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Broken Pipes, Broken Lives
Date of Scene: 22 September 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Attacking the friends, and than making friends, than akward. Casey Jones strikes again this time with Vaness and Oliver.
Cast of Characters: Casey Jones, Vanessa Carlysle, Oliver Queen

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey is in the corner working on fixing the A/C it was broken, already fixed three sinks, the toilet, upstairs and downstairs, his tools in quick motion, he wants to get it all working. Hanging from a hook in the closet is his stuff; he has not touched it now, no mask, no weapons, nothing he seems to be almost at peace, for a murderous psychopathic man that wants to bash in heads with a cricket bat. Busy day, good job Jones, keep it up, and maybe you can tell how ya feeling like being hers again, good job bro. Those voice in the head, struggling to keep him on the right path, not fought yet since the last one 12 hours ago, he is doing so good for April.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle hadn't had a chance to catch up with April since they night Vanessa had been a contestant on the Match Game tv show hosted by Greer Grant, and April had been one of the celebrity contestants. Not only had they matched during the game itself, but choosing April for the grand prize, they'd won it, doubling the money that Vanessa won for the No Kid Goes Hungry charity to $50,000.

With other reasons requiring their presence in New York, Vanessa talked Oliver into stopping by to visit her journalist bestie. A stop first for a large pizza with April's favorite topping, and a case of beer.

It's a surprise, Vanessa hasn't called ahead to warn April. Not until she's outside of the antique store that is.

> Oliver and I are here with pizza and beer. If you're not dressed... well Oliver probably won't mind, but this is your warning just the same!

With that Vanessa pulls out a key, unlocking the antique store for Oliver and herself, and then going up to the apartment. She knocks on the door but then opens it, whether needing the key first or not. "Pizza and beer! Bet you didn't even know you ordered it!" she calls.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Are we truly sure this is a good idea?" Oliver says in that cautious manner of his. Because hey, he knows April keeps some very peculiar roommates! But all should go fine, right? And they come bearing gifts. Pizza and beer are good to stop murderous intents.

He walks along with Vanessa to the front of the building, looking up at the front of the antique store. "This looks like a nice place." he comments..

He makes his way up the stairs, carrying the pizza and the beer pack with his hands. "It comes with beers attached too apparently." he calls out inside to the room.

Yet at not finding April on the main room (and having yet to spot Casey) he quirks a brow. "Maybe she isn't home?" a look to Vanessa.

Casey Jones has posed:
Strangers, are danger right that's what the telly said, over and over three times a day in triple, at the same time sometimes. His hand is reaching to grab his wrench as he leaps off the wall with his wrench up into the air as he dives right for Oliver. "GOONGALA! GOONGALA!"

He is flying through the air, in a line right towards them with that wrench is aiming for the skull, it's time to crack skulls. Break-in, make it okay to mess em up, right, Casey. April will be happy you took out some thieves; I'm good at that lock picking right, done so quick and got to big-time criminals!

His knees bent in the air, as he flys forward, his eyes locked on to the woman, she is the next target, he needs to be ready for her now, man first and then he spins his screwdriver hidden in his back, pocket going right towards her head.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
As Vanessa is stepping inside, she's telling Oliver, "April's parents ran the antique store, though after she lost them she closed it-" Her words are cut off as she sees the man jumping towards them, wrench in hand!

Perhaps those words will be enough to stop Casey's attack if he hears them. If not Vanessa doesn't shy away from the sudden attack, moving to step to the side of Casey and into him, trying to close the distance before he's expected to swing so she can try to get a hand on his arm to stop the swing. Though she's not as strong as Casey, she has all of Green Arrow's skills in her head, guiding her actions.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Look, Oliver knows who lives here.. It's not like he's getting in here without being attentive.., or rather, he is -always- paranoid about danger, one way or another. It's what makes him be alive so many years as Green Arrow. So a jumping Casey with a swinging wrench? Well, his hands are occupied so it's dodge time.. The wrench goes by close to his nose as he moves fast, way faster than what some business man should have any right to be.

His eyes instantly harden and he quickly drops down, letting go of the pizza and beer.

And it turns to a two on one. He does speak up. "We are April's friends." he's imagining 50/50 on this being one of April's friends too, or a robber. Maybe both!

But he moves in, trying to flank the man.. Just in case!

Casey Jones has posed:
"Wait, what April, and her folks....." These words bring that man to drop his weapons, as he soars by them now, landing by the door, as he slides down at his eyes, moving between them both, as he pushes upwards to stand. That wrench and the screwdriver, clattering to the floor, as he rolls from his position leaping in a swirl of motion to throw out both hands."Any friend of April is a friend of Casey Jones, can I gotcha a beer or some tea, I think we gotz some wine too?" With that, he is looking around, relocking the door, as he brushes that long hair out of his face, as he speaks softly." Immoral, blocks and lotta crime, gotta keep her safe, and her stuff ya knows."

He is walking past Oliver and grinning over at Vanessa, as he shrugs softly."My bad, ya know good thing we figured that outta, before the dust-up and the punch up, better dem most nights ya know, it's good to meetcha." With that, he is heading into the kitchen as he looks at the gifts, with a wicked smile."Aces! You brought the beer and the pizza; the game is coming on GO GAINTS!" With that, Casey moves to the living room to sit down on a chair, as he leans back, rocking back and forth.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
As she sees that the attack is being aborted, Vanessa doesn't grab at Casey's arm after all. "Oh, you're Casey," she says as if the name has meaning to her. "Sorry, I'm Vanessa," she says, holding up the key to the door so Casey will know their entry isn't something that would be utterly unexpected. If still unexpected as it was meant as a surprise.

"I sent April a text, we were going to surprise her," the brunette says. "This is my boyfriend, Oliver," she adds, looking over to Oliver with an I'll-tell-you-later look. "Ok, maybe that level of surprise wasn't a good idea," she agrees.

At the mention of beer and wine, Vanessa nods and says, "We came bearing gifts. Well, food and beverage at least."

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver's jaw eases up somewhat when Casey stops on the attack... But he is still watching him carefully. As afterall he *almost* went for Vanessa.. But with that 180 degree change from aggression to friendliness he seems to go along with it.. The beer and pizza are caught up again and he starts to bring them to the kitchen.

"Giants fun, eh?" He asks with a raised brow. Noone ask what Oliver's favorite team is though. Starling's own of course!

"Well met, Casey." And sure enough that Oliver will have a feeewwww questions later on for Vanessa! But that can wait.

As Vanessa says it might not have been a good idea Oliver offers a tight smile. "Just imagine how worse it could had been." Because he is imagining it!

Casey Jones has posed:
"It's like ya know, surprises meet surprises. It's like the circle of like life and stuffs." Casey kicks his foot up in the chair, resting it on another chair, as he flips the game on."New Yorker for life, man, and this is my home, my city, the apple o my eye." With that, he flicks the channel, as he stans up needing food; when was the last time he had food, was it.....he can't remember. He walks over, grabs a slice, as he places it on a plastic plate, and grabbing two beers, greedy, needy Casey. "So, Ollie, what's your team? Who ya rooting for in tonight's game?"

Both beers are popped open with a flick of his thumb, as he downs half of one in a large quick motion, then the other one is emptied, as he dumps both into a red solo cup, as he burps softly, trying to cover his mouth with his fist, and failing. With cup in hand, he is ready for the pizza and to sit for the game, as he makes his way back to the chair, sinking into it, as he looks out the window, the sound of screaming, as he leaps for the window to peer out of it, trying to figure it all out.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa's heart rate is back down to something closer to normal now. She goes over to help with getting the food set out. "So where is April, she around somewhere? Or out?" she asks. Vanessa gets a plate for Oliver and one for herself. "Casey and April first dated... ah, actually I don't recall what she said now. Has it been a little while Casey?" she asks. "And are you staying here not or just house sitting?" she asks. "I used to live down the street though I'm with Oliver in Starling City now," she tells him.

Vanessa gets herself a beer, waiting for Oliver to be ready before heading over to take a seat as well. "I'm a Browns fan. From Cleveland originally. Though I'll cheer for the Giants or Jets if they are on," she tells Casey. "Yes I know, as a not-native New Yorker I can manage cheering for other," she says.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"The Comets." Which is to say, the Starling Comets. Starling City's own american football team! Oliver offers a brief smile of thanks up to Vanessa as dishes get passed around, he opening up the pizza box. "April's favorite So I am sure you must know the taste by now." since he's just been told that he dated April! He slides the box over, getting a beer for himself and popping it open.

"Got to represent my home team afterall." He is just getting ready to settle down when he notes Casey walking over to that window. He hasn't really heard any screaming so he simply quirks a brow. "Anything going on?" he asks.

And now he sits right next to Vanessa, resting one hand on her shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Casey Jones has posed:
"Nah it's good just, nevermind." Casey sits back down his hand is resting on his knee, as his knee goes up and down quickly."Yeah, I'm April's ex." His eyes look away as if he has something to say, but he bites his lip, as he shakes his head."Ya know, that such a weird way to be labeled, ya and it was a few months back, but ya know it might not be in the past." He tries to say the right words, lost in his head, as he bites his bottom lip again, his eyes moving towards the closet, where his gear is hidden, shaking his head no promises, can't break em."But, we have been talking, and yeah stuff, sorry been a weird day."

As he saps back to the current topic, his eyes moving towards Oliver."Indeed, gots to support your home, and it's like almost as important as your countryman, I served for my country. We go to protect and defend our homes, from those that wanna take it from us." The tune is that of a faithful zealot, his eyes gleaming at the words, as he shakes his head."But, that is behind me now, April asked and I'm putting that behind me for her now, yep yep."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle had been careful about her chosen words, about when they dated, not knowing if Casey's presence in the apartment signaled that was back on, or just if he was in need of a place to crash, or what. "I'm obviously failing in my friend responsibilities if I'm hearing anything," she concludes. "Going to have to start making more effort to get back up here," she pronounces.

The brunette's eyes go to Oliver briefly, and she leans against him a little more after his touch, though not so much to get in the way of pizza, and beer. "Yes, a peaceful life is a blessed thing for those able to manage one," Vanessa says quietly. "And, hey, if anyone's worth it? It'd have to be April," she says with a grin of her bestie. "So are you just back in town from being away? Settling into work somewhere?" Vanessa asks. Knowing she's being a little nosy, but it's her friend!

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver clearly doesnt seem to mind the leaning in, one arm moving to drape comfortably about the brunette's shoulders, "If only peace wasn't so hard to find, but I agree.." he exhales slowly, looking at Vanessa a moment and grinning, "Be careful, Casey. She can run a mean interrogation when she wants to." he sounds amused, winking at Vanessa. "We are her friends so we worry for her." he then adds up to Casey..

Blue eyes study the man for a moment, his poise, the way he answers the questions. "Sometimes war has a way to come back with us, doesn't it?" he mentions after Casey speaks about having served. "And no, I didn't serve if you are going to ask. At least not in a traditional manner." yet it's not as if he will going further about that topic.

Casey Jones has posed:
"Yeah, I gotcha, I gotcha ya." Casey swings his hands back and forth like he is holding a bat, as he looks over at Oliver."War, is life and it's all it is, man, ya know you gots the ones that wanna knock ya and the ones that wanna use ya, and then you got your team. Sometimes, it's hard to know ya team from the others, that all." The large man standing up slowly, his hand is rubbing the back of his neck, fingers digging into the flesh."April, ain't gotta run nothing on me, I ain't ever lie to her, that's why we not together, I never hidden enouhging, even when I should of ya know, all me open like a book for her. Dat's love. I'm just here for a few days, and stuff my place is auto garage and live above it, back at work did a 12 hour today, only minor trouble with bikers and well, dat got handled, they attacked me first, so it's not my fault right?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle looks a little concerned as she hears about the bikers. "Probably not," she agrees, "Though, you know, those kind of guys can have long memories. Definitely good to be careful. Including if you're coming back here, make sure that no one is following you," she says. The urge to walk him through how to spot a tail is there, but she refrains from it, not wanting to explain how she knows herself.

The game comes back on and the Giants have the ball, completing a deep pass to open up their drive. Vanessa gives a little cheer before taking up her slice of pizza and taking a bite. "So is April's other's roommate around? I wasn't sure how much she's been here of late," Vanessa says. Glancing around for any large mallets, hyenas, or other signs of Harley Quinn.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"I know a thing or two about being an open book sometimes." Which is an hard thing for anyone to believe most likely considering the poker face that Oliver can have from time to time. But then he cracks a faint smile down to Vanessa, "And those bikers, probably not your fault if you didn't actually go out looking for trouble." he comments. He knows how that can be sometimes. "But Vanessa is right, you got to be careful. Specially with those that you care for. You can endanger them without knowing it." almost as if he had experience in it!

The question about the other roommate makes Oliver look about again. Is he relieved? Most likely! He was never that comfortable when he actually found out about that roommate. "We probably would had heard something by now if they were ..." he comments.

Casey Jones has posed:
"Well, yeah, you know and I mean, they booked when they found out a titan was there, she was getting her car fixed. Knockout or something." Casey nods slowly, his hand is rubbing along the back of his neck, as he pops it slowly, with a grin."I ain't been fighting, and I mean I was going to, but they ran away like giant fucking rats into the daylight, got outta der."

Downs the rest of the beer in the red solo, cup cause it lifts him up, that song was good. He likes that song, a large smile drifts along, as he starts to hum it, wait Casey, people hate country, stop it, idiot. That song ends just as quick as he started it, as he leaps up to make his way for more beer."Anyone else need a little drinkpooo...."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
"Wow, one of the Titans was there?" Vanessa says. "Well, good, glad that you didn't have to get in a dust up with anyone then," the young woman adds. She looks over to Oliver, nodding in agreement about the other occupant not being around. "I've always worried a little bit, but April seems to know what she's doing," she says, as if not sure April knows what she's doing in that regard. She'd thought that before, and now she knows more about people like Harley, it's only doubled down her worry there.

Vanessa takes another sip of her beer as the Giants get into scoring range. "I could use another, sure," she tells Casey, giving her own bottle a little shake as if testing how much is left in it. "So you work at a garage then? Any particular specialties, body work or engines or anything like that?" she inquires, making conversation as they watch the game.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"One more for me too." Oliver says when Casey offers to go get the drinks. He's already through with his first! He sets the empty bottle aside, "Knockout? Don't think I heard of her yet.." he seems thoughtful for a moment there before shaking his head to himself. "But good that a hero was there to help out." his eyes turn to watch Casey again, a scrutinizing gaze, "Do you get into fights often?"

With the apparent confirmation that indeed there isn't a clownette around (maybe?), he turns his attention back to the tv, watching some of the game.

Casey Jones has posed:
"I got into my fair share of em, yourself prudy boy?" Casey grabs four beers, two for him, two of them as he pops them off with his thumb, as he walks over handing them out to the company, with a wicked little chuckle."I live in the projects; I grow up here, my dad got Merced by a criminal, leaving me on the streets. Soya, tell me, do I get into many fights?"

The tune is joking, but the words ring true to anyone watching the man as he sinks into his chair."I lost the one good thang in my life, and I'm trying to win it back now, but I ain't know if it is going to happen." As he sips the first beer slowly, his eyes staring at April's door, as he is lost in his thoughts, his teeth finding lip over and over on that bottom lip.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle takes the beer when it's offered, "Thank you Casey," she tells him as she does. She finishes off the one she had already and sets the bottle aside, but focuses back on the pizza before starting the new beer.

The small nod given by Vanessa is supportive of April being a one good thing in someone's life. "Good luck. She deserves someone amazing. So... be amazing?" she offers with a little grin for Casey that makes seem a statement meant in a good way.

"I tell you, that girl is going to take off. Already is, but I can see her anchoring some big news show if she wants to go that route someday," she says.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"One or two in the past." Oliver says in a casual manner. There is a certain .., bearing to the man though, a readiness. And that earlier dodge from a swinging wrench was no fluke. "We often turn into what our environment makes us." again, personal experience? By the tone, maybe.

He nods in agreement with Vanessa, "She is. And she will make you better if you let her." he tells Casey, "But it's always a two-way thing so as Vanessa says, be amazing yourself as well."

The new beer is quite welcome, he taking it up to his lips for a good swig, draining some of it down. "She was already in that tv show as one of the celebrities too." he comments about Vanessa saying April will take off sometime soon.

Casey Jones has posed:
"She was on TV, I ain't hear about dat yet?" Casey watches them as he sips his beer slowly, turning the game off with a click of the remote."I mean, she is a good, fantastic good at her job, but she was on a non-news thang?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa takes another bite of her pizza. "Yes, she was one of the celebrities on the Match Game. You know that one that they give a question like... 'Instead of having brought his armor, Iron Man was horrified to open his suitcase and find he'd instead brought his <blank>,'" Vanessa tells Casey. "And then the celebrities all write down their answers and the player does and gets a point each time they match up with one of the celebrities."

She doesn't mention her own part in the game, singing April's praises being the focus of the moment. "Good exposure for her," she says with a smile.

The Giants go for it on 4th down and finally score. "Yes!" she says, raising her arms to signal the touchdown. After the celebration, she takes a swig of her beer. "So tells you that she's starting to get recognized, if they had her on," she says, going back to the game show talk.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Vanessa was one of the contestants on it." Oliver then adds. Because he can do his praises for Vanessa! "It was a fun show." a deeper smile coming up to his expression. And it's right when there's that score.. He looks at Vanessa's celebration with a grin.

"I didn't know you were so enthusiastic about the game." Another drink of his beer. With Casey turning the game off he chuckles. "Got tired of it?" he asks.

Casey Jones has posed:
"That is so rad, so super cool, as the kids in japan say Kawaii!" Casey is so serious with these words it is high praise, he thinks as he grins with a big flashing grin as he leans back, the beer is left untouched both of them, as he nods slowly."I wanna see it; I see if I can find it online or something, I'll have..."He stops. Don't name them. Don't do it."My friend does it; he is a tech wiz." As he then reaches back to rub his neck again, trying to be comfy, trying to be social, and he hates this shit, but they are friends of April, and well, that means they gotta be good, right. "So, yeah, whatcha'll do for like work and living, or fun and stuff?"

Looks over at Oliver with a soft sigh."I have.....head issues, I guess, I can't pay attention to stuff with the tv on so good, and I wanna hear this about April, and like have it like stick and stuff.....I had some stuff happen, and it messed up my grey's ya know. But, yeah, Vanessa was on the show too? Whatcha do on it same thang?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
A shake of the brunette's head is given. "I was one of the contestants. Didn't seem to be an issue that I'd met some of the celebrities before, but then I think the other contestant might have known more. It was for charity, not for keeping the money so I guess that probably made it ok? I was playing for No Kid Goes Hungry," she explains to Casey.

"No no, I'm not famous. And at present I'm sort of starting a new line of work. Doing some project management at a company," she says slowly, leaving it to Oliver if he wants to divulge more about that part of himself or not. "So I won and picked April for the big prize finale. We matched and that doubled the money for the food bank to $50k."

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey is not feeling social anymore, he tried but it is too much."Bye, I'm go check my shop." Good lie Casey, yeah but what next and dammit I'll check the shop. With that he is heading for the door opening, letting himself out, and he will be back tommorow for now, to toss and turn, dreaming of dreaming.