3367/And Little Italy was never the same again..

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And Little Italy was never the same again..
Date of Scene: 14 September 2020
Location: Little Italy
Synopsis: Team Sarley? Harlera? topple Lady Stiltman for a sweet sweet bounty
Cast of Characters: Sera, Harley Quinn

Sera has posed:
Caffe Napoli on Hester and Mulberry, Little Italy thins out by 4pm, which is the perfect time to get a table and order some coffee. Sera sent a message through to her shiny new partner Harley Quinn that she has a lead on their first bounty together. A bonified thief and repeat villain who skipped on her court appearance a few months ago after she knocked over three banks in a single morning in New Jersey.

Sera is wearing comfy fit jeans and a black t-shirt that has 'Acute Angle' written across the chest in white block lettering. She has sunglasses styled after the ones found in The Matrix and finally a black leather jacket.

With a sip of her coffee, she sets the porcelain cup down on top of the bounty papers. She checks her Starkphone, wondering where Harley is. The red leather chair she sits on is quite comfortable, but she recognises she's occupying prime real estate, a table for two people - not one. She sends through a text to Harley, /WHERE IS? COFEFE GOOD, WEAR SNSBLE SHOES/.

Harley Quinn has posed:
A shiny new lead?!

Harley was all over there in a blink! And it helps that she was sorta living in the area too soooo...., soon after that text is sent the bathroom door opens and an Harley steps out of there... She is dressed to impress, which means she has a sleeveless black top with the logo 'BITE ME' in pink across the chest, shorts with fishnet stockings and SENSIBLE SHOES. With those SENSIBLE SHOES being a pair of sneakers in mismatched colors. Atop her head are a pair of sunglasses, square and large with mock diamonds framed around them. They are rather exuberant. And of course that the pigtails are there, the tips colored in red and blue and her acute, familiar voice is heard.

"WHAT DIDJA EXPECT FOLLOWIN' ME INTA THE BATHHOOUM BUSTAH?" she waves the baseball bat she was holding vaguely into the bathroom and then turns to look at people staring...

Well, shit.

"Whaaa? I took care o' it." She says to noone in particular and begins striding out to meet her bounty hunter partner.

"Hey, Sera! Ya suck at typin' messages." A big grin on her lips.

Sera has posed:
Sera looks up in surprise. Oh! Harley was already here, just.. occupiedo. She's one of the ones staring though. Who brings a baseball bat in to a coffee shop. Harley apparently. She lifts up her phone and waggles it between her finger tips. "This Earth device is fun but confusing," she explains and puts it away.

She takes another sip of her coffee and says, "Just down the street at Mulberry Street Cigars, in the apartment above it, our slip is hiding out. Her cousin apparently operates the cigar shop. So, simple job. We walk right in, knock all friendly.
    If that fails, kick in the door. I show my badge and we inform the slip that they are being arrested and that we are bounty hunters. Make sure they're not high, then we take them to the local PD and they sign the slip and we get paid. Eeeasy."

She drinks down the rest of her coffee and then shows Harley the photo of the woman they're after. "This is Callie Ryan. She goes by the name.. er.. Lady Stiltman. What? Really?" She squints at the papers and says, "This planet is so weird. Anyway, we got this." She offers a dap.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"These places ah vicious." Harley explains, flopping down on the chair across from Sera and letting out a sigh. "That's why ah always take Johnnnyyy heah." the bat. "Nevah leave home without protection!" she places the bat on the floor, along with her backpack and leans forward on her seat, elbows on the table and her hands holding up her chin, all smiles. She is eager and excited! Like a wiggly lil puppy. If puppies could be sociopathic crazies. "A cigah shop eh? Nasty habit." but she nods.

She gets the plan. Go in, talk to this Callie and what the fuck wait up... "Who da fuck calls 'emselves Stiltman? Really? Theah's a fuckin' crime right theah!" she shakes her head to herself. "Man, I'll have some suggestions foh her when we do her."

The dap is, of course, returned. "Time ta rock that bitch, my delusional fwiend who believes she's an angel." a grin. "Remembah, my office doous ah always open if ya wanna talk about it." WINK!

Then she gets up to her feet.

Sera has posed:
Sera makes a little 'explosion' with her hand when the dap is returned. She stares blankly at Harley for a moment, "I am Angel." She points at her t-shirt wording, "See. A pun and everything. What office are you talking about anyway?" Her eyes narrow for a moment... may be Harley didn't mean "talk about it", there was a wink. A wink means something on this planet right?

Sera leaves that mystery for another day and heads up the street with Harley. The cigar shop is not far at all, which was on purpose of course. "You got here real fast," she comments as she pushes open the door to the cigar shop and walks in. The red building has its fire escape on the street side, as there are no alleys with these thin multistory buildings. The five story building may have more potential locations for Lady Stiltman than Sera thought.

She ignores the humidors and cigars and the store in general. The man behind the counter has one of those moustaches where each side aims right up in to each nose nostril. He watches as they wander past and then shrugs and walks back in to the backroom.

At the back of the shop is the stair case up to the other four floors.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I was in the neighbahood." Harley explains, gesticulating with one hand, the other holding the strap of her backpack over a shoulder along with her bat. "Not stayin' in Gotham much. Takin' a break ya know?" she also LIVES here. But that's details. "And ah'm a head doctah. The best too. So when ya wanna talk ya can come lounge in mah couch."

She looks up and over to that side of the building, then up. "It's a big one.." and then they are in..

When the man just sort of ignores them and starts walking out she narrows her eyes. "Think he might'a gone ta warn ouh slip?"

She strides to the front of the store, tapping on the counter with her bat. "Hey, can I get some fuckin' service heah?"

Then a look given to Sera and a shrug. "Guess he gone."

Sera has posed:
Sera finds the list of tenants and the cousins apartment on the 4th floor. "Well, if he did I guess we'd better be quick about it." The man comes back out when Harley taps the bat on the counter. Well, he pokes his head out, "If you break anything I'm calling the cops. If you're just going to waste my time there's Fountain of Fortune on and I don't want to miss it." His head disappears again so he can watch his game show.

Sera taps the fourth floor name plate, "This is the one, let's go knock on a door." She grins, her excitement of the hunt starting to show. She hopes Earth bounties aren't //this// easy. That'd be a real shame. Up the spiral spiral staircase to the fourth floor, Sera knocks on the door. "Callie, open up, we know you're in there. We have your bounty."

There's some stumbling and clunking noises and a sweet voice sings out from behind the mahogany door, "One moment, I'm just putting on clothes." Then some more clunking noises can be heard. Sera bangs on the door again, "Open up now or we kick the door in Callie."

It's at this moment they can distinctly hear the smashing of a glass window that no doubt leads out to the fire escape.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Shiiiiit. Fountain o' fohtune?!" Harley exclaims, eyes going wide. "Go ahead! I luv that show.." See? Harls can trust! So she lets the man go back to his game show life and peeks down at the name plate. "Look a' that. Easy!" famous last words. And then off they go to that fourth floor..

She places her hands on her hips when they are finally up on the fourth floor. "Uff, all this goin' up and down laddahs is gonna be good foh my butt." she sticks her tongue out tiredly and takes in a deep breath, re-focusing and nearing that door.

"Clothes or nah, ya comin' with us!" Harley's voice heard and she knocking on the door again.

Glass window breaking though?! It's time for the good ol' HARLEY KICK. She delivers one right in front of the door, sending it smashing open. And really, for someone with that size it's an impressive kick. Lots of strength on that one!

Within it's a fairly normal apartment but on the back end of it the glass window is broken and an armored figure is getting out and then .., those legs are getting reaaaaalllly big. They only see their feet until it finally disappears up.

"HEY, I GOT SOME WOAHDS TA TALK WITH YA ABOUT YOH STILT NAME!" mayube that will convince her to return. She starts running to the window!

Sera has posed:
Sera is about to suggest Harley kick the door in, but she's already on it. She smirks, this person knows her game. Sera follows in after and sees the broken window and armored person. She rushes to the window to see the four story tall legs carrying their slip away. "What the s.. f.. h..," nope none of the swear words fit for this.

She slips through the broken window and on to the fire escape. "Okay, so we've got a runner and she's really high," she can't help but pun a little. "Uhm. We need to bring her back down to Earth I guess?" She peers at Harley, this is a first for her too.

Sera sings out in a lovely voice but with alien sounding tones and magic fills her eyes once more, glowing and white. Wings of white magical energy explode from her back and she jumps off the first escape and beats the wings, taking flight after Lady Stiltman. Cars are skidding to escewed stops beneath them as those tall metal legs clomp along the ground in long strides each.

"Hey Callie stop! you're under arrest. You're meant to give up at this point." She lands on Callie's back and puts one hand over her eyes so she can't see, the other arm hugs the metal armored body. "Lower yourself to the ground girl!," she tries to reason with her.. at least until there is a sudden zzzZAP as Sera is electrocuted by the metal exterior of the armor and she falls four stories down on to the bonnet of a car that has skidded to a stop.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"LONG JOHN SILVAH!" Is what Harley screams out when she steps out of the glass window. And hey, she said she was going to have better suggestions than ..., Stiltman. Still, it's an impressive sight, watching those long legs and armor high up above. "Come back heah! I got mooah." really, some people are soooo inconsiderate..

Harley lets out a sigh, watching those wings sprout out from Sera... She still tries to catch hold of a leg so she gets a 'lift' up there but misses, letting out a mutter. "Teamwork...!!!!" She shouts, but then she is sliding down the fire escape, jumping down from the last two stories and to the ground..

And then it's on! She runs fast.., real fast. At least until Sera gets zapped! She runs over, arms open and shouting. "I gotcha!" standing right next to the Toyota that receives Sera. "Ooops. You ok?" she looks at Sera with a raised brow.

Meanwhile Lady Stiltman continues striding away, turning to another street. She ain't stopping!

Sera has posed:
Sera lulls back her head and smiles upside down at the poor guy who was driving the car. He is shaking. She gives him a thumbs up and then looks over to Harley. "Nice catch," she says and with a groan pulls herself up off the dent she's left in the engine block. "Sorry, team work. It's been a while." She motions toward their catch as a long steel leg turns the corner.

The guy in the car is rapidly texting as he takes a picture of Sera and her glowing wings, 'You won't believe this, an angel just fell on my car'. Sera dusts bits of broken glass off of herself and her wings flick, "See. Angel. We need a better plan, that stilt armor packs a bit of a shock. Who knows what other tricks she has... I need a long necklace or a chain or something."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Thanks!" Harls offeringa bright smile at the 'nice catch', as if the toyota being there was all her doing! She taps on the side of the car, saying to the driver. "Bounty huntahs on the job. Stay back!" she warns. "And she ain't an angel, she is just confused." nope, can't convince the crazy person that you are an angel!

"Being all up theah, can she even see wheah she's steppin'?"

Harley stops, rubbing at her chin. "We get some gwease..., we get it spread in da way o' the path she's takin'. BOOOM! TIMBAAHHHH" flawless plan really.

"And we even right next to a toyota heah that can provide all the gwease we want." she taps one hand atop the smashed engine.

Sera has posed:
Sera shakes her head, "So strange. Never had some one try and deny who I am before... not." There's a small frown and then she listens to the plan idea, "Right, the car. Sorry sir we need to borrow your car." He nods dumbfoundedly and gets out. Once he's out, Sera tries to lift the whole vehicle up. How a car works? not something she knows. It is, however, too heavy for her. Even with her stronger than human strength, this is not an easy task.

"The car is too heavy to carry, we need another way to get the gwease.. grease? over to Lady Stiltman." She paces back and forth a moment, "Is there some way we could just take the grease itself?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
When Sera goes around trying to lift the WHOLE car it makes Harley just frown.. "Really....?" she shakes her head and goes to the front of the vehicle, giving the smashed hood a kick so it comes off, revealing the engine underneath. "Now we just need ta ---"

The man looks over, having heard the talk and says quietly. "I got a spare can of oil in the trunk if you want." to which Harley replies. "Music ta my eahs!" she hops over to give the man a kiss on the cheek before proceeding to scavenge out the trunk, coming out with the oil container.

"Heah ya go, Sera!" She hands it over. A two litre container.

"Now ya go and make showe she steps on the oil. Instant results guaranteed!" another wink.

Sera has posed:
Sera frowns a touch again and shakes her head, "Well. You learn something new every day, isn't that the Earth saying?" She smiles and accepts the container of oil and spreads her wings, "Hope on Harley. Teamwork, like you said." She beats her wings hard and jumps up in to the sky.

She gets some altitude and then swoops down across the building tops toward Callie Ryan who is making good on her get away with those big silly steps. "It's oiling time... no, that's not a thing is it." She pulls off the lid and the flies between the stilts to predict where the next step will fall and splashes a heap of oil on the ground.

The step is taken by Lady Stiltman and the traction is immediately lost. She balances on one leg, waving her arms in the air for balance, though she's teetering back and forth. She scowls and says, "Leave me alone, I'm innocent I tell you!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Hop on? "Ok, I know how ta do this. Got experience ya see?" So Harley hops on Sera's back, legs wrapping about her and giving a thumbs up! "Ready!" before they go up and away, flying towards their destination. As they near their target and Sera comes out with the 'oiling time' she grins brightly. "Well, it is now!" she says enthusiastically. She points with one hand. "Theah!"

And as the plan comes to fruition and the woman gets off balance Harls gets eager. "Do a fly-by!" because she's got her bat ready. She balances herself up a bit precariously on Sera and when they move sorta close to her she swings the bat.

"Yoh face is all ovah the wanted boards! Three banks, really?!" boom! She hits Callie right on the armor's head while she's trying to keep balance.

Sera has posed:
Sera turns around in mid air and beats her wings for a fly by with Harley and bat. Whack, Cassie begins her towering topple down the street across numerous cars, one long leg, at least three cars, the third catching her armored body. "Harley's a lumberjack and she's okay, she hits Stiltman and she gone get paid," Sera sings in her lovely lilting voice before swooping in to land next to the fallen Cassie and let Harley off.

Sera stares in to her eyes, "Like we said, you're under arrest." Cassie stares back with eyes going everywhere before she thumps her head back again and falls unconscious. "Any clue how we peel her out of this tin can?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yea, you goin' off the chahts, sistah!" Harley says about Sera starting the singing, the grin only widening. And as Stiltman topples over she hrms.. "So.., Hawwy covehs the damages, right?" well, she hopes so! Or maybe the government does. Still, good that they seem to have taken off Callie! After the bat swing Harley almost falls off but manages to hang on, grabbing tight to Sera. And she did say she was experienced so she doesn't even grab anywhere inappropriate!

"Johnnnyyyy!" She screams when her bat slips off her grip and disappears in the clutter. Poor Johny, the first casualty of their missions...

But then they are back down on the ground, Harley hopping off and offering another explosion-dap to Sera. "Ohhh yea...." and as to open the armor she waggles her brows.

"Don't worry, I got a can openah in mah backpack." the maniacal grin on her expression is telling. It won't be no normal can opener!