3604/One for the War Two for the Craft

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One for the War Two for the Craft
Date of Scene: 28 September 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: BowMurderous is ready to take on Azorth, and Apirl and Casey set up his new pc.
Cast of Characters: Casey Jones, April O'Neil

Casey Jones has posed:
The sound of a heavy feet, as someone is out in the all way. A solid knock on the door, Casey is holding new four massive best buy bags, as he hits the door again. With a smaller between his teeth, as he is doing that don't drop the bag dance."APRESSSS......I'm......hereeee.....open........up....." His voice muffled from the bags; he went back to the store with a desire to get more, as he waits dressed in tight jeans, leather jacket, and a punk shirt from the early '00s.

He thinks on the idea of gaming, Donnie think it's smart, Leo said it was dumb, the receipt for the goodies in his back pocket, his eyes closing now as he sighs. His thought slowly, forming I wonder if this is a good idea, bro. But here he stands ready to show off, ain't no turning back now.

April O'Neil has posed:
April had been sitting on her sofa with her ipad in her lap and was working on some scheduling for the podcast. The evening news is on and she's watching a remote piece she'd done for Channel Six early this morning get replayed... when she hear sthe rustling and the voice. "Oh dear." She murmurs as she rises from her seat and pads across the floor of her apartment ot he door. He'll hear the locks snap open and then the door swing open.

"Oh my god, what have you gotten?" She asks, looking at the bags and offering to reach out and help take some of them from him. "Donnie was just here like an hour ago... Best Buy? Oh, he was right. Did you spend a fortune on computer stuff, Casey? You don't even like computers!"

Casey Jones has posed:
The bag in the mouth is a brand new headset, under his right arm is a gaming mouse and keyboard, and in the right is high tech laptop."I like video games; I like you, you like dis World of Wars. I wanna play it with ya, or whatever making an ork hunter named GrimeyShoot."

Moving past April to place the loot down on the table, as he spins on the heel of his right foot, as he bites his lip, trying to think of the right words."I wanna spend more time with ya, and last time I dragged ya to games and stuff, I figured I should do stuff ya like too. I mean, that is how ya do this right. Shared moments, in the passing river dat is the time river, or somethang, right?" He walks over to April, with a wide grin, as he leans forward to hug her one arm as his other comes up into the air."I asked Leo to help me learn to be more skilled at the hunting, and I ain't patrolling alone no more, and well....trying to be better ya know, like ya asked."

April O'Neil has posed:
April steps aside to let him bring the bags in and set them on the coffee table. She puts her hands on her hips for a moment, just watching, and then smirks at him and his words. "that's sweet." She says quietly at his desire to want to play with them.

She steps forward then to start to peer inside the bags. "I guess I can help you setup whatever it is you bought, and then get it all ready, if you'd like?" She assumes that's why he's here. She motions to the kitchen then.

"There's spaghetti in the fridge, if you wanna heat it up too." She then steps around the coffee table to peer inside one of the bags again. "I talked to Donnie about that too. Asked if he'd go on patrol with you as well. Thought it'd help you work an a 'team game' kinda approach to that stuff."

Casey Jones has posed:
"I try, I trys to be sweet ya know." Casey grins at her for a moment, as he starts to look down at all those boxes, as he shakes his head."Nah, I grabbed a slice on the way to best buy, three of em new pizza place. Not as good, but not bad."

Casey nods slowly, as he bites his lower lip, that look of confusion on his eyes, as he pokes a box with the mouse."It lights up, dat's neat and stuff. But, like why this not a normal one. Guy, said for this game, I need it." His eyes are moving over each box, wireless headset, gaming razor mouse, razer keyboard, and an amazing gaming laptop as he rubs the back of his neck.

"Dis modern gaming stuff, aint' cheap Apes, and yeah sounds good. I went out last night with Kai and ran into Alopex it was fun, saved the day dude robbed, old man Johnson and then we played Mario kart, and then old timer wanted me at the hospital. He is doing good; I brought him home last night, had to feed that doggies of his while he was in the hospital."

April O'Neil has posed:
April starts to sit down on the edge of her sofa and pull items out of the bags. "Jesus christ, Casey, this is some top of the line stuff." She glances up at him. "PC gamers are like... auto-heads. They treat their stuff like people treat their cars. So yeah, it's an expensive hobby to get in to..."

She starts to make a pile on the sofa beside her. "We'll want to get the laptop setup first, get it updated and get its drivers all ready for this..." She glance sover at the mouse and keyboard. "Remember not to drink stuff around these things, that isn't like... doesn't have a lid on it. Or you can just ruin it all with one dumb mistake."

As she starts to sort, she looks up and over at him. "I'm glad you're interacting with the Turtles more too, they need your influence as much as we need theirs. It helps them feel connected to everything up here, ya know?"

"I'm sorry about Mister Johnson, I should stop by and see him, I guess. His dog just... scares the hell out of me."

Casey Jones has posed:
"I asked for something that could do like, wonders at this game. I ain't wanna not be up to snuff and stuff, but yeah, I enjoyed the little I played on Donnie's. So yeah, I mean whatcha play Apes?" Casey nods as he watches her, unpack it all with a grin, as he speaks softly."Did I tell ya I got cows and chickens for the farm, going to do that for a bit and in and out of the city as needed? Hired, some farmhands to watch it when I ain't there, but going to do it when I'm der."

Casey walks over to grab a glass from the cabinet, as he fills the water it with water to take a long sip of it, as he starts to moans softly at the enjoyment of the liquid."I mean, yeah, I like the bros man, the turtles are good peeps. I enjoy spending time with em."

"I mean, his grand kiddo is watching the arcade, and yeah he is going to be fine, and those guys are fine too......" Casey stops as he thinks for a moment, as he shakes his head."Whole city is going to hell, and I need to fight back right, no more solo, no more rage Apes."

April O'Neil has posed:
April ges the laptop out of its box and unwrapped, on her lap and plugged in to the outlet extension beside the sofa. She then leans back on her sofa and is starting the computer up before she pauses and looks up, then over at Casey.

"You hired farm hands?" She asks him. "Where'd you get the money to do that--- Wait, nevermind, I don't wanna know." She states with a laugh to follow and her eyes back down to the laptop. "Between your new gaming setup, and that, I'm worried to know ehre this cash flow is coming from, Case."

April smirks softly while her eyes are on the computer. "WoW is like almost twenty years old, your computer here is a bit of an overkill for it, admittedly. But yeah, you can branch out and try other stuff if you want too. I bet you'd enjoy Call of Duty's battle royale game. I had one of the devs of that on my podcast about a month ago, in fact..."

As she works o the laptop she bites down lightly on her bottom lip, whilst in thought!

Casey Jones has posed:
"Nah, I make decent money when I actually work the garage, aint' nothing fancy, been saving. My cuz wanted me to do that Call of Duty thang, so he chipped in a Lil, bit for it ad shit. Been, fixing like mad so, the farmhands are doing it for eggs and beef, and milk. Ain't paying in cash, and they wanna eat off the land. I guess it's normal up there or somethang. Offering, to fix stuff for em tractors, household chores ya know, good old bartering." Casey nods slowly, as his eyes watching April working on it all like it's magic, as he walks over now to sip his water as he sighs softly.

"All I do with my money before is drink, and watch games, and bills. Always had a bit more saved up, aint' needing to save it for nada. But, yeah doing this togther, sounds fun how often ya play?"

April O'Neil has posed:
April gets the laptop through it's initial setup process, putting in all Casey's information-- as she knows it all by memory anyway --and starts to load up a web browser to DL the stuff he'll need. "this is gonna tkae away... new computers, ugh." She mutterse.

She sweeps her gaze over to him then and smiles softly. "I'd be happy to mention your auto shop on the podcast too, sort've plug your business for free. It's not what you know, after all, right?" She asks him, showing him a light grin.

"How far away is the farm? My parents place in Mass is a good eight hour drive..." She starts to open up the box for the gaming mouse then. "You need these kind of mice with all the buttons because of all the skills you have to use in the game. It's important to be able to assign them to all the buttons on the---" She gets the mouse out of the box and is instantly distracted. "Ooo, that's pretty..." She says as she turns it over in her hand.

april then chimes up. "Oh, and we try to play once a week. Usually Sundays, since's thats one of my slower evenings. But sometimes in the mid week too. It just depends. We message each other on Discord... which, I'll put on here for you too." She adds that to her mental list of things to install.

Casey Jones has posed:
"Take ya time wanna get it right, not have to do it again and stuff. Like good auto work do it once right, or plumbing, or anythang worth doing Apes." As he thinks for a moment, Casey nods as his hand rubs along the back of his neck as he cracks his neck with a quick motion of side to side. He walks over to the sofa, sitting down, wrapping his arm around her waist."I missed this Apes; I'm glad we are doing better."

"Yeah that would be cool and stuff. Going to be opening it, Monday ta Friday and weekends out at the farm, for now, it's like a 5-hour drive, only there on the weekends. Uncle had this deal for the animals before me, made it when he passed away."

"Local been keeping me plenty, busy and stuff. I'm cheap and do it right, and they tip me too; it's been a good week down there. Donnie helped me a bit too, that was fun." With a content sigh, enjoying this moment of quiet as he grins at April.

"Okay, cool Discord.....whats dat?" Casey grins at her, with that boyish confused smile, as he leans into her to look down at the computer, as he towers over April.

April O'Neil has posed:
April reaches to the coffee table to grab her black framed glasses off of it, they helped her read computer screens. When she leans back is when he sits on the sofa with her and side hugs her. She smiles over at him then, pleasantly happy. "I'm glad you're feeling better too. You feel a bit more relaxed, so that's good." Of course she knwos that they've had a number of fights since they've known each other for the past year, but she's still always cared for him through it all.

"So it's a bit closer than my parent's place. That's good to know." She says of this farm.

She laughs lightly at the Discord part, then shakes her head. "It's an app that lets you gather online with your friends, you can type messages together as a group, or privately, or on your fancy headset there, voice chat helps in video games like WoW. You'll figure it out, it'll take a bit of time but you'll pick it up." She hopes anyway.

"Okay, so open up the keyboard and unwrap it if you would..." She says as she uncoils the mouse's cord and plugs it in to the side of the laptop.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey unwraps the keyboard slowly, looking at it as he grins at all the settings."It lights up like the mouse, so cool!" His voice is like a kid in a candy store, as he starts to plug it in, as he sighs happily.

Casey, was not use to this sort of stuff, but he was willing to learn. It was a bit, but he would get it, as he snuggles with April on the couch, as he grins watching and nodding. Some of it is going over his head, but he needs to learn new thangs otherwise. Some things had to be covered a few times, but by the end of the night, he was level 15, ready to head off into the world of Azorth, as the champion hunter know to the world as BowMurderous.