." She glances around, having heard a lot of the conversation, but she isn't in swimming gear. The light top, the shorts, and the cast-in-a-sling are her ensemble today.

She pauses, looking toward Bobby, and she raises her RIGHT hand (not broken) in a half-wave, and seems to reconsider being a smart-mouth for a moment. "Hello?" Hi, you can talk to him. He looks nice. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, is this a party?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes a bite of her hot dog, eating it slower than Lockheed and Jubilee are eating their food at least. Kitty swivels her head to see Angelica as the teen's head comes into view over the hedge. "Speaking of the... I don't know about devil, but definitely fiery," Kitty says. "It's Bobby's birthday. Have you met yet? He's teaching mathematics. And is one of the first students the school had," she says.

Another bite of the hot dog is consumed, and she kicks her legs just a little bit, slowly moving them through the water. "He's also got just a super cool power," Kitty adds, grinning at her own choice of words.

Bobby Drake has posed:
While Jubilee is doing her best snake impression, Bobby takes a somewhat smaller bite out of his own burger. He notices Angelica leaning over the hedge and then notices the sling, putting two and two together and coming up with this being the eponymous new student. He sets his burger down on his plate and lifts his hand to give her a wave in greeting, "Burger? Dog? Veggie burger?" He nods in the direction of the grill. "You're not interrupting anything. Just kind of doing a low key grill and swim. Come get some food."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"OH SWEET JESUS CRUNCH BERRIES AND CREAM!" Jubilee was so focused on her freaking hamburger she hadn't seen Angelica coming up! Said hamburger goes flying when Jubes flails her hands up into the air, nearly slipping on the slick asphalt surrounding the pool. She's saved by diving into the water at an awkward, belly flopping, angle.. "OUUUUUUUU... I'm dyinnnnnng..." Blub blub... sinking beneath the surface to sit on the bottom cross legged, arms folded over her pockadotted bikini top, so freaking embarrassed.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica opens her mouth to answer, but the SUDDEN PANIC reaction of Jubilee overrides whatever she was about to deliver as a cheesy line. And there was cheese, trust me. She pauses and frowns, then says, "I'm not going in to get that." She's already figured Jubilee out a bit, and is apparently cool with letting her drown.
"Um, no. I haven't met you, Professor," the fiery redhead says, pulling said hair to one side. "I was being incorporated into the new semester," she says with a glance at Kitty to either nod or head-shake the concept. "I like math though. And burgers! I'll eat anything." Yes. No, don't ..there's no right answer.

She looks to Kitty again, a half-frown touching her lips. "Cool how exactly?" Also, calling Bobby 'Professor' is going to cause issues in a right hurry.

She pauses and looks into the pool. "Hey. You actually need help?"

"She's fine."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty glances over at Jubilee and her reenactment of the Titanic sinking. "Rose totally has room for you on the driftwood," she tells Jubilee at some point when she comes up for air. Assuming she does. If not, Kitty will have dibs on that sweet jacket she always wears.

Another bite of the hotdog is consumed, and Kitty hops back up. Glance at the pool and Jubilee, then goes over to the grill. "Ah, you'll have to ask him to show you," Kitty says with a smile of Bobby's power. "Angelica's got a fire power of some sort," she tells Bobby. Totally unfair, telling Bobby but not Angelica.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Blurb." Says the bubbles bubbling to the surface.

Jubilee remains on the bottom for an unusually long length of time before a need for oxygen wins over her need for being unembarrassed and hiding. Splashing out of the water with a gasp, right at the edge of the pool, where she can easily pull herself up out of the water. Dripping wet hair hanging around her face... double pointing at the mansion, "I'll be over there... dueces." Two fingers up, headed for the exit-o, stage right-o.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Whups, and there goes Jubilee into the pool. He watches with his burger half-lifted to his mouth and then snorts at the declaration of dying. He takes another bite. Dinner and a show, apparently. He grins a little crookedly when Angelica calls him Professor and he chuckles, "There's only one Professor at this school, and it's not me. I'm just Bobby. Mr. Drake if you happen to be in one of my math classes."

He grins and he grabs a plate for Angelica and he sets one of the burgers onto it and holds it out to her. "The condiments and buns are over there." He nods toward the table where such things are. He doesn't seem overly concerned about Jubilee. He's pretty sure she'll come up for air when she needs it. Then he nods to the water slide made of ice that he'd created at one end of the pool. "Well, don't melt my ice slide, then."

Angelica Jones has posed:
Eyes still flicking to Jubilee's antics, Angelica answers kind of lopsidedly. "I'm...not supposed to do...til the cast's off," she says with intense distraction, the pool dweller disgorging herself with what appears to be a two-pronged defensive maneuver.

"Just a.." she says, walking away from the burger just in time to let it fall to the ground. She looks back, looks at Jubilee, then puts her free hand over her own face.

"JUBILATION LEE DON'T YOU DARE!" she says, at enough volume to pause a freight train. She turns back to Bobby, says, "I'm so sorry, I'll clean that up and make another and I'm sorry sir," then she's jogging toward Jubilee, trying to intercept.

"Look, I'm sorry. You can't leave, I ...not for me. I'm not important, you enjoy the party. Please?"

She's got a very definite attitude. It's just all soft and squishy and stuff.

Julio Richter has posed:
One of the classical elements has been noticeably missing from the proceedings up to this point, but good news for earthbending fans: as Jubilee hightails it toward the mansion with Angelica in hot pursuit, they pass Julio, very slowly making his way in the opposite direction. His arms are hooked under a decent-sized rectangular object, gift-wrapped in shiny green paper.

From his strained expression and the vein throbbing in his forehead, it's obviously a /heavy/ rectangular object, and he's moving very carefully, as if to avoid shaking it, both of which might explain his tardy arrival. He's wearing a dark green swimsuit under an unbuttoned white shirt, and flip-flops, which aren't exactly helping his definite lean toward the tortoise side of the spectrum.

"I'm here!" he calls out as he steps onto the pool deck, shuffling toward the nearest clear table space. "I'm late but I'm here!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets another hotdog and puts it on the plate for Lockheed as she watches what's transpiring. Then a hamburger bun goes on the grill to brown slightly, before Kitty takes it off and adds a burger. Then it's time for fixings. Cheese, onions (just a little so she doesn't get onion breath!) pickles, mustard and ketchup. Some lettuce.

Soon Kitty is carrying the plate over to chair where she takes a seat. "She'll fit in well," Kitty comments to Bobby, glancing over towards Angelica. She looks over towards Julio as he arrives with the big gift. "Should have told us you needed help," Kitty says. "We'd have called Piotr," she adds with a warm grin.

Jubilation Lee has posed:

Jubes turns around sharply at the volume used, eyes wide at Angelica, "Whooooa..." Hands up, coming back slowly, tilting at the waist in a playful manner like Angelica might strike out at her physically, "Caaalm doown... shhhhh..." Patting the air until she's reached the casted student, gently gripping the girls upper arms. "You okay?"


"Boop." One hand comes up to tap her index finger against her nose... then she turns and skips towards the mansion. "Happy birthday Bobert! Haiiiii Julio! Seeeeeya Kitsy Katsy, Lockhead, and Cutie Patootie Angie!" Nicknames, she'll work on it.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Now there are /two/ burgers on the ground and Bobby just shakes his head, "Food abuse, that's what it is." He shakes his head sadly. Then he waves off Angelica's proclamation that she will clean it up. He sets about grabbing both off the ground and tossing them into the trash can nearby. More will get dropped before the party's over, he's sure. He'll just throw two more on the grill.

He glances from Kitty over toward Angelica and Jubilee and says, "She's.. something, alright." He chuckles. "Got a set of lungs on'er too."

Bobby grins when he sees Julio, unable to help that bright amused sparkle in his eye as Julio comes slowly up toward them with something /heavy/ in his arms. Bobby moves out to help him, setting his plate down in his chair. "Here, let me help carry it over," he laughs, offering to take one end of whatever it is that Julio's got there and get it over by the table where Kitty's present sits.

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica is stunned. Hardcore stunned, to the point where Jubilee is nearly out of sight before she manages to move again. When she does it takes her another moment to get her brains in order, and she lets loose with the best insult she can manage!
"I AM NOT CUTE!" Angelica says, her red locks getting in her face as she does, then spits them out and ducks down to grab what appears to be a rock but is in fact a rubber ducky for the pool. She throws it at Jubilee's retreating form, her temper managing to get ahold of her for once...after fifteen seconds in Jubilee's presence. The pacifist, Angelica, throwing things at someone's head.

Jubes is good at what she does.

She turns, stalking back, and doesn't check to see if Jubilee dies due to weight of duck. She looks at the ground, at the burger, and deflates. "I'm..." Sorry, yes. She looks at Julio, Kitty, and blushes bright red in her cheeks and throat and all the places, and adds, "Happy...birthday?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Ooooo I wish I was an oyscer myer weeeeineeeeer!" Jubilee's sing songy voice carries back across the distance, skipping with her arms swinging, switching from foot to foot so her whole body adjusts as she moves. People forget she's a gymnastical person and lowkey a freakin ninja. LOW KEY.. like 25% ninja.

"That is what I reaaally wanna beeeee..."

Beaming a smile at the chaos she's brought to poor, sweet, innocent, non violent Angelica! MWAHAHAHA!

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio lets Bobby take one end of the wrapped gift, but shifts the balance of the object gingerly and warns in his accented voice, "Move it gently! No shaking." It is indeed heavy, and as they march it over to the free table space, it can't be missed that there's a definite feeling of something sloshing within -- this rectangular object is full of water, or at least some kind of liquid. The wrapping is a little bit rough in spots, but not totally amateurish.

"Good seeing you, Jubes!" he calls out, once his hands are free to give her a wave. "I'd have called Piotr, but he would have just tried to eat it," he answers Kitty with a laugh. "Speaking of which, though..." he makes his own way over to the grill and grabs a hot dog. He doesn't comment on Angelica's attempted ducky assassination, perhaps wary of suffering a similar fate if her attention turns to him.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Yessir," Bobby says to Julio with a grin when he is instructed to be careful with the object. He does as he's told and does not shake it until they manage to set it down where it won't get tipped over. He smiles curiously, trying to guess what is sloshing and what might be in it as it's moved. Though when Julio says that Piotr would have tried to eat it he blinks, stares at the wrapped box, and then back to Julio. "Eat it?" He stares at it a moment longer, but decides he'll figure that out later.

For the moment, he grabs up his burger and plate from where he'd left it on his seat and takes another bite, finishing it off before it gets cold. There are drinks of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic types in clearly marked coolers. Bobby has a bottle of coke, himself. He grins over at Angelica and says, "Thanks."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio snorts with amusement when Bobby latches onto his comment about Piotr. "That's not a hint," he says, raising one eyebrow and giving him a chiding hip-check. "Piotr would try to eat it no matter what it was. Hungry man; metal teeth." He takes a big bit of his hotdog and then says, around it, "You can tear it open whenever you want. No buildup needed."

He turns to glance at Angelica, reasonably confident now that she won't try to brain him with any rubber waterfowl, as none are within arm's reach, and says with a wave, "Hi... I'm Julio. Earthquakes are me, so... sorry about that."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
APPEARITH JUBILATION! Standing upon the balcony overlooking the pool area with Ukulele with a microphone plugged into a speaker so it can be heard and then one for herself nearby on a stand. She's got her clothes back on, mostly. A tanktop over her bikini and a pair of cut off jean-shorts, with her damp hair pulled back by two clips featuring little plastic butterflies.

She plucks at the cords absently to tune the instrument.

"Hello Xavier's manssssiooooon!" FIST IN THE AIR HOLDING HER PICK!

She begins strumming a jaunty little tune.

~ If I was a birthday boy, I'd ask for something sweet..
I wouldn't eat that veggie shit,

it'd have to be real meat!
I'm not sayin' vegitarians,

aren't people too,
I'm just sayin' processed plant
isn't really food.

So give one up for Bobert!
Birthday boy, it's wild!
Doesn't matter what age he is
because we know he's still a child...
"At heart, okay? I love you Bobert!"

Rattling strum, jittery cords!

~Everyone eats free at Burger Joint, at least until they fire me for stealing food! Because Steve's a giant tooooool!~

Angelica Jones has posed:
Quieter, her own lovely embarrasment having gotten her to calm down, Angelica puts her hand behind her back. She kneels down again then, her one good hand coming out, and tidies up her spilled food. "I'm not normally like this. I think I might have an anger problem," she says, putting her food into a nearby bin.

She stands and wipes her forehead, sweat from the warm day glistening on her brow like a poet with nothing else to write but cliches. She smiles at Bobby, then at the confuzzling Julio. "Metal...teeth? What?"

Then she looks up painedly and sighs. "Bobby? Get her," she says gently. "This one's all yours."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake gives Julio a little hip check in return and grins, grabbing his bottle of coke and taking a swig from it. "I'll open it in a little bit." He hasn't opened Kitty's either. "Right now I am getting another burger." And with that, he does, in fact, go and load himself up another burger. Then Jubilee is serenading the party and he can't help but laugh, shaking his head a bit at the song. He lofts his bottle in the air though in a kind of salute to her before taking another drink.

He raises a brow, "Get her? She's fine. She's just singing." He doesn't seem concerned. If anything, he seems entertained by the show. He picks up his burger and takes a big bite out of it. Then he leans over a little against Julio's side and says, "After this burger, I'll open them up."

Julio Richter has posed:
A punk fan at heart, Julio quickly gets into Jubilee's snarky little improvised jam, even if he personally would run the uke through a stompbox and a speaker stack for that MAXIMUM ISLAND THRASH vibe. He applauds and whoops when she's done, adding a holler of: "Si, chinga tu madre, /Steve!/" Does he have any idea who Steve is? No, he does not. But just a like a mosh pit, sometimes you just gotta go with it.

He tilts his head and regards Angelica curiously. "Yeah, metal teeth. Like my earthquakes. Mutant school, si?" He really hopes he's not informing her of anything she doesn't know. That could be awkward. He flashes a thumbs-up over at Bobby and smiles. "OK, whenever you're ready. I hope you like it!"

Angelica Jones has posed:
"Yeah. Yeah, she is," Angelica says in response to Bobby's words. She smiles, looking warm and content, and turns toward him again. "I just don't want her to get too comfortable is all. Gotta tease you or I don't like you, y'know?" She throws Jubilee a smile too, knowing the girl might not see it, but she really does like the girl.

Then turns to Julio. "Hey. I'm Angelica," she says, offering a hand. The only one she's got. But not to interrupt the gift-opening of course.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby laughs as Julio hollers at the mythical Steve, whoever he might be. "Yeah, fuck Steve," Bobby says. What? There aren't any /little/ kids around and he's not on duty. So he doesn't temper his language poolside. It's his party and he can swear if he wants to. He settles back into his chair with his burger, eating it while Angelica and Julio get acquainted. He grins a little at her and says, "Uh huh," about the teasing. He does it often enough, himself.

Once he finishes his burger, he begins the process of peeling back the wrapping from the heavy rectangular gift that Julio brought outside. He smiles a little crookedly when he immediately can tell what it is just getting some of it open. Then when he peels the rest off he grins curiously and leans in a little closer to actually look at what's inside. Then he laughs, "Whoah. That's awesome!"

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio shakes the offered hand, making no comment about her hands. After a couple of times having blue furry people jump out at you, you learn to just roll with these things, much like mosh pits and that /asshole/ Steve.

Bobby's gift is a slightly worn fish tank, with a couple of bettas lazily circulating in the water: one red and one iridescent blue. The tank floor has the usual coating of fine, colorful gravel, but there's also an unusually dense clutter of statuary for them to explore. There's a ferris wheel, a castle, a black sofa, a toppled model bicycle, a jetski, a trident stuck into a rock, and a little chalkboard at the back with math problems painted on it. They are nowhere near properly scaled against each other, and seem to have been sourced from a lot of different places. On the front, along the top, a little plaque has been affixed that reads 'Sober Atlantis.'

"It's supposed to be, like... a bunch of stuff from things we did together," Julio explains, sounding a little uncertain as he explains the concept behind the gift. "So, that's Coney Island, that's the Ren Fest, that's from when I helped you set up your classroom, that's the bicycle I crashed and the jetski I... also crashed."

Angelica Jones has posed:
Angelica smiles, watching the gift unwrapping. She wraps her one arm around herself, wishing she'd brought a gift. Then decides, you know what? Better late than never. Maybe she can do something for a few days hence. She slips off though, with attention on others than her. As it should be.

And then she's gone, with a lot less fanfare. And that's alright too.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"And the sofa from Sion," Bobby laughs, which he does /not/ explain further, "And a trident for the time we went to Atlantis.." He can't stop grinning as he looks at each bit of statuary that fills the bottom of the tank for the fish to swim in and out of. The "Sober Atlantis" plaque makes him laugh. He turns away from the tank then and wraps both arms around Julio's shoulders, giving him a tight hug and then a warm kiss. "Thank you," he murmurs, "This is amazing and I love it."

He takes a moment to wave goodbye as Angelica heads off as well, and then he turns his attention back to Julio. "You found a little thing for each and every memory. That is the coolest thing I think I've ever gotten."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio would also wave goodbye, but at that moment he's a little preoccupied; he returns the kiss, running one hand up the back of Bobby's head and giving him a gentle skritch there once they've parted. He blushes a little at Bobby's enthusiasm, and asks, "You really like it? I'm so happy... I was kind of worried it would be too dorky. Or you wouldn't like fish, or something. I can help take care of them, I promise." He lowers his hand to rub between Bobby's shoulder blades as he peers into the tank. "And also, I was thinking we can keep getting little things to put in the tank. Like when we go on dates or on important days we want to remember. That kind of thing."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I really like it," Bobby promises, in case the ear to ear grin that he's wearing isn't enough to reassure Julio that he's sincere about it. "I like fish," he grins. "And you can help me take care of them, and we can add stuff to it as we go. I think it's perfect." He hugs Julio tightly again before he releases him. "I should open Kitty's too." He settles down then to open up the box that Kitty brought by and its card and grins "Oh hey.. this is neat!" Inside, there is a small desk globe that looks like it comes from the 1600s or so, the world as people perceived it then (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ByHyrD6IgAAfPS3.jpg). And then there's a photo of an art piece that is off being framed but he'll get the actual piece once it has a frame (https://tinyurl.com/yya2nukq). "Aw, those are super cool. I'm going to put the globe on my desk and I can hang the painting on the wall between the windows. There's nothing there yet and it should fit."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio looks at Kitty's gift once it's unwrapped and slaps his forehead. "Ohhh no. We both got you room decorations!" He's acting like they wore the same dress to prom, or something. Typical Julio, worrying that things are much worse than they really are. Still, Bobby's sincerity -- and the tight hug -- does some legwork convincing him that things aren't all that bad. "Man, hers are all nice and professional looking," he says approvingly. "Show those middle school mutants you mean business!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby laughs and says "Those middle school mutants don't get to see them. I'm not putting them in my classroom. Those are for me." He smiles, "Just like my fish. Those are going in my room with all our memories in the tank." He gently sets the other gift down and then grins over at Julio. "I'm glad you could make it. It's been a good day. And this makes it even better." It's a pretty low-key gathering. There are a few students kicking around, but most of them have departed, having come mainly for the food and playing with the ice slide Bobby had created for the food. It seems only a couple of people actually knew it was his birthday. Maybe he preferred it that way.

Julio Richter has posed:
"I'm sorry I was late," Julio says, "but I'm glad you were still having fun without me!" Honestly, low-key works for him, too, as he quickly explains: "I didn't even tell people about my birthday. Illyana figured it out somehow; she says she asked a demon. But then Mojo attacked and turned us all into goats, and then I just kept fainting, and there wasn't really time to celebrate. This is /much/ better." He gives Bobby's hair a quick ruffle, then asks, "Mind if I take a turn on the ice slide? I think I'll do better than the jetski on the ice ramps..."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You've got nothing to apologize for," Bobby says, grinning broadly. Then he blinks, "Wait.. your birthday? I missed your birthday?" Both brows shoot up and the grin is replaced with a look of concern. "When was it? You should have told me!" His brow furrows as though trying to remember something about goats and when that would have been. "Goats?" He tries to count back. Were there goats? He doesn't remember goats.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio hesitates for just a second before answering, "Seventeenth of June." It was a bad idea to give that info away for years, which is why he was cagey about it in the first place, but he can't imagine Bobby would do anything untoward with that information, and if anyone in authority is close enough to know to question Bobby about him, he's already screwed.

"You didn't miss it, though: it was before we were dating. I wouldn't have expected you to do anything!" he assures his boyfriend. "We were only goats for a few minutes, but yes, we were goats. Everyone else was a cool goat but I was the kind that faints. We still had our powers, though. I guess if I had been watching instead of fighting llamas, it would have been kind of cute."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Okay," Bobby says when Julio explains that it was before they were dating. He would have been more upset if it had been after they'd started dating. "Well.. next year. Next year, I am /doing/ something. Even if it's something you know, low-key and just for us, okay?" He has no idea the significance of Julio's birthday or why anyone would want to know it other than someone who would want to give him a birthday gift, and so he's unaware of how fraught that information might be.

Relieved, however, that he didn't miss it outright while they were dating he finally grins and nods, "Yeah, definitely try out the slide. That's why I made it! For fun." He'd made one out at that beach party with the jet skis, too, but they hadn't gotten a chance to use it before running off to Atlantis.

Julio Richter has posed:
Needing no more encouragement, Julio peels out of his unbuttoned shirt and then claps a hand on Bobby's shoulder with a grin. "We are /definitely/ doing something next year," he agrees, eyes sparkling as he gives his boyfriend's shoulder a squeeze. "And at least part of it will be just for us... but I can't promise that will be low-key," he adds with a wink.

Then he's off at a jog, clambering carefully up to the top of the slide and then taking a seat on it with an involuntary shiver. He eases back and forth at the top, then launches himself forward as powerfully as he can, aiming for an exciting slide and the biggest splash possible.