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404 Error : Wasps Not Found
Date of Scene: 16 September 2020
Location: Valeria's Room - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Set September 14th - Vivian Vision drops in on Valeria Richards after having received some very troubling news about Wasp & Waspette. And, in a perfectly reasonable and measured response, asks Valeria to make some modifications to her monitoring software so she can do some perfectly innocent computer things. They may also technically have begun plotting to disintegrate some Red Room agents.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Vivian Vision

Valeria Richards has posed:
A text or two or three from Viv with urgent, must speak in person at once? Val had responded, of course, with letting Viv know to come by Four Freedoms and up to the Richards penthouse. Mom doesn't mind DAYTIME visitors, its once they come by after she's gone to bed that she has an issue with them! So when Viv arrives, a glowing blue light on the floor directs her towards Val's room, where Valeria is working on what looks like a tactical belt filled with computer components and crystals. Val has a set of goggles on, using two omnitools to maneuver the crystals around in the tiniest amounts.

"Hey Viv," she greets the synthezoid without looking up as the light finishes guiding her into Val's workroom. "Something serious happen?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Viv doesn't quite burst into the room, but her pace is brisk and she looks.. disheveled. Like she'd just abandoned a Happy Harbour High School class and charged out without taking time to change from her uniform. Her eyes, usually a golden glow, seem positively radiant as they dart around the room. "Is this room secure?" she wonders. "Or are there monitors for audio?"

She begins pacing back and forth.

"Doctor Pym was taken into Federal custody while Great Aunt Nadia was with the Titans. The news reported his arrest instead.. And now he's been released and the report claims Nadia has turned herself in to the Russians."

The glow from her eyes keeps getting brighter. Perhaps worryingly so depending on how much Valeria knows about synethzoids.

"And now Janet has stopped answering her calls too."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Dad monitors some stuff, like when my window is opened, unless I override," Val shrugs, "But nothing else. And the whole place is secure from outsi--" Then Viv starts pacing, and Val stands up straight, pulling off her micro-magnification goggles. "Wait, what? Nadia was working on a subspace drive last I talked to her. She had some worries about the Russians, but she shouldn't have run off to them, if they were causing problems she should have come here." She turns towards the door to her bedroom. "PIERRE."

A blue-clad Doombot with a rippling blue cape steps out. Valeria moves to the window, tapping a few buttons along side it. The window shifts, becoming a balcony. "Go scan the Russian embassy here and report back. No mere embassy's security is a match for VALERIA," she commands the Doombot, who nods curtly and flies out the window.

She turns back to Vivian. "So who do we need to melt into their base components to reacquire Nadia?" she asks coolly.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I have a monitoring program installed for my online activity and I need you to disable it for me. At least for a short duration," Viv states, shaking her head. "And of /course/ she ran off. They made out her Mother might be alive, waited until she was overworked trying to get her team-mates back and then I expect threatened her father. And just like Miss van Dyne she's arrogant, stubborn and the stupidest smart people I have ever met."

Something in her face, possibly her tear ducts, makes a hissing noise as steam escapes.

"I hope at least one of them left instructions for how to track them.. But I can't even search properly while I'm logging /everything/. It'll just get the Avengers in trouble and some stupid SHIELD agent will probably insist they scrap me for breaking the law."

Her foot stomps, rather a bit harder than she intended. Hopefully Valeria has a sturdy bedroom floor!

"Logically speaking it must be the Red Room, but I don't have much data about them. I know they involved the Attourney General, tipped off Channel Six news and have influence in the consulate. The evidence they gave to support the Hague Warrant may also contain clues."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"You want me to hack you?" Valeria peers at Vivian. "I mean, I imagine I can, and I'd like to see the Avengers or SHIELD try me if they get salty about it." She pulls a rolling stool from underneath one of her desks. "If you want, sit down and I'll take a few monitoring programs off the top. It probably won't hurt much." She's not entirely sure how a synthezoid feels when hacked, but she'll be careful, which is like being gentle, right?

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Ideally in such a way as the logs will seem perfectly mundane and the changes will revert once the situation is resolved. As I expect to be hacking the State Department," Vivian adds casually. "You may wish to avoid being in my eyeline however... My emotional core is currently unable to power down and I am not... I am not handling the situation as well as I would like. I can't guarantee I will not emit some level of harmful energy."

Viv has no idea how being hacked will feel either. With security routines intended to keep Ultron at bay she's never actually had to worry about keeping anyone out. But she sits down none-the-less.

"The monitoring isn't linked into any core systems. You shouldn't be able to cause lasting damage."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Right." To which specifically she is referring to, Val doesn't say, though she's quickly pulling out a hardlight screen from within her phone. A couple of flicks of her fingers, and the light connects in the back of Vivian's head. "Hmm hmm hmm. Wow, this is some pretty thick code here..." she doesn't seem put off by it much at all. "May take a bit. Lot of stuff to piece through, and this monitor subroutine is pretty deeply buried. Rude, really, and a massive invasion of privacy." She gestures towards the leftmost desk.

"If you are gonna blast, try that direction. I've got some shielding there for my own testing." Val hums to herself (a recent Dazzler song, actually) as she starts working on prying out the monitoring program.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"In their defence I can understand why they put it there," Vivian admits sullenly. "My twin died, my mother went evil and then killed herself and my Grandfather is Ultron so... It stands to reason I might have been defective. Perhaps that's why Nadia and Janet wouldn't tell me what they were upto.." She glares at the shielded area and something sparks as a non-visual spectrum laser discharges.

"But it doesn't matter. I'd rather they dismantle me for breaking the rules than let anything happen to my family." She sits un-naturally still in whichever position is best for Valeria to work with. "But if... if something has happened. If they are already dead.. You will probably need to warn your parents or some other superhero team. Because I am likely to... take it /badly/."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"If they've hurt her, I'll help you make sure that whomever is responsible is melted down to atoms and the atoms then left in a vat of acid and sent to the Negative Zone to think about what they've done," Valeria says cheerfully, and not at all kidding. "Ah. Oh, huh. I think this might actually hurt some, at least, I would think so if you were organic. Take a deep breath... or... whatever the equivalent is." And then Val begins effectively 'twisting' the observational subroutine into it's own sort of euclidic knot, both twisting back on itself to observe itself and yet not, so it's not a loop, exactly.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I expect I'll be holding the entire Red Room responsible and wiping any trace they ever existed from history rather than hunting a specific person. Although I had been reading up on the history of Ancient Egypt recently and perhaps the fate of Pharaoh Akhenaten has overly influenced me.." Vivian continues talking as if nothing was happening, placing her hand on the desk and squeezing in response to the sensation. As it gets worse her density and strength scale up until the chair begins to make groans of protest. She might even leave some fingerprints in the workbench. "And we do inhale air but it's more for heat exchange than for anything chemical."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Ahhh. Ha. That should do. I'd rather just rip it out entirely, but for now it's just watching itself. Kind of. It's complicated. But it should look normal to any observers, and that's what counts. You're free to scour and scorch as you please." Valeria steps back, not seeming to care much about any dents in the desk or stool, flicking away the screen and the connectors.

"Godfather had no real information on the Red Room himself. Which is a pity, because if he had and it had already been cleansed by Doombots, we wouldn't have this problem. What's the likelihood Nadia's 'mother' is real? I'm suspecting either a clone or a non-related actress."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I think I understand what you've done," Vivian says after a moments consideration. "While I may not understand science in the same way you or Aunt Nadia do.. Computer code is intuitive. Like thinking. It was just a system I couldn't touch myself without triggering an alert. I appreciate your help though."

Her head tilts to one side as she test accesses a few sytems.

"I am unsure. She has never made an appearance in the country. I think Doctor Pym had assumed she was dead but it's obvious she was alive long enough to have a child." She frowns. "One moment while I run through potential outcomes.... Ah it's unlikely she is real or alive. Captivity for that length of time with her daughter also a hostage and they have not convinced her to share any secrets regarding her research? Or used her against the Avengers?" She shakes her head. "It's not /impossible/ but I find it less realistic than 'mutant or alien shapeshifter'. In most scenarios sophisticated digital image manipulation or an actress seem most likely. Cloning is viable too just more expensive."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"In any event, let me know what you find, and I will do the same," Valeria says with a too-casual shrug. "Whatever it is, we'll get her back here soon enough." And Janet too, she supposes, though Val has little to no direct 'dog in that fight' as it were.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision nods. "I shall provide you with encrypted updates as I receive them," she assures. "I assume Doctor Pym will be reaching out to the Titans officially on behalf of the Avengers, but if you do know any of them socially I would appreciate it if you can ask them to check her room. She may have left clues.. I would go myself but.. I think if I have to read a note saying she needs to deal with the situation herself I will likely throw someone through a wall." She chews her lip. "Besides I have at least a hundred if not more Russian military satellites to subvert."

She stands up, giving the chair a bemused look.

"I am sorry for causing some damage. Let me know if you need compensation for your chair. If so I will have the Russian Consulate buy you a new one..." She takes a few steps towards the door. "But that I can do while on the move. I still need to check every airport and port in the region."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria's lips draw into a tight line. "I think... well, I can get in to the tower." Even if she has to bully Dick--err, Nightwing-- into letting her in. With Vic off in some wormhole... well, that doesn't matter. She doesn't generally take 'no' as an answer anyway. "Don't worry about it. I'm going to see what I can dig up in Metropolis. If you see Pierre, don't blast him, okay? I'll be sending him on a few data gathering missions myself." She grabs a pair of bracelets off the desk, snapping them on her wrists, and steps out of Viv's eyeline into the bedroom proper, where the tshirt and yoga pants get tossed across the room as a very much not-magical-girl transformation into Science!Val happens, her unstable molecule suit rolling out of the bracelets to cover her body. She steps into a pair of motorcycle boots and grabs 'her' leather jacket, shrugging into it. "I'll walk you out." She's got as hyperloop to catch.