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Date of Scene: 26 September 2020
Location: Sion - Nightclub
Synopsis: Spiral shows up in Betsy's nightclub. This time Betsy and a lighting technician are actually present. A lawyers card is exchanged, and then Betsy makes Spiral sound like she's awesome!
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Landry Lugar, Betsy Braddock

Spiral has posed:
Spiral doesn't know a lot about this Earth yet really, but one thing she does know, is that Sion is Betsy Braddock's club. She found that out pretty quickly. So it might be a bit of a surprise that for the second time in a week she is here.

There's a reasonable crowd, at least on the dance floor, and naturally that's where Spiral is. And she's not being subtle about it, all powder blue spandex and many arms. She's probably being given something of a wide berth, but she really doesn't give a damn want the extras think, and besides, it lets her play a little game.

She's dancing VERY well, with a few little side effects of her own, a faint magical glow around her. That would be the prudent energy shield she has cast. But the more fun part is that there's a purple light flashing over the dance floor, and a blue light, and she's making sure she's only ever in the blue one. And isn't afraid to teleport or bend time a bit to do it. So she's pirouetting and ... spiralling, with the occasional pop or sudden rush to stay in the blue.

It matches her suit.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar had finished his work on the manual light fixtures before the first of the crowd had shown up. Which was just as good for the aprehensive technician/secret hero. He had his Staff hoodie on, with the s a Treble Clef, and a backpack at his feet as he sat up in the control booth. He'd reprogramed things a bit, making the lighting a little more natural, blending between the colors to make them at times more vivid and others more subdued to go with the cool theme of the club.

"Looks solid now.... Though... I'm getting a shimmer on the dance floor... There's a glow there I'm not accounting for from the light grid. I'll go check it out, might be bleed through or a cut filter. Shouldn't take long." He gathered up his backpack, and headed back down to try to cut through the growing crowd of people with polite 'excuse me' and 'pardon me's.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock had left Lugar and his people to do the light programming. She's got other things she needs to do. But there's a ripple of apprehension in the minds of the patrons in the main area of the club. She rises from her desk and emerges out into the club proper, violet eyes scanning the scene.

It's the shimmering on the dance floor, and the way patrons move out of the way of the person jumping from light spot to light spot, that draws her eye. When she realizes just who it is that's putting on the show... She swears.

She moves toward the edge of the dancefloor, though she doesn't directly approach Spiral. It occurs to her that a) the alien could be there simply to taunt her, and b) there are a lot of innocents in the way. Innocents she needs to protect.

It also occurrs to her that starting a fight with Spiral in the middle of her own club when the club is supposed to be neutral ground and mutant friendly is -- *perhaps* -- not the best PR move. That's the only reason she stops.

Well, that, and she notices Lugar moving towards the same disturbance. She raises her hand and beckons him over to her, along with a subtle telepathic pulse that doesn't invade his mind, but simply encourages him to notice her in the midst of the crowd.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral is actually mostly lost in the dance when Betsy shows up - she does genuinely like dancing, after all, and it's quite easy when you're totally crazy thanks to being forced to see other dimensions at all times to become lost in the moment.

But eventually she does notice, and a huge smirk spreads across her face as she mostly faces Betsy, though still dancing - and still teleporting even - though she sticks to dancing in place rather than rushing around. "Elizabeth! You are here! Last time I must have missed you.".

A pause, and then the blue light moves nearer Psylocke. Spiral teleports to it, just out of arms reach. "Why so sad? The Time Dancer of Death in your dance club, good PR, no?". Spiral's in show business, the crowds of innocents - 'extras' - are not lost on her.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar hadn't quite looked up from his control pad he was carrying, but when he did, the telepathic impulse led his eyes to fall on Betsy out of happenstance. "Oh good, Ms. Braddock, I've found a bit of faulty light scatter, I'll have it fixed up in no time." He said as best he could through the dull roar of chit chat between the members of the crowd.

He glanced to his control unit, and then to the dance floor area, "Looks like it's just here..." He said, looking up, pointing forward, finally noticing the 6 armed dancing queen. "Oh. Ok. Yeah, that would explain it." He mused to himself.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Yes," Betsy says dryly to Lugar. "That explains it. Not your fault, Mr. Lugar." Her eyes never leave Spiral, even as she speaks to the lighting tech. "There's nothing you can do about... this." That last word is coloured with a definite sense of controlled hostility. Add her posh British accent to it and it's positively venomous.

"What are you doing here, Spiral?" she demands of the six-armed woman. "There is no scenario in which your turning up anywhere is good PR for anyone." Outside of Mojo's dimension, perhaps. "If you're looking for your former Luck Bender, he's not here."

Spiral has posed:
"What am I doing? What does it look like I'm doing. This is a dance club. I am dancing. You, meanwhile, have your sour face on. Luck Bender.". Spiral scowls, still dancing in spot.

The gold light that's working its way around the dance floor momentarily lights her up in silhouette at the perfect moment - glowing white eyes narrowed in brief but intense hate, and a more than slightly crazy grin just below. "His straight path better not intersect with my twisted on ever again.". If nothing else, she has a flair for drama.

The light passes on, and she looks a bit more normal again - as normal as a tall, six armed, spandex clad crazy person can anyway. "But no. Aside from dancing, I'm here to find you! This is your club after all.". Spiral finally notices Landry, and she dances over to him, off the dancefloor entirely now - though still dancing. "You got Shaggy from Scooby Do on the payroll now, Elizabeth? Is he a co star or just an extra?".

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar blinked for a moment as Spiral called him Shaggy, "I mean, I have been meaning to get my hair cut, but you know, busy lately." He looked her over curiously as she came closer, never having seen a 6 armed alien before. "I am the star... in my own show. Sadly it's only streamed on Youtube, and not sindicated."

Now that she was off the dance floor, he checked his board again, and now satisfied his work was good, he slipped it away into his backpack. "I'm sensing there's just a touch of tension here... How about I grab drinks so you two can talk it out. Might not be best here in the middle of the club." He mused, already heading to the bar.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Oh, it's likely enough the duo have already attracted attention, it's true. Betsy is loathe, however, to put any more of Spiral's focus on Lugar than she already have. She knows all too well that classifying him as an 'extra' makes him expendable. Classifying him as a 'star' makes him a target. It's a catch-22.

"Yes," she says, that tension never slipping. "It *is* my club. And you've found me in it." She glances to Lugar as the man makes a smart retreat. But she doesn't follow. "What do you want, Timedancer?"

Spiral has posed:
Spiral already has ideas about Lugar it seems, as she merely raises volume and talks to his back for a moment. "You know, I worked turning people into stars for... well, I don't know how long." she laughs. "I can probably do the same for you?" she offers, a bit hopefully. "But my new human friend Harley Quinn seems to want me to act more like I'm a human, so I'll have a blue drink.".

The volume goes back down a bit, and she nods at Psylocke. "Straight to the audition, I like that enthusiasm. Well... you smashed up my Shop. At least I assume it was you. Remember?". She blinks innocently. "I don't hold it against you, we're still friends, even though we fight sometimes. Luckily I was wearing my helmet.".

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar thought about being turned into a star, and then wondered even further if she meant like a celebrity, or a burning ball of gas in space. He had a laugh to himself that'd be probably be better at the later.

He made his way to the bar, and ordered a Blue Lagoon and a Purple Rain for the ladies, as well as a good stout coke for himself. He watched the pair from across the way as he waited on the drinks.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Elizabeth rolls her eyes, barking a quick laugh. "Yes, I've been giving that some thought," she says, fully expecting, now, that her club is in more danger than she first thought. She should probably look into a contract with an outfit like Damage Control. "I didn't bring that pile of bricks down on your head. Bad luck did." Which might put Jackson in the crosshairs. She'll have to speak to him about that. "You *were* in a rundown part of town, after all. And you were turning people into cold-blooded, mechanical killers. So... what's the hash-tag? #SorryNotSorry."

Spiral has posed:
"You are ruining my marketing." Spiral tells Elizabeth with a slight frown. "I was giving them what they wanted. People who wished the power to do harm to others, so badly they were prepared to come to a freak like me. They were less than human even before I started twisting.". She frowns a little, and shakes her head, one hand pointing to Lugar. "He'll never sign on to be managed by me now. Thanks." she says with comedy sourness.

"Well... I hate to tell you this, but the show wasn't cancelled after all. I found some more toys. Actually...". She leans forward slightly, conspiratorially. One hand twisting out a spell of protection behind her back, as she knows how Elizabeth is, even with the extras all around. "Someone GAVE me them." she admits. "Who would do such a thing!?".

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar picked up the drinks once they were made, and started walking back just as he was pointed at by 1/6th of Spirals hands. He raised a brow, wondering what that was about. As he closed in, he offered the conspicuously colored drinks to each of the ladies, "Playing nice?" He asked, making sure all was good, before taking a sip of his coke.

"Someone gave you toys?... I did read about that Toyman guy has been robbing places lately. Spider-Man and a sidekick stopped him. I saw it in the Times." His info was accurate, if unwanted and perhaps not even applicable.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I don't know," Psylocke growls through gritted teeth. "But, why don't you tell me so I can go teach them the *error* of their ways."

As Lugar returns, she eyes him. "*People* are toys to Spiral, Mr. Lugar. You would do well to remember that." There's that stiff crispness in her tone. Her British is on full display. "She likes to turn them into cold blooded killing machines."

And Betsy ought to know. She was one. To some degree... she still is. Killing comes far to easy to the X-Man.

For the moment, the drink is ignored. She'll likely have the charges for it reversed on his credit card, or added to her payment of his invoice.

Spiral has posed:
6/6ths of Spiral's hands generally means whatever she's pointing at is getting blasted or turned into baby, so probably for the best it was only one. She looks over at Shaggy, with what is presumably a scathing look, though its hard to tell when she has white glowing eyes with no iris. "Toy Man? Was he from Gotham City? They all have silly names like that there. He won't get the ratings with a name like that. I am Spiral, by the way, but Shiva or Time Dancer will do.". She reaches out one hand to take the blue drink, while offering another one For Landry to shake, one is behind her back weaving wards, and the other three seem kinda ready for if Betsy decides to just punch her in the face. "Elizabeth holds a grudge by the way. You should be nice to her.".

"But. She is so very eager. Seems like the audition is closed.". She manages to lift up one of her legs, going up on tiptoe, without falling over or spilling her drink, while one of her three spare hands goes to the pocket on her knee, and draws out a business card - which she holds out to Betsy. "There you go." she says, simply. It's a lawyers business card, with name and address on it.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar gave a shrug, "I don't know. He might be. Gotham is a silly place." He agreed, and took the hand, shaking, "I am Landry Lugar. Lighting Technician. A pleasure to meet you." He offered politely, and then stepped back as they discussed business. "I try to be nice to everyone. You never know who's going to secretly be a super hero or villian."

He offered a small smile, and stayed back and out of the way while they exchanged cards and looks. He knew when to be a wallflower.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
It's taking all of Psylocke's restraint *not* to try knocking Spiral's block off. But... there are civilians, still. And most of them have lost interest in the argument. Possibly due to a little bit of telepathic prompting. 'Nothing to see here. Move along...'

She takes the business card, an instance of surprise -- quickly replaced by suspicion -- on her English features. She glances down to the name automatically. Oh, for crying out loud. A lawyer? Seriously?

She glances briefly to Lugar, a brow arching faintly. "Do yourself a favour, Mr. Lugar. Decline Spiral's offer of help. You'll stay healthier longer."

Why, yes. Psylocke does, in fact, hold grudges. But always well-earned ones.

Spiral has posed:
"There's nothing all that secret about me," lies Spiral/Rita. "I conform in neither mind or body." - with a trace of sadness. "And I dance my own path, without the intrusion of bloated superiors with delusions of competence.".

She tilts her head, still mostly talking to Lugar, but eyes all on Betsy. "She may be a little biased after a game we played that's so long ago now, it is ancient history. I was even trying to help her. She looked so much prettier, if you can believe it. Lets be honest, when you think of beauty you don't generally think English, do you.". And she gives Betsy her best smirk.
"And I'm helping her right now. And... it looks like she's even going to take it. Betsy has star power, when it comes to finding truths, none are better." she assures Landry, while still not taking her eyes off of Betsy. She does sip her blue drink though.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar gave a nod to Betsy when she offered the advice, "Noted." Though he does continue watching Spiral as she spoke to him, "Funny how history has a tendancy to play out again and again though, no?" He did glance to Betsy at the mention of her beauty, keeping those thoughts to himself. Hopefully.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
To overhear thoughts of someone thinking she's beautiful is a daily occurance in Elizabeth Braddock's life. So, if she does hear Lugar's thoughts on the matter, it's likely they simply join the general wash of background noise that is typical of a telepath's waking existence. She does eye him briefly for his comment on history. "Perhaps. But I try to avoid it on a personal level." Sprial, however, can make that very difficult for her.

"I don't like you. I don't trust you. And I sure as hell don't want your 'help'," she growls at Spiral. "I want you gone." Permanently. But there are too many witnesses about to add that last part aloud.

No doubt Spiral gets the message, anyway. She might not care, but she still likely picks up on it.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral looks over at Landry suddenly with wide eyes, their glow perhaps intensifying a little. "Not funny at all." she says, stretching one hand out towards him so it's forefinger can repeatedly trace out a small circle in space in front of him.

And then she seems to finally actually talk directly to Betsy. "I think we are fated to dance together for some time yet.". She's a bit disappointed really, she's tried her utmost to get Betsy to punch her or something, and she's proven quite controlled. "You've not spiralled down into anger. It's almost like I don't know you any more.". She backs away a little though, back out onto the dance floor, and her dance - for she's never entirely stopped dancing - suddenly picks up speed. "Your club. Your rules!" she calls out, and then vanishes with a pop and a flash.

She even took the glass with her, the rotter.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding since she'd started tracing circles in his direction. "Always makes me nervous when other people start glowing..." He mused, and then glanced to Betsy, "Are you ok?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
As Spiral winks out, Betsy lets out with a string of expletives that are decidely unladylike and entirely unbefitting the noblewoman she was born to be. "I *hate* that woman," she growls, snatching the blue drink from Lugar, now, and downing almost all of it in one go. If there hadn't been so many people here and if she hadn't declared the club neutral ground, she'd have happily crossed swords with the Timedancer again. She's just lucky Spiral hasn't yet taken it into her head to 'fix' the woman she thinks she no longer knows and shove her back into Kwannon's form and personality. Because that wouldn't go very well for any of them in turn. But, then, that's just the way of the dance of destruction, isn't it?

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar gave a nod, "Yeah... But you hide it so well." He offered, and when the drink was gone, offered to take it back to the bar for her.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy snirks at that, though she does let him take the now empty glass from her. "Sure, I do." She doesn't really believe that. But she doesn't care, either. She wants Spiral to feel unwelcome here.

Nevertheless, she follows the lighting tech back to the bar, looking down at the card Spiral left with her. "Reggie Smith." She glances to Lugar. "Have you ever heard the name?" She's not sure she has. But that doesn't mean anything. She'll run it by Warren and, of course, Google.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar shook his head, "Doesn't ring a bell." He put the glass down, as well as his empty coke. "She trying to sue for damages? That doesn't seem to fit her... Maybe whoever gave her the 'toys' per her up to it?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy pins Lugar with a direct look. "Maybe. But here's what I know about Spiral: She's easily one of the most insane people you will ever meet." God forbid Spiral and the Joker ever team up. The chaos would be inimaginable. "She isn't from this Earth; she comes from an alternate reality that makes the absurditities of modern Hollywood look as straightlaced and wholesome as a Sunday Mass. She takes people and transforms them into killer cyborgs and mutated monsters for fun... and for 'ratings', like on tv. She's twisted, demented, and very, very powerful. When I say 'stay away from her', I'm really not kidding. There is nothing she does that doesn't have a reason behind it and nothing that says that reason has to make sense to anyone other than her."

Her violet eyes narrow and there's a wisp of magenta energy around her irises. "And I owe her." Just not in a favour-between-friends sort of way. Out-and-out vendetta is a better description.

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar locked eyes when she spilled the tea. "Oh wow... That's... Not a great place to be in. I try to stay away from villians... I've still not been paid by Cheetah for that boat gig..." He shook his head, "Bad for business, since more than likely you don't get paid if they bet locked away for whatever it is they're working on." He smiled a bit seeing the wisp of energy around her eyes, "You're doing the glowing thing too. You going to be ok? Maybe take the night off to go blow off some steam."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy inhales a deep breath, willing herself to calm down. The energy fades, but the metaphorical fire in her eyes doesn't. "I may do that," she concedes. "Sion is meant to be a place where mutants and metas can come and be themselves *and* where they can mix with regular humans without fear of harm on either side. People like Spiral are bad for business, but as long as she's not actually *starting* anything in here, I can't." A beat. "I won't."

"But that doesn't mean I have to like it."

Landry Lugar has posed:
Landry Lugar gave a nod, "It's hard some times doing the right thing. She's dangerous, but, she is a good dancer. Maybe make her part of the show if she comes back. Turn the tables on her, as it were. Super powered 'So you think you can dance' or something of the like?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy blinks at that. Then, she laughs. "My skills don't lend themselves well to a dance-off." she says. But, at least the tension has ratched down a notch or two as a result. "Besides, I'm pretty sure she could pull of at least three moves at once. And that would be cheating."

She straightens. "Thank you, Mr. Lugar, for your humour and your patience. The lighting really does look excellent, now. I think, though, I will take you up on your suggestion and... get away from here for a few hours." There are other villains she knows about that could use a good thrashing. It might help her work out some of her aggression. "If you choose to stay, your drinks are on me for the rest of the evening." She glances meaningfully at the barkeep when she says that. The woman nods.

Thus satisified, Betsy takes her leave of Lugar and returns to her office before heading out into the night.