3489/Bad Luck Darling

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Bad Luck Darling
Date of Scene: 21 September 2020
Location: Woodlawn Cemetery
Synopsis: Bad luck, leading to a new life for Luck Bender, in the hands of Psylocke.
Cast of Characters: Jackson Mathias, Betsy Braddock

Jackson Mathias has posed:
Woodlawn Cemetery remote enough, Jackson thinks he can wait out the night and escape from his last failed scheme. That did not work out; he had been moving quickly, all night trying to stay safe. Forty-eight hours, from the top of projects with Spiral, not trying to escape two hunters as far as he knows, one with six arms and the other with a powers that freaked him out.

Too distracted to notice rabbit foot is black burned black, so much bad luck. He used it and scammed, schemed, everything it took to get this ticket in his hand one-way bus trip to the hell outta here, for fours till it's time. He was going to call his one friend on the way out. But, Jackson is standing on the top of a crypt trying to stay low, but that shiny leather jacket and glow in the dark giving him away, the rabbits foot quickly turns back to pure white, his bad luck is hitting now. The worst luck of his month and maybe quite possibly his life, the hunter of truth and justice, and the smasher of faces of Spirals has arrived and can see him.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Following Jackson wasn't actually high on Psylocke's list of things to do. But, there was that card in the guy's abandoned wallet that leads back to *another* Cajun of her acquaintance. So, now, she's curious.

By rights, she should just ask Remy himself about the connection to Spiral's latest 'talent agent'. But Remy's not around, current. Whereas, it turns out, Luck Bender is.

She rises up from the shadows on the ground directly behind where he crouches on the mausoleum rooftop, her telekinetic energy shedding a subtle magenta light. Her feet alight silently on the dome of the crypt. She holds up the wallet, letting it rotate slowly, telekinetically, in the air as if it were suspended like an ornament on an invisible string.

"You dropped something," she says, her British accent crisp and quiet. Her eyes glow white, suffused with power. "Jackson Mathais. July 4, 1998. Quite the patriotic origin."

Jackson Mathias has posed:
Jackson sighs as he looks at her now as he looks at the wallet, with a look of defeat washing over him."Hello again, I guess it's a day most celebrate, it's a day I hate." That voice is cold, as he leaps up at least leaning on the back of his heels, as he looks over at Psylocke as his right-hand reaches to pull out a smoke. At this point, it's not worth it. Another bent one was found on the street, placing it between his teeth, flicking a match on the side of the stone. A long inhale of the stale smoke, as his eyes close for a moment, as he exhales the smoke through his nose."This the bit, when ya beat me down, or take me to jail?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Psylocke shakes her head. "Let's be clear. I'm pretty sure you're scum, working with Spiral. But, she's the real piece of work. You? You're chump change in comparison." In her books, anyway.

Her eyes narrow in thought, however, and her head cants faintly to one side. "But here's what I'm seeing. 1. You're a mutant. 2. You're living out of a burnt out car." A beat. "At least, you were." A slight twitch pulls her lips to one side. "Your luck is seriously suspect."

She has no idea how right that may be.

"And 3. You and I have a common acquaintance." The card with Remy's name and number on it separates itself from the wallet and flutters to his feet.

Jackson Mathias has posed:
Jackson Mathias listens bored as he flicks that cigrette off the roof, it's too yuck to smoke, as he listens as he than watches the card."Wait, you know Remy." His eyes light up with pure joy, as he exhales the smoke."I ain't a mutant, at all. I live ina burnt out car, cause I'm not allowed to hold money or allowed to have a home." His voice is so honest now, his eyes lighting with pure glee, as he dances around her on the roof."Where is Remy, I have not seen my main mano in a long time."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Well, if you're not a mutant, you sure do like your card tricks. Is that a Cajun thing?"

Psylocke floats the wallet back into her hand and then tosses it at him underhand. No threat to that toss. "I don't keep close tabs on Remy. But, we've worked together. Good man in a fight." She eyes the dark skinned fellow opposite her. "I can probably find him. What are you doing working with scum like Spiral?"

Jackson Mathias has posed:
"Cause, I like cards ya know, it's how I make my living and cons." Jackson nods with a soft, sad sigh, watching the skyline of the city."I was raised by the King of Gamblers, not much choice ya know." His eyes are moving towards Betsy with a shrug of his shoulders."Ya do whatcha know, been on my own again for a year now....."His voice is drops; he is speaking too much, his lips button now."Nevermind, I do it cause it's what I do, big old lousy guy is all. You nailed it, take me away toys, or hero or whatever. I could use a bed to sleep in, might as well be a cell. They got good food."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Psylocke shakes her head. "I don't tend to rely on the cops too much," she says. "They've never been the most understanding folks around. Instead, how about you and I come to an agreement. I'll help you find a place to flop, maybe even get you a line on a more legitimate line of work. You stay away from Spiral and give me a heads up on any other activity like those cyborgs popping up in the underworld."

She folds her arms over her chest. "Sound like a fair deal?"

Jackson Mathias has posed:
"Sure why not, better than I got now in my world." Jackson nods slowly, as he looks at her for a moment with a little whistle of air."So, whatcha want now, I mean how do I like prove myself or whatever?" His voice sounds confused, his hand is brushing along his dreeds.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Proving yourself will take time," Psylocke says, eyes narrowed. "But I have contacts in Bushwick that can put you up for a few days." Bushwick, of course, is Mutant Town. So, he can read into that what he will. "I have need of eyes and ears on the streets. And I run a club that has some openings." Her mind is open to his, scanning lightly to see just what sort of man he is. Can he be trusted? Before she hires him... she wants to know.

She needs to know.

"I could put you on rotation as a bouncer. Part time, for now. Up to you."

Jackson Mathias has posed:
"Now than, I can't bounce aint' good in a fight. But I'll head there, and I'm sure I'll find stuff. See ya around, whatcha name?" Jackson stands up now, as he leaps off the top of the tomb, as he rolls into a quick motion."Aint' got much, but ya gave me somewhere to stay, that big step and thank you. Gimmie the addy, I'll head out now."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Psylocke slides a card from her waistband and flicks it towards the man as he lands on the ground. It has a stylish graphic of a spikey flower, like an aster, on its face. On its back is a phone number.

She rises up telekinetically again, a shimmer of magenta energy around her. "The club is Sion, downtown. Ask for Betsy Braddock." She then sends him a mental image of a building and its address in Bushwick. "That's where you want to flop. Tell them Psylocke sent you." A beat. "You don't have to fight your battles alone, Jackson. Good luck."