3345/A Rekindling of Hope for the Titans

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A Rekindling of Hope for the Titans
Date of Scene: 12 September 2020
Location: Roof - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Timely tidings from teammates are told to the Titans, transforming temperaments.
Cast of Characters: Gar Logan, Cassie Sandsmark, Kara Danvers, Kate Bishop, Dick Grayson, America Chavez, Kian, Karolina Dean, Heather Danielson

Gar Logan has posed:
It was an eventful week for many. For some, like Gar, it was a few days of lethargy followed by near-frantic activity in hope of finding some good news, /any/ good news to cling to. While he had been mostly radio silent, a few Titans figured out where he was, and there had at least been a visit. However, there had been no sign of Beast Boy around Titans Tower since the return from space.

Until now.

A green bird of indistinct appearance flies in hard and fast, quickly entering within range of any proximity scanners in place. Anyone on watch duty might pick up on it, followed by him turning back into his normal self upon landing. He's not in costume, but rather regular clothing in the form of a baseball jersey undershirt of white with black sleeves, jeans, and sneakers. Coming up with something from a pocket, he activates his T-Comm.

"Guys! Anyone around, come up to the roof because.." He pauses, turning to look behind him as if sensing a disturbance in the force.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
On the monitors or for anyone who reaches the roof quickly, behind Gar's flapping form, the sky looks... a little weird. The shape of the clouds, the blue of the sky, all... just slightly off, bending, curving. While the Titans are getting another surprise visit with news coming out of the sky, unlike with Gar (or even Carol Danvers recent visit), the Tower's extensive sensors and alarms don't go off or register anything. At least not until the last second.

Let's just say, they don't call it the 'Invisible Plane' for nothing.

Above the tower airspace, the air ripples and distorts at the plane dis-engages its stealth entirely, reverting from the optical camouflage to revealing the still strangely reflective, otherworldy and almost liquid-like alien metal of Wonder Woman's personal vehicle. Then a gap opens in the sky, as a door opens on the bottom of the vehicle, and Cassie Sandsmark leaps out and flies toward the roof. It is actually continuing to lower, presumably to let Kate get out safely, but Wonder Girl just can't wait.

"Guys I have great news!" Then she blinks as she realizes there's an echo, and she's it, and looks over at Gar.

Kara Danvers has posed:
There is a loud crack from the air as Supergirl arrives at super sonic speeds. There are still some twigs caught in her hair which she awkwardly attempts to detangle, "Gar! Cassie!," she exclaims when she sees them and actually smiles for a change. There's been scant few smiles of late. She had started to wonder if Cassie would leave them, with Troia gone. And Gar she thought perhaps might never come back after this. For her own part, she has been focused solely on her work, trying to ignore the pain inside. There are a few hops as she walks and then pauses to pry a stone out from between the top of her boot and her thigh. "Hurricanes are one of the worst.. there's too many things happening at once."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Definitely an eventful week. Everything since the Battle in Space. Coming back. Dealing with Amazons. Dealing with sleep deprivation. Dealing with Titans. Sleeping. Dealing with more Amazons.

Busy week.

Kate watches Cassie leap down and leans back in to talk to the pilot and then leans back out waiting for the plane to actually land on the pad.

She can't fly after all.

On the bright point that jet has been here before so it likely isn't setting off too many alarms, just more arrival alerts.

She hops out of the plane waving towards the cockpit, not making them descend any ramps. She has all of her gear with her, a duffle bag over her shoulder as well. She looks a little bruised in new ways but in a very sparky good mood. Her hair is pulled back in a traditional Amazon braid and she has some new (non-magical) armband on her upper left arm which has an arrow motiff on it. Her sunglasses are tucked up in her hair and she looks maybe a tiny bit hung over.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing was in his usual rotation in Metropolis, and currently taking a break in the kitchen. He gets the memo to be on the roof, and is hurrying as quickly as his mortal legs will carry him, electing to take the stairs over the elevator. The former Robin is soon on the roof and sees the collection of individuals and breathes a sigh of relief.

"You could have knocked," Nightwing says with a grin as he approaches them, "But I am glad to see you all."

America Chavez has posed:
America comes up onto the roof, pauses as she sees the gathering of people and greets, "Hey, Gar, good to have you back," she says with a warm smile. She gives Beast Boy a thumbs-up and then nods to the other Titans gathered, giving Kara a brief glance and another smile before she looks over to Kate, and Cassie, getting out of the Invisible Jet.

"Came up because I heard the jet landing. Any news?" She looks curious.

She walks over closer to the group as she gives greetings, and asks inquiries ending up over near Nightwing as she does so, taking a comfortable stance.

Kian has posed:
    He has tried to spend all his time in the lab, or studying English, but Kían is only human.
    Well, only mortal anyway.
    He doesn't notice the green bird zipping past, but he does notice his T-Comm and instinctively -- when the hell did that become an instinct? -- heads back to the Tower.
    The first thing he notices is... "Gar /tavár'h/!  Iss all right?  Hwere haf... never min'.  Jus' say hyu are all right, yis?"
    Then and only then does he notice everyone else.  "Oh, uh, /kié/."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan holds up his hands, somewhat defensively, as if expecting to be chided for bailing on everyone. "I..I think I'm doing better. I shouldn't have just left like that, and I should have told someone where I went sooner, but I wasn't ready to be around anyone else at first."

The arrival of the jet, with Cassie and Kate joining him on the rooftop with Dick, America, Kara, and Kian, means there are a lot of people there to hear the news. "I've been talking with..wait, where were /you?/" For the second time, there's a halt in what he's about to say as he realizes exactly which plane that is. Eyes reveal a show of wonder.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
It's true that the most obvious difference is that Cassie is smiling. Smiling like she always used to, the always on, hundred-watts bright kind of smile that defines her normal personality, and has been so noticably absent of late. Frankly, the smile alone is a bit of a spoiler for the news she's brought. She wouldn't be smiling like that if it wasn't good. Seeing Kara, just the look she gives seems like it's meant to be reassuring. That she feels what the other heroine has been putting herself through and why, and that there's at last some hint of relief.

And, giving Dick a somewhat more sarcastically and lopsided grin, she's even in her more joking mood:

"Knocking is for visitors, Nightwing. And we /just/ made it back from the island, I told Adrastea-" Who? "-to just fly by and let us off versus landing and having to make the trip back. I really didn't want to waste time."

She finally turns back to Gar. "We went to Themyscira to see Menalippe-" Who? OK there's a lot of Amazons. "-the Oracle." Apparently they have one of those. Amazon things. "She communed with, well, I don't honestly know who it was who answered. Maybe I should have asked Hippolyta, she seemed to know-" focus Cassie! "-but they're alive- wait were did YOU go? Who were you talking to?"

And between this comedy routine back-and-forth, no one is getting any details!

Kara Danvers has posed:
Fed up with the twig having worked its way in to her hair, she simply crushes it in to a fine dust and sprinkles the dead wood in to one of the pot plants for nutrients. Kara is extremely relieved that Gar is okay though. She smiles to America, Kian, Dick, and Kate. Since she and Kate both agreed to actually get some sleep, Kara has been even more productive as Supergirl.

"It's fine Gar. I'm just glad you're okay. It's been a rough week." The numerous different names Cassie starts to speak of has her losing track of the discussion quickly. Themyscira is still a bit of mystery to her, having only really learnt much about it from Troia and Diana.

Kara didn't really doubt that they weren't still out there somewhere, somehow.. they're too hardy to simply end like that. She refuse to believe it, just as she refuses to believe her parents aren't still alive somehow.. despite Power Girl telling her otherwise. That was a different reality so that doesn't count.. right?

"How do you know? And do you know where?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate rubs her left eye a little bit, and yeah she is smiling but has to fight a yawn. "It was..." she trails off thoughtfully.

"Amazing. Wonderful... to drill the puns a bit there. "There were Oracles... Archery.. lots of Amazons.. a surprising number of head pats though which I definitely wasn't expecting... I think it is because they are all ancient..."

Honestly at this point Kate seems very content to let Cassie enthuse along and start spilling the news and all that since it was her whole Oracle ordeal right.

"Oracle." she notes to Kara with a smile. Her verve is a bit less than Cassie though. More reserved. Maybe the hangover. Maybe the fact there are a lot of reasons despite Cassie's news to be reserved.

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Seems people are going well enough to come home," Nightwing says to America with a smile and nods in greeting to Kian. He then approaches Gar, "We are glad you are home. I hope you are doing well?"

Kate, Kara, and Cassie each get a wave, "Well, that was definitely a memorable trip," he chuckles as he tries to process it all, "But you have confirmation of their safety?!" A wave of relief passes over him, "That is wonderful news!" Dick relaxes his posture and is visibly in a good mood. He continues, "I will gladly take all the good news I can get."

America Chavez has posed:
"Of course they're alive," agrees America, having been certain of this all along. But, still, it's good to have some kind of - magical God-proof. Or, whatever it is the Oracles do. It's still good. America moves over to Cassie and Kate, giving each of them an arm-squeeze, "That is -great-. But," she looks at Kate, "I must admit a little jealousy that you got to go to the Island, and I didn't." A grin, then. "But, I suppose it'll come in it's time, right?" Of this, she seems sure of.

She exhales, dropping her arms back to her sides, nodding. "Good. We know for certain they're alive, now. And Nadia is almost finished with the ship, she was working with her dad on it the other night and he was helping her with a few tweaks and adjustments. Then we can really begin our search. I'm ready to go travelling and punch us as many star-portals as it takes to find them once we get out there," she states with raw determination.

She looks back to Kate and Cassie, "Good job, girls. Awesome job."

Kian has posed:
    Kían smiles and nods at Kate's "It's been a rough week".  There's an understatement for the books.  "Time has been forgettin' to pass, yis," he agrees.
    He listens, absorbs, has difficulty understanding.  Everyone's talking so fast!  And also, despite his words about hope... he didn't really have that much.  Just enough to remain functional.  "O-rac-le," he repeats, sounding out the unfamiliar word.  "They know?  /Tavár'hyw/ are alife?  How?  Hwere?"
    He spreads and folds his wings -- a nervous habit.  "Do not under-stan'.  That seems to be my normal...."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    There's... quite a gathering on the roof. But as far as Karolina knows, it's all friendly faces. Friendly faces, and... is that.... "GAR!" comes a sound from the sky. It's not hard to spot the rainbow ribbons trailing behind the Majesdanian as she flies down to the rooftop. The bookbag she's carrying hits the ground before her feet do, and even then her arms are flung around Gar almost instantly, wrapping him up in a big, shiny, warm, almost blindingly rainbowy hug as her emotions flare.

    Then she steps back, or rather, scoots, toes of her shoes not touching the surface of the roof now, and she manages to turn down her shine so she's not so blinding. "...is... this a welcome back party? Or is something going on?" she asks, almost sheepish now, lifting an arm to rub her other arm, smiling a little lopsidedly.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan says, "Oracle? What does Larry Ellison have to..oh." Gar snaps out of a moment of confusion, head tilting as Cassie explains their side of whatever was found out, which already appears to satisfy at least one or two here.

Before he can get any further with his own side of things, Karolina happens and he almost topples over at the energetic embrace, things getting a whole lot shinier all of a sudden. "Oof! I'm..glad to see you too!" he manages to reply before she's stepping back, but not so quickly as to avoid him returning it.

/He's/ supposed to be the big hugger around this place! What the heck!!

Clearing his throat, he says, "Uh, my side is a little more complicated, I think." He's a mix of eager and bouncy, but also tired and just hanging on. One stretch of good sleep doesn't make up for days of very little. "See, Terry is also the Cheshire Cat. Yes, from Wonderland. I used to think it was just a story too, but it's not. His dad had the Cheshire Cat as part of him, but there is only one Cheshire Cat and it, I dunno, ended up part of Terry when he was born."

Are they following so far? Good!

"So I figured, if he was really dead, it should have gone to someone in his family that was closest and I went to see April O'Neil and his mom, and both of them were still normal. So I think that means Terry's alive, and hopefully so is Donna, Vic, and Cait. We just have to find them."

And that's still the big question: where?

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Sorry," Cassie tells America, looking sheepish. "I just grabbed Kate since we, well, she'd brought Diana the news in the first place. She'd been with me through a lot of it, so it felt like she needed to come. Oh," and she suddenly blinks and looks over at Kate. "I just realized we gotta swing by the encampment to pick up your bike-"

Except, now that Kate has safely disembarked, the Invisible Plane is already rising from the tower (without any sound of normal propulsion, it should be noted), visually melding back into the blue and white of the background. Yet before it goes, briefly, another 'hole' opens in the sky as the plane's strange surface reconfigures to create a window. The Titans get a bit of a fan moment as Wonder Woman waves from inside. Then zoom, they're gone!

Oops. Cassie just reassures Kate: "I can fly you over after this to grab it!"

But that's another distraction. Focus Cassie! She listens to Gar, and does a bit of a 'huh' over the Wonderland stuff and what sounds like the more straightforward logic behind his discovery. Except... 'Where' is /definitely/ the question now, whether asked aloud by some or just left implied. And here's where stuff gets harder.

"So, right, magical God proof... is good, but Oracle stuff, as you might know, tends to be kinda vague," Cassie explains. "And whoever the Oracle contacted, in fact, was being more of a jerk about it than usual." Blasphemy! "Hippolyta had to lay the verbal smackdown, you shoulda-" FOCUS. "Anyway. Uh. It said they're under 'a broken sky.' And then a bunch of other stuff, that they can't return until we do it, except it's all impossible? Like solve an impossible riddle, or end an endless war. It was a whole buch of stuff like that."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate shrugs to Cassie there and notes "We can fly over like you said... I am pretty sure my bike is super safe in an army of Amazons. I pity the bike thief."

"Vague is... an understatement. We know they are.. probably alive but it is very complicated and while it does give hope. Oracles are ... yeah this is going to be very...very hard if not impossible."

She stares a moment at Cassie and then blinks. "Uh.. okay yeah that is part of it.. one second let me get out the whole Prophecy...." she crouches down and opens up her duffle bag and starts to dig for her tablet. "Hold on...."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara folds her arms and listens. She had recently interviewed Vorpal before the war of the worlds, before Zod, before everything went so wrong. She had spent some time having chocolate milkshakes and coffee as he explained wonderland and his rabbit holes. It was a lovely afternoon.

"I'm here for impossible tasks, but those are really vague. I hope someone wrote it all down," she says looking over to Kate expecting she probably wrote it all down. "I've never tried a riddle before, we didn't have them on Krypton. Vorp is one of the reasons why I think they're alive.. because the wormhole news wasn't great."

"Normally when you make a wormhole, there is a perfect time to travel through it to arrive safely out the other end, before the wormhole snaps in the middle and the two halves disconnect. But if the took one of Vorp's rabbit holes out of there while traveling through a wormhole? who knows what that would mean. I don't. I don't really understand oracles and magic and rabbit holes." But hey, you gotta go with the flow sometimes.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nods to the others as they explain. He figured it was not the Oracle he knew. Though further confirmation of what he believed to be true of the others' survival goes a /long/ way to giving him relief. The arrival of Karolina gets a wave and a gesture to join them, "Come on over, all is well."

Dick looks to Gar and blinks, though he immediately thought of Gotham's Oracle, though he figured it must be a different one since Dick figured he would have known. "Well, we have dual sources of information pointing to the same result, so the odds of reliability is pretty high." His tone is confident.

"I'll take what information and wins we can get," Dick notes, "But I am glad we have that. Thank you very much, all of you for bringing it."

America Chavez has posed:
"Don't worry about it," America assures Cassie, reasonably, slightly amused. "You've got a lot on your mind." Then, more soberly, "We all do." She nods, as if to dismiss the matter. She listens to the rest of what Cassie says, along with Kate's words as well and while Kate fumbles for the prophecy entire, she asserts, "We do impossible things everyday. This won't be any different. It might be challenging. Whatever. We took on a whole planet. To save ours. And we won. That was impossible too, to most.

She nods to Kara, "I don't know much about wormholes. But, I get how they work. They're a variance on my star portals, kind of. More like Vorpal's ability. I don't understand oracles either. Magic? It's not that hard to understand, just harder to execute." A wry grin, then, before she claps her hands together. "We got this, Titans. However vague, we got confirmation back. Look at it this way, everyone who was an expert back there told us they were gone. We knew they weren't, and the Orcale, according to Cassie and Kate told us as much, however vaugely. We just gotta have faith that we'll find them. And you can bet your asses that they'll be trying to search for a way home themselves. Let's not forget that."

She grins, wide, "And Gar's come back. Nadia's got the ship nearly ready to roll. So, we just have to keep moving. Keep going forward. We got this." Of that, she seems at least to be steadfastly certain.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Having been out getting takeout, Heather didn't realize there was anything or anyone landing on the roof of the tower. She was out trying to work towards filling her calorie quota for the day. The good news is that she found one of the best ways to do that, -and- keep healthy. Salads are healthy right? Calories are good for her. So a twelve THOUSAND calorie salad, otherwise known as an oversized Taco salad is in the bag she carries as she steps out onto the roof. She has her earbuds in, and is dancing about to some Satriani Guitar rock as she steps out of the elevator. Her hips rolling, and feet stepping lightly... and her eyes mostly closed, it takes her a moment to realize that there are a bunch of folks up here. She had been turning towards the locker room but pauses... reaches up and taps her earbud twice, turning the music off. "Oh hey. Gar!" she calls out with a smile, lifting a hand to wave, "What -did- I miss today?!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían listens somewhat... skeptically, to be honest.  His world has no tradition of magic and fortune-telling and prophecy.  The gods, that's a different matter entirely, but they don't intervene in the affairs of mortals.  At no point in the past week has Kían prayed that his friends are safe.  He /has/ prayed for understanding as to why it happened.
    "Hyu haf a rid-dle?  A puz-zle?"  Well, that gets the birdman's interest.  He's an inveterate puzzle-solver, dangerously curious.
    His people have a saying similar to 'Curiosity killed the--'... well, maybe that's an inappropriate saying right now.  Theirs goes, "Curiosity is incurable, but you don't have to die from it."
    He pays closer attention when the conversation turns to physics.  "Worm holes are messy.  The math is terrible.  I haf won-dered if Vorpal made those, hwat he call 'rabbit hole'.  I do not thin' so.  Tidal forces are awful.  One mis-step, one bad calculation an'... it is not pleasan'.  If in-vader ship use worm hole to move in space, iss crazy.  Too much chance of error.  Our frien' coul' be anywhere."
    He sighs.  "This iss somethin' I know for my self, yis?"

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Karolina lowers herself down to grab her bookbag, reaching into it and taking out her bracelet. She stops shining the moment her fingers make contact with the metal, and she slips it onto her wrist. "Oh... ooohhhh.... oh this is great!" she laughs, looking between everyone gathered, though her attention seems to be more focused on Cassie, Kate, and Gar. Especially Gar. She's been worried about him, but has been feeding everyone else in the tower.

    "At the absolute least, we're sure they're alive. I had so many hopes... and doubts..." she says the last part quietly, closing her eyes for a moment, then follows her attention to Kate. "Prophecy...? Prophecies and oracles... ooooh... I'm sure whatever trials come from this, we can do it if we work together, right? We're a team, and a family. We'll get them back." Giddy, much? She'd probably be blinding bright again if not for the suppression bracelet. The smile's bright enough anyway, and she waits to hear more details.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan has a curious look toward Karolina and the bracelet, and what it does when worn. She's still new enough, and he was gone long enough, that he doesn't know a ton about what she's able to do. Time to dig further into that soon enough will come.

Right now, he nods slowly to Dick's response, saying, "Just..just having some hope, and a reason for it, that's pretty big right now. And yeah, if we're gonna be doing everything we can to find them, you know they're doing the same thing. I'm not gonna be any help with the science side, and I dunno about riddles and puzzles, but there's gonna be other stuff to do to help."

He includes Heather with a wave, the hand then covering his mouth to account for a large yawn. There's excitement, but the fatigue is still there. "I've been running on 'E' though. I'm pretty hungry, too." That, at least, is a good sign as far as he's concerned.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie again looks a little sheepish at Kara's -very reasonable- point about the wisdom of writing such vital information down, and the fact that she did not, in fact, do such a thing. But now this only proves her great wisdom and foresight in bringing Kate along! And no one even needs to hear how she didn't pay more attention or write it down herself because she was too busy crying like a baby at the news.

Standing by as Kate digs for her tablet, it's now officially passed the point where Wonder Girl has any more special information to hand out, so she joins what is now certain to be a lot of communal musing and deciphering. "I don't know anything about wormhole stuff but, yeah, I have to figure if the League and Avengers people couldn't figure it out science-wise, it might be because of Vorpal's abilities messing with the normal physics. And that Cheshire-Wonderland stuff," she glances at Gar, "definitely sounds like it would fit ending up some place with less uh, -normal- rules. Olympus was a trip when I went, and if Wonderland is anything like the books..."

Now she glances over at Dick, smiling at his thanks but clearly interested in something else: "Kate can upload the full text. I'm hoping maybe some of you detective-sorts can take a crack at the language. Like obviously," she nods along with America, "impossible tasks are just every day hero business. But more than that, from a prophetic point of view, they're... trials. Obstacles to test heroes, to stop the unworthy. And usually there -is- a trick to it, in the wording, symbolism, whatever."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate gives up crouching and just sits on the roof. Hangover.

She pulls her tablet out of the and unlocks it then fiddles with it to pull up her notes.

"For the record... it wasn't an Oracle. I'm pretty sure the entity that gave this prophecy was one of the Greek gods... everyone was super tightlipped about it though and weeeere sketchy as hell about not wanting to talk about it. Golden Light. Voice like warm summer moonlight.. yeah I know how that sounds.. spoke in some ancient language but I understood it... wild."

Tablet and Kate settled there she "Maybe not even on this plane of existance though but America knows that stuff."

Throat clearing Kate reads it with grave importance now.









She looks sheepish. "I'll upload it too."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Striding closer, Heather moves to wrap Gar in a hug (if allowed of course), and noticing his expression... she lifts her bag, "Taco Salad. Oversized." she says, waggling the bag a bit.
    And then to the others,s he looks about and shrugs, "I am missing something..." And then she goes silent as Kate speaks, lifting her brow and just putting down the bag and reaching into it absently before sliding out a sealed taco salad and a spork... holding the spork out towards Gar silently.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara holds up a hand and says, "Does any one else secretly hope that all these riddles will make sense at the right time and place?" She looks somewhat concerned when she hears them, her brow furrowed and the concern written across her face visibly. She starts to pace slowly, "Any chance these are tasks they must perform to escape wherever they are?

    Because I don't even know where to start." She does think of Batman and family, Nightwing, Robin, who have faced weird riddles before. "Who comes up with these things, a little context would help.."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing listens to the prophecy and lets it sit in his head as he ponders it. He looks to the others, "Can I get a copy of..." when Kate mentions uploading it, he flashes a thumbsup, "Thanks!" It takes a few moments to mull it over and he shakes his head, "Nothing immediately comes to mind, though some lines are a little more obvious than others. The problem with riddles and prophecy is that they make much more sense /after/ the fact." Something he has learned the hard way, "But perhaps, we can piece together a few things. Perhaps something has to be done on our end /and/ their end."

America Chavez has posed:
America listens to Kate read the 'Riddles' spoken by Orcale or God, and she frowns at the vaugness of them. She exhales, and looks between Kate and Cassie, "Boy, you weren't kidding about how vague they were, were you?" A dry chuckle, and an exhale, and she shrugs at Kara.

"Who comes up with them? Usually people who know all the answers and don't want you to know any of them before their time is due. All we need to do is - really, keep doing what we were going to anyways. That's my suggestion. Keep it in the back of your mind, but don't let it change our actions. We try to focus on figuring all those riddles out we're going to break our brains."

She looks to the others, each in turn, for their opinon on her own voiced thoughts, nods a little to Nightwing's thoughts. "That'd make some sense," she agrees.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan begins to withdraw, rubbing an eye with the palm of a hand, but another hug is accepted before he says, "Thanks, but I'm gonna go in and get something else. That's yours." A look around to the others, then he squints at the riddle given, shaking his head. "Most of that doesn't make any sense to me, but I know someone else I can run that past to see if he can find anything out. It couldn't hurt."

With that noted, he gestures toward the interior of the building. "Glad to see everyone again. I'm not going anywhere this time. We'll find a way to bring them home."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    The business of the prophecy makes Karolina blink, and even kind of stare blankly. "...well I hope the light becoming dark isn't talking about me..." she says, looking decidedly un-bright right now. There's definitely a little bit of a joke there, though, as she purses her lips. "...that aside... mythology and philosophy are not my majors... and I'm not one for riddles. But there's enough smarts here to make this a breeze as.... stuff... reveals itself... that's now these usually go, right?" she looks between the individuals gathered.

    "But maybe we can breathe a little bit easier, for a moment, before starting on this in earnest. I'll go put on some tea, make us some cookies, and maybe cook up something for Gar." She eyes her bag, "I can work on my studies tomorrow instead. This is important."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Oh, okay." offers Heather with a shrug, "I won't argue. I'm starving!" Of course, she usually is. "But I do feel like I missed something important here. I really think I keep showing up RIGHT after all the important intelligence was shared, and I just go over there and punch that guy... when I'm told." A pause, and she grins, "I mean I'm fine with that if it matters."