3494/Guess Who's Back!

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Guess Who's Back!
Date of Scene: 22 September 2020
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Remy returns from the snow!
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy had been away for a while. It wasn't unusual for him - like a cat, he tended to just wander in and out as it pleased him. This last journey away had been longer than most, though, and taken him far afield. He'd sent an old fashioned postcard from some place in Alaska, along with a brief missive about how miserable and cold he was despite the summer weather. He'd left out the why, of course. He usually did.

But now he's bursting through the door, the stubble on his jaw having crested towards full beard and his hair a little longer and shaggier. He throws his bag down on the ground with an 'oof' and falls face first onto the foot of Rogue's bed.

"I could sleep forever."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, as it so happens, is in her bathroom. She's standing in front of her mirror and the sink, wearing a small tshirt and some gym shores. She's got a toothbrush in her mouth and is scrubbing away at her pearly whites when she hears the door to her bedroom burst open, and some commotion, followed by a man's voice...

... so naturally she graces the doorway of her room, with her free hand on her hips and her eyes across the space to where the Cajun just collapses on to her bed...

Pulling the tooth brush from her lips, Rogue speaks with a full mouth of bubbly paste. "Hai!" She says loudly, having to tip her chin up. "Wheref youf beenf?" She asks before turning around to go back into her bathroom to spit into the sink.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I send you a card, cher," Remy's muffled voice comes from where his face is buried in the covers, "De snowy north. I got a friend up dere, he need some help and I owe him a favor. All good now."

He slowly rolls over onto his side, head half-dangling off the other side of the bed as he watches Rogue brush her teeth. He tilts his head a little more so the dark glasses he wears topple off his head, clattering to the floor noisily and revealing red-black irises.

"Brought you a present. In de bag."

He nods his head across the room at the duffle.

Rogue has posed:
The sound of water is heard inside of the bathroom along with the 'spitew' of the Belle washing out her mouth. After a moment, she replies from the bathroom. "I know." She says. "It's hung up on the poster board." Which is above her desk, with the picture of her childhood dog Jenkies, and the last picture she ever had taken with her and her parents.

A second later and the water is turned off, a second after that and Rogue sweeps out of the room, mid-flight, floating across the space to flip up in the air and then come down on to the bed on top of him, straddling him, she's got him pinned there between her legs and her eyes down on him, her back up staright and her hair draping down over her black and white baseball-tshirt.

"Ya shoulda told me more." She says down at him, with a super serious stare, now that she's got him pinned like this. "I was worried." She quietly adds, still super serious faced... staring right down at him.

She can be scary! All things considered about her...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah, you got nothin' to be worried about," Remy answers, waving a hand at her as he leans back and folds his arms behind his head, "Nothin' Remy can't take care of."

He gazes up into the serious face for a moment before he reaches up a gloved hand and gently presses it to her lower lip, wiggling it around a little to make her pull an unintentional but silly face.

"Un visage si effrayant," he murmurs, laughing as he does, "Tellement effrayant!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stares down at him, her green eyes encircled with black eyeliner-- a hold over from her days a sa rampant goth girl --and she just... sits there while he mooshes her lip around until she's making a silly face. After about twenty seconds of this she just cracks a smile and starts to laugh. Finally she pulls her head back and dismounts him, then falls over on to her side near the pillows of her bed's head. "Tu es un scélérat, qui prend plaisir à m?inquiéter." She says back to him, rolling over on to her stomach and elbows, her green eyed gaze still upon him.

"I lay awake in bed, waiting for texts, and get none." She says, her voice husky and laced with her southern flower flavor. "You are back now though. But for how long?" She asks then of the Cajun man. Her eyes go down his body beside her, then back up to his eyes. "You seem to be well enough, no injuries? Mmm?" She's suspicious of him, but she also chooses her questions with a guardedness, afraid to ask some, because she's afraid of what answers she might get?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Tout comme Han Solo!"

Remy yawns a little, dropping his hand from Rogue's face to cover his mouth with a fist. He shrugs his shoulders a little at the question, reaching into his pocket to produce a crumpled cigarette and placing it between his lips. He talks around it out of the corner of his mouth.

"Unwounded, oui. An' I'm stayin' a while."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's feet come up behind her as she bends her legs at the knees, wearing little green and yellow fuzzy slippers, she watches him produce the cigarette and put it between his lips. Generally, she doesn't like to smoke in her bedroom, but she will sit out on the edge of the mansion outside her window and smoke from time to time, since she can defy gravity it's not too scary. But in this instance?

"Well that's good." She says, getting up on toher hands and knees she crawls over to the edge of her bed to open the bedside table drawer. Within it, her fingers dart and push stuff around until she grabs her zippo lighter. She pops the metal lid on it, snaps its starter until the flame comes out the top and she offers it over to him, now laying down on her side toward him, to eye him.

"Ya missed your friend." Rogue says just as Jeepers leaps up on to the foot of the bed and runs over to assault Remy's face with a series of kisses and doggie licks. He's muuuch bigger than he used to be when Remy first brought him in to their lives.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah! There he is," Remy says with a delighted grin, rolling his head away from the licks while at the same time scratching the now much larger dog under the chin, "Remy miss you too, l'il man. You stayin' out of trouble, too, hein? You an' me. Just a couple of trouble-free souls."

The cigarette lit, he plucks it from his lips and reaches to tap the ash into an empty (or at least, he presumes empty) soda can by the bed. He blows a lazy smoke ring up towards the ceiling, watching it float away.

"How's everyone else, Mighty Woman?" he asks, a grin escaping him as he does.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Remy and Jeepers play together, get reacquainted, and it does make her smile softly at the sight of it. Man's best friend and all. But she's quiet, her eyes only going to watch him blow that smoke ring up toward the sky. But they flicker back down to him as his poses that last queery for her.

A slow grin forms across her lips. "Ya heard about that, huh?" She asks him then. "We're workin' t'correct that... it's a whole, process, ya see." She then shakes her head lightly. "Everything here is good. I brought a new boy in. Named Drake. Caught him fake stealin' from a thrist store in the city. Found out he was just lookin' for help. Told'im t'blast me with his lightning hands, so he could get away. Now he's here, at the school." She seems proud of this.

She rolls over on to her stoamch then, up on her elbows still, and her feet coming up again to sway behind her back. "I'm savin' people ya know. Maybe I /am/ Mighty Woman." She states with a sly grin forming across her lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You lettin' strange boys blast you with their lightnin' hands?" Remy asks, peering at her through the light haze of silvery smoke, "Am I gonna have to give this Drake boy a talkin' to?"

"You always Mighty Woman to me," he agrees, "It's not a bad name. Could be worse. Could be a lot worse."

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers, just does as dogs do, and collapses on to his side up against Remy's chest. Panting, paws everywhere, snout and teeth looking for parts of Remy to chew on, or shove at!

Rogue, on Remy's other side, moves to scoot over toward him. Soon, he'll find-- and feel --the Belle just laying her head down on his chest and laying up against his side, not able to touch him beyond his clothes, just just lays against what is wrapped up.

"I don't think /that'll/ be necessary." She states with a slight smirk about Drake. "He's a nice kid though, and I saw myself in him. Homeless, lookin' for help. The kinda thing we're tryin' t'fix around here, right?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy just shrugs his shoulders, taking another carefree puff of the cigarette and stretching his arms out over his head. One comes back down to pet Jeepers affectionately, while the other nurses the smoke.

"I wouldn't know, cher. I'm just here for de ass, non?"

He gives her a wink, blows another smoke ring, and then ashes the cigarette in the can again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's head is laying on his chest, her left hand is on his stomach. Her eyes are closed when she hears his smarmy response to her and it makes her smile, then laugh. "Shudup." She replies to him. A second later and Jeepers gets a hold of Remy's cuff and starts to growl and tug on it.

"You get'im, boy." Rogue encourages the young dog who continues to writhe around, bite and tug on the Cajun's leather jacket sleeve.

"He's my guardian, ya know?" She says up to Remy then. "Mah guard dog. Protectin' me from heart breakers like you."

The dog can be heard snarling, playfully, while Rogue just sighs, contently.