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Can't fix crazy
Date of Scene: 30 September 2020
Location: Casey's Garage
Synopsis: Fixing the queen of clown's car. Casey and Harley.
Cast of Characters: Casey Jones, Harley Quinn

Casey Jones has posed:
The Garage is not far from April's. It is smaller than most of the others around the city, 4 bays. Casey is working on a car up on the lift as he is blasting The Dark Side Of The Moon.

The car is a classic,1975 MGB. His eyes locked on to it, deep in thought, his right hand rubbed over his chin slowly, as his teeth found his lower lip. He appears to be stumped but only for a moment as he lowers it down, popping the hood.

As he peers at the engine, as Money blasts out of his speaker, with the record player in the corner, as he starts to tap his foot. His hand is gloved in a black leather glove, moving around seeking, it something as he grins down at it."Gotcha, now darling. Ya, gonna purr, and I'm get paid."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley has been on and off in Gotham..., tying loose ends, making a few amends here and there and ...., retrieving her old wheels.. Granted, it wasn't exactly hers, more like used in tandem with Joker for various nefarious deeds. But now it's hers buuuuuttttttt.. "YA LOUSY PIECE A' JUNK.." she shouts loudly while driving towards Casey's garage, the sound of the failing engine heard well before it comes to screeching stop near the entrance...

"Ya haven't even trampled ovah people in two yeahs oh moouh..!" Harley's voice is unmistakable, stepping out of the car and slamming the door close. It's a classic, a Jaguar XJS convertible, yellow colored, bumpers a bit rusty or ..., maybe it's very old dried blood? Some questions one shouldn't ask..

Harley delivers a good quick on a wheel for good measure and that looks around and up. "Ahah, hope I am in da right place!" she starts making her way in. "Hey, Crazy Casey, ya heah?!" She asks.

Casey Jones has posed:
The sound of a new arrival, has Casey turning down the music, as he listens as that engine roars to life, as he lowers it down on the lift, with a little chuckle."Gotcha!" That voice he knows it, that is calling, as it hits him like a sledgehammer. He runs towards the door, opening it slowly, seeing the car, seeing Harley with a grin."Hiya, again Harley. Whatcha got der?"

Casey moves forward with an excitement as he looks over at the classic car with a grin, as he shakes his head."I aint' gonna ask where it came from; it's like homerun cool."

Casey knows that look of a car owner, not pleased, and it's his like bread and butter and stuff, as he moves forward quickly his eyes moving over the car."Need, it fixed up, and I do friends and family for parts only, aint' gonna charge ya like for labor." His hand is pushing the button to open one of the rusted doors, as it starts it move upwards with a loud squeaky sound."We got to push it, or it starts enough to drive in?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It ain't stolen! Or well, sorta..." Harley taps on her lips thoughtfully with her fingertips, "Used it in Gotham with my ex." she explains, "But now it was just gainin' rust and so, might as well use it!" but then she seems to get mad again and delivers another kick on the front wheel. "If it wasn't breakin' up EVERY time!"

"I dunno, sometimes it just doesn't go, others it does.. I tell ya, these cars awhe just soooo temperamental and shit." She ambles back over to the car. "And cool that ya don't charge too much, I ain't got much money left aftah my last bounty huntin', so I will shamelessly accept that."

She slides over the door and tries to get the car to start. It doesn't of course. "Nope, gonna have ta push it in."

Casey Jones has posed:
"Bounty hunting, dat is fun work, I bet. Tell me a story, while we push dis, and get it fixes up for ya." Casey reaches in to check a few things, as he leans back out of the bar. Moving to the back, shoving it slowly, with his body trying to get it to roll forward, as he pushes it into the bay, as he grins back at Harley."Ya ex, dat's that crazy clown, right?"

Casey reaches over to pop the hood, as he looks down at the engine for a moment, as he chews on his bottom lip, as his eyes close now. It's a listen best way for dem cars, like this his old man always said, as he speaks towards the woman."Start it up, I'm listen and than we gonna get it working, my pops' always said it's like a good music, listen and feel den move."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley flips elegantly over the seat and up to her feet in quite the impressive move of gymnastics, helping in pushing the car into the bay. "Yea, yea.. Jokah.." saying the name is enough to bring a rather moody expression to her face, sour and clearly not happy about those memories. A quick sigh comes afterwards, "Well, I could tell ya that my pahdnah is an angel, but ya might not believe me." shoulders rising in a shrug. "But we got ouuh first slip a couple o' weeks ago. Some lady who had an ahmouuh which could make her legs real big. So we made her slip with some motoh oil and I hit her in the face with my bat."

She makes her way around to the other side of the enging when Casey pops the hood, leaning forward and resting her elbows on the edge. "What about ya? Any fun stuff been goin' on?"

She is just about to go poking on the engine with her finger when the call to get it started comes. Fine enough! She moves to the driver's seat and tests the key. Some sputter, a gag from the engine... It's being hard to get it running!

Casey Jones has posed:
Listens to the story, as his hand is sliding along the side of the car, as he thinks for a moment."That sounds like an odd lady, indeed, Harly. Bats make good weapons, yeah, I used one to defend myself a few times."Leaving off all the other sport items, aint' needing to share dat.

Casey listens his eyes closed as he chuckles softly, his hand is running along the engine block in that leather glove, as he nods slowly."I see, sounds fun.....aint' nothing been going on Harley. I'm a simple man, I fix stuff, cars, sinks, pipes, ain't nothing but dat, and I own a farm I guess, so maybe dat is exciting, not like I been up der much."

As he grins softly with a shake of his head, as he looks down at the engine."Shit, it sounds like it might be the block, I think I might got one in a junker, so we can do dat, and maybe change a few of dem." His hand is pointing to parts, not explaining it's his job to fix not to explain, as his eyes open now with a nodding of his head."If, I gots dat parts, maybe done in like 2 hours or so, going to be a fun one."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yea, guess ya takin' one off April's book too. She always tells me her life ain't too excitin', but I know betta!" Harley tapping on her nose as if she could smell it. "Theah's somethin' goin' on and I know it, and considerin' those friends she got that love pizza.. WELL!" she huffs. And ..., did she mean the turtles!?

"But I am on to ya. I know ya got yoh secrets, everyone does." She pointing a finger at the man before continuing to test the car. "Lousy piece a' woik!" she says to the Jaguar.

"The block?" She quirks a brow. "I mean, ya talkin' chinese ta me right now, but if that's what yoh sayin' is goin' on that's cool." she gets out of the driver's seat again. "You know, I was expectin' some kinda nude girls on calendars ovah heah." she says. "Ain't it what's seen on these garages? But in yoh case they'd all be featurin' the month of April!" ahah. So funny....

Casey Jones has posed:
"Nah, I respect dem girls and stuff, too many assholes fucking don't and shit. But, yeah dem calendars are for losers, pizza is good, yeah." Casey trying to move past the secrets, aint' not reason to even hear it yup yup. He is moving to the back of the shop, opening the door, as he motions for her Harley to come with him, into the dead car, bit in the back."People sell me junkers, and I scrap em and use em, or sell parts."

As he is picking through, the cars seeing one that is almost perfectly like the car of Harley's as he moves for it as he looks over it, examing it, with a chuckle."Dis one had bad other stuff, ain't gonna get all technical, the block should be as good."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Woah, ya just got supah evasive all o' a sudden." Harley replies to Casey as if she really wasn't convinced of it at all. But she shrugs soon enough, "And I suppose pizza is good, as long as it ain't got pineapple. Unnatural thing that is.." she murmurs. She follows Casey to the back to check on the dead car.

"So this is like goin' through the dead and stealin' off theah shit. Uff, talk about bein' a car necromancer.." and of course that she starts poking around the car. Not that she knows much of what she is doing. She can drive a car like noone's business, but repairing them? NOPE!

"I suppose I can help in gettin' that block ovah oh somethin'"

Casey Jones has posed:
"I gots it, just move back." Casey flips open the hood as he looks down at the engine block, as he examines it checking it slowly, as he grins slowly. He walks over to grab a shopping cart, as he rolls it over on those squeaky wheels."Watch out; dis is going to be dusty."

Reaching into it, Casey hoist it up using his full powerful body, moving it to set it down into the cart with a grunt of pain; it is not a light thing. As he rolls it back inside, as he starts to roll it, one of the wheels wobbling from the weight about to break, but he is able to get it inside, as he grins back at Harley."If ya wanna help, we are going to need to place dis just right inside, of ya wanna help me get the other out, after I get it all ready."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yoh the boss, boss." Harley replies when the man refuses her help. It only makes her grin wickedly though. "Always fine with seein' a guy woikin' it out with an engine." a loud laugh then escaping her lips. She does take a step back at the warning that it will be dusty, hands resting behind her and she hobbling back and forth on her heels.

"That looks sohta heavy though.." She notes. "But anyway, you want help in gettin' it in and out. I see how it is." she also got a bit of a filthy mind apparently. But that's not a surprise to anyone.

"I am good foh that." She flexes her arms as if showing her 'guns'. They really aren't that impressive. "I am a lot strongah than I look." she begins walking back to her car along with the necro'ed block.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey starts to move back over to grab his tools, as he moves towards the workbench, as he starts to move over now. His hand is starting to work slowly, making sure it's done right."Nice guns, let's gettem to work darling."

Casey starts to unhook stuff slowly, his hand is removing the wires, as he starts to lift the engine block, as he looks over at Harley."Now, let's put dis on the bench."

"So, whatcha think I got secrets for ya, know I mean why?" His eyes watching Harley as he is waiting for her to come over, to help him.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Suwah." Harley replies about it being time to put the block on the bench. She does slip out of her jacket, tossing it over to the driver's seat to go and help. "Everyone's got 'em secrets." she replies with a brief shrug. "Oh maybe just makin' suwah you don't pull one on April as it were." she steps opposite to Casey, eyeing the block and then reaching down with her hands to pull it out.. And whatever she's got under those muscles.., almost unnatural considering the way she helps and doesn't seem to break a sweat yet.

"But moouh than that, foh her to have asked ya ta stop doin' somethin' that ain't drugs... Well, theah's a few I can imagine. But ya don't seem the cheatin' type, nor an alcoholic, not on drugs eitha.. So I know theah's somethin'"

Casey Jones has posed:
"I drink my troubles away for a long time Harley, just quit dat shit, but yeah I was doing dumb shit." Casey sighs softly, as he sets the new block in as he starts to hook it up, as he thinks for a moment."I was crimefighting, if ya have to know and shit. Wearing a hockey mask and beating fuckers with baseball bats and golf clubs and shit, but dat is in the past, Apes asked me to like stop."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"A hockey mask?" Harley quirks her expression to one of surprise, nose wrinkling some. "Like that friday 13th guy that slashes theah victims and nevah dies? That's sohta creepy..." because dressing as an harlequin or a clown isn't. "I mean, I am all foh beatin' fuckas with baseball bats though. I used golf clubs in the past, but they are sohta posh. And the weight ain't right. So if ya don't swing it well you just won't hit 'em too good. Baseball bats is wheah it's at." yes, apparently she has a phd on Bat-Swinging too.

"Why did she ask ya ta stop?" She then inquires, helping on getting the block out and over to a table to get worked on.

Casey Jones has posed:
"Cause, I got a little too passionate." Casey nods slowly, his hand sliding along the back of his head, as he starts to hook it up, his focus on that as he thinks for a moment, as his teeth bite his lower lip."But ya, almost killed someone, and dat was bad. He was not a baddie, just seemed like it alot."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Everyone can get a lil passionate sometimes.. I mean, ya seen how this woahld is right now?!" Harley lifting her hands up in the air in vague protest, "Just gotta find the right thing ta get passionate about. But so, yoh didn't even get ta kill 'em?" she nods. "It's good." her voice a touch more saner now as she speaks, "Killin' is a road very hard to come back from." yes, she is speaking from experience.

"And how successful have ya been on not gettin' that mask and bat swingin'?" She then asks, a brow shooting up and she folding her arms together, all ready to watch the man get to work.

Casey Jones has posed:
"I aint' done it once, on my own and been flying her rules and stuff. Saved someone last night, I'm doing better. I go to the farm, when the nosie is too much making, me all crazy. I ain't got much time with Apes' sadly since, I started to be good. But we are like playing that game toghter, WoW, or whatever it's called. It's fun."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Wow? Huh, okay.." Harley replies, "Not too much mah thing, I can get a bit woiked up when playin with othas." except Bad Dudes. That's just killing ninjas and saving the president.

"But a'ight, yoh seem to be tryin' at least. Moouh than many do." With arms folded together she leans against the side of the workbench to watch, one foot crossed over an ankle and she on a relaxed posture.

"So when is this gettin' ready? Two hours you said?"

Casey Jones has posed:
"Yeah go grab us some food." Casey hands her a card it's a normal card, with the captial one."I'll get it done, quickly and than we will enjoy the food, should be done. It's easier than I thought." With that Casey starts to work hardcore, trying to get it done.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley squints her eyes at Casey.. Look, trust isn't easy to come by, and she is leaving him with her car here! "A'ight, I will go fetch some pizza. If ya run off with my car I will bust yoh knee caps like we weah in some bad re-run o' the godfatha.." tone one of warning. Look, she doesn't like thieves! Unless it's her doing the thieving ...

"And so a vigilante aren't you? Maybe one day we will go on an adventure togetha! How neat would that be, eh?" The warning tone instantly having disappeared, she grinning and starting on her way out of the garage with a skip to her step.

Time to hunt a pizza parlor!