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The Return Of the Pumpkin Spice
Date of Scene: 03 October 2020
Location: Cafe Lalo
Synopsis: October means a certain coffee treat is back for sale.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Wilson Fisk, Diana Prince, Winslow Schott, Harley Quinn, Alexander Aaron, Dawn Granger

Viola Fiore has posed:
It's October. The arrival of the month looms over most facets of life for the denizens of New York in a way that other months do not. It's looked forward to by many, not just for Halloween and the chance to wear things in public that would have gotten you arrested a century earlier.

Now, the main significance of October is the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And muffins. And bread. And just about anything else they can add it to. Though Cafe Lalo is a little more upscale than a Starbucks, Starling City Coffee or even the Latverian Coffee of Doom franchise, it is not immune to the effect.

The evening crowd is larger than normal. Some people at tables, others just getting cups of their favorite harvest-time beverage and mingling with each other, perhaps on their way to a show after, or returning from one. One such pair is Viola Fiore and her date, a young man of about the same as she. The twenty-two year olds both get their large cups, and each has a little plate with some pumpkin-spiced banana bread that is nice and warm and has a delicious aroma. "Ok I admit it. I do love this stuff," Viola says with a sigh that suggests she's caving. Carlo Manfredi grins at her. "Like I couldn't tell from how you flock to the coffee houses every October since I first met you."

Wilson Fisk has posed:
Mr. Fisk was only here after a meeting that ran for too long; it is not something he normally does on such a night. Meetings, over as he walks into the line waiting, his eyes watching as he shakes his head slowly, with a little chuckle as he watches the couple eating the bread, as he orders a simple black coffee, as he pays tipping too large.

Dressed in a tight purple suit with a silver tie, nothing cheap on his person, that Rolex is more than the kid behind's the counters student loans, as he moves to a chair in the corner to sink into it with an annoyed sigh, as he takes out his phone, to read emails, to plan the next step tonight.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's silver sports car pulls up outside and parks just a few cars down from the front entrance. She steps out of the vehicle and shuts the door, then proceeds around behind her car toward the cafe. Wearing a black leather jacket over an Octobery-orange sweater, with black slacks and short heeled boots, Diana opens the door to the cafe and moves inside. Her dark hair is tied back behind her head and she's holding her phone and car keys in her right hand as she moves toward the front counter to wait her turn. Her eyes taken in the sight of the others here-in, both Wilson and Viola, as well as any other customers milling about.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Winslow Percival Schott was not supposed to be approaching a cafe in the middle of NYC. By now, he was supposed to be on the Interstate heading back to Metropolis after a "little adventure" at a nearby toy convention. But, unexpected trouble with his purple Volkswagen Bug has stranded him in NYC until one of his henchmen could come down to help him repair his car. Luckily for him, no one seemed to recognize him as the Terrible Toyman yet, and he personally hoped it stayed that way. He had been taking a stroll near where his car broke down when he suddenly grew hungry. Hench why he was approaching the Cafe Lalo.

As he walked in, Schott let out a very annoyed swear at the sight before him. Bloody hell, there was a line, and a long one. Schott was not clad in his normal suit today. Instead, he was clad in a rather colorful Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans. He could not afford to be recognized, especially now. He was just claiming his order, two pumpkin spice muffins, a cinnamon roll, and a Pumpkin Spice latte, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting when he heard his phone vibrate. Schott let out another swear as he rushed to his table.

Once he got to his table, Schott pulled out his phone and immediately grinned. The text he received was from one of his "chaps", a reliable sort named Irwin, and he was on his way to help with his car. Schott then grinned as he took a bite from his cinnamon roll and pulled out what appeared to be a My Precious Unicorn doll from a tote bag slung around his arm. The Unicorn itself was very brightly colored, it's fur and mane mirroring what appeared to be a rainbow He smiled at the doll happily as he thought to himself,

"Ah yes, I finally found a Princess Astra. I remember designing this wonder work of art back in the 90s. A shame it lost it's pet-like qualities, but this is still a good find, I look forward to bringing it back."

Harley Quinn has posed:
You know what? Harley deserves a night out without just being eyed weirdly by everyone. And had she heard about Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Damn right.. But it wouldn't do to just go as her normal self. She'd be stopped at the entrance. Or worse!

So she ditched the ponytails, just letting her hair loose (the colored ends still there), bringing some clothings she raided off April's closet and here she was. Aaaaalmost normal. If it wasn't for the wider grin that she gives when she arrives at the entrance, the opening of her arms and the, "Mmmmm, I can smell it already..., came ta me Pumpkin Spice!"

And full of bravado she makes way through the front door, making way down the line to stand right next to such luminaries as Fisk, Diana or the Maggias. She peeks at them a moment.., then again.

"Dontcha I know ya?" Whoever is she asking? She is looking at each in turn.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola and Carlos spot a tall table that seats six and is one of the only tables available. They move over to take it, though Viola says, "Maybe we can switch to something smaller when one clears up? I hate to take up the extra seats?"

Carlos gives a little shrug. "Sure babe if that's what you want," he tells her in a tone that suggests he's indifferent about them taking up the extra space. Viola tries the spiced banana bread, letting out a sigh of delight. She slips out of her light jacket, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tight fitting white long-sleeve knit top, perfect for early October weather.

As she takes a sip of her coffee, she spots a familiar face. "Mr. Fisk," she says, raising her voice enough it should carry over to him. She lifts a hand to wave over to him and give a smile of greeting. She also gestures towards one of the empty seats at their table.

Viola takes another bite of her banana bread and then dabs at her lips with a napkin before telling Carlos. "Wow, this statuesque woman who just came in is so beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Wonder Woman."

As Harley comes in, Viola doesn't seem to recognize her, at least not anymore than she did Diana. She glances around, not quite sure who Harley is talking to. She gives Harley a smile back in case it's her. One that, should it not have been directed at Vi, will also be a reasonable expression to have given.

Wilson Fisk has posed:
"Hello, Miss Fiore." Mr. Fisk watches her for a moment, as he sips his coffee, saluting her with it, as he leans back into his seat, watching the woman as he nods towards Harley, his hand is placing the phone back into his inner pocket, as he stands slowly making his way to the table with Violet to sit down, as he looks over at the youth next to her."Good evening, Carlos. I hope you have been well?" His voice is kind, as he sips his coffee again as he watches the room, now maybe something fun will happen.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana waits for her turn to be served and approaches the counter, she's been here before clearly as she knows precisely what she wanted, and in fact it's already ready for her. She shares a few words with the person behind the counter that tends to her, then takes the small cup of hot tea and the little tray with a small pastry on it to turn and move toward a table.

Diana pauses though and the sight of Harley Quinn arriving. They'd ... interacted before. Harley had come to the Themysciran Embassy to turn herself in, after breaking out of Arkham earlier this year. Diana had accepted, and put Harley under arrest until the police arrived. She'd sworn to Harley that she wouldn't let her go back to Arkham, and pulled some strings to ensure that wouldn't happen.

Not wanting to bother the woman though, Diana finds a table for herself to settle in at, setting her drink and pastry down upon it as she removes her jacket to drape it over the back of her chair.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Just part of the crowd, not looking out of place, a civilian strolling down the street in the foot traffic with hands in the pockets of his jeans and a distant look on his face. Who's that? That's Alex. Ander. Aaron. No claim to fame out and about, just a college age guy strolling down the street.
    A phone is brought forth and a few keys tapped, his gait bringing him up short at the door with a tilt of his head as he peers inside. Platinum blond kid with his backpack and jeans, and an over-sized t-shirt that displays a kitten with a rainbow streaming from its bum. A thumb taps send and lets the message wend its way up up into the atmosphere and then back down just a few yards from where he stands. A sort of waste of technology really, since seconds later he espies the woman he's there to meet.
    The door opens with a jangle, bell ringing as he shoulders it open and steps around the edges and fringe of the crowd. "Hey." He says to Ms. Prince, smile growing on his features.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott started to sip his latte when he he heard a very familiar voice. He immediately started to hack and cough as his drink went down the wrong throat, eliciting a few worried glances from nearby patrons. Ah bloody hell, it was Harley Quinn. True, the only interaction Schott had with Quinn was back in 2015, when he was forced to go down to that hellhole known as Gotham to acquire parts for a scheme. Now, here she was running around the cafe. Schott, to hide his nervousness, takes out a tiny brush and begins to brush the Unicorn's mane. As he does this, Schott thinks to himself,

"Please don't recognize me. Please don't recognize me."

He is so caught up in the mane brushing, he does not notice Diana sitting at the table in front of him.

Harley Quinn has posed:
A smile is of course returned to Viola, and the others.. This is all so posh and high society. Damn, she isn't used to all this. Hot damn! And people are so delicate too. She could get used to this life... But it's when her eyes rest on Diana that they start to widen. Recognition comes to them. "Oh it's y-!!" she places her hands in front of her mouth before she just announces widely to the room it's Wonder Woman here. She is thoughtful! Instead her expression seems to light up. She finds herself staring a bit until the waiter clears their throat.

"Your order, miss?" Harley then snapping to attention and looking. "Oh! Pumpkin Spice Latte!" that's right. She had to try it. She waits rather impatiently for her drink and once she has it she starts strolling across the room. Destination? Diana's table...

But .., is that a Princess Astra? "Woah, woah. What am I seein' heah?!" yes, she is looking directly at Winston, then down at his toy. "Is that an original Princess Astra?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola turns back to her date Carlos, and to Wilson Fisk, as it seems Harley was probably talking to the beautiful woman who looks so much like Wonder Woman. She could probably get a job as a double for her!

Carlos Manfredi nods over to Wilson Fisk, reaching over to offer his hand. "Nice to see you again, Wilson. I trust your business is going well?" he says. "I'm good. Just dragging Vi out to a show tonight. Now she's out of college she's got all this free time." While he hasn't been involved in any of the interactions with Fisk directly, they've met and he's aware of the ongoing situations with the unions and the building permits.

Viola looks from Carlos back to the large man as he takes a seat with them. "It's not free time," she protests. "Well, I mean, ok it is. But I'm spending it trying to decide where I want to look for a job. I have an offer to go back with Deborah and do event planning. She said she'd let me handle my own events. I'm just undecided," she says.

Wilson Fisk has posed:
Mr. Fisk watches the couple with a little chuckle, as he sips his coffee. His hand brings that phone out again as it pings, looking so tiny in his massive dark hand, as he reads a txt with a little sigh of displeasure."Business is fine; it is good. There are always things to fix, but in the end, that nail gets hammered down, or it leaves your side."

With that he is slowly typing with his large fingers, sending it off that phone returned to the inner pocket of his jacket, as he shakes his head with a little chuckle."I see, good job on finishing school, a thing that not many have the patience to do, your little Viola."

His eyes turning slowly, to Carlos as he grins at the boy."How goes your own delves into the world of finance?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had arranged meeting her nephew at this cafe for a catchup to find out how he was doing, and when he strides in through the doorway she looks up from her phone to see him and offer him a soft smile of greeting.

She hadn't shown any outward indication of Harley very nearly joining her at her table, only to be distracted away for the moment, but does glance over in that direction for a second.

When Alexander joins her though, she pushes the pastry on the plate across the table for him. "I got you this. It is delicious. Real fruit, lots of sugar, you need to try it. Must try it!" She adds with a playful smile for him before raising her tea up for a sip. "How are things?" She asks him then.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott almost had a heart attack when he hears Harley Quinn's voice right in front of him. He looks up and yep, there she was, starting first at him, then suddenly, at his Princess Astra. Despite his fear of being exposed, Schott couldn't help but smile when he asked if that was an original Princess Astra. What do you know, he might've found a fan of his creations. Too bad he couldn't give a proper introduction, especially now! He gives Harley a confident little smile and says with a British accent,

"Why yes it is young lady. It is from the year 2000, the year the second generation of these beauties came out. I have been collecting them for years, even the bloody action figures of the various villains from the cartoon! Are you a fan as well?"

Schott then lets out a gentle chuckle. True, this lie was simple, but hopefully enough not to reveal him as Toyman.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Slipping into the seat and unslinging his backpack with a /whumpf/ of impact when it lands upon the ground next to his chair, Alexander pulls that chair up and slips to the side, causing it to squeak a bit in complaint as he resituates himself to have a decent view of most of the room.
    A glance is given to the side, eyes drifting over the people nearby, and the Harley Person who is standing there chatting amiably. He does spare her a glance and a sort of half-smile before his attention slips back to Aunty.
    "Mmm?" He says at first, curious hazel eyes dropping to the proffered pastry and then he leans forward, taking up the plastic fork, "Well if I must, I must." He says and stabs the fork into it, twisting a bit to break off a bit. Though he does say before he chomps, "Oh a friend of mine was wanting to catch me, I told her I would be around here if that's cool. She's... ok I guess. Kinda crazy and tempestuous sometimes, but then we all kinda are, right?"
    That said he takes a bite, eyebrows rising as he chews and nods to Diana, "Ok... s'not bad."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore flashes a smile over to Wilson Fisk. "Thank you," she tells him at the compliment on her graduating Columbia. "Sometimes it seemed like the day would never arrive," she tells him. "Had to finish it up over the summer because of deciding late I wanted to add a minor," she tells him.

Vi cuts into the pumpkin spice banana bread, getting another bite of it while it's still nice and toasty warm. "Mmm. They really do a good job with it," she comments. Carlos just gives a faint, somewhat cocky grin after Viola's earlier admission. He takes a sip of his beverage and tells Wilson Fisk, "Things are going well. Made a decent little profit this quarter," he tells Fisk. And very likely not realizing just how much the older man might realize of what activities Carlos undertakes to make that profit.

Vi keeps her eyes down on her plate for a moment, rather than let anything in them be read by either her date or the guest at the table. "I saw you had a charity event recently? Something to do with worker safety, or overseas sweat shops?" Viola asks Wilson.

She glances over at the others conversing with each other. Diana Prince gets a second look, the Italian girl's brow furrowing for a moment as if maybe she's starting to wonder if that might not really be Diana Prince.

Dawn Granger has posed:
The air is just crisp enough for Dawn to have grabbed a jacket on her way out the door to meet Alex. Her boots click busily as she runs up out of the subway; she still calls it the underground to herself.

Platinum blonde hair swept back into a ponytail; she stands poised at the entrance to the cafe, blue eyes sweeping the dining area for Alex. She catches him stuffing his mouth, sitting across from a gorgeous dark-haired woman. Dawn gawps when she puts it together. His aunt. Wonder Woman.

With a slight shrug, she winds her way through the tables to their side.

"Hey, Alex," she says brightly and nods deeply to Diane, a faint smile for her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Who isn't a fan, right?!" Harley gets mightly close to Winslow, oggling down at the toy with a big grin on her expression. "I loved mine .., but she died horribly." a dramatic sigh escaping her lips. "Ya know how Gotham can be. Cutthroat foh princesses.." one of those facts. Because has anyone ever heard of a Princess in Gotham? "I still have the Unicorn.., somewhere.." it actually gets her thinking on where it might be. "Anyyywaaayyy, I need ta go talk with my friend ovah theah. And hey, yoh face is sorta familiar. Is it the day foh it or somethin'.." she shrugs, perhaps not thinking too much on it. Winston is apparently safe..., for now!

She slides to the other table, approaching with her latte held between her hands. "Hey, it's been a while! It's me, Hah'lee!" she may perhaps not be recognizable at first by anyone that hasn't seen her live before. The only real marks being the discolored hair or the fire-engine red lips. She is dressing normal-ish for a change!

And nope, she apparently has no problem about barging in what could be a private conversation between aunt and nephew, and now the arriving Dawn. She grins at the latter. "Damn, I love your hair."

Wilson Fisk has posed:
MR. Fisk nods slowly as he watches the boy, as his eyes move over to Viola."It was not a fundraiser; there was little need to do that; I could cover what needs to be out of my own pocket. It was to educate others about properly taking care of workers, where to find factories, make sure they are doing it on the up and up. One is only as good as your weakest link, in the chain."

His eyes moving towards the boy as he speaks softly, at Victor."Now then, do you agree weakest links need to be fixed or removed from the chain?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Still chewing, it's then that Dawn makes her appearance known and with fork in hand, Alexander pipes up, "Oh hey, speak of the devil." He points a Dawn with the dining implement, and then motions to Diana. "Dawn, this is my aunt. Aunty, this is Dawn." Perhaps not using Diana's name to keep her somewhat on the down low.
    But then Harley sliiiides on over and his brow furrows, but his grin widens as if not sure how to take her, so he takes his cues from Diana, sparing a glance her direction to see if this is a person she actually like legit knows.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is just about to speak to Alex when Dawn arrives, which makes he sit up straighter on her chaira nd smiles brightly at the young woman with the bright platinum hair. She offers her a big smile before her eyes goes to Alexander, to whom provides the introductions that lead Diana to shift her smile in to a visible grin. "Dawn." Diana says. "How are the Titans doing?" To which Alexander will there-by realize that Diana knows Dawn already. "It has been... trying times, I hope that they are as well as can be." Donna Troy was still missing after all, one of the nearest and dearest people to Diana's heart.

"Thank you, Alexander." She tells her nephew then before nodding to him. "You should get yourselves something to drink, my treat. I already told them you would be ordering soon."

Harley's arrival gets a look from the Princess, also a smile. "Miss Quinn. You seem... vibrant, more-so than the last time we spoke. I hope this means that things are well for you?" Truth is, Diana knows a bit about Harley's status, as she's still on a few watch lists, because of harley's old ways, of course.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott's face morphs from happiness to slight shock at Harley's story. Gotham was even worse than he thought if even innocent toys could meet their end there. As Harley slips away and starts to bug the other table, Schott pulls out a cloth napkin and starts to dab at his head, perhaps getting rid of some nervous perspiration. Schott then looked at his phone, swearing lightly when he saw that Irwin had not even given him an update yet. He then grabs Princess Astra gently and places it back in his tote bag and continues sipping his latte.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore gets distracted in looking over at the unicorn. "I haven't seen one of those in forever," she says towards Winslow Schott. "I can barely remember the show, but I remember I had a few of the toys," she comments to him as she leans over towards his table at a moment she doesn't think it would interrupt.

The dark-haired girl turns back to her table, Carlos focused on Wilson and having missed Vi's aside to the man at the nearby table. "Well, I suppose it depends on the situation. But generally if it wasn't strong to start with it probably is not going to be made so. Not better than another that you could find," he says, giving a shrug. "But, there's something to be said for loyalty too, which you have with people but not pieces of metal. You gotta give 'em a chance, right? But not too much. They need to show improvement, Wilson."

Dawn Granger has posed:
One eyebrow hikes at the devil in his introduction, "Great, Alex, you've been talking about me," she murmurs, the smile for Diane becoming wry. "I don't count on flattery from him, Diana."

She pauses at pulling out her chair to join the two when an extraordinarily pale woman comes to the table, drawling a compliment on her hair. "Thanks," she replies in her clipped accent shooting a bemused glance at Alex and a more polite inquiry to Diana.

Wilson Fisk has posed:
"Well I have a meeting to make." With that Mr Fisk is standing up slowly, waving towards Viola as he waves towards Carlos. Heading for the door, his hand is coming out to txt someone. As he passes by WInslow as he looks at the toys, as he passes Diane, Harley moving through the coffee shop, tothrow his mug down into the trash, as he nods once more before he leaves into the night, adding a new name to his kill list.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Wasn't I vibrant and ecstatic last time we spoke...?" Honestly, that may have come later when Harley -wasn't- dragged back to Arkham and was instead kept outside. She owed Diana. Big time. She pivots briefly with one foot, impeccable balance as at least her latte doesn't get spread all over. "I still have ta thank you properly foh all ya did foh me. And I am just great. I am out heah, with friends that believe in me.. It's a good feelin'" a long road to redemption though!

"What about you?" She asks of Diana, piercing blue gaze then turning to inspect both Dawn and Alexander more closely. "You don't look like an amazon." she then says of Alexander. She did hear the end bit of what they were talking when she approached afterall. A nephew!

A glance is given up at the large shadow that looms over their table as Fisk walks by. It makes her peer up at him. "Damn..." guess not everyone looks delicate in these fancy places!

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Turning toward Diana, Alexander replies to Dawn's comment about flattery from him, "That's wise." His lip twists up but then he bobs his head toward Diana, "Sure thing, can I get you anything?" He asks of Dawn, Diana...
    And then for the heck of it his gaze falls on Harley and he asks her, "What you've never heard of the King of the Amazons? Can I get you anything?" Since he's going up to the counter and will be away for a little bit, but he does pause long enough to take everyone's order, though his gaze remains a little on Harls as he bites his lower lip then, maybe hiding a smile.
    And if there are desires so voiced, then he'll take them up with him for an order at the counter, rolling up to his feet and pushing his seat back under the table. For now he'll leave his backpack there. Though his path toward the counter will likely take him past Mr. Fisk and Mr. Schott, as well as Viola and her beau.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana glances in Vi's direction for a moment before Dawn and Alex's exchange makes her look back to them. She smiles at Alex in particular. "Oh yes, King of the Amazons. That joke would go over quite with my mother." She says with a big grin to follow it before she looks back on to Dawn. "Flattery is not easily earned by that one. Nor anyone from his father's side of their family." She states, in good nature, of course!

At Alexander's question of needing anything, Diana shakes her head, as she already has a cup in her right hand.

But Harley pulls the Princess' gaze back, and she ever so softly tilts her head as she stares at the infamous Gothamite, now reforming herself.

"Harley." Diana says in a more serious and even tone. "I am really proud of you." She offers to the woman, in hopes it would resonate with her. "You have made yourself independent of what once was, and are clearly pushing toward brighter days on the horizon. It says a lot. I am glad you have found a place for yourself too. I should have checked in with you sooner."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman's head turns towards Viola in surprise when he heard her comment about the toys. What do you know, two fans in one night, what were the odds. It was quite a shame that Luthor and his dullards drove him to crime. It would've been great to introduce himself as the "reinventor" of My Precious Unicorn. Schott pulls Princess Astra out of his bag again and displays her quite proudly as he says,

"Ahh yes, these beauties sold like hot cakes back in the day. Their designer was quite the brilliant man, quite brilliant indeed. Combining their appeal with the latest in artificial pet technology was quite an achievement. Unfortunately, their popularity makes them quite hard to find, especially Princess Astra, and her sisters Midnight and Prism. I should know, I collect the ruddy things."

He then chuckles good naturedly, but internally panics when he hears the word Amazon brought up. Ahh bloody hell, he was sitting near Wonder Woman. He had no idea if Wonder Woman even knew who the Toyman was. But, if she did and if she found out he was sitting quite near her, things could get very ugly, especially for Schott.

Dawn Granger has posed:
With a tiny scoffing snort at Alex, "I'm wiser than you think, Alex. King of the Amazons, indeed." Dawn acknowledges Diana's advice on complements from his side of the family, with a smiling bob of her head, at ease with the barbs that only family members can throw at one another."That's alright, I'm not looking for any from him."

Turning to Alex, she purses her lips, still smiling to ask, " If you're getting our orders, a lemon curd tart and a double cappuccino with regular milk, please." Listening quietly to the exchange between the New Yorker and Diana, Dawn glances between the two, trying to gauge who Harley is.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Heh..?" When Alexander goes about being a King it makes Harley lift a brow. She highly doubts all of this! "Ya look way too youn' ta be the fuc--" she stops herself. "Oh, shit I can't be sayin' these things in heah." too fancy! She taps on her mouth a couple of times. Stop you dirty lips! "And I already got my latte, tyvm, oh king!" she then leaning closer to Diana to say in a not-so-low tone. "I didn't even know ya got a nephew." but her beaming smile then going to Dawn. "You have moouh the face o' an amazon though! And the poise ta go with it!"

Yet she is beaming brightly when she hears Diana's next words. Yes, she is the type of woman that delights in getting approval from others. Specially from her idols. Which she really doesn't hide at all. "I .., woah.., that just .., made my day." it is clear the clownette is moved, perhaps unexpectedly. "Ya know .., Vorps told me I could keep his Wonder Woman figures in his farewell video but .., I decided not ta take 'em. Yoh belief in me, and that of my friends made me have faith that he will be back too." yes, she was quite inspired by Diana.

It's when she hears Schott talking nearby. "Hey I am recallin'. Didn't that toy guy turn into a criminal in the end?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Mouthing to himself repeatedly as he walks, Alexander murmurs over and over, 'lemon curd tart, double cappu regulah.' As if trying to memorize and make sure he gets that order right. Though it's even odds if he does even as he strolls on up toward the counter. For a time he stands there in line, casually shifting his weight from the balls of his feet to his heels then back again, swaying almost casually.
    Until finally he's up at the counter and in front of the cashier and pitches his order, then proceeds to step to the side and wait peacefully and politely. Though he does glance back now and again to make sure things are still cool.
    And they are. Cool.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's gaze glances toward Dawn when Harley pays her a compliment that is seet and true. She smiles to the Titan before she looks back on to Harley. "I truly do hope you keep on this path, and only find more friends, more family, and more happiness going forward."

But that last part, about the 'toy man' makes Diana glance in the indicated individual's direction. She waits a moment before glancing away and smiling back at Harley. "Well, let us hope he is not such. Or at least is not as foolish as to do anything bad here, and now." She tells Quinn. Her eye sglance toward Alex ordering the food, and she smirks over to Dawn. "I am not sure he was able to remember your drink order." Diana says, good naturedly of course!

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman hears Harley Quinn's comment and signs sadly as he looks down, not noticing Diana looking at his direction. His face then contorts into a angry scowl as he suddenly says,

"Yes, unfortunately he did turn to a life of crime. But it was only because a certain piece of scum bought his designs and sold them to a certain bald headed bastard, and other war profiteers who used his life's work for war!"

Schott did not notice it at the time, but his voice grew louder and louder as he continued this rant. Suddenly, Schott's eyes grew wide, Bloody hell, what did he just do? Suddenly, he places Astra back into his tote bag and begins to rush out, not even saying good bye as he does. The last image anyone who cared to look would see is Schott disappearing around a corner into the NYC Night.

Dawn Granger has posed:
The red mounting into Dawn's cheeks undermines her so called poise, she shrugs awkwardly with a smile at Harley. Then ducks her head returning Diana's smile. 'Toy' man rivets her attention, she glances at the other table, watching the subject of the conversation leave the restaurant like he was on fire. Smoothing the napkin in front of her, head to one side, she listens to Diana and Harley without real understanding.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Every villain needs that exposition about their origin story. It's a fact! Harley was just looking back to Diana to nod her agreement when Winslow goes into the rant.. Hey, she knows the tone. She goes into a few herself usually. "Yea, probably some angah issues ta woik out and ...." the man is running off then and she looks after him..

"Damn, he looked just like a guy I once met in Gotham and ...."

Voice is then heard louder. "Call me if ya need therapy!!!" did Winslow hear it? Ah well!

But she then grins. "Damn. Amazin' who we can find out heah when we go lookin' foh this famous pumpkin latte and ..." then suddenly a look to where Alexander is. "HEY BUD, SHE WANTS A CURD TART AND A DOUBLE CAPPUCCINO. REGULAR MILK."

There. She is a helper.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Over his shoulder Harley will hear him shout back, "Roger that, she wants a bird heart and a bubble shakerino with soy milk, got it!"
    It doesn't take too long, really, all things considered. Alexander waits there at the counter and when the clerk calls out, "Aaron? Order for Aaron?" He's right there to step up and take the plastic tray with a nod and a smile. Which ultimately leaves him turning back and wending his way through the crowd, just a few moments behind the shouting and raised voices that eventually ends in the rush of Schott toward the door and out into the night.
    All in all it's an interesting act to follow, but the Olympian youth manages to do so by simply focusing on his duties. "Alright here's the stuff, think I got it right." But not exactly /afraid/ of getting it wrong. He drops back into his seat with his own cup of coffee that he pulls over and seeks to reclaim that pastry that Diana had let him sample before, as if it was his to have!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana just looks back to Harley and offers her a quick smile. "You never know who you will run in to in this city, to be sure." She states before she sees Aleander returning with their orders, supposedly. She smiles at him before she glances down at her own drink. "I am suddenly glad that I ordered for myself." She softly says.

Her phone buzzes and she glances at it next, moving a hand to pick it up. Diana stands then. "I have to take this, I will be back as soon as I am able to." She smiles to Dawn and to Harley. "Let me know if you need help with anything, I am here to help you, okay?" She tells the reformed criminal before making to separate herself.

Dawn Granger has posed:
Not as much of an airhead as he makes himself out to be, at least not as much as his cousin or whatever relation he is to Aeolus, Alex sets down Dawn's favorite dessert in front of her along with a perfect capp, a heart drawn in the foam. Hot stuff at Lalo's.

Smiling to herself over Harley's description of the man's 'angah' issues, Dawn takes her first bite of the divine curd. Most of the diners have returned to their food, it's New York and nobody was hurt so back to business. After a sip of her cappuccino, "This is great. Thanks, Alex."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is all smiles and grins when Diana is still around the table. Truly she is fangirl #1. There will be tweeting tonight. Oh yes. "Hey, thanks again. I will be catchin' ya later." a wave is given. She waits until Diana is a bit away from the group to lean over to tell Alexander through a squinted gaze. "King Amazon, don't make fun o' my accent. I will bust yoh knees with a bat!" does she mean it? Maybe! But there is still that wide grin on her face when she says it.

"But you got some spunk at least. Anyway...." And she looks at Dawn now. "Time foh me ta go. The hyenas get restless when I am away too long. And this food heah is too fancy, they'd be havin' bowel movement all night long. And that's well, it's not a good sight.." no it isn't. Nor is it a good thing to talk while people ar eating!

But as quick as she rushed in she is also quick to step back, offering a rather flourished bow to both Alexander and Dawn. "Until next time. Stay well Di-nephew and silver-haired amazon."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome," Alexander replies as he takes his seat and grins across the way at Diana as if expecting her to hassle him back as family is often wont to do. But he settles in comfortably at his seat even as the Amazon starts to withdraw for that phone call. His eyes drift after her for a time, pondering what passes, but then he looks back at his other tablemates.
    As Harley then leans in and grins at him his lips curl wide into a grin, a rather sincere grin that most of the people that know Alex likely haven't seen such a wide Grinch-like evil thing, he just looks so pleased, but he crinkles his nose at her as she starts to depart and when she's almost at the door he calls out.
    "My name is Alexander." Just that, letting it float off in the coffee shop, even as one of the New Yorkers pipes up and mutters...
    "That's great buddy, can you and your table shut the hell up now?"
    But that does nothing to suppress the youth's grin. He turns back to Dawn and says, "I love New York."