3430/Gone Girl: The Quantum Beacons Activate

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Gone Girl: The Quantum Beacons Activate
Date of Scene: 22 September 2020
Location: Siberian Tundra, Middle of Nowhere
Synopsis: The Avengers and the Titans follow the trail of Nadia's quantum beacons to what could be another Red Room trap, but she's the best shot they've got at rescuing their missing comrades.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, America Chavez, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Kara Danvers, Siobhan Smythe, Hank Pym, Vivian Vision

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
It has been about ten days since 'Nadia Trovaya' turned herself in to the Russian Consulate and vanished across the Atlantic ocean. Ten days of silence as the beacons she left behind sit idle like glorified shiny paperweights. It's long enough that some might wonder if they ever will activate, perhaps the beacons were found and taken or worse.

That's of course when they do activate. The small smartphone sized devices light up and begin pinging a quantum signal emanating from an area in the arctic tundra of northern Siberia. A desolate place without a soul for a hundred miles. The arriving pursuers are greeted by what appears to be an open expanse of permafrost scrub without anyone in sight, no people, no buildings, nothing.

America Chavez has posed:
America Chavez had been keeping an eye on the device that Nadia had left behind with the Titans, and now that it had activated, it didn't take long for the signal's source to be pinpointed.

With most of the Titans either out or resting and reccoperating from the battle with the Fearsome Five or whatever they called themselves, America had simply grabbed Siobhan, who'd she'd known was about, and told her, bluntly, "We're going to find Nadia."

There really wasn't a discussion, or time to form a strategy - she had her mind set and she was going with, or without her teammate.

A punch, hard, and swift straight into the air in the middle of Titan's Tower and her 'trademark' Star Poral appeared, "C'mon," she'd told Siobhan, and stepped through it.

Stepped through the Star Portal and straight into the frozen tundra of Siberia. "Damn," she says, brazenly. "Should've worn pants." But at least she has her jacket on. The device in hand, she squints at it, looking about, and looking for - well, now, how to further track Nadia down.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Without really knowing what they were walking into, Wanda thought it prudent that they arrive a short distance from where the signal had activated. With a crackle of red magic, the Scarlet Witch arrives with the allies who've chosen to take a bit of a faster method of travel to the Siberian wastes.

She's dressed for the cold, at least, though in her usual red, and as they arrive the expanse of nothingness gets a bit of a frown. "No cover," she notes.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Arriving dressed in an extremely heavy hooded coat, trousers, heavy boots, and a slightly turned stomach, Natasha Romanoff surveys the scene with... some mistrust. Why the hell would anyone bring the kid out *here?* Squinting behind a pair of goggles, Natasha turns her head to regard Wanda. "We might be off by a few..." Natasha peers around, "... hundred miles or so.
    The sudden bright light of another teleportation causes Natasha to quickly draw a high calibur pistol from her coat and point it at the source. She's already committed to the motion of pulling the trigger, but... she processes what she's seeing fast enough to turn the safety back on so there's only a dry click.
    Ah. It's a Titan.
    "Kid..." she grumbles with the nagging tension of having almost shot at a very young person who is not - to her knowledge - an enemy, "... where the HELL are your pants?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
After the attack on Titan's Tower, Kara had found most people had secluded themselves in their rooms, were recovering in the medical room, or had simply gone home. She caught Kate and Siobhan up on what had occurred and then decided to join the trend. A quiet night with the adopted family playing board games.

The next day she decided she needed some down time. Not as Kara Danvers, just as herself. So it was the Fortress of Solitude for her. She was lazing about with some bear like creatures in their zoo area enjoying their company and their complaints when they wanted to move by attempting to nibble on her arm.

The unexpecting beeping of a project she had almost forgotten about, ten days prior, snapped her out of her lazing stupor. She walked over to the central computer and made a motion with her hand. Kryptonian symbols flowed over the console as a hologram of information appeared. The quantum signal Nadia left behind - it had activated.

Kara began to touch type in the air with small gestures, quickly programming up a tracing crystal. The crystal slowly grows out of the console proper and she plucks it out, holding it up to the light to inspect it with her super vision. "This will do," she says to herself and then disables the alarm. With crystal clutched in hand, she flies up high in to the sky and begins to follow its glowing tip. Soon she is over Siberia and she stares down from high above at those on the ground. A star shaped portal? America? A sizzling crack of red, who could that be?

Kara lands next to America with a clap of her cape and her arms folded, "Are you also following Nadia's signal?"

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A blink as she is grabbed by America and Siobhan stares at the girl before nodding her head, "Yeah, I guess." She then blinks at the portal and simply steps through before shaking her head, "Dis is a bad idea." She then blinks as she goes through the portal and immediately shudders. She looks around, "Dis is a time I wish I could transform without..." She shakes her head and sighs before she looks to America and then blinks at Kara.

She looks then around and then shifts her jacket a little tighter, "If I have ta go Banshee..." She looks to America, "Stay out of my way...please." She nods her head and then looks forward.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks at the quantum beacon before snapping it shut. "All of us showing up right here is a good sign. My daughter builds good gear. She's here. I'm glad to see you all. Give me a minute and we'll have more eyes on the ground... a lot more." He settles his helmet on his head and stands. Arms extended. "Hello little friends... I... oh you heard of me? That's nice. I am looking for Foss... can you put me in touch with him, please? I want to learn about the people he is with. tanks I'll wait."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha watches Hank for a moment, then turns to the arrived Titans. "He's, ah..." Natasha clears her throat softly, sounding almost apologetic as she explains, "... He's talking to bugs."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Most teenagers find it a bit of a chore catching a ride with relatives but a direct portal beats flying twenty three or more hours to get to a distination Viv can't really track by herself. At least not without some major upgrade work doing on her sensor suite. So follow along with Hank and his team it is. Although in her current state she'd have tried phasing and cloaking herself in a holographic disguise and tagging along for the ride regardless.

Immediately upon arriving she wraps everyone in a holographic bubble, masking the Avengers and herself from visual sight, and begins scanning the surrounding area. A portion of her mind even reaches higher, up into orbit, to see what Russian satellites might be watching. And if she finds any? Well lets hope they have very good security because they'll need it to keep her out...

Outwardly at least she seems unnaturally calm. A green t-shirt and yellow cargo pants combo make up her 'battle regalia'. Her skin an unnatural pink-ish red and her eyes glowing faintly golden. "Am I correct to assume we should be expecting someone to still be watching their route?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
A chill wind blows across the permafrost ground, even in 'Summer' this place isn't exactly warm with lingering patches of snow from a recent storm not quite melted yet as the temperature can still go quite low at night. It is kind of remarkable how empty it is out here, if nothing else it'd be a perfect place to go to be away from prying eyes. The beacons still blink and chirp, the closer to the source the better they pick up the signal. There is a definite direction they are pointing towards, there just seems to be nothing in that direction.

America Chavez has posed:
Curiously, America doesn't seem all that phased when Natasha points a gun at her - more, she seems surprised there are others here, arriving just before she did with Banshee. She lifts her chin to Natasha, greets, "Hey." A pause, and she answers, "My pants are in another dimension." Weirdly, she doesn't seem to be joking.

"I'm Miss America. This is Banshee. You probably already know SUpergirl." A nod is given to Kara. "Yeah. We're here to get Nadia back. I told her to fight. And I told her I'd knock her a good one if she didn't. So she'd better be. EIther way, I'm here to knock some sense into some people and bring her back."

Not that America has really thought this through. She nods once to Banshee, "Got it. Don't strain yourself," she warns Siobhan, "You got me, Kara, and all Nadia's other friends with you."

America pauses, then, about to say something when Natasha announces Hank is talking to bugs. "Right." She gives a squint, looks back to Natasha, looks hesitant to ask, "And the bugs are going to tell him where Nadia is? Because I'll be damned if I can read this thing. Can you, Supergirl?"

She hands the device over to Kara, with a sheepish grin and a half-shrug. "I got us this far, right?"

If the cold /is/ bothering her, she's proud enough to not shiver, or call attention to it, even if if she is standing a bit stiffly.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"It is too empty," Wanda takes a glance around, looking at the others, though she has a tiny bit of an amused smile on her face at Hank's bug-talking before she observes the area again. "Cloaking device, perhaps. Or underground?" She throws out the suggestions as she lets her senses drift, searching for anything that might give a more precise direction other than merely relying on the beacon.

"I have often found that the best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha squints at America and mutters "... Right." Before stuffing the gun back into the chest pocket of her coat. She feels her heart sink as America describes the totality of her plan, her shoulders slowly rising with a deep breath. "I want you to listen to me very carefully. if you start breaking anything, or hurting ANYBODY where people can see you BEFORE we find out there's something illegal happening, this will be a disaster. We are already flirting with an international incident. I know you're excited. Keep your fists and lasers and..." Natasha hand gesticulates wildly for a second, "... all that to yourself for now."
    Natasha cranes her head to look out over the expanse of Siberian land. "Assuming there's anything here." Natasha nods to Wanda and says "I'd be pretty impressed if they could get power for cloaking out here. Underground would be my bet. That or a trap." Natasha peers down at the tracking device and mutters, "Most likely a trap."
    Spy mentality.
    As she follows along the tracking signal, she calls out "Pym, getting anything?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara raises an eyebrow at Natasha's explanation. "Okay," she says. She's certainly seen weirder things than a guy talking to bugs. She holds up her crystal with its glowing tip. "I made this, to track the quantum signal Nadia left for us at Titan's Tower." The wind whips her hair and cape around in equal measure. Exposed legs and all Supergirl doesn't seem terribly phased by the cold.

She holds up a hand to the group and says, "Hi I'm Supergirl." It's redundant with the \S/ on her chest, though she always does it just in case someone has no idea who she is. Some people really do live under a rock.

"I guess she left a tracker for you too," she asks of Wanda and Natasha. Of course she'd leave one for her dad, that makes perfect sense. "We could use our trackers to triangulate the signal. We're close enough it should be fast work. Aside from me, who here is the fastest? we need to separate by at least half a mile and narrow in to the zero point. If it's cloaked or underground, that'll become apparent to us by then. I can go place America's device, and fly with my crystal if we get a third point too..."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A look over at America and she nods a little before looking forward, "It's not strain dat I'm worried about." She states simply enough and then looks over at Natasha before looking forward, "Frankly, I'm not tinkin' I can keep a promise like dat." She then focuses inward and there's a scream. It's quiet, distant and yet present. Loud and yet silent. It's strange. As if something were screaming from afar and then arriving.

Then a moment later, Banshee is there and looking forward with glowing eyes. She focuses around, seeming to look for a particular sound as she does. Her eyes going this way and that though it is hard to tell with those glowing irises.

"~If she's here...maybe I can hear her.~" Her voice a terrible echo, like something calling from the other side. She takes a step forward and then grits those teeth against the darkness of her jaw.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym bows his head considering the millions of tiny voices in his head. "Yes... triangulate. Please. Getting something. Hmmm." He hands his beacon to Vivian and then makes an abrupt upward gesture.

The ground shakes. It quivers. It ripples and millions of insects come out of hiding and swarms.

Hank continues concentrating, sweat standing on his upper lip. "Sorry... haven't done anything this big in years. I'm definitely onto something... Spacebo my little friends."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian doesn't seem to mind the cold either despite the inappropriate choice of a t-shirt in the tundra. But then she's not even bothering to simulate breathing right now. A slight shift of her density and the teenage synthezoid steps up onto the snow without making a sound. So light even the most delicate surface will support her weight. "Do not worry I will be eliminating any recordings," she assures. "So even if someone were to cause an international incident there won't be any proof."

She tilts her head at the Titans group. Mildly surprised to see Siobhan here after a meeting in the park many months ago. "I would suspect Banshee has a sonic ability, Supergirl is quite famous and you presumably have a power or ability too Miss America?"

She splits off a few mental subdivision Vivs that begin trawling for data on the surrounding locale. Comparing maps, both ground and space based, with the current on the ground footage (and space images too if she's found anything that looks like a Russian spy satellite!). "I can't walk too far without breaking the holo-bubble," she warns, taking the device and moving into position as best she can. "So please everyone try stay within two hundred feet of me. Unless of course you are comfortable with being shot by any snipers that might be waiting."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara cheerfully adds to Vivian's assessment by explaining America, "She punches holes in reality." It is an exciting concept, if a touch bewildering. But she's seen it in action, seen her in action too. Kara couldn't be more proud of the odd ball bunch of people she works with. "I'm a-okay with someone taking a sniper shot at me," says with a touch of a smirk, "though I'd prefer we had the element of surprise."

She holds out her hand for the third beacon from Vivian and then becomes a blur of red and blue. She drops one beacon away, the other away and then starts to zip back and forth against the triangle with her crystal in front of her. It looks like a big red and blue triangle to anyone observing, just for a brief moment. Land scape land scape, cave.. land scape.. cave.. cave?

She comes to a stop and waves an arm where the signals converge. Okay, so they're not responding to that.. odd. She walks back toward them and glances back.. cave gone. Ah. She flies back to the ground, "Cloaked cave, that way," she says and points.

America Chavez has posed:
America listens to Natasha, and frowns, scowls, and nods, "Fine," she says. She can recognize the sense in Natasha's words, even if she doesn't like them. She slams a fist into an open palm, "But I'm not holding back when it's time to go. I'm in a very bad mood." Still, the young heroine dressed in all-American fare seems to at least grasp the gravity of the potential situation. So, she'll listen. And behave. Mostly.

She looks at Hank's 'little friends' and it causes her to balk, "Okay. That's not creepy," she mentions, stepping back a few steps away from the insect hoarde.

There's a glance to Banshee, a nod. "She's right, Banshee. As much as I hate to say it. As much as I want to just go all out on these assholes. We don't want to make things worse. We've got enough on our plate already. Our other friends," she reminds the - whatever Banshee is. She's not figured that one out, yet.

She nods to Vivian, agreeing with Kara - an odd sort of satisfactory smile on her face. "Yeah. I punch things. People. Tanks. Spaceships. Reality. I punch them -very- well." She seems very, very proud of this. And then Kara has her attention.

"Cloaked cave sounds like a good place to start." She looks to Natasha, "So, what's next if we aren't breaking our way in?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"The quieter we do this, the better," Wanda agrees with Natasha's assessment, glancing over at the woman. "But I would wager it is all three. An underground base of operations with a cloaked entrance and some sort of security for anyone being in the area? There is nothing else here and no reason for anyone to be out here save for thispurpose. If we are not ambushed, it would certainly be a surprise."

When Kara comes back with the news of the cloaked cave, she nods. "If there is anything particularly magical, I will let you know... though I certainly doubt we will run across much."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha regards the transformation of Banshee with some discomfort - though it's not like she's not at least passingly familiar with the Hero community - and watches Kara zoom off, and sighs. "Space aliens." She says to no one in particular. She stuffs her hands in her pockets and waits for a moment, her breath coming out in a cloud of vapor.
    Suddenly, she tilts her head, "Wait, she punches holes in *what?*"
    At that moment Kara returns, and Natasha shields her eyes from the blast of wind with one arm, before peering in the direction Kara indicates, and then looking at Kara with a vaguely... tired expression. She probably shouldn't resent all the effort and gruntwork going out of spycraft, but it does make her feel little bit like she's running a footrace on crutches. "Good work." She says regardless.
    To America's question, Natasha allows herself the ghost of a smile. "Oh, we're breaking in. Just quietly. If possible. Pym?" Natasha looks to Hank "Don't suppose you know a lot of scouting volunteers?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym snaps out of his revery. "I can do some scouting. Hang on a second. I brought my own scouts." He pulls a small pack off his back and retrieves two boxes from it. Flying ants come out one. Wasps fly out of the other. They all circle Hank's head dropping down as the scientist begins to shrink. "I don't care what anyone says, this is cool. I'll check out the cave." Now ant size he leaps onto a flying ant and flies ahead. "Hiyo Baudalair!"

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
There's a brief glare at America. Her other half immediately being offended by being told what to do. She clenches down though, trying her best to control things. She shudders and seems to slowly open and close her mouth. She then turns her gaze over to the others briefly before she shakes her head.

"~I'll see what I can do, America...~" She then points that shadowy hand toward the direction of Kara's cave and then states, "~Dere's a campfire up ahead.~" She then lets out another one of those short screams and simply...turns to dust? Mist? Shadow? It's rather unclear as her form simply dissolves away and then she's stepping out of another cloud at the entrance of the cave. Her eyes slowly going around as she goes to enter. There's something so freeing about this form. Something that just draws her to do whatever she wants.

"~Hello in dere...knock knock.~" And that probably comes off a lot more creepy than she ever means it to."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"No-one seems to be watching this location from orbit. Not that I can detect anyway," Vivian states matter-of-factly. "I can't discount there being a high altitude spy plane watching from a distance with it's communication systems dark. However to compensate for this I am making us a suitable alibi, at least for those whose identities I know in detail, showing we're still in New York."

She sets off walking towards the cave. Seemingly able to travel rather briskly while still maintaining the holographic bubble. It helps that she doesn't have to trudge through all the snow. Either walking over it or just phasing through. "I for one don't care if they see me coming," she mutters. "I actually would prefer it if they had time to reflect on how monumentally bad a decision it was to kidnap two members of my family. But I will remain out of phase and in stealth mode out of consideration for your request." There's an unspoken 'for now'.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara gives a polite nod in return to Natasha's praise. "I expect soon enough stealth won't be an option. I am disturbed by the under handed tactics used to spirit Nadia away from her friends and family. But perhaps she will find what she was looking for." No longer speeding along, she walks with the group back to the cave.

Her hands tuck behind her back and she peers at Wanda when she mentions magic. "Do you happy to know a criminal who goes by the name Jinx? she attacked Titan's Tower with her team yesterday and seemed a most formidable mage."

Why not try and find some help. Garth disappeared on them again. He does that. It's a thing. Raven was no where to be found. She does that. It's a thing. And Rainmaker, well she's new but she wasn't around either. That one single mage made the battlefield yesterday. If they'd been able to stop Jinx, the rest would have tumbled.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Inside of the cave water drips from the ceiling echoing through the chamber. A short ways in a fire crackles and next to it is seated an asian young woman around Nadia's age. She has long black hair and wears a black dress, perhaps an odd choice given her surroundings. When Siobhan appears she looks up from roasting a rabbit at the Banshee and asks deadpan, "Has death finally come for me then?"

America Chavez has posed:
America nods to Natasha, "I will do whatever we need to do to get Nadia back. But I am punching someone before we leave," she says, ruefully. She crosses her arms, watches, as Hank rides off into the diminishing size of himself towards where the cave is touted to be. She waits. But, clearly not patiently. She shifts, moves, paces, pent up energy and desire to -fight-, kept in check and not in danger of going out of bounds, but hell is surely going to follow when all that energy gets unleashed.

She nods her approval to Banshee, squinting some when she gets a touch creepy before looking over to Wanda, nodding. "Good. I can't sense magic. Just dimensional disturbances," she says, casually. "But, given Nadia's training, I'm guessing this is more - pew pew lasers and quantum pulsar drives or whatever the hell they are."

It's her turn to gesticulate, like Natasha did a few minutes ago at her. "You know. All that science stuff."

She looks over at Vivian, "So what do you do?"

Of course, not having super hearing or senses, she has no idea of what is going on in the cave with Banshee. But Kara's question to Wanda has merit, and is sufficient to distract America, just a bit.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda's gaze shifts over to Kara thoughtfully. "I do not know the name personally, but I can certainly look into it if you would like information. It would be good to personally know if there is a strong mage in the area." She nods after a moment of thought. "I will let you know."

With a quick glance to America, Wanda's also offering her a nod. "Sometimes one is tied to the other, but thus far nothing seems to be particularly magically inclined. You're likely facing technology and human ingenuity." As they delve into the cave, though, she frowns at the talk of death, but remains quiet for the moment.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha follows closely with the others, arching an eyebrow at talk of mages, but largely staying out of matters outside her expertise - aside from listening intently for the report that may or may not materialize after whatever happens here.
    She's distinctly on edge. She knows where Nadia came from, and she knows the people who would insist on having Nadia back. She's... not sure she's ready to come home yet.
    Arriving at the cave - stealth recon thrown out the window by the over-eager Banshee - Natasha barely changes her expression as she draws her pistol and points it at the girl.
    Natasha of all people knows full well how dangerous pretty young girls can turn out to be. Especially dressed like *that* out *here*. "That depends." She answers coldly. "Name. Purpose. Entrance. Quickly. No sudden movements."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym flies about the cave, seeking any signs of technology. The insects snap to his orders and search as well. He spares the young woman a glance. A distraction, got to be. Well, they have a professional Russian to counter her. Perhaps the cave has an entrance that is cloaked as well? He sends the insects crawling over the cave walls.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Looking at the girl, Banshee tilts her head slightly at the sight and then she is about to say something when Natasha rushes in and says her words. She looks over at the woman and part of her is offended by her stepping in before she looks back to the girl, "Simply put, who are ye?" She then clenches her fists and steps toward her, "And where's Nadia?!" She isn't really doing a great job keeping her anger in check but she's already in a piss poor mood.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Computers, communications, holographic images and if needed I can throw a light armoured vehicle," Vivian notes to America. "Nadia is my Great Aunt and Miss van Dyne is.. family too." Even now she won't risk using the technical term for her relationship to Janet. She might be reckless but not that much... "I can phase through the floor or walls if need be." This seems less directed at America and more to the group.

"She isn't relevant," Despite saying that she still looks at the girl and runs her face through every database she has access too. A few of which she probably shouldn't be poking around on. "Probably a vector for a bioweapon or some other trite trap."

The synthezoid begins poking her head through the walls. Looking for secret doors. All the while wrapping the inside of the cave in her own holograph to blind any cameras and emitting a mild white noise tone to prevent microphones from picking up their conversations. The noise may also unfortunately be mildly annoying to Kryptonian super senses.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara has never exactly seen Siobhan 'do her thing'. She's seen the skull before. Banshee. She knows it's a different person, a different creature? but what it is she does is a mystery to her. She does know Banshee gives her the heebeegeebees.. but she also knows that she's an ally. That's what she trusts.

She listens to the words the girl speaks and Natasha's response. She can hear the heart beats. She suspects they may be best equiped to deal with this trap. Instead, she stays just out of eyeshot and places her ear to the ground and begins to listen. There's a chance they create void spaces, or used water, to insulate whatever base is hidden under the ground. That is, if they had deliberately built the place to stay off Superman's radar.

After all, she thinks she might like Wanda and therefore trusts her when she says there's no weird magic going on. Magic really throws off her expectations of reality. It's hard enough dealing with being super powered suddenly, let alone reality giving up all its usual rules too.

Hearing nothing, Supergirl looks over to Vivian with a wrinkled nose and squinted eyes. That noise is annoying. She says softly to those near her, "It's a trap. Mostly like to see who would turn up, perhaps to test their defences against the real thing."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The asian young woman glances in Natasha's direction when she bursts in studying her closely. "My name is Ying." she replies to both. "And Nadia," she sighs, "Nadia is in a place where she will never see the sun again. You're her friends right? Maybe, you can help her." She sighs, "Janet Van Dyne wasn't even supposed to be part of any of this. She got in the way and now Mother is angry and Nadia has been buried even deeper." She looks back to Natasha again, though she hasn't made any move to get up. "Nadia and I were lab partners." Perhaps confirming Natasha's fears that this girl is also from the Red Room. "At first when they said they were bringing her back I was happy. Even before she escaped we had been seperated for so long. But like everything here, it was all lies. Nadia shouldn't be back here, she's going to wilt and die in that pit. I can't help her, that's why I took her beacons and activated them, hoping maybe it would draw someone who can."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
If there's magic involved, Wanda will be sure to know about it. It's the least she can offer peace of mind on. She observes Ying with a curious look, remaining where she's at. A non-threatening and calm presence. "So Nadia is your friend." It's not question, it's an observation of the words that the young woman /doesn't/ say. "Do you also seek to leave as well? You said you could not help her." The undercurrent is also a layer of curiousity: can Ying help /herself/?

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    There are three Avengers in this room who've known Natasha for up to nearly three years now, and in all that time they've like never heard Natasha's voice quiver until she half-croaks through a tightened throat "Is Mother *here...?*
    Remember to breathe, remember to breathe...

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym drops off the ant and grows to normal size. He regards Ying intently. "If you were science division, not to mention working with Nadia, what element and isotope is best for stabilizing Pym particles? If you're science division dealing with my tech, they wouldn't waste you out here. If you built that cloak... kudos to you."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Having poked her head through all the walls Viv begins checking the ceiling and floor too. Just to be sure. "This appears to be a totally mundane cave. Not even an excess build up of smoke from the fire. In short we are wasting our time searching here," she notes, turning her full attention to Ying and pacing back and forth. "Kindly direct us to the right location." She glares at the poor girl so intensely her eyes glow enough they becomes painful to look at. "As we do not have the luxury of waiting any longer. It doesn't matter how heavily defended you believe the site to be. It will /not/ be sufficient to keep me out. Let alone this entire group."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks with sympathy to the girl. Unlike Natasha or other high ranking agents of SHIELD, she is not privy to the kinds of careful emotional manipulations the red room is capable of eliciting. She does, however, hear in Natasha's voice, the rhythm of her heart, the way she postures herself, the micro movements and shakes. She steps in to the opening and folds her arms, standing next to Natasha as backup.

She smiles to Ying and says, "It's true, Nadia has many friends now. You could too, if you want them. We can take you to safety, and not even as a 'if', we can do that regardless if you need our help. But we also need yours - please tell us where we can find Nadia. There is not a thing on this planet that will stop us fighting for Nadia, save Nadia herself."

"If you know who I am, what this symbol on my chest means, then you know I speak the truth and would not deceive you," Kara says leaning in to the good will her cousin has built up over the years.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Ying studies Wanda and Supergirl for a long moment when they speak and begins slowly rising to her feet, "Nobody can help me, if I don't go back or they find out what I am doing, I am already dead." she tilts her head and pulls her hair aside to reveal a red pulsing light embedded in the back of her head right where the spinal chord meets the skull. "If they discover any deviance on my part, there won't be much left of me. It's not too late for Nadia though. Yet."

At Natasha's question she shakes her head, "No, Mother does not come to this facility in person, though she monitors it closely."

Hanks barrage of questions actually earns the ghost of a smile for but a moment as she realizes who he is, "Ah, you must be her father, Dr. Pym. She talked about you constantly, dreamed about finding you, it's what kept her going." She gives his question a moment's thought before replying, "Iron-56, and they don't know I'm here. That's the entire point. I went through a lot of trouble to set this up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to escape their surveilance..." She lets it go, "Anyway I don't have much time left, I need to get back before they figure out I'm gone, which isn't going to be much longer."

With practiced slowness so as not to set off any itchy trigger fingers she reaches into a pocket of her dress and pulls a thick metallic disc. Flicking a switch in the side a holographic display comes to life rendering what seems to be an extensive undergroup complex as detailed hologram floating in space above it. "It wasn't easy to get this, hopefully you can use it to actually get her out." The very detailed image of what appears to be a Red Room facility slowly rotates. "Nadia, to my knowledge, is down here." She points to an area cordoned off by it's own secure deep access elevator with an absurd amount of security at one of the deepest parts of the facility. "Janet Van Dyne, however, is here regular prisoner holding. They are keeping her around to compel Nadia's good behavior until more permanent measures can be taken." She points to an area far closer to the surface though still relatively secure. "Hopefully this will be enough to help you."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha lets out a sharp breath through her nose when Mother's presense is denied - though one supposes she can only trust her so far. The cortex bomb doesn't go unnoticed, and Natasha's eyebrow gives one sharp involuntary twitch.
    'You should have shot her.' Natasha had said to Bobbi, of Nadia some time ago.
    'Like we should have shot you?' Bobbi had replied
    'Exactly like you should have shot me.'
    Natasha's gun stays on Ying for a very long moment. Then she puts it away. "We're going. Trap or not, they won't stop us." Natasha takes the metallic disk and turns away. "If you're lying, I'll find you. If you're not..." Natasha looks at Ying over her shoulder with one cold blue eye. She could offer words of hope. But hope is for super heroes. Not people like them. "... We'll see what happens." Is all she can muster honestly at the moment before she begins to walk away.

Vivian Vision has posed:
It only takes Vivian Vision a glance to scan the entire holographic map into her memory. Comparing it against local maps, satellite images and then sending an encrypted transmission burst. So any other allies on-route will know where the 'party' is.

"Do you have specifications for the device? My Great Aunt would likely wish us to remove it," she says reluctantly. As if she'd much rather be following Natasha and leaving the girl to her fate. "Also if they expect you to return what passphrases would you be expected to use?" She wraps herself in a perfect holographic disguise of Ying. Her voice adjusts to match Ying too. "Because I see no reason not to give them precisely what they want and let them take me directly to my family."

"I've never phased an object out from a person before but technically it is possible. My father could certainly manage it. However... it will hurt a lot. And there is a very real chance it will cause you lasting damage. As I have no way to tell what is happening inside your skull."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks with horror at the device attached to Ying. What kind of monsters would do something like this? putting an explosive inside somebodies body like that. Kara clearly hasn't been on Earth long or else she'd have a working list of people who would do that.

She takes a step forward, "I can help with that. The knowing what's happening inside the skull bit. That is a thing I can do." She doesn't elaborate on how she'd be able to do that. There's so many ways it'd be possible to know. Best to be vague around somebody she doesn't know if they should be trusting or not. But so far Ying seems quite forthright. Not like some of the villains she's faced who just want doom and destruction.

Kara looks to Ying, "We will do a very best to protect you from this weapon." It does not go unnoticed the way Natasha lowers her weapon. She has taken a leap of trust. It's not the first time she's seen a pent up team mate do the same in the DEO and then been punished for it. She stays on the ready, she would not forgive herself if Natasha got shot or stabbed while showing faith.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
While Wanda's ready to follow after Natasha as she turns to leave, she glances over in Ying's direction. "If Nadia realizes you helped her, she will not want to leave you behind." She doesn't know either of the young women particularly well, but she's certainly been in a situation where she only had one other person to rely on in the face of a myriad of troubles. It's hard to let go. "I hope you are prepared for that."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Looking at the situation, the woman or thing that is the Silver Banshee hmms softly as she looks over the facility but that device fascinates her. She looks carefully at the woman but she's not focused on her, she's focused on that device. She twitches slightly and her headtilts, "~Dat device is as silent as de night.~" She states softly before she hmms a little and then grins a rather dark grin, "~I have never tried to teleport sometin' from inside someone. Frankly I'm ratter new to all of dis but...~" She shifts closer and looks over the woman before looking back at her neck, "~I'd be willin' to try. Ta see what can be done.~" She then grins at Ying, "~And as for this mother of yours. Dis facility...~" She smiles a smile that is so much worse no matter how well meant without a normal jaw, "~I doubt dey are prepared fer someone like me.~" She chuckles a little and the chuckle echoes very oddly.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Ying's eyes watch Natasha's gun and study her for another long moment when it is lowered. She doesn't say anything, there's nothing to say really, she expects nothing less and just nods her head towards Natasha accepting her words.

Vivian gets an incredulous look, "They did not allow me the remotest possibility of accessing the bomb in my head no." She listens to Vivian mimic her voice and shakes her head, "You wouldn't even make it through the front door. I still have things I need to do. You should go plan your attack." She turns and begins walking towards the cave entrance leaving the rabbit meat to char over the fire.

Kara's look of horror is met with a light shrug, as if this is just something people do where she's from, just another system of control. She looks between Kara and the Banshee also offering to attempt to do who knows what to her head, "You can't save me, at least not yet. Nadia comes first." It's a bit cryptic but even to Kryption senses she seems sincere.

Something about Wanda's words stops Ying's forward motion and she looks back at her, it is the look of someone who has made a decision and already accepted their own death as basically inevitable, "I hope I don't make her cry." And with that she turns again and disappears out of the cave entrance.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"You vastly overestimate your door," Viv states flatly as her holographic disguise blinks off. Her eyes, still glowing painfully bright, following Ying as she leaves. "And so does the Red Room."