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Spiralling trouble at the docks
Date of Scene: 05 October 2020
Location: City Docks
Synopsis: Gambit + Rogue battle with Harley + Spiral over some criminal dirtbag. Waller ends up getting the dirtbags body, but whether its alive or not, is anybody's guess.
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Harley Quinn

Spiral has posed:
Silvio Panarello, of an up and coming mobster family. The only one that's really started making a name for himself thus far, because 'The Butcher' has already got quite a reputation for muscling in on the actions of other groups with extreme violence.
But that's not all he does - he apparently has a side hobby in murdering any mutants he can get his hands on, something he's kept VERY secret, for obvious reasons. Still, word somehow got out, presumably from an associate that doesn't approve of the extra heat he's managed to get. After all, criminals fighting criminals is one thing, criminals picking fights with mutants for the sake of it, is bad for business.
He's a hard man to find, but word got out that he actually stays on a yacht - and it's currently moored up at a quiet dock in Bludhaven of all places. Said yacht is actually fairly large, and only the two rather obvious armed guards standing on the deck and chatting to each other really gives away that there might be something important about it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dis man, is not getting off this boat tonight, if I have my way." Remy is dressed in dark clothing, his eyes narrowed at the boat, as his bo staff is resting behind his back, leaning against, it as he looks behind him, speaking to someone in the dark."This is the type of man that needs to learn to breathe underwater no."

Remy slowly, gets down low to the ground watching, his red eyes gleaming with rage, his teeth gnashing slowly, as he starts forward now each little crawl, making his eyes more narrowed, but he is not alone, he waits for his backup now to speak, as he leans against the pier about to leap into the water, to take the fight to the bastard.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wasn't sure about this, coming out here just the two of them, she thought that the both of them together on something like this could... well... Remy and Rogue have a tendancy to play up each other's... less than perfect sides. They feed off each other's desires to have fun, and to be a bit 'bendy' with the 'rules'.

But still, there's a good chance they could stop some bad people, and that was enough to give it a shot, right?

Rogue stands near to Remy, her leather jacket on and her two-toned hair flowing in the breeze around her shoulders. "I can't imagine livin' on a yacht. If you've achieved 'yacht' status in life, why would ya still choose t'be a douchebag criminal? Why not just give up that life, and... ya know... live on a yacht." She pontificates, shaking her head softly. "Don't add up t'me."

Rogue's eyes go over to Gambit, she knows he's about to set off like a hungry dog, and she raises her dark brows. "Hold up. What's our play here?" She asks, motioning to the boat. "I could just sink that effin' thing, with barely any effort at all, if'n you wanted me to. Punch a hole right through it, an' just fly away..."

Spiral has posed:
It's all quiet pretty much. The two guys on the boat are blissfully unaware of the horrors that no doubt lie in wait in the next few minutes! They certainly havn't noticed the couple having a quiet chat on the far side of the dock anyway, they are too busy smoking.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dis is murderous, beyond the touch of the law. We sink the getaway, no second try, so we get on and find him make sure." Remy nods slowly, watching the yacht, with a shake of his head as he points towards it with his Staff as he looks at Rogue."We get on, make sure he goes down with the ship, maybe let his men go. Then, we have a night on the town, plan done, now let's go."

Remy leaps quickly towards the edge of the water, peering down into the inky depths of the water, as he is about to leap, but waiting for last questions.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue folds her arms over her stomach and just smirks at Remy. "Murder... I don't wanna murder them. Not yet anyway..." Her voice indicates she's amused by the idea though. She uncrosses her arms as he goes for the water. "I'm gonna go distract the men at the boat's plank. You go do that sneaky thing you do." She says then to him.

The Belle's gloved hands go in to her jacket side pockets and she just starts to wander down the docks toward the Yacht's boarding ramp. The men will likely see her coming, she's kind of hard to miss. Leather jacket, white top on under it, blue jeans and leather boots that go up to mid-shins, heeled with about two inches of extra height making her roughly 5'10".

The southern gal whistles a casual tune as she walks right on toward the two guards, and smiles at them as she approaches. "Heya, fellas." She calls out. "Is this where the party is t'night? I was told t'come here for a party."

Spiral has posed:
Well, if Rogue is going near the boat... the two hoods in the coats can't help but notice. "Uh...". Well, she doesn't look that out of place. Maybe she's a biker who got lost or something. "Sorry darling. Any other time, we'd probably welcome you aboard. Plenty of parties here. But tonight, the owner's looking for peace and quiet.".

The two men look down the port - not like there's any other yachts in this dump where Rogue should be instead of here, and are a bit confused. The other one pipes up, "You sure you're not looking for a club? There's one a couple of blocks that way." he says helpfully, and points.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
As the guards distracted, Remy leaps into the water going down swimming, down low hiding in the deep water, his staff, hidden small inside his long black coat, and dives under the boat. Popping up on the other side of it, as he starts to examine, looking for a place to enter.

Climbing the side of the Boat, Remy swings into the bottom of it, slowly moving with a slow, steady motions, listening sense, waiting to figure out his next move, as he starts towards the stairs slowly.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's shoulders visibly slump inside of her leather jacket. She huffs out a deep exhale and glances back the way she'd come. "That little son of a bi---" She mutters, before dropping her reyes and shaking her head-- the white bangs framing her face falling around her eyes. She looks back up and raises one hand up out of her pocket to stroke the white hair back out of her face and behind an ear. She smiles at the guards.

"I'm not from around here, ya'll. If ya couldn't tell. I was askin' around, tryin' t'find out where some fun was at, cause I got an early flight in the mornin'. Wanted t'have one last good night'a glee, before I headed back south."

She clucks her tongue then and looks distraught over this. "Well hell, sorry t'bother ya fellas. Ya look super intimidatin' and all though, whomever is on that thing must be real important." She smiles, all flirty-like at the guards. "Celebrity or somethin'?"

Spiral has posed:
The guards can't help but melt a little bit, even if they are on duty. "Yeah, I'm sorry too..." the main one says, and it sounds pretty heartfelt. "Maybe if you're bored we can meet up in a couple of hours? I'm not working all night...". The other one shakes his head, and chuckles.

Meanwhile Remy slips past and vanishes down some steps. It's vaguely like a hotel inside, a tight corridor, small little rooms on either side. Probably where the home help lives or something. The corridor leads to an open bar/party room though which is more spacious, and there's the sound of talking from up ahead in that direction.

"You know, Silvio, you're getting results, and I... we... are very happy with you, but ... well. I been talking to some of the boys. There's word getting around that you're involved in things that are making me nervous.".

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is listening now, his hand is pulling out an ace of spades, as he twirls it between his fingers. His body is low to the ground as he peers around the corner, waiting for the right time to strike.

His eyes red dots of hate, as he bites his lower lip. Moving forward, trying to get into a good spot, to throw once he hears it all, or if he is spotted. That coat is slides off slowly, placing it on the ground, now all in black in a tight-fitting latex outfit, as he moves forward, his headband holding back his hair, as he waits to count the moments.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is at the end of the dock standing near the ramp up to a fancy yacht. She's talking to the two armed guards standing watch over the boarding entrance to said yacht.

She's smiling at the one that is receptive to her flirtatious distractions for the Cajun who's slipped past them in to the boat.

"Couple hours huh?" Rogue says at the man. "I got my phone here, I could give ya the numb'ah if you were interested in meetin' up at that club ya'll mentioned? I suppose I could saunter on down there t'satiate my desires for a bit'a fun." She says in a very overtly flirting way. She's good at it after all!

A green-eyed glance is given between both of the guards and Rogue pulls her phone from her jacket pocket. She rattles off the phone number digits (giving him the number for a pet store in Salem Center called 'Happy Tails' where she buys her dog's fofod at). She reads them nice and slowly...

Spiral has posed:
Well, the guards have practically got their jaws on the floor at that point - one eager, the other envious, though they are both fumbling with smartphones and tangling with address books, certainly not too caring about what's happening elsewhere on the boat.

And Gambit is on the verge of dropping the bomb on the mobster mutant murderer down below.

Elsewhere, quite a long way away in a Secret Location, Spiral and Harley Quinn are ready for their first job - more of a test really, should be no problem for these two given one of them can teleport - a useful skill which needs evaluating. Go to this location on a map - precise details were given - grab one Silvio Panarello in one piece - photo provided - and return him to the Secret Location.

Spiral's clutching two swords and a colourful baseball bat in readiness, and does a quick dance - and promptly appears, along with Harley, in the bar of this yacht. There's Spiral, Harley, Silvio himself lazing on a couch, Silvio's older brother (who looks pretty similar), and three goons, all looking a bit worse for wear from alcohol. Maybe there was a party after all. The room is pretty big, given it's in a yacht. Not mahoosive, but of decent size. Naturally, two crazy people teleporting into the room turns heads.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is watching as he leaps out now, throwing his cards one for the brother, three towards the new arrivals, as he leaps forward trying to grab his target."This one is mine, get outta here, ladies!" With each card, flying his bo-staff is extend with a solid click of metal, as he leaps in front of Silvio."Take dis one; this one is mine." His right finger is jabbing towards the brother, but he is not going to back down, no he won't back down!

Harley Quinn has posed:
There had been whining. LOTS of it. Harley HAS worked for the Suicide Squad before, she has done her time, it's unfair that she has to come back again! But at least she has no bomb on her head now (or so she hopes). But eventually she had accepted, all grumpy of course... A grump that sort of subsided once they told her she had free reign to bring her hammer. Ohhh yea.. And to be honest, she could use the distraction.

The Harley that appears is dressed rather differently from the usual Harley, because she has her KIDNAP clothes on. Jet-black, a little armor on some parts because the government is nice like that in providing gear and that large hammer resting on her shoulder. She is grinning widely, clearly pleased after the teleporting. She always loved when they got into the Wildways afterall!

"Listen heah, bitches!" she announces to the thugs in the room, pointing a finger towards Silvio. "We only want that guy." then she squints her eyes. "Or that one!" She points to Silvio's brother, she isn't too sure on who is who.

The cards flying in their direction make her quirk a brow. "Woah, we ain't heah foh pokah!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just hanging around outside on the dock with her phone out, laughing with the guards as she's now showing them pictures of her 'touristy' journey through the city. She's actually just showing them some pictures of her dog, Jeepers, when she took him on a walk around New York. The trio are just having a grand old time outside on the pier while the action starts on the boat. She's... assuming that if Remy gets in to trouble he'll, well, make a lot of noise?

Look, they didn't really have a plan going in to this, because it's Remy and Rogue, they just kind of make stuff up as they go!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral was expecting bullets to be incoming possibly, not playing cards. But, she makes it a general rule that when in a combat situation anything being thrown at you is potential bad news - cards, bullets, shields, Mjolnir - so one of her spare hands twists. The three cards aimed at her / Harley quickly slow to a crawl in mid air, leaving them hanging in space.

If they blow up that's probably bad for the goons / brother, who are more or less in between them, as they are actually closer to them.

Silvio's brother is not so magically adept, sad for him - he does sort of dodge out of the way of the card out of sheer instinct, but is still in the blast radius and ends up knocked to the floor in a bad way, as is one of the goons.

"FREEZE!" Spiral yells, and laughs. Hey, she works for the government now. One sword points at Silvio, who knows when trouble is afoot (to put it mildly) and is trying to hide behind the couch, and Gambit, about now. "We are here for him. Out of the way, little boys." she sneers. Hey, she's being nice, she's giving them a chance.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Dammit, this was not the plan. Remy is standing there as he throws a card at the behind him at the port side window he came in, as he grabs Silvio around the neck, yanking him with him as he starts to run full tilt as he is throwing cards behind him, blowing up anything that might get in the way, forgetting they teleported into the room, as he leaps out of the window.

Grabing his jacket as he dashes forward, one always needs their coat, as he throwing it on, as he is moving now towards the exit, the cards exploding now, in a rain of plaster and wood, the hull with a decent hole in the side of it now, on boarding water.

"Rogue, get me now; we have trouble!" His voice is screaming out of the window, as he laps out of it, as he waits now, yanking the man after him, with a wicked chuckle."Get over here! Teleporting people, and a crazy clown lady!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Spiral, I think that guy cheats at cards..." Harley says of Gambit as the man runs about tossing explosive cards around. Rude! But at least they don't explode near her. Good! Poor brother though..., being brother to a murderous bastard is never good, even if they are loaded with cash.., and a yacht and .., guys with guns!

But as they are running out and she spots that indeed they are taking their target away she begins to run in, leaping all grace across the battlefield, dodging under a card and sweeping her hammer under the feet of a couple of guys who are still trying to figure out what the heck is going on in here. Shenanigans, that's what!

And of course that she shouts after Remy. "STOP, in the name o' the law!" Sheriff Harley on duty! But she runs now at a rather impressive speed for someone her size. Murderous little clowns always catch their prey afterall. It's like part of the movies rules!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and the two guards outside are just casually laughing now and smiling at one another, at least up until the point where Gambit calls out of the yacht's port hole for help! It's then that Rogue's smile vanishes entirely, she rushes both of the guards, aiming to grab them both and toss them out in to the water!

She takes to the sky then, flying up over the boarding ramp and swopping down around the yacht to where she'd heard Remy's voice. "Remy!" Rogue shouts at the window, her eyes scanning aruond the side of the yacht as she just... punches the ship, and starts to rip a new person-sized hole in to the side of its hull!

Punch punch punch! Tear tear tear! The southern belle is on her way inside!

Spiral has posed:
Well, the guards are messing with their phones, and next second they are both being unceremoniously tossed overboard by someone far stronger than them. It's all so fast they barely even know what's happened and how. Though one of them does cuss. "Shit, my phone...". They don't even have 'her' number. :(

As for Remy, well, it doesn't really matter how fast he goes. There's a *pop* and he practically runs headlong into Spiral's many arms, two of which grab at Silvio, the bat/sword start trying to whomp on Remy - a bit too close quarters if anything for the bat especially to be that effective, can't really get a nice swing up - and one still free for magic, though rather than zapping anything its more of the strength enhancing kind - as she does want to rip Silvio out of his grasp.

Silvio for his part, well, what the hell can he do aside from hope he doesn't get torn in two by superpeople fighting over him. And the goons, well, they aren't really interested in pushing forward into a suppressing barrage of grenade-cards.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
As Remy starts to move towards the door. Dropping the target's arm, sliding, leaping, dodging the attacks. Throwing cards, as he swings his staff, upwards blocking that bat and the sword with the other end of it, as he kicks off the wall. His cards thrown down towards the ground, to make a large hole for her to fall into it, as he is reaching for the man. But, then, he is leaps backward as if he is notices something about the woman."If ya promise me he dies, I'll letcha take him or punished for his crimes.? He waits now, watching both women for a moment. He knows the clown but not the six-armed creature.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Poor Silvio, being tossed about by the suave cajun on one side and the six-armed wonder in the other. Harley just grumps as Spiral is so much faster than her with all that teleporting stuff and lands in front of the duo. "Look pokah guy, we just heah ta take him. We ain't know shit about his crimes." she tells him. "But I am imaginin' he's gonna be gettin' a real beatin' once we take 'im back." knowing Waller. Yea, most likely. She even grimaces. "What's yoh beef with the guy anyway?"

But with all the cards flying around she soon needs to get out of the way, dodging closer to a wall to stay out of arms reach. Gosh, people are so jumpy!

It's when she notes a wall start to break right next to her.. "Uh...." she looks at the Rogue-sized opening that is forming up. "Spiral, incomin'!"

Rogue has posed:
With the bulkhead of the ship ripped soundly open, Rogue's gloved hand sreach inside and just peal the thing apart! The ship is torn straight open, and the Southern Belle is now floating in the space left in its wake.

Her eyes scan around inside the ship, until she spies Remy. "Havin' all the fun without me, huh?" The sassy southerner asks as she floats right on in to the ship in a way that would make the Kool-Aid man even proud.

"I don't know what the hell's goin' on in here, but I'm the decidin' factor in the outcome. So let the Cajun fella go, and lets see this through civilized, less I start punchin' my way through people's chest cavities next!" She calls out to... everyone..

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has two arms to grab the guy, and another three to beat on Remy, so she does tear him out of his grip - though then she falls down through to the room below with a crunch. SHe doesn't seem too fussed, though Silvio, being exploded and dropped, seems a bit more fussed. The poor guy will be dead anyway if he stays stuck in here for that much longer.

A twist of a hand, and she pops out of existence again, to appear next to Harley. Actually, she appears BEHIND Harley, happy to have the clownette in the way. There's probably a lot of water rushing in about now given this yacht has been thoroughly wrecked.

"There are enough annoying people back where we're from without bringing him along too." she tells Rogue, holding up Silvio's now rather limp form so he's out of the way of her legs, and she can pirouette around - no mean feat as the floor is probably sloping a bit now as the yacht takes on water.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Rouge, this asshole is not worth this fight, let's go and leave him with them, that is Harley Quinn, and a freak of some sort." Gambit leaps backward towards her watching the water pouring into the ship as he sighs softly."Let's leave it well enough alone; I don't think he is okay with them anymore, than with us."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"He started it!" Harley immediately says to the arriving Rogue, pointing at Gambit. Honestly, it's sort of a childish excuse but ..., that's what she gets! Of course that ripping a yacht apart does bring her to lower her large hammer. Better not annoy someone who could punch her to the moon.. "But damn, gotta love yoh style." wide, bright grin over to the other woman.

The grin lasts until Remy goes and calls Spiral a freak. "A freak?! A FREAK?! I might be one, but not Spiral!" she is damn mad now. Impulsive Harley doesn't let her friends get insulted! She starts running forward to bum's rush Remy.

Maybe Harley will get punched to the moon today afterall...

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is floating right over to stand beside Gambit, her black gloved hands held up in a ready-to-rumble sort've way. Her eyes scan around the wrecked room, but ultimately end up on Spiral showing up behind Harley-- the multi-armed woman getting a pretty surprised stare for a moment or two.

"Fair enough, Sugah." Rogue says back to Gambit, about to reach for his side when she sees Harley rushing in, offended by the Cajun's insult.

Acting quickly, Rogue intercepts the Gothamite, reaches a hand up to intercept Harley's attack, catching it like it weren't nothing. She now grips Harley's forearm, and the two women are near nose to nose. "Back off, Unicorn Icing." The Belle tells the Clownette, her jaw clenched tight.

Rogue shoves Harley's wrist away, using the woman's own arm to toss her backward over a piece of furniture!

She adjusts her leather jacket then and turns back to Gambit. "Come on, lets take the new door way outta here." She offers him her left arm, for him to grab on to her so they can fly outta the yacht together.

A glare is given back to Spiral from Rogue too though...

Spiral has posed:
Spiral shakes her head, momentarily closes her glowing white eyes. He's heard of Harley Quinn, and not her. And he called her a freak! RAAAA!

Silvio gets dropped in the gathering water, momentarily forgotten, hopefully not face down, and rather than get on with the job she prepares to unleash a magical blast at Remy. And then... Harley jumps in the way.

By the time Rogue has had enough of throwing Harley around, Spiral's calmed down a bit. She reaches down, to pick up the now thoroughly unconscious, quite possibly dead Silvio - blasted by exploding cards, dropped twenty feet, dropped in water, pulled on by many powerful arms, and with a gigantic coke habit - though she glares at Rogue and Gambit, a weird pulsing magical aura about her, space itself rippling gently, her more powerful spells charged up. "Harley, get back here. I AM a freak.". Not that she likes being one, oh no. In the end, the magic gets discharged as a particularly powerful teleport, which catches the clownette and Silvio as well, and leaves the yacht empty of villainy finally.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy walks forward now, as he looks at Sprial and than at Harley."I aint' know ya name that was rude, no. I'm Remy; it is good to meet you, many armed women, I'm sorry for insulting ya. It was hectic in here, and I should have a name while fighting no?"

He is reaching back to take Rogue hand with his right gloved hand, as he nods to her, holding up his left hand for one moment towards her, with a chuckle."Ya both did very well; I'm very impressed; he is most likely dead. So my job is done. Have a pleasant night." '

Harley Quinn has posed:
Sad clown! Poor Harley is used to the Gotham ninjas, not these strong people... So getting handled in that manner comes as both a surprise and frustration. Even if it's honestly her fault from rushing the man in such a reckless manner. It does bring things more into perspective though, and does get her to calm her down some even if she is still staring daggers at Remy for a bit longer..

And now there's water making her all wet. Sadder clown! She gets up to her feet, rubbing at where Rogue grabbed her before lifting her hammer and starting to walk back towards Spiral..

"Remy, is it? And Rogue. I will remembah yoh names! My wrath shall--" and she gets interrupted on her perfect speech to create rivalry with the X-duo when Spiral just winks them out with a teleport!

Saddest clown!