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While the Cats are Away: Payback
Date of Scene: 25 September 2020
Location: In the Catskill Mountains
Synopsis: The Titans defeat the Fearsome Five!
Cast of Characters: Dick Grayson, Heather Danielson, Kara Danvers, Gar Logan, Siobhan Smythe, Kian, Cassie Sandsmark, Koriand'r, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Dick Grayson has posed:
It has been barely more than 24 hours since Gizmo has been taken into custody and the Titans got an information drop that appears to lead them directly to where Psimon has relocated the Fearsome Five, which is what the group believes is all that remains from the intelligence they have so far.

They know that there are two entrances to the base, one is via an old moonshiner's cabin's trap door. While the other is a cave mouth that doubles as a hangar. The woods to the cabin are thick, with only a road providing vehicular access. The cave mouth will require rappelling or flying to get to.

Nightwing is currently perched above the cave mouth, ready to jump down on the return of the sabotage team to report back before moving in.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Now decked out in basically an all black skintight bodysuit that even she must admit looks good on her, Heather has her hair braided and tied back with black ties. What? She color coordinates! But she has a backpack on with military grade ration bars, bottles of water and first aid gear to be used on teammates if required.
    The whole way here, she has been a bit less perky than usual. Might come from the fact that the last time she fought these guys, Damian was almost killed. But she is -motivated-.. and has gloves with protection for her hands so she doesn't like break her fists when she punches.. a real danger for her.
    She doesn't really say anything. She's just.. getting her game face on. And those blue eyes of hers look as cold as chipped glacial ice.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara hovers in the sky, the wind whipping about her cape and her hair. She has her game face on. Serious Kara. The raid on the Red Room was her first serious action against an enemy force. This will be her second. This time they're not going to be getting away. She focuses her vision in on the cave and speaks loudly enough for her team to hear.

"Hello Team, I can see two of them awake in the cave entrance. We have our two least favourites: Jinx the sorceress, and Mammoth. I'll take Mammoth, if others can somehow subdue Jinx." She sets her jaw and makes fists with her hands.

"Ready to move the moment we call Titans GO," she adds with a slightly darker tone than is usual for Supergirl. After a month of things going wrong, she's finally getting some back. They got Nadia and Janet back, now it's time to bring these five to justice.

Gar Logan has posed:
It's early in the morning, but never too early for some retribution. Beast Boy just has to make sure he doesn't go too far with it, especially considering some of the creatures he's been running through his mind as possibilities. This isn't a time to be holding back, but rather one to be swift, decisive, and final.

He's in his usual purples and blacks, a callback to the Doom Patrol days that he's kept using, and his expression is set with determination. "I dunno whose butt I'm gonna be kicking, but they're not getting one over on us again," he tells the rest of the team. Attacking the Titans, at home, while four of their own were still lost in space? Gar Logan has not been a happy shifter since.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Siobhan does not have her game face on. She is instead nearby, standing above the cave entrance, looking down and pacing. She has chosen to wear a hoody to try to hide her features. She looks over the edge and then steps back and starts pacing again. "Ye can do did, Siobhan. It's different. Not like before." She sucks in a breath and then shakes her head.

She stated earlier she would be ready. That she can teleport and she'd be here but now? She isn't so sure. She isn't scared of them so much as she is scared for them. She knows she's a monster now. This is different than thinking she is one. Still, she keeps her ears open and slowly opens and closes her fists as she paces.

Kian has posed:
    Kían has been quiet since the attack on the base.  His wrist is healed now, the bandage is off, and he looks... well, not grim, but serious.
    Despite his frequent protestations that he can't act against a sentient, he states with total seriousness, "I will deal with the telepat'.  Hwat he did to me can not be forgived."  Yeah, still working on English.  "I may haf to damage him."
    He does not sound like that bothers him overmuch, oddly enough.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Well, make that two blondes flying near the cave, hair whipping. Cassie is near Kara, in her usual athletic-y mission getup, although she relies on her crazy krypto-vision intel to set up the plan.

"I'm a little better handling incoming magic-y stuff and, I can give it a shot," she offers her teamate, preparing in the air by pulling out her lasso pre-emptively, drawing out some of the length, wrapping it around one wrist for stability, and then holding further down near the loop with her other hand. "Not that I wouldn't mind knocking Mammoth around again. Such a gentleman, that one, and his sister's even worse." Yeah, if you asked her who she's most worried about, it's the other half of the Flinders family.

But what can you do?

Koriand'r has posed:

Koriand'r flies in descending circles over the cabin at the other end of the underground complex, fists out ahead fo her, feet straight back like a Tamaranean arrow soring majestically through the sky! Truly a sight to behold with her fiery hair trailing out behind her in chem-trails as she angles downward with a bemused, nigh, jubilant smile spread on her face like vegemite on toast!

As she gets within striking distance, the Princess errupts!

Crashing forward with building energy around her fists glowing green against the sudden shadows cast by the tree coverage preventing direct aerial assault! Then she's upon it, flight of the solar fury! One fist hurls forward and lets loose a solid beam of glowing green energy, quickly followed by the other, arms pumping like a piston as she hurls a near endless stream upon the structure with all the abandon of someone ready for the VENGENCES!


All while grins!

"Behold! The Tamaranean bringer of 'structural insecurity!' I do not wish to ascribe human emotions to a building, but if this were a human building, it would be feeling a great deal of inferiority!"

With no comms, she instead fires off both fists into the air, high enough that Kara can see it!

Up up and away, Starfire is cutting across the sky, propelled forward with another backwards blast of bolts to speed her off towards team cave troll!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Sitting still is not in Nadia's nature and being mostly confined to a hospital suite since returning from Russia on threat of being enrolled in a Public Science High School until she is eighteen had been pure torture for her with everything going on. Finally when Siobhan came to visit her and she heard the tower had been /attacked/ there was no holding her back anymore. Fighting villains is kinda similar to a spa day for her anyway right? Nadia logic.

So it is that a tiny Waspette is perched on Siobhan's shoulder in her full armored suit checking the situation and awaiting the command to GO!

Kara Danvers has posed:

Inside the cave Jinx is helping move rocks out of the way. This cavern is not ready for their operations yet. They moved in hastily. But then, then that tingling sense she knows so well. Something is wrong, something is not going to go her way. She sees it.. Supergirl flying in, the exit being destroyed, Mammoth being attacked, herself being knocked unconscious.

She smirks, those fools think they can get the jump on Jinx? with a fling of her arm a stone hits the alert button and four plasma turrets spring to life.

Kara sees the blasts from Kori up in to the sky and says loudly to the gathered team.. she's wanted to say this for ages now! "Titans GO!" She flies in with fists extended past those gathered by the entrance of the cave and straight at Mammoth.. and is suddenly knocked off course in to the wall fo the cave by a huge gust of wind from Jinx. She slams in to the rock face harm and shakes her head in surprise.

A small army of Jinx's appear as sirens alert the rest of the team. "We're under attack you fools!," Jinx shouts and she eyes the entrance to their cave.

Neutron hears the alarm going off and yawns, turning over in bed and pushing his pillow against his head, "Still sleepy, attack us later."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Sure, everyone takes precautions against the heavy hitters. Nobody ever seems to worry about the blonde supermodel playing superhero. Just how she wants it now. Heather goes charging ahead and while she is not super fast, and can't fly.. her legs are strong, and push her at more speed than a normal human could generally achieve.
    She runs regularly, and her stamina is unflagging. So the black suited track star begins her charge into the mine. Her plan is basically.. bum rush Jinx. Overwhelm her with too many threats to deal with, track, and respond to.
    "Supergirl! Can you see which is the real Jinx?!" she calls out as she sprints, narrowing her focus on trying to put all of her minimal bodyweight, and impressive strength into the right target.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick watches as Kori does her job and calls out after Kara, "GO, GO, GO!" and jumps down, landing with ease as he has been trained since birth, though he has to brace himself against the wind. He looks up as Kara charges in towards towards Mammoth, "Titans, get those turrets down!" He calls and flings an exploding wingding at one. He watches Kara go after Mammoth then hurries towards another turret, lobbing another wingding.

Mammoth was just wanting a quiet guard duty. Then suddenly he hears a boom and then is charged by Kara, "Ha. You can't fly well," he points and then charges forward, aiming an uppercut to the Kryptonian.

Shimmer and Psimon are both asleep in their respective quarters, but the alarms wake them and they make their way to the hangar.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Go time!

Cassie's right on Kara's heels, swinging the lasso rapidly in one hand, to the point where it turns into just a vague gold blur on the right side of her body. Of course, even as they charge bolt-straight at their targets, no plan ever survives contact, and Kara is immediately off course. She's still bee-lining for Jinx...

...when suddenly there's a lot more Jinx.

Without a clear target among them, the lasso isn't a very good plan. Its a powerful weapon but, in the world of lasers and automatic weapons, a little on the slow side, especially in terms of the recovery to toss it, pull it back, and do it again. So she's not going to take a swing at the Jinx-army until she's sure on a target.

"Let's narrow them down! Call it if you see the real one, and I'll nab her!"

While she waits on intel from her friends, she takes advantage of the sudden appearance of all those hostile turrets. Presumably, some of them will be shooting her, big and obvious of a target as she makes herself. Well, that's what the bracers are for: as the bolts fly her way, she doesn't just block them, but aims to deflect a few back down at the Jinx-army. Let's help narrow this down!

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan cheetahs his way in after the call is made to go, and while Mammoth may be on his list as a target he's perfectly comfortable dealing with someone else. In this case, Jinx and her split selves. One is real, the rest not.

Once he's made his way into the cave, he gets a chance to see how it opens up. It'd make a nice base under other circumstances. Today? The aesthetics of that are not on his mind at all, just the attack.

In this case, he shows something others might not have had the chance to see before, or even know he was capable of. He doesn't turn into a single creature, but rather a swarm of wasps. They fly at one Jinx, moving to sting, then another, and another, trying to get at the real one.

Worth noting is his silence. He rarely does anything without yammering on about something.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
A buzzing sound becomes audible and for once it isn't Nadia, at least not directly. The buzzing becomes louder and louder. Anyone turning to look will see a very large very angry swarm of wasps emerging from the forest, growing larger and larger, an amorphous mass of painful stinging anger heading straight for where Nadia is.

Perched on Siobhan's shoulder, a pair of small antenna's have emerged from a new looking headband on top of her head and anyone watching might get the sense that she is in fact directing the swarm.

When GO! is called Nadia lauches from Siobhan's shoulder and joins the oncoming swarms making bee-lines straight for the Jinxes as she leads the Wasp Army versus the Jinx army. There will be much stinging, much pain, and much glory for the wasp warriors that survive.

Koriand'r has posed:
Koriand'r flips end over, reverses directions at the mouth of the cave, and rockets forward into the dark tunnel with both her fists extended out ahead of her! Twisting in her flight pattern to avoid the turrets, launching off green energy at one - then another - as she passes! Leaving nice fiery reckage, she cuts across the upper part of the spacious cavern and whips around to begin bombing runs on the Jinx-Army!

"Super TEAM UP manuever! Just like the video games!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían unleashes on one of the turrets--the strong nuclear force is well-named.  Break the intranuclear bonds, get an awful lot of energy in exchange.  E=mc^2 works whether it's written in the Terran standard formulation, or in Akiár notation, and it takes only a trivial number of atoms to have a devastating effect.
    And then he darts into the cave mouth, keeping close to the ceiling; if they have left stalactites, those are useful for cover.  He is careful to keep his mind to himself, lest he give his position away to the Terran with the /ki'thar/.
    And yet, he's also carefully trying to catch a glimpse of the other mind.  He wants to know where his target is.
    No, not wants to know.  *Needs* to know.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Standing up above, she sees Starfire opening up and then looks down to see the others going at it. Siobhan looks over at Nadia and then shakes her haed, "Ye really should be restin'." She states simply enough and then looks down again before saying, "But if ye're gonna join 'em, now would be da time." She gestures and then swallows, "Don't wait on me." She then sucks in a breath and shakes her head. She then blinks when Nadia takes off and a swarm follows.

"What in da hell...?" She asks and of no one before finally she just sucks in a breath and squats down at the edge. "We have to...try." And with that she leaps off the edge of the cliff. Halfway down she screams out and changes mid-air disappearing and reappearing at the entrance, glowing eyes and skull face staring into the cave, "We're truly rude guests. We didn't even properly announce ourselves. Allow me to help." And with that she disappears again, reappearing in the space between the turrets, looking further into the structure. Her eyes close and then when the open, her mouth opens, too and she unleashes a powerhouse scream.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Mammoth is not having a good day as he sees the others arrive, "Uh, we should probably get help," he notes before continuing his focus on Supergirl, attempting to land a few more hits, though he is staggered by the scream, holding his hands over his ears.

Psimon and Shimmer arrive shortly, still in pajamas, but the latter is carrying two baseball bats, one in each hand. Psimon is visibly upset and unleashes psionic bolts at Kori and Cassie, trying to provide covering fire for the team, while Shimmer positions herself in front of Psimon to provide cover for him.

Nightwing jumps to another perch and calls out "Friendly fire isn't, so be careful out there!" He then launches a wingding at Shimmer's feet, a flashbang, but it soon is turned into butter once it gets within three feet of her and is batted away with ease. "Nice try, fool!"

Kara Danvers has posed:
The turrets unleash a barrage of plasma shots at the would be invaders but none of them can stand up to the combined retaliations. Only one turret remains and it is being used to redirect fire on to Jinx clones. Along with the army of bees, it isn't long before Jinx furiously digs her toes in to the dirt and all her fake clones burst in to intense flames - real flames, not illusions.

"This will not do!," she remarks as the Titans are pushing deeper in to their territory. She lifts up her hands and with a big push the wind gusts intensely back against the advancing heroes, flames fuelled by this burst of wind too.

Neutron hears feet in the hallway and throws his pillow at his door. "Fine!," he says and gets out of bed and begins to don his radiation suit. His room is the most secure of them all, with its radiation proof walls and door and mini-airlock.

Kara pushes off the wall and flies at Mammoth again only to get an uppercut for her troubles. She flips back in the air and shakes her head, "I fly plenty good," she counters. She's not great at the banter.

She flies in and side steps his neck blow, giving him a hard punch to the side, then a punch to the top of his head. As he staggers she steps in to punch him again before she suddenly notices the reinforcements have arrived, "Everyone is here except Neutron."

She spies the singular Jinx and her eyes burn red as she shoots, only for Jinx to motion with her hand and coil the heat vision up in to a ball and throw it back at Kara. It hits her hard and knocks her to the floor.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Again with being underestimated. Heather grins fiercely as she sprints through the field of battle. Again, since she can't fly or super-run.. she's a bit slower than the rest. But she's not so slow that she can't give a good accounting of herself.
    So it might catch Jinx off guard (okay, maybe, maybe not.).. but Heather leaps to divetackle her with just about all of the force she can generate. Just as that heat vision is posted with RETURN TO SENDER and given to the mail carrier.
    The tackle is not the only thing she does. She's in a flurry of angry vengeance... fists and knees being used in a flurry once the two of them hit the ground. Her objective is to keep Jinx off balance and on the defensive too much for her to really draw on her powers.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is holding her own against the turrets: projectile management is basically Amazon 101, and like her last run in with members of this group (and their technology), the robotic targetting is particularly easy to predict, letting her focus more on redirecting them. It works pretty well!

Psimon is something of a different matter. She tries to block one of those and the mental energy dissapates rather than redirecting, washing over her with painful psychic feedback. She grits her teeth against it, and doesn't even try to block the next, going into full aerial maneuvers to avoid them as best she can. Meanwhile, Jinx is really setting the world on fire- Cassie considers taking the shot she's been waiting for as the images fall, but sees Heather going for her and re-prioritizinge. Because there is someone here she's said she fears a lot more, and who she owes some payback. Also?

Cassie's gear might be some of the few things Shimmer /can't/ turn into harmless snacks.

"Oh, payback for last time," she mutters, and flies in over the tackled pair toward their backline, making a throw with the lasso at the weird matter-converter lady.

Gar Logan has posed:
Beast Boy's wasp colony at least help whittle down the number of fake Jinxes to get to the real one, along with the second set Nadia's summoned. "Guess I should have been expecting that..or is it we right now? Things that make you go 'hmmm,'" he says, and it sounds like it's coming from every green wasp at once. As he spreads out a little in the midst of attacking, well, nothing, that could be eerie.

The collective begins to congregate again. Shimmer is being focused on. Mammoth and Kara are doing their dance. Psimon and Neutron are arriving. One of them, perhaps...but then the swarm pauses at something.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The wasp swarms recoil away from the flaming Jinxes and Nadia is not about to force them to their deaths. The tiny angry flying daggers reorient their attacks towards the less flaming Psimon and Shimmer instead. Needle like stings full of venom that unlike their cousin the honey bee do not cost them their lives.

Nadia breaks from the main swarm bee-lining straight for the Jinx that spoke and at the least moment regaining her full size with all accrued momentum being channeled into a flying kick while flicking out her wrist blasters at two of the other Jinxes and unleashing a barrage from each hand at them.

In perhaps the eeriest feat, the Beast Boy swarm hears a voice in its heads or perhaps not a voice perse as the way that insects naturally parse communication, though it still somehow sounds like Nadia. <<What is wrong?>>

Koriand'r has posed:
"Oh, that's right! You have the thing with the energy!" Kori grins at Jinx bending Kara's beams back on her, a manuever the Tamaranean does not duplicate! After the last of the dupes bursts to flame, the Titan careens forward towards the curled toed villainess with her FISTS!

"How do you do with getting punched in the face?"

Swinging her right in a flyby, she hover twists and goes the other direction with a left! "I personally do not like getting punched in the face at all! But I do not do judgements. I understand that slut shaming is very bad in twenty twenty."

Kian has posed:
    Kían knows perfectly well how to deal with winds.  He's gone flying in the clouds during thunderstorms, secure in the knowledge that the lightning couldn't hurt him.
    The hail was another matter entirely.  We won't discuss that.  But the wind and the lightning weren't problems, at least.
    The birdman stays close to the ceiling, looking for his target--
    --there he is.  Someone with superhearing just /might/ hear Kían speak quietly, but it's in his own language, so good luck with that.
    The space in front of Psimon explodes with a bright flash and the force of a concussion grenade.
    And if Kían doesn't immediately sense the gray mental static of unconsciousness, that space immediately explodes again.  Again, superhearing might pick up an icy word or two of /Akiár'shak/.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A slight laugh at the chaos and the Silver Banshee seems to be lost in it at the moment. There's something different about her. Something more free. Something...darker. She's seeming to enjoy all the chaos and destruction, watching it like a child might watch fireworks. She looks around slowly, eyes briefly closing as she takes in the sounds before finally she turns her gaze over toward the hallway and stops briefly.

"~Someone hasn't yet come out to play...~" She laughs a little and then she shakes her head, "~Do dey know it is rude to not say hello to a guest?~" She then takes a step forward and there's a shuddering step and suddenly she's twenty feet further along, then she steps again and twitches a little as she seems to shudder step further down the hallway, "~Where are ye at, friend?~" She lets out a slow gasping sigh of breath that is no more necessary than moving her lips for talking is. Slowly, she approach's Neutron's room, "~Don't ye want to play?~"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Mammoth is pummeled, even nearly falling to the ground a couple of times, not being quick enough to block. Once the fireball goes in, though, helooks at Kara and snorts, "You get smashed by fire. Heh." And resumes his assault, getting ready to cock back a leg and punt her away.

Shimmer is soon set upon by the bees and bright light and is distracted enough for the lasso to find purchase on her, and is soon entangled with one of her arms in it, though she turns a bat to lead as she swings them at Cassie when she gets close. It is not a good day for any of them. Mammoth turns as he hears his sister scream and rushes towards that side, teamwork be damned, his sister is in trouble, "YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" he bellows, charging Cassie, forgetting about Kara.

Psimon is also hindered by the bees and light, and is unable to focus enough to continue his barrage, only having enough presence of mind to shield himself from the onslaught.

Nightwing notices the turret being used by Cassie is no longer being directed and to avoid it being used against them, is quick to throw up a wingding to remove it from play, or at least he hopes.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The plasma turret doesn't stop firing just because Cassie is interrupted. It starts to pepper her until the wingding goes boom and the last of the turrets goes down.


Jinx's eyes widen as one of the Titans runs through her wall of fire, her skin roasting peeling off, but regenerating almost as fast. She Ooofs as she is tackled and her back hits the dirt. There is an echo in her mind through the Earth as she draws on the power in the room, the static gathers together and she grabs Heather's arms, pumping her full of electricity, lightning crackling around her as she laughs and says, "You stupid cheerleader."

Heather's skin still sizzling she pushes her off and stands up, dusting herself down. She senses something incoming from the right. There's nothing there? Suddenly there's Nadia and she kicks her right in the side and she stumbles back, raising an arm as the earth rises up in front of Nadia to defend her.. only to be hit by Starfire. She spins on the spot and drops to the ground unconscious.


Supergirl rises up off the floor and stretches a moment before she stares at Mammoth and says, "Right. Time to end this." Her ears prick up again after the ringing from Banshee's scream subsides hearing that voice of Kian's language. She'll have to ask him about that later. This time Kara steps in and catches Mammoth's first punch, then his second in her hands. There is a moment of strain against each other that slowly Kara starts to over come until she pushes his arms down to his sides and pins them there and begins to hug him tightly, squeezing the breath out of him and then, with a mighty motion, head butts Mammoth. She lets go as he stumbles back and she grins at him, "You head butt bad." She then blinks in surprise as he.. rushes away from her to his sister. "Hey, I'm not done with you yet big fella."


The airlock opens and outsteps Neutron, ready to rumble finally. He spies the battle down the hall way and sees Jinx drop unconscious on the ground, "Oh shit!." He is about to run when suddenly Siobhan is there. His eyes widen in horror at what he sees.. death incarnate? "Hell no! get away from me!," he says at Siobhan and then shoots an intense blast of radiation at her.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    And so... ever heard a cheerleader screaming in agony? Well, now you have. Heather's voice can't even go hoarse as her screaming damages her vocal cords and they heal as it happens. She screams and screams and screams right up until Jinx releases her and stands up.
    Lying on the ground, on her side, Heather laughs harshly... breathlessly. "I'm your distraction.." she wheezes. "How am I doing?"
    And that is when the others arrive, doing their thing. And Heather just mutters, "Bitch. Better a cheerleader than a fearful five member." she mutters as she shakily gets to her feet... wearing what is for all intents and purposes, a black skintight bikini now. At least the top. The leggings are full length. What? Comics code!

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Shimmer is really scary, Cassie has said this before. But... not so much for her physical prowess. So... a bat?

No, Cassie's really not too intimidated. No doubt, the lady's going to turn it into acid or something in a moment, but when it comes to close quarters combat, up close and personal with an angry Amazon with a grudge? She's not exactly fighting from her strong side, and Wonder Girl isn't going to give her the time. Already having the leverage on her with the lasso, the Amazon demonstrates what Amazon training means: she's more than a punchy brawler. Shimmer swings, but Cassie steps in while yanking hard from the lasso side to pull her off balance and -into- Cassie, and then brings her other arm up to block the swing: not at the bat, but just -past- it, at her wrist. The bony part of her arm hitting indestructible bracer has got to be painful. It's meant to be.

And yes, she knows Mammoth is going to be pissed off. The last time, she was fighting him, and Shimmer jumped her for the 2v1. So the reverse is more or less expected. Grappling with his sister, there's not much chance to dodge. So she turns into his charge, pivoting Shimmer like a human shield...

And then lights her (really, both of them) up like a christmas tree with the lightning of the gods. Charge that, buddy.

Gar Logan has posed:
There is a moment or two of hesitation, mainly as the swarm of Beast Bees coalesces near Nadia. "Distracting," they all speak in unison, before they all come together again and leave Gar whole once more, rubbing the side of his head. "What just happened?" he asks nobody in particular, but there's hardly any room for a time out while things are going on in the spacious cavern. At least there's enough light to work with. Each teammate is playing a part in this to return the favor of the ambush back on the Fearsome Five, but Mammoth in motion draws his attention.

"Oh, I'm not done with you," he says, and a big Beast Boy grin begins to grow.

Then, so does he, until the area suddenly has a gigantic green Tyrannosaurus Rex! But that's not all. His tail lashes out at some scaffolding nearby, causing it to collapse with a clatter that echoes in the chamber. Almost gingerly, those short and tiny arms grasp one of the metal bars - with a little struggle at first - and he grips it like a baseball bat.

What happens next? "Batter up!" he roars, swinging it at Mammoth after Cassie's probably stunned him, putting /everything/ into it. The only question is how far Mammoth will fly. "I am unstoppable!" He jumps around in place like he hit a walkoff grand slam, no doubt shaking the ground to some extent.

If only Ian Malcolm could have seen this.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
With the flaming Jinx down for the count, Nadia reaches down and offers Heather a hand up. "You okay?" She asks, before turning her attention towards the remaining villains.

In a flash she is off again disappearing from sight as she shrinks from view and zips off to rejoin the wasp swarms harassing shimmer and Psimon as their Queen and commanding general.

Her first target is shimmer as the wasps fly all around attempting to get a sting in anywhere they can on their targets. Nadia flies through the swarm, up and over then down before veering up at the last moment, a tiny wasp girl becoming a full sized wasp girl in the blink of an eye and delivering a rising uppercut underneath her chin worthy of street fighter!

Koriand'r has posed:
Starfire watches Jinx hit the deck and grins down at her, "Duplicate that, you big dumb... uh.." ... nothing. SHRUG... then she hears Heather throwing shade! "You tell them what is the what, girl!" Z-snapping in the air, wiggle necking, and then taking off into a bee-line (oh noooo) flight towards Shimmer that takes her beneath the lashing tail of the giant green Tyrannosaurus Gar! "You gee el why, you aint got no alibi! You ugly!" Cheerleader attack pattern: Shade!

The Tamaranean holds one hand out to, lands hard in front of Psimon, and throws both hands up in a big arc so her palms are pointed in his direction firing a pair of big ol ball of starbolt while he's distracted by BEES.

"YEAH! Waspette! You just did the Finishing her move! Except there is no removing of the head because this is the Super Nintendo version with no blood and gore! Very happy."

Kian has posed:
    Psimon is still conscious?  Kían finds that... annoying.
    He steps up the size of the detonation, and aims it a little closer.  Repeatedly.
    His blue glow comes out brightly; that doesn't matter.  Kían has other things on his mind.  Should Psimon contact his mind, he won't get the idea that Kían /wants/ to hurt him, but that the birdman genuinely doesn't /care/ if he happens to... or how badly.
    Another bright, sharp explosion, this time almost in Psimon's face.  Hopefully the blasphemer will have the good sense to stop being conscious very soon now.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
All the chaos behind her is in her mind if only because of the noise but the Silver Banshee is focusing on who or what she has found. She grins as Neutron comes out and she likely isn't doing anything to help his situation by that grin. "~Hello, dere.~" She smiles at him and then he raises his hands and she blinks at the incominga ttack. Glowing eyes go wide as she is hit by the blast and goes flying backwards about ten to fifteen feet, skidding on her feet and sliding backwards as she throws up her hands and tries to block it. Slowly, parts of her crack, break and peel away before the attack stops.

"~Ow...~" She growls out even as the blast subsides and she looks at her burnt and beaten body before standing up straighter and slowly she begins to knit back together, "~Dat was a new sensation.~" She says to the man in the suit and then suddenly she is on him, right in his face and attempting to grab his right arm with her left and his neck with her right, "~Ye hurt me and now I'm gonna return da favor...~"

THose in the main room can hear the massive scream that follows.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Shimmer is not ready to be yanked away and is dragged into Cassie and drops the bat as her wrist is slammed into. It is not her best day. It gets worse as she is shocked and used as a shield against her brother.

Unfortunately, Mammoth is unable to get to his sister, the rage and tears in his eyes growing as he sees her shocked. Sadly, he is unable to help her as he is slammed into by the makeshift bat and thrown fifteen feet back, then rising to his feet, but again focused on Cassie and Shimmer, running forward with the goal to try and yank his sister free.

Psimon is again swarmed, and constantly having to shift his shields to try and protect himself, but not enough to stop the uppercut and nova bolts that finds him on the floor. The bright light in his face causes him to scream in agony, but he reaches out with a small nova of psychic energy before he falls unconcious.

Dick loops around and begins heading over towards, calling out, "Stay focused, good work so far! If you can get Mammoth we can keep working our way through! Be careful with Neutron!" He slaps some cuffs on Psimon, and then chucks a bola at Mammmoth, causing the large man to trip, not fall, but slowing him enough to not get to Cassie quite yet.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara gives Gar a thumbs up and a happy grin as she sees him transform in to a t-rex and battery up against Mammoth. As he sails through the air and is clearly focused on his sister, she uses that to her advantage. She flies up to him and pulls him up off the ground, tossing him up.

Then there is a curved blur of blue and red as she swings around through the air with a super speed uppercut. Now she knows what he can take, she's not too worried about giving him a very strong punch. As Mammoth sails through the air he is knocked unconscious, then drops to the ground. Supergirl still hovering folds her arms and says, "I thought for sure he'd still be conscious. I was going to toss him your way Beast Boy."


Neutron's eyes are wide in terror and he grips back. He's strong, very strong.. but he can see her peeled back lips parting for another scream and he vanishes from her grip. The scream suddenly spreads a haze of radiation against the walls of the hallway. The stone bubbles as the radiation burns against it. It slithers and slides down the hall way to the far end and reforms at Neutron.

He looks at the collapsed emergency exit and punches the rock, "NO!." Turning back around to face Banshee again he says, "I'm the freaken' human bomb!." His head is shaking, in denial that this monstrosity would come for him. There's only one thing for it. He starts to glow as his body begins to heat up - he's taking himself critical! Any geiger counters in the area would pick up the sudden and intense uptick in radiation.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
So... Cassie knocks Shimmer out.

Whether it's the fact that she's being tasered for several seconds with divine lightning, or the fact that somewhere in there Cassie gives her a 'gentle' (by Amazon standards) bonk on the head to make sure, durability is really not her thing, and there's no way she's standing up to this. And Cassie has other things to worry about.

Mammoth looks like he's still coming, although he's perpetually slowed by her teamates: by Dinosaur baseball, Batbird gadgetry, and perhaps a few other things. Once Shimmer is out, she drops her in a slumped pile, and prepares to meet the big dude head on. They've done this before, and she's not shy of trying a rematch, even if he's proved to be a lot more capable of matching her strength than most. And...

He never makes it.

Queued up and ready in her super-pose, laso strung between her arms, she sets her stance, prepares to launch forward, and then there's a red and blue SWOOSH and down he goes. Womp womp. Still, Cassie doesn't look too disappointed. "Nice shot, Super G!"

Now she starts looking around to see what's /left./

Gar Logan has posed:
The T-Rex's celebration comes up a little short, just like his arms, when Mammoth...starts to get up and run again, injured or not. "Dude, that is such a buzzkill." The metal pipe from the scaffolding drops to the ground with a clatter.

Fortunately, he's being dealt with further and it lets him stomp around a little. Indeed, it is a matter of seeing what else needs to be done to decisively end this. There was that Neutron guy, and what in the world was that scream from the sleeping quarters?

Kian has posed:
    If anyone is watching, Kían relaxes visibly when Psimon finally goes down, and he takes a moment to take stock of the situation.  He hadn't really thought much about it beyond taking down the one who yanked him out of the air.
    That's when the surge in weak force emissions, in radiation, grabs his attention.
    Kían has been heard to complain about his powers, and that if he didn't have them, he would be safely at home, would have no idea what Earth is, just enjoying his life and his family and all.  That has to be admitted, and Kían would easily so admit if asked.
    Right now, though, he's very glad to be what one of the researchers at the Imperial University at Kyshán called a 'physics elemental'.  He feels his way towards the source and just... damps down the weak reaction in the area, slowing nuclear fission reactions.  They can't be completely stopped, of course, but they can be slowed to a harmless minimum.  It takes concentration, and it brings out his blue aura brightly... but this is something the birdman's can do.  If he can at all help it, there will be no boom today.
    At least not one caused by Neutron.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori would love to take advantage of this momentary break in action to give a word from the Titan sponsors.

Has you or anyone you know been affected by medical mesh?

Unfortunately, the break is momentary and the sponsors aren't real...

"Guys..." waving her hands at the bees, what aren't really bothering her where she hovers above a prone, now handcuffed, Psimon.. "Guys... I think he is going Nucle-sayen..." Pointing over at Neutron... "My skin is crawling!"

"Why did we not bring canaries?!"
FUN FACT: Canaries were used in mines to test the relative level of sulfar due to their less effective respiratory systems. If a canary were to die, then it would be getting dangerous for the miners.

The more you know!

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
The radiation pick up causes the Banshee to stumble back. She lets out a little wincing grumble as it hits her. She tenses and sinks down into a stance lightly. She glares at him with those glowing eyes. The heat and power of it does indeed start to burn at her even as her body tries to repair the damage. She starts stalking forwad through the radiation but then it starts to slow. The radiation isn't working as well as Kian uses his powers on the area.

"~The human bomb?~" She asks in her echoy dark voice, "~Seems you're failing to measure up to your words.~" And she starts stalking closer faster. Her glowing eyes glowing brighter even as she approaches, "~Tell me...~" She grins those teeth into a disconcerting smile, one hand reaching out for him as she moves through the weakening radiation, "~Do ye fear death?~"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Neutron tenses his body up and shuts his eyes tight as he starts to emit the radiation, getting ready to detonate... and then it goes away. He opens his eyes and says, "No... nono. That's impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!" His eyes can't look anywhere but Banshee and he starts to weep and drops to his knees, "Please. I'm begging you. I surrender. I'll go quietly!" He holds up his hands. "I don't want to diiiiie," he says with a sob.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The wasp army continues its onslaught, brave wasp warriors fight on stinging and poking and distracting here there and everywhere and Nadia zips out with them weaving sudden bursts of full sized Shrink-fu strikes in among their attacks before vanishing again, zipping around and hitting from another angle like a crazed queen wasp ninja leading her soldiers in battle.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing is worried as his HUD's Geiger counter goes up, but is relieved as it goes down due to the containment. He begins cuffing the unconscious enemies when he hears Neutron's surrender. With a grin, he calls out to Siobhan, "You get the honors, Silver Banshee," and chucks over a set of bat-cuffs to use on him, "Great work Kian, probably saved us a lot of trouble, there."

Dick surveys the field and says, "All right, let's get them hauled away before they recover, I'll need a couple of you to keep the site secured before we tear this place apart. But great work, everybody. I mean it." His tone betrays his pride in the Titans and their efforts. "But let's get them out of here before they all think they can tangle with us, again."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
She approaches darkly, her face contorting with pleasure at his fear but then he starts begging and whimpering and she starts to lose that smile. She then stands up straight and stares at him before shaking her head, "~Well, that's just sad...~" She shakes her head and then blinks as Dick throws cuffs at her. The cuffs hit her leg and fall to the floor before she looks up at Dick. There's a moment of glaring before she picks up the cuffs and puts them on Neutron.

"~Come along you wussy thing...~" She then drags him back toward the other villains, shaking her head and muttering something in Celtic about useless wimps ruining her fun.