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Does he bite when in the Infirmary
Date of Scene: 22 September 2020
Location: Labs - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: A myriad of people come to bid Robin get well soon.
Cast of Characters: Heather Danielson, Damian Wayne, Koriand'r, Kian, Kate Bishop, Karolina Dean

Heather Danielson has posed:
    After the events of the previous night, Heather made sure to call her parents and assure them that she was okay. Then she made the rounds to check on the other teammates. She has the unfair advantage of requiring maybe a few minutes of recovery time after what would normally be lethal wounds.
    But then she went shopping. Do you have -any- idea how hard it is to find the right gift for Damian? Well, she couldn't find a stuffed plushie blade-wielding Robin, but she -did- find a Bat Plushie.
    So she enters the Infirmary with said item in hand, and a simple shuriken in hand. "Hey. Are you doing okay?" She asks. "I figured a blade would be better than flowers, but a plushie is a hospital tradition for my family so.." and she presents the bat.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     An hour or so less than a day after the Tower had been attacked, Damian found himself in the infirmary after being hit with one of Doctor Light's trademark bolts.

  To be grounded for day or two, was literally the worst for Robin. He'd been working as much as he could from bed, and with a tablet in front of him. He had never removed his mask, his secret identity had to be preserved no matter what. Only certain Titans knew him by anything than Robin.

  Once Heather made her way in, he looked towards her, and her offering of a shuriken. Damian didn't immediately kick her out, which was a good sign.

  "I am as well as I can be." He said, before putting aside the tablet. He wasn't in a gown, opting for a pair of pajama pants and a loose shirt post surgery. The bolts had not only caused piercing damage, but burn damage as well. The youngest Robin had only looked at the bat, before he smirked ever so slightly. "A bat. Good one."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shrugging her shoulders, Heather sets the bat down above the head of the bed, "So it can lurk and loom over you. Like I am sure you're used to having bats do." She admits as she blushes a bit, "I couldn't find any Robins that were anything but cute, and I figured you wouldn't want cute. And..." She sets down the shuriken, "I figured you might prefer this to flowers."
    That done, she pulls up a chair and sits down. "I'm sorry I didn't realize you were in danger until it was too late. Pretty much my only use to the team at all is taking fire so others don't have to."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian lowers himself onto the bed, which had been raised into a sitting position. "My armor is supposed to take that damage and still keep me safe." He brings his left hand to clasp over his bandages under the shirt. "It was my lack of awareness that got myself injured." Very much not letting Heather take the blame.

  "I do not work at my most efficient by standing behind a barrier." He adds. "So, do not blame yourself for my injury." His voice had an even tone, slightly distant.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head, it is obvious Heather's not really feeling very good about her contribution to the team. "Just... not sure what use I am at this point. All I did was awkwardly slap at the energy guy, and then have a handful of ball bearings caught, and then get blasted in the brain."
    "I mean, I'm no use trying to go rescue the rest of the team, and I can't help when folks attack the base. And you got hurt... you were at least being useful. I didn't even register that you were talking about bombs and innocents until after it was all over."
    Mental pain has a way of distorting perceptions, yep.

Koriand'r has posed:
What's a little brain injury to a Tamaraean Princess who can use a tree as a baseball bat?

Koriand'r disappeared after the fight last night, flew off to who knows where, and then returns a few hours later grinning like a cat who got the canary. Slipping through the Tower like they weren't just attacked the night before, carrying something in a big box craddled beneath her left arm. She moves, with precision, towards the labs where it is most likely to find injured and stands in the doorway looking all tall, wide smiling, and wide glowing green eyes.

"Hello friends, I have brought all of you who were injured a get well gift." The box rolls out from beneath her arm, into both palms, when stepping forward to present it out to Damian who rests on one of the beds. She's wearing civilians, a single shoulder blouse and yoga pants over sandals despite the brisk weather out.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's brow furrows behind his mask, the white eyelets look over Heather as she explains. "The Danger Room has different tactical simulations you can use to start working tactically. And...despite my opinions, that group still is adamant on going out into space to try and find the missing Titans. That is a futile effort. Actually finding them would be harder than winning the lottery. The better choice is to set up a long range radio transmission to establish communications and -then- to go out and find them." He blushes slightly, before crossing his arms. "Not that I would know."

  Then in came starfire. And she is bearing a gift. Robin just looks at the box before cautiously accepting it and opening the parcel.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Nodding slowly, Heather shrugs, "I don't think I'd be remotely useful to some space search and rescue." offers Heather. "I mean I can stay here and help keep things going on Earth. I can raise awareness for the team through my charity work and modeling and.."
    There is the exotic Starfire, and Heather grins. "Get well gifts are a good tradition. One my family follows also. I bet yours is awesome!" she admits.

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r stands there smiling in abstract silence holding this box out until Damian finally accepts it and opens the flap. There is a cake inside, a black forest chocolate cake to be precise, "I thought the black forest cake would match your spooky armor and Gotham creepiness." Beaming, lips peeled back from her pearly white teeth like curtains from the stage.

"I would have gotten you something more personalized, but we have only spent a little time getting to know one another. Next time you are wounded in combat, I assure you I will be better equipped to present something more personal.. This is no less heartfelt, however!" Pointing at Damian.

Then flicks out a get well card. It has George McFly punching out Griff on it and reads Hey you, get your damn sickness off her!

Signed, Kori

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's brow furrows again. But instead of a dressing down, he feels a motivating speech brewing. "The team doesn't need a model. And the Titans get awareness by their actions. By being there when the fucking chips are down, when Metropolis is falling down around us, and when we keep it standing."

  The Black Forest cake does look good, though Damian and sugar don't mix well. He'd make sure to try it though. "Back to the Future, Nightwing showed me that movie." He said with a small smile. "Thank you, Starfire."

  "You do not have to be a tactical genius. But from what I saw, we all could use more time training as a team rather than individually." Damian adds on as a coda, at least the painkillers he had been injected with were softening his rough edges a little bit.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Nodding, Heather accepts the criticism without comment. She just smiles wanly to Starfire and reaches a hand to the other woman, "It is a very thoughtful gift. I just gave him a poofie toy that I thought he might appreciate, but cake... oh my god, cake!" she exclaims, her stomach -literally- rumbling at the sight of it.
    But it is not -her- cake. After that however, she nods to Damian, "I certainly could use all the practice I could get."

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r, who is also a model, for Janet Van Dyne no less, nods agreement with Damian's assessment of what the team needs. She is not ignoring these details in favor of her gift giving, as it turns out, "We did not look particularly good last night, but we were missing key elements of our team that we had grown to rely on. We should be able to work effectively as a team no matter who of us is present or not, we are a family, this is not just a team." The Tamaranean Princess lifts her chin, looking regal for exactly as long as it takes Damian to mention Back to the Future and Heather to reach out for her shoulder.

"oh, it is a delightful film with a preposterous explanation for the effects of paradox ripple effect." Bright smile returning, settling down into one of the empty seats near the medical bed. Immediately going back to what she had been saying, "We are lucky that Supergirl was around to come in.. Supergirl and Thunderbolt. And I do not like luck. LUCK is just where preparation and hard work meets oppertunity." Clipped nod, bangs jerking forward on her face.

"So friend Robin is correct, we should be practicing. Regularly. I will find Friend Lantern and begin."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Good." Says the young Robin, the fifteen year old putting the cake on a table next to his bed. "Have some." He offers, not trying to let his little sugar aversion out of the bag.

  "Once I am cleared for activity, I will be holding more training sessions." Damian offers the two. "The Titans will be better. Of that I am sure."

  "That is the crux of it. We shouldn't have to rely on Supergirl and Thunderbolt to save the day. Like you said, regardless of team members present. We should be a well-oiled team."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "You're right. We should be coordinated and supportive of one another no matter who is with us. I agree." offers Heather. But were she a normal girl, she'd turn down the cake. As the calorie burner that she is... she knows better than to turn down food at any time.
    Her eyes light up and she nods her head, "I'd be happy to help make this cake go away." she adds.

Koriand'r has posed:
"Then is decided! From the flames of this terrible occurance shall rise a rejuvenated Titans. If the Fearsome Five intended to break us, they have sorely mistaken the resolve we have in each other. The foundations of support and genuine love we feel, made stronger here in these halls!" Kori smiles between the pair, reaching her hand out towards Damian's, unless he pulls it away, to give it a squeeze. Mirrored on Heather, "I am very glad to have friends as you."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Go share it with the others. It will raise their spirits." He said, before interjecting. "Save me a piece."

  Robin may very well be softening up a little around the Titans. Strangely enough. A hand squeeze is nothing compared to a hug, so he allows his hand to be squeezed by the Tamaranean. Even though his face suddenly turns to a wince of pain. "I hate burns."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Heather takes the hand of Starfire and returns the squeeze. "We -are- resolved." she says as she stands up to her full... well not terribly impressive, height. "I need to learn to fight better, and to be a better teammate, I know this. I -am- kinda the new girl on the squad as it is."
    And her eyes flicker to the cake. "And I will be -happy- to help with the cake. Anyone doesn't want a slice, I'll take theirs." But then she pauses, remembering something, "Do you know if this is Vegan? Because if there's eggs in it...." She murmurs as she shakes her head, "Kian." she adds.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori glances at the cake, then back up at Heather, "I think so. I asked for Vegan so Karolina could have a slice." Retracting her hands back into her lap with one knee up and over the other thigh, leaning against Damian's bed, frowning only slightly at his mention of hating burns. "What are the extent of your injuries? I was in no condition to find out last night... or to go flying to New York. It was a poor judgement call. I should not have done that."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian raises his shirt a bit. The bandage on his right side was large, covering about four inches square on his side.

  Robin was in pajama pants and a loose shirt, along with his mask, sitting up in the medical bed. Sadly, there were many more scars on his torso than the bandage. Evidence of the life he has lived, many more than a fifteen year old would normally have.

  "Gunshot-like wound with burns surrounding it." He comments, before lowering his shirt back down. "I'm going to have to take my armor back and have it fortified more." He commented, that part of his suit had taken massive damage. "The one I was wearing yesterday...had to be scrapped."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Nodding her head, Heather mutters, "I had three wounds like that, without the burns. But it doesn't really mean the same thing for me since... y'know." She shrugs and shakes her head and smiles to Kori, "Fantastic!" she admits, "I'll be sure to inform Kian that he can eat some of this." That said, she steps back from the bedside where she'd been worrying over Damian. "Sorry that I -need- improvement, but rest assured.. I'll get there."

Kian has posed:
    Speak of the dev... er, ange... well, birdman anyway, Kían appears in the doorway, looking still somewhat bedraggled from last night.  There's a brace on his right hand and his wrist is bound, though his arm is not in a sling.  He holds it close to his side anyway, and looks up when he hears a conversation already in progress.
    To date, everyone's experience with Kían has seen him confused, or startled, or curious, or some combination of those.
    Not today.  Today, the birdman's mouth is set in a straight line, and his wings sag just a little.  "Oh.  Sorry.  Did not mean to inter-rup'.  Was lookin' for a pain killer," he says tightly.
    When he catches a glimpse of Robin's injuries, he looks away.  "/c'Rhys'yw/...."

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r is seated beside Damian's bed, there is also a black forest cake behind her on one of the bedside tables. Her hands rest in her lap, smiling up at Heather when she assures them she will improve, "I have faith that this is true! We all improve, it is a metric of dedication." And to Damian, a small downward curl of her lips when he reveals the extent of his injuries, "Laser energy wound if I recall.. my recollection of the events from last night are questionable at present. I struck my head very hard." When Kian arrives she offers him a wave and a beconing wave of her hand to join them.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate figures she should probably check up on the murder-bird.

The T-Comms and everything seem to be working now and she has a good idea who all is where in the security system. The fact he already has some visitors means he is less likely to chuck a bird-a-rang at her head if she is snarky with him.

Which is what brings Hawkeye down to lean against the door to the infirmary and peer in at everyone. "Sup." then a glance to Robin. "Heard yah got shot huh?" yeah she is maybe just the tinsiest bit teasing, but it is honestly not malicious. The number of time she has been injured since joining the team isn't in double digits yet but it is honestly high single digits now.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "It is an open infirmary. Feel free to come and go." He comments towards the bird man looking for pain relief.

  Kate entered the medbay thinking he was disarmed. First mistake.

  The assassin raised the shuriken that Heather has gifted him and tried to swing to throw it. Suddenly a winge of pain shows on Damian's face and he pulls his arm back to his torso. The throwing star disappearing into his lap. "Yes, and it was an overrated experience." He quipped, his white eyelets finally opening back up after the pain subsides.

Kian has posed:
    Kían watches the exchange between Robin and Kate with... okay, with befuddlement.  "Iss a strange way to greet team mates," he says quietly -- must be an Earth thing.  Shrug.  "Ow!"  More than his wrist must be hurting.
    He gets into the middle of the room and just stops, standing there irresolutely for a moment... then sits down on the end of an empty bed with another wince.  "Stupid, me.  I do not know hwich pain killers hyu haf that we haf, an' I do not know hwich ones hyu haf that we do not haf an' if they would work on me."
    And then he demonstrates once and for all that he has already spent far too much time around Vic: "Hwy does everythin' on this planet have to be so damn difficul'?"

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r, likewise, watches the exchange between Kate and Damian with a amused expression on her face, such great joy! Throwing batarangs and barbs at one another! It is just so family friendly and jovial in this medbay. The seat shes in shifts around to cut a piece of black forest cake (It is vegan, canon) and holds it out to Kian. "It is not difficult to understand."

Nodding to Damian, "He is an small angry person who expresses affection like a shark, which is to say, he bites it.." nodding to Kate, "And she is a teenager who expresses herself thorugh snark and friendly, but mean, commentary. After eight years on Earth I have finally figured out the intricacies of teenager social engagement!"

And she's very proud of it.

"Would anyone like cake?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
I mean. To be fair Kate absolutely assumed Robin was armed.

She gambled that either their friendship, witnesses, or the injury wuold prevent him from sticking her with a sharp object.

"I don't know birdy buddy I thought it was pretty normal around here." then she pauses and blinks at Kori and then nods slowly. "Actually... that is very astute and accurate."

She looks back to Damian now. "I've been grazed but never a solid hit... dragons yes.. swords one time.. many other horrible things but no gunshots. So if it was Doctor Light's gun did it cauterize it and does that make it better or worse?" this part is more clinical less teasing. She really wonders if that is worse or not.

Like not liable to bleed out from a laser, but third degree burns are very prone to infection and slow healing.

"I'm still thinking Gizmo was involved in whatever shut down the T-Comms... why does the Fearsome Five have Seven Members...."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "Omigosh I'm sorry I'm late, I had a class...!" Karolina can be heard before she's seen, and that's even with her powers unsuppressed. The rainbow-wreathed young woman hip-bumps her way into the infirmary, because her hands are full of flowers. "...and then I got flowers for everyone who's hurt... I don't think anyone has allergies, do they?" she asks, frowning, sighing as she hugs an armful of blooms that still manage to be almost as radiant as she is.

    She looks around the room, peering around the petals, smiling gently at everyone, and seems to be thankful that there's still a tower to come back to.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's face said it all, he had burns and it was not fun. "It did not cauterize, at least fully. I'm sure it will look like a fantastic scar after it heals." Unless he somehow got it healed.

  Robin keeps leaned back, then lifting up the tablet he had been working on. "Makes sense. Gizmo, I mean."

Kian has posed:
    Kían blinks rapidly at Kori a few times, blankly accepting the cake with his good hand.  "Than' you.  I do not thin' I under-stan' yet, though."
    He sets the cake aside and just listens, trying to absorb his new reality.  You know, tne where people deliberately try to hurt you, and even succeed.
    "I do not under-stan' how hyu take this so calm," he says.  "No one has ever even tried to hurt me before.  Well, those thin's in space.  An' the robot spiders.  An'... /ai, c'Rhys'yw/.  Well, no one has ever hurt me before, on pur-pose.  Iss not normal.  An' hyu all soun' like it iss."
    He reaches for the plate of cake... with the wrong hand.  "Nnh!  An' I still do not know what pain killer I can take...."

Koriand'r has posed:
"From an outside observer, I think the origins of their number and name mismatch begins at the brainstorming stage of team building." Koriand'r says with an entirely too entertained look on her face, gently raising her hand to draw attention, "Fearsome Five is a, admittedly unclever, aliteration, which they have shoehorned themselves into out of presistence. Sinsiter was already taken, I believe..." She read it somewhere. "And Savage Seven just makes them sound like children who were not allowed to play xbox before homework."

A second plate of cake is carved out and held out, "It is vegan." Wiggle wiggle.

"It is entirely possible." Agreeing with Kate, "The whole situation seemed more like a distraction. I am curious what they were looking for, since it seems a great deal of effort to go to for the sake of shutting down our communications.. and if it was to defeat us at our home, they probably would have remained behind to finish the job. What if, instead, the power outage was to cover up an information grab from our database."

Wiggle wiggle, "Cake?"

Grinning even more when Karolina comes hip-bumping into the medical bay, "Hello, Lina." Finger flitter wave in her direction.

Kian's retort has her shrugging, not so much indifferently, as curiously. "I am a glass is half full kind of woman. We learned a lot about ourselves as a team last night, a lot about the enemy we are now facing, and how we can improve one to utterly destroy the other. When we engage with this poorly named gathering of villains next, we will be amply prepared and organized." Looking around at her friends, injured and not, "So I see the silver lining and light at the end of the tunnel." Smiling majestically.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I mean.. birdy buddy... tons of things have tried to hurt you since you got here. Also yes the spiders... the aliens.. the demons... they all acted with purpose." she considers.

"I am thinking that what you are trying to say is those things were all targeting.. well anything that might have been in their way. Where as the Fearsome Feven were here specificaly for the Titans. No one has ever targetted you to hurt you before."

She sighs. "I think Kori is probably right though. Gizmo .. their tech dude not being on the field of battle means they were probaly all a distraction for whatever they were really after. Maybe our database. Maybe some of our toys. Maybe they wanted us to not pay attention to them while Gizmo got the alien engine they didn't get last time we tangled with them."

"We need to figure it out."

Kate needs to make sure none of the internal database stuff has secret identities and all too, she figures they don't but does Nightwing and Donna keep secret records perhaps. Crud.

"Birdbuddy... I'm a little worried our painkillers might be poisonous to you.... maybe ask Rae to help?"

Karolina Dean has posed:
    "Flowers...? Nobody?" Karolina admittedly looks a little... crestfallen. "...I should have been there last night..." she sighs, looking for a vase to drop the flowers in. She's at least careful enough to make sure they're arranged nicely, as opposed to just unhappily dumped into the glass. At the least, the sight of a couple of uninjured Titans, especially in the forms of Kate and Kori, bring her smile back.

    "What... exactly happened...? Did some bullies just... show up, do a number on the team, flex on you, and leave without... doing worse?" she asks, moving closer to Starfire. There's something about vegan cake she'd heard, and wants to be closer to people, and the conversation.

Kian has posed:
    "No, no one has ever tried to hurt me direc'ly," Kían says unhappily, holding his injured hand close.  "I haf got hurt playin' our game at home, but that happens.  An' iss never on purpose.  Iss a risk of the game.  An' iss hwy iss always played with nets."
    He adjusts himself to a slightly more comfortable position.  "I do not know, Kate.  I was tol' by Cap-ten Mar-vel's frien's that I am close to human.  I haf not had a bad reac-tion to any-thin' yet.  Even Téri's cof-fee only put me to sleep."
    He stifles a wince.  "I thin' it hur's enough I wan' to try some-thin'."
    This time he picks up the fork with his good hand, and takes a bite of cake.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kian trying cake for the first time is of a great deal of interest to Koriand'r who leans forward onto her palms curled outward on her bent knees. Wide glowing green eyes focus on him, the smile beneath them is radiant and full of pearly white teeth. "Yes, it is going to be your new obsession. They say that eating large quantities of chocolate has the chemical reaction as engaging in intercourse. I have never done any scientific experiments on the matter, but I have learned two things in my eight years on earth."

She holds up one finger, "Chocolate is good on everything, especially when paired with mustard."

Second finger, "Science is important and humans experiment with sex a great deal. So if science says it is true I have no reason to disbelieve it." Beaming a massive grin up to Karolina, towards whom she gently leans.

Eyes once more on Kian. "Describe your experience in great detail."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    Karolina seems to have missed the memo on this being Kian's first chocolate experience. She settles next to Koriand'r, though, and takes a piece of cake herself. But before she bites into it, she blinks. "...sex and chocolate?" she asks, blushing. Eyes cast down to her plate and she stammers, "Well, I mean... growing up in Hollywood you hear a -lot- of things, but I've never..."

    Then her face screws up in a bewildered expression. "...chocolate and MUSTARD?" she stares, disbelieving, at Kori. She opens her mouth, then closes it, especially when she's put on the spot when it comes to science and sex and experimenting. She just goes silent, looking absolutely mortified, for the moment. Thank goodness the spotlight is on Kian, and she shoves a piece of cake into her mouth.

    "Yeth, pleath describe ith," she mumbles, aura of light pulsing with nervousness.

Kian has posed:
    The birdman seems frozen, save for two things.
    First, his pupils are suddenly quite dilated.
    Second, his feathers have all bristled, giving his wings a slightly undignified fluffy look.
    When Kían tries to get a second bite, he stabs the plate a couple times, missing the cake entirely, before finally scoring a hit.
    Chew.  Swallow.  Try to speak.
    Nothing comes out.
    Whatever it is to him, it's obviously intense.  And he's not holding his right arm so tightly to himself anymore.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori is unsure how to interprete this information. She waits for some obvious explanation that never comes, then reaches out to gently poke Kian in the side, which ever of them is not injured or close to an injury. "Are you okay?" There's a hint of concern, but she's not really medical.. she knows some! But his physiology is different to what she is use to. Lips press into a thin line, eyes cutting towards Karolina.

"I am uncertain what to do in this situation except wait and see, but I do not wish for him to be put in a dangerous position while waiting for some overt sign of danger."

Karolina Dean has posed:
    When no description comes, and instead an uncoordinated stabbing of fork-on-plate makes her look up, Karolina blinks at Kian. She swallows her bite of cake, licks her lips clean, and watches. "...Kian?" she asks, gently, sounding concerned. Her lips purse in a frown, and she looks at Kori. "...it.... might... be sensory overload? I'm not a doctor, either... if it's an allergic reaction, there's probably an epi-pen around here somewhere? If it even works on him? But, um, I guess... we just wait to make sure he doesn't swell up or turn colors or anything first before hitting the alarm...?" At least she's not the subject of 'sex and chocolate' references for the moment. Which may or may not actually disappoint her somewhere deep down.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate fell very quiet, sure she could have offered to get Kian some sort of pain killer and carefully try small doses to find which one will help with his bad hand.

His reaction to chocolate though has her fallen very quiet as she watches. She finally pushes off the door frame and walks closer to Kian studying the fluff of his feathers and his dilated pupils.

"I mean he is eating more of it.. so I am pretty sure it isn't a toxic reaction." this is said to Kori and Karo as she steps a bit closer to look at this pupils. "I really do not think it is allergic. Thing is.. he loves koolaid and sugar.. this is a whole lot of sugar and a whole lot of chocolate which is definitely a very different chemical interaction. If he starts to stroke out though I have no idea who we call for except Rae.... who might be able to help."

She clears her throat "Definitely no mustard and no epipen.. god knows what that would do right now."

Kian has posed:
    Sensory overload might be a good term for it; when Kori touches Kían, there's an incomprehensible whirl of sensation, none of it making any sense, that ceases as soon as physical contact is broken.
    In a word, Kían is /stoned/.
    With a visible effort, Kían's eyes clear just a moment; talking on top of being lucid is even more of a struggle, and his accent is thicker than it's been in a long time.  "I thin'... I shoul'... lie down."  Before doing so, he gets another bite of cake lest they take the Happy Food away from him.
    In easy stages, he eases himself onto his back, warning off anyone who might try to help him: "Iss yis like sex Kóri.  Like sex for brain... plis do not toush... touch me.  Men-tal con-tac'.  Iss woul' be...."  He trails off into something incomprehensible in his own language, and just lies there, not asleep, but looking strangely content.  Certainly looking to be in a lot less discomfort than when he first wandered down.
    Pain relief -- and then some -- accomplished.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori is a tacticle learner anyways, but coupled with Kian's sensory expression through contact, the Tamaranean's eyes go super wide at all the information she's suddenly host to from her teammate. "Oh!" her grin flickers a little, eyes blink rapidly, "OH!"

Her second reaction is a laugh. Not a teasing laugh, but a thoroughly entertained laugh, "He is very stoned." She says as if she can actually feel just how much so through her fingertips. Her hands pull back when he asks her not to touch him, but it is too late.

She's already grinning like an idiot. "This is wonderful!" Flopping sideways, she begins to tumble out of the chair towards the floor.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate watches.. all this... and steps further back. "Welp now we have learned something. Birdy buddy just has to have chocolate to expeerience edibles pretty much."

Then she looks at Starfire on the floor. "And so is Kori... this was a learning experience for all involved." she grins though.

"I'm glad you are not feeling as much pain Kían." that said she shakes her head, finger waves to everyone. "Enjpy that trip all." she shakes her head and smiles heading out and leaving the injured, stoned, and silly behind now.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    It's a wonder if Karolina has experience with being stoned, though she's certainly heard and seen things. Or if her physiology would even work with such intoxicants. "I... oh..." she says softly, nibbling on her cake some more. She just watches the bird man melt. Or at least, relax. "...at least... he's not hurting anymore, right?" she turns her head, giving Kori a lopsided smile. "...are -you- okay now though? What about that concussion?" she blinks a few more times, reaching out to try and keep the taller girl from falling onto the floor.

    "This... is all so very confusing, but also amusing... also concerning? If he sleeps it should do him some good, too, right?" she asks, still bewildered.

Kian has posed:
    Kían doesn't really have an answer beyond a soft trilling sound, quiet enough to sound like a distant birdsong.  He's still not sleeping, but he appears to be in no discomfort.
    At least that's probably a good thing, stoned aliens notwithstanding.

Koriand'r has posed:
Falls face first against Karolina's side and laughs heartily at the prediccament! "Oh, this is great fun! I wish that chocolate cake did this to me on a regular basis.. " Ambling observation which actually seems to disappoint her, at least a little. Both arms wrap around Karolina, using the smaller woman to pull herself back up into her seat with a renewed, amused, grin on her face.

"Can you do cake? We should do cake." A glance over to Kate as well, "Do you also get stoned when gustating large quantities of cocoa and sugar? Because there is still plenty~" Thumbing back at the box behind her on the bedside table.

Karolina Dean has posed:
    It's a nice birdsong, and Karolina is a little distracted by it. She's never met a stoned bird before. But she's also keeping herself upright, being a nice anchor for Kori to haul herself up to again. She's about halfway through her own slice of cake, laughing quietly, looking at her girlfriend with a little chocolate still marking her lips.

    "I'm doing cake right now, Kori," she says with a bright smile. "...and... I don't think I have the same reaction to sugar and chocolate as Kian does... sorry to disappoint! I really do enjoy chocolate, though, and cake... and I'm very glad that you're sharing with everyone. Thank you!" she says quite happily, her mood definntely as bright as her rainbow aura now.