3610/Long time acoming

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Long time acoming
Date of Scene: 28 September 2020
Location: Remy's Room
Synopsis: A gift, with a promise for future fancy dances.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The sun is coming up high in the sky, as Remi is letting himself in through the window, as he looks around, rolling forward as he lands on the floor with a loud thump."Dat did not feel so good." With a little moan of displeasure, his hand is rubbing along his backside as he rises to his feet, his other hand is brushing off dust as he grins slowly. At his side, is a little pouch black velvet, as his fingers tracing it slowly."But, in the end, it worth it for you mi little prize."

With that he walks of the desk to set it down, as his fingers fishes into that coat, seeking his phone as he finds it slowly. Spinning it around his fingers as he grins like the cat that found out the canary had a sister in the trap.<TXT Mi Cherie: Come by my room, I got a little thang for ya.> The phone is placed down on the side of the table next to the bag, as he walks off to get a shower, it had been a long night, but soon it would all be worth it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten the text while walking through the hallway downstairs, having left the kitchen after having a bagel with cream chese on it for breakfast. She's holding a metal thermos in her right hand and looking at her phone to read the text when it comes through. Young students rushing to class breeze past Rogue on the way, sending her white and brown hair flowing back over her shoulders. Wearing a black and white checkered plaid shirt, tied off over a green tanktop with blue jeans and a pair of leather boots, Rogue has a pair of black elbow length gloves on, her plaid button down shirt's sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

She smirks at the text from Remy and starts in that direction...

Knock knock, to his door, then the handle twists and Rogue steps inside, leaning against the door's frame on her left shoulder, she takes a sip from her drink. "You raaaang?" She asks with a soft smile.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Time and style, both are about the right time in the right place; Remmy is lying in bed now, hands behind his head, as he watches the door open. Looking too cool for school, his red eyes moving towards the door, as he waves at the arriving girl."Hello, Mi Cheré." His tone so cool and casual, as he grins at her.

The pouch is right next to the bed now on the nightstand, as his hand waves towards it dismissive."Der is a small something, in there for you." His voice is blase as he sighs softly, his right hand reaching into the other table to pull out a pack of cloves. Picking one out slowly, spinning it around his fingers as he places it in his mouth, as he reaches for a match, lighting it using his powers. That black smoke curls upwards towards the ceiling, as he watches her now."Open. It might curl them lips."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes are on the man laying on the bed of his room. She smirks at his words and then sweeps her gaze over to the bag o nthe nightstand. She leans off of the door frame and starts to walk across the room on her heeled leather boots until she reaches the nightstand with th epouch upon it. Setting her silver lidded cup down, she reaches for the pouch, then turns around to sit down on th eedge of his bed beside him. It only takes her a second to draw the pouch open and dip her finger sin to draw out the rather impressive looking bit of neckwear...

"Wow." Rogue says quietly, holding it in her black gloved palm, she lets the pendant lay face up while she drapes the ornamental necklace over her fingers.

"This... looks..." She pauses and looks over at him. "Like it was expensive, and you're wearin' the same clothes ya had on last night. Where'd you go all night?' She asks him, clearly wondering where he GOT this thing from.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Man never kisses or tells, or shops with intent to share Mi Cherie, have you not learned." Remy leaps to his feet shirtless as he moves towards her slowly, like a cat circling its prey. With each step, a twirl of his body as he moves around her, with a little chuckle."Mi, Petie, try it on, it is to honor our home, remind us of that first meeting, running and fun, flirting, never thought it would lead us here."

Remy slides his hand forward, the necklace is gone with a quick twinkle of mischief in those red eyes."Like normal, you took too long, and that chance has flown." With that, the silver necklace is attached to the back of her neck, the large fleur de lis is hanging their black onyx, as his hand brushes along her gloved hands."Good thang, Remi is quick-handed, as well as witted."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, seated on Remy's bed, just smirks at his silly behavior. "You're in a good mood." She tells him. "Which means you either are still tipsy from wahtever drinks you had last night, or you got this from a big score." She states as he takes it from her and slips it around her neck with those fast hands of his.

Rogue looks down at it as it drapes down her neck and upper chest then. She raises her left hand to touch the cool metal with her gloved fingertips. "It's very pretty. I hope there's no someone out there who is gonna attack me if they see me wearin' it in public." She states with a smirk over at him.

Rogue stands up from the bed then and walks over to the mirror in his room. She looks at herself with the fancy necklace on. "Would look great with a nice drice, and a fancy party though, huh?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Can't a man get a present for his Mi Pettie. Without being under that microscope." Remy laughs softly, as he looks down at Rogue, with a charming boyish smile, as his hand traces her check hidden inside of that dark leather glove. "But, maybe you no wear it outside for a few weeks; it might be for best. Keep it on grounds. Yes?"

Remy flops down on the bed as he looks over at Rogue as he grins at her for a moment, as he exhales the smoke into the air."Nice Dress, yes, and a good party, it sounds very good. We shall do that once the time is up on the safety." That cigarette lights up quick, fading into the air, as he flicks his fingers as he leans forward, running his hand is along the middle of her dress, as he leans forward slowly to whisper into her ear."Do you like da gift?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stares in the mirror for a moment longer, seeing him collapse on the bed behind her. When he asks her if she likes it, she turns around then and walks back toward him. "Of course I do." She says back at him. "It's beautiful, and sweet'a you t'think about gettin' me stuff. Shows ya think about me, which... well, I don't know if you know this or not, but us girls like it when the guys we like are thinkin' about us." She flashes him a grin then before she sits down beside him once more on the bed.

"Gotta tell ya somethin' though." She says, holding up her phone and drawing up a text message. She shows it to him then. It's from Janet Van Dyne. "I'm bein' offered an interview with the Avengers. Seems like someone with them noticed me out there... flexin' my hero'n skills. Looks like it might be an offer t'join up with'em, if they like what they see in me."

She glances down at the necklace again. "This is why I grilled ya on where this came from." She says, her eyes going back up to his.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Yeah, for dat I would leave it here, it might be a bad look." Remy's shoulder roll in a manner, suggesting you are might be right."I know, if they see like I did, they will have to have you. Better, keep all those muscle men at bay, or I will have to show dem some card tricks for touching Mi Cherie. We both know that is a no no...I no wish to run the avengers, but if beat em, I would have to."

With a little laughter, his hand is coming up to hold the phone steady to read the message as he pops up once more filled with pride."Ya come long ways, Mi Cherie, I'm proud of you. Now, it's big leagues for you, still make time for us little guys? The necklace is from a man that not so good; he was selling mutants into a circus and other such places. He is not in business no more, so win-win. But, still till my hand touch it was his, now it's mine, now it's yours. So do as ya will."

Another soft little chuckle, as his hand brushes along Rogue's face softly behind those leather gloves, as his eyes are on hers."I saw it, and I just needed to bring it to you. On my mind always, even in danger."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up at him and offers him a light smile. "I appreciate the honesty on the subject." She says, when he tells her some bits about the origin of the necklace. She lets him read the phone texts from Janet too before she lowers it down to her lap. "I don't know when the interview is, and I don't know how much time it'll take up if I even agree to whatever it is they're after. Hell, maybe they just wanna tell me t'stop doin' what I've been doin' too. Maybe I've been doin' a bad job, ya know?" She smirks once more before putting her hands atop her lap where she's seated beside him.

"I'm sure I'll find time for ya, is the moral'a the story." She says with a teasing grin for the cajun man beside her whilst he touchesher with a gloved hand.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
That Cajun listens now, as he nods slowly as his lips curl into a soft little smile, as his head nods in the right spots."How, could they not want a true hero on der team, Mi Pettie, they would be honored for you even consider dem, you are on your way to more fun, adventurous, and I will listen to each tale."

Another one of those light chuckles, as he leans forward-looking into her eyes with a wink, as his nice words dance out with that thick accent."So, as they say you gots dis, I knows ya do." With that, he flicks his right hand slowly, bringing out the queen of hearts, as he grins softly."As you captured my heart, Mi Cherie, you do the same for the avengers, for your beauty, and your skill shines."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches him sit up and play his cards just right, so to speak. Which makes her glance at the queen of hearts that he produces out of seemingly know where. She then looks back in to his red eyes, just smiling for him. "That's right." She quietly says. "I ain't so much worried, as I am ... anxious? But still, if they're not lookin' t'bring me in, least I'm on their radar, right? I bet Carol has somethin' t'do with it too. She'n I have gotten over our troubles, lately, and seem t'be on good terms with each other now."

Rogue leans toward him then and keeps her face close, but away enough not to touch, since she's so dangerous! "I'll tell ya everythin' though, Mystery Man." She says back at him in a teasing tone of voice. She glances him over then before sitting back a bit to be safe. "Ya gonna be passin' out now, since ya were apparently out all night pilferin' jewelry from bad bad men?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat depends is there something worth staying up for, something worth burning dat candle from both ends." Remy leans in slowly so close, almost touching with that smile, that sparkle of mischief in his eyes, his hand is resting on the middle of her back, his lips pursed in a kiss. But, his emotions getting the better of him, but the logical side stops him in mid-motion."Tempting, as always, my little Mi Pettie, one dawn desire will burn, and we will truly test the power of love."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just watches him lean in toward her and get all up close and personal. She has a reserved smile spread over her lips. Her eyes are surrounded by dark eyeliner, which makes her green pupils pop more. She keeps her stare upon him as he does his flirty little speech, and then she raises her own right hand up to put it over his lips before she leans forward to kiss the back of her fingers. When she pulls back, she moves to stand up then. "I gotta drive some'a the kids in to town for errands and appointments t'day." She says. "Then I got work in the afternoon, but... I'd be happy t'do somethin' with ya t'night, if'n you don't already have plans? Mistah Mystery." She grins at him then as she reaches up to take the necklace off for now. "We gotta find an appropriate time'n place for this bauble too. Not t'mention a fancy dress. Haven't been in a fancy dress in a long, long time."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, then it is pass out time, and then maybe lunch, and then some light dinner, then ya and me Cherie." Remy grins at her as she is kissing her gloved hand, the other side are his lips, as he swoops back now with a flourish and a bow."But, then the magic happens; enjoy your busy day, for your night will be loving and soft. For, dat is what we need to wind down, No?"

Remy is moving towards the closet, as he opens it, a purple tux is hanging there, with a red silk tie, his own present from the raid."Like dat suit, it is for our big date, but we talk of that later, time to chase the sheep, and the chickens." With that, he is lying down in the bed; it is not long before he is asleep.