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Don't mess with the clown!
Date of Scene: 08 October 2020
Location: Belle Reve Penitentiary
Synopsis: Spiral angers the clownette, so she shows her a bit of what makes her so feared! Then try to have a moment but the stupid prison guards and the inmates just won't shut up!
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Harley Quinn

Spiral has posed:
So, Waller wasn't too impressed with bringing back a mostly dead mafiosi. Not even Spiral's offer of 'saving his life' in her Body Shop moved her! She probably knows what Spiral does or something. No fun at all.

So, remedial training. As a team, and against each other! A few convicts have been drafted as cannon fodder, I mean, volunteered to be sparring partners, and the prison yard has been temporarily repurposed as a training yard. Plenty of guards with guns there to watch over them, not that Spiral cares about that.

Six armed Spiral against ordinary human prisoners is a bit unfair really. To put it mildly. And she's already worked through most of the 'volunteers'. "This is getting boring." she tells the nearest guard. "You know, after a while screams of pain aren't very entertaining any more, and I reached that point years ago. It's why I always recommend sound proof walls in any torture chamber.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
Mostly dead doesn't mean fully dead! And Harley had whined about that detail for a while! Hey, she was a mind doctor, not a normal one, how would she know about the guy being so close to dead?! But worse of it all was that Waller was being evasive whether she had AGAIN put a little bomb on Harley's head or not. Not that her brain wasn't the BOMB, but she didn't need another intruder in there... Talk about not respecting her personal space, sheesh.

But fine, training. She had gone back to her more usual outfit, a little black tight top fit to her chest with the Bat symbol on it, shorty-short jean shorts (which means extra short really) and a pair of sneakers. She had been given her choice of weaponry and had went with a baseball bat but she had mostly been running away from the various inmates. It's not like she was scared, but she was under PROTEST. On STRIKE. She didn't want to be following Waller's command right now. "Even the voices in my head awhe agreein' with you, and they normally awhe very contrary." she informs Spiral in an helpful manner even as she yelps out of the way of an inmate who is unfortunate enough to get too close to one of Spiral's arms.

The guard doesn't seem too impressed with Spiral. "Sure. Why don't you and the clown fight a bit then?" he suggests.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral blinks at Harley, one hand pointing to the Bat symbol. "I know you're all about jokes. Is that one I'm not understanding? Irony or something?" she wonders. She's actually fighting bare handed, because you don't use swords in sparring, and she doesn't want to use her baseball bat present because it's a bit uncouth for a samurai ninja mutant sorceress.

She pokes the guard. "She is a human I actually like, and there's no reason to hurt her. She also has the normal number of arms...".

Spiral seems very confident of who will be hurting, at least!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I am trainin'" Harley then explains to Spiral. "For I have decided I shall be goin' dressed as Batman foh Halloween, and Apes will go as Robin. The ol' school one." she slides out of the way of an inmate with a pirouette, "I will have ta be protectin' her ass from all the gropin' though." dramatic little sigh which distracts her enough to get a punch to the mouth from an inmate. "Owww!" she flops to the ground, "Parlay..?"

The guard doesn't seem to enjoy the poking much, lifting a brow at Spiral. "The Director said you are to train against one another. Got a problem go talk with her." he frowns.

But Harley lifts her head a little after her little dramatics on the ground. "Hey, you sayin' I don't got a chance against ya?" she asks, eyes squinting in Spiral's direction.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral looks over lil Harls, two hands on her hips, the rest limply at her sides. She's not even dancing a lil, thats how bored she is of this 'challenge'. "I don't think you would have much chance against Elizabeth..." she declares, implying she considers even Psylocke to be nothing more than one of her playthings, several steps down from Her!

"I'm sure you have other skills, though. You are a better psychologist than me." she grants. It doesn't sound like she's granting much. Soft sciences, cybernetics > psychology. It's like the old joke amongst scientists, what do you say to an arts graduate? I'll have Big Mac and a packet of fries please.

"And you're much better at talking to the humans! and investigating things no doubt... and knowing what's going on on the streets... and stand up comedy, probably. You would be a star, in your own way.".

Condescending much!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Woah, Spiral is being like one of those people that says a psychologist isn't an actual doctor! That hurts!! Harley springs back up to her feet with quite the display of athletics, catching the guy that was assailing her with a knee right on the netherlands. Maybe he should had respected the parlay!

She brushes her hands over her clothing, "Baby, I am already a star!" Is Harley's response, clearly the condescending tone not doing much to help. But then she admits.. "... And I am also a wicked singah, it reminds me we should go karaoke soon and ..." she shakes her head to herself. There she was going with the condescending Spiral! Nopes! "Don't think you respect what I do much, do ya?" She says, approaching. "I am not just a clown!"

The guard does seem amused and has now turned silent. His work is done!

Spiral has posed:
"There's nothing wrong with being a clown." Spiral says soothingly. "Mojo would appreciate it, even, if he's in the mood for clowns. You could be a scary clown, that's all the rage these days, scary clowns get the ratings.". Evidently she doesn't think Harley is scary ALREADY which probably the vast majority of humanity does.

Anyway, Spiral turns away from the guard, and raises all six arms, a bit halfheartedly. One reaches for the bat she has stashed on her back these days. "I suppose you can use your bat on me.". She turns away from the guard, with the bat resting on her (top) shoulder, the other five hands all spread out ready to parry. She just hopes they dont' end up wrestling like with Anya, that was embarassing, and recorded.

Harley Quinn has posed:
OW, deep wounds. But Harley can hurt back too! "Funny how they all seem ta know me when we take a cohnah oh cross the street..." the implication on her tone that they don't know Spiral! She may be aware of how Spiral likes to be recognized.. Psychology 101!

The clownette's eyes are angry though. Her friend doesn't respect her! So she blows a loose strand out of her face casually and starts her approaching stride, her own bat held with one hand. "Yoh suwah? I don't wanna hurt ya."

Larger size, six arms, sorcery. Tough cookie to beat.., but if there is one thing that Harley is that's fearless. And crazy. So her approach turns into a run and she jumps towards Spiral, bat held high to come crash down on her! It's a very straightforward attack ..., for now!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral scowls. "I've been trapped in another dimension, and you are at least camera friendly.". She'll grant Harley that much at least.

She waits for Harley to power down towards her, and then backs up a bit, her own bat coming up to parry a bit like a sword might. Still, it works, and there's a massive crack that echoes around the courtyard, leaving hands stung, for these bats are heavier than the usual variety after all.

She tries to catch hold of the bat as if it they were using swords and were blade to blade, and both spare hands on the other side clench into fists and ready mighty swings in response.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Maybe yoh should be careful on what youse wish foh! Bein' known by everyone!" Harley's voice now suddenly loud as those bats crack together, the swing behind her strike a lot stronger than what might be expected of the petite woman. "Most people laugh in my back! Poouh clownette that got crazied by Mistah J! A poouh freak!" she says, "But my friends should know betta!" which she apparently considers Spiral to be.

With that swing being parried she gets pushed back, nearly losing balance but amazingly keeping up on her feet. She doesn't relent on her assault, moving in directly against those waiting hands that are prepared to punch the bejeebus out of her but at the last moment she /jumps/, way more than she should be able to, that mix of strength along with her gymnastics propelling her up in the air as she attempts to land behind Spiral to catch her off-guard.

She's like a little frenzied ball of action right now!

Spiral has posed:
"You're not a freak, Harley... you're a human. A happy human, mostly.". Spiral isn't known for her empathy, so that's the surface reading she gets, anyway. Freak is definitely a reserved word tough. "The right number of arms... and you don't have a face like a raisin either.". Luckily Wade isn't here.

She's quite surprised when she punches at air - on the other hand she wasn't punching that hard as Harley only looks like a lil waif, so she doesn't over extend.

She swings around to face Harley, but not as quick as she can, as she can't be all that fast, right?

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oh, gosh. Harley could certainly go on a tirade on why she isn't happy. In fact that's as far as it gets to what she is, broken and raw. It only seems to irritate her further though. And being as impulsive as she is means she isn't pulling back. She lands on the other side of Spiral and spins with surprising alacrity..

"I am gonna show ya..." The bat is swinging mighty fast, aimed to Spiral's side, " ... why these guys know betta than ta underestimate me!"

She is putting some effort there on those shoulders. Not that she is aiming for any critical place, or putting that WHOLE strength in, but it's way more than she normally does. Granted, if she didn't consider Spiral such a friend to her she might not had gotten so incensed and angry. How ironic is that?

Spiral has posed:
Turns out Harley really is that fast, and Spiral's arms actually channel the bat in as it glides between top and middle arms to slam against ribs protected only by spandex and... well, toughened skin, but it still hurts. Spiral is knocked over onto the ground for a moment at least - before she scrambles back to her feet like lightning, for a moment using all eight limbs to scuttle away and over like some hideous mutant spider-human, just a tangle of alien limbs all moving in a blur.

When she's up, one arm rubs at where the bat hit her, and she eyes Harley solemnly for a long moment. "I'm glad you dont' use an energy sword..." she eventually says. "Or a net gun..." she adds, remembering Waller's goons. She frickin hates surprise nets!

"Why are you angry?" she asks, sensing a barely held back tirade. "You have happiness to spare.". But onto more important matters, as her eyes narrow to glowing white slits. "And you're somewhat more than human... That hurt.". She takes note of that, for her 'power enhancing' spell may actually be useful on Harley it seems.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I am the harlequin! Harley Quinn!" As if that would explain why she is more than human, or less.., depending on the perspective. Like she considered herself a completely different thing on a little clownette package. "And I am angry because .., because.., I want ya ta understand me!"

Yet that anger is starting to diminish, her heavy breathing starting to slow and she blinking.. "Oh shit, did I hurt ya?" the fight seems to have left her, she letting her bat hand loosely down on one hand...

Not that the guards appear to like it, one of them speaking in jeer. "More fight and less talkin! I have a bet going here!" yes, they do have a small crowd watching!

Spiral has posed:
"Shut up, human." Spiral says to the guards. "Not you..." she adds, to Harl. "You do?". Spiral blinks at that. Nobody's ever been interested in what her opinion is - well, the Bloat certainly wasn't and her was her main companion for much of her sorry existence. "If I hit you with a bat in the ribs, do you think it would hurt?" she wonders, a bit rhetorically. "I have hard skin, but it still hurts. Don't tell any X-Men you meet though.". No permanent damage at least.

Glancing over at the crowd again she eyes the guard who jeered. "Who did you bet on?" she asks, innocently.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Human?! That makes the guard just go angry, even if he was called exactly what he is. He cocks his shotgun in a menacing manner, just to try and let Spiral know who the alpha here is. The top dog! The guy with the shotgun! "I bet on you, of course." he says. No, he wouldn't bet on a clownette! Specially after seeing a bit of what Spiral can do!

Harley continues to look at Spiral and bobs her head back and forth. "Yes, I do care foh what you think. Why is that suprisin' to ya?" it makes her quirk her brows. Some boos are being heard from some of the inmates, which make Harley pause. "HEY, WE TRYIN' TA HAVE A MOMENT HEAH!" and then the baseball bat flies, hitting one of the booing ones in the face... That makes the others shut up..

"I am done with fightin' foh today I think."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral has similar views to Harley on the prison guards. "Fine.". She puts all her hands up in the air, and then bows her head to Harley. "I yield.". Then she half turns to laugh at the guard. "Pay up, then... she even hit me and I didn't hit her. First blood?". If the shotgun bothers her she's crazy enough to not show it. She assumes he wouldn't dare use it on her... 'alpha male' indeed, pfft.

"My bosses have never cared what I think. My enemies have never cared what I think. And... that's everybody I've ever met." she says, with a shrug. "Maybe it's why I don't care what other people think, too. A vicious spiral.". And a hand does a lil spirally movement.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well, I ain't an enemy nor yoh boss." Not that Harley didn't go full clownette boss back in Gotham for a small time. It went as well as one can imagine... Ah, good times ... "I am yoh friend, so I care." If anything Harley always wears her heart on her sleeve. She moves closer to the six-armed wonder, casting an amused look over her shoulder to the guard when Spiral yields.

"Yoh fucked up, bitch. You won't even have money foh the lousy gumbo they serve heah this month!" she rolling her eyes hard, "Speakin' of. Can we get somethin' else on the fuckin menu? How about a salad?" really, it's like the cook only does one thing!

The guard looks miffed, frowning at Spiral and clearly marking her with his eyes. A new enemy at Belle Reve! That should go well! He stomps away.

Spiral has posed:
"You don't like the gumbo?" Spiral asks, surprised. "I quite like it. And you don't have to do anything, just show up and ask at the right time. Cole told me to make friends with the kitchen staff, so I ...". What Spiral did to the unfortunate prison cooks will have to wait, as she's looking at the guard who is stomping off with glee.

"It's just like the Prisoner! What role should I play? The plucky innocent newcomer? The serial killer who terrorises all the other prisoners? The prison governor is taken...", she frowns, pondering soap opera options.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"The protagonist's friend who dies an awful death and propels them to action and escape from prison!" Ok, maybe Harley is going a bit too Shawshank Redemption on Spiral. But it's a classic! But she then gains a thoughtful expression, screwing her nose. "Ok, that also falls into the plucky innocent newcomah..." her grin then goes wide, the earlier anger totally forgotten and she moving to take one of Spiral's arms with hers. "Yoh know..., maybe latah tonight is gonna be a good time foh ya ta tell me all about what you ate back at those otha places foh you to like gumbo so much!" a beat. "And please don't say worms, oh maggots!"

"Because that's only funny on vampire movies, disgustin' otherwise." Lost Boys much?

"Hol' up.., what did you do to the kitchen staff?" Now she is curious. But it would perhaps be a story told another time!

Spiral has posed:
Spiral ambles back towards the main building of the prison, training session over, at least to her satisfaction, maybe not the Boss's. Maybe Cole will be down here giving them more of a challenge later. "Um. Lots of processed food... nutrient paste, popcorn... Some slaves are cooks taken from other dimensions...". She shrugs. "The food is better here. No worms or maggots anywhere.". She smirks a bit though, scheming. Maybe a maggoty illusion later on for Harls... How do they taste?

She lets her take her hand, she has plenty of others after all. "Nothing permanent." is her only reply regarding the kitchen staff.