3434/Body Shop Lifting

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Body Shop Lifting
Date of Scene: 19 September 2020
Location: Spiral's Body Shop
Synopsis: The Body Shop is almost back in business!
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Harley Quinn, Jackson Mathias

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has been quite busy. She found a suitable place to set up shop... somewhere abandoned, out of the way, the only inhabitants a few unfortunate indigents who she, uh, moved on, assuming they didn't run first. It was once a factory of some sort probably, now mostly just a mid size empty building - though it does have an office one floor up, in one corner, and that's where she is. In that room at least there is a weird mix of stained cinderblock walls and waterlogged old furniture, and high tech, shining equipment, some of it unworldly, some of it, the newest stuff, more earthly.

Spiral is happily in there still setting it all up and making it just so. Unpacking things, summoning things from dimensional hideyholes, scrubbing the gore off the surface on one of the tables that looks suspiciously like an operating table, all at the same time.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley had met Spiral just recently, having teamed up with the six-arm wonder to win a dancing contest off at Sion. And what would a normal, sane person do after a contact with the rather snarky and apparently vicious woman? Hint: Not obsessively look around for her!

Which was what Harley had decided to do, using all her skillz out in the streets to find out more.. Apparently there was some shop out there that a woman with six arms ran ... Well, how many six-armed wonders could there be?! So Harley set herself up to go for a visit, her whistling heard down the street while she approached the gloomy shop. Abandoned and not exactly in the best of neighbourhoods... Quaint!

She sets a foot inside, taking a quick look by the door and seeing it mostly empty she shouts out. "Woooohooooo! Spiiiraalll?" her hands in front of her mouth while she announces her arrival to the place.. Nope, not very stealthy at all...

But this place looks so safe and nice.

Jackson Mathias has posed:
Beep beep goes the semi; it is an American flag painted semi, the along the side of it, reading trucking is for real Americans. On the hood is a giant eagle soaring over NYC, towards the statue of liberty. As it pulls into the body shop, Luck Bender is sitting in the front dressed in his skully finest, his bone cage vest is tied tightly, his arms exposed with those massive arms, and his dark gloves, his dreads tied into a bun behind his head, as he looks behind him."Delivery." The voice is musical filled with pleasure, as that man leaps out of the truck in a quick spin in the air, landing as he walks towards the back of that patriotic Semi-Truck, reaching down to throw open the door.

As the back revels, a sicking green light seems to shine out of the truck, 12 pods of cryo standing there, as he looks over them down at the plug that he had jury-rigged to keep them running."Fresh delivery, fresh off the market." His voice Cajun pure southern drawl, as he waits now tapping his foot, his hand is taking out a silver pocket watch to check the time, as he leans against the American flag on the side now. His black dock martins, taping in beat to the beat of boredom.

As he looks now seeing Harley Quinn, his eyes going wide as he bites his lower lip, as he looks over at the door of the semi, and than back at her, and than back at the door. She is crazy right, violent, and what is going on, play it cool, Jackson play it cool. Just business right got to be for her, too, right.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral isn't so outright and obviously crazy perhaps, but it seems like Jackson has fallen in with The Wrong Crowd in general, alright. She half turns when Harley makes her entrance - hesitates, and then fully turns, though one hand continues to mop at the bloody table.

Harley is at least unforgettable, though Spiral doesn't react further for a long moment. "What are you doing here?" she eventually says. "How did you even know where here was? A customer, perhaps?" she wonders, one eyebrow jerking up and smirking a bit.

The sound of a truck turning up causes her to brush past Harley - to go out into the main room, and look down to the truck coming in. "Aha. Supplies, excellent.". Her face falls a bit at all the cryo pods, though. "This isn't a hospital you know, there's only so many people I want to fix at any one time." she calls out to Jackson. Still, she starts dancing, hands tracing out a pattern in the air, and points at one of those pods. There's a zap, and then it's up next to her. Apparently, she'll take em anyway. "Oh. I suppose you want payment." she says, and points to the staircase up to where the office is, beckoning Jackson up.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It's like ya said ... I am the gal that gets things done!" Harley says with that big wide grin on her lips. "This looks like one o' the shadiest places I been at. And let me tell ya, Gotham has them by the ton!" not that she seems to mind, she rather curious about it all..

The sound of the truck coming in brings her back to the door as well..., and the first thing she sees is those clothes with skull motifs... WTF?! "QUICK, CLOSE DA DOOAH! WHERE DO YA STASH YOH WEAPONS?!" look, it's an honest mistake for a paranoid clownette out in New York to fear that the Punisher may come knocking one day. And it's not as if she has actually seen him, just heard the tales of the skulls on the clothing!!! And are those pods the coffins he carries for his victims?! Argh!

"Fuck off, Puni--" But then Spiral is walking out to meet the man as if she knows him.. Erm... Harley stops. A peek up at Spiral, then at Lucky-Bender. OOpps. Honest mistake, really..

She finger-wiggles as if nothing had just happened. "Haaaai." she greets, and then looks up at Spiral when she just dances and things happen. "How cohny would it be if ah told ya yoh dancin' is magical?"

Jackson Mathias has posed:
Luck Bender nods with purpose as he looks over at Spiral."Sure, cool place. Better than the last one." His hand is coming up to brush one of the strands of his dreads, that did not bundle right. With that, he starts towards the stairs, as instructed. As he watches Spiral with the pods, as he chuckles, watching the dance."I'm not getting this on the regular, not easy for my kids to grab." Watching the zap and with the movement of the pod so quickly."Last batch for a few weeks, if you want diamonds wallets or watches, those are in stock again. It seems, the man falling these off the truck got into a bit of pink slipway, too bad he has a newborn on the way. Lousy luck falls on us all in the extended timeline."

That clown queen of madness, is going for weapons Lucky Bender is throwing his hands into the air."No fire, here to sell stuff." His hand is resting over his head, standing on the stairs now, his eyes moving between Spiral and Harley back and forth as he exhales slowly."Luck Bender, nice to meetcha Harley Quinn right?" As Spiral starts to dance, his eyes watching as he exhales again slowly, hands dropping down as he sees the threat is gone." Lovely dancing, yeah, good dancing." His eyes are moving between them as he nods towards the upstairs, as he is nervous now, no more fun, his hand is moving to check his white rabbit at foot, sighing with content sound as he sees it's white as snow.

Spiral has posed:
If Spiral knew about the Punisher she wouldn't be in New York probably. Some things are too horrible even for supervillains, and she likes having teeth. Fortunately for her state of mind, she doesn't.

She looks over at Harley, a bit bemused by all the fuss in her ignorance, and pats the swords on her belt. Those are the weapons! "Expected delivery." she reassures. "In fact, this one is my agent.". The comment on dancing magic draws a sigh, this one is no Mister J. "If we met last year I could arrange to get you a comedy show all of your own, but I'm not the talent agent any more!" she tells Harley.

She heads into the little dingy room, gathers up a bag full of loose notes, and walks over to Jackson as he ascends the stairs, holding it out to him with one hand. "If you could find some adamantium that would be nice. Stainless steel hand blades? It's like working with flint spears. It'll ruin my reputation!". And she laughs a bit at that, a laugh cut off by the white rabbit foot, causing her eyes to narrow a bit. Well, never mind. She waves the bag of notes for him to take.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oooo, someone knows her name! That brings that instant grin back! "That's right.. The one and only!" Harley making a curtsey full of flourishes and little details.. Just like an harlequin, all poise and elegance! "Lucky bendah? So that's yoh codename too?" she asks, looking at Spiral. "Like her." she nodding a few times. "So is this a gang?" she then concludes. Because what other explanation could she find for it!

"Ah, yoh Agent." She nods a couple of times. "Ya gettin' serious with this business heh?" her arms folding about her waist, "What are ya doin' heah anyway?"

She follows the two of them, obviously, not wanting to be left alone down there, "And I was nevah into comedy, don't think I'd do well in it, ya know?" she says, "Makin' people laugh is hard when yoh all empty inside." ouch! Instant turn into the gloomy side.

Jackson Mathias has posed:
"Thank you." Luck Bender reaches out, grabbing the bag, as he nods towards her Harley, and then at Spiral."Yeppers, codename." With a quick motion, heading for the cab to set the bag inside, he kicks the door shut with a solid bashing sound."Now, to figure out how to ditch the truck, ya'll wanna blow it up with me?"

As he spins on his right boot, with a wicked chuckle displaying his youth with a cackle of pure joy."I love fire, and it cleans, and it heals, and purdy as a girl in a brand new Sunday dress."

As he now has time to think about that next question."Sure, I'll see what I can do, may the luck be in our favor of finding it." With that, he is leaning against the side of the truck, as he nibbles on his lower lip. "Well, making people laugh is a good skill, I ain't got it either, but I love to laugh. Maybe we need a funny one around if we are all ganging on up Spiral."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral bristles a bit at these suggestions. "This isn't a gang, this is business." she corrects everybody, but especially the overly happy (outside...) Harley Quinn. "I need some equipment, and someone who isn't a freak to deal with the humans. Who don't like freaks.", she explains to Harley, but qualifies it, given she's talking to a couple right now.

"Ditch the truck?". She blinks a bit, remembering something about crashing trucks in at least one life, but that's a bit weird, she can teleport after all. "No... no. I'm not interested in fixing your truck problems." she says after a slight delay, snapping back to where she is. "...I hope nobody followed you here." she adds, scowling. NOW he's concerned about the truck???

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Blow up a truck..?!" Harley's eyes flash, she looks at it temptingly but then lets out a long, drawn out sigh. Very dramatic really. "I am goin through a redemption arc now ya see?" she states, shaking her head. She shall not be tempted! "Don't wanna be dragged back up to Awkham foh just random stuff.."

A look is given up to Spiral and she grins, "Hey, I could help ya. I am good with people." yep!

But then ..., her phone starts to buzz. "Argh. I need ta split. I will be back. I want to know all about this shop o' yours yoh are gettin' up!"

She waves and starts running off through the door, waving over her shoulder. "Buh-Bye, Lucky Bendah!" some last finger-wiggling and then she is off around a corner of an alley!

Jackson Mathias has posed:
"No it's time for me to ditch it stolen truck, and sounded fun. I'll have it choped borning, but more cash." Luck Bender nods slowly, as he opens the door, swinging into it as he nods towards Harley, watching her go with a slaute, as he looks over at Spiral."I'm get ride of this montersous pride filled waste of space. I'll be back if I find Adma, whatever for ya or something close." With that he starts up the trick, as he starts to leave the body shop, bad awful country music starting."Damn tape, stuck in there."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral merely nods when it's explained to her what's going on. One hand waves to Harley, though she doesn't actually look at her or anything. And another hand waves to Jackson as he makes his exit from the Shop.

"Very well, my agent! My customers will be much more happy if they do not rust." she declares, with a wide grin. She doesn't mind doing a BIT of substandard work if it gets her in business again, it seems.