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A Water Fight, You Say
Date of Scene: 17 September 2020
Location: Xavier's School Front Yard
Synopsis: Xavier's erupts in water works as a few baskets of water balloons result in carnage of the fun variety.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Samuel Guthrie, Kurt Wagner, Henry McCoy, Jubilation Lee, Piotr Rasputin

Rogue has posed:
It was Rogue's day off, and like Ferris Bueller, she aimed to misbehave.

At least a little.

There weren't a lot of warm days left in the summer, or the year for that matter, so take the chance you can get to have some fun outside -- Rogue's favorite place, the outdoors.

From a garden hose that is near the garage, the Belle has filled up lots of those quick-fill-balloons via their plastic funnels, and they've all dropped down into a laundry basket, leaving about 300 water balloons of just under baseball-sizes.

Dressed i na back and green tshirt, with denim shorts and gloves up to her elbows, Rogue's hair is held down by a green headband tied around her head... 60s Hippy-style. She's got a grin on her face as she puts the hose away and eyes the group of kids out in the yard all doing their 'Physical Training Exercises' mandated to them by one of the teachers and being Cheer-Lead by a couple of the High School aged girls.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde walks out of the school, glad to be done with her classes for the day. Even though she's on the teaching end of them, they still take effort, and being out and doing things on her own is always a nice stress reliever.

Lockheed is waiting for her. He's been hanging out up on the roof, sunning himself and waiting for Kitty to come outside looking for him. He's also got an eye on Rogue and those water balloons. He looks from Rogue. To Kitty. Back to Rogue and the water balloons. To Kitty.

The little dragon extends his wings, stretching after the sunny nap. And then flaps them a few times to lift himself into the air, flying down over the laundry basket of watery death, circling it a few times and then landing on Kitty's shoulder.

This draws Kitty's attention to said laundry basket, even as she reaches up to scritch her favorite dragon. Her head tilts to the side a bit, looking at Rogue's booty (of water balloons!) and then over at the students she's looking at. Kitty breaks out in a soft laugh and a grin.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes ridding up the drive on an older motorcycle that he has bought second hand recently. He pulls up tot he garage to park. Sam climbs off removing his helmet and jacket revealing he is in his police academy uniform. Seems the young man had classes at the other school he is going to today.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Each day the sun goes down a little sooner, the days get a little shorter and no doubt people will begin to bemoan the cooling days in the same way they were complaining about the blistering heat only weeks before. Such is the way of course. But for now the weather is still undeniably pleasant, the tail end of summer still hanging about, still very much urging all of the inhabitants of the mansion to get out and enjoy the weather.

All of that makes teaching a bunch of attention deficit teens a little more difficult then usual. Not exactly the firmest of disciplinarians at any time, Kurt rather easily gave up the struggle and dismissed everyone from his history class early. In part, no doubt, because he too was more interested in getting out and playing then sitting in a class room. The verdict so far? Totally worth it.

The fuzzy blue elf has spent much of the past fifteen minutes bamfing about the grounds, checking in on what everyone is up to. Which is exactly what he is doing when he appears in a puff of inky black smoke and that customary *bamf* sound right behind Rogue. "Oooooh, I like the look of this," he says, peering down into the hamper full of potential soakings, not hesitating to steal a pair of the awkward little blobs of potential mischief. "Though I'm certain you had no intention of using these on anyone, of course, right?" he manages seriously, only the gleam in those yellow eyes giving him away.

Henry McCoy has posed:
It'd been a rather grueling week of research - project to project, theory to theory. Henry was finally taking a moment to catch some sun, and get some fresh air. It was nice having Moira about to help with the load, but he still felt the internal need to do as much as he could.

He stepped out of the manor, hands reaching up to the sky in an epic feline stretch. It was good to feel the sune on him - warming him through the fur. For the most part, he was happily oblivious to the world - just enjoying the day.

Jubilation Lee has posed:

"Friends, countrymen, student body... lend me you rear." Pacing in front of a group of three or four younger students with her arms up in the small of her back. Wearing a bright pink tanktop and cut off shorts that might as well be bikini, the short haired asian's pink lensed sunglasses rest up on her brow. Moving like a general before an assembled army ready to wage war against a neighboring province.

"The boys from across the yardia have brought a contengency force of six able bodies to this, the great battle of Xavier Summer." Pointing as said churrins situated over thar. "We few, the girls of this sideia are ready, ney... EXCITED... to engage them in liquadic combat..."

Turning, then, to face their adversaries. "YOU HEAR ME YOU NAIVES?! COME AT YE and I SHALL LET LOOSE THE HOSE OF WAR!"

Rogue has posed:
With the balloons all filled up, Rogue takes a second to step back and admire the basket filled to the brim with watery filled bio-degradable plastic spheres. She glances over then to Sam who arrives via motorbike, and then Kitty and Kurt as well. "Ya'll wanna get wet with me?" She asks in a teasing and silly voice, as she often does.

She steps forward to grab one of the bright yellow spheres out of the basket and then tosses it up in to the air as she spies Jubilee's speech to the students. She grins at it. "Okay, ya'll. Time t'get some balloons and go get those nerds over there in the workout routine, let'em know that we won't stand for their crap no more."

Out of the corner of her eye, Rogue notices Beast emerge from the school...

Naturally there's a yellow water balloon soaring through the air toward him and his upraised arms...

She just can't help herself!.

"Let the games begin!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty laughs and hurries over, grabbing a few balloons, held in one arm, while the other tosses two of the liquid missiles up to Lockheed who has taken wing. His front feet and grab one and his hind feet grab one and the he takes off, winging through the sky towards the students who are just starting to realize what it is going on as Rogue calls over to them.

Lockheed? He sees a ring leader and wings over, setting his sights on one Jubilation Lee. Diving down, he lets go off the two water balloons and then spreads his wings, leaving the missiles to keep traveling along his diving path towards the Asian student.

Kitty walks over to Kurt. "Isn't it a great day?" she asks, one balloon in the hand that she tries to slap Kurt's back with, as if it's just a friendly gesture.

Such treachery!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit and he is caught off guard a bit but he does move to get a few of the water balloons once he sees the dragon guided ballons in flight. He looks around the area and decides not to take flight, that would be a bit unfair. He will move towards the targets from sidia, but does keep an eye on his allies, after seeing what Miss Kitty is attempting to do.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Of course Kurt would never start a fight. That wouldn't be very gentlemanly at all. But he certainly is not opposed to participating in one, at least when it happens to involve water balloons. So as Rogue gives into temptation and lets one of those water-filled goodies fly towards Beast, the fuzzy blue elf retreats a step or two, his choice of weapon -- of the blue and green variety -- in hand.

It is probably wise to be wary around Rogue. She certainly seems the type to water balloon an instigator-in-arms. But no, it is sweet, quiet ones that you never see coming. Glancing up towards Kitty as she approaches, he never sees his betrayal coming. Or possibly the warm days just makes it rather inviting. "Et tu, Miss Pryde," he says, clutching one of the water balloons to his chest in dramatic fashion.

Of course, it's what he is doing with the other one that might be more important, that hand extended, those strong fingers that can cling to walls so easily squeezing, bursting his second balloon up above Kitty's head. "Ahhhh, Mr. Guthrie... I fear you have picked a bad day to come back and visit. This is no place for law and order today. Chaos... and immense volumes of water rule here this day," he calls out to the familiar face merrily.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Doesn't even look like rain. Not one cloud threatening a storm. Yet, here we are. The odd sensation of a full water balloon smacking into his chest, seconds before it bursts from the impact. Cold water! Beast springs upwards, reacting on instinct as opposed to the calm reason he's normally associated with. Fully atop the eaves above the door - he glances around to determine what just happened.

Sharp eyes focus on the calamity-inducing Rogue. Those eyes narrow, the man giving a bit of a chuckle. "Attack a man when he's enjoying the day? The blatant no-goodery!" He calls over, before he's set in motion - galloping, free-running towards the ammuntion. Vengeance will be had, yes sir.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"QUICK! They're attempting to establish air superiority! Thomas, you're up!" Jubilee shouts seeing Lockheed take flight with a pair of water balloons aimming for the battle lines. She's already got a purple balloon handy, herself, and hurls it after him with an expressive "UHHHH UGH!" which obviously adds extra force. It is an age old kung-fu movie trick.

And as we know:

Jubilee knows kung-fu.

It is, regretable perhaps, in that moment that she realizes that mistakes have been made. The liquid warhead hits her center mass and, Jubilee being Jubilee, she over sells it like Shawn Michaels against Hulk Hogan!

Leaping up off her feet to flop backwards onto the grass, writhing in pain! "Go my soldiers..! They may have ended /me/, but they shall not have the day!"

Thomas takes flight, leaping into the air with his powerful frog legs to rain down balloons upon Rogue's position!

She about to get her Southern BELL RUNG AMIRITE...


Rogue has posed:
Two things make Rogue take flight!

The first is the Froggy Student with Jubilee's retribution hot in his eyes coming her way, and the second is the bounding Beast headed toward the laundry basket filled with bright colored water balloons!

"Ahhhh!" Rogue shouts as she shoots up into the sky, her bare legs splashed with water from the Froggy's attacks splashing down around her! But with an armload of Ballooons, and about fifteen feet of gravity-defying height...

Rogue starts to throw balloons back. "Take this, ya varmints!" She shouts-- in great southern style!

A balloon at Froggy!

A balloon at Jubilee!

One at Beast again, for the heck of it!

And one at KURT too, when she sees him backstab Kitty! "Traitor!" She yells, like the Stormtrooper shouted at Finn!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty lets out a laughing gasp as her sudden but inevitable betrayal of Kurt is revenged with a water balloon burst above her head. It runs down in her hair and soaks her shoulders. She darts away from Kurt, tossing another balloon at him before looking about to see who else is in the battle!

A water balloon is sent towards Beast with a laughing, "Oh Doctor McCooooooy!" to get him to look about the time it should be arriving if he doesn't see it. The young woman acks as one of Thomas's water balloons hits near her feet close enough to splash her shoes.

Lockheed looks at the surface-to-air balloon thrown back at him by Jubilee. He charges into it snout first, bursting it over his body for a refreshing splash!

Kitty has another balloon left and seeing Sam Guthrie heading over, she throws it at him, yelling, "Jinkies, beat it, it's the fuzz!"

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr had gotten a memo that there was mischief afoot, and so the large Russian takes a break from painting and hurries out into the yard, still in his painting clothes, a t shirt and shorts, both flecked with various paints. Once he realizes what is going on, Piotr goes from worried to a look of "Really?" He then takes a few moments to gather what is going on before reaching for a water balloon.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie was expecting to possibly get an attack from both sides, and between growing up with a whole passel of little ones at home, and then a good bit of time here, he has gotten pretty good at suck. He hits the ground rolling through a shoulder roll, and then tosses a balloon first at Jubilee's students and then another one at Kitty. He is splashes on the impact of the one kitty threw as it bursts just a bit to his right, his diving roll having saved him. Right about now, he wishes Bishop was around at least then he would have police back up.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Water is already dripping down his back, though no doubt that fine coat of indigo fur helps a little there. Regardless, after roaming the grounds and getting all sun-warmed, the chill is enough to make Kurt do a little dance even as he claims his revenge. His sweet, sweet revenge. Such revelling joyously however is destined to be short live. There is no safe haven on these grounds, not today. And the water flies free.

If he wasn't gloating over the soaking he managed to give Kitty, perhaps he would have been paying a little closer attention to Rogue and her balloon assault. If this were a Danger Room session he would definitely be getting a failing grade because yet another one of those balloons bursts against his side, water dripping down as he gives another little yelp at the sudden chill. "Monster!" he calls out, shaking a fist at her as she flies off. Which, of course leaves him open to his initial betrayer's return volley. It's like he's not even trying to avoid them!

It does not pay to stand still for too long however and he abruptly *bamfs* to wear the hamper full of balloons can be filled, filling one arm to overfrom as he clutches his prizes to his chest. But here too he doesn't linger, vanishing again. This time there no sudden reappearance nearby, no cloud of rapidly disipating inky smoke.

Possibly because it is up in the air. A good twenty feet up above Piotr, Kurt reappears once more, plummetting towards the ground... and letting a pair of those water-filled projectiles fall ahead of him towards the newest arrival on the field of battle.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The fuzz indeed. The wet, bounding and cavorting fuzz! Beast is aware now, ducking and diving when applicable - narrowling avoiding the lobbed projectiles. As Rogue takes flight, and Kitty tosses her well-timed balloon.


He sputters and mutters, dropping down to all fours near the basket of ammunition. "You're all in big trouble!" Agile as can be, he vaults into a one-handed handstand, his feet and remaining hand collecting up a water balloon each.

One is tossed at Rogue, leading his shot to catch her on the run.

One is pitched at Kitty - zipping in with velocity.

The last is cast at the mortally wounded Jubilee! Good acting gets you everywhere!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Oh you villain!" Splat with another waterballoon hurled by her bestest good friend Rogue, Jubilee goes all floppy still on the grass with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. "I've been undone! Uh... veng... meeeeee....." Reaching up at the sky!!!! Jubes then lets her hand fall into the grass in dramatical fashion.

Que the kids assembled behind her like a makeshift water balloon army! All of them hurling their ammunition packed with six hundred grain retribution!! Thomas is another victom, hit by Rogue's onslaught, he totally no-sales and tries to hit her with a balloon right up close!

Rogue has posed:
Some of the other kids in the yard come rushing toward the tall laundry basket filled with water balloons, and it becomes a cacophony of children laughter and people shouting!

Rogue swoops down from the sky above, soaked from the back by Hank's thrown balloon. "Shootin' people with their backs turned, how honorable!" She teases the Doctor back as she throws a blue balloon at him. "Blue for blue!"

She spins around and zips up in the sky, right past Lockheed as he's going back toward Kitty...

... and Rogue lands beside where the defeated Jubilee is.

"The enemy's general, left laying upon the ground." Rogue steps toward her, clutching a green balloon. "I am lyin' if I said I won't enjoy this." She hams up the villainous voice as she steps over Jubilee, right above her head, and drops the balloon on to Jubes' face.

It doesn't pop, of course, it just bounces off of her forehead on to the ground.

"Uh oh." Rogue mutters at this development in her plan.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is bracketed by the water balloons that arc her way from Sam Guthrie and from Hank McCoy! She could phase, of course, but what's the fun in that!? She tries to dodge them but takes one in the shoulder and the other in the hips, resulting in splashes that erupt and drench her.

She spots a familiar form coming into the battle for Upstate New York, and yells, "Piotr! I'm being assaulted over here!" and points at Sam as someone in need of a good soaking.

Kitty moves over to reload on water balloons just as a few of Jubilee's army send a barrage of new attacks flying through the air. One of the balloons bounces off the ground without breaking and lands near Piotr's feet. "Grenade!" Kitty yells, and jumps on it to save her old friend, covering it with her body. With expected results. And laughter.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr raises a brow, being a tad stern until Kurt decides to drop two water balloons on him, causing him to sigh. "Well, looks like I am a combatant, then." He snorts, though before he can grab a round, Kitty jumps on one, causing him to be splashed. "Well, that was unexpected!" The Russian says.

Now it is war, though. Piotr is quick to grab a couple of balloons and chucks one at Kurt, not at his full strength, as he steps back. The Russian is quick to grab another and begins distributing watery grenades at several people: Sam, Jubilee, and Hank.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
How /dare/ Rogue steal Jubilee's right to make a physical slap-stick joke!

Jubes eye open to stare up at the Southern Bell, "Don't you do it.. I k-" BAP. Right on her face, bouncing into the grass, and rolling wibbly wobbly rolling away. "Oh that's it!" Jubilee folds up and kips off the ground, BECAUSE SHE KNOWS TH FUNG-KU, and grabs two water balloons, clapping them together on either side of Rogue's big stupid head!

"Right in your big stupid face!"

Which she does not account for is the balloon on the ground. Her heel rolls off the slick material and while she doesn't actually fall, she does do that thing where you wave your hand in circles trying to regain balance by acting like a prop-plane. "O...ooooh... No... no I'm goo-"

Sam's balloon assault on one of her students instead hits Jubilee. Smashing against the back of her head, "I will come home with my towel or carried on it!" Baseball clutching a balloon, she steps into an exagerated wind up and hurtles it directly at Samuel!

But she is ballooned by a Russian.. It's always the damn Russians. Pelted, she actually does stumble this time, and ultimately ends up grass sliding. Pulling a fetal position to protect herself, screaming like the spash of water around her were real explosions because she's extra a.f.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is hit as he did not expect the big Russian to toss one at him, and the fact there are now even more kids are joined the fracas. Once hit and out of range of more ammo, he falls onto his rear, and in his best Foghorn Leghorn impression he will say "Ah say, Ah say I have been met with wet."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Look, Kurt is not crazy, all appearances to the contrary at times. And while he too could probably employ his powers a little better to avoid the thorough soaking he already has going on, that would seem distinctly unfair. Certainly not in the spirt of this particular game. So after launching his dive bomb attack at Piotr, Kurt lingers, waiting for his just desserts.

He does not have to wait long of course, splattered yet again as he plummets towards the ground. "I regret noooooothiiiiinnnng," he calls out, the ground looming up awfully quickly. But inches from the earth there is another *bamf* and the fuzzy blue elf disappears once more, leaving behind only that brief scent of brimstone.

He still owes someone. Someone who definitely has it coming. Someone who might be just a wee bit distracted, gloating over her own nemesis. So it is probably no great surprise when Kurt appears -- once more with feet firmly planted on terra firma -- and right behind Rogue to boot. One balloon is tosed at her back.

*Bamf* Kurt reappears to one side to let another two water projectiles fly.

*Bamf* Now he stands over Jubilee, hurling a red balloon Rogue's way while dropping a green one on the prone mutant teen below.

*Bamf* And Kurt completes the water balloon circle of death. Two enter, one leaves!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Assaulted from all sides - he has to go on the defensive. While not-quite-as-bendy as the Elf, he's still quite the nimble Beast. The varied tossed splash weapons are avoided, very narrowly. Of course, this keeps him from returning fire. It is better to live to fight another day! He's chuckling all the while, getting his practice in. One day, these could be deadly projectiles!

Rogue has posed:
Jubilee's balloons are splattered on either side of Rogue's face, making her close her eyes, scrunch up her facial features and just accept her watery fate. As she laughs then, her eyes open only to see Jubilee's swirly-arm, then she's gone down on to the ground again.

"That's what ya get for wearin' those shoes t'war, Jubilation Squee." She taunts her friend. "In fact..." Rogue bends over to pick up the green balloon that hadn't burst, just as Kurt SLAPS HER WITH A BALLOON from behind, which makes hers squeal as well! Then he bamfs and hits her again from the front, making the Belle fall over on to her right side!

Laughing, she tries to throw the green Balloon up to hit Kurt, but he's already gone and the balloon is left sailing toward the fancy Faculty cars!

"Agh!" Rogue mutters, rolling over on to her back, thoroughly soaked, and her arms and legs flapping on to the grass!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty rises to her feet, having squashed the water balloon that imperiled Piotr by... laying there motionless at his feet. And splashing him in the process. "That was Medal of Honor-worthy," Kitty points out for her selfless act.

She picks up a few more balloons and sends them flying through the air. Another heads at Sam, accompanied by the yell, "Going to soak you so bad even Paige has to dry her hair!"

As Kurt ambushes Rogue, Kitty sends balloon after balloon at the pair and at Jubilee as well. The first is arriving while three more are in the air. "I feel like I have accomplished something today," she announces, dusting her hands off.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie gets hit right in the chest and chin area, and brings a hand up to wipe his face off, trying to shed water off of him "Oh that's just not fair, she just has to husk off the old hair." He chuckles a bit and will sand up, trying to make sure he gets wet and not muddy.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"Big hero," Piotr says to Kitty, with a nod. He looks to Kurt, "You do not regret? How about now!" As he yeets another one at Kurt, and then another to be certain. "Learn lesson, yet?" He calls out loudly, hoping that it came across well enough. The Russian runs to find cover, though good luck with his frame in doing so.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Ah ha! Both generals and prime conspirators are down and thoroughly soaked. As it should be. Though really, you could say that just about everyone drawn into this particular affair. This time Kurt does not make the mistake of staying around to gloat over the fallen. He has learned his lesson! And no day when you learn something is a complete waste.

Okay, he does do a sweeping bow towards Rogue and Jubilee -- which once again proves costly as Piotr drills him a couple more times. Pride goeth before the fall. As thoroughly soaked as the pair on the gorund in front of him, he is enveloped in that inky black cloud, vanishing from sight with that tell-tale pop that always seems to follow him around. In a blink of an eye he is once again gone from the field of battle, free and clear from immediate reprisal...

...and up on the roof of the mansion, looking down at everyone. "You all might as well give up now. *I* have the high ground. It's over," he points out, arms held out wide at his side. Game over man, game over!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
The nail is the water balloon dropped upon her from the fuzzy elf... Struggling to regain footing, Jubilee is thoroughly undone with this last assault.. laying out wide both arms and legs, she twitches a few times, then goes still!



Sputtering a second later, Jubes sits up and rubs her face with both hands. "Okaaay! OKAY!" Hands out, warding off further attack, "White flag raised you savages!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is laid out on the ground with more water balloons falling down around her splashing her on all sides with more water, and bits of colorful plastic. She hears the chaos and has a big dumb grin on her face.

"I lose, and I win. This is the joys of a water balloon fight." She tells, whomever... mostly Jubilee, since she's the one directly beside her. "Now then!"

Rogue suddenly rolls over on to her side and steps on Jubilee (though she fakes it, using her flight power to not actually put any pressure o the poor gal). She walks over the Jubilation and then takes to flight, rushing past the kids hoarding the Balloon basket.

"Time to mop up!" Rogue announces as she picks up the garden hose, and turns it's nozzle to JET.

Now, she starts to plow the road, to speak, and spray eeeeveryone around the Balloon basket, and within jet reach. She's cheating, of course, hose and all, but hey, that's how you do these things!

She who controls the flow of the hose, controls Dune.

Or something.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty can't help but give a happy laugh at Kurt's having the high ground. "You underestimate Lockheed's power!" she calls up to him, the little purple space dragon flying up towards Kurt, another water balloon clutched in his paws. He lets it go and then wheels away back down towards Kitty. Showing so much more intelligence than Anakin.

The Jewish girl grins and checks herself out. She's had a good soaking, that's for sure, her clothes dripping and her hair hanging plastered to her face where it's slipped out of the pony tail. "Great idea Rogue, you really- ACK!" she says, the compliment cut off prematurely by the blast of water from the Mississippi belle.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr is not happy to be sprayed by the hose, narrowing his eyes. "I see you choose to change rules," he says to Rogue, though Kurt is on the roof, "But it seems there are bigger fish to fry," and with that he arcs his arm back and lets loose a trademarked yeet hoping to hit Kurt up there, though it is by no means guaranteed to succeed due to the time it takes to get up there. "You may have high ground, but I have arm!" The Russian calls back.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will look over and blasts up intot he air about six foot higher than Kurt "But alast you still need ground to be high." He tells the other man. He does do a circle around the mansion property to shake off the extra water to get back damp and not soaked.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be King of the Mountain. Everyone wants a piece! Divebombed by a space dragon -- and in danger of being hurled into space by the Russian artillery below. What's a fuzzy blue elf to do?

Actually that's not all that hard. In Kurt's case he gives a loud *yip* and simply lets himself slip from his perch atop the mansion, sliding part way down the far side of the roof for cover to avoid the combination of aerial bombardment and heavy artillery. "You're cheating. You're only supposed to be able to attack me with a lightsaber," the elf complains from up above.

Clearly this out and the open business is a bad notion and so Kurt abandons his perch once more, this time reappearing over by one of the cars by the garage. Peeking out from cover, his tail snakes out, coiling around the nearby hose, dragging it over to the indigo-furred troublemaker as he twists the hose up and pinches it off. Embargo time for the water!

Rogue has posed:
As the younger kids tear in to whats left of the balloons, Rogue deactivates the hose and tosses it off to the side. She then cocks-out her right hip and puts her wet gloved hand upon it, throughly dripping, she smiles at everyone else.

"Glad we got that outta our system." She adds as she swipes her hands around and pulls her gloves off of her forearms, rolling them down to her wrists before wiggling her fingers out of them all together.

"I'm... gonna go dry off, then gonna go make some food out on the grill." She announces to the others before lifting off in to the air. "Nothing quite like air dryin'." She says.

and a second later, there's a rush of air as the Belle fires off in to the sky like a bullet out of a gun!