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Around the World
Date of Scene: 01 October 2020
Location: Around the World
Synopsis: Around the World. By Daft Punk
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Spiral

Harley Quinn has posed:
The day was finally here!

They had arranged a small trip around the globe as what best way was there to use a teleporter's abilities than to visit all those marvellous place one mostly only gets to see in brochures? Of course that she -had- seen a bit of the world already courtesy of a certain squad that had used her talents when she was out on 'vacation' at Arkham.. But that was past history, or so she thought...

Because today was the time to make new memories! She was driving down the road leading to the not-so-secret lair on her repaired Jaguar, courtesy of Crazy Casey, uff it certainly purred like a kitten now. Oh happy joy.. But maybe she needed to repaint it.. This yellow wasn't so great.. But at least it was a convertible so woo, top off!

The honk of her car is heard outside the lair. "Woohooo! I am heaaaaahhhhhh!" she shouts up to the doorway and jumps out to wait.

Yes, there is a little song and a dance of course, today it being 'Around the World'. Granted it doesn't have much in terms of lyrics so she is mostly just beatboxing and moving to the rhythm. A frenetic little ball of energy.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral is, fortunately, in a better mood than last night. Last night was probably the worst mood she had been in since her arrival! After arranging a meeting with her lawyer, it all went down from there - though she ended up having some fun with a plucky do-gooder so that made it all better by the end.

Harley's arrival is expected, so there's no grouching about her not so secret lair. Spiral just emerges from the door - still no goons, maybe she'll have to threaten Reggie again - and looks over the flash car Harley is in. "You can't park that here." she complains. "It'll make it look like something is going on. And I'm not taking it with us. You'll have to drive it somewhere else.", pointing at the car accusingly.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Today Harley is dressed in dark yellow overalls with spots. Granted, not exactly the most glamorous but she isn't exactly sure where they are going soooo..., better be safe than taking some mini clothes and freeze her body off. Not she is -that- boring with only the overalls, having those faux diamond sunglasses on her head, some jewelry and steel-toe boots. Just in case too...

"Woah woah, officahhh.." She is still doing her dance, hips and feet moving to the rhythm and she raising her hands up. "Yoh may try to take me down but ya can't stop this feelin'" she teases the other with a singsong tone. "I may be just a punk but ya can't away my funk." yep, definitely teasing. But it's all being done in a good natured manner.

"Hop on, I will drive it somewhere else and then we can go?" She suggests, sliding over the door to seat down on the driver's seat. "Have you decided on wheah we will be goin'?"

Spiral has posed:
Spiral climbs with some difficulty. Silly Earth cars. Even with a big one she has to wrap her arms around herself, and forget any seat belts. And the helmet she takes off and leaves in her lap, that thing adds most of a foot to her height. "I didn't think we'd be going to one place.... just skipping around. It will be a challenge for me. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up for... never really had a reason to try.".

But what are superpowers for if not for having fun every so often? Besides, it's really just dancing with a bit more effort, and Spiral likes dancing.

"I've already annoyed enough people, I can annoy some more." she says a bit pugnaciously.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley purses her lips together with a 'oooo' when Spiral says she has never tried it. Yay for new experiences! "Well, I had a list o' place ta go! Even wrote 'em all down but ..." and she looks entirely sad when she adds, "But Bud and Lou ate it.." classic case of my dog ate my homework! "So I will have ta trust yoh tastes!"

She gets the car into motion once Spiral is in, stepping on it as she drives out of that street. She gains some distance from the not-so-secret lair, driving it to a stop. "Heah is good." she hops out of the car, reaching over to the backseat to take a backpack with her. Yes, there's a baseball bat tied to it. Never leave home without it!

"So I will be makin' ya get all exerted and tired with all this travelin' eh?..." She eyebrow-waggles with a teasing grin, "It will be fun. But what dya mean about annoyin' people?" she quirks a brow. "Talkin' about Elizabeth again?"

Spiral has posed:
"First I had a very unproductive meeting with my lawyer. He ended up passing out in fear or something.". Spiral rolls her eyes, almost invisibly given they are white. "And then, I decided to go to a dance to cheer myself up. But the other dancers were not happy with my freakish presence.". And it was an exclusive ball, and it was on a cruise ship Spiral didn't have tickets for, and she didn't meet the dress code, and she threatened one of the guests with a sword... but never mind. "And some do gooder intruded, but in the end, she just danced with me, and all was well.".

Aside from the bit she accidentally grabbed Spiral by something not fit for children's TV in front of a lot of recording iphones. It'll probably be all over social media soon enough.

She climbs out of the car, all six hands grabbing at door or roof so she climbs out like some sort of weird squid or something. "Remember what we said? It sounded like a challenge.". To make Harley puke. Spiral smirks.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Lawyahs right?! Useless bunch o' fucks." Yes, Harley doesn't like them much. They failed to defend her when she was condemned to prison in Arkham! And the DA was extremely mean to her too. "But hol' up, why the fuck d'ya need a lawyah foh?" she eyes Spiral up and down. "Have you been gettin' yohself in trouble? Do we need ta go do a Thelma and Louise and travel the country escapin' from the authorities?" an eyebrow shooting up.

"I wondah how ya made him pass out though. Those guys awhe normally unphased by anythin'..." something she didn't particularly like.. Another notch on her crusade against lawyers!

Expression does light up when Spiral mentions having gone to a dance, she grinning widely. "Too awesome foh them I am suwah. Those dance moves awhe outta this woahld afterall!" literally so! "I am glad yoh awhe startin' ta make friends. Next time ya should bring me along, I am like yoh PR or somethin'" she opens her arms wide. "I can open a lotta doouhs."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral shrugs. "I picked him up." she says simply enough. And does a grab motion with one hand. It's not even the metal one. "I almost felt bad about it." she admits, embarassed. "It wasn't like I needed his heart for a spell or anything, I didn't expect him to pass out. Actually, it meant I didn't get what I wanted, as I just left him there.".

While remembering that whole incident, her lip curls. "He called me 'little lady'.". Okay, any sympathy she might have had for him melts. "He's a little worm. As for why... Someone is giving me lots of money. He works for them. I was informing him of my displeasure of having people just... show up in my lab all the time. He admitted it, those people who dropped in and attacked me, were sent by him. Or his boss.".

Still, she starts dancing, arms waving in elaborate but precise patterns, and doing the odd twirl. Building up her power...

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Lil lady?!" Harley's eyes go wide with surprise and then she lets out a howl of a cackle. "And they call -me- crazy eh?" backpack is now strung across her back, hands on her hips. All ready for the travel! "Maybe yoh awhe a lotta things, but small ain't one o' 'em. I mean, not that I am callin' you gigantic, or uh .., big." she probably meant fat. "Just that ya look imposin'!"

She looks up at the sky a moment and then back. "I think it may be time ta start workin' on yoh online presence, getcha moouh known so these things don't happen." she is so full of helpful suggestions!

"But whoever that lawyah is, and his boss, they don't sound like good people foh ya. Maybe yoh should just ditch that kinda woahk. Didn't you have moouh fun goin' dancin' with that do-goodah? And who was it anyway? A name?" She is very curious afterall!

She lets out a small, dramatic sigh. "I nevah went on any cruise, unless we were robbin' it at the time but eh.., it sorta sucked. No time foh romance even." when the dance starts she watches and goes silent, following the twirl and movements that seem anything but odd to her, grin widening in anticipation.

It was time to travel!

Spiral has posed:
"Araña. She had a big spider symbol on her chest. She said she wasn't Spider Woman though.... a good fighter, for one with the correct number of arms.", Spiral offers. "She didn't web me up or anything, so that was nice. And... well, I need my Shop working. That's why I signed up to this deal! I asked the lawyer if they cared what I was doing, and I think the answer I got was more or less, not really. So I will not feel obliged to do anything for him in future and just take the money.".

Spiral really isn't seeing any problem here. "Humans do not usually like me." she admits. "You're a very special human.". Meaning, probably insane, but Harley probably likes that anyway.

Anyay, the dance comes to a crescendo while she's talking - and there's a flash of light and a pop, and the two of them appear... a hundred yards down the road or so. Woo! it seems a bit of an anticlimax at first, but Spiral keeps on dancing, and a second later there's another pop, and they are a hundred yards further on again. And then... yet again . This time right in the middle of a main road with onrushing traffic, but the two bamf off before anything unfortunate happens, at least to them. Hopefully nobody swerved and caused an accident, but they've already teleported off!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Arana..." Harley echoes, pursing her lips together. "So like a spanish spider woman? I mean, I dig the name. Sexy too, and all mysterious." her eyebrows waggling again. "You should had got her numbah!"

Social networking. That's a thing in the 21st century, Spiral!

Harley then shrugs about the whole 'get my Shop working' stuff. "Suwah you do. Not suwah foh what exactly but is it worth gettin' all tangled with some shady fella yoh don't even know what they want ta do with yoh borgs? Besides, yoh could always find new things ta do. Like I did!" she exclaims.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, I used ta love smashin' shit up just like any regulah clownette but theah's moouh ta life." Then a biiiig grin comes to her lips when Spiral calls her a special human. "I knew ya liked me. Yeeeeaa, you dooo."

With the dance rising in rhythm Harley joins in, because of course she does, twirling about while still going about the beats of 'Around the world'. "I hope it's Japan! I always wanted ta.--"

100 yards down the road.. Oh yay.. Then another swing around and she is already 'weeeeeing' at the teleporting through the wildways.

"Wooo!" She grins at the oncoming cars. Talk about being crazy at seeing cars coming at them at high speed and not being scared.. But then they are gone again.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral never really tried to teleport this way before - why do lots of little hops when you can just do a slightly longer dance and go anywhere you want, after all? She only does the short hops to get out of psikatana range quickly. She lifts all her arms up into the air, and spins like a top, as the universe around them goes full kaleidoscopic with lots of vomit inducing perspective changes - glimpses of the city flicking by, until they are out of the city and into the fields and woods beyond. Probably leaving behind a lot of very confused people, as she bamfs through roads, bedrooms, school classrooms, parks, pretty much whatever is in her way without much heed, though they don't end up IN anything, perish the thought.

This goes on for a few minutes before the spinning Spiral has to slow down a bit, visibly wilting somewhat, though still bamfing along through the countryside. Really the only contants are Harley and Spiral, the rest in constant change.

Spiral is obviously a bit distracted, but still has time to examine Harley for signs of puking.

Harley Quinn has posed:
All the colors! The kaleidoscopic images and forms would perhaps be a swirl to a normal person's senses, making them throw up or otherwise just fall flat on the ground feeling ill. To Harley though? Her brain works differently, disjointed and broken and remade again with just a small strand keeping her hanging to sanity. So it's without perhaps too much surprise when she goes along with the ride, the rush of sights and views they get making her laugh in delight.

"Woah, look at those trees..!" "Wheah awhe we?" "WTF, get some clothes on dude!" "Look out for that car!" "Gross!" and other such comments as they teleport here and there on their crazy trip through the countryside.

No signs of puking right now, in fact she appears as if fully appeased, enjoying the freedom that comes of travelling through dancing, she doing her own movements to complement Spiral's as if it would help, dancing close to Spiral now as they do their 'dance through the world' thing.

A wink is given back at Spiral when she catches her looking. Truly, she looks like a free happy soul right now.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral starts to wilt more and more as time goes by, the flashing by of images slowing down. Eventually they come to a brief halt, in a scrubby wasteland with mountains in the distance. Nevada, probably. Somewhere like that. And she rubs at her eyes with two hands.

There's only so much wildways navigation even Spiral can do, after all.

One final aching twirl, though, and they are suddenly on a beach in Tahiti. Spiral always wanted to go to Tahiti. It is however somewhat before dawn, so the beach is kinda cold and deserted. It looks like it would be lovely during the day though!

And Spiral flops onto the sand to rest for a moment, rubbing her eyes some more.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Tahiti! Or well, not like Harley knows exactly where they are now. But damn does it look beautiful! She takes in a deep of breath air though her legs also seem to falter at all the jumping.. Not exactly full-proof anti nausea herself with all the jumps they just did. "That was ..., a ride!" she flops down on the sand too, lying down fully with her arms extended back, taking in deep breaths.

"If I could have one supahpowah I think teleportin' would be my jam.." but then she notes Spiral rubbing her eyes and apparently tired on the sands.. Just sits back up and slides closer.

"Are you alright..?" She asks, the feeling of her hand felt resting on the othe woman's shoulder, not exactly sure on what may be wrong.

Spiral has posed:
"I've never done that before..." Spiral admits, and does actually seem quite happy, if tired. It would probably make for a cool panel or two in a comic though, someone should get on that. And eventually sits up. She has a headache, not that she's going to admit it to a mere human who doesn't even look slightly green.

"Teleporting is definitely the spell I use the most..." she agrees. And she frowns a bit at the concern showed, and the hand on one of her many shoulders. Teleporting IS her jam, her main thing! "I'm fine, human. But as this was supposed to be fun and not me trying to kill myself, I'm having a little break."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Nope, not green. If anything she looks pale! Which can be a sign of being travel sick too right? Right?! "I am glad I could be heah for yoh to try this out." she admits, helping Spiral sit up and she now sitting on her knees in front of the other woman. "It was great! We will definitely need to do it again sometime! Theah is so much moouh o' the woahld ta see afterall."

The call for a break gets a response from Harley. A delighted little squeal. She could use some time here in Tahiti and just enjoying the approaching dawn. She slides over on the sands to be next to Spiral, looking towards the ocean. "A break means we can sit heah and watch the sun come up. If I had brought my picnic basket we could have a lil meal." And yes, Harley is the type that finds comfort with proximity with others.. Or rather, she has no qualms in contact so she brings the side of her head to rest against Spiral's shoulder.

"Ya know, if this was my birthday I would say it would had been one o' the best gifts evah. It's not even my birthday so it counts foh moouh, right?" Harley logic. "Thank you."

Spiral has posed:
This is probably where the dinosaurs or kaiju from the depths or something should attack them while Spiral's teleporting genes are sore. But the beach stays peaceful, if dark. And as its a random beach, quite empty, too, aside from the ocean waves and sand and probably palm trees. For a few moments, Spiral is actually happy to just sit there with Harley leaning on her.

The initial exhilarition of teleporting across most of the US is fading, though, and Spiral looks down at her many limp hands, some in her lap, some spilling onto the sands around her, probably one on Harley just because there's nowhere else to put it, like some bizarre human-ish octopus.

Her lip twists a bit, and she abruptly gets up, dusting the sand out of her furry boots. "I feel better now. Lets get out of here.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's a good feeling for Harley, just sitting there in some random beach away from all the troubles that haunt her back in Gotham and New York, living the moment. A sense of happiness shecan attain without having to reach for the insanity that keeps her going from day to day without going, well ..., insane.. Yes, it's weird. But that's Harley.

For a change she chooses not to break the silence too. Which is an effort considering her mouth appears to have the superpower of never shutting up. But like Spiral she is fine with just enjoying this, relaxing and resting.

It's when Spiral gets up and announces it's time to leave that Harley mmms. She hesitates and then starts to get up to her feet. Wobbly legs. "Ufff, I think all this travellin' took moouh o' a toll on me than I expected.." she complains, flopping back down on her knees. "We may just have to wait till dawn..."

Harley, nominee for best actress. But who can resist those expressive blue eyes?!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral can definitely do that. If she can brutalise Dazzler she can resist Harley's eyes. "Where do you live?" she asks, curious - she's already beginning to dance, though. Harley better enjoy Tahiti while she can!

"You know my lair. And I know almost nothing about you." she accuses. "Aside from that you are from a truly awful city, and you eat the most unhealthy food this planet has to offer.". Of course, that's partly because Spiral doesn't really care that much as a rule, but she needs to at least know where to teleport to, and she just realised she doesn't.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ow, my knees... I feel like I took an arrow to 'em..." Harley says in a bit of a lame manner, but there isn't much strength on those words now. She knows Spiral will be teleporting soon enough. Damn, she was looking forward to the sunrise..

"And I live in Brooklyn now. Been livin' with my bestie April. She is like, a supah friend." on hindsight, it may not be a good idea to say where she lives to a villain like Spiral. But in the end it's a sign of trust from Harley, that she won't be messing with her friends.

"Hey, don't diss New Yoik. The place is great! And bring us to Brooklyn and I can guide ya from wheah we need ta go. It's on an old antique store down 54th street." she does finally get up to her feet with a sigh. And under protest too! She wanted to stay! But fine, back home it is.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral was going to take Harley right home, but then she realises that she needs her car, so she already knows where she has to go. "Brooklyn. Of course. The accent is similar to the Gotham one..." she observes. "But you need your car! I just realised. So I will take you there.".

"But now I know, I shall drop in on you for a change, instead of you invading my super secret hidden lab.". The latter said extremely drily. It makes her want to pick up Reggie again and watch him cry.

Lucky April!