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Danger Danger Panic at the Disco
Date of Scene: 04 October 2020
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Danger room with Noriko Gabby, Rogue and Remmy. Than, off to Étouffée!
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Gabby Kinney, Noriko Ashida

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Danger Room: Afternoon

Remy is addicted now, healed up after a few days off his feet. As he is walking towards it with Rogue walking with him."Now den, we will see if I can beat my personal record; I think got 62 last time. But then it went a bit sidewise. Let's go for 60 and no injury, sounds good, no?"

The danger room looms ahead, as he stops for a moment waiting for her to catch up to him."Now, I think there might be a class soon, do all of dem have to go into the dangerous room?" His hand is brushing his hair back, those red eyes locked on to his little trouble maker, as he grins at Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is fussing with the fastener on a green and gold practice uniform that she'd put on in the locker room just a few moments ago. This being one she rarely wore much, it doesn't fit quite right around her neck, but she manages it and then goes on about pulling her gloves on her hands as she watches Remy.

A smirk strokes across her lips at his words, and overall demeanor. "Why stop at sixty. Aim for eighty and no injury?" she grins at him further, reaching him and pausing before she glances at the room. "Same program then? Same difficulty? You really wanna beat some scores, huh?"

She places one gloved hand on his chest and pats him softly there, "Remember, the tortoise an' the hare, sugah. Slow'n steady wins the race." She says in a flirty sort've way.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney had been in the Danger Room multiple times now. Usually when Illyana or another was running scenarios, but on her own? It was rare she got to go in on her own. After all that was frowned on. That doesn't mean she couldn't sneak into the control room to try and figure things out of course. Sadly, though she might be quite a bit smarter than one might expect of a Logan clone, computers weren't really her strong suit. Other than 'log in, copy files, run out' anyway.

She's managed to get up the scenario files reading over the vague descriptions without knowing really what they meant. She's at least occupied enough with this that she's not immediately aware of the approach of adults.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Yeah, but I don't nurse twice in one week. As lovely as it is, I need to be full health Remy, for other things. Not laid up, laid is up is boredom, and I get dumb with boredom." Remy nods slowly as he looks over at Gabby with a little grin."We meet again, my name is Remy, I'm around often. Do lot's of things cook, teach things, dance, bug Rogue. That is what Remy does, yes."

He walks for the door opening it holding it open for the ladies, with his right hand even though this is not needed, it is the gesture that counts, no.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles at Remy, before taking note of Gabby at the Danger Room as well. She glances back to Gambit then. "Depends on the student. Some aren't here for this kinda training, and their mutation can be dealt with more casually, more calmly. This is generally used for the ones that are inherently a bit dangerous themselves... though it is a case by case kinda thing."

Rogue looks back to Gabby then and smiles at her. "Hows your arm, lil killah?" She asks the young Kinney girl as she strides in to the big arena-style metal room powered by the mysterious alien technology. "Remy and I were gonna run the Liquid Metal Men program. You up for combat, or what, Miss Gabs?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives a little startled half-jump as her hands lift away from the computer. "I wasn't doing anything!" She protests only to pause because... she really wasn't doing anything. Well. This was a first. A broad grin is given to the pair, and Remy at his introduction.

"Oh hey, I'm Gabby. Nice to see you again!" At Rogue's question she lifts her arm to wiggle it showing no injury beneath the sleeve of her hoodie. "All good. Doesn't take me too long to heal if the part is still attached. And sure! I'm kind of bored and was wanting to do something anyway."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy LeBeau walks up slowly as he looks over at the room, as he leaps up towards the console next to Gabby, as he looks over at Rogue."What is Liquid Metal Man? Tell me all about this program, or is this another punch in the jaw suprise."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, Remy and Gabby have just now stepped in to the Danger Room together, chatting away with one another as they stride on inside the big metal arena. Rogue glances to Gabby when she waves her healed-up arm around, showing the girl a pleased smile. "Lookin' strong enough t'go toe t'toe with a prize fighter." She tells the girl. "Still though, I feel bad about what happened the other night." She speaks of the bear and the camping that went a bit haywire...

As Rogue says the word that draws the 'tablet computer' up out of literal thin air in front of her, she reaches up to start to tap on it. Her green eyes glance to Remy and she smirks at him. "The same program we ran the other day. It just doesn't have a name, it's called 'Combat Training Program x82' which... is kinda borin'. So I call it liquid metal men. Cause that's what those little balls are, basically. They turn inta stuff t'fight ya, based on your mutation."

She starts tapping a few things on the tablet that manifested itself in front of her at her spoken command...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"It's okay," Gabby assures with a small shrug at the thought of being sorry over it. "The bear was just being a bear. Besides, I can't feel pain. Better I got hurt than someone else." Plus the healing factor. That was good too, though both Logan and Laura had often scolded her about relying on it too heavily. She still had body armor for a reason.

A glance is given over her shoulder toward Remy at the question of the program. It's breif, and she looks back to Rogue when she responds. "Can't be as bad as the time I jumped out of a plane to attack someone," she reasons while rolling her sleeves up. She didn't have a combat suit, really, so she was just wearing her usual leggings, t-shirt, and hoodie along with boots. "I'm good for some fighting though. I need to learn how to use my claws more since you guys get upset when I use guns."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Dangah-dangah-dangah," Noriko yawns suddenly and pauses outside of the Danger Room.  "Who called this thing a room was smoking something I want," she murmurs as the blue-haired digs a yogurt cup out of her bag, stepping inside right as Rogue is dialing up a scenario.  "Oh.  Hi!"  Noriko raises one of her gauntleted hands to the others.  "Are giant spiders about to come eat us?"  This seems like as good a scenario as ever to the flippant 18 year old.  From the looks of it, she's all healed up from her tumbles and bear swat.  Some of the paneling on her gauntlet looks newer though, not as worn as the others.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy moves slowly forward now, as he throws his hand is quickly as his bo is extended, with a flick of his right wrist. His hand is spinning that back and forth as he leaps forward now into the room itself, his right hand is pulling out three cards as he starts to pace back and forth, waiting for the fun."It's rumble time, let's go have so fun, no?"

Is waiting now, as he looks back at Rogue with a wink, as he speaks softly."I will protect you, my dearest little nurse. I know ya needs it from your Remy." As he winks at Rogue, with a playful grin, as he looks over at Gabby."Use dem claws girls, slice and dice time no."

Another new arrival as he looks over at Noriko, with a bowing of his hand as he dances back and forth with that bo pointing right at her."I'm Remy, it's time to rock and roll, are you ready?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue brings up the program, which creates three sets of four metal spheres that float off in the distance spread out in a half circle in front of those in the danger room now. She heard Noriko's voice over her shoulder, and recognized it. "Ya joinin' us, Sparky?" Rogue asks of the electrically inclined mutant teenager. She looks over her shoulder and shoots the girl a smile before looking back to Gabby, and Remy.

"Okay, here's how this goes..." Holding the Danger Room control tablet in her gloved hands, Rogue motions to the spheres up ahead.

"Those things are gonna wait for you t'engage'em. When you start t'fight'em, they'll start fightin' back. When you destroy one, two more will pop up to replace them. The quicker you destroy'em, the more you're gonna have attackin' you. It's gonna push ya to your limits, and if ya get scared, or worn out, just shout 'Potato Salad' and they'll back off an' leave ya alone."

A look is given around to the fighters. "If ya got questions, shout'em out. Otherwise, ya'll are free to start fightin'. Now remember, these things adapt to your mutation. If you fight ranged, they'll fight ranged. If you fight close quarters, they'll go full CQC on your asses."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins at Remy's urging to do some fighting. The flipping of his bo staff was admired as well. She could appreciate skill with a weapon after all. Her hands come up and with a little clenching flick of her wrists she lets her single bone claws pop out the back of her hands. No metal here, but it was still a weapon built into her.

"Hey Noriko!" She greets cheerily to the older girl. "We're gonna kick some butt! Join the fun!" At least she hopes it'll be fun. There's just one small problem...

"What's 'potato salad'?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is wearing some light lime green cargo pants and a pastel purple hoodie with two dueling narwhals on the back.  She lifts a spoonful of yogurt to her mouth as she stares at Remy.

"...90s called and want their mall boy band heart throb back," deadpan.  "Yeah," Noriko says to Rogue and then grins to Gabby.  "Hey Gabby."  Then she looks back to Remy.  "I'm Noriko.  I am so ready to rock and roll.  This yogurt isn't though."  But it's important.  Nori isn't backing down off the yogurt at all.  She shovels it in as quickly as possible and then walks a few paces in an aimless direction to set it down, the little plastic spoon still sticking out.

The blue haired girl trots over to join the others just as Rogue explains how the metal orbs work.  "So if I walk right up to it..."  And this is what Noriko does.  She starts walking out toward one of the spheres with minimal charge, just minding her own business, getting very tempted to shock the ever living crap out of one, but this is just a field test.  Recon...Mutant bait.  While others get important questions answered over theeere.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Now then, it is time to rumble." Remy runs towards one of the targets as he spins his staff towards it landing it square in the face as his hand throws three of his cards as they exploded on three more as he rolls along the ground with a chuckle of pure glee."Dis is where it is at!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on Noriko, as she's not seen Surge in the Danger Room before, and much like Remy last time... he understated the 'Danger' in the room's name. "Careful, Sparky." Rogue says softly. "This room has safety protocols t'keep ya from getting seriously injured, but it will still hurt you if you don't take it serious. It has no qualms with punchin' ya back."

At Gabby, Rogue grins. "It's a questionably good food, often brought to lunch parties by people who are runnin' late and just rush inta the grocery store an' grab the first thing they see for sale t'take to the party."

Remy's explosive start gets the game going. Rogue floats up into the air, holding that tablet computer in front of her while she watches the explosive cards detonate against the spheres, shattering them and rocking the room with the violet energy that Remy dishes out!

Six more spheres now appear, and all six start to fire laser beam weapons at Gambit!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney ooohs at the explanation of what the salad was. Of course she still wasn't a hundred percent certain but that didn't mean anything. There were a lot of foods she'd yet to try. Right now though there was more pressing issues: Namely some metal orb thingies that she could get to attack.

As Remy heads in to start fighting she lets out a whoop of excitement to announce her own charge. It wasn't really something she'd do in a real fight, usually, but this was a contained environment. Leaping forward she swings her clawed hands down over head as if she were intending to bodyslam an orb by the tip of her claws. It does reasonably well to bounce it off the floor, hard, but would that be enough to destroy it?

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Good.  It'd be boring if this were all a dream," Noriko says with a smirk, eyes steeled upon her target.  "Mister Ballface," she starts in interrogatory style, gauntleted hands held behind her back as she paces back and forth.  She stops.  "HOW DO YOU PLEA?!"

The sphere does nothing.  It is innocent.

"GUILTY!"  Surge suddenly twists on the unsuspecting sphere, because there's no way a sphere can even suspect.  Lightning ripples down her arms, channeling through her gauntlets before bursting out in a dense bolt.  When it touches the sphere, there is another flash of light as the bolt rebounds right back to hold its maker. "Ah!"  She falls over, surprised.

The sphere is serene again.  No spark.  No sound.

"Hey I think these are murderballs," Noriko calls out as if this would change anyone's mind about anything.  She pushes up onto her feet, clearly no worse for wear, but settles into a stare down with the orb as she thinks.  "This is so dumb."  How dare this thing make her think.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is soaring through the air, throwing himself towards the nearest one, his right hand hooking around it, slinging himself into the air, as he dodges the lasers, twirling throwing out cards. His eyes locked on to them, as he then watches them exploded with the power, as he grins over at Rogue."Too easy, too easy." His voice is teasing as he spins again in the air doing a backflip as he spins that bo around him.

As he stands there, three of them dash forward with weapons, one blade, two staffs as he dances forward spinning it around him, blocking dodging weaving, as he slides under the first with the blade smacking him in the right leg, as he sweeps the other one.

The other two have him pinned against the wall, too close to throw his cards as he is moving dancing flipping, dodging right now on the defensive.

Rogue has posed:
Of course Gabby approaches it like an adorably mischievous kitten would, experimenting with the sphere that she shoves in to the ground. And, of course,it explodes on contact with the Danger Room floor, then two more suddenly appear behind Gabby and start to slam in to her! They start to bounce off of her like someone throwing beach balls at Gabby repeatedly!

"Get fired up, Gabbatron! They're pushin' you around, testin' yer limits!" Rogue shouts from up above where she's floating and observing.

Noriko's blast is impressive, and the reaction it gets is very adaptive from the spheres that she blasted. "Good fire, Rey Palpatine. But these things mean business. Ya gotta give it all ya got, Surge!" Rogue shouts down at her next.

Remy gets a look then, and a smirk. Rogue glances from the tablet computer, then back to the Cajun. "You're gonna be in bed for like two weeks after this fight, I can see it already, Gumbo!" She shouts over the noise to him next then.

To all of them, the southern belle shouts out next. "Cyclops has the top score in this. He's gonna gloat about it too if he finds out ya'll are on the scorecard now!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The way the spheres come at Gabby earns a grin from her in response. She ducks one, but the other does indeed bump into her. She rolls with the momentum of it swinging herself around, and reaching out to palm the sphere itself between her hands. It's swung out to launch for another in what would amount to a judo throw if it had been a person.

"She shoots, she scores!" Gabby hoots with laughter at the joke she'd only recently learned herself. They might be testing her, but knowing they would react as she attacked meant she could choose how she attacked and go from there. She was indeed just playing around... but it was still a good workout and let her use the martial skills she hadn't much chance to lately.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Stubbornly, Noriko strikes out at her sphere two more times, taking the brunt of the blowback as each one lashes back into her.  She tries to use her super speed suddenly but the best she can do is play ping pong with it, shooting her charge off and absorbing it.  It almost looks like the same thing, but Noriko's clearly not enjoying it, even if she did just pull off a new trick.

"What the hell?!  How???"  Yep.  Totally unaware.  Noriko looks over her shoulder to Rogue and shrugs.  How much /does/ she have left?  She grits her teeth.  The building frustration alone causes little electric tendrils to coil up her body as her eyes light up, the biggest tell ever.

Balled up metal fists shake as the light arcs off of them.  Noriko lets out a nice, strong, sustained blast.  She steps back to brace herself and then lets it go after its clear....there are now two spheres.  She was warned.

Noriko takes a breath to look over as the others succeed seemingly so effortlessly, at least compared to her.  "Fuck it."  She fires off two quick blasts in a row, both as powerful as the first, but then falls to her knees.  "Does this mean I'm out of shape?"  She sounds slightly out of it, but she's grinning.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well now, this is fun indeed!" Remy spins on the right foot as he leaps forward, swinging forward in a spiral of motion as he lands both of them exploding behind him."Now then, bring it on. I'm not gumbo; you are my meal, Ma Pettie."

With that he slides forward, as his cards throwing towards the guys that are spawning, with a wicked chuckle."I'm dat guy, that spawn camper!"

As he kicks off the floor spinning forward, with his hand pushing off the floor, as he is doing a quick handstand, he throws himself up into the hand with one arm, god damn show off!

Rogue has posed:
Both of the spheres engaging with Gabby stop bouncing against her when she fights back and throws one in to the other. Just as soon as they both burst into a shower of light and glittery silver, four more suddenly show up! These four no longer take the shape of perfect spheres, and instead take shape in to that of an androgynous human of shiny silver. A four of these humanoid enemies suddenly grow batons out of where their hands would normally be, and they start to rush at Gabby, swinging their dual-wielded bats at her!

BOOM! Noriko's wickward electrical attacks detonate her targets, causing that same glittery silver explosion! And as if she was speaking in the presence of an A.I. system that was listening to her............. a human-sized silver spider suddenly appears to take the place the one that detonated just beofre it, then it steps aside and there's actually TWO spiders!

They skitter-rush at Surge, their metal feet clattering on the Danger Room floor!

Rogue narrows her eyes and murmors how much she hates spiders, then glances back down to Remy. She smirks at him. "Stop flirtin' with me while you're tryin t'avoid injury, King'a Hearts." She chides back at the New Orleans native. "You're get'em all riled up, and they're comin' down on you like angry bees on a lawn mower."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Surge is still catching her breath or something on the floor when the giant metal spiders make their entrance.  "Oh shit."  She waits right until she sees the spider lift its claw thing, till it is almost too late.  ZWOOSH!  She spurts just to change positions at the last second, sliding herself toward...eww.  It's mouth.  Noriko closes her eyes, turning her face to the side as she blasts the spider's mouth and butthole thing.  RUUUUN!  She scrambles out clumsily at super speed, running into the leg of the other spider.

"AHH!!"  Flit.  Surge is here.  SLAM spider leg.  Flit!  Surge is there now.  "What the f-" There is, in general, a lot of scuttling.  Then suddenly, instead of running, Surge rebounds back toward the spider, her metal clad arms outstretched with what's probably left of her juice.  "LET'S HUG," and so she did...and the spider was not better for it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looks up towards Rogue with a wink, as he kicks off the wall. Off a ball as he sails towards Rogue, blowing a kiss towards her, as he spins around throwing 5 cards towards the orbs as it explodes into the air.

As he throws it towards the others, as he spins around kicking off a wall, flying towards the ground. Aiming himself towards Surge, he swings towards the spiders attacking her, as he kicks them off her. "Ya good, Kiddo?" His eyes moving quickly, as he throws a card at them as he grabs her, leaping away, shielding her with his body.

Rogue has posed:
Gabby and the metal men seem to be having a good time, Rogue observes before floating around above it all and facing Remy when he past. She smiles at him before he dashes down toward where Nori is.

"You can also exit the Danger Room t'get away, they'll back off then if ya leave. They can't leave this room, after all." She observes, as the controller of this match. But with Remy engaging Surge's foes too, now he has double the attention, with the spiders that Surge was dispatching, now reappearing to attack them both, in doubled numbers.

"Stay nimble!" Rouge shouts down over the clattering of metal, and the laser beams still being fired at Gambit. "This place is a hell of a workout, huh??" Rogue adds with a big grin. "This is only level two too! Ya should see level TEN!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko gets the better of the first round of spiders, but at a cost. She coughs as they move away. Her movements are far more sluggish than his. "I'm drained. Let them eat me. Maybe they like yogurt." Seriously though, the girl looks like she might pass out. She pushes up warily and says, "Cover me," as she teeter totters toward where she thinks she remembers the exit is or her yogurt or her pack. Any of these destinations seem worthy to ask for cover from Gambit for.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is running for the exit, throwing card after card behind him, charging them quickly, his eyes moving ahead, as he leaps, throwing the teen towards the exit, as he spins now bring his bo towards the approaching enemies, as he stands there, waiting for her to get out of the way, not a thought in his head about running for the exit, or using a code word. No, for the moment, he is lost in the battle, thinking it is real, as he dives forward with a cry of battle.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is grinning as she watches the duo make a break for the exit. "Why does nobody like shoutin' Potato Salad?" She calls out down to them before she drops down out of the air and lands solidly upon her booted feet. "Cyclops has the top score cause'a his eye beams. He can split'em and take out multiple targets at once. I'd call it cheatin' but... I respect it too much!"

Walking along the floor toward the doorway, Rogue passes by one giant silve rspinder just slams it in the face with a fist. Two more suddenly appear behind her and are about to strike the Belle from behind when she deactivates the program on the tablet in her hands, and they ALL vanish.

Now, at the door, Rogue smiles at all three of the combatants.

"Ya'll done already, or is this just a breather? A lot harder than XBox, huh?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I just need to come prepared next time." Noriko touches the power cells that line her pack, drawing some emergency power to come back a little from her woozy state. "I gotta get juiced up. If I had that lightning bolt like the other night." She chuckles softly at their hypothetical fate as her eyes graze her surroundings for outlets. "Oh potato salad I totally forgot. Maybe they'd be my last words....thanks for the lift," she nods to Remy.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy leaps forward fighting swinging, like a mad man throwing cards, leaping, swinging that bo staff. He is twirling around in motion as he hits more and more as he spins the air dodging the bolts of pure laser as he doges a sword as he is counting slowly."65, Potato salad!" His voice is calling out, as he ends that program, with a panting as he lies on the floor, closing his eyes, as he checks something with his left hand, as the right is gripping his staff. "New record, I need food and water. Ya'll want some gumbo, or some PO bois'?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles at Remy as he reaches past his goal for the day. "Any injuries?" She asks him, giving him a once over, an 'ocular patdown' you might say. Her stare goes back to Noriko and Gabby who've already migrated out of the room. "Yeah, you were all powered up from that lightning blast. I wouldn't even wanna be in here if you were charged up like that." She says back to her. "In fact, you'n Storm make quite a duo. Need t'make sure ya'll work together, if we go out'n about ever."

Back to Gambit, Rogue motions to him to link her arm with his. "Come on then, lets go rustle up somethin'." She taps the tablet a few times, then tosses it off to the side where it vanishes in to thin air, and the danger room shuts itself doooooown!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's moving a little slowly, but it's not an impediment.  She works her pack up onto her back as she watches Remy show off more.  Then she grabs her yogurt cup litter.  "I was always scared before...didn't know if I could take something like that.  But it felt...awesome."  Something crave-worthy.

When Remy talks about food, Noriko clutches hers on her way out with the others.  "FOOOOOOD!"  Starving.  She's always so hungry.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Food is good, cajun food is best. I'll do the cooking ya'll do the testing, no?" Remy is moving forward now, as he spins on the right heel as he bows towards the ladies, holding the door open with his right arm again."After ya, I'll be right behind."

As he moves into the kitchen, checking his pots, his steamer, his cooking gear. The only thing he brought beside himself, a ratty coat and his staff. As he examines each item, as he starts on the rice, as he dances around like he owns the place, as he grins at them."So, I'm going to do Étouffée!"