3645/Cows ain't even home

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Cows ain't even home
Date of Scene: 30 September 2020
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: First taste of the danger room for Remy with a tag along Rogue. Than, some good old fashion Cajun food.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is not used to this; dis is bedtime as he stands there with a cup of coffee in a large silver thermos. His hand is stroking his five o'clock shadow, but it also happens to be the time; he is waiting for the others at the room of danger. Clove smoke is drifting from his midnight black cigarette, as his hand is holding his bo-staff not for fighting but to stay up. He did not go to bed early, having just crawled back into the mansion after a night on the town.

His eyes covered by a pair of dark green sunglasses, cheap and in the shape of shamrocks, as he exhales another wide breath of the smoke into the air, as he moves forward, trying to warm up and limber up for the excitement, as his yawn escapes his lips, flicking that cigarette down as he stomps it with his black boot."Dis, is before even cows know to come home, too early."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue never had a problem with getting up for these, well, not so long as she wasn't up all night either. But she didn't have the same 'party fever' take on life that Remy had. She enjoyed being in bed by midnight, or even 1am, and after absorbing Carol, Rogue didn't need that much sleep atnymore. Four or so hours, and she woke up rested and ready to jump out of bed. Which she oftend did. She'd float right up out of whatever bed she was in, and hover her way over to the restroom to get cleaned up and ready for a big day.

So she's contrasting Remy in this moment, watlzing down the silver metal hall of the X-Men base, wearing a training suit from the locker rooms. She's dressed in all black, the bodysuit climging to her form, and her brown/white hair brushed smooth down either sides of her face.

She sidles up near to Remy and just smiles at him. "Didn't get any sleep at all last night, did ya?" She asks him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No, no, I did not sleep, but my dream is in front of me you in silver catsuit, die happy if this danger room is truly so dangerous." Remy nods slowly, as he moves forward to grin at her, as he spins that staff around himself quickly, as he looks around for a moment, as he looks over at the door."Dis de right spot, for the training, no?"

Reaches down to the side of his belt, as he unbuckles it slowly, counting his cards all 52, as he closes that little pouch again, as his hand rubs along his chin. Cracking his neck with a quick, roll he is ready to roll, ready to fight as he starts to grin, at her leaning forward to give her a quick hug."Now, ya going to put me through my paces, for da Bossman?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue returns the hug to the man. "You still smell like the card houses." She says to him with a little smirk. "Cigars'n broken dreams." Her right hand goes out to tap the controls on the Danger Room door so that they can slip inside of it. It's a very large arena-style room, pretty surprising to see, but it fits right in with the rest of this Base's decore really.

"Gonna try. I already know what program t'use for ya, we'll start it off nice'n slow." She states with a small smirk to him.

Rogue speaks out a voice command and calls up a display in front of her. It's like a tablet computer and it just appears in thin air in front of the Southern Belle.

She stands there in front of it, tapping on it with a gloved hand as she sets things up.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"It smells like victory, and money when I go there Mon Petie." Remy moves into there, his right hand is holding that large staff behind him, at a bent angle, as he sighs softly with a shake of his head, as he cracks that neck a third time, in as many minutes. His hand reaching up to remove, those cheap awful glasses tucking them into the inner pocket of his jacket, his red eyes more awake, ready now as he exhales the last puff of the smoke into the air.

"Dat is neat, nice and high tech, maybe old Remy might learn it, or maybe you can do for me. I not like that shines, too complex for simple old Remy." His hand is running along his coat as he throws it backward, now standing there in that form-fitting spandex, with the purple and black motif, as he is ready for action, crouching down low.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just smiling as she listens to him, whilst tapping at the screen. "It's all very user friendly, I'm pretty sure you could run this too." She tells him. "Ya just tap on the folders that you wanna access the pre-made programs on. There's combat training, flight training, and a few recreation ones. There's a beach one that's real nice, but... yeah, not as nice as the real thing. You can 'feel' it's not quite real. But it's pretty damn hard t'tell really."

She pulls up a series of silver metal spheres that just float in mid air out in front of them. "There. These are your targets. Your attacks should weaken their structure, and eventually make them break. The faster you destroy them, the faster more will show up to replace them and multiply. So your own ability to take'em, dictates how hard this gets. It's a hellava workout." The Belle says with a grin to the Cajun.

She swipes the tablet computer away and it vanishes off to the side of her body. "Go for it. But expect resistance. They'll attack you in unique ways, from ranged to melee weapons. They turn inta different stuff, like the liquid metal guy from that old Terminator movie."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Gambit listens as he is watching, the joking nature slowly fading, as he watches the balls, as she is speaking about them, as he leaps into action, his left leg kicking off, launching himself as he throws the first three cards dead center into three of the balls, as he spins around the last two swinging his staff quickly, knocking them out of the air."Dat was easy, is that all the dangerous of dis danger room, how dull."

Dumber words never spoken, as the two laser coming towards Remy as he dodges out of the way, and then ducks under a swinging laser sword; he is moving quickly on the defensive now, as he spins around throwing cards, and then he is diving under the sword, swinging his bo, he is now in fight mode, there will be fewer jokes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over at him, watching him cockily respond to the first several destroyed. She grins at him, knowingly, and doesn't say anything before the next wave suddenly appears in greater numbers to attack him.

"There are safety protocols." Rogue's sultry southern voice says to her manly Cajun friend, "But that doesn't mean they can't hurt ya, so if ya get hit, expect a bit'a pain, Sugah." She calls out to him while she floats up in to the air, raising her right leg up with her knee pushing out in front of her. She's willing to help, but as of right now she's just wanting the Cajun to get his feet wet.

"Think about this, you're only just startin' on this program. Cyclops as the highest score'a kills recorded. You gonna try'n catch'im?" She teases whilst hovering a few feet off the ground and watching the fighter fight.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy leaps slowly, as he swings quickly with the Bo, whipping around him as he spins in a large circle, as he starts to spin in a circle, taking down a few more, as he rolls along the ground, throwing more cards into the air towards the Balls, hitting them solidly in the middle.

As Gambit, spins around the side of the battle, dancing, dodging moving quickly as he grins at Rogue."I think dat high score will be someday, but maybe not today. I let the boy have his crown for a bit, no?"

His eyes moving to scan, as he is throwing more cards into the air, as he rolls this time in the wrong way, right by a blade that nicks his right arm, as he swings that bo up into the robot, as he rolls quickly towards the edge."Dem, little guys, do love me. Look how they chase. Did you program with your personality Mi Cherie?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue floats up a little higher to avoid some of the robot-things as they get blasted apart by the Cajun. She grins at his question for her and shakes her head side to side, making her white bangs wave against the sides of her face. "Programmin' at my thing, Mistah. I asked Forge for'a rundown on how it worked, up in the control room, but once he started in on explainin' it, well... Took about a minute before he stopped and asked me at what pointed did he lose me. T'which I said, pretty much after the 'Okay, lemme show ya...' bit."

Rogue doesn't engage yet, as the ones Remy is smashing bounce right back in to engage him again. "They're tryin' t'get ya boxed in!" She shouts. "They run on alien artificial intelligence, they're smart as heck, so watch out!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ain't no box, I ain't been able to enjoy or get out of Mi Cherie." Remy is running forward, as he kicks off the wall now, as he sails past them throwing his cards, between a few of them as it explodes, as he rolls along the floor, swinging his Bo staff, cracking into it, as he uses it's little metal body to ploe vault high up into the air, to grin at Rogue, his hand around her waist for a moment, as he sails downwards again. More cards leaving his hands, as he sighs softly, his eyes closing now."Next, time I get more sleep, fun but exhausted Mi Cherie, breakfest?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to float and dodge anything that flies her way, but she doesn't avoid Gambit when he sweeps past her and puts his hands briefly upon her hips. She just smirks over at him before leaning back out of the way of one of the attacks that was aimed for Remy, but nearly got her becasue they were close to one another.

"Gonna get me smacked, then I'll get real cross." She teases him as he flies off to continue his routine.

"Okay, so if you're wearin' down, just shout out 'Potato Salad' and they'll stop." She tells him then. "It's the safe word, well one of'em. There's quite a few. "You can also just exit the room, if ya need t'get outta the game. They'll disengage and return t'idle positions if ya do either'a those things."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, that is a gross food. I refuse, Mi Cherie, to ever yell that, even if they be killing me." Remy runs towards the door, as he leaps again, throwing more of the cards, as he spins now with his Bo-Staff quickly, downing the last of them.

Remy is spinning around grabbing his coat, as he throws it over his body, as he walks towards the exit, before the next round can start back up, as he exits leaning against the wall waiting for his dearest.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is hovering in the center of the room as she turns and watches Remy make a flee for the door. She grins at him and shakes her head. "We can st ya your own safe word." She shouts after him before he gets outside the door and the robo-attackers back off, and return to their starting positions...

Rogue drops down out of the air, landing on her booted feet, then reaches out to pick up the tablet computer as it materializes right in to her hands. She walks along the danger room's silvery metal floor while tapping on the screen, and behind her the robot attackers fade out of sight. Releasing the tablet, she walks around it and leaves it in mid air, then joins him out in the corridor.

The Belle stands in front of him now, and folds her arms over her stomach, smiling at him. "That was the starter program." She tells him. Then glances into the room, before back at him. "They got all kinds a tougher stuff. Like giant robot Sentinels, to full blown city siege simulations, that look like somethin' out've a zombie movie."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat is somethang, dat is really somethang." Remy nods slowly, as his arm loops around Rogue's waist as he yanks her to him, as his hand is runs along her side."Now, we eat and than, maybe I come back for seconds." His eyes geeming with something almost noble."I can learn dis, maybe we do the good for a bit, help de world be better. Ya have been doing it no?"

As he speaks he is leading her towards the kitchen, as he chuckles softly as he whispers into her ear."I have gumbo fixxings, and I'm feeling the need to cook, do you feel the need to eat?" As he grins at her with a wink, as they are getting closer, the smell over taking them both, as he stomach rumbles."Dat, is where I been all night cooking, no gambling or card house tonight, I wanted to dine with Mi Cherie."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans forward in to him as he pulls her toward him, her arms uncross and her bladk gloved hands go to his chest. She leans again him and smiles up at him. "Is that so?" She asks him about his cooking preparations down in the Base lounge, which has a fully stocked kitchen of its own. "Sounds like a fine time t'me then." She states.

When the move to walk together, she'll put an arm around him and walk along with him, keying the doorway to the danger room, causing the lights inside to flicker off just before the doors shut closed.

"I'm all for some fancy southern food. Hard t'find the good stuff around here, ya know?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy nods slowly his hand is sliding along her waist, as he looks into her eyes with a little chuckle. Enjoying her hand on his chest, as he moans softly into the air, enjoying the touch of hers."I do, enjoy these moments of peace, that you bring me into my heart. Ya are the only thang that feels like home."

After saying his peace, as his hand is reaching around her waist, as they are moving down the hall, into the kitchen as he walks into the kitchen. As he starts, to spoon it into two bowls, as he hands one over towards her, as he hands the spoon towards her for a moment, with a little chuckle."

"Now dig in dig in, I know this is going to be good southern food, for I did the work." As he walks over towards a wall, to lean against it as he takes a little bite of it watching rogue.

Rogue has posed:
In the kitchen now, Rogue just shows him an expression of endearment for his sweet words. She smiles brightly and accepts the food when it's handed over to her. Her gloves are pulled off and sat on the counter where the bar stools are pushed, then she takes her bowl and watlzes casually over to sit down on the edge of the pool table in the lounge room. She's perched on the side of the table now, sampling the food, she closes her eyes at the taste of it before she looks up at him and smiles once more.

"Delicious." She says. "Just like yourself, Mistah LeBeau."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Indeed, for I spiced it with my heart and soul just for you Ma Petite." Remy eats slowly watching her for a moment, as his hand is moving slowly to bring it up with a little smile, as he winks at Rogue."Now, than I see find me Delicuious, that is good to know, no." His eyes twinkle, as he sets the now empty bowl down on the counter, as he moves forward slowly, to lean aginst the pool table next to her, as his right arm is swings around her waist holding her tightly.