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Track 'n Field
Date of Scene: 16 September 2020
Location: Sporting Courts: Triskelion
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Clint Barton

Achilles has posed:
    Ffffffffff-THUMP! The sound of a sharp projectile hurtling through the air before it strikes its intended target can be heard happening every few seconds. Agent Tampambulos, Angelo to his friends, Achilles to those in the know... stands downrange, or is it up range?
    He stands holding a double-curve bow. But instead of being made out of wood, his appears to be made entirely from some sort of metal. It must be a soft metal, as the ancient Greek design has some flex to it.
    The arrows launched by it are also entirely metal, with arrowheads that are simple designs. But Angelo pulls the string back with his right hand, the arrow on the -right- side of the bow as opposed to the left side. Then he releases in a precise movement. Archery was never his best skill, but in the end... he has always been skilled in every aspect of war.
    The arrow flies downrange and strikes the target. It's not a bullseye, but he isn't a super archer like some.

Clint Barton has posed:
It really, really doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, to be on an archery range, standing, drawing and firing. It is child's play and only results in 'Robin Hood'ing his arrows, which means he has to make more. (The special ones have to be requesitioned and he doesn't use those for practice anyway!) It's more of a challenge, if that's the word, when he's running, jumping, climbing, laying prone and such, which means?

Out on the side of the range, there is a 'rock climbing' wall that stands approximately 20'. It's used for recreation, certainly, and the harnesses sit to the side, unused. Clint steps in with quiver on his back, a practice recurve in his hand and strung, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, with workboots on his feet.

Pausing to watch Angelo take aim and his shot, he grunts softly in approval (nowhere near enough archers!) before he turns blue eyes to the wall.

It's not a full minute that he's in the area that he takes off running towards the wall, leaping up to grab a handhold with one hand, two feet, shift to find purchase again before twisting out and around. In those simple heartbeats that it takes for him land squarely onto the ground again, he's nocked and loosed an arrow into the center of the target while twisting in mid-air.


His boots hit the ground again, and keen blue eyes look down range; as if he needs to check his handiwork?

Worst part of all this?

He has to pull each arrow before shooting the next.

"Heya," is finally given in greeting. "Good to see another bow on the range."

Achilles has posed:
    The shot that wasn't his made Angelo pause out of respect in not wanting to interfere with another's shot. But he does glance back when addressed. A grin crosses his classic features and his green eyes crinkle with the smile that reaches all the way up to their corners.
    "I must admit." he says with a shrug, "Archery is not my -best- skill, but... it is one that takes practice to maintain. Though I will make a mental note to never agree to a wager to pit my own skills there against yours." he offers as he lowers his arms, the bow literally fading out of existence.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint sets his own bow down briefly once he works out that the range is 'safe'. The arrow is buried, and he has to wiggle the shaft a little in order to pull it out clean. Once he does, it's set back into his quiver and he heads back towards the line. Extending a fist to 'bump' in greeting, he nods.

"Yeah, well.. it's not for everybody. But a little training doesn't hurt anyone. It helps when you can use pretty much anything that might be lying around if it's needed." He nods once and grins regarding the 'pitting of skills', and there's a slight shrug, but it's not dismissive.

"I can't seem to miss." It honestly doesn't sound like an idle boast, either. "That," it's given with a nod towards the wall, "is just to keep me in shape for climbing, not shooting."

That bow, though, Clint was going to make comment about before it fades out. There's a brief frown of confusion before he looks back up at Angelo with, "Neat trick. It go somewhere you can grab it again quickly?" He's seen mutants, gods, and.. lots of other things. Disappearing equipment? It's a new one, but not something that might be out of the realm of possibility.

Achilles has posed:
    Looking down at his hand, Angelo chuckles and shrugs, "You might say that. Hephaestus makes quality equipment." he adds before he holds his hand out and the bow forms in his grip. "Care to try it out? It's got more of a pull than the design might normally have otherwise. But.." he shrugs, "It's made out of celestial bronze."
    Yep. That's what he said. "I also have armor, a spear, a Xiphos sword, and an Aspis shield stored in my bracers." he says, lifting his other arm and letting the long sleeve fall away from his wrist to reveal the bronze bracer on that arm.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Hephaestus," Clint repeats, his expression thoughtful. He shakes his head as he considers, and as the bow reappears, brows rise at the fact that it just.. comes back into being. Angelo certainly does have his attention, and reaching out to take the proffered bow, he's got an appreciative grin on his face. "Heavier draw?"

Hawkeye takes the moment to study it; the design, the sleek curves, the double-recurve design and apparently he's not coming up short. "Thumb release?" The archer knows about them; after all, if fingers don't work, there is always the thumb, so while it's not something practiced, he's more than knowledgeable in the technique. Also means that it's got a different draw distance- not that he can overdraw it!

"That would be great, yes." Clint looks at the bow and actually addresses it, "Don't be offended. Gonna use fingers."

Respect the gear!

"Armor?" Some of that does go over the Senior Agent's head, and he catches a few key words. "Sword and shield?" Huh...

Still, the archer takes a couple of quick draws, though not to full, to test the poundage, the resistance before he simply draws an arrow from his quiver and takes one shot, two, three, four.. all at different ranges, all within a heartbeat of the last shot. All on the 'x'. Once done, the bow is lowered and there's a broad smile on his face, "This is.. Lemme make you a thumb ring for it. If you don't have one already, which you probably do. This thing is.. amazing." He loves it!

Achilles has posed:
    The draw is heavier for sure. But only to be expected with a bow made out of bronze rather than wood. But it's not as heavy as it should be. It should be all but impossible for a human being to force such metal to bend.
    "Sorry. I figured as a senior agent, you might've been briefed." Angelo states as he watches the other man shoot his bow. "When I told you that I had a cousin with a bow that could fire to the horizon, I was not kidding. His name is Heracles." A pause before he offers a hand, "I'd love a thumb ring. But... the name Angelo is a modern one that is a convenient fiction that SHIELD generously allows me to maintain. If only because it is easier to use that name than it would be to explain my other name." Another pause, "My real name is Achilles, prince of Pthia, Great Grandson to Zeus. I am afraid that rumors of my death, as Mark Twain once said, have been greatly exaggerated."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint hands the bow back with a gesture of 'respect' on his face for the equipment; he's a man who loves his bows. (His room is littered with them, with bowstring makers, fletching jigs..). It's the rest of it, the explanation that brings the man's brows to rise once more.

"You know," the blond archer begins, "If you told me that a few years ago, I'd think you were certifiable." There's a ghost of a smile on his face as he retrieves his own bow from the ground where he'd placed it. "Now?" There's a shrug before,

"I'm on a team with a Norse God, and that's just the beginning."

Now, Clint extends his hand to shake the other man's, "Achilles?" He accepts it pretty easily, all things considered, "That's SHIELD for you. Sticks in the mud. They're fine with Thor; hell, even with Loki. But you?" He shakes his head, "Sorry about that."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding his head, Angelo takes the hand, "Been knockin' around for just over thirty two centuries. Agents Morse and Johnson recruited me." Then he chuckles, "Well, to put it a more.. correct way, Agent Morse recruited me and Agent Johnson wanted to tear my face off because I hung up on her when she was trying to get me to divulge information pertaining to a case she was working. But I suppose they figured that my... um.. experience might prove useful to them."
    He pauses and shrugs his shoulders, "Fortunately, I agreed... fortunately for me that is. But you ever need backup, or someone be a diversion, I -am- Achilles... and no, all of those stories of a foot inury being able to kill me... that was funny, but totally untrue."

Clint Barton has posed:
The official greeting finished, Clint looks like he'll be (somewhat) repeating himself on the first meeting, "Barton. Clint Barton. Go by both of those and Hawkeye. Or 'Hawk' for short. I'm usually up in a nest somewhere, so if you're ever wondering if I'm around? Just look up." People never look up. He shrugs easily, and once done, he retrieves his hand.

"Don't worry about them too much. But I'd be more than happy to take you on backup. Right now, I've got a partner I've worked with for years, but I'm not above working with others; as much as some might say otherwise." That last bit is offered with a quick grin.

Gesturing downrange, Clint continues, "Gotta pull, then run. Briefing in a few." Though he'd be more than happy to talk later.

"Before I go, lemme see your thumb." It's just for a brief look-at; mental measurements. "I'll have a wax mockup by tonight," in beeswax, "I'll hit you up, make sure it fits, then carve one. If the carved one fits, I'll cast it for the final fitting." Then, tweak from there.