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Practically Dickensian
Date of Scene: 25 September 2020
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Poor Billy.
Cast of Characters: Billy Batson, Douglas Ramsey

Billy Batson has posed:
Shazam realized early into his Shazam-hood the hard part of Speed of Mercury was not breaking windows from going too fast. He's still working on the speed aspect and wonders if Superman and his relatives had as much trouble developing it? He realizes he usually reacts with fast though human reflexes. He should be catching bullets. Fortunately having them flatten on his chest and such works fine.

Shazam drops down quietly into the huge grounds surrounding Xavier's School yadda yadda. He has a bouquet in one hand and stuffed animal in his other... now he just has to find Angelica without advertising his presence. He's caused her enough trouble already. Hmmm.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
There's nobody around really - just - some guy sitting on a stone bench with his knee up on it and his elbow on his knee, as he read a copy of 'Nicholas Nickleby' so old-looking it looks like it might've been signed by Dickens himself. Though the house a little bit like that 'Downton Abbey' place.

At the slight breeze, Doug glances up - not that people flying isn't de rigeur, but you never know - "Mmm?"

Billy Batson has posed:
Shazam holds the bear under one arm to free up a hand to dust himself off. The Shazams do not have the superhearing of some omni-powerful types. They do have fairly sharp senses. He looks around, lightning flashing around his eyes for a moment. "Who's there? I come in peace!" Billy starts cussing mildly to himself. Also, superheroes do not normally make such pronouncements holding bouquets and teddy bears. Not Superman, not Batman for sure!

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks up, and pretty much instantly assesses a couple of things. One, this guy's actually like sixteen. Two, apparently he's here to pitch some woo. But you can't just tell people that sort of stuff, it freaks them out.

"Well if you came for a fight--" His chin ticks to the stuffed animal and candy, "That's the most novel pitch for one I've ever seen. Can I help you?"

Billy Batson has posed:
Shazam frowns. Very hard to look tough with a bear under your arm and flowers in your hand. The lightning around his eyes flickers and builds then abates. He was going to do this as Billy but that is impossible now. "I came to see Angelica Jones. She hurt herself a few days ago. She's a friend. We're both from Queens." Good explanation, William.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug tilts his head, and then swings his legs off the bench. "Angelica Jones... I never met her. But I think she and the school made the call to send her back home, buddy." He rests his hands on the bench. "I'm not sure of all the details."

"Sorry, buddy. I - can see if maybe they can send her your gifts?"

Billy Batson has posed:
Shazam thinks about it a moment. The name is Shazam. I... no it's okay. She's wanted her space before. She's going through a lot, I'm sure. It's time I let her work it out. If she wants me, she can find me. I guess it's hard getting your powers, no matter how you come by them. If you do see her or hear from her tell her I said I wish her well and miss her... and I'll continue practicing my music."

Shoulders that held a bridge and a huge statue slump a little. The Stamina of Atlas has its limits. Atlas never loved. The Courage of Achilles fails, because Achilles loved too well. Shazam starts to float up slowly, as if exhausted. "I fought the Juggernaut, you know sir? But this is hard. There's no power to deal with this. I'd fight the Juggernaut again for her if she wanted but... she doesn't and she doesn't want me."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug considers that, and then he looks up. "Shazam, huh? Well Shazam, I'm Doug. Pretty boring name, huh? I'm quiet and I enjoy puzzles--" He gestures. "Sit for a second, you're making me crane my neck."

"There's something I realized about love - I'd like to say a long time ago but I'm, y'know, twenty -" He taps his book on his knee. "It doesn't need to be requited. I mean, it can be frustrating that it's not, but--" He thinks about how to put it. "The difference between love and desire in terms of human expression is that love can change its form to suit the circumstances. Do you know what I mean?"

Billy Batson has posed:
Shazam tilts forward till he's more or less on eye level with Doug and says, "Not a freaking clue. I know that you can't force a feeling. You can't make someone love you. this is still hard. I don't know if I was in love for what it's worth... we never kissed or anything like that. Uhm... I made a toga for her when her powers torched her dress. But that was... I really didn't look when I threw it on her. But I'll miss my friend, a lot. I keep losing friends to real life. I lost Fire, I lost Looker, now Angelica. I could just be myself for her... I'm not always like this. You know? Some people had... it caused problems. But, never with her."

"Anyway, thank you for the kind words, Doug," he says. With a whoosh he vanishes into the sky.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug blinks, as he watches the newcomer rise up into the sky and then fly away. He sits there, blinking slowly, and then he says, "I probably could've put that better," To himself, before he shakes his head. "Good luck, kid," He says to himself, "The rest of us can't figure it out either." He put his knee back up on the bench, and flips back to his page in the book.