3666/Camp Storms - Fear the Beast

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Camp Storms - Fear the Beast
Date of Scene: 03 October 2020
Location: Wilderness Campsites
Synopsis: A camping trip is set up at the last moment. Students and teachers alike attend, and there is a bear! And a squirrel. Oh, and chaos. Because reasons.
Cast of Characters: Ororo Munroe, Remy LeBeau, Gabby Kinney, Rogue, Noriko Ashida, Henry McCoy

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The last campers arrive. The event poorly scheduled, many may not have been properly packed. Staff were alerted at the last moment as well of Ororo's little jaunt into the woods, children a priority, safety not so much. She asked each to help ensure a student was prepared for the woods, to bring what they themselves may need...and everyone was out the door within half an hour of being told it was happening!

The campsites to the East of the school loomed invitingly, as Ororo in her cheerful smile and leathers led the way. "No, we're not staying HERE," she says happily. "That would be far too easy." And she walked right past the nice, prepared campsites, into the darker woods, always keeping her eyes about. Students to watch, animals to avoid and Dr McCoy to ensure the comfort of...it is a great amount of work.

And yet, she's happy. "Gabby, please try not to eat anything without asking first? Belle, Remy, I want a place with a clearing, but nothing protected from the sky. There will be rain tonight and I wish to see how well we've taught our charges."

And still, she walks on. Whatever she's looking for, she does love the wilds. She always has.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is moving slowly; his backpack is held in his right hand as he walks along, with a shake of his head."If it is going to rain, we need shelter not exposed to the elements, not all of us weather goddess." The tune is teasing, as he moves forward next to Rogue with a little chuckle, as he leans over to whisper."You bring me to trouble, again, and we'll this one might be small, no?"

As he watches the group, not moving anyway for the moment, but forward as he waits for the others, his backpack is full of booze, smokes, and a clothing. Nothing more needed for a night in the woods for Remy.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney has a hefty pack of her own slung over her shoulder. Sure, she might not have had a lot of time to pack (since when did she ever?) but she actually did have the equivalent of a bug out bag tucked into her closet in case of such events where she might need to go in a hurry. It wasn't packing so much as UNpacking the things she wouldn't need here. Extra ammo (no guns! They never said she couldn't keep the ammo with her though), some knives (though she kept one at least. Woodsmanship!) and her bodyarmor. She even opted not to bring the throwing stars! Such a sacrifice was made all so she could have enough room to stuff in a few bags of Stay Puft Marshmallows, chocolate bars and a box of graham crackers which was trying it's best to peek out the not-quite-zipped side of the bag.

At Ororo's call she scoffs, "I don't put *everything* in my mouth!" A proclaimation that is followed by a few moments of silence, and then a pause as she leans to the side to pituey out a twig with purple berries she'd plucked off a bush in passing. They didn't taste good anyway. Probably not edible.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is wearing a red, white and black plaid shirt, tied off around a black tshirt that is tucked in to a pair of blue jeans. The plaid shirt's sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and she's wearing a pair of black gloves that go up under the rolled-up-sleeves. She has a backpack on as well, with a cooler held in her left hand. She looks up to Storm and smiles up at her.

"You want me t'take t'the skies? Get a bird's eye'a this area?" She asks. "Seems like I know of a few places like that, not too far, I fly around here quite a bit. I like t'chase the deer, freakin'em out is kinda fun. 'Ahhhh flyin' human!'." She grins big. "They run like hell."

Rogue glances back to Remy then and smiles at him too when he approaches. "We ain't gonna sleep in the rain, don't fret on that." She says to the Cajun. Gabby's response to Ororo just gets a snicker from Rogue, but she doesn't say nothing back to that!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
18.  18...And here Noriko is on a school camping trip.  "At least there's fire," she mumbles to herself.  When she thinks no one is watching, Noriko pulls a rectangular battery out of her pocket and ducks her blue-haired head to sneak a little buzz.  Lick.  She sighs and slips the battery back into her pocket.  It's worse than the kids with inhalers.

When they walk right past such an idyllic spot, well, Noriko has something to say about it.  "Come on!  We could camp right there!"  The girl is near the rear.  She's wearing some cargo pants, chucks, and a green raglan tee with a thin turquoise leather bracelet.  Simple, snap-closed.

As they proceed, the electrokinetic looks upwards at the sky and swallows.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast packed light - uncertain what to expect in his current state. A small backpack was slung over one shoulder, the man choosing to wear hiking boots, cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy - just enough to keep him covered. He's trusting in Storm - she has an affinity for these things. This wasn't just a fun outting for the man, he was on the edge. Friends said this would help, so he is more than willing to try it.

A grin at the combined antics of those with him, the man relaxing visibly. He' with friends, and he desperately needs that. "We're not hunting, right? We brought food?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
There are, in fact, other students in the train. Lesser known ones, like Susan the lass with the hammers, and the squirrel boy. He doesn't talk much. Ororo is apparently tireless, being out of her room for the first time in a few days is good for her. Stepping over a root, she waves folks past it easily. "Flying would be cheating. I do not actually mind cheating, but let's minimize it for the moment. Can you remember one, Belle?"

Then she eyes Remy, nods to Rogue's response, and focuses on the children a moment. "We could, Ms Oshida. But we will not. You may return at any time after we arrive at our campsite, if you wish." She doesn't yet mention the fact that most would -already- be lost, let alone when they arrive. There's a slice of evil to her at times.

A nod to Gabby, she pauses and sniffs the air. "Can you smell that? Water. We're near the river." She's giving a lesson on how to smell the forest. It is...hard to notice. But it's there. But there's also a hint of darkness in the clouds above. There may be rain.

"I brought no food," she says finally. She considers leaving it at that, to let them decide how to take it, but sighs and explains as she walks once again. "There's no need to eat every single day. It's recommended, but hardly an issue if I miss a meal. Did everyone else bring food?" Well. A harder lesson. Serve yourself or starve...for one evening? Well, at least Gabby brought smores.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I brought what Remy needs, I'll be just fine. Smokes and booze, the dinner for champions." Remy nods slowly, as he moves with the others grinning at Rouge."I assume you where more of grown up than me, as normal?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I have s'mores fixings," Gabby announces cheerily before adding a bit more seriously with a nod toward Hank. "And some energy bars. This is supposed to be my 'need to run' bag," she explains with a shrug, and a grin. She's dressed warm enough in jeans, boots, and a slightly oversized hoodie in a screamingly bright yellow. Not neon, but certainly bright.

A glance is cast toward the area indicated with a narrowing of her eyes. She sniffs at the air attempting to catch the scent... You'd think someone of her heritage would have known that already. "Smells kind of musty. I'm more a city girl. I'm still learning."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances back to Noriko and catches a glimpse of her licking that battery. She just grins at her, not wanting to make a spectacle of it, just letting her know she saw it! Her eyes dart over to Hank, whose letting his stomach navigate him through the woods, apparently!

Rogue holds up her cooler in her left hand. "Hotdogs an' some chicken breasts t'cook, if that sounds good." Her eyes dart up to Ororo then.

"Yeah, there's a deer stand up ahead, the hunters like t'tryin' shoot the deer as they go in for sips'a water at the river. There's a clearing near there, but I wouldn't recommend settin' up camp right beside the water. This time'a year, it's gonna get pretty cold at night, and the water's only gonna make it colder if ya try'n sleep right beside it."

She gives a glance to Remy then. "Better share some'a that booze." She mutters at him with a smile.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I see."  Yes.  Once they get to the campsite, Noriko will surely be too lazy to want to walk back.  Storm is formidable, and this seems to shut Noriko up.  The thought of getting lost?  Doesn't even occur to her.  She follows along, hardly paying attention to her surroundings as she puts one foot in front of the other, staring at the heels of the person in front of her.

"I brought hot dog buns and jolly ranchers."  Perfectly normal.  A bashful, yet cheeky grin creeps halfway onto her face.  "I could go get more stuff if anyone needs it.  Now that I know the way."  Ha!

"Yeah, can we not be by the water?  I'm not looking to kill an entire habitat of aquatic wildlife."  Noriko shifts her pack as she moves along in the ant trail that is their little hiking caravan.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a deep breath in from Beast - nodding. "Not far at all." He agrees, eyes closing for a moment to envision it. "I have some beef jerky and cheese." He comments, patting his backpack. "Booze and smokes? Not quite the lesson to learn there." He grumbles, glancing to where Rogue mentions the deer stand. "It's not hunting season, is it?" He looks around to the others.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Yes, enough for everyone I assumed," Ororo says with a smile toward Remy. She may or may not be kidding, especially with current company, but she rolls with the joking atmosphere a touch. Still, her tone is dry and suggests that what happens in the woods, stay in the woods.

A hand on Gabby's shoulder is a gentle touch, but it is lifted as quickly. "You're doing fine, daughter. Let there be time to grow, it will come." She raises her eyes to Belle, then nods. "An excellent choice. Henry, would you mind taking a step ahead? Find out if there are any animals to be wary of?" She knows, or she should know. Why is she asking him to? He may know. Part of this trip is to let him be a beast, and that means at least partly solitude.

"Apparently hot dogs and a variety then, as you each see fit to share. I will not force any one person to do so, but camping is a commun...ah!" She pauses in the middle of a thought, raising her hands high. There are sounds, and she brings the hand down again with a squirrel on her arm. "Say hello, everyone. We've a guest."

The squirrel looks agitated, but not panicked. There is something in the goddess of the air after all. "You may approach. Perhaps he will ride someone, if they have something to feed him."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I brought enough for me, for you Ma Pettie, but not for the class. No, no. I no have a cooler, just a backpack, no?" His hand is swinging it over his shoulder as he looks over at Hank."Your stomach only gets hungry doing hunting season, or all the time, no?" His voice is teasing of the large furred man, as he winks at him."Hunting is year-round, when empty belly. The law, will chase but you will dine, like a dine and dash, no."

Rogue has posed:
"Normally I agree that it's fine t'skip a meal, but part'a the fun'a goin' out to the woods for a nice camp out is the food. Ya gotta make somethin' over the fire, once the sun goes down. It gives ya stuff t'eat while ya tell the ghost stories. I mean, the sun goes down at like, what, eight? Can't just sit around starin' at each other and not a one'a us is gonna be fallin' asleep at eight PM." She grins lightly. "I'll take a look see though." She adds that last part before moving on ahead of the others.

Rogue vanishes up ahead from the others as she scouts on up ahead to see if she was right, the river was a good point of interest to help her get her bearings based on her times of flying around above this area.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I could dine and dash right about now," Noriko says as she leans to one side.  She pulls a crinkly jolly rancher from her pocket, green apple.  "I got the little guy something," something he'll choke on.

"Hey buddy."  Noriko steps forward and slowly tries to untwist the candy right there in front of him, not really thinking through how jolly ranchers just SNAP open somehow with the smallest of force, and these gauntlets are so clumsy.  "Oops."  The jolly rancher pops up and her hand darts to catch it in her open palm.  That was totally on purpose.  Noriko tries to play it cool, but it's clear the blue-haired girl is trying to play it cool.

"I know buddy.  I'm hungry too."  She looks off toward the direction Rogue has gone.  Vulnerable.  Unsuspecting.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances up toward Ororo with a grin at the reassurance, and she nods. She might not have the sniffer of Logan or Laura, but she could still learn to be more aware of her surroundings. This wasn't a bad thing. Even if the habit to mentally map her location was already there she could add in the river there, and... okay it was way harder in the woods than on a city grid.

"There's enough food to go around sounds like. And even if there isn't, just means you'll be hungry for awhile." She shrugs a little, and is about to say more when...

A small gasp comes as she grinds to a halt holding her fists clasped to her lips. "OMYGOSH it's so cute!" She squeaks out giddily at the squirrel that arrived. The urge to reach back for food causes her to hesitate though. Instead she looks over toward Noriko. "My stuff is full of sugar and not really healthy. Maybe your hotdog buns?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a pause, Hank lowering himself to all fours. A glance over to the squirrel, then to Ororo. A nod and he moves off into the woods - ahead of the group. He keeps low, moving as quiet as a cat. Go figure. His senses are on full alert, taking in the sights and sounds of the area around him - not to mention the scent.

He moves with confidence - an animal understanding of the world around him.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo opens her mouth as Rogue heads off. She blinks, a little bit confused, then smiles. "Well, that'll work too," she says, a bit less aplomb and more adaptation required. She holds out her arm toward Noriko and Gabby (and the other NPC's) and lets the little guy inspect them.

The squirrel hunches down uncertainly, then sniffs at Noriko's offering. Then in a flash the little guy is on Noriko's shoulder pawing at a pocket.

"You appear to have something he is interested in," Ororo says. Then she grins. "You two see what you can do. Remy? May I have a moment?" She motions upward, almost unnecesarily as a soft rain begins to fall. "We will need to hurry setting up. I fear for this rainfall."

She waves to Remy to get his attention, though as Rogue and Henry move off, there are things to find. Rogue on high sees the blind, not far away at all. She could do better from the ground, but something is amiss....

Something that Henry could smell, very soon. The deer blind has had a recent visitor. Bear.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is walking now as he watches the squirrely little squirrel. As he waves towards Rogue as she is sailing upwards, as he kicks up a tree quickly, silently leaping to another climbing high, using the force of his leaps, as he spins, landing an on a tall tree, his eyes watching the area.

But that is when he hears his name dropping down before he gets a good view, as he walks over to Storm."Yes, what do you need?" His voice is soft, a low rumble of pure joy, enjoying the fresh air, his hand is brushing through that brown hair, his red eyes always moving, watching, as he leans against a tree. Producing a cigarette with a flick of his fingers, lighting the tip with his powers, as he exhales the smoke through his nose.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, up ahead, spots the deer stand and a good campsite, so she turns around to head back up the small pathway incline toward where she'd left the others. As she goes, she catches sight of Beast rushing past in the distance. Had Hank already decided to head back home? If so, he was going in the wrong direction.

Rogue glances back toward the pathway that the others were still down on, then back toward where Hank was.

Something tingles inside of her and makes her feel a danger lurking for the Beast.

"Hank, wait!" Rogue's voice calls out amongst the sounds of the forest all around them.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah.  Well I can get really hungry," Noriko says to Gabby without going into it.  The squirrel is happily investigating her during the convo.  "Yeah I'm trying to give him this jolly rancher and he's going for the whole stash."  But the girl seems to soften a little.  "You want in buddy?  Here.  For the winter."  She opens her pocket so he can get to the stash of candies.  "Don't swallow the plastic."

Noriko doesn't give Ororo any space, completely unaware of everything that's going on.  She tries to direct her hand over to Gabby, the jolly rancher on her metal sheathed palm the bait.  "You can do it," she eggs the squirrel on in her teasing.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney watches the squirrel with the intensity of a kid enjoying something cute. Which is a lot. She sniffs again, nose crinkling faintly. That wasn't water. That wasn't fresh air. That was a scent she recognized... "Eew, why's it smell like piss?" The words come without thinking. This was the woods after all. Clearly animals were around. Right? Right.

Oh, but squirrel! When Noriko starts to urge the squirrel over Gabby holds her hand out with a broad grin completely unafraid of any potentially rabid squirrels.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He knew, he scented the bear, even before the call out from Rogue. He tenses at the sound of the ringing call, hearing it all too well. Yellow eyes narrow, focused on the slumbering bear. Well, correction - formerly slumbering bear. The sleepy ursine's ears perk up and it shuffles to its feet. There's a yawning growl - perhaps a warning.

Hank puffs up, bracing himself in the earth. His response is a low warning growl, trying to spook the recent inhabitant away.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The squirrel, already agitated, paws at Noriko's open pocket for a moment longer. Then it suddenly perks up. The tail goes incredibly huge, puffing out as much as it can, and it leaps from its perch. Landing on top of Gabby's head, it runs around her body one time then dives off of the other girl into the trees, whence it vanishes with utmost haste and apparent fear!

Ororo, her hand raising, says to Remy and the rest of the children, "A moment. Good, Gabby. We've walked into animal territory. Now, everyone listen." She mouths an apology to Remy, unable to continue the conversation at that exact moment. But this is important.

Further away Henry meets something rising from its bed. The bear, a brown medium-sized male, rises onto its four paws. It looks at Henry, then tilts its head back and announces its intentions. The roar is larger than its size, which is formidable.

Everyone would hear it. Henry is facing off with a bear in the wild.

And Rogue has a birds' eye view! Really this is something she could handle with one hand. But should she? Perhaps Hank can frighten the bear off naturally?

Or, back at the camp, will Ororo manage to save the supplies? "Noone is to panic. Dr McCoy and Ms Belle are quite capable. Please stay together, we will follow cautiously."

Yes, Move toward the raging bear. Well, this is the mutant team after all.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had sensed the danger Hank was headead toward, which was rare, but happened sometimes... her Seventh Sense was weird like that. She rushes after her former teacher and moves to catch up beside him, to stare the bear down as it rises up and starts to roar.

Even being nearly invulnerable, the sight of a big brown bear roaring angrily at you... it's still unsettling, it's still a foreign sight and it still /feels/ utterly dangerous.

Rogue gives a glance toward Hank, then rushes in to put her gloved hands on the bear and just SHOVE him backward. "Get the hell outta here, Smoky!" She shouts at him! Her shove is issued with enough strength to hopefully just push him over on to his big bear butt, and send HIM a message of scare, like he just tried to give /them./

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"No one fucks with you when you smell like piss."  Spoken like Noriko knows a thing or two about it.  "Plus.  It's not his fault.  He doesn't have access to a toilet."

Noriko grins, head tilting to the side at Gabby.  "Nice hat."  Then she watches the squirrel bound off its way.  Then she turns, because Ororo sounds serious.  As they quiet, she can hear the faint electrical buzzing that seems to always haunt her.  Then, the roar.

"Oh shit.  That's a bear.  That's a bear right?"  Noriko is sure she heard a bear somewhere before.  Oh yeah, nature shows.  As the girl gets a little more agitated, a little spark snaps out of her hand.  Could have just been particularly strong static discharge.  It's not anything anyone would normally be alarmed by.  "I'll be up front," she volunteers and steps forward to walk side by side, sneaking along.  She reaches to each gauntlet to turn a dial or two.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The scrabbling of the squirrel racing around Gabby's shoulders until it finds it's way to her head leaves her with a few scratches that marr her skin for all of a few moments. There's no notice or reaction to it from Gabby as she holds her breath with a wide grin at the cute thing, aggitated though it may be. It does cause her to frown a bit. "Oh, hey," she realizes as it runs off, "I think it was trying to warn us --Yeah that's probably a bear. Or Logan's really pissed," she reasons with a sigh. Unslinging her pack she glances around a moment before foisting it off on one of the other kids. "Hey hang on to this, yeah? Might get lost."

With that she jogs up to join Noriko and the others toward the front. "I mean, it's not like we want to kill the bear, it might be best to lure it off...."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is watching it all moving to set up the tent, as his hand is hammering down into the ground each steak for the first, he is working slowly at a lazy speed, trying to build what they need. His hand is moving, as he looks at the kids with a little chuckle."It is da bum trick; they pee so no-one mugs dem, it is classic, good way of getting away. I never use it; I'm too classy, Remy is better den dat. But I have seen it, no?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Bear. It didn't back down. Damn. Hank stands his ground, raising up as well - not nearly as tall, but just as heavy. "Careful." He snarls out, between posturing with the young bear. Then Rogue was shoving him. That's going to escalate things. "Damnit."

He moves foward, again posturing - ready to attack, ready to defend as need. "CAREFUL. DON'T RILE HIM!"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Riled, the bear is. But it is also an animal and not a monster. It does not truly wish to fight unless it must, or so it seems as the bear is rolled back...and retreats! The bear will not eat Henry or Rogue tonight, though it turns tail and runs. The positive, they seem to have fended it off! Both Henry and Belle together.

The negative? The camp that Remy has begun to set up is in ilne with its retreat, and an afraid bear is more dangerous than normal, not less.

Thus, as the rain starts to fall in earnest, Ororo calls out, "Be Ware!" And a snuffling in the woods up ahead announces the arrival of the one that comes. And a big brown face comes into the clearing, heading right for Noriko and Gabby both!

The squirrel is not there to defend them. Sorry.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over at Hank as he seems peeved at her for her choice. "What?" She asks him. She motions to the bear. "He can't handle me." She tells him with a somewhat arrogant little laugh and a shake of her head. "I'll turn him into a rug and put it in fronta my fireplace if he even--"

The bear gets up and starts to run off. "See?" She adds, and laughs softly again. Only the bear is headed toward the campsites. "Ah jeezus...." The southern belle exhales sharply and then glances to the sky as the rain starts to come down. She floats up into the air and looks to Hank. "I'm gonna go grab'im. I'll fly him up north a ways. That way he'll be off everyone's mind, instead of worryin' about him comin' back for revenge." She offers Hank her cooler with the hotdogs and chicken in it, then starts to fly off into the rain, bound to be a soaked Belle in a matter of seconds!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As the raindrops start to bleed down her gauntlets and to her skin, little tendrils of electricity snap out, short lived and still low key, but continuous and any more, it might start to mesmerize something.  Ororo's call of warning causes the blueish electricity to ripple down from her body to her gauntlets even as she moves.  Her face is saying fuck no, but her body is saying otherwise.  Instinctively, she steps forward to make sure Gabby is behind her, at least for this part.  She puts up her hands and squints as the pool of crackling electricity shoots out, dense and bright.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Oooh that's a big boy." Gabby takes a deep breath, and stands very still. "I think we're not supposed to look into it's eyes. That might be a challenge... Um..." She reaches back slowly for her bag only to recall she handed it off. No treats to toss to the bear to get it to leave. Darn. With another sigh she flexes her fists so that her claws snap out just as Noriko steps in front of her.

"Wait!" She warns realizing with the crackle of elecgtricity what will happen. A wounded, angry, scared bear didn't seem like a good thing. But it was too late so she just hunkers down into a half-couch narrowing her eyes as she intends to play interceptor if it tries to go toward the other kids.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast sighs, shaking his head. "They don't want revenge, Rogue. Leave him. Please." He says, after a moment - watching the confused and scared bear run off into the rain. He takes deep breath, inhaling the scent of the storm brewing. Calming breaths. Eventually, his face turns up to the sky - letting the rain spatter over his visage.

After a moment, he looks back to the others - heading in that direction. "Bear. He's gone. Scared away."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo, for all her power, appears to be mostly gathering together those students who are not combat-prepared. She looks up as she sees the bear with her eyes, her senses having told her of it almost half an hour ago. She is unsurprised. And she lets it come, lets her students and friends deal with it. Because this is Nature, and there are rules.

A bolt of lightning strikes the bear, but not one from the skies. The bear roars more brightly, smoldering a little, and attempts to slap at the thing which hurt it, Noriko's gauntlet. A spark, a flash, and the bear is grabbing at Gabby's arm, shaking its head! It releases her as quickly then is running, moving to pass the group. Rogue would swoop in, prepared to save the day!

As Ororo looks on, her senses prepared, and copper in the air. There is a lightning bolt holding steady, in case it is needed. But she has not acted. Her eyes are focused, and she waits for the right moment, which she hopes will not come.

The moment when she has to kill, in order to save her charges.

Rogue has posed:
Hank calls Rogue off from her plan to scoop the bear up though, and as challenging as that is for her to do it... he's a superior officer, and Carol's mind suddenly has a bit of sway over Rogue's mental forefront. It makes the Belle drop out of the air and land on the side of a felled tree that had been rolled off to the side of one of the pathways through the woods. In a crouch, Rogue stands up to her full height and looks back to Hank, her hair all wetly matted down to her head now, her clothes soaked through, she stands there in the rain and looks back in the direction that the bear had been going.

Surge was on it, Storm was there... if she wasn't supposed to take the bear off and away, Rogue accepts the ruling and just drops down with a little splash on to the forest pathway and walks toward the campsite with her wet gloved hands swaying at her sides as she moves.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko doesn't have time to react, to kick up her speed, and with her heart slamming against her ribs, she doesn't think it's the best time to go running blindly through the woods and smack into a tree.  It sounds cooler to die by bear.  Noriko puts her hands up, but one is caught along the way with the swipe, his claws tearing through.  She drops to the ground and rolls away, hopefully (she does).  Then she gets up onto her feet and shouts in the bear's wake, "NO THANK YOU!"  Thankfully she hasn't spotted Storm just standing by with a lightning bolt, chilling on the job.  She holds her swatted arm to her stomach, scowling.  "Gabby?"  She looks around for the girl.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney digs her feet in before darting forward in front of Noriko just before she ends up smacked away. She winces, having missed saving her from that attack, but soon enough the bear, er, bears down on her. The teeth that bite into her arm earns no scream from her other than a call of, "Get everyone safe!" to Storm who was herding the other children away.

Then as the bear shakes it's head with her arm in mouth she's tossed about like a rag doll. It takes a moment for her free arm to reach up and grab a fistfull of the fat, furry hide of the bear. When the bite releases leaving her arm bloodied with skin hanging, potentially broken, she hoists herself up onto the back of the bear.

"Come on buddy let's not go this way," she tries to tug the ear of the bear to make it go the other way. Of course she might just end up slammed to the ground again, but her main goal was protecting the others at the moment in spite of the blood pouring down her arm.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"That'll be quite enough," says the soft voice of Ororo Munroe. She lowers her hand, and the bear rears up. The lightning falls, but it does not go as planned. Striking Noriko's lightning rod of a hand, she takes most of the bolt herself! Thus, this is what is happening when Rogue walks into camp.

The bear is roaring and plunging, Gabby being thrown off of its back, guaranteeing all kinds of stories for the evening's entertainment. Noriko is only slightly on fire; there are other campfires set around her though, which is both nice and polite of her. Remy has the camp almost fully set up, and Ororo actually looks...confused.

Also it's possible that the Jolly Ranchers have been fused into a lump, which will no longer do for the squirrels. One of which is watching, because this is hilarious.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches the camp in time to see pure madness unfolding, which makes her just exhale in a sharp measure of annoyance. She could've stopped this, she could've made it never happen. She growls like a wild animal herself and rushes in, her boots wetly slapping against the ground. Her arms moving quickly at her sides, the Belle reaches out to grab at Gabby to pull her back out of the way before she turns to face the bear down.

"I said, go away!" The southern gal shouts at the bear before she just leans forward, extends her arms and charges right at him, to wrap her arms around his neck.

Rogue, and the bear, will start to rise up in to the sky at tremendous speed, shooting off in to the rain together!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
In a way, Gabby did save Noriko.  If it hadn't been for Gabby, one of Noriko's limbs or her face might look like Gabby's meatarm right now.

As Gabby is shaked about, Noriko watches on, biting her lip.  She sucks air between her teeth when Gabby's arm does that and bends just that oh that's so wrong.  "Ohhhh, your arm."  She stares with eyes wide.  "It's...seen better days.  Don't litter."  With a body part?

Noriko feels that sudden onset after discharge.  She didn't have time to properly charge up before they left.  She lists to the side, still clutching her metal clad arm and just as she's about to fall the lightning strikes, seizing for a moment before she bristles with electricity, her eyes glowing blue.

"I'monfireonfiiiiire!"  The words come out fast, on top of each other, and with a broken electronic like jittering voice.  Then she's off!  She zigzags like a lightning bolt.  At some point in this bonanza, she trips on a root and rolls violently into a nearby tree trunk.  At least she's not on fire anymore...right?

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby would be grabbed by Rogue except trying to hang onto the back of a bucking bear with one arm is a tricky proposition. With a whooop of a yell she goes flying ending up on the ground tumbled and rolling a few times until she comes to a skidding halt near the base of a tree. She tries to push herself up once--that arm still isn't working. The second time gets her up, and she rolls up to sit cross legged. Dusty, dirty, bloody she lets out a breath of air blowing her messed hair out of her face.

"It's okay, I can't feel it. It'll heal up in a bit," she assures Noriko wit a grin. ... That fades as the poor girl gets jolted and ends up in just as much a mess as her.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Thus ends the saga of the first group camping trip for the intrepid explorers of the mansion. Noble Rogue returns, and the bard, Remy, has helped with the meals. Beer basted hot dogs are apparently offered, though they may not be accepted by all.

While Hank the barbarian spends his time in the woods, he watches from afar. There is no more rain, as the druid has seen to its banishment, and the mage Noriko continues to traffic in Jolly Rancher bits til she collapses in a heap.

Gabby, the Healer (of herself, still counts!) is telling stories til late. And while there is much to be told, there is no more adventures that night. And in the morning, the only fear is far, far away, in Canada.