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The Red Room
Date of Scene: 26 September 2020
Location: Red Room Facility, Beneath the Siberian Tundra
Synopsis: A combined team of Titans and Avengers assault the Red Room facility. Nadia, Janet, and even Ying are rescued. Everyone lives Happily Ever After ...for now.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Natasha Romanoff, America Chavez, Thor, Hank Pym, Vivian Vision, Koriand'r, Heather Danielson, Kara Danvers, Karen Starr, Janet van Dyne

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The Siberian tundra is much as everyone had left it. It's Summer now and grassy open ground spreads out all around. The snow from the last storm has mostly melted, though the permafrost still crunches underfoot. In the distance the sun rises over white capped mountains.

The early morning is chilly as everyone steps out of the portal provided by America standing above what /should/ be one of the air intakes for the massive underground facility, though nothing seems to be evidence, at least at first glance.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "I'll go in first." Natasha had told the others while going over the map of the complex. "America will warp me, Pym, and Vivian here."
    Natasha takes a half second to adjust to her new surroundings - clothed in tactical attire that does little against the cold, but will suit her purposes well enough today. She taps the side of her Widow gauntlet twice, causing it to rotate briefly, before producing a pick that she uses to silently undo the screws of the grate.
    "It'll be a tight fit, but Hank can shrink himself down, along with anyone else who doesn't think they can get through without making any noise."
    Nodding silently to the others, she waits long enough for them to make their preparations, before crawling into the air intake vent.

"Our goal is to subdue the base commander and shut off any and all security measures, especially the detonation signal for the cortex bombs. Vivian can use her phasing to scout for us and keep us ahead of security. Once that's complete, and when I give the signal, I want the heavy hitters to come in like the wrath of god. Don't give them time to respond, don't give them time to fight back. We don't want to give them any opportunity to... liquidate their assets.
    At the planning meeting, Natasha had heaved a sigh. "... I want you to listen to me very carefully. This group, the Red Room, are legendary. I know some of you are bullet proof. I don't care. If they know your name, they have a plan for you somewhere. We're dealing with people who torture little girls just to find out who can take it. They are a factory that hollows people out until they can only see the world in terms of assets and obstacles. They. Will. Do. Anything. Be on your guard. ... And do not let them capture you."

America Chavez has posed:
America has no preparations. She only has her jacket, shirt, shorts, boots, feet, and fists. She uses the latter of these two to follow Natasha through the vent, not choosing to 'shrink herself down' for some unvoiced reason. Maybe it gave her the heebyjeebies. Or, maybe she just wanted to be at her A-game when it came time to punch people.

Either way, she moves quietly enough, aware of how easily metal can reverberate and slowly enough to not be jarring. She's no stealth-ninja like Natasha, but for her first attempt at infiltration she's doing a decent enough job to not cause an issue and blow their cover.

Thor has posed:
    The mighty hammer Mjolnir makes a faint /whom/ of sound as it's set down upon the steppes, taking up a place of small prominence resting on a bed of melting ice and old decaying leaves. Yet it serves as a rally point if naught else even as he takes up a place nearby, then glances sidelong as he murmurs "Do you think... that it would be wise to light a fire?"
    His brow furrows as he glances off in the direction of the base and where the others went, then back to where Mjolnir flickers with a few licks of lightning flashing around its base. "Not that I'm cold, mind. This tundra has naught upon Jotunheim. Still. For others, perhaps."
    He does, however, pull a log over from beside an old stump and thumps it down near to Mjolnir and the potential fire, then takes a seat.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes a deep breath and shrinks down to ant size. He mounts up and Bo flies him into the vent. A dozen wasps and flying ants follow. Follow Natasha, do as she says. She's the expert and these people are not the Porcupine or Egghead or even Whirlwind. They're killers. Then again so are ants and FFS wasps are in a class by themselves. they've been at it for 400 million years. Time for pay back.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Upon appearing in Siberia Vivian immediately projects a holographic bubble around everyone within sixty foot of her. Her communication systems begin scanning for signals passively while instances of her personality split off to open lines of communication with everyone who'll accept the call. "Did the data chip Ying provided the schematics on indicate if the walls will have phase shielding?" she asks. "If not I'll have to test every surface as I go. But once I find an access point for the computer system I should be able to subvert any security systems in real time."

She glances at America. "I am surprised you did not think to wear pants this time."

Still anti-phasing defenses shouldn't be an issue immediately, not when she's travelling in an air vent some way behind Natasha. Her stealth bubble cuts out once she's fully inside the vent. No need for a huge bubble when there's only herself and Natasha in need of a disguise.

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaranean, Titan, and Model for JVD clothing line (the last of which is probably why she's here, if we're being honest. Ultimately everything comes down to how do I keep getting my free clothes) stands around at the rally point that is the might Hammer Mjolnir. She's wearing her usual costume, short cropped purple top, shorts, high boots.

It is very inappropriate for the weather.

Yet there she stands fiddling with her hair and humming Stay, by Lisa Loeb to herself. "Oh! I can create a fire if you are cold.. Or do you mean as a signal?! If we are going to light the fires of Gondor, I would be delighted to throw the first fire blast! I have long wished that I had been present at the battle of Helms Deep.." Frowning to herself, eyes down on her hands as little tendrils of green energy radiates around her fingers wiggling up at her.

"All those Uruk-hai would have been a splended test of my martial prowess..." Quirking her lips, staring down at the target, "Do you think the Russians have Uruk-hai?"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Dressed in an insulated leather coat, Heather's body can keep her warm enough. With her winter boots on, she stands back with the reservists. She doesn't do well with waiting and patience. She -is- however wearing a backpack stuffed with those power bars the military uses and water. She needs to keep herself fueled after all.
    In fact, she has one open and is chewing on a bite as she waits.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The plan was to make sure the sneaky sneak types could go in and do their thing. Sooner or later that was going to go wrong. Hence, the heavy hitters. Kara has been keeping her distance, a LONG distance. She can hear the staging area just fine from all the way over here, away from any obvious connection to the operation.

She can't help but be nervous on the inside. High up in the sky like this she gets to have private moments to show that weakness to no one in particular. But soon she must be Supergirl, she can't let any doubts linger about her purpose there today. Nadia is counting on everyone and Janet too.

Putting bombs in peoples heads to force their subservience? that is a horror she had never imagined. It was an eye opener to the modern day evils of Humanity. The things she wishes that they would choose not to do, so that they don't repeat the mistakes of Krypton.

The singing of Mjolnir as it sails through the air is hard to miss with her superhearing. "Thor," she says with a somewhat soft voice, a silly little smile creeping on to her face. She pinches herself, "Stay focused. Now is not the time for Thorthought."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Sixty-six thousand feet in the air.

    It's still in communications range- thanks Tony- but it's her best bet for staying out of anyone's attention. Drifting along with the cloud cover, Power Girl remains quiet.

    During the meeting, she'd acknowledged Natasha's expertise, and was more than ready to follow her lead.

    On the comm, she speaks with this nonchalant attitude- as if there wasn't really a whole lot at stake- which, is somewhat facetious. She is aware of the nature of this mission, even though she's relatively certain this Red Room doesn't have a Power Girl contingency. Whether that's folly or not remains to be seen.

    "I could always head inside, see if they've got a space heater and a really long extension cord. I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. They seem like gracious neighbors."

    Offering a pause, Karen rolls her eyes somewhat, and comes back over the comms as more of a formality than anything. Kara hadn't spoken on them, but one might as well make sure that everyone else gets to hear the response.

    "It's more of an Afthorthought."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Within the base the infiltrators navigate a series of twisting corridors, the whole thing seems to be hard to navigate by design and it's a very good thing they have a map. The design of the base seems to all funnel down to the third sub-level, past barracks, weapons lockers, medical facilities and other lower security areas, into a large central chamber, before again branching off to secure elevator shafts, the detention wing, the barracks, etc. The place seems to be in a state of minor uproar as a Russian voice blares over the intercom system.

<<Fire suppression team to Level 3, Elevator R7. An electrical fire has been detected. Repeat fire suppression team to Level 3, Elevator R7>>

Apparently the facility is having some... difficulties. Natasha's team manages to get down to the third sub-level without too much difficulty avoid patrols with decades of trained practice or just being small. The walls also luckily, at least in this part of the facility, don't seem to resist phasing. Standing outside the heavy metal security doors of the grand chamber, everything goes dark. Lights throughout the facility suddenly shutoff while emergency lighting begins to flicker and kick in.

Another automated announcement blares in Russian <<Main Reactor Compromised, Activating Emergency Generators.>>

Outside a minute passes, then five, the wait is a bit tedious. That is when those with enhanced hearing start to hear a sound in the distance and those with enhanced vision will see a wing of five suits of red advanced power armor closing fast on the position.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "When things do go down, I could use a taxi ride to the front." offers Heather, her breath issuing forth as steam as she takes a swallow of water to wash down her most recent bite of food. "I'm an okay runner, but... I can't fly."
    That said, anyone who didn't know her could be forgiven for assuming she was a mascot, a kid sister to a real superhero. But she seems willing enough to go charging in.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    At the first mention of 'fires', Natasha's generally unflappable expression briefly contorts into something between incredulity and disgust, before she hisses over the coms: "So help me *god*, if *any*body starts a fire out there, I will make a Turducken out of all of you! Now cut the chatter!"
    Natasha manages to be remarkably intense throughout the infiltration, despite speaking seldomnly and communicating largely in constant hand motions.
    The electrical fire strikes her as odd. The light shutdown triply so. Accidents happen, but she associates the Red Room with a certain amount of functional discipline. They couldn't have gone to rags in just three years, could they?
    Natasha gets more and more anxious as the darkness persists, and she murmurs, "... Something's wrong. This should not be lasting this long. Is there any activity out there?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Given Ying turned traitor to provide us with plans it's reasonable to assume some degree of sabotage," Vivian muses, looking around for anything that might function as a computer access point. "They're not using any open channels I can detect. If we can find an access point for the computer systems I will attempt to find out more information."

Over the encrypted channel to the entire group she adds "Did anyone think to bring anti-radiation medication? There was recently an announcement and according to my Russian dictionary it was regarding a reactor."

"Agent Romanoff I assume you will want me to try and open this door? Or at the least phase through and take a look?"

Thor has posed:
    "Ah," Thor points in Starfire's direction, "I've seen that movie." He snaps his fingers twice, then murmurs. "The Lord of Rings." He nods slowly twice, "We had a movie night and watched several hours I believe." He pulls the log up a little closer to the hammer and a small flicker of lightning dances forth to create a little hint of a blaze...
    Only for Thor to hear on the comms a tone of voice coming from Natasha that is strong enough to cow even the divine! And suddenly he is thumping his boot upon the small flicker of a flame. Then clears his throat.
    But he turns his head to look after the direction where the others went and takes a deep breath, frowning to himself as his thoughts go with those now absent. Shaking his head slowly, "This is e'er the worst part afore battle. The waiting."

Koriand'r has posed:
"Yes!" Kori says with an enormous smile on her face, pointing emphatically at Thor, who she absolutely recognizes for the record, "A friend insisted that I also read the documentation written on the social collapse and inevitable engagement that followed.. I feel that the film adaptation suffered from the lack of singing, but it was entertaining." She's only temporarily distracted...

The command from Natasha over comms have her blinking rapidly.

Leaning, ever so casually, towards Thor.. "Is she part Uruk-kai?" Words whispered betwinx thy two. "I no longer wish to fight them if she is a represenation of their number... Her voice sounds like when Raven thinks someone has snuck into her room." Green eyes go impressively wide at that thought... possibly memory. "Or interrupts her when she is watching her soaps."

"Or talk to her."

"I think they would get along!" The temporary aloof expression falls back into her usual grin. Wiggling her fingers at her sides, "It is going to be very difficult to fight if I am unable to start fires, however. Do you think she will lift her ruling on fire when the engagement begins?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara can't help but blush and press her lips together.. sisters.. are.. the worst. She chuckles nervously though and peers at Thor stamping out the flames in her heart.. err.. the fire he was starting. Her eyes and ears are drawn to a different sight though. The five red power armoured individuals inbound.

"Agent and those outside, there are five power armoured individuals approaching the base at high speed in red. I think they may be responding to whatever emergency is happening inside the base. Perhaps we should thin their numbers. I'll take one for an impromptu trip to an empty island in the pacific.. be right back."

Kara makes the air crack as she shoots forward at high speed and tangles with the first of those in power armour and begins to force the flight path up up and away from here. It's at first a struggle to counter their thrust, so she goes for the easier approach and rips the engines out of the wing suit and carries the man away to the middle of the pacific. "Make that four red power armoured wing suits incoming," she adds over the channel.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym's ant flies up in front of Natasha's nose. He whispers, "Give me a moment. I may be able to contact Jan... if she's conscious, or Nadia's pet ant. Worth a shot, no?"

He closes his eyes and strains to make contact with two familiar minds through his helmet array. <<Jan? Jan I know you're out there. You're too mean to die. Jan, come on and insult me back... please.>> <<Foss, where the hell are you? Where's Nadia? We're coming for you.>> Please give him a sign.

Karen Starr has posed:
    From her height, Karen's frown deepens.

    "There are five heavies coming in. Probably not because they forgot something in their bunks." she states... But doesn't move. She knows full well there are plenty of heavies on the ground, and this is five people in power armor. They don't need her; She trusts they can handle it.

    Instead, she trusts that Natasha isn't overly worried about this situation. She hasn't said to drop, so Karen doesn't drop. Her eyes narrow, somewhat, and she looks down from the sky, and that vision of hers goes through the walls, and she starts scanning for Natasha. She's not going to let her eyes off of the redhead if this place is as dangerous as it seems.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Something is definitely wrong, the entire base seems to come alive with the outage as security soldiers rush to emergency stations and others rush to presumably get the main power back on. Boots can be heard running down the hall from both directions and a host of scrambling footsteps from the other side of the security door as well.

A moment later the door opens and Natasha is face to face with a wide-eyed Red Room trainee in a grey jumpsuit. Over the girl's shoulder a group of similar girls can be seen gathered at the base of a raised dais upon which sits a planning table the far side of which bears a chair larger than all the rest like some sort of supervillain throne room. Above the throne is a massive video screen which seems to have gone dark and more Red Room trainees with what looks like a 'Black Widow operative' minder and a few guards are filtering out through another exit.

Outside of the the underground complex the five advanced power armor units close in fast at high speed. Not high enough to escape Supergirl though. <<Attention! This is a Liv...Static...silence>> A broadcast in Russian is cut off as the suit is dismantled and people introduced to a new tropical destination on the Pacific ocean.

There are now four suits of advanced power armor taking evasive maneuvers and moving into firing positions targeting Thor, Starfire, Power Girl, and Heather with high powered energy weapons.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha reaches for her belt with a minor grumble and produces the goggles that Tony had made for her, placing them over her eyes and activating the night vision. "Yes." is her simple answer to Vivian, who adds, "Don't get caught."
    Natasha's eyes narrow and she puts two fingers to her comlink as Kara talks, her brow furrowing. She opens her mouth to speak when Kara suggests thinning their numbers, then sharply hisses "*NO*" when Kara takes the initiative to go pick a fight.
    "Theycouldjustbedoingaflyoverwaituntil *damn* it!" Natasha rapidly speaks in a hushed voice before giving into the inevitability of what's happening. "Kids! *Kids* on an *infil*! I should have my *head* examined." Natasha grumbles sharply, clutching at a fistful of her red hair. Natasha takes a deeeeeeeep slow breath, and sounds... almost monotone when she speaks again. "... This place is about to go on full alert. Fight back. Keep it outside. Exfltration on my signal." Ideally Natasha would have liked to procure evidence of wrongdoing BEFORE American-based superheroes started trashing a Russian base, but... that ship has sailed.
    When the door opens, everything else is forgotten. Natasha only hesitates for a moment, eyes wide as they sweep over the young women. Have they been here long? Has anyone dropped out yet? The meal portions always get bigger when the others go away.
    It only lasts for a second, and without a word Natasha raises one arm and fires a Widow Sting blast of electricity at the Black Widow agent. "Everyone get down." She growls to the trainees, then, as she steps forward. "Vivian. Older lady. Take anything she's holding."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Huh?" asks Heather as she lifts a hand to her earpiece. "Armored what?" And there goes Kara. She shrugs her shoulders and sighs. She feels a bit less than useful here.
    That is when she gets shot by a particle beam right in her stomach. It rips through her jacket, her flesh, and blasts out the back of her jacket... blasting the bottom off of her backpack.
    Food bars and water start plopping out of the now bottomless backpack. Along with blood and gore splattering onto the snow behind her. "Fuck." She mutters before lifting a hand to cover her mouth. "Sorry." she adds... blood trickling from her lips as she points in the direction the shot came from.
    "Okay then." she says before she turns and starts sprinting that way.. the hole through her body mostly sealed shut now. As the low-altitude straffing run begins, she leaps and wraps herself about the leg of one of the suits... twisting with all of her strength. She might not damage the armor, but she dislocates the man's thigh if that crunch she heard is any indicator. "Incoming?" She says over her comm then... a bit delayed.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym flits about, firing his gauntlet stingers at giant girl faces. Full power stun. Thinks are not absolutely terrible. Romanoff is using her Widow blasters and not a pistol. The energy bursts provide a sporadic lighting in the gloom. "This is a central command area. We can find Jan and Nadia on those screens with a little hacking and luck. Luck would be nice! It's goof to try new things."

Flitter. Zap! Fitter flitter zap! Zapapap!

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision doesn't roll her eyes when Natasha says 'Don't get caught'. At least not where anyone can see her thanks to the holographic disguise field she's projecting still. Only a handful of Humans can even react fast enough to stop her in the virtual realms never mind catch her. A portion of her brain splits off to begin work on an especially nasty virus based around the entire back catalog of Dazzler.

And then the door opens. Making it largely a moot point if she needs to phase through it or not.

Still the request to beat up a Red Room agent gets a more enthusiastic response. Her density already low to allow rapid phasing she launches herself into the room, trying to land on the Minder, and cranks her density up the moment before impact. Not quite enough to kill but certainly enough her impact will break bones. If there's any sign she's still concious afterwards the synthezoid teen will bounce her head off the nearest hard surface a few times for good measure.

Thor has posed:
    "Methinks she has more akin with Shelob, if you reflect on the matter." Thor tells Kori with some measure of solemnity, perhaps trying to keep his voice low enough so as to not carry on the comms. For Natasha's wrath is mighty.
    But then across the frequencies comes the call of Supergirl announcing the likely approach of the enemy and so he turns away from the tall Tamaranean and frowns. One hand gestures out to the side and the Uru hammer leaps across the small distance with a /whum/ before it slaps into his hand. There's a flicker of silvery light that slashes over his figure, dispelling from him the garb of the Midgardian and gracing him with the presence of the black and red armor that so often adorns him in battle, the half-cloak snapping with the sudden rush of wind that causes the clouds above to slowly shift into a languid whorl.
    On the comms his voice is heard, << Signal if you need aid, Supergirl. >> Though as the four power suits crest the horizon and his brow furrows as he adds, << And if we need such as well, then we shall say as much. >>
    And with that said he sets the hammer twirling into a rapidly faster and faster arc at his side, then with no further hesitation he slashes it onward and upward straight toward the sky where it lifts him off into the air and in the direction of those power suits.

Koriand'r has posed:

Thor is Asgardian, Koriand'r is Tamaranean, and Kara is Kryptonian.

The thought actually makes the Titan snort laugh, "We are an official Alien invasion!" Hovering up off the perma-frost grass with a glance towards the God of Thunder. The fists down at her sides begin to glow a bright green and looks largely like a cracked fusion generator bleeding radioative material. It is not radioactive though!

"That was a very nice thigh punch, Knockout!" Said to her Titan teammate, waving happily as she flies past, rolling through the air evasively of incoming attacks of the power armored sort! <<"The Alien invasion is in full swing out here! Never fear, we will contain these armored villains!">> Says the solar powered heroine who smashes directly into an armored chest, firing blasts of green energy from her extended fists as she collids.

Pounding her fists like jack hammers, her feet slip into Nooks and Crannies to find a hold, keeping herself attached as she bores into the front armored section of the suit with fists smashing like glowing green cutting tools.

All the while grinning in through the glass.

"~The wind was on the withered heath,
but in the forest stirred no leaf:
there shadows lay by night and day,
and dark things silent crept beneath.~"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara hears the rushed words from Black Widow and grimaces. They're in red.. it's the red room.. it seemed obvious to her. But - well, she can admit she was wrong, even as she sets the Russian down on the sandy beach, "Stay here I will be back for you later. To take you home that is, don't worry, you're not in danger," she says in broken Russian to the man, but doesn't wait for his perplexed response as she is shooting back through the air.

She comes in hot and tackles another of the armoured winged fights and takes a powered punch to the chin. It knocks her chin but she looks back at them and then shakes her head slowly, "Tsk tsk." She grips the front of the armor and pulls it off, then dismantles the rest of the armour leaving the fighter in their under-flight suit only. "It's cold here, I have somewhere warmer for you." She picks them up and flies them off to the same island.

Karen Starr has posed:
    "Oh, I see how you guys are doing this." she offers, "Or, rather, I don't. Listen, if you have an idea of where you are right now, I can keep track of you." Power Girl states, hand to earring, offering this little chuckle at Natasha's reaction to Kara leaping into a fight that probably didn't exist until she leapt into it.

    "Honestly, you probably don't need to hear this. Seriously." A short pause, then, "But that was pretty great. We should have more missions go wrong. Frankly, it's kind of adorable."

    Regardless, Karen remains the heckler in the sky. She's probably going to get an earful after the mission. Calling anything Natasha does adorable might be a worse crime than spoiling the mission.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The Black Widow operative minder turns as Vivian approaches at high speed though is perhaps not quite prepared for a being quite like Vivian and is sent reeling by the sudden high density impact and knocked out in short order. Chaos ensues as the trainees swat and flail at the tiny menace buzzing among them stunning them and dropping them to the ground. In short order eight teenagers with red lights in the back of their necks are laying unconcious on the ground. Up ahead on top of the raised platform where the table, chairs, 'throne', and video screen are a door opens next to the throne and a Russian man in a Soviet era military uniform steps out holding what looks like a detonator in his hand. <<That is far enough.>> he says in Russian, <<It seems you have come to steal away my charges. I cannot allow this. If you move, all of their bombs are detonated.>> Red Alert klaxons begin to sound throughout the base. It is now or never.

With it's leg damaged and thrusters bent out of position the powered suit attacking Heather spirals into the dirt at high speed, there are some terrible crunching sounds as it winds up in an inoperable heap and the prognosis probably isn't terribly good for the pilot either. Starfire makes short work of another which also winds up spiraling into the dirt. The suit targeting Power Girl is unceremoniously taken out by the returning Supergirl and Thor dispatches the last without much issue leaving the skies the skies clear.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha moves forward as fierce as a panther, making a straight line for the next room, hoping to subdue the commander and end this as fast as possible. She only opes that the trainees will be too inexperienced, too shocked, or too hopeful to try to stop her. If they do, she attacks them with barely enough restraint to avoid killing them; but little to no care taken to avoid injuring them if necessary. Somehow, during the fricas, she manages to respond "Your degrading amusement at mortal struggles is duly noted." through gritted teeth. God damned space aliens.
    Her target reveals himself before she can reach him, and Natasha whips out one pistol to aim at the uniformed man. She stands stock still, lips pressed tightly together before, uncharacteristically, she relents; going into a neutral stance and putting her hands above her head. Very blandly, she just says, "Pym."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym realizes just how long it's been since e tried something like this, something Nadia with the resilience of youth and genetic augmentation finds laughable. Hank is 39, had years of abusing his body through growing and shrinking and definitely is an ordinary human. He drops onto the web between the man's thumb and forefinger and grows, fast, spreading his hand apart, to grab the remote while bending the officer's thumb back with gleeful abandon. "I better not find a cortex bomb in my baby or... I'm coming back for you." As he gets the remote Hank head butts the man, trusting in his helmet.

And his thick skull.

Damn it hurts!

Vivian Vision has posed:
The man in the Soviet Era uniform gets his request. No-one seems to move at all. The key word being seems. As Vivian wraps him in a holographic skin that shows him exactly what he wants to see. Even if he knew where to look for Hank he'd never spot him coming.

Viv completely ignores him and the trainees and begins investigating the holo-table, looking for a way to tap into it. If needs be she'll dig out a USB adapter and plug that in. Or hotwire it in. Hopefully it'll provide her with an access point for rest of the facility. And once she's inside the system... well then she can really have fun.

Once the Soviet bombardier is down she glances up and, as if to make an example for the trainees, casually smashes the throne like it's made of matchsticks.

Koriand'r has posed:

Starfire leaps off the armored flight suit when it goes curtailing towards the ground and hovers above the concussive grind of metal into perma-frost with a bemused expression on her face. Gently touching down atop the mangled, still smoking, and twisted frame of metal to peer in at the pilot. Bending down at the waist with a hand up to tap gently against the glass.

"This is why I strongly suggested ejection. Landings of that magnitude are more likely to cause subdurall hemorrhage from blunt force trauma to the head. Which makes time a huge factor in your survival!" Lecture concluded, she jumps down, dusting off her hands in an updown patting of palms. Crunching her boots into the frost with each step,

<"As self elected representative for the alien invasion deligation, I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully contained the armored threat. It is with a heavy heart, however, and apologies of course, that I must /also/ inform you that one of them is definitely on fire. I am aware of your feelings on this matter and would like to offer my sencere apology.">

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara reappears over the Siberian tundra and notes the lack of armoured individuals any more. It is done. She makes sure they're all okay though with a quick look for injuries and heart beats. This.. THIS feels like a victory. So far at least. She's been needing a bit of success in her life after all the events of the last month.

With Karen playing eye spy at the proceedings inside the base, Kara does the same and turns her eyes to the ground. "My, they are busy in there." Not quite sure what to call Natasha.. Agent? Romanoff? Black Widow? "Mission leader, are you ready for the heavy hitters to storm the base? Because I am eager to rip their front doors open."

She really misses Troia's leadership. It was so straight forward and easy to understand. None of this spy stuff, none of this 'Kara you shouldn't have done that' tones. Her eyes drift up through the atmosphere and to the stars as she awaits an answer.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen finally catches Natasha's presence, physically. Mostly because now that there's action, Natasha has become decidedly visible. "Got you in sight." she remarks to her compatriot, just as the woman momentarily gives up- but Karen can hear what the other woman is saying, so she doesn't jump the gun.

    Even though it's on brand to do a pirouette over that gun.

    "You know, if you wanted less of my bull, all you have to do is say so."

    Normally, Power Girl doesn't do this much heckling. Frankly, it hurts quite a bit to be left in the sky- but someone like her even appearing in this location to do much of anything is like dropping a tactical nuke. Last resort.

    Janet was the first person she really spent any time with in the Avengers. She made Power Girl feel welcome. At a word, the Wrath of God probably wouldn't do it justice.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Crash thump crunch "Oof" tumble smoosh thud.
    Use your imagination for the other combat and crashing sound effects that come from Heather and her crunched armor pilot's tumble into the ground. In the end, when everyone else manages to finish theirs... the crashing and skidding machine comes to rest against a large rock off to one side of the battlefield.
    After a moment, a muffled, "Ow." comes from under the armor. And then Heather pushes him off of her with one arm while the other arm heals from multiple breaks.
    Then she gets to her feet, rolling her neck before reaching to pull a bit of that armor suit from her shoulder, "I really liked this jacket." she mutters as she looks down to the disabled suit, "I think I got'im." she remarks as she moves to rejoin her teammates.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The man in the Soviet era uniform staggers backward, /clearly/ not expecting that. <<Get them!>> he shouts in Russian, before quite grasping the full situation as he clutches his broken nose. When it becomes more clear there is no one being 'Got' he shouts <<Activate Protocal 7>> whatever that is. It doesn't take too long to find out though as doors open on either side of the room and a new group of twelve 'Red Room Trainees' stream into the large chamber. These seem different though, something about the heaviness of their footfalls, maybe a bit of uncanny valley and they are followed by none other than what appears to be Maria Trovaya. <<Girls, please clean up this mess. Your father sounds quite cross.>>

Attempts to hack the holotable reveal that it is not on any kind of network and seems to take external data input to operate. On the other hand one might expect the base commander's office could prove more fruitful.

Outside things are quiet, save for the smoldering wreckage of power armor suits. Three pilots in relatively serious condition. Though the sirens from within the base are plainly audible coming out of the vent, the place has lit up like a high alert Christmas tree.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha sprints forward even as the commander barks his command, leaping towards him at an angle as she wraps one arm around the back of his head and pulls it down, and locks her legs behind his back; spinning him around and dragging his head down into the ground as Natasha herself lands on her back. She kips up and looks down at the fallen commander for a moment before taking in what's going on around her. When Kara speaks, she replies, "Now would be prudent, yes. Proceed to phase two." A pause. "I want less of your bull." With that business done, she simply opens fire on the assembled enemies in front of her; punctuated by the occasional burst of electricity from her gauntlet.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym stops as 'Maria' enters and ten begins swearing. "No. Never. Maria would be nearly my age. You lousy lying pathetic bastards!" Then he's twelve feet tall and grabbing the shards of the throne and hurling them like a fist full of javelins at 'Maria'. "This is not Maria!" He is right behind the hurled debris, charging into the bots.

And seriously considering a long rest. These fast changes are telling. He pushes the pain in his chest aside, being the man Nadia thinks he is.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian can at least operate the holotable in another slightly less sophisticated way. By tearing it out the ground and throwing it at the immitation Maria Trovaya with fifty tons of synthezoid muscle behind it. "Will you need me to delay them while the team arrives?" she asks, looking at Natasha. "Or can I continue looking for a security access point?"

While she waits for a reply Viv unleashes a barrage of energy blasts from her eyes. Non-visual spectrum laser blasts capable of cutting through steel, each pulse aimed for a knee or shoulder joint.

"Our precise co-ordinates are here." She sends out over the comms as she attempts to make her way closer to the commanders room. Thankfully GPS lets her know the depth and position accurately enough America could probably teleport people in if required. "There are multiple unconcious trainees with cortex bombs in need of medical help. And some sort of killbots." There's more than a little disdain in her tone at the idea of Russian murderbots.

Almost as an afterthought she bombards the newly arrived droids with electronic warfare signals and tries to upload some of her freshly prepared computer viruses. She doubts any of the killbots are accepting uploads but you never know...

Karen Starr has posed:
    It was Natasha's fault. Really. She said the words Wrath of God, and should not have expected anything different. Karen cannot be blamed for the result.

    For any still outside, it's quite telling that out of nowhere, the crowded gray skies of Siberia part for the sun to glitter on the snow-covered ground, as the clouds above have parted, split open into a perfect circle.

    Like they were hit by something travelling at high speed.

    Power Girl hits the roof of the building much akin to the way a fist comes down upon a sandcastle, with the same amount of regard for its structural integrity.

    The building stays standing if only for the fact that she doesn't hit it at the same speed with which she descended- dialing back so as to only tear through its steel and stone, boring a hole straight down. In a way, quite literally, laser-guided. Avoiding people along the route, Karen strikes into the heart of the base.

    This would never have worked without the infiltration team. There would have been untold death, and limitless risk. Boring through the roof and into the room containing Natasha and Vivian, Karen lands directly in front of the (allegedly) former assassin.

    "She won't ask twice. I won't ask once."

Koriand'r has posed:
"OH! Delightful news." Starfire off the ground and flies straight towards the hole created by a descending kryptonian nuclear option. The Titan lands, crunching down around broken pieces of ceiling with her nose all wrinkled from falling dust particulates raining upon them after Karen's entrance. Particulates through which she's waving both hand goofilys, coughing gently, and shaking her head to get it out of her hair.

If it weren't for her glowing green eyes and the energy blast that hits one of the remaining robot assassin droid bot thingies (even if it's already taken out, this is to prove a point not steal a thunder), she might be comically ineffective at adding any kind of threat to this threatening situation.

"Not to take away the substantial intimidation factor of your dramatic entrance, but I believe it is customary amongst Terrans to request an audience with their highest ranking personal of authority... In this case, his manager." Is helpful, smiling, and waving a green glowing hand goofily behind the taller Kryptonian.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara watches with a touch of wonder at what Power Girl does. Ripping through from high above straight in to the base. "I can do that?," she muses to herself and then shrugs her shoulders and hops down the hole. It is on her way down she spies the form of Ying. She'd gotten good at identifying it after having spent a whole evening trying not to get her killed in the danger room simulation.

It's her turn to bust through walls, which she does arriving just in time as the guards escorting Ying pull the trigger. Her hand reaches out and she catches the bullet, coming to stop right in front of the guard. He and his fellow guards look very surprised and Super girl grabs the tip of his rifle and bends it back on itself.

Another guard draws his gun to try and finish off Ying. She turns her head and her heat vision blasts out melting the weapon. He drops the gun quickly before he's burnt. The third guard raises his hands in surrender.

In her broken Russian she informs the men, "I'll be taking her with me. I suggest you three exit immediately, this base is now under our control." It takes them almost no time at all to turn and run down the corridor.

Kara helps Ying back to her feet, "Hello again Ying, we've come to rescue you as well as Nadia and Janet - also, we have devised a way to remove the bomb from your head," she makes a motioning hand back the way she came through the smashed walls, "We just need to meet up with Vivian."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The robotic trainee girls do not maintain the pretense of being trainees for long, not once Power Girl appears! Her landing takes out four of them while the remaining eight all move to attack, energy blasts flying everywhere. Maria Trovaya-bot on the other hand who seems more free willed, more like a full person steps towards Vivian. She catches the hurled table easily and tosses it off to one side where is shatters into pieces against a wall. "You are being very naughty little robot girl, you should <<OBEY>> me and help dispatch these invading threats."

While all of this is happening the lights come back on at full power as somewhere deep below the generator seems to have finally been restored by technicians. The massive video screen above the throne crackles to life, the image of a wizzened female elderly half-cyborg face appearing on it, a face anyone associated with the Red Room would recognize as 'Mother'.

The decrepit cyborg head looks about the room, "Well well well, this is certainly a surprise. It has been a long time Natalia." 'Mother' grins down at her from above, a leering bio-mechanical being clinging to life by any means necessary the passage of time be damned.

Into this grand chaos another pair steps from a door in the back wall, Nadia clinging to the back of a flying Janet, both wearing grey Red Room jumpsuits.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
On the lower level, Ying looks a bit shaken, she nods slowly to Kara, "You actually came." her tone is subdued not quite emotionally dead, she actually sounds genuinely surprised that she wasn't just left to her fate.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha is a whirlwind of motion; never standing still for a second, dancing between the machines in a ceaseless effort to avoid taking hits she's... significantly less prepared to endure than many of her colleagues.
    But with a few words from a decrepit old woman, the spy who fearlessly faced down the invasion of the dark elves and frost giants, goes rigid, staring up at the screen, her throat so tight the word she speaks is a barely whimpered: <... Mother...> in Russian. And all at once she's a little girl again; so paralyzed in that moment that she doesn't even register the arrival of her rescue targets.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet lands with a stutter-step to offload Nadia, who is clinging to her shoulders. She offloads the Waspette-- Nadia's suit and exowings are notably missing, but Janet seems to be in fine form and making full use of her talents.

"Hank! My implant is broken!" she shouts. "Nadia's in Queen Bee mode here!"

Incomprehensible to anyone else. And no time to chat with anyone else; Janet shrinks to insect size once more and makes a blurring fast rush towards the cyborg Maria accosting Vivian. Janet's biggest hits are thrown when she's the tiniest, after all, and a distracted cyborg is prime real estate for some targeted internal sabotage.

Vivian Vision has posed:
As Power Girl Kool-aids through the ceiling Vivian broadcasts a signal in binary to the Russian robots which basically translates to 'Well, you're F'd now' and sets off walking to the commanders office. As if the fight is already over and her time is better spent elsewhere. And then the Maria-bot tries to hit her with a compulsion.

The teenage synthezoids face twists into a snarl and her eyes erupt with light.

<<//NO//. YOU. OBEY. /ME/.>>

Her emotional core and her rational mind synchronise and her anti-Ultron firewalls fire up. All non-essential systems stop and a thousand instances of Vivians mind open up with every hacking trick, every virus and malware known to synthezoid kind. The air filled with EM warfare, binary pulses in ultrasound, even her glowing eyes strobe with binary sequences that make up attack programs. It's probably rather distracting for anyone with communications gear as it pops and crackles. Her attacks unfortunately impacting the teams own comms gear.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has no time for hugs or scolding. He pauses in his combat to toss a tiny suit of armor and wings to Nadia with a red capsule stuck in the neck hole. "Suit up. I'll deal with... the insects..." He pulls back then, glad to be away from the frontlines. He orders the wasps around them that he brought to scent mark his friends with 'friend' pheromones. He's the only one who'd really get stung but insects crawling in your eyes and such... distracting. Let them go for the robots. He turns to the detonator he'd seized and tries to deactivate it as he shrinks, ten feet, eight... his breath still ragged and black spots appearing in his vision. He gets the device shut down as he's Starfire size and falls to his knees. Then he get's back up. Like Steve does. Get up when you can't.

Koriand'r has posed:
Starfire points her fist up at the screen, ready to blast it, when one of the trainees leaps on her back. The beam of green energy cuts a rivet in the concrete not unlike a warmed knife through butter. Said trainee becomes a rather appropriate projectile for her her original intent, thrown over her shoulder towards the screen, smashing it.

"That woman is neither skantly clad nor an Oracle." Smacking another trainee across the side of the head and hurling her away with a blast of green from her open palm right in the center of her chest.

"She can therefore not be trusted."

When individual trainees do not succeed, several leap upon the Tamaranean trying to bury her beneath superior numbers. Thrashing at her face and arms with whatever bladed or energy weapons they have at their disposal. Several even draw blood! One of them, however, arcs over the pile with her ankle in Kori's hand. "I am hitting one with another one... This is a meme!" Certainly Kate will be amused.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl remains standing right where she'd landed. The robots firing don't seem to distract her for long- what does is the woman on the screen. The others have this- and what is most concerning is the effect it has on Natasha.

    She knows that look- while she can only assume what happened to the woman that has brough her to this point, tearing her down in this specific way, something more effective would be simple action.

    The robots are of no concern. Power Girl closes her eyes.

    When the enigmatic 'Mother' finishes her sentence, a moment later, Karen's eyes open back up. Calmly- somehow, in the maelstrom that is the robot-assassins attacking them, Power Girl strides forward. Several try to do to her what they've been doing to others. Cling to her, fire on her... But she's Power Girl, and she spent the entire time before the mission above cloudcover, in the bright, Russian sunlight.

    It's cheating.

    A hand comes to rest on Natasha's shoulder. The other woman might react violently, but for now, it's the only physical gesture of comfort that Karen can manage.

    But there's also the verbal.

    "Fifty-six point one-six-six North, thirty-eight point four-two-six East."

    With that, her unacceptably blue eyes stare right into the screen that Mother has appeared from.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara smiles and places a hand on Ying's shoulder. "I don't know what they tell you about us Kryptonians down here, but we always keep our word." She nods to her and looks back to the main battle. "Don't worry Ying, everything will be alright." Just a corridor away from the battle, she encourages Ying to sit and rest, "You've done your part. Stay here. I will be back."

Kara strides in to the fore. A robot immediately trying to grab her. She breaks off its arm and tosses that aside, then looks inside the machine for a moment before two fingers are thrust right in to the core of it and crushes the cpu, letting it drop where it was like a ragdoll.

The sudden light show from Vivian has her squinting, "Arghk Viv," she says with a complaint over the crackling comms. She pulls it out of her ear too. Not that she's expecting Viv to respond to her given the way she's behaving. It's pretty clear to her who is responsible, she's just not sure who is winning.

Kara strides up to Maria-bot and clucks her tongue in a very Kryptonian way. Her eyes scan over Maria-bot and she occupies its attempts to fight, limbs aren't going to be too useful against the Kryptonian. She spies Janet inside and then smiles to Maria saying, "Your time has passed. /ewuhshehd/."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Mother smiles down at Natasha with her wizzened metallic skull-like leer, <<Welcome home dear. Mother has missed you. I had given you up for dead, though now I see how foolish that was. My most gifted and prized daughter.>> She suddenly does not seem so amused as her screen is damaged by a stray Red Room trainee bot, courtesy of Starfire. The screen crack and spiderwebs, flickering but still somehow functional.

The battle of the Bots continues as the trainees continue to pile on Kori only to be dispatched one by one she whittles away at their numbers. Maria Trovaya seems nonplussed by the resisted attack and is about to resort to something more conventional when a bullet sized Janet impacts her mid-section and slams her into the wall. Several trainee bots are also gummed up and rendered non-functional by the savage assault of Hank's insects.

Elsewhere Nadia catches her suit and wings from her father and in the blink of an shrinks, pulls them, on and the Waspette joins the fray slicing through one of the trainees with a high powered energy blast from one of her gauntlets.

Mother is normally unflappable. But for a moment she elderly cyborg on the broken screen stares at Power Girl. Finally after a few moments she says <<Natalia, it seems we will have to pick up our chat another time. You're certainly keeping /interesting/ company these days.>> and the broken screen cuts out to black again.

By this point most of the human forces are in full retreat, the base is fallen, only the last of the robots remain and not for long.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Ying watches Kara go, her expression a strange mix of emotions, nobody has ever come back for her before. "Don't die." She says to the departing Supergirl, though one might wonder if she is actually talking to Kara or herself, perhaps both.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Hank Pym fights like the Avenger he is, and with his mind controlling the insect swarm, the wasps are no more dangerous to the allies than summer gnats. Enemies, however, are pursued with ferocious glee as Siberia's various diverse insect wildlife stings, bites, chews, or just overheats anything that moves.

Janet drives up into the cyborg and lays *waste*. Tiny plumes of green bioplams jet from vents and gaps in the armor. Singed smoke, smelling like burning hair and rubber, assaults the nostrils. The cyborg twitches and fights, screaming, slapping at her body and even driving steel fingers into flesh to cry and crush the elusive Wasp.

There's a hitch, and then another. The cyborg grunts and gasps in confusion-- and then Janet erupts out of it, growing rapidly to nearly ten-feet tall, and shedding cybernetic components and unidentifiable human tissue as she does. The socialite steps out of 'Maria', holding the cyborg by the throat, and bares her teeth at the half-thing's face.

Green bioplasma envelopes her fingers and the skull vanishes inside the nimbus. There's a *pop*, a fizzle, and a spray of hot liquid and slagged machine parts.

"Don't fuck with my family," Janet says-- though the words are more directed at 'Mother' than at the remains of the crude simulacrum.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    The normally eerily composed Natasha's fingers tremble and twitch under Mother's gaze, eyes wide, face grimacing, until the old lady speaks again. And when she does, Natasha goes perfectly still. No expression. No motion. Hardly a sign of life. Your face is for work. Your body language is for work. Don't let it speak for you. Never show your real feelings. You need to be able to be anyone. You-
    Natasha breathes in sharply when Kori blasts the screen, and stares at Kori with bewilderment, unto Karen touches her shoulder. Natasha stares at her perfectly blankly for a solid second, before woodenly half-croaking through a stiff throat: <Mind your own business> in Russian, before she looks around dazedly, as if she has to catch up quickly on what the situation has become while she was... distracted.
    Seems well in hand, really. "Amerika, nachni stavit-" Natasha stops and shakes her head, "America, start bringing the girls back home. All of them. It's time for us to go."

Vivian Vision has posed:
When Janet hits Maria-bot and the electronic battle cuts out Vivian immediately turns and strides towards the commanders office. "Second rate pile of scrap. My core directive is to be a teenager. No-one makes me to do anything unless I want to." Phasing through the wall or, if it's shielded, just going super dense and ploughing through. There's no attempt at subtle now. If there's a computer access point she'll find it even if she has to tear the walls apart and tap a cable directly.

"I am going to pry every scrap of information from this wretched place and then when I am done I'm going to overload the reactor and use it to turn this entire place into a smoldering crater in the ground."

Koriand'r has posed:
Several cuts, a busted lip, and hair tossled!

Kori continues to whittle away at the number of bots with a complete fixation on doing the violenty stuff. Warrior race, not Diplomacy! "I am a strong advocate for robots having rights, but you have more than forfeit these with your attacking me." Slamming her forehead into one of the remainings face with the force of a jackhammer cracking concrete.

Her fist curls up in the front of their clothes, hoists her straight up in the air, and slams her down into the floor with a steady green crack of energy errupting out of her palm when she lets go, just for good measure.

An orange arm draws across her mouth, blinking a few times as she surveys the battle-room... nodding to Nat at the retreat word comes lifting off the ground ready to take flight into the portal once it's come open.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara shrugs a little to Karen when she gets a 'mind your business' in Russian from Natasha, "/frig/". There's a lot going on here that she wasn't aware of. She knew there was some kind of connection between Natasha and this place. She raises an eyebrow though, this was a deeper connection than she realised. Mind control of some kind? rewriting somebodies mind is a criminal rehabilitation sentence, not a means of controlling an assassin..

She smiles when she sees Janet explode out of the Maria-bot though and grins, "Hello Ms. Dyne." Her eyes go to Nadia, delighted to see her in fighting mode. She nods to Heather, Kori, and America, "Titans! Nadia is back." She turns and crushes another of the robots on her way back to Ying.

"Time to go, we have an exit for you," she says and offers a hand helping her up. She walks with her to America's star portal and helps her through, then returns to gather up some of the unconscious girls and take them through too. This turned in to a big rescue and will no doubt cause Natasha even more headaches later. Probably SHIELD, definitely the DEO.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Once the last of the robot trainees is fallen, Nadia looks at everyone, "Wow you must be the strike team!" She seems overly energetic even for her. Her head snaps towards Natasha, "Get the girls out, nobody deserves to stay here! Wait where's Ying?! I'm not leaving without her!" and then Kara brings in Ying, "Ying! YING! OH MY GOD YING!" Maybe it's the amphetamines but there is hugging and crying and then everyone manages to get through the portal leaving Russia with a massive mess to clean up and the Avengers with nine Red Room science trainees to figure out what to do with.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet is right there with everyone else, at the tail end-- shooing the girls along, exchanging grateful handsqueezes with everyone else in passing. It's a moment of chaos as the Avengers and their allies retreat in good order, leaving the Red Room decimated by fire, overrun by angry and vengeful insects, and minus a goodly portion of their trainees, cadre, and support staff.

It won't end the Russian threat forever, but with Janet and Nadia safely home, it can certainly be counted as a bonus accomplishment!