3642/ZZGU: The DEO calls in a favor

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ZZGU: The DEO calls in a favor
Date of Scene: 30 September 2020
Location: Underneath the Lucky Dunky Donuts - NYC
Synopsis: A piece of ZZGU is in the wild, the research facility is lost, but SHIELD has a sample.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Daisy Johnson, Lara Croft, Achilles, Phil Coulson

Kara Danvers has posed:
One day ago a DEO research facility went dark. Twelve hours ago the DEO sent in a team to find out what happened. They never returned and they were good agents. The DEO did something it rarely does, they asked for SHIELD's help.

The Lucky Dunky Donuts in New York City was only popular with one brand of customer - D.E.O. agents. The Department of Extranormal Operations has a research laboratory underneath this building. It's a somewhat well kept secret. SHIELD probably knew, but they keep tabs on allies as well as enemies. The average person on the street would tend to by pass the stale donut shop which is just the way the DEO likes it.

The carpark below is therefore almost always empty. There's a few black sedans parked with generic number plates. DEO cars. Standing near the building elevator are two men dressed in black suits with white shirts. One is tall with a salt and pepper beard, the other much shorter. Talking with them in blue, red and a touch of gold is none other than Supergirl. She slowly turns as she hears the approaching SHIELD agents.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Lucky Dunky?" Daisy is wrinkling her nose at the notion of going into that particular store. "Man, they could had went with something a little nicer! I can't even have my mid-morning snack now." a faint sigh out of Quake while they made their way close by way of their own vehicles. Sedan vs sedan! But she is curious to see which org has the stylish cars.. Not that ANYONE can beat LOLA, so that makes her smirk just a little.

Though once she notes it's Supergirl over with the Agents she cants her head to the side. A bit unexpected. She looks up at the others. "Were we expected to meet Supergirl here?" she asks, creasing her brows. She checks on her gloves, making sure they are tight and ready in case there'd be trouble inside the building.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara is dressed in dark tones, blacks, navy blues and greys, the general purpose shades of SHIELD. With a light duty jacket on, cargo pocketed pants, leather boots and a baseball style hat-- with her pony tail through the back of it --she's dressed to not impress at the time being.

The ride over had consisted mostly of researching the location they were going, as well as what information she'd been given for the meeting. When they arrive, she looks up at the sign when Daisy speaks of it. "The reviews for this place online are quite wretched too. I wouldn't recommend eating anything." She states back with a soft smile before she continues onward and follows along.

The sight of Supergirl up ahead is a noteworthy one, to be sure. Lara never grew up a big buff on super heroes, but some of them even she knows by look alone.

Achilles has posed:
    Costumes aren't really Angelo's thing. Okay.. they're not his thing when he's not in the thick of battle. His thing is more armor at that point. For now, he's in the ubiquitous SHIELD uniform. Funny thing, SHIELD and the DEO apparently shop at the same off-the-rack-suit-store. His pressed white shirt, black tie, black suitcoat, black slacks, black shoes soled for running, not just with slick dress-shoe soles.
    His ICER is in its shoulder holster, and a backup standard pistol rides in the small of his back. I mean good agents would notice this, but as he is here as an ally, he hopes all will go well.
    "I'll be sure to get you an Egg McMuffin." he says to Daisy in his barely there English accented voice as he steps up behind her. Watching her back and keeping alert.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Ask and ye shall receive, isn't that how it goes? And so, SHIELD is arriving to provide the requested help. "I wouldn't be surprised if that was the idea," Phil offers at Daisy's comment about the name, shaking his head momentarily. As he sees both the agents by the elevator, and Supergirl, he offers them all a nod. "Any idea about what we're facing here?" he asks.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The taller of the two men steps up to greet and offers his hand to Phil, "You must be SHIELD. I'm Agent Fite, that's Agent Maad. DEO. And of course Supergirl." The two agents show their credentials. "She works with us," he adds in response to the query he heard from Daisy.

Supergirl takes a moment to look over the SHIELD agents. She was about to look away when her eyes flick back to Daisy for the briefest of moments and then she smiles to the group. "Hi I'm Supergirl. I know the DEO doesn't like to share, which is why I really pushed them on this matter. I was at the first incursion of a creature called Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth. We brought one of the pieces of this creature to this lab and within a day they had gone dark."

Supergirl continues, "The creature had some sort of psychic attack, but the only parts of it that survived the encounter with bits of tentacle tips. As to what transpired inside?" Agent Fite cuts back in, "We haven't a clue. Finding the security footage is one of our priorities." Supergirl raises an unimpressed eyebrow at the two DEO agents.

Agent Maad swipes his card and the elevator opens, "All aboard. The facility is 5 floors down under ground."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Maad. Fite." Yes, Daisy gives only the faintest of pauses between names as she acknowledges their names, her nod a sharp one. They are getting down to business so she goes serious mode for the moment, folding her arms together and turning to listen to Supergirl. The mention of ZZGU makes her grimace and taking in a breath but she otherwise doesn't comment just yet, eyes straying to the entrance and then back. "How many people could still be stuck in there?" she finally asks.

Tone is worried though, she looks towards the others. "This won't be a routine check afterall.." she gets into the elevator, eyes going to Supergirl.

"You are coming with us, correct?"

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara remains dutifully quiet while listening to the other agents converse and share information. She's holding a tablet computer against her left hip, and does glance down at it a moment before the lift is offered and the ride down is indicated. At the mention of people stuck inside, Lara hesitates before entering, her brown eyed gaze going to Daisy, then to the agents from the other Agency. She does move in to the lift though, as that's why they're here after all, right?

Achilles has posed:
    "I certainly hope so." offers Angelo with a shrug before he moves to follow Daisy. "Psychic huh?" he asks as he shakes his head. "That'll get annoying -real- fast." he adds.
    But aside from the running commentary, he moves with quick and easy precision, just following into the elevator. "Does this mean we get to see where the donuts get made?" he asks.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"We are, yes," Coulson replies, shaking the offered hand. He nods a little as he listens. Both to the part about the security footage and the people being stuck there. "It does sound like there's something about that part of the creature, then." Moving into the elevator as well, he adds, "Better be ready for anything."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara nods her head to Daisy, "Yes Ma'am I am." There's a small little smile accompanied with that. The other two agents step in to the elevator. One presents his eye to a retinal scanner and the doors shut. Agent Maad says, "The facility is meant to have 4 security, 8 researchers, and the team of 3 who went in twelve hours ago. In total, 15 people are currently unaccounted for."

The elevator comes to a stop and the doors open. Agent Fite takes one step out and his foot catches on a trip wire. A grenade drops, its pin removed. It was dangling above the elevator doors.

Supergirl's eyes widen in surprise and she jumps out grabbing it in her hand and hugging the grenade to her chest. There is a loud ~boom~ in the room which no doubt leaves a few ringing ears for a moment. Supergirl opens her hands and lets the shrapnel fall tinkling to the floor.

Agent Fite looks back at the group and then to his partner Agent Maad, who casually remarks, "Apparently.. there are traps." Both the DEO agents draw out their pistols. They are not packing dendrotoxin in those guns.

The foyer is well lit, but is absent of people. The security station ahead is unmanned. The metal detectors are on but no one is using them. The air-conditioning is still functioning just fine. The security cameras appear to be on, a small red light indicating so underneath each of them. The pot plants used to decorate the foyer are even well watered.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
During Maad's explanation Daisy makes sure to check her ICER, the calm procedure of someone who has done this hundreds of times, trying to focus and zone in on what they may be finding once they get down there. She nods at the explanation. A look is given to the SHIELDies, "I think you will be disappointed, Angelo." she tells him about the donuts.

"I can attempt to get into the security room for the footage. Lara, you have---" the opening of the door and the explosion that Supergirl stops makes her blink and she lifts her gun.

"Well, perhaps it will be best if we do not separate." She takes a few steps forward to get into cover while waiting for the rest of the agents to move in. She doesn't particularly bother about doing hand signals.. After that explosion anyone down here will know they have arrived!

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara is no super hero. She's just a person. But one thing she is, is perceptive. She'd been listening to the run down of information given by the other Agents, and absorbing it all to make sure to be ready for what may come ahead... when the doors to the lift open and the trap is sprung.

She identifies the grenade, even if she has no chance of doing anything about it, except recoil and turn around to put her back toward it before it goes off!

the boom comes, but its muffled, she turns back around to see Supergirl had come to the rescue. A sigh of relief escapes from her lips and she nods once to Daisy's words, then to Supergirl. "A collectively gathered group of people, all very happy to have you here." She tells the Kryptonian, before reaching for her own sidearm at her right thigh's holster.

Achilles has posed:
    Initially, battle-honed reflexes kick in, and Angelo surges forward to place himself between the grenade and the others. I mean not Supergirl. But you know. Either way, when the explosion goes off, he grunts.
    Afterwards, he lifts a hand and digs his left pinky finger into his ear. But his ICER is in his right hand.
    As Daisy moves forward, he advances, sweeping left to cover his section of the room like a well trained operative, and trusting Daisy to have the forward pie-section handled.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Getting out his own ICER as they reach the bottom, Coulson takes one step backwards as the trap is sprung, letting out a breath as Supergirl takes care of the grenade. "Glad you came with us down here," he offers, before he sighs. "Guess that was their alarm," he offers, moving out into the corridor with the others, looking around carefully as he finds somewhere he could duck into cover.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl nods her head to the agents from two agencies. "It's nothing," she says but her expression is more serious now. She stares down the corridor. "I see blood, but no people." She adds dryly with a less than amused look at Fite and Maad again, "And I can't see through the walls."

Fite says, "The security room and servers for the cameras, entry and exit logs are second door on the left. Administration is first door on the left. Armory is third door on the left. Around the corner is decontamination and through that are the labs.."

Maad adds, "I don't like how this feels. The sooner we know what happened here the better." He advances a little down the corridor and opens the administration room door and as the door swings open, a makeshift spear with an impaled body upon it is revealed. Another trap, but this one got a victim. "Shit. Agent Sanches. He was part of the investigation team."

Supergirl looks to the SHIELD agents, "You've dealt with this kind of thing before right? how should we proceed?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the first room showing that gruesome display of the impaled man Daisy frowns, casting another look around and keeping alert for any sounds out of the ordinary. She gestures to the next door where the server room is and moves over to it. A pause and then she opens the door. Unlocked? Just how she likes it!

She levels her weapon, the room showing a trail of blood and a dead body inside.. "Stabbed to death?" She asks. And it appears like so to those more medically-inclined..

A quick look around the room shows it was just what she feared. "The security servers have been taken away. Not even destroyed, but actually /yanked/ out."

A look to the DEO agents. "Do you suspect any kind of foul play from another group? Mercs?" she looks around. "Though there seems to be no signal of forced entry. As if whatever happened was done by people already /in/ here."

Achilles has posed:
    "I'd like to say it was my first time seeing a man impaled upon a spear. But sadly that would be a lie." offers Angelo as he flickers his eyes towards that trap before going back to covering his doors and corners, and mostly just playing support and watching the backs of the other agents. He's on the lookout for more traps or attacks that he might be able to interpose for. That's become much of his duty on a squad of late.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara peers out from beneath the brim of her black ballcap, her eyes scan about the room as she holds her sidearm in her right hand, flexing her fingers over its grip. She looks to the blood, but as indicated... there's no source. As the administration door is checked, she catches a glimpse of the body inside it, but just exhales and moves on ahead to the next with Daisy. As the server room is exposed, Lara scans its interior over as well before her eyes are drawn to the door to the armory, she can see wires sticking out of the crack in the corner of the door.

"This one is trapped." Lara announces to the others. Her weapon is holstered again, her booted feet step over to the door and she follows the wires. "It's hastily put together, simplistic, really..." Reaching her hands up she pops the wire out of the electrical connection pulled from the ceiling tile.

A moment later and Lara shoulders the door to the armor open and pulls her weapon out again.

"Empty. They've taken everything in here, the shelves are barren." The British woman softly tells the others.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Frowning as he sees the impaled body on the spear, Coulson frowns, moving a bit closer to look inside, briefly. Also looking inside the second door at the mention of the stabbed body there. "Is that one from the investigation team as well?" he asks the DEO agents, before he frowns. "Someone really doesn't want us to find out what happened." That to the part about the empty rooms. A brief pause, before he looks to Fite again. "Are there more ways into the lab, or only through this way?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl looks on in despair as she sees the impaled man. She and Agent Fite take him down off of the door and lay him on the ground. "This is madness," she says softly. Agent Maad says softly in return, "That might be literally the case." Supergirl nibbles on her lower lip as the missing servers are exposed. "Why take the servers? and to where?," Supergirl asks.

Agent Maad kneels down next to the research and checks for a pulse. He shakes his head, "No. This is Agent Trent, he's one of the researchers assigned to this facility."

Then the third room, another trap, but all the weapons gone. "They would have been armed with pistols and P90s, grenades, flash bangs, knives, claymores, the usual things to repel an invading force," Agent Maad says to the group. Agent Fite says, "Yeah though I think you're right. This doesn't look like the work of Mercs." In answer to Coulson he motions ahead to big steel doors, "Only one way in.. only one way out. Controlled from the inside."

Supergirl frowns and walks with purpose over to the big steel doors. There's a red light on indicating it's sealed. She punches in to the metal and grips, then begins to bend the big metal door out of shape.

The corridor past the big doors has several doors in to researchers personal offices and at the end the corridor turns another corner in to the main research labs. "I hear banging," Supergirl says - there's thumping ahead like someone banging on a window.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The priority for Daisy right now seems to be the traps, she watching as Lara takes down the one at the armory with a brief nod. She casts a look into the empty room of the armory. "They were clearly trying to defend themselves from a threat. Maybe this creature Supergirl mentioned."

With their way being open further for exploration and with the banging ahead she gestures towards Angelo for the man to take point.

If there's anyone that can take a bullet or three it's him afterall!

Lara Croft has posed:
With the Armory checked out, Lara steps back outside of it, giving one last look to the rudimentary trap that had been set for them to stumble in to, which garners a faint smirk from her. She raises her right hand up to the side of her face to sweep a loose strand of dark hair out from beside her face.

Her stare goes forward to the metal doors that Kara is approaching. She glanes to the DEO Agents. "You know of no potential enemies that would desire to do such an infiltration like this?" She asks of them, almost sound skeptical that that could be possible.

She watches Kara tear her way in to the corridor beyond, and the thought of a 'creature' just makes her frown. "Seems unlikely it would set these traps for us though." She softly comments as they move forward.

Achilles has posed:
    Right. Angelo nods. He doesn't say a word at this point. He merely moves into position. With one hand holding his ICER out, and the other he reaches for a side door. One of those to his left.
    He gently opens the door just a bit... and nothing happens. Then he opens it the rest of the way and says, "Looks like an office. Clear."
    That said, he turns to open the door on the other side. He is just as careful.. but the moment he pulls the door just a hair open... automatic gunfire goes off. His vest slows down the rounds. But let's be honest, 5.7mm rounds icepick right through kevlar most days. And ten rounds get lodged in his chest. They almost penetrate, but instead just cause some bleeding up there. His vest made them unable to get all the way through his toughened flesh and he staggers back.
    As he does so, the rest of the P90 SMG's 50 round magazine fires through the door, and into the other office. He is down on one knee by this point and looks up to say, "I think that one is trapped." as his flesh starts to knit itself back together.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"Maybe," Coulson offers a bit quietly, nodding as he looks around, pausing momentarily. "I hear that banging too," he offers, starting to move over in the direction he hears it from, looking to the windows, weapon kept ready. He pauses as he sees someone inside one of them, the source of the banging on the window. Taking a few moments to make sure he hears what the woman inside, looking to be one of the researchers is trying to say through the glass. "Don't touch... the slime?" He nods a bit. "Stay inside there until we say it's clear," he offers back inside the window, before he turns back towards the others. Frowning as the gunfire, he turns in that direction. Although as he hears Angelo's words, he shakes his head. "It seems that way." A look to the others again, he adds, "Don't touch the slime, the woman inside the office there says."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl's eyes widen as Angelo is shut multiple times by the P90 trap. She is at his side instantly and then looks a little surprised, "You're okay..!" She lets out a held breath and then smiles, patting him on the shoulder. "You heal. Good to know." She looks over to Phil talking to the researcher behind the thick glass.

"The slime? It's a good thing that vigilante who helped me with Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth the first time didn't touch any of the slime. Renegade or.. Repulse." She squints a moment, "Something like that," she says and glances at the SHIELD agents. "But I did. I didn't have any negative effects."

Agent Maad shrugs her shoulders, "You're Supergirl." As if that's enough of an explanation. Agent Fite says, "Or may be you got lucky."

The researcher thumps on the glass, "It turns people crazy!" Her voice muffled. She nods at the instruction to stay put and gives a thumbs up.

The main research area is like a scene from a dark comedy. Bodies everywhere, the casual forensics makes it clear they were battling each other. Agents vs Agents vs Researchers. Stabbed, shot, it's a mess. Sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by claymores and holding a deadmans switch is a research, sobbing and shaking.

"Please.. please help me. I don't want to die." There's a glint on his hand of slime, though dried like a snails trail.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Woah. Renegade? Repulse?! But Daisy keeps her poker face through it all. She is focused in making sure Angelo is alright, sending a shock wave to make sure the p90 trap doesn't really do any more damage to either them or further teams that come here. "Damn.." She says of Angelo's quick recovery. "Gettin' a little jealous here with those powers." a bit of a grin to dispel the anxiety being felt. She looks up and then to Coulson as he calls attention to the woman banging on the window.

She nods in acknowledgement, expression somber and perhaps not expecting many more survivors to be found. She walks along with the rest of them but pausing at another research room nearby. "Hold on.. I see the servers here..." she announces. "Go ahead, I will keep you informed on what happened."

She hooks her computer over to the server to start peeking about, typing rather fast as she tries to bring up the footage. "Seems like it's confirmed, one researcher got infected and went on spreading that slime to the others.." a beat. "The original guy that was infected should still have the sample. We need to find him."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara's eyes are on Angelo as he recovers from that... well, what would've been a terrible injury. She glances to the others and exhales softly. "This plac ehas been turned into a fun house of death." She mutters, her own ICER still held at her side in her right hand as they advance onward. With the instructions of avoiding the slime given over, Lara curtly nods her head a single time. "I do tend to avoid all slimes, but this... is noted."

In the main research area, the carnage is taken in, a grimace crossing over Lara's face. "Horrendous." She whispers the word out before reaching the man stammering for help, for his life. Her eyes look him over, noting the hint of slime upon his skin. "We'll do everything in our power to help you, I promise." She tells him. "Hold perfectly still, we'll figure out what to do. We've come to help though." She glances to the others, then back tothe man.

When she asks him next 'Who did this?' he tells her he did, but goes on to say he doesn't know why he did it.

This garners and inhale, and an exhale from the field agent. She has her guesses what must've done it, thow 'how' it did it...

Achilles has posed:
    "You shouldn't be. It's not exactly... powers. -You- have powers. I just can't die." mutters Angelo as he lurches back to his feet. "He's unsteady for a moment before he looks to Supergirl with a shrug. "I guess this is one that's out of the bag. The legends don't really get things right as I'm sure you know. Let's just say my mom is said to have dipped me in a river. I faked my death in Troy."
    That said, he rolls his neck and looks down at his shredded shirt and vest. "Well bollux." he mutters. And then he moves with the others and stops dead when he sees the claymores and such. "We -need- to save that researcher...." he suggests, trying to get an idea of how he might be able to get in there and help out. "Supergirl, can you help? Are you fast enough to grab him out of that ring before it goes off?"

Phil Coulson has posed:
Letting out a bit of a breath as he listens to what's being said, Coulson nods a bit slowly. There's a forwn as he looks at the scene, first thge dead bodies, then to the sobbing researcher. "We're here to help," he offers as well as the others, holstering his weapon and holding his hands out in front of him. "But you have to help us as well. Make sure to keep your grip on that switch, okay?" Stepping forward a bit slowly, he watches the man calmly. "I should be able to defuse those explosives, but I need you to make sure the switch is held tightly, so it won't blow up while I work."
Waiting until he's sure the man won't make everything blow up on him, before taking the last steps over to start working on defusing those explosives, expression one of calm concentration as he works.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl frowns as he says he did this to himself. "The slime makes people go crazy on contact?" Then she hears Daisy's update, "Repeat,.. that was the name. Wait, they took the sample and left? What kind of crazy has you take the sample, hide the evidence, set traps, and kill your colleagues."

At least, it seems like it wears off after a while. Supergirl shakes her head to Angelo, "I.. don't know what it is you're talking about. If by 'cat is out of the bag' you mean you heal quickly, then yes. But Troy? that's an ancient city yes?"

Looking at the explosives she spies the C4 underneath the man too and says, "I.. may be." But as Coulson moves in to start defusing, Fite and Maad join in too, "Agent Wheeler just hang on a little longer, we're going to get you out of this mess." Supergirl lets out another breath of relief. There's spots of slime on the tables, walls, on the floors. It's easy to avoid now that they know how dangerous it is.

The explosives were hastily assembled, no boobytraps here. Coulson has this under control pretty quickly as the researcher nods to him, still shaking, both hands on the trigger to keep it from slipping.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Getting three names from the logs of people who left the facility." Daisy says through comms to the others. "Agent Havok, Agent Jet and Agent Harder." the sound of her keyboard still being heard on the comms as she continues. "All left some time after the start of this infection."

She gets back up to her feet once she retrieves that info, making her way over to join the rest and ...

"So, what did I miss?" Oh darn, people are playing minesweeper apparently?

And then the carnage in the room gets her, making her turn her eyes away from it.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara stands aside to let Phil handle the explosives, she doesn't hve any explosive disarming training, but as Mead and Fite join to help him she nods to one of them. "Might put your hand around his to help him hold the switch. He's likely suffering from exhaustion at this point." She quietly offers before she steps away.

Lara's gun is slid back in to its holster, her hands go to a pocket on her thigh and she pulls out a pair of rolled up rubber gloves. Her fingers wiggle their way in to each, one by one, then she draws out a small black bag from her jacket side pocket.

Lara kneels down near a puddle of glistening gooy slime, and dips a small sampling tool in to the goop, before she drops it into the cup and starts to seal the lid over top of it. WAND deals with the weird stuff, after all, this slime certainly fits in that category...

The names of the other agents that Daisy lists off are all heard while she focuses on putting the sample away back into the black bag. "Creative names." Lara comments, as she stands back up, her eyes on the DEO Agents again. "Is that common for your people? Mead, Fight, Havok, Jet and Harder?"

Achilles has posed:
    It's not like Angelo hasn't seen carnage before. He's a veteran of a thousand battles from countless wars. It still gets to him a bit though. He isn't an EOD though, and so he steps forward and says, "If I Can be of any help. Just let me know. I'm no expert, just a pair of hands." to Phil and the other agents.
    But he turns his head and says, "Supergirl, it might be best if you were ready, just in case of any oopsies.... " And he shrugs before going to work to assist.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"Almost there, just hold on a little longer," Coulson offers to the researcher, as he keeps on working rather carefully for a few moments longer. "Okay...just one more," he works on one more little part, before he lets out a breath. "There, that should do it..." He glances around at the others, nodding a little. "Let's get him clear of those."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Agent Fite takes Wheeler in his arms and pulls him free and hugs him, one agent to another. Agent Maad wipes the sweat from his brow and then peers at Lara, "My name is Maad, as in, I'm Maad you almost made me laugh while I was helping defuse explosives."

Supergirl folds her arms and looks around at the bodies once more, "I fear we haven't seen the last of this Z.Z.G.U. cult. We need to check on the other samples too. She takes a running start and then is gone in a blur as she flies out to see what has come of the other samples.

Agent Maad looks to Phil and offers his hand, "You and your crew are a credit to SHIELD. Thank you for helping us out. Our job is not done, now we need to hunt one of our own. But thank you, SHIELD, for getting us this far. We will take it from here." Agent Fite gives a nod to Phil too even as he holds the sobbing researcher in a hug.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the explosives being defused Daisy looks relieved, "Good job everyone." then a more serious look given to Coulson. "Sir, I have sent the footage to you already for further analysis, along with the images on those agents." she says..

"Whatever this is clearly it isn't over yet." She says to the the DEO agents.

But now it was time to secure the place and make sure no more traps remained ... Ugh, this could take a bit!

Lara Croft has posed:
To say it's a load off of one's proverbial shoulders to see the explosives disarmed and the man freed from the device is an understatement. Lara shows a soft and ghostly smile at the sight of the man being released from that trap... that he made himself... sort of.

"I've taken a sample, I'll make sure it gets to the right people in the labs, perhaps we can find a way to ... prepare against contamination from exposure."

She turns back the way they'd come. "I'll start to head back up, we need a containment team on its way after all."

Achilles has posed:
    Shaking his head, Angelo moves to follow on the way back out. He's finally feeling better once the researcher has been saved from the explosives. I mean who wouldn't feel better at that? Seriously.
    "You need another trap detector, as you have seen, I'm pretty good at that job." he says to Supergirl.
    Then he looks to Daisy, "I really want a donut now." he says on the way out.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Shaking Agent Maad's hand, Coulson offers the man a smile. "You're welcome. Anything we can do to help," he offers to the man. Nodding again as he hears Daisy's words. "Good work," he offers, before he looks back to Maad. "We'll keep an eye out for them as well, just in case," he tells the man, before he looks back to the others. "That would be quite helpful," he offers to Lara's mention of the labs, and finding a way to prepare against contamination. As he hears Angelo's words about really wanting a donut, he shakes his head. "Getting hungry from being shot?" he asks.