3417/A New Xavier's Arrival

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A New Xavier's Arrival
Date of Scene: 18 September 2020
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: After having gotten to know some from the school, Drake Riley is brought to Xavier's and begins to find out what the school is and how they can help him gain control of his powers.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Drake Riley

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty had heard from Rogue about the mutant with the electrical powers who seemed like he needed help. Help with his powers, even help with a home. The kind of person it was good to get to before someone on the other side of the ethical spectrum had.

Kitty and Doug tend to do many of the background checks, so she was a natural to bring in on it. She also had a lot to do with bringing in to the school the last such person to have joined, Maxwell. So it is that Kitty confirmed she couldn't find any warning flags on Drake Riley that would prevent him from being a candidate for training to control his powers. Maybe even someday inclusion on a team should he earn that.

So arrangements were made to bring him to the school. Rogue being the person who knows him best, definitely needed to be there. Kitty waits, having had time to go dry herself off from the water fight out in the front yard earlier today. Lockheed is left to his devices elsewhere in the school. Space dragons might be a little overwhelming at first. Kitty waits by the front door, ready to greet Drake when he and Rogue arrive.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lands in the backyard after flying around up above the school and property to dry herself off. When she lands she throws open a set of double doors and walks inside, her black and green baseball-style tshirt now all drive, along with her denim shorts and the pair of black elbow-length gloves that are hanging out of her left front pocket. Her two inch heeled leather ankle boots impact on the floor as she struts her way inside of the school, off to find where Kitty was.

"Heya." Rogue says when she finds Kitty and the Dragon, she moves to find a seat and drop down in to it. Her white and brown hair is all wind-swept crazy, but in that sexy fashionable way that just seems to always go her way for her.

The Belle kicks her feet up on a table and crosses them at the ankles, her ungloved hands going down to the tops of her thighs as she just grins at them. "That was fun, right?" She asks.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley has been keeping his word to a certain verdant-costumed heroine. As far as he's concerned, the plan born of desperation and limited options was a success. He met someone he thought he'd want to be like. He forced fate's hand to put them together in a scenario, and he laid all his cards on the table for her. And she didn't betray his trust. Since that evening, he's avoided hitting convenience stores - or anything, for that matter. He remained mostly in the 'safehouse', waiting on a text message on a borrowed phone.

It buzzed. He moved.

Drake is arriving shortly after Rogue, as convenience has it. But Rogue may not immediately recognize him. Rather than looking like the homeless urchin she met before, he's clean and neatly taken care of - hair neatly styled in its swept devil-may-care-but-not-really manner, bright-eyed, and smelling pleasant. Indeed, even the clothing that previously smelled of sewage (thanks in no small part to Rogue's advice!) smells clean. It bears all the dingy wear and tear of hard living, but it's at least inoffensive to the nose. Hoodie worn, for a lack of better place for it, baseball cap atop his head, and sunglasses hanging from his collar, he makes his way in with a bright smile.

He pauses once he's inside, however. His head tips back and he turns, slowly, taking in the massive interior. He doesn't say anything, but it can be read on his face as much as body language: wow. And once done, he quickly focuses on those ahead and moves at a trot. "Hey! Hi! Ah-," he stammers, quickly snatching the cap from his head; a bit extra cautious of making a positive first impression. And someone once said it's impolite to wear hats indoors.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Out at the gate to the school, a student would have come to meet Drake and walk him up to the school. "I'm James," he introduced himself with, and then started asking Drake if he likes the latest Call of Duty. James really likes it and is going to double prestige his machine gun and pistols soon, and has been working for quite awhile making his own logo for his character which he promises to show Drake when they play.

Kitty, meanwhile, was grinning to Rogue. "It was a lot of fun. Great idea, AM," she says to her friend. "I think everyone needed it too. Focused on school starting again and everything, a chanse to blow off steam was great. Oh, there's Hambone and that must be Drake," she says as they walk up and into the school.

"Thanks for getting him," Kitty tells Hambone. "Yes, I'll see if I can find a copy of that anime for you," she tells the student, who grins and hurries off them. Kitty turns towards Drake and flashes a friendly smile to him as he removes his cap. "Hey there. So you're Drake? I'm Kitty Pryde," she says, offering Drake her hand to shake. "I'm a graduate of the school. And at the moment, subbing teaching English Literature. Rogue's told us a lot about you," she says in a friendly voie.

Rogue has posed:
Hambone rushes right past Rogue as she drops her booted feet off of the table and on to the rug covered floor. Up on her feet now, Rogue sways her ungloved hands beside her hips as she walks to join Kitty greeting Drake. So naturally the first thing Drake will hear from the Southern girl is a nice loud 'wolf whistle!'.

"Look at you." She says then, stepping closer and putting her hands on to her denim covered hips. "All cleaned up, nice'n flashy. Lookin' like a million damn dollars, rather than a twenty-spot nicked from a dime store." She grins big at him, just teasing the younger man. She then motions to Kitty.

"She's one'a our best, she'll help ya get settled in here. Cute as a button too, ain't she?" Rogue flashes a grin at Kitty before looking back to Drake, smiling at him happily. "Ya just missed a big water balloon war outside, I totally won."

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley tried to match his enthusiasm, but in truth, he's a little dazed by what's happening; dazed and nervous. He isn't sure what to expect, but he knows what he hopes for; a new beginning.

The wolf whistle immediately puts him more at ease. Rogue tends to speak his native language well. Teasing. Mirth. But hers has a country accent. "I was wondering how you'd react. Totally worth it." He shoots her a wry smile. "And there's more to say there, but-"

His attention is redirected to Kitty at the mention of her being cute as a button, which gets an offhanded, "Yep," of affirmation. Followed by an internal wince, all at once /very/ self-aware. Did we mention dazed? His hands stuff into the central pouch of his hoodie, and he clears his throat.

"Sounds cool," he says, hoping to bury that moment conversationally. "She's told you- us?- a lot? Like, um.. what?" A nervous glance shifts from Kitty to Rogue, then back again. Did she mention how he was knocking over stores to try to get someone like Rogue to come out? She must've. Or maybe she didn't? He's playing it cautious.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The commentary about herself causes Kitty to give a grin and a grateful smile. "Aw, thanks," she says simply. "Water fight was a lot of fun. We have a fair amount of that around here," she says. The brunette turns to gaze at the mansion-turned-school, her ponytail swaying behind her before she turns back to him. "For a lot of us, a LOT of us, this place really ends up being our home," she tells him. "It has been for me."

She gives Drake a little wave of her hands as she says, "But don't worry if it's a little overwhelming at first. That's also the case for a lot of us. Not used to being able to openly be ourselves, our mutant selves, as we can here," she tells Drake.

She grins a bit, slipping her hands into her back pockets. "But you can. And we can help you master your abilities. And if you want to get some additional schooling... it IS a school and a darn good one," she says. She flashes Drake another grin. "Rogue let us know you seemed like someone who could benefit from Xavier's. Who could fit in with us," she says as if to calm his worries.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lets her hands drop from her hips then and she half-turns further into the place. "Well come on then, come check the place out." she states, taking a step further into the foyer herself, down the few steps to the main floor area. "this is the central foyer, stairs up to either wings from the 'grand stair case'." She plays-up her voice to make it sound more snooty when she says that last bit.

Then motioning to the west hall. "That'll take ya toward the kitchen, dinin' and garage, along with some classrooms and study areas." Then she motions to the east hall. "This goes t'the Professahs study and classroom, some other study places, and teacher offices, and eventually whips aruond northward t'the backyard and the swimmin' pool." She grins then at Drake. "They got a pool here, and it's even heated for come winter time." She eyebraw waggles at him, because she's an endless flirt.

Rogue glances to Kitty then and upnods at her once. "He's got strong powers, like Rey from Star Wars." She raises her hands up and does the lightning-finger thing. "Unlimited pooooowers. Or whatever. That seems like something we could use aruond here, yeah?"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley can't help but smile as Kitty explains things a little more. Overwhelming? Meeting a superheroine might've been overwhelming. He practically gushed at her when she appeared. This? It's almost unbelievable, and it's sapping his ability to speak. And hearing that Rogue has been discreet about his methods gets the white-banged brunette a subtle, appreciative look. She's always doing him solids. She's a sweetheart, that one.

Feeling prompted, however, Drake begins talking at a more rapid-fire, excited rate: "It's really safe here? Like, for real safe? And no one's freaked out? Is everyone here a m-, um, mutant?" That's still nearly a 'dirty' word, taboo'd. "I don't even know if that's what I am. My parents assumed when I- when they found out. I do electricity. A lot of things with it. But I think I could do more still. It gets stronger the more I use it, I know that much. And I already have a really tight level of control. But there's stuff I wanna learn to do more still, or maybe things I haven't even thought of yet."

He quickly glances in the directions Rogue indicates, but he's talking the entire time.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde smiles as Rogue gives the lay of the land. "Today's a day for Star Wars references," she says, then explains to Drake, "One of our teachers who can teleport took the high ground on the roof during the water fight." She gives him a soft grin. "Which is also a way of confirming, yep, pretty much everyone here is a mutant. Not always. We have a scientist friend from Scotland staying with us, for instance. But she specializes in treating mutants who need help," she explains.

The young woman says, "There's also a stables with horses out back. And a big garden that the students and staff can plant in. And we have a lot of land, acres of it. A boat house with boats people can use on Breakstone Lake. And there's a nice big creek with a tire swing if you ask someone to show you," she tells him.

She lets out a breath and then gives a big grin. "And the best part? It's free. I mean, we do work for the school, but we get paid for it too. Not everyone does though, some are just associated. The students, don't have to pay tuition. Professor Xavier funds the whole school. And we have capabilities that few... ok, no, schools have," she says. Though he'll have to wait to find out about the stealth jet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans against the right bannister of the grand staircase, putting her left arm up on it as she listens to the two speak. She smiles happily at it all, but nods to Drake. "We can figure out if mutation is the key'a what happened to you. Generally, the easy way t'tell with it is if it showed up around puberty for ya, so when you were... whatever boys range is, fifty seven years?" She smirks ather own joke.

She pushes off of the bannister then and starts to walk toward the western hallway. "Ya'll wanna go get some food from the kitchen, or take him t'the offices t'see if Storm-- or somebody --is around? I don't work here, much as I wish I did. I'm still slavin' for meager cash at the diner." She lies, and has a grin when she does it, she likes her diner job... at least until it gets cold outside.

"Oh, there's a couple rec rooms too, with pool tables and video games. One just down the hall there, and another in the basement outside the laundry rooms."

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley is following whoever seems to be in the lead, certain they don't want him wandering the grounds on his own volition. The mention of the heated pool didn't escape his notice, nor the playful eyebrow-waggle from Rogue. He didn't read too much into it. After all, she's a superhero! He's an urchin! Or whatever he is now. Point is, that recreational option is filed away for later, because pools are the best thing ever right behind beaches. West coast livin', no ragerts.

His focus sets on Kitty again, head tilting faintly to the side. A few wispy bangs of black fall further from his eye. "I don't think I'd mind workin' around here somehow. No idea what it'd be, but I don't wanna be a leech." Or a charity case. He wants that part of his life to be over for good.

A glance is cast aside to the interior, then back to Rogue, and finally back to Kitty. He wears an apologetic smile at this point, shoulders dipping forward. "It's a lot to take in. And it's not even official yet, right? I still have to impress someone, don't I?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A nod is given at Kitty's comment about taking him to meet others. "Yes, there's others that you definitely need to speak with," Kitty says. "But for now, we'll get you a room and food. If you need some extra clothes for the time being we can get you some stuff too, though for the moment it probably has the school logo on it."

She walks along, pointing out this and that. "So, this place can be what it is because no one knows about it. They don't know that it is a school for mutants, they don't know most of the teachers are mutants. And we need to keep it that way. For everyone's safety, especially the kids. Obviously, we're a bit protective of them and anyone who would bring them harm. So, no powers in public while you're connected to the school, by clothing or whatever," she tells him. "That said, we do help people outside of the school. We just don't let there be a connection back to here directly."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leads them all in to the kitchen and flips on the lights. It's a big damn spacious kitchen, with marble counters and a set of French doors that lead out onto the patio that looks out on to the backyard and breakstone forest beyond. It's one of those kitchesn that's so uppity it has two fridges, and they're the fancy kinds with digital screens / computers built in to them, so uppity.

"Yeah, we try to teach the mutants here to keep their mutant stuff... here. We're train'em to live normal lives, as best as possible. That's the ultimate goal." She smirks over at Kitty, "Course then there's the superhero kind like us, but... I'd say I'm even focusin' on that a bit more than Kitty is here. Bein' that I'm the one goin' out there gettin' the media t'call her 'Mighty Woman' and all."

Rogue steps over to the fridge and opens it up. "Tea, soda, water, whatever ya want?" She asks Drake specifically. She casts a smile at him too. "Ya don't have t'impress so much as just be good, and let good things happen t'ya. That's been my experience, since I was brought in here anyhow."

Drake Riley has posed:
"Oh, about clothes...," Drake begins. "I ran into someone earlier. Said she used to go here, too. Jennifer? Long story short, she told me to play the local lotto. Did. Uh, won some money." He glances specifically to Rogue as he mentions, "Paid some debts.." Hint. "..got some new clothes. I wanted to come in something nice, but.." If it turned out to be a trap? Or who knows what? At least he's have clean clothes somewhere safe. "I'll have to grab'em."

There's a quick nod to Kitty. "Yeah, I get it. Discretion. Makes total sense. Got nothing to worry about from me."

And then to Rogue, he blinks. "Oh. Wait. What?" He shoots a confused look from Rogue to Kitty, and repeats a couple times before landing on Kitty. "You.. do the superhero thing too..?," he asks. The topic of beverage is completely forgotten for now, while he looks at Kitty in an entirely different light.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
From the small grin that Kitty gives, it's easy enough to realize that yes, they are familiar with the Jennifer in question. "Yes, she's kind of good about predicting things like that," Kitty agrees. Her smiles softens. "We have people come here whose body changed. We have two staff with fur, you know who Henry McCoy is? Beast, the Avenger? He was one of the first students here. We have people who grow wings or scales or look like a frog. It's nice that you wanted to put your best self forward. But we're kind of non-judgmental on such things."

She smiles again and leans against the wall. "We do care about being good people. You know how rough it is being a mutant. And we want to help people not give into the trap of letting that negativity out there turn them against people. Mutants and humans can coexist peacefully. That's our dream, and we're working to make it happen."

Kitty glances to Rogue then and grins at her before looking back to Drake to confirm. "Yep, we both do the hero thing. I'm known as Shadowcat. Though we keep it pretty on the downlow. The Avengers know us, a few others, but mostly we scrub evidence of our existence. I'm pretty good with computers," she says in partial explanation.