3525/Was it the Egg or the Bacon that came first

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Was it the Egg or the Bacon that came first
Date of Scene: 23 September 2020
Location: Versailles
Synopsis: Harley brings Spiral to Versailles, one of her favorite grease spots. They have Harley's favorite sandwich! And Spiral gets to ask Harley some questions about her past while Harley makes Spiral uncomfortable with her own questions!
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Harley Quinn

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has had enough of work. A side project of hers has suddenly became her main job, and ... she didn't even want a job. How did this happen? Why is she working for what she suspects is a fat man again? ( He had a fat voice, that's all she knows, but she's biased ). So when Harley shows up, she actually says 'yes' to going out. Incredible. And given she got interrogated last time, she insists on going to where Harley came from - she can teleport after all, so it being a different city is no excuse.
Normally when she walks amongst the humans she is invisible, but this time, as she plans on talking, she opts for a disguise instead. It soon becomes clear why she usually prefers invisibility - she has a conjured cape with a hood, maybe an illusion, maybe not, which covers her whole body, which looks suspiciously... stout. Probably because she only has two arms visible from normal human holes, and the other four have to go somewhere. The cape might not be entirely real as it's a very unearthly purple colour, and sparkles brightly - and given what Gotham is like she probably looks out of place.
Like, another company out of place, perhaps...

Harley Quinn has posed:
Every villain worth their salt needs a break from time to time. And Harley has noted that Spiral is always down at that stinky shop doing whatever complicated kamoozle (yes, she just invented that word).. Not that Harley thinks of Spiral as a villain, just someone misguided like she was!

So she arrives at the lair dressed to impress, high booted heels, a short skirt with fishnet stockings, glittered top and a small coat with faux feathers around the shoulders. Fabulous! And of course, those large sunglasses.

"Spiiiralllll.." she calls out. She is ready with all her best arguments to convince Spiral to go. Classics such as 'Have I ever let you down?' 'It will be fun, you will see!', or even the 'PWETTYYY PLEASEEEE?'

So with Spiral accepting right from the get go it's .., a surprise. With just makes her beam happily. "Yay, road trip!" but then she remembers Spiral actually teleports... Sad clown..

So they go through the tp shortcut even if she has to lead the rest of the way. "You'll love it. I sweah!" she gesturing with her hands as they near the entrance. "And I like yoh style.. A bit batman'ish ya know? Loomy cape, all tall and imposin'" a beat. "Have ya tried that suit I brought ya last time? Mmm?"

Spiral has posed:
"Loomy? I'm not even trying to be loomy.". Spiral is fairly tall, and has weird hair, so she's just covering that up. "And no, not yet. I never knew humans were so obsessed with clothes. Do you not like extradimensional fashion?" she wonders. Maybe she's joking, but it's delivered deadpan if she is.

Looking around the place, well, she thought New York was bad, until she came here. "So, is this where you are from?" she asks. "It looks very... gloomy. So the happy smiley look is in rebellion, is it? Rebelling in mind, if not in form.". She points to Harley's nearest arm.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That's the whole point .., ya don't need ta try..!" Harley points out, making way to the entrance of .., well.., it looks like a poor excuse for a diner. Scummy, a bit on the side of a street. Clearly no fancy place. "Nothin' wrong with dressin' well, and the way ya dress can be a way o' expressin' yohself too. Like I can tell a lot aboutcha by the way ya dress.." a wink. Is she teasing the tall Spiral? Maybe! Not that she goes into what she can tell about Spiral and her clothing options..

Instead she opens the door to the diner in an exuberant manner. "I am back, babee!" she exclaims.. The response may not be what she expected. Just a look from a scattered patron here and there.. The man on the counter lifts a brow. "Needing a job again, Harley?" to which she shakes her head. "No.. I got money now! We awhe heah foh yoh sandwiches!"

She peeks up at Spiral. "Trust me, it looks like a dump but the food's great! Come lets seat.." she starts making way to a table. "And yep, I am a Gothamite. Boahn heah, but been takin' a break from bein around. I been livin' in New Yohk."

Spiral has posed:
This place smells almost as bad as Mojo's stinking hide, and the food might be improved by his aura of rot by the look of it. Spiral draws the glittery purple cape/robe about her with the help of her hidden hands, and follows the gaudy clownette. A look of contempt comes easy to her, and she's definitely got it on her face now. These humans are so low grade and piteous looking even a slave raid would pass them by, she thinks, but for once does not declare to the room. Looking around the place, she sees the small TV sitting up in a corner for patrons to watch, and rolls her white eyes mostly invisibly.

Sitting proves hard, as she tries to wedge herself into a chair with an excess of arms that makes her body quite big. "Still better than working for a fat human." she tells herself quietly as she arranges her elbows under the cape. "So. Why did you move? Moving must be hard when you can't teleport. ...Did you leave half your things behind too?".

Harley Quinn has posed:
"See. That's what I mean right theah!" Harley points to that look of contempt on Spiral's face. "You gotta relax, just enjoy things a lil." she brings her fingertips to her own cheeks, lifting them as to make her smile more pronounced. "Smile a little." she adds in a singsong tone. "The place is called Versailles. I know, I know. Ironic, aint it? But it is what it is."

She sits down on the seat across from Spiral, taking out her sunglasses and resting back on her chair. She then frowns a little. Tests the seat a bit... Is it .., squishy? Ugh.. She slides to the one *next* to her. "Needed a change. I am sohta very known around heah ya see?" a sigh. "Been a bad gal foh a long time heah. So people don't see me with good eyes." and she can't really blame 'em!

The question about leaving things behind makes her pause. Something she rarely does. She nods first before finally speaking up. "Left a few things behind, and not neah enough that I wanted to." Whatever that may mean! But memories are hard to forget. "But I still come heah often enough. Still got a few friends left."

Spiral has posed:
"A bad girl.". Spiral smirks a little, and looks calculating for a long moments as she stares at Harley. Well, she WAS asked to smile, this is it! "Maybe you still are. Most humans don't react very well when they encounter the Wildways, as you have. Yet you, thought it was funny.". She's definitely not a psychologist, and in fact barely cares about anybody other than herself really which makes it quite hard for her to read people - but she does remember how her trick of trying to turn Harley's stomach upside down while teleporting did nothing at all. Okay, not really the same as looking into the wildways, so she lied a bit, but close enough.

"So yes, you must have taken something with you.". Now she's not just a multitude of waving hands like she normally seems, it's really obvious that her hands actually have three fingers on them, so her disguise doesn't really cover the weird that well. She does seem to notice her own weird though, and slides the mout of sight under the table.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"A smihk! That's impoouvement!" And it makes Harley absolutely delighted at it. Small steps! But getting there. "And ah am. But maybe a different kind than befoouh, ya know?" she gesticulates with her hands, then makes a gesture as if she was whacking someone with a mallet. "I try ta do less o' this. At least not just foh laughs anymoouh. But I always found funny what othahs don't." it's actually more than that, her insanity being a coping mechanism to all she has done before, and sometimes still does. But if she even realizes it she doesn't go there or speak of it..

"It's hard foh me to adjust though. And gettin' a job .. Shit, not like this. Noone hires, unless it's workin' in these kinda places, when they know who I am.." But then she grins and eyebrow waggles. "So I stahted ta do some bounty huntin'.."

She is interrupted when a waitress comes by the table, chewing bubble gum, all attitude. "What will you both have, mmm?"

Harley is ready! "WEELLLL, I want da egg sandwich, with extra egg, put in bacon atop, cheese, then extra of it. Some nice lil ketchup and to finish it all the hot sauce!" Oh my... A look then to Spiral. "Try it too, it's gooood!"

Spiral has posed:
It's not a smile, it's a smirk! and a pretty evil one. Spiral smirks all the time. "Why?" she asks. "Decided doing other things feels better?" she wonders. "Ah. Bounty hunting. Hmm. Well, that sort of is my old job... you know.". Spiral tilts her head a bit, thinking. In fact, she remembers doing a LOT of that sort of thing. "... talent agent.". A term that covers a multitude of sins, up to and including sacrificing babies. "If it pays well enough, and if my current job annoys me enough, maybe I will join you.". But not before she sics the X-Men on her mysterious employer for the laughs, at least, after she's used up all the credit he gave her.

Spiral looks over the waitress, up and down - well, she would last about five seconds as a gladiator. You might think an alien from another dimension would not know what any of that is, but she doesn't seem confused or anything, she merely shrugs a bit. "I'll have one too.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Sure thing, sugars." The waitress replies to the duo, starting to sashay away. Hey, she works on this diner but she can still look fabulous while doing it! Harley calls out. "AND TWO SODAS!" she rolls her eyes and attention goes back to Spiral. "The guy I was with wasn't so good ta me, ya know?" that Mistah J she mentioned before. "So I left him..." a shrug. "Well, he also tossed me outta window. But I got betta." But then her grin turns extremely eager when Spiral mentions bounty hunting. "Oh yea, yoh should. I got pahdner that I have been woikin' with. But we can feature a threesome from time ta time!" not that kinda threesome, jerks!

"She's a cool gal, even if she thinks she's an angel..." Another eye roll. As if Harley would believe that! Really, some people are just crazy aren't they?!

The sandwiches do get brought up to the table a time later.. A glorious homage to Grease apparently with how it just seems to ooze out onto the dish from the giant sandwiches put in front of them. Harley has her fingers tingling as she starts to loom over. "Hello, my sweet. It's been a while hasn't it?" yes, she seems quite fond of these sandwiches.

Spiral has posed:
"Maybe she is an angel. Stranger things have happened. ...Especially to me. Don't underestimate the strangeness of the multiverse... this planet is one of the more mundane corners of it in many regards, aside from how much magic there is here.".

And then the 'food' arrives, causing Spiral's robe to bulge a bit as she tries to pick it up with a hidden hand. Really using just two hands is a bit weird, like a human having to use one for everything. Sure, she can do it, but it requires some slight concentration. Eventually she somewhat awkwardly picks it up, and her hand is promptly slimed by the greasy package.

"You really eat this?" she asks. Harley is pretty far from a greasy landwhale after all. This is the sort of food Mojo would eat, and Harley is not he. She waits to see if it's not a trick or something, and tiny Harley really eats this.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is all licking lips now while she dives into the sandwich, picking it up with that practiced ease of someone that has eaten this particular kind often enough. "Yea, I do! It's one o' my favorites, I aint eaten it in a while because, ya know, not heah all the time BUT...!" and her grin widens. "Maybe twill show ya mundane can be delicious too." an eyebrow waggle and she takes in a deep bite out of the sandwich, chewing on. Mmmhmmmhmmm. *insert pleasure sounds here*

"Ahhh, this is the life. And ah know theah's a lotta craziness out theah. Don't underestimate us though.." she waves the sandwich around a bit, some grease flying off in a dangerous manner, but it hits none of them.

"So, how did ya learn ta do magic?" She asks.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral waits until the human proves it's not going to kill, and then follows suit. Mmm, pretty good. Rita would probably have liked it, but Rita was from LA so she never had one of these specific ones... She doesn't dive bomb it like Harley does, though, though she does shake her head. "This obscure planet is special in many ways not immediately obvious to those not from it.", she notes.

"I was created this way. Seeing across dimensions gave me an aptitude few have. And then I was trained." she replies after a long moment, narrowing her eyes a bit. That's quite a segue. Hey, she came to Gotham to talk about Harley for a change, and how she's still got an evil little core of madness.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Created?" Nope, something there doesn't compute. And in the way that Harley says it .., seems she doesn't buy it either. Doctor of Psychology on duty! "Ya don't look so different from me sometimes." or well, maybe different from a human. But there's this big grin on her expression after those words. All too casual, mouth getting filled with delicious, greasy sandwich. "Glad ya takin' a like to the place. It's a cwazy woahld, but it's great, really." she nods her head a couple of times.

"Gosh, I hadn't eaten one of these in ages. My knees are tremblin'" How can someone get so eager and excited about a sandwich? Even if it's a damn delicious one!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral looks at Harley with a burning white gaze of frustration. Her cape wriggles again as the hands under it shift around - this isn't very comfortable for her! and she lets her three fingered hand flop onto the table. "Created." she repeats.

Well, Harley put her off the sandwich anyway, as she leans back and looks around the place, eventually settling on the lil TV, and shifing around uncomfortably. She just wipes her greasy hand on the table, on the chair, whatever will get the grease off meanwhile - hopefully its not so extreme she has to conjure something here to fix it!

"You ask a lot of questions." she says after a while. And looks Harley over again, thinking she's very odd, but to say that, would be quite embarassing.

Harley Quinn has posed:
With Spiral pushing the sandwich away Harley lets out a brief gasp, "Weren't ya likin' it?" she leaning forward a bit to look at Spiral more closely. Just before she murmurs. "Ah, I am sorry." as she appears to understand the 'why'. "Can't help myself sometimes." she taps one greasy finger to the side of her nogging a moment later. "I used to be a doctah." which may explain all the questions.

"Tell ya what. I will stop with the questions and we get ta just enjoy the sandwiches, whatdya say?" a pause to *slurp* some of that soda. It's noisy, yep.

Spiral has posed:
"I'm a doctor in a sense, and I don't ask a lot of questions." Spiral retorts, watching the greasy hand tapping at her temple. Harley Quinn is a complete savage. "Except when asking how people want to be improved, a hobby of mine.". The smirk returns, remembering some fun events this past week, it's not all been bad here by any means! "But that wouldn't work on you, you are too wise.". Pretty high praise from the Time Dancer to a human worm.

After a while she returns to the sandwich, munching on it, a bit more careful in the picking it up. It's pretty clear she doesn't have the same weird fascination for them that Harley does. "If I was a human I would ask some questions around here about you." she says, smirk widening a little. "See why people don't want to hire you, and what has been going on. Not just hurting people. Lots of people do that, look in New York, all the people that have been in good hands in my Shop. Most of them wanted to hurt people. It is why I said they had no humanity to lose in the first place.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
High praise indeed! Harley is all smiles upon hearing that. "Thank ya! And I am a doctah o' the mind. Well, ah was." heh, it's doubtful, she doesnt have a license, but she still knows a thing or two! Even if she may not be that sane at all... Details! And with Spiral returning to the sandwich so does she, nomnoming on it.

When Spiral starts talking about asking people about her it brings her to blink. "Well, people can exaggerate ya know...?" or maybe not. But then the part about the Shop makes her widen her eyes. "Whatdya mean? Ya sayin' ya givin' them purpose?" a momentary pause close to the end of her sandwich, she suckling the grease out of her fingertips. It seems like some kind of weird ritual.

"Aren't they just goin' back and doin' even worse? With the stuff they get from ya?"

Spiral has posed:
"My ... benefactor ... seems to want me to do it to any he sends my way. Very, very annoying. I prefer to give people a choice. If I wanted to force people to undergo these procedures I wouldn't need anybody's help to simply grab people off the streets." Spiral points out. "I am revealing something of them to themselves. Sometimes they regret it, and then they are that much wiser as a result, even if their bodies have been twisted before their revelation. I am not making monsters... they are already monsters. Or fools.".

She's definitely had enough of the sandwich, and throws the remnant down. "They had a /choice/ to be that way." she explains. "A few this last week did not give me the usual sort of agreement..." she admits. "So, it wasn't so satisfying.".

For her, naturally.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Well, that's something at least. In a twisted kind of way. That she isn't just doing it to everyone that comes by... Harley lifts both brows. "That benefactah doesn't sound like a good kinda guy foh ya." She says quietly, lifting her shoulders in a shrug, "Sometimes people awhe just too deep down and dunno what they want. They think they want somethin' but it's not really good foh 'em. Fools, yea."

The sandwich being put down means it's fair game for everyone! Including Harley! "Can I get a bag ovah heah? Gonna take some leftovah ta my boys." which means Bud and Lou. They shall have a feast with what's left of Spiral's sandwich.

Eyes go back to Spiral. A lot of questions are on her mind. That much is noticeable. The more important being 'Did you have a choice?', but she never verbalizes it. She didn't promises there wouldn't be any more questions tonight!

But it gets filed for later. "We will have ta do this again. Next time, I know this karaoke place. It's faaantastic!"

Spiral has posed:
Given how big those hyenas are that little sandwich remnant isn't going to be that much for them. And presumably Harley isn't feeding people to them any more, so... probably quite a problem actually, thinking about it!

"You can sing, I'll dance." Spiral tells Harley. "We all have our talents. So... ". Her hands evidently writhe around under her robe for a bit, before the visible ones go down to the tabletop and she pushes herself to her feed with unusual awkwardness. She hates being like this, those arms gotta be free!

"Time to dance home?" she asks, and she points at the door. She's not going to do it anywhere but a quiet alley!